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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: if you were watching the u.s. open, it was out there, you were probably disturbed, people playing tennis as a drone lands in one of the stadiums. police did make an arrest in the case with the man who works for the city. ben: small plane crash in new jersey, some calling the pilot of a hero. why this situation could have been a lot worse. juliet: on the eve of again several rutgers football players will not be there tomorrow. they have been suspended from the team. we will bring an update on the
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story. i am juliet huddy. theresa: i'm robert moses. he and kerry drew are anchoring from 7:00 to 10:00. ben: diskette to mike for a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: happy friday. here we go. let's take a look at what happened yesterday, temperatures got pretty hot for a lot of folks, 95 was your actual temperature, not factoring in humidity and newark, 94 is what you made in allentown, 93 central park, pretty testy number too, 92 is what you made in poughkeepsie but that is it, five days in a row of 90 degree heat, it is starting off just the same, temperatures starting at 78 central park, same in newark, 73 in islip, 76 in bridgeport, temperatures still very warm, dew points very high as well but we have a big change coming up. we saw a few showers in the
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quiet, we could still see a few showers to the north, mainly in the hudson valley but not a lot of action happening as the back door cold front drops through the tristate region. here it is midway through and there is cooler air behind it. from the northeast, your temperatures down a decent amount so as far as shower chances are going, doesn't look like much will happen but still less like jan something could fire in the afternoon but i don't think there will be any problems with that, 93 yesterday to a high of 82 today with additional cloud cover outside, mix of clouds and sun. our chances are very small. 81 tomorrow, 85 sunday, at 88 monday, that is labor day itself and things are looking good for this coming holiday weekend we have coming our way. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on early on
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friday morning. ines: not like tuesday or wednesday, long island doing fine, new jersey commute checking in with no issues, across bronx by the bronx river parkway, westbound barely moving because of construction. on the east bound side you are fine, if you're taking the george washington bridge let's take a look at the upper level construction wrapped up, all lanes reopen, and we don't have any on the upper or lower level, lincoln and holland doing fine, everything on or close to schedule. robert: a shootout with police in brooklyn put one man in the hospital. juliet: this happened at 1:00, police responding to reports of the shooting and chasing the suspect, he opened fire on officers, the post is reporting the bullet went through the door of the unmarked police car. officers returned fire, it was basically chaos, they had the suspect in the leg, no word on his condition, officers
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recovered again at the scene. the first victim the man is accused of shooting is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the arm. robert: scary situation and the u.s. open. a drone crashed into the stands during a match last night and this morning police tell us they have arrested in new york city teacher in connection with the crash. juliet: good thrown through diagonally before crashing into an empty section of seats, 26-year-old daniel early accused of reckless operation of a drone. why would you -- allegedly. monica of romania were playing at the time, they're such was interrupted as police investigated but later they resumed, the u.s. tennis association said no one was
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injured, one of the players, it was a terrorist attack. robert: you can see them looking at the stands. coast guard auxiliary plane crash lands in the new jersey soccer field leaving two people in the plane seriously hurt. officials say the says not 172 was patrolling the hudson river when the pilot reported engine problems. was forced to put the plane down in the field next to a community pool but police say that wasn't his first choice. >> they were going to try to make it to the hudson river where from what i am told there were units standing by in case they landed in the river unfortunately fell short. >> the guy did an incredible job, cleared the tall trees over the pool and bank into the field over here which was the only place he could have possibly put it down. robert: potentially saving some lives. the plane came down just an hour before kids were scheduled to
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use that soccer field. crewmembers aboard were taken to the hospital, they were expected to recover from their injuries. juliet: volleyball games going on and all sorts of stuff happening. moving along, what do you think of that? maybe you can step in. patriots quarterback tom brady. jeter. robert: hope he loses 1,000 in 0 to the steelers. juliet: a federal judge talked his four game suspension, he will play next week in the season opener against the steelers. the judge said nfl commissioner roger goodell went too far with brady's punishment. and attorney we spoke with said he thought the decision would go the other way. >> this surprises me and i think it surprises the entire an end community. it is very rare for a judge to
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juliet: see if you can make it to the game. robert: makes my blood boil. juliet: the nfl has appealed the ruling. he will still be able to play, there won't be any move to step in. robert: roger goodell who normally attend the opening game of the regular season will not be there on thursday. juliet: i wonder why. robert: they don't want to take away from the game being played on the field. juliet: it would be at focus. robert: trouble involved in one topless painted lady in times square. juliet: kind of knew this was going to happen. she was arrested for allegedly -- that is not all. liz dahlem as the details. >> reporter: one of the painted ladies from times square was arrested wednesday night. accused of selling drugs and offering to perform her oral sex
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the 20 make introduce the cops to her handler, jason perez who promise to meet them at their legs into hotel. the couple sold the officers cocaine, molly, pills and romero agreed to perform oral sex. the two were arrested. romero was charged with 3 counts of prostitution and drug possession. 22-year-old perez is accused of promoting prostitution and criminal possession of a controlled substance among other charges. the painted ladies have been a controversial topic of discussion in times square reminding many of its once see past. police commissioner brown suggested tearing up the plaza to stop the activity but bill deblasio created a special task force to figure out how to get the women out. but they aren't breaking the top business is allowed in new york. the mayor had this to say last month. >> you will see changes, some starting quite soon. juliet: trouble fought for rutgers football as five players are suspended.
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robert: sapna: not take part in a team's first game after being arrested in a series of assaults and home invasions. teresa priolo in the newsroom joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. the formal charges are assault, riot and conspiracy to commit a private. prosecutors the five rutgers football players were terrorizing campus and community this past spring going after drugs and money. it is the latest black eye for responding to controversy. >> i am shocked and ashamed. >> reporter: the kind of news that france to tarnish the flag of university, an institution that prides itself on its football program. five members of the football team arrested for their involvement in the spring semester crime spree that included two home innovations and one violent assaults. defensive back and room boss is
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the delorme and steal drugs and money from students. dillon stevenson and others are also accused of being involved students. the investigation began april 26th as police were called for a report of masked men forcing their way into a new brunswick home. these crimes kept students on high alert. >> some of the classes i take at night. >> reporter: in a statement by julie herman the players been suspended from the program indefinitely. there will be no further comment as this is a pending legal matter. the news coming two days before rutgers's big game, five of their key players and it is not clear if there coach will be on the field as well. coach kyle is being investigated for potentially violating n.c.a.a. rules by inquiring about a student's epidemic status. that student charged in thursday's wheat. students are hopeful all this bad press won't effect saturday's game.
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>> that is a concern but hopefully we will do of day. >> adding to the intrigue of this four of the five players and our criminal justice majors. the rutgers campus newspaper is reporting the latest suspensions of the football players add to the five players who have already been suspended for the first half of the game because of breaking curfew so you now have ten players who will not be there for a portion or all of the game. newsroom. robert: in kentucky the standoff between church and state expected to end today, deputy clerk say they will begin issuing marriage certificates this morning to gay couples. their boss kim davis is in jail refusal to hand out the marriage certificate saying it violates our religious beliefs. despite the supreme court rejecting her appeal. yesterday in court u.s. district judge said davis took an oath and send her to jail saying she will be released when she
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decides to perform her duties that will allow protests outside the courthouse on both sides of this contentious issue. >> do your job and follow the law. as segregated group of people. >> they do not deserve the authority to make me be like them. >> reporter: gay and lesbian couples planned to be at the clerk's office early this morning to make sure deputies hold true to their promise. juliet: we are looking at a cooler day. it felt nice coming that but you have humidity, definitely cooler, this weekend looks fantastic. mike has the forecast. robert: donald trump take the pledge to support a republican presidential candidate be even
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on out there today. temperatures still fairly warm but there will be a cooler touch to the air certainly later this afternoon but we have 78 degrees at central park and newark, 67, 76 in bridgeport, some cooler
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drier air will start working its way into the tristate region. right now we are more or less in the same range we had yesterday with the dew points at 65 degrees at central park, 69 in islip, with winds coming from the northeast we will bring in drier cooler air from canada and off the atlantic waters so that will make a big difference in your temperatures. it has been hot last few days but that will take a break. a backdoor cold front came in here. a few showers did popped up late last night and early this morning mainly over northern new jersey in the lower hudson valley but now looks pretty quiet for us. we didn't expect much but still some opportunity for a shower to spark up real quick, a frontal boundary still passing through. future cast doesn't bring us much better it tries to give us a few showers mainly in the lower hudson valley. as we head into the evening commute it is a possibility but don't count on it. we won't get much rain out of this cold front but we will see
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a drop in temperatures that will be pretty significant. high-temperature 82 degrees with a small shower change in the afternoon, anyone tomorrow, 85 sunday, 80 on labor day, looking pretty dry for a while. hot next week, a temperature near 90 again. delete and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps at the apple itunes store, google play store, search let's bring in ines and see what is happening early in the friday commute. ines: early in some morning doing fine westchester, no problems rockland county, kicking the turnpike northbound by interchange 8 a look for truck lanes, a truck on fire, tractor-trailer, that has been extinguished but one lane closed there. let's go to our cameras and look at the commute. he is upset i am wearing red. that night and expressed doing fine, nothing to be upset about,
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victory boulevard east bound west bound smooth sailing if you are taking the and the 11 of 2 good start but construction going on as usual all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge joy doing fine on the bqe at the moment. grand central parkway smooth sailing. robert: thanks, vice president joe biden says he is unsure if he will seek the presidency, he told a crowd in atlanta it will depend on whether he and his family have, quote, the emotional energy to run. he is still grieving his son's death. joe biden said he would not make a third attempt to become commander in chief unless he is able to, quote, devote my whole heart and soul to this endeavor. it would not be appropriate. juliet: donald trump is taking the pledge not to run as a feared party candidate. the donald, a like to call him the trumpet, making the announcement moment after meeting with national committee chairman in the city.
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listen. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and fight hard and we will win. we will win. most importantly, we will make our country great again because that is what it is all about. juliet: the gop went maybe this guy is legit. robert: that is why he took the pledge, he knows he will be the nominee. juliet: it is still early but he is leading the pack over other candidates and has since day one. in iowa he and ben carson are in a dead heat. joining us now is troublemaker who literally walked in here, made an inappropriate comment about me and made comments about my personal life, then started insulting ines for wearing red. does it ever end?
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>> he got orders from headquarters, wearing red in defiance of me and amc got the new jacket. the other day, and the knee, you must be two years older than him. he is 11. what a huckleberry you are. by the way i made disparaging remarks, pointed out your cleavage was magnificent. juliet: sometimes when you could dresses on you haven't worn in a while or gained a little weight, you do that. >> never had that experience, putting dresses on. my name is not eaten. juliet: donald trump made the pledge. >> fold like a cheap camera. recapitulated remembered the debating cleveland? -they ran as an independent resolve of a sudden he is mr. mainstream and all of a sudden i heard the sound that i hear from all the candidates, i am going to fight.
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. those. we are homogenizing donald trump. juliet: said doing this. >> fighting for the middle-class. stop fighting for the middle class because every time politicians fight for the middle class they screw the middle-class. robert: do you see joe biden getting in the race given the turmoil hillary is facing with all these e-mails? >> he lied. he said i'm going through my grieving process that he is watching the polls, she continues to drop, he has his level he is ready to get in and win. he has done so poorly in the past that if he jumps in, bernie sanders may win the democratic primary. juliet: i listened to the sound bite from joe biden, he did seem like he was genuinely emotionally challenged with the situation. i honestly don't know if i can
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put my heart and effort into running for president. >> he said that with elizabeth warren, her majesty, head of the progress ofs, liberals and democrats and gave her a back massage. this is all in the bag. she will reach a certain level and he will jump in and that will make easier for bernie sanders. juliet: he lost a child. >> i understand that having all these meetings. all you have to do is say in the main headline i am not running, hymen the bereavement process. robert: i think there's a vacuum he can step into a democratic side. >> did you say he is vacuous? he really is. he has more fractured from as,
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is the english language. juliet: had this federal judge in the bag. here is tom brady and the
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