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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 16, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning, forget about fall, get ready for temperatures in the upper 80s. will be making 90? is that crazy? is that crazy? ben: we hit 90 record number of times. juliet: mike has the forecast. ben: commuters can expect delays after a freight train derailment west of hicksville. look at that. a live report on the problems you could still face this morning. juliet: police searching for two suspects wanted in the upper east side burglary, this video couldn't be any clearer.
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obviously pictures captured on a security camera. ben: bill deblasio ready to reveal his plans for city schools, the plan calls for revamping, reading and computer science. ben: 59 juliet huddy.
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two weeks. hobbit refreeze the nt warm in the morning, get rid of it in the afternoon, warm later, be ready for that, 67 in central park, 64 in philly, 55 in syracuse, 66 in boston, mainly clear skies throughout the northeast, high pressure in control, keeping us dry, the same weather pattern we had yesterday, the jet stream and the wet weather associated with it to the north of us, the jet stream, keeps directing all that moisture to the north and we will be storm free for a while. high pressure holding strong here and that will keep us warm too, right up to 87 for a high temperature getting close to 90, perhaps we are done with 90s for
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down for the weekend but above normal until we get to next week. let's bring in christina stoffo in for ines with her hands full. we have a big problem on the allied. christina: if you wish is on the roads like route 46, going to be that eastbound side where the ramp is partially blocked off, some down wires on a roadway, be mindful of that and still seeing the closure of the jack robinson west of the few gardens interchange with road were going on, westbound lanes will be closed until further notice. let's bring you to the van with catechu garden, the lie moving into the area of grand central, isn't looking bad, things are fine, let the shot will be the vanik expressway at the queue guidance interchange, this area is -- giving information all
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situation you can expect delays. between hicks milan westberry. things continue to keep you up to date. >> easy for a smooth commute, for morning rush hour. >> teresa priolo live in westberry. >> the home behind me from the generator, so these men can work on the crash, this is attempting to repair the 100 or so feet of track damaged by the derailment. they removed one of the train cars. from what we understand at this point service is running 10 to 15 minutes behind on the port jefferson. make sure you all for extra padding in your morning commute.
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if you rely on the long island rail road it might be a while before this is cleaned up and service is fully restored. crews have been working through the night to read braille the derailed freight train. next they need to repair the track. >> i noticed it wasn't moving and didn't think much about it. there. track. >> reporter: the 16 car locomotive is operated by new york and the atlantic railway but it runs on the lirr tracks. the last car of the westbound train derailed in westberry west of hicksville just after 1:00 and just-in-time for the afternoon rush. the car blocking one of the two tracks shared by the trains on the port jefferson branches. >> slowdown service, people will get -- >> reporter: for a while tuesday's service was a down westbound. east bound service was running
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on a significant delay affecting writers from montauk. >> when i got your account out a train had derailed. >> what does that mean for you now? >> it means i will wait here until i can get on a screen and make it home. >> reporter: hopefully she did everybody else, making your way into penn station today, don't be surprised if that dream is delayed. again we haven't heard of any cancellations. it is just delays but those could compound throughout the morning. look at the men working behind me, and until you know injuries from this derailment, they are telling us they don't know the cause but the train itself was carrying construction material and debris. that is the latest, back to you. juliet: police have identified a person of interest in connection with the murders of two women in two hotels, they're looking for joseph dan player, he was seen on surveillance video beating
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both hotels and a fingerprint was found in one of the hotel rooms. the first victim was found july 23rd in brooklyn naked and strangled to death. the second victim was found september 8th and a man and broadway hotel. police say the conditions of both rooms bore similarities but they wouldn't elaborate on what did say witnesses told them dan flyer met the women on the street and brought them to the hotel's. ben: surveillance the is used to catch two suspected burglars on the upper east side. check out the video. you and see one of the men walking through the apartment going into the bedroom. police say he made out with a similar bracelet and open the window allowing another man to come inside. on second avenue. if you have any information please call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. it is scary. juliet: the window. police in new jersey
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play in a high school football game. check it one more time. see that? he takes off his helmet and hits him in the face. from lyndon high school wrestling the opposing player's helmet off his head and swings it for the opponents. the player was not severely hurt but he had tweet in stitches at the hospital. the lyndon player was flag for a foul but wasn't kicked out of the game. lyndon school officials have apologized. no charges have been filed. ben: bill deblasio is set to unveil a new education initiative for the city public schools, he will discuss funding new programs to improve early reading skills, part of that, he plans to hire 700 reading specialists and will announce all city high school will offer college level courses and that within ten years of public schools will offer computer science courses, computer science initiative will cost $81 million with half being paid for by donations from wealthy
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individuals. juliet: final preparations for tonight's republican presidential debate. ben: a lot of topics to be covered in the three hour event. robert moses live with a look at what we can expect. tonight, three hours. >> reporter: if i am a little bleary eyed tomorrow please forgive me. it was just the debate. expect more fireworks between the candidates themselves. we will hear them speak about domestic and foreign policy and it is another phase on stage. donald trump enters the debate as the front runner but ben carson is nipping at his heels. new york times cbs news poll just out shows trump has the support of 27% of republican voters that is up a modest three points from last month. carson is right behind with 23%, that is up 17 points since august. carson's momentum stems from his strong performance and the gop debate last month in cleveland.
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trump spoke yesterday aboard the uss iowa in los angeles and says it united states would be a force to be reckoned with. >> we are going to make our military so big and so strong and so big. [cheers and applause close bracket >> it will be so powerful that i don't think we are ever going to have to use it. nobody is going to mess with us. >> reporter: cars and who is retired neurosurgeon is an outsider candidate liz surge in the polls comes as a surprise to some but not to him. >> i have been seeing the level of enthusiasm and the size of the crowds for quite some time. it hasn't been reported on but we have seen it. it is not surprising. >> reporter: the debate at the reagan library in simi valley will be of far more intimate affair than the one last month at the quick and loans arena in cleveland. only 400 people will be in the audience. trump will once more occupy center stage.
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joining him, for review the package executive carly fiorina. >> this is a big opportunity, a big opportunity for me to introduce myself to 50% of the nation, republican primary voters who don't know my name and don't know i am running for president so it is a big opportunity and a big platform. >> one of the moderators of the debate is this man, conservative radio talk-show host? ben: www. donald trump on foreign policy questions on his radio show, trump called those questions got the questions. hewitt said he would try to avoid such queries tonight. there will be an earlier debate with other candidates for the back in the polls. and bobby jindal, former new york governor george pataki and senator lindsey graham. i will be watching.
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ben: i may watch some of it but not all three hours and 11:00. juliet: we would get the clips tomorrow morning. ben: flying high but not your usual plane. she saw this inaction yesterday. juliet: we will tell you about it coming -- michael watching the forecast. >> meteorologist: looks gorgeous, sunny, beautiful, nice and warm, start up temperatures 67 degrees, a high in the upper 80s. we will do it. average high 75 but we have the weather apps with headlines and alerts. if there's any severe weather in the area we will have it, download it for free at the
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juliet: pope francis is in the united states most of his speeches will be delivered in spanish according to the vatican. the holy father will make 26 total speeches, eight in cuba, 18 in the united states. of those 18, four will be in english which one will be his speech and the white house and another before congress.
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spanish is the pope's native tongue, he is said to be more comfortable in his own language as most people are and expresses himself easier. ben: when he does arrive he plans to visit no drone zones. the federal aviation administration banning all drones in the skies in new york city, philadelphia and washington d.c. during his visit between twenty-second and the twenty-seventh. you have to leave those hobby quad copters or photography drones homeless the faa says anyone using one could end up with civil and criminal charges. juliet: i am thinking about the claim--the plane steve weatherford was in. when you see this video. ben: this will not be allowed in skies over the pope. juliet: critics and aviation experts when they hear about a new plane coming doubt that will change aviation as we know it
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people are always like right. this is going to change aviation. this is an amphibious plane that can land on the water or a runway. exceeds two people, $250,000 or thereabouts. don't want to get too into the details of this thing, inside baseball if you will but the plane is incredibly safe bleach it drives, the inside looks like the inside of a bmw. some other companies did consult and create the inside. steve weatherford got to ride in it yesterday. is very safe. it comes with a parachute. ridiculous instance, it is a safe, the ridiculous instance, very unlikely instance something should happen you got a parachute but that is point, this thing according to these aviation experts, if there is a stolid handles it beautifully, if there's a spin it handles a beautiful, they have side by side on this video and watching prior to going out and this
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thing handles problems like a champ. ben: is this the first step toward flying cars like back to the future part 2? juliet: i would not say that but it is something for wealthy person or company. not the kind of thing you want to take, if we fly to miami we could do that but this is for adventure and the real power sports and that kind of action sports type of thing, very cool. listen to the sound bite we have for you. >> ultimately to democratize aviation and make aviation much more accessible to the consumer. juliet: i was out there with steve weatherford thinking he needs all little help, this was it. he was so great on it. great handling all things. ben: he has a future in broadcasting. thank you. i think you should have floated.
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juliet: we may be dealing with him later in the week. i don't want to say anything yet but i will be out there on time. >> meteorologist: get behind the wheel get further away. you're making me nervous. ben: the pilot that was with steve was a former pilot. >> meteorologist: he and greg killian, an. let's show you what is happening, 67 degrees, dew points creeping up a little bit but still pretty low, 54 degree dewpoint, yesterday in the upper 40s, not too bad, pretty comfortable, 50 in sussex, temperature in monticello, 57 central park, 63 and islip, 63 in montauk with mainly clear sky around the tristate winds not doing a lot coming from the north at 3 to 6 miles an hour and it should be another good looking dan coming at us, a few more cloud in the area but as far as anything that reduces
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rain that is not happening, high pressure in control doing a great job blocking everything out if you want to drive but a lot of folks wanted that way but we need the rain fall, just not in the cards, not the weather set up. here we go with future cast rolling forward, mainly clear skies today into tomorrow, nothing at all threatening us with showers, just a few more clouds pushing into the northeast especially new england, as we head toward friday's our chances look like they're not coming at us until we get into next week but today sunny and very warm, high temperature getting to 87 degrees in the city, tonight clear and comfortable, lows from 53 to 67 and the next 7 days a high of 86 tomorrow, 85 friday, 83 saturday, temperatures coming back down, next chance of rain tuesday, let's bring in christina stoffo, problems on the roads and rails and we're just getting going.
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confusing this morning but we're going to talk about the trains so let's move to the train traffic and i will talk about what is going on with lirr, tend to 15 minute delays, port jefferson, because of yesterday's the relevant only one track remains in service as a result of this. we are dealing with no eastbound service on huntington or port jefferson between 6:00 a.m. and can a am this morning so this is something to keep in mind. west bound trains may bypass, those customers will get on a shuttle bus train service, transfers said definitely stay tuned because we will have a lot of information regarding this lirr situation this morning and the alternate site in effect this morning. ben: a renewed effort to get another rail tunnel built under the hudson river from new york to new jersey. juliet: kerry drew is in the newsroom with the story.
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chris christie sent a letter to the president asking for financial help. they want the federal government to pay for half the cost of the estimated $20 billion gateway project. the two states would pay the rest. they say it is a desperately needed addition to alleviate delays and congestion in the two aging 105-year-old tunnels that connect the two states. there letter is an attempt to break the logjam surrounding funding that has delayed construction decades. >> old neighborhood evaluation. week of 50/50 and split the cost and in this case it is more unfair but i don't believe the federal government would step up and do any more than this. kerry: the letter proposes to make the port authority of the local beat agency on this project which would be needed to conduct in financial studies. ben: we will see what happens.
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is juliet: apple's new operating system, i o s 9 takes a less space on icons and ipads and better battery performance which is key. new features include adding pictures and maps to notes, proactive searches by all your location and low battery mode that at an hour from this. 3d touch and 4 k video will be available on new iphones next week. juliet: people are asking facebook for dislike but for years, now facebook is testing something along those lines. not exactly that. mark zuckerberg says it won't be at this like button because the company does not want anything that could be used to vote down other people's posts but acknowledged like is not always appropriate if you want to
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express sympathy, if the test is successful the new button could be rolled out to all users whatever it may be. juliet: it is not dislike in any way, shape or form. when somebody's cat dies, they put a picture, you don't want to like it.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: this could be the warmest day of the week, some areas if you can believe this will have to have 90 degrees today. i am guessing that is inferior new jersey. mike woods has the forecast coming jetblue >> dozens of city firefighters on their way to washington to prevent the back from expiring, this is heartbreaking. ben: top 11 presidential candidates, they will be out in los angeles, live report on what
5:29 am
to expect. juliet: alligator on the loose in queens park was captured. find out where it is now. ben: it is wednesday morning september 16th, '90 degrees perhaps. juliet: you are boring me today. i usually -- on my computer. ben: she got 12 hours of sleep last night. >> meteorologist: rock-and-roll, i got 5. juliet: you need us to be a wake-up call. ben: don't talk about us to the viewers. juliet: you guys, you viewers want us to be your wake-up call. >> meteorologist: we'd better ramp it up. he said 90. a little strong.
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newark airport. newark airport. maybe. anyhow here is where we start this morning, a little milder than we had 24 hours ago. 64 in bridgeport, 54 in poughkeepsie, humidity levels and dewpoint levels creep up a bit but as long as we follow 55 or below not bad at all, 59 degree dewpoint, 63 in montauk, the moisture trying to push back into the area but it will only do so somewhat. we will see mainly clear skies, high pressure in control, nice and dry through the day, pretty quiet. the city will forecast a high have 87 degrees, interior sections could get in the operatings, close to 90 but much more than normal by can degrees, warm temperaturess continue through the end of the week. let's bring in christina to see
5:31 am
you had your hands full, don't know where to begin. christina: that is why i am here, to give you that information. let's talk about this issue jack robinson west down, because of roadwork until further notice those they away from that and we get word of an accident on the garden state parkway, local lanes, this crash blocked one lane, minor delays if you're traveling into that spot in the near future. let's go outside and i will bring in you to the tappan zee bridge which is looking okay in both directions, rockland county, things running up to speed, that is good news, now we will talk about the train issue. we will be talking about the lirr situation all morning. 10 to 15 minute delays on port jefferson because of this derailment yesterday afternoon. only one track is in service. between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. no east bound service on something you will want to pay
5:32 am
attention to. west bound trains will be affected. those customers will get on as the shuttle bus for transferring train service so lirr this morning definitely not going to be a good option for you but we will keep you up-to-date. alternate side of street parking rules in effect. ben: lyman railroad commuters leaving their homes bracing for big delays. juliet: teresa priolo is live with a look at the situation and what is happening, a lot of activity behind you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. you have to excuse the buzzing sound, the generator powering the lights, these guys can work behind me, they are actively working to repair all the damage done to the track yesterday.
5:33 am
you can see probably 40 or 50 guys repairing about 100 feet of track over here, also working this way to repair the damaged tracks that goes up the side as well. let's take you back to when this occurred yesterday at 1:10 right before the afternoon rush. a car attached to a freight train carrying construction material and debris derailed on the west bound track blocking one of the two tracks shared by the train on the port jefferson branch. that is what caused major major issues on the lirr yesterday and is causing those delays this morning. for awhile on tuesday service was suspended westbound and eastbound, running at a significant delay. this morning we're hearing at 10 to 15 minute delay on both of those branches. that may compound throughout the morning. at this point they are still working. little bit of good news, no
5:34 am
injuries from that derailments that occurred yesterday. that is the latest this morning, back to both of you. juliet: thank you, 5:35 firefighter and comedian jon stewart heading to washington holding a rally urging congress to extend the 9/11 house act. ben: firefighters and supporters gathered to set off on that trip. many firefighters attending the rally still suffer from 9/11 ellises. john stuart, former daily show host helping get the act passed by urging senators to vote, it provides $4 billion in medical, financial health to rescuers, survivors sickened by that toxic dust but it will expire in october of next year if it is not renewed. juliet: he had four first responders on his joel while ago, two died. he has really been an advocate. ben: we lost dozens and dozens
5:35 am
of first responders after 9/11. juliet: moving on, it will be a very exciting night, the top 11 republican presidential candidates taking part in debate number 2. ben: carly fiorina, the former chief of hewlett-packard, she will be on stage tonight and it could be interesting because she had some interesting back and forth with donald trump and various media over the past couple weeks, chris christie is going to be there and eight others. robert moses is here with more and notably some people, jeb bush has fallen dramatically in the polls, chris christie. juliet: 1% with rick santorum. kind of surprising that so early in the race. >> reporter: good morning. let's do some math, 11 candidates, three hours in prime time, donald trump, carly fiorina, ben carson sounds like a good time to me, donald trump is still the front runner but
5:36 am
not my been much. the new poll shows trump with the support of 27% of republican voters up three points from last month, ben carson behind with 23%, surging 17 points from last month so ben carson's momentum is incredible. tonight's debate takes place and the reagan library, much is at stake. can trump extend his lead? can cars and narrow the gap? ken jeb bush pull up his sagging poll numbers? drug appeared aboard the uss iowa, spoke about the military and promised veterans would be treated well on his watch. >> right now and you know it, we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. won't happen anymore. not going to happen. >> reporter: we mention new york times cbs news poll, take a look at what it shows among democratic voters. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 20 points but her
5:37 am
month, she is off 11 points, his support has surged in the last month, he is up 10 points. those two candidates will likely be keeping an eye on the gop debate that begins promptly at 8:00 tonight. like last time there will be and thunder card that begins at 6:00 with less a candidate in the polls, george pataki, governor bobby jindal and lindsey graham. ben: rick perry is out, carly fiorina moved up, we are down to five candidates. >> reporter: the other candidate, gilmore, participated in the first debate, he is not participating. ben: there will be a lot more fireworks. to queens and incident that should have happened in florida. and alligator named dr. oz was caught by emergency service unit officers yesterday afternoon at flushing meadows corona park. park rangers took him to
5:38 am
the gators two feet long and has been living in the pond since early last month. let's get this story. he was there the whole time the u.s. open was going on. officials think it was probably somebody's abandoned pet. what do you think of alligators? juliet: they don't bother me. i lived in miami. i don't like sea life. i don't consider them sea life, they are just critters. see life, jellyfish, eels, that kind of stuff. fish. anything you can see swimming in an aquarium. not appealing. alligators are like dinosaurs. >> they smash you on the bottom of the river. juliet: i don't want to hang out and play with them but they don't gross me out. >> meteorologist: i will figured that one out. mets see what happened yesterday
5:39 am
with high temperature, pretty warm stuff, 84 central park at 85 and newark, one degree waters there and you are a little warmer in interior sections of new jersey but looks like it will be another is sunni drive warm one out there today with cool temperatures, you start at 65 degrees you end up with temperatures in the upper 80s, 67 at central park, clear skies, a lot of sunshine coming up, high pressure in control, looks like we got another warm one on the way, not quite record but close. 87 your high today, 86 tomorrow, 85 friday and back to 80 sunday but no rain in the five day forecast speaking of which if you want forecast information including daily and hourly forecasts it is on the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, set it up for free and you are good to go. let's bring in christina stoffo who is ready. christina: let me get ready just
5:40 am
he is not even eating popcorn. we are dealing with an issue right now, strong and northbound, in the center lane, watch out for that, cross bronx, roadwork in the left lane, you will seek ingestion passing these spots, also looking at an issue on the thruway involving road were going on on your approach, one lane blocked off by construction and the flow of traffic a little red, things are slowing down as you pass the construction site. let's go outside and i will bring you to a live look, holland tunnel approach from the turnpike and in front of me the approach to go inbound, construction vehicles, not slowing down, no delay here, lincoln, gwb looking good, the trains quickly, i will show you what is going on, tend to 15 minute delay is for jefferson,
5:41 am
only one train, only one track is available for you from hicksville to westberry. no eastbound service, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. you want to keep that in mind, alternate side parking rules in effect. the giants j. pp trying to show giants and fans that they are ready to go. when you see a run, you know about that. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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juliet: here is a look ahead lines, a new jersey police officer accused of drug writing and fatal runway crash last march will plead not guilty. the march 20th crash on staten island's west shore expressway left two people did. ben: police in union county, new jersey will be equipped with body cameras the officials a 550 cameras will be rolled out later off this month for officers. they will be paid for using funds from criminal investigations. juliet: in california is not fires, is flirting with heavy rains caused the los angeles river to flood yesterday, three people and a dog had to be rescued by firefighters.
5:44 am
ben: duke is here, good morning. duke: a-rod has been playing for a bone bruise in his knees that makes this more impressive. a-rod has to be a demand to set up like he was in 2009 especially with the sheriff out. he needs to deliver and he is, 30-second home run of the year. coming out at spring training. fourth inning yanks down 2-1. great at bat, watching the great bird, he is going to be a big-time hitter, but can pitch at that, 6 of the season giving them a 3-2 lead, six home runs have given the yankees the lead, tampa bay comes back. that is gone, two run homer, they win 6-3, the yanks remain three games behind the division. mets and marlins from city field going into this one, winners of eight straight games, game tied at one in the fourth where we
5:45 am
pick it up. rbi single to center, miami would add another later in the inning making it 3-1, next inning breaking off the first, you know, can't win the mall in baseball. the thing that is a little troubling is jacob is a little tired, rbi double, justin board rough night. 9 through the final, mets winning streak is snapped, there a-1/2, washington will not. when the story gets more bizarre injury the giants, decent pierre paul's right hand is worse than we initially thought. the espn report states he is missing the tip of his farm. can't believe he didn't sign that $15 million contract. he posted a video to instagram yesterday of himself working out.
5:46 am
we circle it here. watch the right hand. that is the hand he lost the index finger on in a fourth of july last. espn said he had to repair the middle finger as well three days before the giants examine to. i am around the team all the time and here is why i would have signed him. after 2011 he didn't play as hard, got out of shape in 2012-13, back injury, 2014 he started to play really hard. it happens but you really want to give the guy $15 million? ben: clearly favoring the left hand. he obviously had a serious injury to the right hand and not doing anything with a right hand. the capability of the right hand. duke: you need your hand. giants running back jennings apologize for telling everyone eli manning told him not to score at the end of sunday night's game. and exclusive in the new york post, jennings said he is far
5:47 am
this was the right thing to do. sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment. everybody does it. we should keep to ourselves and the how. that said i am glad he said it because we found out what happened. juliet: i am sure eli was thrilled about that. duke: he won two super bowls. juliet: frontpage isn't aggressive. we love the lie. duke: that fourth quarter rule under five minutes and eli thought time out, a lot of people. ben: not sure what you are talking about. thank you, duke. under five minutes. fourth quarter?
5:48 am
is talking about. he is talking about how many time outs you have. stop the clock. duke: mike actually explain it better than i did. >> meteorologist: time management, stopping the clock. let's talk about the weather, hopefully i know something about that, 77.5 degrees is the average temperature so far in the month of september and that is almost 7 degrees warmer than normal, hottest day we've seen so far outside 97 degrees on the eighth of september, the coolest on the fourteenth, we are now in the below range as far as below normal precip at one point, we don't have anything coming up, starting to fall behind in the month of september as well for the year, we are 6-1/3 inches behind, we could use more rain
5:49 am
but it is not happening, 67 at central park, 64 in newark, same thing in bridgeport, 63 in islip, we're looking models, winds coming from the northwest on the lighter side, we will see mainly clear skies throughout the tristate region again, high pressure in control, clouds drift into the tristate region but that is it, we don't expect much to happen at all. let's go through the 7 day forecast and show you what is happening, high temperature getting up to 85, 87 degrees later this afternoon. there we go. 87 degrees or high-temperature for today, cools down over the weekend that rain chance holds off until tuesday. let's bring in christina stoffo and see what is happening in the commute. christina: we are dealing with the stall, the center lane is blocked off, you want to watch out for that, at issue route 1, 440 with an accident blocking one lane.
5:50 am
looking a little congested as you approach from the bqe, no traffic in man hadden, close down until further notice and lirr you can expect to see 10 to 15 minute delays, jefferson, but yesterday, one track is in service so keeping you up to date all morning long on the lirr situati oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch
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ben: we are back, anna gilligan is here. i should be more entertaining but i don't want to -- anna: you are very entertaining. feel free to join in. let's begin with caitlin jenner. as entertaining as the sidelines, she is legally changing her name. the former olympian filed court documents requesting to make the name change and the gender change on her paper work. forces claim caitlin is afraid to provide some of the necessary information because she has been getting threats of physical harm. she fears that the escalator for medical history gets out. caitlin asked a judge to keep that information sealed to prevent further threat. meantime she is also changing her view on gay marriage. he said on ellen last week she opposed gay marriage and alan called her out recently on howard stern. now she wrote on her blog she
5:53 am
able to marry the person that they love. retro tv continues to make a come back with hart to hart being remade. with a gay couple at the center of the show. variety reports the new series is described as modern and sexy retelling of the classics series that will follow an attorney investigator who must balance two side of the light, crime solving and living together, the original heart to heart ran from 1979 to 1984 and was a big hit. elizabeth banks is reportedly in talks to direct another redo, this time charlie's angels. several reports say she and her husband and producing partner max handleman are working on details for the project, all of the reporters as produces will begin a search for a writer, the famous franchise will stay in the 70s and there was the 2000-2003 action comedy film starring drew barry more, but cameron diaz, made a lot of money.
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