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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's been plagued by an undercurrent of violence. this year a 43-year-old aide to governor cuomo, carey gabay, was shot in the head, caught in the crossfire of a wild gang shootout on crowded bedford avenue. >> it's unfortunate there's so much violence associated with it. it continues to be our most violent public event in the city. some of it has to do with the fact that it's an overnight event. >> reporter: the police department works with political and community leadership and will continue to do so. that leadership insists they will not cancel the festival. eric adams says there's another way to keep the tradition satisfy live and lose the danger. >> we want to pull together the local elected, the nypd, community leaders and talk about how do we allow a celebratory atmosphere become free of violence, particularly when you have a parade like this, which is an overnight event, probably the only overnight event of this magnitude in the city.
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how do we do it in a safe way? >> reporter: adams says he believes they can come up with a safety plan for 2016. the only murder this weekend happened at the pre-parade event. we're learning more from the police department about the shooting of carey gabay and police commissioner bratton says he was an innocent bystander caught in a wild gang shootout between two gangs that are known to police. he also says he's very confident that detectives will be able to make arrests in this case. live at brooklyn borough hall, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: so troubling. thank you. a $12,500 being offered as a reward in the shooting of gabay. call crimestoppers, 1-800--577-tips. dari: mayor de blasio defending policing policies on "the morning show". new jersey governor chris christie also appearing on the program today who was quick to
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criticize the mayor's tactics. kerry drew will have more at 5:30. steve: 14 years after 9/11, the u.s. is on high alert against attacks. a congressional hearing was held at the 9/11 memorial and museum in lower manhattan. they covered a wide range of topics, including cyber terror, border security and emergency preparedness. police commission bratton testified and former mayor rudy giuliani. >> for new york city, i would have to say we're about as well prepared as you can be. if something should happen, i think we'd be better able to handle it than other places. let's pray it doesn't happen. steve: they continued ways to help first responders who suffered illnesses after working at ground zero following the attack. dari: senate democrats believe they have the votes to block a passage of a resolution against the iran deal.
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supporters of the agreement stopped short of declaring victory because it is still uncertain whether all 41 senators now in favor would also support a filibuster to block a vote. republicans who control the deal. it should be noted that many democrats oppose it as well saying it makes dangerous concessions to iran. they hope to still push the resolution through, though, in a vote this month. steve: bottom of your screen is not incorrect. 94 degrees at 5:03. incredible stuff. it's amazing weather. nick: today was the hottest day of the summer we've seen. you'd think it happened after july 4th, not after labor day. 97 in new york city. that's a new record high. the old record, 93, set in 1919 and 1916. and this is the hottest september day we've seen since 1983. so definitely a scorcher out there. 98 at new york. a lot of the temperatures being the hottest day of the summer for a lot of locales.
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91 belmar and islip. 94 bridgeport. 88 coming in from monticello. right now as you saw just moments ago, hanging in the 90, 94-degree range across the area. 90 in midtown. 95 poughkeepsie. the humidity is high. dew points in the mid to upper 60s. it is uncomfortable. it makes it feel like it's in the mid 90s to upper 90s across the area. warm, uncomfortable nights coming up. air quality alert goes until 11:00 p.m. southern connecticut and almost all of new jersey. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian tonight. tomorrow could be a different story. it will be around 90. an afternoon and evening scattered shower and storm threat will arrive. then it becomes a larger threat into thursday. some of those could produce heavy rainfall and will help in lowering the temperature as we head towards the end of the week. dari: thank you, nick. okay. a deli worker on the upper east side had a brush with death after an attempted holdup that happened this morning.
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steve: fox 5's jennifer lahmers spoke with the clerk who came face to face with the gunman. >> reporter: we talked to the guy who works here on the upper east side. he said the whole thing was over and done in 30 seconds. it was the longest 30 seconds of his life. that employee tells us he saw the man on the surveillance camera before he saw him at the front door armed with a shotgun. >> we was behind the counter. and he said give me the money. everybody. nobody move. >> reporter: it was around 8:15 in the morning in broad daylight. between customers and employees, there were about a dozen people inside the deli. he said the man told everyone to get on the ground. in a panic, one employee tried to run to the basement. >> then he said you [bleep]. tried to pop the gun. then it stuck. he tried two, three times.
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and he say oh [bleep]. he was walking to the back. then he opened the door and he runned away. >> reporter: when the man's shotgun jammed, he ran and escaped with nothing. they recovered the shotgun a block away. >> i live in the area. i had no idea. i think that's very scary. >> christian owns a restaurant next door. >> you think it's a safe neighborhood, but you never know. wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: this comes after other shocking daytime robberies over the past few months. in july, also on the upper east side, four thieves made off with $150,000 worth of handbags from the chanel store. in may, a well dressed crew of armed robbers fired shots and smashed through a luxury watch case before they escaped with two dozen rolexes. police are searching for this morning's suspect. for as many people as were here, it's lucky nobody got hurt.
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he can't help but think what would have happened if the shotgun hadn't jammed. reporting from the upper east news. steve: the city of baltimore has reached a multimillion dollar wrongful death settlement with the family of freddie gray. gray died in april. six baltimore police officers facing criminal charges. the settlement calls for gray's family to be paid $6.4 million, but it needs approval of a board that oversees city spending which meets tomorrow. dari: the woman who survived a shooting on live tv is back home tonight. vicki gardner was released yesterday. doctors removed a kidney and some of her colon. she was answering questions on live television when a gunman opened fire last month killing reporter alison parker and adam ward. the gunman was vester lee flanagan, who was a former employee of the very same television. he shot and killed himself.
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steve: the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is out of jail and thanking everyone for their support. kim davis was released this afternoon. hundreds of supporters gathered at a rally outside the jail. she defied court orders citing her religious beliefs. the judge released her on condition that she not interfere with her deputies as they issue licenses. dari: pope francis is rolling out another piece of reform that has a lot of people opening their eyes in the catholic church. steve: couples looking to anull a marriage will soon have an easier time. jessica has more on the big change in church policy. >> reporter: catholics looking to get an annulment will no longer be subject to a long, costly process. the chair of catholic studies says... >> because he is making the process so much more accessible. the catholic church doesn't recognize civil divorce or catholic marriages. but in this process, he is
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saying, look, marriages do break up. >> reporter: pope francis made the announcement this morning. the new law comes just weeks before he comes to america. >> he knows that, you know, the church is losing followers, especially on the eve of his visit to the united states. he's very conscious that the catholic population here is dwindling. >> reporter: the new forms will give bishops the ability to fast track and grant the annulment. the holy father is eliminating the requirement that all annulment decisions get a second judgment and the process should be free, but a sheet of cost will have to be paid. catholics outside st. patrick's applaud the rules. >> it opens up the church to be it's great. >> my sister married outside the church. her husband was married before. they got an annulment after 25 years and got married in the catholic church. so it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: some saying this will allow catholics who were out of touch with the church to
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come back. >> there are -- that's the official teaching. i think especially in this year of jubilee that the pope has declared the year of mercy, i think it's important that they make efforts to reach out to those people. >> reporter: the process will take about 45 days. catholic churches are not doing away with the belief that marriages are permanent. the reasons to get an annulment are the same. it's the process is now different. outside st. patrick's, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: pope francis was born in about wednesday -- argentina. we'll have a tour of little argentina coming up. dari: well, the dentist who killed the lion in zimbabwe is back to work. him.
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steve: the markets bounced back after the long holiday weekend. dari: and big announcements coming from apple, google and verizon.
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alison morris is here to talk about that. >> let's start with wall street. things are good out of the gate. let's focus on the positive for a minute. the markets were solid from the beginning after taking labor day off. the dow closed 390 points higher today. this wasn't a jam-packed news day on the business or economic front. what's going on here, this looks like a bounceback from last week's losses. as we have been saying, expect more of these strong ups and strong downs. our markets are really turbulent right now. there wasn't a lot of big news moving the markets today. tomorrow apple is hosting a big event and it's drawing a ton of attention. what can we expect? the company should unveil new products, but don't get too excited. we're not looking for any earth shattering launches. the iphone 6 and 6-plus should get updates, better cameras, flashes and processors. the force touch technology that will let you do different things. apple may announce streaming tv
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and an oversized ipad and expect more details on ios 9. apple said it's going to start allowing ad blocking apps for the first time so people will be watching -- waiting to see what they say. verizon expected to announce free mobile tv this week. that's a big one. the ad supported streaming service will be called go 90. according to the times, it will go live this week on android and apple devices. you do not need to be a verizon customer to use it. they're going to start testing out 5g phone to come technology. it's really fast. we won't see it available until 2017 at the earliest. they have a lot of work to do. they'll start testing it. >> on to google. they're getting into the grocery business. it is going to start testing fresh food and grocery delivery in two cities this year. we already know one is san francisco. could the second be new york? it would make a lot of sense. google is partnering with whole
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foods and costco in this service. it would be a direct competitor with amazon fresh and fresh direct. both very popular in new york. we have to wait and see if it crops up in this area. for a day where we didn't have a lot of business news going on, we had a lot of business news going on. steve: every company is trying to be every company. google getting into fresh direct. >> reporter: it's the copycat game. amazon is doing it. if there's enough money, they want a piece. dari: we never have to leave the house. steve: i love it. >> no reason to get off the couch. steve loves that. steve: sounds perfect. sold! dari: bring your beer and open it for you on the couch. steve: less work the better. thank you. dari: the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion went to work today. walter palmer says the protests and threats have eased making him feel safe enough to go to the office. he caused a huge international uproar in july after word got
5:17 pm
out he killed a protected lion, for $50,000, while on safari in zimbabwe. police set up security. >> make sure this isn't a disruption to the people in the area and hopefully the story moves on in the coming days. dari: palmer maintains that he acted legally and didn't know cecil was protected. the lion was being researched by oxford university. steve: governor cuomo pledging his support to puerto rico today. he's leading a delegation that includes eric schneiderman and members of congress. they are dealing with billions in public debt. he promises to pursue bankruptcy options. he offered to send a team of health experts to help the territory improve its healthcare system. dari: first day of school is tomorrow. teachers in park slope were busy setting up the classroom. it's the second year of the program's full day expansion.
5:18 pm
65,000 children are expected to enroll in school this year. steve: tiny chairs. dari: and, boy, it's going to be a rough one for the first day of nick: they'll be sweltering without ac. it will be another 90-degree day. but not as hot as today. after tomorrow, we say goodbye to the 90s. let's see if it's for the season. hello 80s for a couple of days and a couple of 70s down the road. all the red numbers new record highs. central park, 97. 95 laguardia. 91 at islip. 94 at bridgeport. 98 at newark. the records in 2010 and the central park being the old one in 1919. kennedy missed out. they hit 91. the record high was 92 in 2010. let's review today in new york city, central park. there's the high of 97. we'll be around the same low tomorrow morning. look at the average. 78 to 64. we won't be there the next few days. we will be there as we head in towards the early part of the weekend for a day or two or three.
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93 the record high. and the old record high. and 54 the record low back in 1986. 6:30 sunrise. the earlier sunset at 7:17. still 90. dew point mid 60s. pressure is steady and the wind is out of the southwest. we have a few scattered clouds but no rain nearby. none expected tonight or most of tomorrow. late in the day into tomorrow evening, there could be a storm popping up, particularly north and west of the city and a much better chance that we get some rain on thursday. some of that could be heavy. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, nothing to worry about tonight. highs into the middle 90s in a lot of spots. 96 poughkeepsie. 93 sussex. didn't get to 90 at montauk. but 87 pretty warm for them with humidity on the high side. mid 80s across the island. 88 bridgeport. 88 down to belmar. 91 sussex and mid 90s in the hudson valley. the southwest wind that's out there, 5, 10, 15 miles an hour, that will continue tonight and become southerly tomorrow. about the same speed across the
5:20 pm
area as we wait for a cold front to move through. just a few clouds will be around. a moderately humid night. already you can see to the west showers and storms up there across michigan as high pressure gives way. our southwesterly flow will continue for a day or so. we watch the cold front come in. thursday, potentially producing heavy downpours. some sunshine tomorrow. most in the morning. more clouds midday and beyond. hour. 85 at lunchtime. sun and clouds. we should top 90 one more time tomorrow. late in the day a scattered shower and storm moves in. you'll see the approaching cold front bringing the showers and storms. the better chance will be thursday with heavy downpours, particularly in the afternoon into the first part of thursday night until the front clears by. it looks like it will struggle to get through here. another system coming in from the west. could be a couple of showers friday morning and improvement for the first half of the weekend. a few clouds tonight. it's warm and humid and 76 in the city. 60s to 70s in the suburbs.
5:21 pm
one more 90-plus degree tomorrow in most of the area. the afternoon or evening scattered shower or thunderstorm risk will arrive. best chance thursday with heavy rain possible at 82 and still humid. showers friday morning, more sun. 82, saturday, a gem. low 60s in the morning. we have to watch a system might bring showers. we'll have to see about that. 77 on sunday. then we'll stay seasonal, upper 70s monday, to 80 on tuesday steve: nervous how cold that will field after this. nick: comfortable. september weather. dari: low humidity. steve: thank you. dari: we're going to take a tour of the neighborhood and see how people are getting ready for the pope's arrival.
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dari: pope francis was born in argentina, making him the first history. steve: that's a big source of pride for argentinians here and abroad. we went to little argentina where excitement about the pope's visit is building.
5:25 pm
>> welcome to little argentina. here we are on corona avenue. a lot of people all argentina home. there's a lot of excitement leading up to the pope's visit. >> he's a good man, you know. man of people, man of love. >> reporter: this man is from argentina. he has breakfast here. christian and his family own this authentic bakery. >> it makes us proud, knowing that he -- he's argentinian, first latin american pope and he's argentinian. makes us prouder. >> reporter: we got a taste with this popular breakfast treat fit for the pope. >> it's a croissant. it's sweet and -- >> reporter: is it very popular? >> it is.
5:26 pm
very popular. it's one of the most sold here. >> reporter: the real way you eat one is to dip it in the cafe con con leche. i met guillermo. >> when you heat him, your heart is very fat. now he's coming to the place. >> reporter: wow. that's beautiful. with a baby. >> the father of the catholic church is also relatable. cheering for his soccer team, san lorenzo, like many here. >> he's like a people person. soccer is very good. >> he likes soccer. he's for my team, also.
5:27 pm
so i like him. >> reporter: at the butcher shop and restaurant el goucho, pictures of the pope hang from the wall. customers are thrilled about the visit. >> i'm from argentina. very proud of the pope. >> reporter: and they plan to home. >> bien venido. >> reporter: liz dahlem, fox 5 news. steve: welcome to new york. dari: i'm telling you. steve: well, it is the shots fired across the hudson. dari: new jersey governor chris christie calling out mayor de blasio on crime and what the mayor had to say in retort. steve: and serena williams hits the town with kim kardashian before her match with venus. harvey levin will talk you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home,
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steve: mayor de blasio says new policing policies have made new york city streets safer. dari: but new jersey's governor chris christie says the mayor has done the opposite. kerry drew has more on the back and forth. >> reporter: good evening.
5:31 pm
mayor de blasio and governor christie appeared on the same show just minutes apart and they painted the issues of crime and quality of life in new york city very differently. >> we have had the safest summer in over 20 years. we had last year the lowest number of murders in 50 years. >> reporter: mayor de blasio appearing on morning joe talking rate. last week the nypd announced according to its data, there were 82 murders and 345 shootings from june 1st to august 31st. the lowest summer totals since the 1990s. but overall, the murder rate for 2015 is up about six percent from 2014. >> this nypd is doing extraordinary things. i believe this city is going to get safer. i think if you talk to everyday new yorkers about their quality of life, what they're experiencing, people know it was the safest summer in 20 years because they're experiencing it. >> i'm just stunned as are most
5:32 pm
people who live in the area that this has been the safest summer in new york. no one else believes that except for the two people who were on your set. >> reporter: minutes later chris christie slammed the mayor's remarks. >> this guy doesn't believe it. he doesn't believe it's the safest summer. >> reporter: referencing the shooting of 44-year-old carey gabay, a lawyer in governor cuomo's administration who was struck by a bullet monday morning in brooklyn. he says de blasio's liberal policies made the problems of crime and homelessness worse. here's what he said he would do differently. >> stop and frisk would be back and if police officers step over the line, then they deserve to be taken care of and prosecuted. but this guy, this mayor, presumes guilt on the part of the police officers before anything happens. >> reporter: mayor de blasio is responding to governor christie's comments. a spokesperson for the mayor told fox 5, quote, it appears the governor from new jersey is
5:33 pm
as confused about our crime stats as he is about his polling numbers. they're both down. the spokesperson referring to the governor's run for president. back to you. steve: yikes. thank you, kerry. very interesting. skyfox hd flying over the crash of a plane crash. the pontoon caught the water as the pilot took off. a good samaritan helped rescue the 57-year-old, who was not injured. incredible visuals. amazing the plane washed ashore. the faa is trying to figure out what caused the crash. dari: firefighters still battling a forest fire that burned a thousand acres. it's about 50 percent contained. the fire started yesterday in woodland township, burlington county, and spread to ocean county. officials are saying there's been no damage to property and to homes no homes in the path, but no
5:34 pm
word on how the fire started steve: back to school for thousands of kids today. jodi goldberg shows us more. >> reporter: it's the first day of the school year for many districts throughout long island. it's the last things parents who rely on bus service want to think about, how they'll get children to and from school if drivers go on strike. >> it's two working parents. somebody has to give to get the child to or from school. >> if they have no way of transferring the kids to school, they could be up a creek. >> reporter: timothy with local 1205 represents bus drivers. he says they're working under poor conditions, making between 11 and $13 an hour, and it's no way to live. >> the bus companies have been robbing workers in our careful opinion for many years and it has to stop. >> reporter: he says if an agreement isn't reached, the strike could take place this
5:35 pm
week, removing 1,200 drivers from 800 buses throughout a dozen districts, including north point and 3 village central. districts have started reaching out about a possible strike to give parents time to prepare if it does happen. >> we have been working diligently for eight months to get him to budge off his outrageous concessionary, in my opinion, union-busting proposals. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they will be meeting with a federal mediator to try to resolve the differences. another meeting will be held tomorrow night with both the union and the company. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: in just a little while, serena williams will face off against her sister venus in the u.s. open quarter finals. steve: every athlete has their own strategy. serena likes to relax. she was out with kim kardashian last night. dari: tmz executive producer harvey levin is in the know and is here to tell us about their dinner date. >> reporter: yeah.
5:36 pm
i mean, i was really shocked at this. they went to carbone in the city and left together in a big limo. they've been friends for a long time. but, guys, you know this. in an -- serena could win the grand slam. that hasn't been done since '88. and she has to get past her sister. now, her sister has won 11 matches against her. so i don't think this is a done deal necessarily. the fact that -- i don't know if she went out with kim last night, either she doesn't have a care in the world and she's that confident, or, i don't know, maybe kim is a good luck charm. but i was really surprised to see them. they spent the evening together. steve: it does set up her for the second-guessing on sports radio and everything saying maybe she should have prepared for the match more than going out with kim. it is an outwardly confident thing to do. dari: maybe she was carb loading.
5:37 pm
>> it's italian. you may remember when she was dating reggie bush, that's where reggie won the super bowl. so this could be -- maybe she's a good luck charm. dari: that's a good point. steve: very interesting. dari: who knows what people do to relax. maybe kim is calmer than we know. steve: true. lots of likes on instagram. that's all that matters. harvey, good talking to you. we appreciate it. >> okay. steve: all right. tonight is the big match between serena and venus williams. dan bowens will have a live preview in a few minutes. dari: well, keeping messages and pictures from prying eyes. steve: we'll tell you about innocent-enough looking apps that are gaining popularity among kids and adults who are looking to keep a secret. dari: and have a vanessa williams returning to the miss america
5:38 pm
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dari: if you've ever wondered what's on your teenager's phone and you looked and it looked kosher, think again. >> there are secret apps that can hide what they're saying, doing, texting. baruch shemtov shows us. >> reporter: a recent survey found almost 75 percent of 13 to 17-year-olds have access to a smartphone.
5:41 pm
increased connectivity can sometimes mean increased risk. secret apps are making it more difficult for parents to discover what their kids are really doing on their phones. what looks like a harmless calculator may be a password protected vault hiding photos never meant to be discovered. this app, high calculators, an example of a secret app used by kids to hide information from parents monitoring their smartphone and tablet activity. >> it was like a decoy app. it pretends to be a very innocuous looking calculator, maybe a game, but it's a secret photo album or sometimes like a secret messaging service. >> reporter: this staff writer at tom's guide and laptop magazine says secret apps are changing the game. >> if they feel they're safe, it encourages them to take more and store more on their phones. >> reporter: that can mean danger to kids. >> it's not like keeping your sensitive information makes you
5:42 pm
safer from malicious attacks. >> reporter: a new approach for parents seeking to influence what their children do. >> teaching and talking to them is more important. you can't just be snooping on the phone. >> reporter: parents were not amused. >> it makes me nervous. >> it's ridiculous. >> you can't erase that. >> children shouldn't be hiding things from their parents. >> baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. steve: if only it worked like that. dari: there's a thought. steve: maybe someday. i doubt it. 30 years after winning the crown, vanessa williams returning to the miss america pageant as a judge. she was the first african-american to win in 1984. she resigned after penthouse publiced photos of hers. the pageant crowns miss america 2016 this sunday in atlantic city. dari: it is a diverse group of presenters for the emmy awards.
5:43 pm
taraji and terrence howard from the hit show "empire" have been tapped to hand out statuettes and jimmy kimmel and others. the awards airs sunday night, september 20th, here on fox 5. well, as we've been saying, a family affair is happening tonight. u.s. open quarter finals. steve: venus and serena williams going head to head. the historic stakes in this longstanding sibling rivalry. dari: how widespread should autism screening be? there's you gotta get fios!" well, fios is a 100 network to the home, fastest internet and in-home and fios gives you too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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steve: fox 5 health news. should every child be screened for autism? a highly respected panel of experts says yes, but not everyone is on board with this ambitious plan. dari: joining us is dr. devi from nyu school of medicine. good to see you. >> nice to see you. dari: this is incredible. talk about this. >> the american academy of pediatrics, which is the group of physicians, pediatricians, they are in favor of the widespread screening, that every kid should get looked at. the new report is from a government task force, a group of physicians, public health officials and experts, and they say you should only get screened if you have symptoms. then you should get looked at and diagnosed. the controversy hinges on a couple of things. if you get diagnosed, if you get
5:47 pm
screened and diagnosed, do we have an effective treatment for autism? there's controversy there. there's no cure. if you have more intensive therapy, more behavioral treatment, that might be more effective. it's not a cure. that's problem no. 1. the second problem is you don't have a clear diagnosis in terms of a test. you can't do a blood test or imaging x-ray, mri or something and make the diagnosis. so the group is saying if you just screen everybody and you're not looking for symptoms that the parents bring to you, you might diagnose autism or awe -- steve: cause more trauma than not knowing. >> people will worry. the pediatricians argue if you don't do that, sometimes parents miss things or don't know enough to realize something is wrong. it's hard to know what the right answer is in that debate. dari: sounds like there needs to be more education and parents need to be more aware and look for any signs. thank you so much for that. okay. a lot of eyes on rhode island starting this year.
5:48 pm
the state is going to require hpv vaccines for teens. every teen -- it's the first mandate. it's first to be seen in the country? >> i think washington, d.c., has the mandate, too. dari: for all teens? >> for middle schoolers, they were looking at them. in texas they tried to do it, but it didn't go through there. but the idea here, i think people are opposed to it because the idea thinking about middle schoolers or seventh graders and thinking about an std in the same thought process is distasteful. you don't want to think about std's with kids. at the same time, this vaccine is a lot more than a protection against a sexually transmitted disease. it's a cancer vaccine. it will protect you from hpv, the main cause of cervical cancer. if you think about cancer, there are three different time periods you could intervene. with cervical cancer, when the woman is still healthy so she
5:49 pm
never develops the cancer. that's the idea of the vaccine. the other time you could intervene is once there is a cancer but before it spreads -- steve: if you caught it early. >> that's a pap smear. steve: to me it's difficult to see the down side. you get the vaccine and they don't get it. even if they delay sexual activity for a long time. >> i agree. it has nothing to do with that. at least when we talk about kids. the thing is the reason they need to have it early is because if they've started having sex, most likely they have hpv. if they're older, it doesn't matter if you're 50 or with one partner. once you start having sex, you have a high likelihood of getting hpv. if you want the vaccine to protect you, you have to get it before that. steve: all right, doctor, always something to think about. we appreciate it. thank you. >> nice talking to you. dari: what is it? 90? steve: 90. it's amazing. you said it earlier. the hottest day of the summer. today, september 8th, whatever it is. nick: usually you'd think after july 4th.
5:50 pm
it's the hottest month of the year. but it was today. not just here. a lot of temperatures in the 90s. boston, 95. 92 albany. 93 philadelphia. they have been hotter in the washington, d.c. it was higher 90s earlier in the summer season. 91 at pittsburgh. 90 back to detroit. we have one more 90-degree day tomorrow and then a change will come with an approaching cold front that will bring the threat of showers and storms. and then eventually cool us down a bit. maybe this will be it as we move into september. maybe we won't see the 90s until next summer. we shall see. fox 5 sky guardian is not showing anything to track tonight. don't expect anything the rest of the night. i expect something starting later tomorrow afternoon first across the northern and western suburbs and then closer towards the rest of the area. that's going to last into cold front. not much out there. just a few clouds. more of the clouds streaming across upstate new york and a couple of showers in northern new england. you see a line of showers and storms west towards michigan. that's marking the cold front
5:51 pm
that will arrive on thursday. that could produce heavy downpours. but it is 90 in the city. 95 poughkeepsie. same coming in from newark. 91 sussex. 80s from the jersey shore across long island. still 80 getting up to bridgeport. 81 on the east end at montauk. southwest wind has been around all day, 10, 15 miles an hour. will continue out of the southwest at the same speeds and come around to the south as we head into tomorrow and that wind will keep it hot and humid. not as hot tomorrow. we're likely to stop around 90, 91 in the city. high pressure off the south sliding slowly off to the east. that's produced this southwesterly airflow in our area for today. you can see the line of showers and storms that's marking the cold front. that will be sliding through. the front, we'll get dogged down. we may have to deal with a couple of showers friday morning before things improve. there's 90 or greater in the city. it's cooler to the west. chicago, 77. 74 minneapolis. 81 kansas city.
5:52 pm
we'll tap into that air later this week. vegas, 104. 90s san francisco. that's rare for them. they've got it in the forecast for tomorrow. high 90s southern california. here's your futurecast. a few clouds tonight. tomorrow, sun and clouds. later in the day the isolated shower and storm north and west and tomorrow night, the chance will increase everywhere and into thursday. thursday could produce heavy rainfall around here, particularly in the afternoon into the first part of thursday night with lingering showers into the first part of friday before the improvement. boaters: >> watch out for rip currents tomorrow. 76 in the city tonight. 65 to 70 north with a few clouds. side. tomorrow, sun and clouds, a thunderstorm risk later in the day. 91 the high tomorrow. 82 thursday with showers and storms. and potential heavy rainfall, more showers friday morning, then sun. nice afternoon, 82, more comfortable. saturday, beautiful, 79. 60s in the morning. not sure how much rain we'll see sunday. could be showers and 77.
5:53 pm
back to the upper 70s to around 80 with comfortable weather next week. dari: thank you, nick. it's not the first time they played each other, but it could be the last time they'll meet in the quarter finals in the u.s. open in 90 minutes. steve: venus could play spoiler in serena's hopes of winning the grand slam. dan bowens has more on the big match. >> reporter: steve and dari, it is the 27th time the williams sisters have played each other in a grand slam tournament. serena holds the edge. she's won 15 of the contests. tonight it is different. these two siblings will square off with more on the line than ever before. >> grew up together. they fight together, play together. doesn't get any better. >> reporter: it is the match tennis fans at flushing meadows outside arthur ashe stadium have been waiting for. >> it's phenomenal and a rarity. how many sisters have we seen in the past? >> a win for serena over venus
5:54 pm
and she's on to the semifinals, one step closer to immortality, completing the grand slam. >> i like serena. the older sister, venus, she's hanging in there. >> venus, the older sister, standing in the way. she hasn't beaten her younger sibling since 2008. >> it's a chance to come back in a powerful way. >> reporter: time to choose a side. >> serena. team serena. going to be a good match. regardless of who wins, it will be a winning sister in the semifinals. >> reporter: only one sister can emerge victorious. a sibling rivalry of epic proportions says dr. jeff gardere. >> venus has been handling it very, very well. she has given a lot of praise to her sister and doesn't seem to be jealous at all. for her, it's not about the competition with her sister. only when they step on to the court together, then they forget
5:55 pm
about being sisters and they become super competitors. >> reporter: bob's daughters are tennis players. he can only imagine the pressure of the moment. >> it's hard for a father to root for anyone. we hope everyone performs to their best. that's all you can hope for. >> reporter: what do the williams sisters say? venus say no one wants to play spoiler, but she's focused on winning the match that starts at 7:00. serena says in her opinion, she's playing the best player in the world, someone who knows all her strengths and all her weaknesses. back to you steve: an amazing story. tough for the parents. dari: two amazing athletes. so we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much. we are on top of the news for you and more coming up tonight. mayor de blasio trades barbs over the homeless with the former mayor. and we'll take an in-depth look at the problem.
5:56 pm
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it is tuesday. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. tonight the battle to fight homelessness in new york and the war of words between mayor de blasio and giuliani. today on msnbc, mayor de blasio defended his plan, saying he's moved thousands of people from the shelter system into housing. he continued to emphasize that he inherited the problem which drew another strong response from mayor giuliani. >> this is a historic problem, decades old. it has gotten worse as the economy has squeezed people more and the price of housing in the city has gotten sky high.


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