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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 3, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i news this is "good day early call". ben: you anxious commuters after yesterday's power outage on a long island railroad. you couldn't get to penn station from long island for a good chunk of the morning. ines rosales has latest on the morning commute. >> bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease has been found in the water system in our apartment buildings in the south bronx. >> bill deblasio takes a shot at the new york post. we will show you what he tweet it out yesterday. good morning, everyone. i am ben simmoneau. liz: i am liz dahlem in for juliet huddy. ben: julius it is funded the
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weather, thanks for pinch hitting. liz: no problem. ben: we are moving toward the holiday weekend, mike woods, how is the weekend looking? a lot of folks getting out of town today. the last couple days. >> meteorologist: looks pretty good even though dropping temperatures coming at us. we have a high of 91 degrees, the heat wave continued at central park, 84 in belmar, 92 in poughkeepsie, temperatures were pretty hot, one more day going on and changes coming up, air quality alert has been expanded. includes all five burrows, a coastal connecticut, the majority of the tristate region, up the hudson valley starts to exclude that. includes rockland and westchester but not put more orange counties. high levels of ozone expected
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again. the startup temperature this morning at central park, 75 newer, 73 degrees in montauk, mainly clear in the tristate, hot and humid again, high of 92 later this afternoon and some storms trying to get into the area late tonight and early tomorrow morning, high drops to 82 tomorrow and that is the end of the key midi after that. we will see dry conditions through the upcoming holiday weekend, pretty much picture-perfect. let's bring in ines rosales. what a mess we had yesterday. ines: let's see what today brings. a lot of kids starting school, already in school. the commute is off to a good start. we are fine in nassau county in northern state and southern states. if you're traveling in new jersey, the coast is clear. let's look at your commute on staten island expressway by
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victory boulevard, construction on the eastbound side. westbound as you approach victory expects and delay is. let's go to fdr drive construction going on this week repaving southbound by 71st street, only one lane open but there are delays, traffic slows close. northbound, bqe delay is approaching the brooklyn bridge. as for the trains a good start on long island rail road everything on or close to schedule. liz: that is good news. so far so good when it comes to long island railroad. ben: commuters are little beery as they leave their homes, south stranded by at massive system wide shutdown caused by a power outage yesterday morning. it stopped train traffic in and out of penn station, incoming train stopped at jamaica where
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riders were shouted to over crowded subway lines leaving them frustrated and angry. >> it was horrible. >> miserable, crowded, slow. took me over two hours and ten minutes. ben: workers got the trains on track by making temporary repairs. railroad officials expect normal service today. here is the catch, as long as those repairs they made yesterday hold up. liz: nonprofit watchdog group says he may be long gone by a the repairs in need. the commission says it won't be until 26 the 7 before the entire system is fixed. the study found 25% of all infrastructure like sears, platforms and columns are in major disrepair and that is just the stations. a doesn't include the signals. it recommends the mta stop expansion projects like the second avenue subway and instead focus on repairs but the mta
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needs to expand to keep up with growing ridership. ben: another case of legionnaires' disease this morning. liz: it was discovered at the water system of the apartment complex in the south bronx. robert moses has details on the latest victims. >> reporter: beginning today the new york city housing authority is expected to install water filters that eliminate the legionella bacteria in every apartment at 681 courtland avenue. 0 hot water distribution system in that building tested positive for the bacteria. the whole department says the hot water will be turned back on once the filters are installed. two other buildings, at 304 east, 156th street and 700 more 7 attested negative. result in five other buildings in the complex pending. according to the city health commissioner there have been four cases of legionnaires' disease in the last six months. only one person is still hospitalized. those who live in the building
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rarefied finding out about these cases now. >> something was going on. why didn't they let us know? why wait till the last minute to tell us it is here? everyone is panicking. in age. i am 67 years old. >> reporter: the city declared the legionnaires' outbreak vanquished but then came this news in melrose house and word at the convent of the sacred heart on the upper east side tested positive for the legionella bacteria and once again the city is uneasy. more the 120 people got sick, 12 people died. robert moses, "good day new ben: police in brooklyn sam and punched and kicked another man so violently it killed him. video of two men arguing before the fight started. this happened early monday
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morning in front of the eighth avenue, police are looking for the guy in the green shirts on the left described as having blonde hair and glasses. he was taken to a nearby hospital and later died of his injuries. liz: police are searching for the man they say raped an 19-year-old woman sunday. look at the surveillance video, the man walking with his shirt partially off. face as a woman was walking on rockaway parkway when she was approached by this man is that he had a gun, he pulled her to the back of the building and raped her. the suspect is described as wearing blue and white wine and shorts and tank top and covered his face with a tee shirt. if you have information on either of these stories of crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. ben: football games and practices are suspended after raising allegations roxanne i.t. and faisal. liz: the program is on hold, school officials investigate.
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>> it is disheartening in a way because of all the work we put in. >> reporter: his parents and plenty of other varsity and junior varsity football players at susan wagner high school in staten island say they are being unfairly punished. the school has suspended varsity football practice and games after reports of alleged hazing at a football camp last week a state. carlos prius is the senior. he says he didn't witness anything but her about players goofing around. >> they were shooting each other. >> reporter: one parent is alleging freshman, shooting them with air, guns, hitting them with broomsticks, drawing pictures of genitals on them with a magic marker and rubbing their behinds on players' faces when they were sleeping. >> i think they should carry off.
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suspended a volunteer coach, special commissioner of investigation for city public schools is investigating. in the meantime, parents are upset their children will not take the field and play this weekend. >> they should not be punished for something these individuals did, punishing the whole team has all hole makes no sense. next time there's a fight in school the whole school will get in trouble? why not take care of the people or the children that were involved? not punish the whole team. these are innocent kids. >> people making the hazing allegations that and find a report with police. ben: the nypd says this has been the city's safest summer in two decades. crimes that should june to august the number of murders and shootings of the lowest level since the 90s despite a rash of shootings at the beginning of summer. shootings and down 1.5% in the first week months of this year
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burglaries also down, safer overall for the year, a lot of murders earlier in the year and springtime especially, sexual assaults jumped more than five. liz: bill deblasio's frustration with the media is no secret and he used a new crime number to take a shot at the post. he sent out this week saying sneak peek at some are absent new york post has tag, and headline reading save as summer in 20 years. but we still hate bill deblasio. ben: 4:40, still to come on "good day early call" will this be day 5 of the heat wave? mike woods answers the forecast
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: let's look at what is going to affect you as you step out the door, the fog like we had yesterday and we have some pettifogging long island, so far no dense fog advisory but you may have some fog in locations around long island or coastal sections throughout the morning, we had that the last couple mornings taking it down to 1 quarter of a mile in isolated spots in eastern long island. half mile visibility in islip, five miles in belmar, not so bad
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and a two miles in sussex, 2.5 in monticello, patchy fog around town. other than that quiet and warm, 77 in central park, 73 in montauk, 61 in monticello, 64 in sussex, dew points are also again in the higher range sitting in the mid 60s the decision about to drop here, clear skies for the time being, there is a cold front to the north, back door quote from sliding in from the north and it will work its way down to the south as time goes on, so what happens when the front passes through? not a lot. even though it is warm and sticky and will increase clouds and bridge and to showers look at future cast as the only brings a few spots of rain not really counting on much to come out of that. don't look for a big rain situation but a little bit will be sliding foreign and a less. high-temperature 86 by midday and high of 92 degrees.
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the heat wave, 92 today, partly cloudy skies, chance of a quick morning shower but that is about it and we was equal temperatures in the holiday weekend keeping it nice and sunny all the way through and humidity making a come back along with the heat next week. we could start looking at another heat wave, we will have to wait and see on that one. we could take a look at the apps, the weather apps at the apple itunes store or google play store, it is there to download for free right now, check it out, daily and hourly forecasts. weather and apple itunes store and google play store. let's see what is happening with the commute, >> lot of construction going on. let's start with an accident west bound on the bqe, one lane blocked with the crash, minor delays. westchester no problems of the
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tappan zee bridge, across westchester. let's look at your commute on fdr drive. repaving that roadway and wrapping things up, this is by 71st story, they reopened all lanes. only the left lane is open. delays leftover to give everything a. northbound you are fine. let's go to the gwb, construction backing things up on the upper level. they are trying to clear everything out so you have delays approaching the toll plaza, ten minutes at the moment. lebron level doing fine, lincoln tunnel 495 a good alternate and the holland. ben: the ticket lottery to see pope francis begins today. new york state residents can visit and why or call 311. your eligible to get two tickets, a professional will take place the 40 celebrate mass at the gardens. the pope will attend an evening
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cathedral. liz: protecting the pope will be a massive undertaking for the nypd and the secret service. ben: take it will take work and planning, lisa evers from a former secret service agents. >> his holiness pope france's plans to pick a drive through central park during his visit, just one event on a busy schedule. a challenge for the secret service will be protecting the pope from many threats while allowing this holy man to spread his message of love. the trappings that come with his prestigious position including heavy security, his holiness pope francis is known for his spontaneous forays into crowds to touch the faithful. of former secret service agent who was assigned to president obama's protection detail says this presents a tremendous challenge. >> there is no way to secure someone with a threat footprint the pope carries with him with the discreet profile that he likes to carry around.
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overlay of security including thousands of officers on the streets and special on standby. secret service will be overall in charge. the pope will get similar protection to what is given the president and a strong visual deterrent is part of the plan. >> it requires hard assets that you can't hide, you can't do the screening. in other words, counter assault teams will be dressed in black battle dress uniforms, swat teams, you have a counter sniper elements, military officials, teams. >> reporter: planning for the pope's visit has been going on for many months with agents dividing response strategies from option a to options he for every possible threat. what he calls the big six. >> tactical assaults, medical emergency, bio at tak, i.e. d provides explosive device
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earthquake. >> reporter: there is no detail too small for the secret service to analyze and agents will drive every single inch of the pope's itinerary over and over again to know their roots and any potential escape route. the hope is that they won't need any. in central park i am lisa evers, this liz: here is the chair pope francis will sit in later this month. cardinal dolan unveiled yesterday. it is a simple oak chair, no adornments, basic design, just the way his holiness ordered it. immigrant workers built it. the pontiff didn't want professional chair crafters to make it. simplicity and humility have been a major component of this pope's philosophy. ben: unusual for the mets inside the park home run. liz: "good day early call"
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ben: holiday weekend. it does look pretty spectacular. what is going to happen tomorrow? >> meteorologist: back door quote for coming in to town. a big game changer but not a big rain maker. the heat and humidity, all the stuff we have been enduring, it is about to go away, 77 degrees your temperature in central park with clear skies, dewpoint and humidity very height this morning but we have a cooler air to the north which will work its way to the south and that will change things up so all these temperatures in the 70s are about to come to a close. kind of pick it out right there, just now heading into upstate new york and there will be clouds increasing later in the day and eventually the cooler air arrives into tomorrow with a small shower chance that doesn't look like much coming to us, 86 by midday, high temperature 91 degrees, tomorrow attended read drop in temperatures there.
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sticky tomorrow with a chance of showers around town mostly to the northwest. i am not too worried about green out of this the cooler temperatures stick around for the holiday weekend and gives us a break of humidity as well. liz: time for sports. duke: good morning. steven mack will get to start this sunday, battling that problem with two great starts and he will be back on the mound sunday in miami. nets and phillies, a three game set, bottom of the thick and we go, move the shot down the right-field line, domenic brown missed the ball and flies over the fence, the ball goes way to their right. rubin flies around the bases. wilbur flores had to go back to
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two runs in the ballpark, that is up 3-0. bottom of the third, the ball into the ninth and gone-0 and in the age mets now up 8.4. eighth mets now up 8.4. unloads, solo home run. red sox, yankees bombing away at fenway park. what a swing he had off of henry owen, two run shot. sean ryan murphy also bringing the lumber year. solo blast former team making it run and still the second inning, after ryan cook came to relief:carlos beltran going the
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the eight run innings with home runs. novak djokovic taking on matt hour. he is going to attack the net and the little ping-pong on the return and hit a backhand and he wins in straight sets. actually did a little dance with that guy. rafael nadal in second round action, tiebreak, serving for the sat across court, the outfield, when the first at 7-6, missed last year's u.s. open with an injury. third set, rafael nadal bosh, can't return it, straight sets, 6-3-7-5. serena williams continued to enhance, the calendar grand slam, that will happen if she
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in 1988, it was far from over, the tiebreaker, her opponent before serena prevailed taking it 7-5. in the second set, she was a little nervous in straight sets. 6-6-3. venus williams taking on falco any, serving on the serve, the return goes wyatt, the first set 6-3. third set, match point, nice net. venus wins in three sets, 6-3-6-7-6-2. roger federer will take on steve darkus and caterina will face seem known alan. preseason football returns,
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may see deflategate ruling this
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