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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 18, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: you are looking good. hi, i'm rosanna. nice to see you again. hi. greg: so, the big wigs city hall, taking about the situation at times square and what are we going to do about the nudist and the costume characters. rosanna: the crowds are growing in times square. good and bad. you know what i mean. greg: there was a meeting and what happened there, they are thinking about carving time square --
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rosanna: it is a proposal, putting the costumes in one zone and those who have a purpose, they can walk to the destination without going like this, serpentine, crawl, fight you way to get maybe to a broadway show or to your office. greg: do that four more times. check this out, we have divided the sidewalk, if you can read this, upside down, this is the area for the nude people, or seminude people. nude people. this is for you. okay. now, here we have again, written upside down, elmo, normal and the mad elmo. rosanna: oh, i see that. greg: now, this is a special area for whom, rosanna? rosanna: people from idaho to mill about. they tepid to look slowly and look at things.
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here is reserved for people who just don't have time. kind of like you. all right, people on the way to work, that type of thing. rosanna: people are thinking about it, councilmember nice to have i don't you with us. there is a proposal on the table? >> yes, there is a proposal saying that people are allowed to be in times square. if we can bring a little bit of order so that people are not harassed or harangued throughout the square. how do we do that. that is 3 designated zones. greg: we have a pilot program. now we are going to fill it. we are putting your theory to test. >> the jaunt let. rosanna: he's in the nude zone. >> i'm from idaho. greg: can you confine yourself
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right there. >> i don't like put in a box. greg: how do you like being told where to be and you can't leave the area? >> i don't like it. i'm a free man. greg: i don't either, but we are going to try it. >> i i will cooperate. i like times square. rosanna: would you go about it and obey it? >> the concern is i park in the same place every day. i'm the only one out there for the winter and i need to box close enough to get to the car and back. greg: naked cowboy, you have the competition. right this way. rosanna: painted ladies, hi. >> greg: you are making a splash. rosanna: you are appropriately attired today. >> we have clothes. rosanna: usually you are wearing? a smile?
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>> yes. greg: you are looking terrific. would you mind in a box with the naked coy wboy? >> he's a friend of ours. rosanna: how do you feel about the proposal? >> we don't like being in a box. we'll be crowded here. greg: we have superman, snow white? rosanna: i don't know, whatever costumes we have upstairs. you work upstairs? >> yes. greg: anybody from idaho? who is a snook from out of town? sir? right this way. you are the guy from idaho. >> i'm from idaho now.
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appreciate that. everybody do what you would normally do. greg: work for tips. into the mix, we throw the people that don't want to be bothered, rosanna, and business people. look at the finance types. the 1%'s. rosanna: perhaps we know you from some where? >> no. >> you are in our way. greg: those guys mean business. casual friday though. walk by them. do your thing. walk by. now, what are you seeing? rosanna: this could work, greg. councilmember? i think this could work because everybody got thing. people who have come where to go can get to their jobs. greg: is that enough of a test?
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>> this is a good recreation of what it would like. the areas are strips like this, many strips throughout times square. greg: now to how it was in the old days. everybody come out of the box. all right. now, as these guys come by in a moment, work them hard for tips, okay. come on down. work them hard. no? rosanna: would you put your arm around somebody? >> i'm so good at it, i can do it and he'll think it is funny. rosanna: you have been out in times squares how long? >> 18th winner. rosanna: do you think that the ladies can sustain the cold whether with no clothes on?
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>> they have worked into the winter as well. rosanna: when it is cold, are you staying out there? >> we'll put on the socks and jackets. until november probably. greg: were you out there in december? >> it depends. greg: you became international heat? >> no. greg: is it okay? >> i'm fine. >> we have fans. it helped us. rosanna: are you planning to work in the winter months? >> probably. greg: i want to bring in the councilmember. sir, tell the beautiful woman to their face they belong in a box? >> well, actually, i'm not offended by the topless women and they have the legal right to be there. greg: why are you trying to put them in a box? >> not just them, the characters
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trying to celticettes. greg: where were you born? >> in massachusetts. greg: just like deblasio. greg: rosanna, come on, hustle and bustle comes with new york. rosanna: yes, i love that. i'm a new yorker, we feed on that. but it has gotten to a point it is out of hand. i have to say. >> it is not these women here nor the naked cowboy, but a few people, the costumed people who have been aggressive, who have done inprotothings, and given everyone a bad name. greg: yeah, well. >> they are grabbing a child for a picture and not letting the child go. they are telling people they
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have to give them $20 for a picture. times square should be a harassment free place. rosanna: he's from massachusetts but makes a lot of sense. greg: well, there is a cost sometimes of being here. there's a certain risk coming with being in new york. you are looking at me like i'm crazy. well, maybe i am. i will ponder it. rosanna: how about a song from the naked cowboy. greg: all right, man. rosanna: only on "good day new york" will this happen. it is a per fejt day to be outside. greg: not bad. we learned -- rosanna: a lot.
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we learned a lot. you believe your way and i believe my way. officer, can we talk to you. greg: how do you feel about the city, it is slipping out of control, just kidding. get out of here. rosanna: what are you doing? greg: instigating. box. stay there. >> nude people box. greg: they are getting processive about the box. this is your box. we have to get out of the box. rosanna: mike woods? mike: in the studio you are always in trouble, greg almost making an incident out there. first of all with the weather headlines, we have a sunny and warm day coming to us. high temperatures up to the mid 80s. up to the mid 80s and plus it is a warm one. a cold front is on the way and here over the weekend. they usually bring in the cooler
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temperatures and cloudy skies and rain, which we could use. it is not looking like it is bringing in the rain. when is the rain coming up? well we have more in a second. now to what is happening, 73 at central park. dew points are also coming up a little bit, pretty comfortable. 70 in montauk. that is loaded up with the moisture in the air. 57 at central park. 56 degree dew point in sussex. high pressure is still in control. the last few days the highs upper 80s close to 90. high pressure is in control today and keeping us dry and the ridge is starting to move on. we have seen the peak of the heat. south carolina is getting the
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showers. this cold front here that will try to bring in the clouds for sure and the showers not so much. there the the cold front on the move. it is making slow progress. in fact, it is not getting here at all. high and dry tomorrow as well. a few high clouds in the area. going from saturday to sunday, the area of low pressure is forcing the cold front through. here in the tristate, you are going to see more clouds, therefore, cooler temperatures, but rain chances are very minimal, maybe a quick sprinkle and that is it. hey, we have the subway series kicking in today. mets versus the yankees 7:10 tonight. clear skies, mild temperatures, 77 degrees at the first pitch. throughout the series we are going to be dry out there. 83 tomorrow. 77 on sunday. better chance of showers and storms on tuesday next week
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here. greg, rosanna, out to you. woods. we have wheeling under the trailer, this is a kind of a special trailer. it's, well, it is kind of like a mobile hotel. where is rosanna? hello. nap in progress? we'll see if we can -- rosanna is out cold on a bed inside of this kind of wild thing. wake up now. rosanna: hello, i feel refreshed. greg: take a look at this. this is a trailer that features basically little nooks that you can take a nap in. let's bring in the guy that runs this thing. how are you, sir? james. meet rosanna. rosanna: hi.
9:14 am
i am trying to get out of here. greg: help her, james. >> there we go. greg: do you own this? >> yes, we are a sleep start up and we are on the nap tour right now. rosanna: how does this work now? where do you go? >> we are hitting up the major cities, boston, miami, new york city today and tomorrow, and giving people naps to try out the amazing mattress. greg: how long can you stay in there? >> as long as you want. greg: can we bring in a friend? >> yes. we have had threesomes and foursomes. greg: everything goes on in there? >> just napping. it is free of charge. rosanna: so people are testing
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>> yes, it is comfortable mattress shipping directly to you in a box. greg: this is nice. it is a publicity stunt to get attention to the mattress. it is not on going to offer naps throughout the day? >> well, it is popular right now. greg: this is not sound proof. >> it is private. it is fully air conditioned and you can listen to bedtime stories on the phone and when in the moment, you know, it is zen like. greg: the phone is like a situation room. >> everyone can relax immediately. we have bedtime stories hooked up.
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>> we are flat iron noon to 8:00 today. tomorrow williamsberg. rosanna: all the hipsters will be there. >> check out the information on the website. rosanna: napping is good for you. greg: is it comfortable? rosanna: it felt good. greg: do you make water beds? >> no. greg: we have to bring back the water bed. what's the website? >> casper. >> a we have a rock and roll fashion designer here. this guy cuts up t-shirts. >> and burns them too. we have if you struggle with type 2 diabetes,
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mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate. rosanna: greg, nice being out there just now. greg: it was. what'd you think about the plan? it is going nowhere. rosanna: i think the plan has legs, i do. greg: yeah? rosanna: totally. greg: all right, to the world of boxing. mayweather, well, we know what
9:20 am
rosanna: a lot of people spent a lot of money watching that fight, by the way. greg: the next stop mayweather dances around the ring. he avoiding combat. he did win the match. a lot of fans were upset, but we still like andre. rosanna: 30 wins, 23 knockouts, just back from vegas. so you had a problem with mayweather? >> yes, he's slippery. rosanna: why is it, what does he do? a two-step? >> he's allusive. and he just, he's very good defensive fighter. rosanna: are this things you could have done to get a better grip on him? >> just as a competitor, as an
9:21 am
athlete, you always think you can do better and do more. of course, i have to think about what i could have done this or that, but you know, like i said, i believe, i was looking for more, especially it was his last fight and of course, you know, it was not what everyone expected to be with pacquiano. rosanna: so you were let down? >> a little bit. greg: did you lose fair and square? >> well a lot goes into it. of course, he's a great fighter. he's sharp. i got a chance to see a lot that goes into it and seeing how powerful he is with the promotion and the judges and choosing the referees and this and that and he did what he had to do.
9:22 am
retiring and do you believe him? fans. to a point, you know, the fight fans, they have been disappointed for, i mean the last few fights they are paying so much money to watch him. rosanna: they want a fight. greg: he avoids it. >> he avoids it, but you have to respect him to a point. he's smart as what he does. he tries not to get hit. he doesn't care about the perspective of the people. that is one thing i believe -- greg: the pacquiano fight hurt you. >> exactly. that is one thing it deaf netly hurt me, after the pacquiano fight vowed never to pay for a
9:23 am
we'll see when the pay-for-view numbers come in. greg: mayweather says he's retiring. what is next for you? >> well, after this fight, they want to see me back, i might go back december, january. i didn't have punishment. rosanna: any bruises? >> nothing. rosanna: the face is looking good. >> i'm good. we have a lot of things ahead of us as well. rosanna: i have to say, i'm surprised, when i met you, stand up. greg: what? rosanna: he's not like, you know, schwarzenegger or anything. i could take you down. i'm in a bad mood i could take you down. >> if i take the shirt off you might think of it differently. greg: it is the weight class. you grew up where?
9:24 am
>> florida. >> when did you decide to be a fighter? >> 7 or 8. greg: do you remember the moment? >> yeah, i come from a combat family. my brothers and sisters are athletes and got into the fight game. i had a lot of energy and my teachers at the time, listen, you have to take this kid some where to wind down. my dad took me to the gym with him. i was amazed by it. the first time getting my butt whooped by a kid smaller than me. i was blown away. how'd this happen. i'm bigger than you. i got to find out why. i have to dial into this. i fell in love with it, man. rosanna: what do you like to when you are not fighting? >> i'm all over the place. i love to travel. i travel around the world after
9:25 am
the fights. i'm leaving to go to italy on tuesday. greg: what are you doing there? >> relaxing. i have friends there as well. greg: if you are fighting in dez you have to get up at 4:00 in the morning. >> yes, that is why i'm going now on a little vacation for a week and a half and get back to it. rosanna: greg has moves to show you. we have gloves. you can use them against andre. greg: i just have a baseball trick. being a fighter is like every day is sunday night, you have a big fight always hanging over your healed done the horizon? >> yes, the training camps are brutal. we lock in for 8, 9 weeks. no girls. rosanna: no girls? you don't sneak them in?
9:26 am
greg: i remember that from rocky. no fooling around. >> you have to stay in the frame. we have to sustain ourselves. you make us weak. greg: you remember that, rocky can make the meat. >> yes, get away from me. i didn't need nothing soft next to me. the life of a fighter. people see the glamour, but in if training camps it is lonely, hard, frustrating. we do it all just for one night. greg: let's see the picture. the stare off. at the press conference in the suits and staring at each other. how much of this is contrived? you seem to hate each other. you guys can be friends apart from this?
9:27 am
>> i have known him for years. you know, but at that time, you know, it is business for me. it's me, i wanted to come and take everything he has and made of and we are here now. it is a man to man pride type of situation. i'm here. and i'm here to take what you got. greg: what do you want to do after taking off the gloves for good? >> well, i have been getting a lot of calls about a lot of things, tv shows, you know, reality shows, movies. rosanna: would you like to do a realty show? >> i have a great group of friends. in general, i love to have fun. i like to push it to the limit.
9:28 am
we'll see what happens. greg: awesome. rosanna: so nice to meet you. >> you too. rosanna: have fun in my homeland. >> where do i need to go? rosanna: everywhere. have the pasta. >> yes, i'm going to get fat on the trip. i'm going to enjoy the abs right now. greg: how is that for a tip about italy? enjoy the pasta. rosanna: i eat my way through. nice to have you here. thank you for having me. rosanna: coming up, rock and roll comes to "good day new york." a great fashion designer. he burns his shirts. he sets them on real fire. he's coming equipped with a
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here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. greg: what is the deal? rosanna: check him out. he's a rock and roll fashion designer and inspired to do the burned at t-shirts. all the stars are wearing them.
9:31 am
you can buy the stuff at the south side sea port. christian is with us. and jason, that happens to be the president and ceo of lava records. >> we are partners and we are trying to make the world looking better. >> why are you burning that shirt? >> give them a better look. >> really? rosanna: they are disstressed looking? >> yes. rosanna: it is making sense your people are wearing his look, it is a very edgy look. >> it is edgy, anybody can wear a t-shirt, when i wear this, i get a lot of comments. greg: that is a classics rolling stones. what else? rosanna: there are holes. >> holes, stuff sticking off and
9:32 am
throw it with a dinner jacket and you are ready to go. >> you look rock and roll. >> i look christian away, and so, we went to aspen and we hiked up a little mountain, right about, he wore the tiekt jeans and cowboy boots and smoking a great and he's saying dude, this is hard. most people are going up in the under armour. rosanna: i like the look. christian, you have models with you. let's meet the first model. explain, tell us about the jackets. i heard they are all one of a kind. >> yes, hand painted. one of a lined. this is live free jacket. greg: live free on the back. >> on the front, it has all
9:33 am
quotes about freedom. greg: like what? rosanna: you can say it as long as it is cursing. >> live free, live your life. be individual. rosanna: can we see the t-shirt? there in lies the scissors and the burn marks. greg: it looks like it is ruined but the holes are makingette it valuable. >> it is like the jeans. it is an extension of that and going to the t-shirts. it is a great look. rosanna: let's see the second model. greg: well done. who's this? >> golden goddess. rosanna: yes. these jackets are one of a kind. you have a big rock and roll following. i have seen pictures with them
9:34 am
wearing your designs. so do you custom make the jackets for the people that want them? >> yes, the communication is with the artist. building a relationship and learning about them and seeing what they want. they were performing on staej ge, on tour. greg: do you have anything to do with the boots? >> i didn't. >> let's see the third model. rosanna: we can buy them too? >> yes. >> it is crazy, when i wear one of the jackets and out on the town, it is like people like they have never seen a leather jacket before. greg: what is your name? >> luke. >> what is this? >> marlon brando look.
9:35 am
leather, fox fur. rosanna: how much do they run? >> 850 up to 2,000. rosanna: jason, you have one with studs on it. i have seen you photographed in the jacket. it is a statement jacket. >> yes, it is crazy, i have had the experience, girls come up and give me their phone number jacket. greg: so they walk up and tell us more. at the office? >> no, not in the office. that would be an hr problem. greg, keep the wholesome. walking on the street or at an event. it happened dozens of times, the girls are saying where'd you get the jacket, i don't know, what is your phone number. it is a social networking in itself.
9:36 am
greg: thank you, luke. another model. rosanna: this is the t-shirt. this is an interesting look. >> that is a leather paint. it is painted and dried over three times. yourself? >> yes. rosanna: you are doing all of the work? >> yes. rosanna: so it really the custom made. so if you are at home, what can we do with a t-shirt? >> a pair of scissors. greg: okay. go for it. >> do we have insurance for this type of thing? rosanna: i don't know. don't hurt anybody. >> hands of a surgeon. you are safe. kind of. rosanna: so you know, you pay
9:37 am
money for this, greg. greg: pay money for the guy to ruin your shirt. shirt? >> any shirt. this? >> about four years ago. >> where are you? >> new jersey. >> for the people at home, we want to put in a plug, on instagram you can see him burning the clothes and cutting them up. greg: what is the website? >> christian >> we have a very special a-list panel. we have andre. we have theya and anna. what do you think? >> absolutely. >> jason is like shocked and
9:38 am
>> they are out early in the morning. this is incredible. we should give people the address of the store. 189 front street. it is my actual store and 189 front street. it is a beacon of rock and roll. it is like in the 70s. anything goes. you want to go and check it out. south side sea port is a great place to be. warriors. rosanna: follow them on instagram. >> yes, there i am. thank you, rosanna. i almost forgot. greg: more phone numbers for you. rosanna: we are coming right
9:39 am
back and celebrating the stubben
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alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that' s cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it' s more than a card.
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it' s the gear that gets it done. greg: the late great nina.
9:42 am
celebrating german stuff. we put on that stuff. rosanna: well, this weekend is the german american parade. anna gilligan is really getting into it. greg: what's going on? where are you? anna: mid manhattan. they are hosting us to sell grate german culture and pride, the parade is tomorrow and starting on 68th. it is the start of octoberfest in germany. octoberfest is about good times what. are german people most proud off in their culture? >> they like to celebrate coming together and having a festive
9:43 am
time together. it is a chummiliness coming from the heart. anna: i like the words. first, we shall getting to the delicious food of germany. a german table full, it is a hearty food? >> it is. here is the basics, the pretzel with beer, nothing is better than that. anna: so true. i love it. the germans are go big or go home. >> well, it is big. we have the snitzel. by the way, it is not a weiner. it is very nice dish. >> we have the beautiful people behind the bar. the men and the women. they appreciate beauty.
9:44 am
>> yes. >> you have special something for us. >> i do. this is a beautiful, beautiful heart. >> what does it mean? >> we love "good day new york." and what happens is during octoberfest, the guy or the girl buys it and puts it on the person. >> okay. we are about out of time here. this is what you give someone if you like them. >> i love you. >> put it around their neck in octoberfest. it is sold out, but here we are celebrating octoberfest every day. come for a stien of beer and check out the parade starting tomorrow at noon. thank you so much. so much fun. one in four americans of german
9:45 am
dissent. come celebrate. i'm sure you know lots of fellow germans. >> we are feeling it. thank you. rosanna: the parade is saturday along 5th avenue. greg: i love beer. it's been a long time. rosanna: we have real housewives of atlanta and singing for us. she's got a new song and album out. coming up. [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? another episode? definitely.
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traveling through seas of oats and berries cherries i say to the bowl are you trying to temp me? the bowl says " plenti." yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds.
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rosanna: drama on the real housewives of atlanta. the drama is continuing. we love demetria mckinney, she's a real housewives and actress and singer. she's got a beautiful; oh, look at you in the video. greg: she's not fitting in, she's so nice. rosanna: and you are doing a lot
9:49 am
of things. you are in new york city walking the runway. >> yep. rosanna: you have a new album out, congratulations. >> thank you so much. rosanna: i have to get it out of the way, are you coming back next season for real housewives of atlanta? >> well, i can't say. greg: no lawyers are watching. rosanna: yesterday i read that you are not. >> well, we have been doing a lot together and the producer is on there, you know. rosanna: oh, i follow you. but mimi is gone. and she should be, right? >> there are moments for everyone. she's had a great run and great moments. she's moving on. greg: what are you going to
9:50 am
>> the single trade it all.
9:51 am
caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
9:52 am
greg: thank you. and thank you, demetria. >> thank you.
9:53 am
rosanna: so exciting. next week we'll see you at the barclays? >> yes. i am opening. it is great. >> happy to see the manager is your partner. hi there. all's good. >> all is well. greg: keep it up. >> thank you so much. rosanna: thank you for being here. greg that is it. >> we leave you our plan to organize times square. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results,
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