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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: back to school day. are you ready to dodge all the children? ben: it is very cute when you see the kids with their backpacks on, their finest school out fit. juliet: full of hope and then the weekend, lousy lunches.
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ben: i loved school. ben: should sold warning be put on the news? >> plane catches fire on the runway, passengers in that we on the emergency chutes. ben: seems like that would be fun. juliet: i thought so too but when you are bracing for your life. ben: the way they jump onto the shoes and then go. juliet: it is fine. i am talking about the shoot, there is water at the end of the chute but it is hard ground. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i thought about that.
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audrey, how are you feeling today? >> meteorologist: i stayed through the williams match to the end. it was to be honest strange. kind of strange to watch the two sisters play, what was the conversation last night at dinner. ben: how will i throw this match without being too obvious? >> meteorologist: glad i was there, a great night, tens of celebrities. we will talk about that. let's talk about the weather. it was hot yesterday, high of 97 degrees in central park, we hit 98 at liberty airport, 93 across much of the area with the exception of montauk, as they came in with a high of 87 degrees. it is the birdy mild, 78 in the park, 75 at newark liberty
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poughkeepsie, sussex and monticello, dew points are still high and mostly in the 60s to the 70 degree range making an uncomfortable for one more day. satellite radar i, no rain being picked up by ed our focus is this frontal system from the west, our next wet weather maker, showers and thunderstorms across the area as we go into tonight, northwest of this city and tomorrow throughout much of the area. today high temperature once again 90 degrees, have the umbrella handy, ring in the area and in time for the weekend, dry air will settle in. high temperatures dropping in to the 70s by the weekend which is normal for this time of year. let's see how it looks on the roads, ines rosales is here. ines: starting with the problem in brooklyn, staten island between the gospels and
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verrazano bridge, wrapping up construction but by 92 street east bound a stall blocking a lane. not causing a delay, just lane closure, new jersey no problems on 287, let's look at fdr drive where they resumed construction, they resume construction on the fdr drive southbound, this morning not causing delays, we have lane closures. trains on or close to schedule. juliet: very hot yesterday. that humidity wasn't terrific the way it has been but this weather is causing clifton schools to dismiss students early today. is the first day of classes for new york city public-school. ben: after summer vacation the mayor and chancellor of looking to overcome big problems. robert moses has that story. >> reporter: judging from this video released by the city the mirror is eyeing the school year excitedly.
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the classroom with vigor the mayor made way for the today bill deblasio greets students at schools in all five burrows including jfk high school in the bronx parts of which were seriously damaged when a worker tested and installed gas line last month. more than a million students awake today with a pervading sense of dread. as the summer ends and reading writing and arithmetic begins. the first layer and the this the first lady and a delicate is positively, using the start of a school year to tout the city's all day pre k program which boasts 65,000 kids. >> never anything done like this on this scale. when i came into office, 20,000 kids were -- this will be transcended for our children and school system. >> it sets a child up for educational success of the rest of their life and allows a woman
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child to go to work. >> reporter: not everything is rosy. schools are considered failing, much of this year will be spent attempting to turn them around. the city is trying to transform the school and into places where families can get other services counseling. school chancellor says parental involvement is key to improving students and schools. in her own video she says this is her favorite time of year. >> grade school year, let's make this the best one ever. >> reporter: robert moses, "good day new york". juliet: this city will install large number of cameras around the schools. when it is done 140 cameras will begin operation including the one hundred 6 cameras and 40 portable cameras. the work is two month ahead of schedule. cameras will begin operation one hour before school events and run until one hour after school as well as during any after-school activity. the cameras issue of $50 fine
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going 10 miles over the speed limit since they were installed last year, the cameras have to issue $39 million in fines for speeding drivers going through school zones. ben: projects like these bring in money ahead of schedule. drivers for school bus companies on long island leaving parents scrambling to get their kids to school, 1200 drivers say they want better working conditions and the pay hike. if they strike it would affect a dozen school district's most of them in suffolk county. both sides will meet with a federal mediator this afternoon but if nothing comes of it they could strike again as early as tomorrow morning. we will keep you updated. juliet: the board of health getting ready to vote on putting salt warnings on restaurant menus. ben: how much is too much? teresa priolo takes a look. theresa: half of the salt? on second thought don't. the board of health is serving
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aimed at curtailing salt intake. the board will vote today on a ground-breaking requiring a salt shaker emblem on chain restaurant dishes that contain more than the recommended daily limit of sodium. if it passes you will see the icon on your favorite whopper from burger king, spicy italian foot-long from subway, smokehouse turkey from oanera court chicken strips. according to the cdc york daily sodium intake should not exceed 2300 milligrams or a teaspoon. the average person takes 3400 milligrams of salt, 90% of americans exceed salt guidelines and consuming too much can pose health risks like high blood pressure. the chart on the cdc website shows how much salt is hidden in common foods. read can contain 235 milligrams of sodium. dummy basement contains 1,000 milligrams and a piece of cheese
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pizza of to 730 milligrams. chain eatery's want the issue left to the usda but this is not the first time new york city has intended to blaze a food for real. it has banned trans fat, calories counts and tried unsuccessfully to limit the size of sugary drink. teresa priolo, "good day new york". juliet: a british airways jet was about to take off from las vegas airport when it erupted in flames. smoke and flames poured out of the boeing 777 jet last night, engine. 159 passengers, 13 crewmembers were able to get off the plane within minutes using those emergency slides. injuries. i am told a separate injuries getting bumps and bruises and things like that. the plane was supposed to fly to london. no word what caused the engine to catch fire. the faa and india's the are looking into it. ben: hillary clinton continues
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a private e-mail account while secretary of state. an interview with abc news and appearance on but ellen show. last night's interview with abc she says she could have done a better job answering questions earlier. >> in retrospect as i look back at it now even though it was all-out i shouldn't have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake. i am sorry about that and take responsibility and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. juliet: very soft-spoken. ben: she said sorry. juliet: the day before she said -- hash tag saree not sorry if i have never seen one. ben: later she reiterated the transparency message, quote, that is what i provided all of my work e-mails to the government to be released to the public and i will be testifying in front of the benghazi committee later next month.
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she did an appearance on the ellen show which is set to air tomorrow. juliet: i am sure curtis has comments. jeb bush tried to show his funny side during anna period and steven colbert's first night ethos of the late show. the former governor repeated jokes he is on the campaign trail to explain and defend his candidacy. however he did lose and appointing to joking about his campaign poster. >> your campaign poster is just jab with the j and exclamation mark. >> i have been using jeb since 1994. it connotes excitement. >> how many of us when we get excited just go jab! >> in florida they do when they see me out of happiness or d
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ben: a little humor. juliet: jeb is not exactly george w.. he had a pretty good sense of humor, pretty wicked sense of humor. ben: are you saying jeb is square? juliet: yes. you probably identify with him, don't you? steven colbert's debut coming. you should hear what he said to me early in the morning. still ahead on "good day early call," a very hot day. ben: can i complain about this? too hot. juliet: their egos, two days out of the the after our loss. ben: audrey has the complete forecast and kentucky county clerk out of jail today after a judge set her free.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: good morning. we are starting with tom wyld machine morning across the tristate area, 70s in central park, 70 degrees, 75 towards islip, bridgeport waking up at 77 degrees, 69 in poughkeepsie, 64 in sussex and monticello. winds relatively light but still coming out of the southwest,
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very warm wind direction, all the key we have across the area yesterday and she we are continuing to feel this one, satellite radar shows things nice and dry, we don't have rain in the forecast for much of the day but later this afternoon we could get an isolated showers northwest of the city with the approach of this front that will affect us mostly tomorrow. look at future cast shows but few clouds from time to time, a couple showers popping up later this afternoon, northwest of the city, the front starts to impact the area and with that we will see a better chance of rain across the entire region and it could come down steadily at times giving us a good amount of rainfall we actually need because we are in a little bit of a drought across the tristate area. expected to be dry for the most part until late in the afternoon when we see the threat of an isolated showers thunderstorm, temperatures will be warm once again hovering near 90 degrees in many locations and it will be humid today as well as tomorrow. expect rain thursday lingering
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out for the weekend. we expect dry weather friday into saturday and on sunday our next chance of a shower and/or thunderstorm. that is a check of the weather but if you want to check the storms down on our weather apps, where you get daily and hourly forecasts and tracking any storm systems like that just mentioned, get it for free on your google play store and buy students store. let's see what is going on in the tropics and we will head over to ines. ines: pretty good start wednesday morning, long island, nassau county, northern spain or southern state, westchester note issues across the tappan zee bridge, you are fine on the thruway and across westchester. let's go to the cross bronx on the alexander hamilton bridge, both directions smooth sailing, no problem on the deegan, george washington bridge driving into the city upper lower level doing fine, don't have any construction going on this morning. lincoln tunnel taking 495 you
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on so right now the seven trains, between queens boroughs and times square both directions, no service between euclid avenue, both ways and the l train snow service from union square to 8 avenue. ben: 4:48, a county clerk in kentucky to refuse to issue a marriage licenses to gay couples is out of jail and is thanking supporters. kim davis spent five days pine bark for refusing to issue a licences, she cited her religious beliefs as a christian following her believe she addressed supporters who rallied in front of that day. >> the ruling. [inaudible] ben: hard to hear her. davis has been ordered not to interfere with her deputy clerks as they issue a marriage license
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as if she does she could find herself back behind bars with one of her lawyers said any licenses issued while she was behind bars are not valid but rolling county and state of kentucky commonwealth said they are valid. instead of her name on the license it just says growing county. juliet: mike huckabee with a running for president. >> they are not trying to hijack this issue for their own political gain? juliet: mike huckabee is a very nice man but the guy in the overalls you saw out there kind of said it all. ben: what do you think of this? >> before "good day early call," it was just a young little huckleberry like mike huckabee. former green jeans, don't you remember? come on.
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flag, why are you disparaging? >> representative of that culture. ben: my first job was in central pennsylvania. a lot of farms interview lot of farmers, never seen one in overalls. cut of more of a shtick these days than an actual -- >> hard to accept you were in central pennsylvania when complaining about the heat and humidity. god forbid beads of sweat-run your forehead. ben: only in the hamptons. >> mike huckabee decided, lock me up. take mike huckabee away. i should have filed for this court. we are serum barriers between us we had eight marriages.
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trying to ban gays and lesbians from getting married so they don't suffer like as heterosexuals because we are missing out. that would have gone off better for the rest of the country regardless of their political or religious affiliation. ben: you goblin free publicity, why not do that? >> ted cruz, mike huckabee took control of that stage. juliet: hillary clinton issued -- sorry, not sorry, just the day before she was still digging her heels into the ground saying she was not going to apologize. you was sorry people were confused by the situation, she wasn't sorry a day later, she is sorry. >> it is so much easier dealing with donald trump because even when he is wrong which is a lot, he doesn't apologize. csn as i will not fold like a cheap camera, with hillary, no
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be no, she vacillates, looks at our whole, she is a consummate political animal out there. the fact that you know she doesn't have a soul. she is a liar, people think she is vacillating, people believe she is a difficult politician. joy as a favor, go to that shaq and go to the suburb where the long jockeys, do something about your husband, former president bill clinton. leave the national scene, leave the country, uncle joe biden, if you have any sense, do a small favor. ben: you would support joe biden. >> joe biden who bought elisa's the english language, we have something in common. brooklyn, madison high school. juliet: gaining ground on hillary. >> what wouldn't he? people's reaction is like a
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many, they think i am psycho. all the furniture is upstairs remain in the wrong rooms and they show you a picture of hillary. and most americans what do they say? a lawyer. she is fitting, like that. ben: wabc rihanna 770. juliet: the show is entertaining. >> the humidity. ben: to help with that. juliet: crazy come back by the mets. this has fans talking. playoffs.
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juliet: duke is -- ben: somewhere. juliet: for now we have a quick look at sports. first you slam mike. ben: not letting anybody. ben: mike is still one jury duty all the bench as a perjury duty after he has a show. rough night for the dark night matt harvey. ben: last night he did not make it through the 6. michael taylor hits the r b i
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single of the middle. the error is a costly one, it is 7-1. they are not finished. harvey it be giving the seven runs and eight hits, no way to know when it begins, the mets bail him out, making up for his error with a base clearing double, pulling the mets to 7-6 anti-apartheid law six runs in the inning. to the eighth, the solo homer, a huge come back, key-7 the final. someone said they are done. juliet: yankees and ofs, tanaka through six, the deep right solo shot and birds on the board 1-0, bottom of the 6. a-rod's 30th. of the season, no. 3,056 moving past anderson for 22 place.
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