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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 15, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". heather: the search is on for a suspect in an attack in the bronx, the intended robbery with violence and caught on camera. ben: five fraternity brothers charged with murder of a college freshman. cold case that has moved forward. >> the police commissioner says it is one of the largest security challenges the nypd is a perk face. look at what is being done at the u.n. general assembly, 90% of the world's leaders will be here at the same time. ben: the president is coming and they are two after. busy time, good morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: thanks for joining us, it is september fifteenth, 4:30. let's get to mike for a check of the weather, looks very nice.
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>> meteorologist: a little peek going on here. forget about the combination can try this. the last few days of summer here, we had a stretch that felt like the heat wave, not hot but warrior than normal temperatures coming at us but not bad this morning, 64 degrees at central park, 60 in newark, 50 in sussex and monticello, may be dropping into the 20s before long, montauk 58 degrees, 56 degrees in islip, temperatures un mark lanier side but not as cool as we had yesterday, winds are lighter but a little bit of a wind from the west northwest, 3 to 7 m.p.h. we are in pretty good shape, no real what the challenges, a completely clear skies in the tristate, some clouds to the north, area of low pressure lifting out and now gone, looking at high pressure
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on the back side will bring us a lot of sunshine not only today but days to come the high pressure in control will keep as nice and dry for quite a while. it stream directed out of the tristate region so here is what we have, all kinds of sun by 67, 76 by midday and high-end 83 this afternoon so nice, not too humid, not that time of year but warm temperatures will stick around for awhile, sunny skies, a 85 tomorrow, same thing thursday, tuesday through this week, lots of sun out there. we have killian for ines rosales. what is happening with our commute? >> pretty quiet on a roadway, not seeing problems for accidents. let's look at the george washington bridge where things are quiet about their and no delay at the joel plaza, link and holland tunnels in great shape as well this morning, new jersey turnpike by the interchange at 13 a and north,
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free and to learn either direction, mass-transit on or close to schedule, alternate side rules suspended but you still have to feed the meters. ben: cops in the bronx looking for the man who punched a woman in the case and tried to steal her bag. >> this happened at 7:30 wednesday night. it is the lobby of a building near each 200 1st street, police say the man tried to grab her bag, when she resisted the puncher and threw her down. this is horrific. the jump on the bike and took off. the woman did suffer a facial fractures and cut her head as well. look at that. this crime stoppers if you know anything about this story hundred-577-tips. ben: five fraternity brothers are charged with murder in the pocono mountains. >> the fraternity members waited hours to bring 19-year-old college student to the hospital
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after a hazing incident. robert moses in live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the hazing ritual that killed michael is known habitats glass ceiling, total of 37 people face charges in connection with his that ranging from enduring apprehension to murder. this is a long and complex investigation as police tried to figure out who it was on that cold december day. nearly 2 years after the death of 19-year-old college student michael, his college student as a measure of justice, the monroe county district attorney in pennsylvania has charged five fraternity members with their degree murder which carries a sentence of 20 years in prison. they are identified as charles y. a canny kwan, raymond wham, daniel lee and sheldon wonka. the fraternity rented this home in the poconos in december of 2013 as part of a hazing ritual, he was blindfolded and made to
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wear and 30 pound backpack, ran a gauntlet of fraternity brothers who tried to tackle him in the snow. police say he faced brutal body blows, one knocked him unconscious, he struggled to brief but instead of getting a medical help right away, authorities say those at the home contacted a national representative of the fraternity and identified as andy who encourage them jihad all fraternity related items. finally after and our three friends brought him to a hospital. he eventually died. his family restatement raising the authorities for bringing charges against the fraternity and its members, too many families have been devastated as a result of fraternity hazing with at least one student dying every year from hazing since 1970, the family said. fraternities and their members must be held accountable and this step by authorities is an important one. we mentioned any, he faces multiple charges in this case,
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he is the sister of congresswomen grace represents parts of queens. in time michael's family members say they are pursuing a wrongful death case against the fraternity. that the latest live from the newsroom this morning. back to you. juliet: securities in new york city being put to the tests to protect the pope and other foreign dignitaries. ben: security measures being put in place as the nypd teams up with the fbi, teresa priolo has more on what is being done. >> from a back pack we got to get everyone involved. >> the hypothetical that could become a possible. >> we are working on it. >> reporter: 58 including the nypd, fbi, homeland security and secret service gathered in lower
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manhattan to simulate what would happen if multiple mass injuries erupted citywide at a time when the pope, the president and the u.n. general assembly are all in town. >> when you combine we can safely be of literally never seen something like this before. >> the un general assembly alone is typically a huge undertaking but the pope's arrival take things up a notch since the holy father will canvass this the from the un to st. patrick's cathedral, ground zero, central park and madison square garden and the has a reputation for wanting to move about freely and interact with the people. >> inside a bubble as we could but this pope has made it quite clear as he traveled around the world that is not what he does. >> to keep things in check thousands of officers will be deployed using state of the art technology. the mayor says although it is very hectic there's no one better suited for the job in members of the nypd.
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>> police force has seen it all and is ready for it all. >> reporter: teresa priolo, "good day new york". >> security will be extremely tight for the pope's mass at madison square garden on the twenty-fifth went on to take the stage, there will be along list of performers, jennifer hudson, harry connick jr. and gloria estefan will perform a program called a journey in space that will have other performers, actors, choirs that afternoon. because of the security if you are planning on going, if you have tickets officials asked the you get there and 2:00 even though mass doesn't start until 6:30. >> the broadway community is ready to take on at&t. actors, producers and cans are outraged because at&t posted a tweet did seem to encourage cellphone users to streams force during live performances. >> sharon crowley shows us exactly what got broadway riled up. >> reporter: it is the worst thing ever.
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distracting to the audience, the actors, it is awful. >> many think there's nothing worse than a cellphone going off during a broadway performance. >> it is rude to do that. >> some members of the broadway community called for a boycott of at&t after the telecommunications giant suggests its customers stream live tv during fear performances. >> as an actor if you're in community theater, dinner theater anywhere. >> actors respond on social media shortly after of the at&t tweet, the king and i star and tony winner tweeted what an inconsiderate add, shame on you, the use of cellphones is an ongoing concern on broadway, actress patty is selling receive a cellphone away from an audience member who was texting turn her off-broadway show. hamilton creator did not let madonna backstage after she
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reportedly was using her cellphone during the musical. those who are supporting the boycott say turning your cellphone off during at performance is simply at sign of respect. a spokesman for at&t joel as quebec our ads take place in an alternate reality and are not meant to be taken literally. the president of the actors' equity group responded to that same even if it was just an oversight she helps at&t going forward will help educate the public about the importance of turning off phones. she says they want everyone, even sulfone users to be able to in joy the show. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. >> at stake place in an alternate reality? >> meteorologist: i don't know what that means. >> i didn't know there were actually alternate realities. >> they should book from on the show to tell us about that. let me go now. the lead on the day early call
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looking at a dry day with temperatures back into thes, so nice yesterday. >> is beautiful but i think someone will come back for a couple days and it is not unusual to find a broken escalator at a subway station but that brand new seven train station on the west side, one of the escalators is busted already. stay with [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need. are you guys texting each other? whether it's 3 megs or 300 megs, yeah. for the right price. from $14.99 everyday low price internet, to 300 meg ultra-fast internet, we have you covered. even with wifi at home and on the go. plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable.
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>> welcome back. look at what happened yesterday with high temperatures. it was a little bit cool but for this time of year it felt cool, this is an above normal temperature, average high for yesterday was 76 degrees, we made it to 77 degrees, 1 degree above normal but a little bit of a cool, fall chill in the air, summer coming to close, 78 with your high temperature newark, 74 in allentown, 76 in bridgeport, 74 in islip, 74 in poughkeepsie. where do we stand right now? 64, clears guys, dewpoint of only 34 degrees so the air is nice and dry, winds from the northwest at 9 miles per hour, don't think will be as windy as yesterday but a little light wind coming at you today and temperatures are going to warm up here. let's check out temperatures regionally, 62 in philly, same thing in d.c. 52 degrees in
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pittsburgh, no huge changes coming our way in terms of temperatures or air masses or anything of that sort, high pressure in control will keep us now isn't clear and dry but temperatures will be above normal by 5 to 10 degrees over the next several days so sunny, dry weather will go on for awhile, we could use that rain, not happening, clear sky is happening right now in generally speaking high pressure in control is how you can see the jet stream directed well to the north of the tristate region where the cloud dragons, the rain track as well and did this not look like we have anything all coming up for us, looks bone dry like we're in the desert or something. here is what we have, high pressure in control keeping as nice and dry, low pressure with the trough affecting the northern sections of maine bringing in cloud cover believe in their looks like it will be dry, the next 48 hours not much going on, clear skies, a lot of
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sunshine, temperatures will gradually warmups and allow only does it say drivable will be warming up a decent amount today into tomorrow as high temperatures go to the range of 5 to 10 degrees warmer than we normally see this time of year so we start with a temperature of 63 degrees, to 77 by noon and 583 today, 81 for the ride home with mainly clear sky throughout the day. the next seven days look all the sunshine, nothing going on until we get into the weekend, more clouds come through sunday, a few sprinkles it that time, temperatures come down a little bit. the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store has headlines and alerts the very severe weather in the area popping up for you. the apple itunes store and google play store for free so check at out right now. kelly isn't for ines and will let us know what is going on. >> so far so good, not seen many problems or accidents, let's
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switch to a live look at the lincoln tunnel inbound right here, no delays at the toll plaza nice and quiet and the switchover to the george washington bridge where that is in great shape, not seeing any problems out there or downstairs, holland tunnel still free and clear both ways. new jersey turnpike by interchange 13 a in newark, not seen any issues here either and mass transit on or close to schedule, alternate side rules suspended today, then you have to feed those meters. back to you. ben: police searching for the person who is able metro-north train in the bronx, this happened at noon yesterday, authorities say the train ran over the bicycle causing a lot higher. there were 200 passengers on board at the time, limited damage to the train and nobody was hurt. >> it is in two days and there's already a broken escalator at hudson yard.
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the escalator the goes from the lower platform broke down yesterday morning. the mta says it is common for escalators to be taken out of service when they are broken in ended should be back in service by 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> kind of a long outage. ben: escalators are vital to the new station, the platform is 100 feet underground. ben: kind of like those d.c. metro stations or dupont circle where you get in and it is like going down to all stores. there could be a new way to be gridlock in manhattan, the feds will test the new device that warns motorists about congestion and traffic safety. ben: this is really cool. the device will be installed on 10,000 cars, trucks and buses by 2017. >> those big brother folks would say is the way for the government to keep track. >> apparently they will receive
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information from traffic light at the intersections. the transportation secretary says the city will receive $20 million to develop the the new technology. still ahead of dramatic win for the yankees as they come down to their final outcome and duke is coming back. >> the day early call back in a moment.
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juliet: we are dealing room with warm weather coming back. >> meteorologist: not bad because we are checking out the month of september and how we have done, very nice. definitely warmer than normal. average temperatures of our 77.9 degrees which is 7 degrees above normal. that is a pretty significant bump up in temperatures from the average. the warmest limousine is 97 degrees on the eighth of september and the coolest 59 degrees yesterday. now we're looking at joel precip also, 1.9 one inches of rain
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which is 0.04 above normal but only for the month of september, six is behind for the year so we can definitely use more rainfall, isn't good rain days like we had last week would do us some good bet right now is looking bone dry for quite awhile, 64 degrees, temperatures and for part, 60 at newark, 58 in bridgeport and 68 in montauk, 50 in monticello, pretty cool mild temperatures above normal, delicate feet dew points, see what they're doing, 40 degrees, low number for you in central park, it won't even matter looking at the dew points because they will be so low in the comfort, 51 degrees dewpoint in islip, we have clear skies, a lot of sunshine coming as we go forward through the day but it is going to be gorgeous outside but unseasonably so, high pressure in control giving us the dry skies above normal temperatures but rain chances when it looks like this there's
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not much happening out there, we don't even have the humidity, to build up and popped up showers and storms. that doesn't happen in these situations so through future cast their won't be much going on here, showers and storms don't tend to pop up, hard to get the cloud cover to pop into the tristate region. bone dry weather coming for days to come, 83 is your high temperatures later this afternoon, it will be breezy, not as windy as yesterday, it will stay high and dry through the end of this work week into the weekend, more clouds rolled into the area sunday and maybe we have a sprinkle of that time but even then it doesn't look promising for us. yellow blobs. hello, how are you? duke: going back and forth with the yankee game and monday night football, down 1 in to the 19
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tampa down to the last out, a ride at the plate spend he is better than i thought, in game tying rbi double, 21st on the all-time hit list with 3,060. after brian mccan launch, that is gone, the rookie call from aaa out of here giving the yanks the number-1 lead and it stud, the yankees with in three games of the a.l. east blue jays, marlon's earlier in the day, national league player of the week continued his hot streak in the third, this monster shot 242 feet. his ninth in the last 13 games, mets overall got three in the seventh. david right deep to center,
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ground rule double and 4 ravens 3 lead would be your final, also homered and the mets win their eighth straight, now leading the east with 18 left to play. football bit more insight into the giants' loss, tough is an understatement, as i told you yesterday they decided to throw the ball at the end of the game with 1:43 instead of killing more time on a plot, had enough time to score and win. the update, running back jennings said he was told not to score before the third-down pass which makes no sense because it would have been a two score game with me to minute left to play. eli took the play right away, he said he believed dallas would have allowed the giants to score so they could get the ball back. eli didn't know they had two time outs.
4:57 am
it was the penalty earlier and when there is a penalty with five minutes to play the clock stops, all you have to do is jump off of the side if you are on the defensive team because it is a penalty and a bounce to the clock but regardless he said he is told not to score. he will join us live this morning in studio at 9:00 a.m. he will be in at 7:30. monday night football, at hosting the philadelphia eagles 20-3 at the half with the eagles came soaring back and ryan mathews runs in with one run scored, eagles got 24-23 and the falcons retake the lead at the field goal and the eagles have a chance to answer the 44 yard attempt but parker kicks it wide right. the eagles go last chance, sam
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