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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 8, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning. it is 5:00. why are you hitting me? because i'm looking american peter doesn't mean i don't know we are ready to do our show. i have robbed here directing the i have robbed here directing the the students are heading back to school, hot weather probably has them wishing they were going to the beach, beaches will be open another week. audrey will tell us about that in her forecast. ben: and aide to governor cuomo in critical condition was shot in the head in celebrations prior to the west indian day parade. the search is on for the gunman
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not doing that. juliet: bill deblasio lashes back at beach rudy guiliani on the topic of dealing with the homeless. you will hear what was said from -- ben: you can get pumpkin's vice but there is something different about it, two things this year. i think some people will say it is about time. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, tuesday morning, fall, september 8th, we are after labor day, a kid's going back to school today or tomorrow. juliet: the weather is warm, really warm. juliet: if you are heading back-to-school some kids started last week, some are starting today address them with white wave light-colored clothing, it will be a hot day with temperatures in the 90s in many spots.
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temperatures in the 70s, shorts and t-shirt may be good as little ones head to school. for everyone else we have temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s across the region, 77 in central park, 72 and islip, 764 bridgeport, 60s northwest and 60s where we are finding our dew points making things uncomfortable across the region courtesy of southwest wind flow which is relatively light at the moment but just enough to bring a eight humidity across the northeast, nice and dry in radar, that will change tomorrow afternoon, today plenty of sunshine heating things up in the 90s in many spots and will be heeded too with southwest wind, at 89 in central park, watch out for an afternoon shower and/or thunderstorm, thursday we could get a good soaking because we are a little bit of a drought, the rain will linger friday and part of the weekend looking pretty good, plenty of sunshine expected said they would i temperatures in the low 80s, 79 sunday, let's check
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your weather and see what is on the roads this morning, ines as that. ines: let's start with westchester. accident has all lanes closed on the saw mill by laurie borrowed and there were southbound closures cleared away just northbound affecting your commute, 287 northbound as you approach through 17, two lanes blocked with an accident, 78 delays west bound as you approach the one hundred somerset county, delays, an accident involving a flipped over dump truck and debris causing those slowdowns. let's look at your commute on staten island expressway, looking good, no problems westbound, george washington bridge we are fine on the upper and lower level, let's look at the camera shot, no construction 495 through the lincoln doing fine and the holland. as for the trains we're back to normal schedule, street cleaning rules that in effect.
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juliet: there will be changes for those taking the bus home. ben: a third of you will be from the departure gate. teresa priolo has more on what we can expect and why they are making these changes. >> reporter: remembers the first day of school when you knew the building but were not quite sure where homeroom was or if your teacher was in the same place this year as last year? it will be the same story for all those people who rely on the port authority bus terminal today, 30% of the 110,000 commuters who rely on the bus terminal are going to find it to be a little bit confusing around here but we are told this short-term chaos is all for long-term efficiency. >> as confusing now is is it >> reporter: writers on 56 bus routes through the port authority bus terminal are gearing up for what is expected to be some very confusing commutes. the port authority is
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reassigning its departure gates for n.j. transit and coach buses so where you use to get your boss has now been changed to a different date on a different floor. >> might have to go to another gate. if it is not that big and change and i have time to adjust i will be fine. >> reporter: this should affect 30,000 commuters who use the bus terminal on a daily basis. transit buses will be held on preferred floor in the heart of the building reducing the number of times buses must emerge on the ramps are allowing more buses to leave on time. all coach buses and its partners will move to the fourth floor. this allows that to will bus company's to has one port authority executive put in the owners of their own state. >> buses get caught up around the tunnels, they get backed up and cause all kinds of delays. >> the change part of an initiative to enhance passenger experience. was spurred by the significant delays commuters experience last
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buses to miss their departure times. it is the times writers won't soon forget. >> we will wait and see. i have been in new jersey for two years and it is tough. >> reporter: i can tell you as a commuter who uses the bus this is the difference between making your boss in some instances and not. the web site this morning, my boss was typically leaving from the second floor, now it will be rerouted to the third floor. it is a bit confusing but that is why the port authority says they will have people around handing out pamphlets for the next week, also helping people directing traffic, tried to get people where they need to go but it will be confusing. lot of people will be missing air buses. that is the latest, back to you in the city of. >> thank you very much. in the meantime an aide to governor new york governor cuomo is in critical condition. juliet: carey gabay was hit by a stray bullet, robert moses was
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and brings us more today. >> reporter: carey gabay underwent surgery according to a spokeswoman for governor cuomo. remain that kings county hospital is using critical condition this morning, the governor said carey gabay is a friend to all have the pleasure of meeting demand governor asked for prayers for his wife and the rest of his family. governor cuomo says 43-year-old carey gabay is a shining example of the american dream. he grew up in public housing, graduated from harvard and joined the cuomo administration as a lawyer in 2011. >> could have gone to any law firm in the city and major quadruple what he was getting paid for by the state. he was all heart, wanted to give back to his community. >> reporter: carey gabay was walking with his brother and a group of friends enjoying the celebrations will for the west indian day parade yesterday morning when police say he got
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caught in the crossfire between two rival groups. >> a bunch of shots, a good 20 shots. >> reporter: one of those shots hit carey gabay in the head. police say he was not the intended target. >> a beautiful man, sweet man, a man who was giving back to his community. gentle man who had nothing, was involved in nothing, walking down the street. >> reporter: police recovered a weapon from the scene of the arrests. the shooting of carey gabay is an example of the violence that plagues the parade every year. another man was stabbed to death an hour-and-a-half before carey gabay was shot. banks account for much of the violence. >> traditional crime in this area that we deal with all times so it is unfortunate that it occurred during this event, but no reason not to go forward with the events each year.
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among those who visited carey gabay at kings county hospital. >> prayers are with him and his family. is another reminder of a bigger fight we are engaged in everyday which is to get guns off our streets. >> reporter: many prayers and much praise on twitter, this from eric schneiderman, thoughts and prayers are with carey gabay and his family, he is a wonderful public servant and i am hopeful for spv recovery, this from city council speaker, the gun violence must head hash tag peace. we will keep an eye on his condition and the updates. juliet: thank you very much. and accused hit and run driver has turned himself in to police. mark cohen ortiz surrendered in brooklyn yesterday. he was driving that white minivan that fatally struck marlene early sunday in borough park, ortiz told officers he had been arguing with his wife
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and told from he had panicked and left. he has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. ben: funeral services will be held for a family to die in a murder-suicide in a long-range new jersey home. lyndon shot his partner and their tweet the young children last week before setting their house on fire and killing himself. services for all four will be in long branch so far police have not released a motive of those shootings. juliet: the war of words between bill deblasio and rudy guiliani is heating up, digging it out problem. it began with an op-ed in the new york post in which rudy giuliani said the homeless problem is best handled with intervention, not denial and then -- >> i think he is delusional. if you think about what rudy giuliani did as mayor, homelessness went up 40% on his
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watch. juliet: bill deblasio also said that nypd and the sanitation department are in the process of cleaning up 21 homeless encampments. ben: a lot more to come, pope francis changing rules of marriage, how we will perform annulments. juliet: audrey is keeping track of the forecast for us. >> meteorologist: another hot and humid day, 77 degrees, mostly sunny skies, breezy at times, that won't relieve us from the sea, a track weather along with us, daily and hourly forecasts on our apps, did for free at the google play store and itunes store, weather. more "good day new york" coming. this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new
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good morning. a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. ben: hot weather sticking around another week or so, good news about new york city beaches aimed open an extra week. stretches of rockaway, coney island in brooklyn commitment and south beaches of staten island and orchard beach in bronx. they are being open through this sunday. officials say there has been a big increase in attendance at
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city beaches. 19 million visitors since memorial day, that is up 1 million over last year. juliet: last weekend was gorgeous. audrey, good morning. >> meteorologist: we have great weather and the weekends and another one this coming weekend. good morning to all of you, starting pretty muddy and mile across the tristate area, in the 60s in monticello and sussex, 70 degrees toward poughkeepsie, 77 in central park, 73 is the point. these numbers are running well above where they were at this time yesterday, we going for readings above average across satellite radar shows things are nice and dry courtesy of high pressure which is going to be the dominant weather feature over the next couple days and watch a cold front approaches from the west, this one could ignite a chance of rain across the region which we really need the we are in a drought. we are watching tropical storm grace out in the atlantic. i turned that it is expected to
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head for the lesser antilles by the end of the week but by that point it will be downgraded to a tropical depression f. that will happen thursday or friday morning. future cast is showing the cold front to the west will make its approach into wednesday across the region when we will see the chance of a couple scattered showers and may be an isolated thunderstorm. the threat lingers into thursday when we will get a good soaking across the region and this front will clear the area by friday allowing drier air to working in time for the weekend. it will be hot and she did with temperatures around 90 degrees in many locations. factor in the humidity and will feel were than that. more of the same wednesday, thursday will be a wet day, friday we should clear out by afternoon bringing a nice start to the weather into the weekend, plenty of sunshine saturday, 82, 70s sunday and monday. let's see how it looks on the roads. ines is here.
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ines: lot going on, delays sawmill northbound annexing close all lanes, 287 northbound watch out for an accident by route 17, lane closed there and also issues on 78, traffic as you travel west bound, dump trucks slipped over closing all lanes. this is by the somerset county line, you have that slow down. eastbound you are fine, let's take a look at your commute on long island expressway in suffolk county by kerri road, no problems with boundaries bound, la guardia airport smooth sailing both directions. we will see those delays this week. traffic moving fine across jfk eastbound and westbound. ti-hua: is set of procedures released today for annulment marriages in the catholic church. the move comes after he and many catholics complained the current system is costly and and take years. without an annulment divorced
5:18 am
catholics who remarry outside the church could not receive communion. the new rules are expected to streamline and simplify the entire thing. juliet: like trying to get away from me. if you want tickets to see the pope's speech in philadelphia, they will be made available today, giving a speech on immigration and religious freedom in front of independence hall. ben: he used the same lectern abraham lincoln used to deliver the gettysburg address. juliet: where did you read that? ben: the new york times. juliet: this is happening on september 26th. i will be in london. officials a 10,000 tickets for the event will be available beginning at noon on the web site world meeting they will be available on a first come first-served basis. there's a four ticket limit person.
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ben: pope francis was born in argentina. latin american pontiff in history. juliet: a neighborhood in queens cannot wait to see his holiness. liz dahlem takes us on 84 of little argentina. >> reporter: welcome to little argentina. here we are at corona avenue. a lot of people call argentina home. that is where they were born and raised. just like the pope. lot of excitement leading up to his visit. >> to is that old man? man of law. >> reporter: he is from when a series just like pope francis. for a little taste of home he has breakfast, christian jimenez and his family with authentic argentina bakery. >> makes us proud knowing he is argentinian.
5:20 am
first argentinian coin. >> reporter: the taste of argentina with a popular breakfast tweet fit for the pope. >> it is sweet. >> is it popular? >> it is very popular. one of the most sold here. >> the real way gets it this way. talking about it. >> reporter: across the street i met the airmobile is he hopes to get a glimpse of his holiness in this city, last year he met the pontiff in rome. >> your car is very fast right here. keeps coming to the place.
5:21 am
>> reporter: the father of the catholic church is relatable. cheering for his soccer team, like many here on corona avenue. >> soccer is big in argentina. >> also -- i like him. >> reporter: at the butcher shop, pictures of the pope hang from the wall, customers are thrilled about the visit. >> very proud. >> reporter: they plan to make the pontiff feel right at home. >> welcome to new york. >> reporter: liz dahlem, ben: very cool. juliet: buenos aires. ben: much more to come. juliet: into the weekend, i
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ben: amazon plans to interrupt the new tablet at a bargain price, six inch tablet will sell for $50. the aim is to appeal the buyer looking for a simple device to stream video and shot. the price will have fewer features like up mono speaker. instead a stereo. is expected to be available in time for the holidays. in stereo where available. juliet: it is my time on camera.
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jurassic world prosecute box office milestone. over the holiday weekend, it has $1 billion mark at the international box office. it joins avatar, titanic and furious 7 to make a one billion dollars internationally. ben: produce a movie that made a billion dollars internationally. juliet: this continues a massive year for universal studios. they have set a record by grossing $6 billion globally. congratulations to you, universal. ben: i suppose so. juliet: the unofficial end of summer just passed. ben: still very summery. juliet: starbucks giving's the taste of fall. >> meteorologist: pumpkins vice latte goes on sale today, the seasonal bring jig's different this year because it is actually now has pumpkins in it.
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into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake of. ben: another hot humid day, temperatures could get into the 90s and feel even hotter than that. juliet and audrey cowher discussing the weekend. juliet: i couldn't feel my face that would bother me. it is 5:30. very disturbing news. and aide to governor cuomo in critical condition, he was shot while enjoying the celebration
5:31 am
we have an update on that. ben: car fire burning out of control in central new jersey. we have details. juliet: sam smith gets what some consider a special honor. we will tell you about his latest song and when and where you will be able to hear it. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: thank you for finally engaging. juliet: sometimes you are busy, have to catch up with things. every second. ben: probably two mornings out of the five of the week, feverishly texting. who are you texting at 4:30 in the morning? juliet: un saltus all the people who are up at 4:30.
5:32 am
juliet: why would you think i'm talking about you? >> meteorologist: temperatures in the 70s in the northeast and new england and the mid-atlantic. more for everyone and pretty much been too, lorayne picked up by radar, that will keep it nice and dry, a couple high clouds out there, high-pressure the dominant weather feature on the eastern seaboard, watching the cold front to the west. that will make its approach and probably affect the starting tomorrow afternoon with a chance of precipitation. sunglasses handy, know -- temperatures soaring in the 90s in many locations when you factor in the humidity. a high of 92 in central park, the record on the stay is 93, and we tie it?
5:33 am
89, 86 thursday, you will need your umbrella handy and that will linger into early friday. dryer by the week and, temperature in thes and plenty of sunshine by saturday. let's see how what looks on the roads. tell us the traffic details. >> reporter: westchester open on an accident. that is clear away northbound, as far as your commute, 287 northbound after exit 59, watch out for an accident, 78 west bound, and expect delays, they started rattle snake skin, all lanes, slipped over to the somerset county line. letting some cars in, once it leaves no open the roadway little, lot of delays westbound, rubbernecking. your commute this morning, 59th street bridge, no issues on the
5:34 am
as for the trains, new jersey trains and pass trains on or close to schedule. juliet: an aide to governor cuomo in critical condition. >> you saw when taking part in the celebration prior to the west indian day parade. a lot of violence over there tonight. robert moses joins us with the latest on the story. >> reporter: this is a celebratory event every year but every year it seems to be marred by this violence. nancy argentino underwent surgery and police say he is in critical condition, this is a success story if ever there was one did. he grew up in public housing in the prius, went to harvard college, joy and the governor cuomo administration in 2011. she is from jamaica, celebrating his heritage as the many others were. he along with brother and friends were walking down
5:35 am
police say he got caught in the crossfire between two rival groups, a bullet hit him in the head, police say he was not the intended target. governor cuomo admitted he was very powerless. he would say a little to comfort carey gabay's distraught family. >> a man who was giving up to his community, involved in nothing, just walking down the street. >> reporter: they tell me they have not arrested anyone. this shooting another example of the violence that seems to be fall the west indian day parade each in every year, just an hour-and-a-half before this shooting so severely wounded carey gabay, 24-year-old man was stabbed to death so each year we revisit these questions about
5:36 am
and how can we work to make his par raids a for. juliet: a lot of people asking that question today. ben: thank you very much. as the aid recovers governor cuomo has arrived in pr the delegation of several democrats to talk about ways to help the territory out of its financial crisis. $72 billion in debt, the governor called on congress to give the island power to declare bankruptcy. among those joining the governor on the trip, melissa, bronx borough presidential, city comptroller scott stringer. juliet: a massive forest fire, no homes in danger right now and so far no injuries but the fire has torched several hundred acres in woodland township. that is in burlington county near the ocean county line. firefighters have been working to contain it, no word on what
5:37 am
they started. ben: expect changes you take a bus home from the port authority. juliet: yorkers are so good at getting to a place in the nick of time. give yourself a little time. the port authority is restructuring in manhattan to reduce congestion. let's go to teresa priolo who is at port authority and what to expect. >> ever been here during the evening commute when people are sprinting to the bus terminal? ben: i have never been inside that building. >> you really aren't. that is rooted in fact, not conjecture. the place is falling apart, lots of studies show that. you come here during the evening commute and you are seeing men and joy women in their work out fit sprinting toward the bus, they are getting there with a moment to spare and that is because they know where they're going and purchase their tickets. it is going to be a very
5:38 am
i imagine a lot of people are going to miss their bus because it is going to be quite different, different gate. this will affect 30,000 riders. the buses corresponded with 55 rooms will be reassigned to new gates. if you're trying to get out of the city today i will say it, your boss will be on a different one likely and your boss will be added different date. nj transit will be centered on the third floor, the coach buses will be on the fourth floor allowing buses to spend less time on the ramp, making for less congestion, less delays at least that is the hope and one port authority executive says this really allows the companies to really hone their own state whenever that might be. essentially in charge of their own operation. listen to some writers and see how they're handling things. >> it is confusing now as it is now. that might help the situation, might have to. if it is not that big a change
5:39 am
and have time to adjust we will see. >> what can i say? i have been in new jersey two years and it is tough. >> reporter: the reassigning of these is part of the $90 million overhaul of the bus terminal. that is mostly is the address fedex not dealing with failing infrastructure here. dozens of a lot of the major major issues commuters face. for example the building is too small for the amount of people coming through. ramps are deteriorated in. a lot of stuff really needs to be replaced and apparently the port authority will be discussing the issue of replacing the entire building but that will take 15 years to do. that is the latest from midtown. back to you in studio. juliet: they need to raise the thing and start over. thank you very much. and joy gallivanting about the port authority.
5:40 am
ben: audrey fuentes is here, big tennis that's later tonight, how will the weather be? >> meteorologist: very exciting as the williams sisters play each other, warm and muggy and hot and humid during the daytime hours, we expect high numbers in and around 90 degrees and there's the threat of showers and thunderstorms wednesday night through thursday but the good news is in time for the weekend we have a cooler and less humid air in place. not the case this morning, monday and smiled with temperatures in the 60s 70s, dew points and 60s making it uncomfortable when they will stay that way through the next two days. satellite radar showing dry conditions as far as grain is concerned, high pressure in control keeping us try today but tomorrow a cold front will make its approach towards the ariane and that will ignite a couple showers especially in the afternoon into the evening. the threat of rain thursday, much-needed rainfall because we are in a drought. if you plan to go to the u.s. open like i am, dress
5:41 am
it will be hot today. temperatures in the 90s towards that afternoon. 89 today, humid, tomorrow 89 degrees, a humid as new york city kids go back to school wednesday. watch out for wet weather fears a lingering into friday and the weekend looking good with temperatures in the 80s to 70s, you contract with the with us, get your daily and hourly forecast on our weather apps, you can download free at your google play store and-store. itunes store. ines: a crazy morning already. traffic moving on the whitestone bridge, no issues there, fine on the law and bqe, new jersey commute checking in with no problems in morris county, upper 7287 both ways. let's go to cameras and with the lie, with about these bound traffic not a lot going on. as for the george washington
5:42 am
city upper and lower level looks pretty good, slow down here as you approach the tolls, temporary, lincoln and holland tunnel doing fine. street cleaning rules in effect citywide. juliet wiping ben. forget i asked. ben: one of those mornings. we have a lot more still to come. get ready for a family feud on [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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juliet: congress comes back to washington today, welcome back, this is 5 weeks summary says, >> your's migrant crisis worsens, hundreds of refugees broke through police lines and began marching to budapest, hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding into your as they feed the war and poverty-stricken countries including iraq and afghanistan. >> minnesota dentist his killing of cecil the lions led to international backlash is heading back to work. walter palmer has kept a
5:46 am
low-profile, he says he feels safe enough to reopen his practice. ben: the nypd is cracking down, cigarette use is vaporize marijuana in public and dejected. opposes police have arrested six delays in recent months in brooklyn and manhattan. the t h c oil is nicknamed wax or honey, because it looks like candle wax that federal drug officials say the oil and have massive amounts of t h c, enough to kill you. juliet: let's bring in duke, what is happening at the open? duke: it will be a family battle, at serena williams and venus williams face each other in flushing and world number one ranked serena going for the grand slam when all four majors, hasn't been done since 1988 draft pick, will her sister venus stop her streaky they face each at 26 times with serena
5:47 am
winning 15 of those, six of the last seven. the men's side big upset, 15 seed kevin anderson taking on third seed in 2012, u.s. open champion and the very third set down two sets after an extended rally. sales wyatt and never brings his tools back there. base. will give to. he did recover but anderson was too much, tiebreaker, blasted into the net, anderson big upset 7-676-3-7-6. u.s. open champion number 2 si roger federer taking on 13 seat, seconded set going to be serving a year, 6-10, unbelievably fast. roger federer were hits the return, takes it 7-6. he hits it was after a short
5:48 am
trades at 7-6-7-6-7-5. the big tennis fan watching three months. i was out there yesterday doing something at the clinic and it was so hot that 10:00 in the morning. now to baseball and the dramas are riding matt harvey, making what could be the biggest start of his career. throw away the all-star game, the biggest regular-season star when he faces the nationals. adapter the mets players tribune to let players know he has the pitch to the playoffs and the new report shedding light on the teen's plants. according to many reports carthy's are today making one more start and won't be used until regular season unless the mets have a final weekend series against the nationals.
5:49 am
yesterday there was no guarantee for the postseason. >> i can't sit here and say he will be available through the playoffs because we don't know how he will feel or what all the considerations are at the time. that is the position we always had. when we get there we will figure it out. duke: tweet me what you think of this matt harvey drama. i talked to a mets person who said they don't plan on trading in the off-season, why would they? the controls arbitration rights for another three years and is a talented pitcher. mets fans are tired of this guy, blowing up my time line the other night. we will see what happens. tonight is a big start for mack harvey. they won a throw, leading financial speights five game is beating the orioles game-6, tour of the by a half-game. firestorm surrounding the team, the mets took on the nationals
5:50 am
in d.c.. we will show you highlights, mets jumped to a three-0 lead, a home run here in the fourth, thirteenth since being traded to new york, mets with the lead down 5-3, david rice, rbi single, eight-5 the final, mets lead by five games, yankees and orioles show these highlights as well, john ryan murphy to the rescue, two run shot gave the pinstripes' the lead and tied at five in the seventh, greg bird, if you don't know who this kid is you better start to know. two runs for third, three run shot, blue jays also lost, half-game back. back in the mix. not ruling out him playing
5:51 am
camp. ben: check the forecast with audrey. >> meteorologist: mild and monday to start the day and later on will be hot and humid across the tristate area. we are in the 70s in new york city, 77, 71 in islip, 73 in montauk point, 60 degree readings in sussex and monticello, these numbers running from 5 to 10 degrees on average above where they were this time yesterday and that is southwest wind relatively light at the moment helping bump up keep a humidity across the northeast. it is try on satellite radar, the influence of high pressure will keep us dry for this tuesday and we will watch this isn't to the west, making its approach toward the region and affect us later in the afternoon hours tomorrow with a threat of scattered showers. no need for the umbrella, just a need for sunscreen and sunglasses, it will be hot and
5:52 am
80s, 90s in inland locations, tomorrow close to 90, it will begin mid wednesday and thursday, watch for good soaking thursday and rain should taper off by friday afternoon as temperatures dropped into the 80s into the weekend. let's see how it works. >> problems with a dump truck that flipped over, medevac on scene closing roadway temporarily, westbound you had the left lane blocked with a flipped over dump truck 78 west bound by the somerset county line, delays by rattlesnake skin road on the east bound snake, expects record making delays, putnam county doing fine, 84, city for no issues, let's go to our cameras and jack staten island expressway by victory boulevard east bound westbound, the delays this morning. if you are traveling through the interchange you are fine, so far south bound, northbound towards
5:53 am
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5:56 am
he lost a lot of weight. people were congratulatory about that. open about his body issues struggles. yesterday he dropped a picture that was a hint he might be doing of the theme song for the next bond movie and is concerned he is co writer and performer, this is huge news for specter. the song is called riding on the wall and will be released sept. 26 at of the u.k. release in october and november 6th. the announcement came a day after he drafted this big social media hint. yesterday afternoon, anyone who is aware of the series knows that logo goes back to 007 fans know it is the logo for the criminal organization specter. it dates back to the 1962 film doctor know. sad news this morning, actor john hamm and his longtime girlfriend are calling it quits after dating for 18 years. although there have been rumors
5:57 am
the relationship was on a rock for a while, particularly after rehab earlier this year, he has said west belt was supportive throughout his treatment, spoke publicly about being grateful for their relationship not long ago the two released a joint statement to people magazine saying they will, quote, continue to be supportive of each other in every way possible moving forward. did a lot of us have been waiting for, steven colbert will finally be making his debut tonight taking over the late show. in an interview with usa today he says the show gives him everything he wants. likes meeting the guests and a live audience in other interviews, he said he feels more freed up and is ready to get out of character and unveiled a real steven colbert. the officially takes the rain tonight at 11:35 on cbs. juliet: all right, anna gilligan, thank you for that
5:58 am
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