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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. from "fox 5 news", this is good they wake up. >> juliet: it is flying by this morning. >> ben: it is 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning. >> juliet: september 9. we had hot temperatures didn't feel like it though to today how will we do? audrey has the details. >> ben: it's hot in time for public schools to head back to classrooms today. the universal prekindergarten is
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available on to every parent who signs up. >> juliet: there is a vote on salt-and-pepper shakers. >> ben: and it shows that joe biden is coming in second place for the presidential race, he hasn't even done anything yet. i don't know, i think he may run. spee1 i. >> juliet: i think politics is getting very interesting right now. hillary is now saying she is sorry, not sorry for the e-mails. chomp, of course fun to watch. >> ben: yes that is true. audrey is here. >> audrey: good morning, you mention it and feel as hot
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yesterday. i have to agree with you. it was it was a bit of a breeze. >> juliet: you are out at the u.s. open. >> audrey: yes i actually had a bit of a chill. i wish i had a sweater. 90 degrees reasons not sweater weather. we did break records yesterday across parts of the weather. 97 degrees in central park which beat the record of 93. 93 in belmont, we are in, we're in the '90s and many spots. montauk came in 87. we are at 77 now to start our day. we may think at 77 at 6:03 am we are in store for another record-breaking day, not the
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case. temperatures will be temperatures will be around 90 degrees but not quite as highs yesterday. it is 76 in philly, and 71 towards pittsburgh. we are dry on the radar and the chance of rain's popping up. there's a cold front coming our direction it will spark up some showers northwest of the city early this evening. they'll be right spread activity across the area on thursday. you can see the rain will move in, it will be a good amount of it across the area. it will be slow to clear friday morning but by the afternoon we should seat dryer weather across the region. you might want to use go to the beach today where your sunscreen the ub is at seven. high readings around 90 degrees
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today, have your on bella handy later into the evening. tomorrow everyone should have an on bella. were going high into the 70s. let's see how it looks on our rose's this morning. >> ines: the commute there's a stalled truck and a delay here. no problems on the belt parkway or san avenue expressway. bronx is good. all all green there so it's smooth sailing. starting to pick up in volume but moving at the speed limit. fdr drive cleared away an accident. by the time you get there everything should be gone.
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upper level is up five to ten minute delay. lincoln tunnel, lower-level is doing fine. hopefully it will not be as bad as yesterday. trains are running running on are close to schedule. >> ben: we know back to school comes a lot of traffic. >> ines: yesterday was just a taste of it and now everybody's back. >> ben: backpacks are out in force. >> juliet: over 1 million public school system on to kids are minutes the mayor is scheduled to welcome kids back. fox five robert moses is out
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there for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, some of the students will be clinging to their parents as they begin the new school year. the mayor, the schools chancellor, the first lady will be here this morning. summer break has ended, summer temperatures though have not. judging from the video release from the city the mayor is eyeing the school year excitedly upon cleaning and organizing a classroom. the mayor mayor may wait for the professional. >> all yours. >> reporter: today the mayor greets the students in all five boroughs including jfk high school in the bronx. parts of which were seriously damaged by a gas line must month. more than 1 million students away today with a sense of trade on tran dread but the mayor look at this day positively. they look at the school to tout the
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city's new all day pre-k program. >> there has never been anything done like this on a scale on the scale or anywhere else in the city. when i came into the city we didn't have near this many people in school. >> it allows a woman or child at home to go to work. >> reporter: not everything is rosy, dozens of schools are considered failing and much of this year will be considered used to turn them around. they are using schools where people can come and get other services. parental involvement is key to improving schools. in her own video she said this is her favorite time of year. >> have a great school year and let's make this the best one ever. >> reporter: this is another photo from the school photos.
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so many fun memories from my childhood in school. i remember readings charlotte's web and first grade, i remember my my mom packing lunches with notes and every single lunch. i will share some wisdom i did not understand them but i did now. yes the first af school can but enjoy it. as my mom i said these are the good days. that is the latest, back to you. >> ben: you know what's great about the first day of school, there's hardly ever homework. >> juliet: from fifth-grade to my junior year of high school, i went to a different school. it shows that i can walk into any room. >> ben: thank you robert we appreciate the school photo.
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>> juliet: 6:08 a.m. today the city will install speed cameras around schools. >> ben: 140 cameras will be in operation. 40 of them are portable which means you will never know when they are pop up. the work is two months ahead of schedule. the cameras will be in operation one hour before school opens. they will run one hour after dismissal as well as any afterschool activity. the camera will issue a $50 fine for going 10 miles over the speed limit. last. last year they issued $39 million in fine for drivers who speed through a school zone. >> juliet: drivers for the largest school bus company could go on strike tomorrow leaving parents scrambling for ways to get their kids to school.
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1200 drivers want better working conditions and more money. if they strike it would affect nearly one dozen school districts mainly in the suffolk's county. both sides will meet with a mediator this afternoon. if nothing comes out of that, they could strike as soon as tomorrow morning. >> ben: how much salt you think you consume on a daily basis? the vast majority of us eat way too much salt. today the board of health lower groundbreaking rule to encourage diners to think about how much salt they are eating. >> juliet: that would be groundbreaking because we be the first in the city to have such rules. >> reporter: good morning everyone, here's the problem. you know typically when you eat something that is bad for you. if you're having big, juicy cheeseburger. you know there may be a lot of sodium and fat in that item. the problem is when you go to a restaurant and you order something they think might be healthy.
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like if you order cobb salad you might not realize there's 2000 milligrams of salt in that item. the city wants to put these little emblems on chain restaurant menus, it would show you that item far exceeds the daily amount of sodium you should have. pass the salt, on second thought don't. the city board of health is serving up another dose of food regulations. the board will vote today on a groundbreaking rule requiring a saltshaker emblem on chain restaurant dishes that contain more than the recommended daily limit of sodium. you will see the icon on your favorite icon on burger king, the turkey panini from panera, or sesame jacket chicken strips. according to the cdc you should not exceed 2300 mg or 1 teaspoon of salt. the salt. the average person takes in
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3400 milligrams of salt. consuming too much can post health risk like high blood pressure. a slice of white bread can contain up to 230 milligrams of sodium. a sow's slice of deli meat could contain over 1000 milligrams. the chains want this left to the d usda but this is in the first time the city has tried to change things. they have tried unsuccessfully to limit the size of sugary drinks. i'm talking to people here the vast majority did not know what the daily limit of sodium was supposed to be. they also seem to think this planned by the board of health is a good idea, however they all say they don't think it's going to deter someone from eating that item
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but it might make them think twice. >> ben: thank you very much. british airways jet was just about to take off from las vegas when it he rubbed it in flames. >> juliet: the pictures are smoke and flame poured out of the jet last night. it came from the left side engine, all 159 passengers and 13 crew members were able to get off the plane and minutes using emergency slides. or is that just a walkway there. fourteen people suffered minor injuries, those were injured on the slide and things like that. the plane was supposed to fly to london, no word on what cause the engine fire. they are now investigating. >> ben: more too, on this wednesday morning. >> juliet: audrey is watching
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the weather for us. >> audrey: if you're heading up this morning it is feeling mildly muggy. 77 degrees in central park. expecting a hot and humid day across the region. not quite as hot as yesterday. you can track the weather along with us. get your daily and forecast with our live interactive radar, you can download our app at your google place door or your itunes store. stay too, too, more good day new york will be right back. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> juliet: so excited. >> ben: why. >> juliet: because it is momentous. we are one world, just a few hours queen elizabeth ii will become britain's the longest reigning monarch. i will just read this. 12:30 pm eastern time she will be the record set by her great, great grandmother, queen victoria. >> ben: at the time she rained. >> juliet: she will spend the day with on official duties as scotland.
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>> ben: it probably means she will hang out at her castle in scotland and do nothing. >> juliet: actually, she does a lot for the country. many people who live there feel they she has done wonderful things for britain. >> ben: does anyone care, because i don't. >> audrey: [inaudible conversation] >> ben: they're all her people audrey would like to see 77 degrees as the high temperature since it's september. >> audrey: clearly they are not in our studio. if you want that you will get that into the weekend. we are
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starting starting off with 70s. we are off to what will be a hot and humid day across the region. two points are in the 60s and 70s. they will stay the drier air will air will be here by the weekend. can you hear that behind me? they are arguing. satellite is showing things nice and dry for the moment, but there is a threat of showers this afternoon. it will be another hot and humid day with temperatures around 90 degrees. tomorrow will be 80 and widespread rain and thunderstorms. the rain will taper up on friday and the temperatures will be in the upper 70s. this weekend the temperatures will be normal for this time of year. you know who i i don't
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argue with at all, ynez. >> ines: the traffic on the go on us is jammed. let's go to the traffic is jammed eastbound there was a stall earlier. this is over by atlantic avenue. those two things are leading to a delay. it will be a matter of minutes before we see those emerge. we don't have any delays to worry about on the other side. the trains are doing good this morning, everything this morning, everything running on are close to schedule. we know it's the first day of school, happy first day of school to erica. >> ben: thank you sir. thank you hillary clinton
6:21 am
apologized. >> ben: sorry not sorry. last night interview with abc she said she could have done a better job answering questions earlier. >> in retrospect, certainly as i look back back at it now, even though it was allowed i should have used two accounts. one for for personal, one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake, i am sorry about that and i take responsibility. i am trying to be as transparent as it possibly can. >> juliet: later on the day on facebook she said quotes that's why provide all my work emails to be released to the public and why i will be testifying in public in front of them back as a committee a. >> ben: and a new poll joe biden is moving up to second place to become president, he's not even officially in the race.
6:22 am
clinton is down while joe biden got 22%. he has done nothing to actually run and he is at ten points from last month. bernie sanders is in third place. spee1 is that reflective of the countries on happiness with hillary clinton? >> ben: we will see. >> juliet: coming up, a death-defying ride ride down a mountainside. >> ben: back in a moment. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty.
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>> android users are looking for adult content are getting blackmailed instead. this app advertises itself as a free pornography app but instead it takes snaps of you. it demands a $500 ransom to unlock the device. a practice like this is so common it has a name, rant somewhere. it is it is a growing area of cyber crimes. >> juliet: i have so many comments but check out this adrenaline rush. it's a totally different story >> ben: racing up to 70 miles per hour.
6:26 am
does he have a helmet on, i can't tell. he takes on dodging oncoming traffic and sparks fly, the video was posted on monday and it has more than 1 million views >> juliet: it doesn't look like it, that's insane. unless it's fake then he's in front of a green screen. it kinda looks vague doesn't it. i don't know. spee2 top stories when we return on this wednesday morning. >> juliet: apple is making announcements today when we get these new things.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". >> and his little loud over there ladies. >> audrey: showers and storms could hit parts of our area this evening. it is going to be. >> ben: today many kids enjoy the first day of school. it's always sad when summer comes to an end. school is fun, it's great, you can learn a lot. over 1 million schoolkids are headed back to their classroom.
6:31 am
>> juliet: apple is holding its weight in a much anticipated event today. we are are getting cheers from the gallery. the newest iphone and other announcements. >> ben: the williams sisters of a stop at the u.s. open, serena defeating venus. did anyone doubt this is going to be the outcome? serena is just to wince away from a grand slam. i wonder if it's awkward for them, either before or right after one of these matches. still, sibling rivalry redoes exists. we all have have siblings right here so we know. this is on the highest stage. >> juliet: i can not imagine being anyway jealous of my brother being successful. >> ben: but when it's his success at your expense. >> juliet: i still wouldn't care, at least it's one of us. >> ben: that's true.
6:32 am
maybe serena can flipper a little check later on. >> juliet: we showed one of our viewers a picture of marvin and erica, he wrote you made her day, she's a diva like you. >> ben: you're right about that, she is a diva. >> juliet: i love erica. she's not the only one headed back to school today. it's the first in session for the school year. spee3 has her head outdoors this morning you want to be dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. hot and muggy with temperatures in the 70s. temperatures will be close to 90 degrees this afternoon so lightweight clothing. where 77 in central park, it's 67 degrees in monticello,
6:33 am
suffixes now at 62 degrees. high pressure is sliding to the east allowing this front to come into the region from the west. it will ignite some isolated showers north and west of the city. temperatures will be around 90 today mostly sunny skies to start. tomorrow, you need your umbrella handy. it will be a wet day for everybody. it will linger into friday. behind that system, drier, cooler air, cooler air sets in for the weekend. sunny skies for saturday high of 79 degrees. >> ines: some problems this morning in brooklyn. let's check in at queens, the traffic flow is normal delays. westbound traffic from clearview to queens boulevard you have a delay. the jersey commute around 287 is fine.
6:34 am
let's take a look at cameras. this is the gowanus eastbound traffic is jammed because of an accident on the battery tunnel. those two problems causing this delay all the way back. fine. george washington bridge driving into the city, 20 minutes on the upper level and brooklyn tunnel is already backed up about 30 minutes. it will increase throughout the morning. you want to take the holland tunnel, not a bad ride this morning about ten minutes this morning. >> ben: okay did you like the first day of school? >> juliet: i did. summer was so long, i wanted to go back. >> ben: you wanted to see her friends, you get to check out the new back pack. spee1 what am
6:35 am
am i gonna learn, my new books. >> because every year was a different school. >> juliet: don't think there's not a lot of resentment in me. spee2 there are over 1 million schoolkids going back to school today. i today. i hope the majority of them enjoy it. >> juliet: this is happening across all five boroughs, robert moses loved school. there are some big guests with him today, not including the children as well. >> reporter: good morning to you. one other story we should note, the heats. we are looking at highs near 90 today. there's hardly a breeze off the water so for many kids this will
6:36 am
be a hot first day of school. we much of the big guests here besides students of course. the mayor, the schools chancellor along with the school's lady will be here later this morning. there is a there is a news conference scheduled for 9:20 a.m. it will be a busy day he will be visiting students in all five boroughs. we mention jfk high school because that school was month. more than 1 million students, hello to a new school year. the city is offering full day, free the first year the city is offering first year the city is offering spots in its full day, wants one. the mayor said that offering such a service is helpful because it gets students started on the right foot.
6:37 am
>> there's never been anything done like this on the scale. when i came into office 20000 kids were enrolled in pre-k. this is going to change our children and our school system. >> one of the theme of the upcoming school year is trying to turn around on dozens of failing students in schools. those schools could be taken over by the state. one of the themes we'll be watching for this year. they say is important to heighten parent engagement involvement. that is helpful for returning students arounds and turning the latest, live from st. george this morning. have morning. >> ben: robert you have the right attitude, thank you very much. >> juliet: the kentucky county clerk who wouldn't issue
6:38 am
marriage license take a couple's is out of jail. she is celebrating. >> ben: she spent five days behind bars for refusing to issue the licenses. she said her religious belief as a christian. she addressed the rally in front of that crowd. [inaudible] >> ben: she has been ordered not to interview with her deputy clerks as they order licenses. she could find yourself herself back behind bars if she does. her lawyer says well it was not valid to have her behind valid but others say it is valid. she said her name on the license it simply says rowan county. spee1 by the way they play that song i have the tiger, when, which he was getting up on stage.
6:39 am
not happy about that. they did not endorse that at all. fox means business. >> ben: joining us now is adam shapiro with a preview of apple's big event later on today. hello. hello. >> hello, people have you seen this. so as i hold the antiquated iphone five get ready for iphone six. that is one of the things expected to be an ounce. the big show apple puts on they do in san francisco will be at 1:00 o'clock new york time. we will learn about apple tv, and upgrade to apple tv. ios nine will be downloaded into this divisive but will be a main stay in all new devices. improvements to siri and apple tv upgrade will include voice activation and serious as well as a game component.
6:40 am
so more stuff to spend money on so you can buy the joysticks and all of that to play games on the apple tv. the new phone will have a better camera, and the monster ipad will be coming out. it will be a 12.9 inch screen that will cost close to $1000. so get ready for christmas. >> ben: we are also on the iphone five over here, so we are all going to be out there. >> they keep talking about force touch, the harder you press the screen it does different things. force touch for me is when i get the wheel of death from ios. >> juliet: that seems like a problem waiting for happen. >> the pre-market is trading up but usually they sell off after
6:41 am
the announcements. >> ben: thank you very much. you can cut adam on the foxbusiness network. audrey is here with a quick check of the weather. a lot of the schools don't have central air conditioning so it will be a hot day. >> audrey: you might want to dress the kids and lightweight, light-colored clothing. we are expecting a hot a hot and humid day across the tri-state area. temperatures around 90 degrees. will be at 90 in central park. some rain tonight and tomorrow. then cooler and drier air will be here for the weekend. as you send the kids to the school bus, dress them comfortably. temperatures in the 70s this morning the 70s this morning but near 90 degrees later this
6:42 am
afternoon. where in the 60s towards suffix new jersey. our radar are watching a system that will bring rain. this is headed our it will increase our chance of a thunderstorm. sunshine will come. sunshine will come through the first part of the day, tomorrow more wet weather is in store for the tri-state area. it will be ran towards the afternoon and evening and that will linger into the evening of friday. let's take a look at the roads. spee4 things. >> ines: things are close to normal in brooklyn. that's jammed from the gowanus heading inbound because of an accident by brooklyn battery tunnel. that is the issue. trains are doing fine let's go to duke. >> duke: maybe this really is the mets year. last night in washington a come
6:43 am
from behind win the game against atlanta. highlights only come back. >> ben: plus the latest
6:44 am
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>> let's check your headlines for you. 6:46 am on a wednesday of classes for more than 1 million public schools kids. that includes 65,000 kids in thousand kids in the free, full day prekindergarten class. >> juliet: and aid to the governor remains in a coma after being shot early monday. hours before the west indian day parade. there's a $12,500 reward for any information hundred dollar reward for any information that leads to an arrest. >> ben: picking up the issue of salt we will vote on whether to put salt on menus. >> juliet: duke is here, we have something to tell you folks.
6:47 am
no. >> duke: the u.s. open match. serena versus william, serena looking to continue her quest for the grand slam. i watched on tv. serena takes the first set. , the second set serena double faults and venus breaks serena for the first time. the the third censoring about his back with a backhand, return winter there. then the great forehand. she was serving 122 miles per hour at the end. she wins the match. she moves two victories away from the grand slam. rough night for the mets. remember all the talk about harvey couldn't make up his mind, well he didn't make it
6:48 am
past the sixth inning last night. you talk about the stuff at least go out. run score and harvey gave up seven runs on eight hits and has no idea when he will start again. the mets with a huge rally, they take the lead and when it eight to seven. there's something magical going on here. bottom of the 16, this shot is over the wall and left. the 30th home run of the season. for a rod. hint number 3056 moving past ricky henderson. that one is gone. major-league orioles when it to
6:49 am
to one. jay's one last night and the yanks trailed by a game and a half. to the reports came out saying the manager came down hard on tom brady because other owners and executives in the nfl was not happy with the way they handled the whole spy gate situation with new england in 2007. both stories going to siri's details about the length of patriots go to push the envelope when it comes to rules. i read both articles yesterday, all i can say is wow. i've heard rumors from other players over the years. according to this report, way, way worse than i ever imagined. espn alone talks over 90 people for this report. wow. >> juliet: you hear it patriots
6:50 am
and espn fan is a joke. sourced and meticulously written. >> duke: odell junior was busy, it was the premier of a new video. the online video with odell and manning, a new dunkin' donuts commercial. they definitely have chemistry on the failed, some real-life chemistry off the field as well. they are are great on camera, funny outtakes as well. dallas. >> i'm really excited about it, coming right around the corner but i can't wait to get into dallas and it will hit me. so so
6:51 am
much stuff has been built up and anticipated, you're waiting for the season to finally start, i'm excited. >> he's not going to be with the team for a while his hand is much worse than the camp was giants open up sunday night. go to my twitter timeline and i will tweet out the link to this situation where eli throws a coffee bean and the way they catch it is great. >> juliet: apparently odell is dating amber rose. >> i don't know who amber roses. >> audrey: it's a mild and muggy start across the area. were in the 60s in some areas. no rain on the radar at the moment. later this afternoon, likely into the evening we have
6:52 am
threat of isolated showers and storms. those will come in, cold front in the next 24 to 36 hours. an area low pressure will ride along giving us a chance of rain tomorrow and into friday morning. we need the rainfall, we are below normal for this time of year. we'll be making up a deficit as we go into tomorrow. it will be hot and humid with temperatures around 90 and the southwest went. tomorrow numbers dropped to 81 to on friday. another chance for a shower late sunday. you can track the rain live with our interactive radar with [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich,
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6:56 am
in blind. what trains are doing fine this morning. let's take a morning to ma, she is glued to three on train today new york. >> anna is here with entertainment. >> anna: you make it to see bruno mars perform again during the super bowl halftime show. he drew the second biggest audience when he performed in 2014 only to be outdone by katie parry this year. he may be asked to perform in the next super bowl. this is all speculation. and survivor, maybes considering a lawsuit over this use of their song the eye of the tiger. that is kim davis, she was
6:57 am
jailed to failure to issue same-sex marriage license. she was a alongside mike huckabee. survivor members made it clear they did not approve the use of their song. they said we did not grant kim davis any rights to use our song i ever tiger, i would not grant her rights to use sharman. >> these artists don't always have the legal ground that they think. >> thank you, that is it for us. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot.


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