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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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news this is "good day early call". juliet: this close to being in america, pope francis making his way to the states today arriving in the nation's capital first, we have the latest on his trip and his new york city plans. >> violent video went wild. pretty terrible beating in barkley center, brooklyn. what may have been behind it. >> a rat. who wants this price of pizza to go, the viral video for you to see on this lovely tuesday morning. >> is maneuvering of that pizza slices quite impressive.
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squirrel on the streets of union city, new jersey the threat of a cellphone call. >> you have video of that. good morning, everybody, and ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy on september 22nd, one day before the official day fall begins. >> meteorologist: you are right. almost exactly 24 hours away, 4:21 tomorrow. this is the last full day of summer. so sad but you felt it a couple days ago. when the cold air came in, this is what we have out there, mild start to the day, a cooler slide to where we should be. we have been above normal for quite a while and it comes to a close for a little while. 54 central park, 56 in sussex, 63 central park, 65 in montauk, monticello, checking in in the
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at 3 to 10 miles per hour pulling in more cool air, making for another fresh start out there once again, feeling like fall is in the air. it actually is all little action out there with more clout in the ariane and showers showing up out near the poconos. whether it makes it to the ground, light rain or sprinkles in that region but cool temperatures for a little while, something interesting with that area of low pressure and developing in southeast atlantic waters, watching closely over the next few days, as we head into the weekend looks like for the most part it is drawing still in the tristate and on the cooler side today, as indeed i midday and high of 74 with partly to mostly cloudy skies, the height of the tomorrow, 78 thursday and 75 on friday, not a lot of rain in a five day
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some rain going backwards, we are falling behind, let's go to ines and see what is going done, it said thursday morning commute. >> in the cross bronx, looks good on the parkway, other red spots, in interchange 11, just watch out for a lane closures. the lie west bound and eastbound looks good, metro-north long island railroad, the pass trains running on or close to schedule. >> >> pope francis wrapping up his
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trip to cuba and getting ready to head to washington. >> the president this afternoon at andrews, a joint base, preparations well under way through central part, that will happen friday evening and the rest of his visit is a whirl wind tour, most in an hadden, in teresa priolo here is the latest. >> pope francis is on the move again waking up in cuba, preparing for roughly 23 hours to the nation's capital this afternoon but folks in d.c. preparing for weeks. thousands will converge on washington for the next 48 hours to look at the holy father, including a meeting with president obama and a speech in front of congress. >> we are ready. >> reporter: the mayor is reminding new yorkers that despite the unprecedented security operation keeping but pope save at the same time the
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u.n. general assembly is in session state and local federal officials are in sync if they are ready. >> no one is nervous, everyone is focused at have the resources they need, the equipment and personnel, a great deal of confidence. >> gridlock will be at an all-time high with rolling street closures, temporary mass-transit shutdowns and all sorts of detours and delays. no way around it especially friday. after pope francis addresses the u.n. he will visit the 9/11 memorial and then head uptown to harlem to a school at 4:00, he will ride through central park, and madison square garden. they have 36 hours but a special time for many new yorkers. >> a once-in-a-lifetime thing. all the catholic schools in staten island.
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>> in doing intense prayer, and and wants to be an occasion of spiritual and -- >> teresa priolo, "good day new york". >> we have to search for the apps in the apps store. >> michael gramm is expected to surrender today to begin a eight month prison sentence. federal prosecutors showed reminders of the reported $900,000 in receipts from his manhattan health food restaurant from 2007-2009. gramm may be remembered for threatening to throw a reporter of the balcony in january of 2014. the reporter questioned him about his campaign finances. >> 337 republican presidential candidates, this morning 336. there's one less republican
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presidential candidates, wisconsin's governor dropped out of the race yesterday. >> surprising to some people. >> of the candidates reach voters by going on late night tv. robert moses is filing their race. >> reporter: scott walker ran out of money, and make no mistake, the republican field is very noisy. rick perry and scott walker, those who are left the word in edgewise. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. >> scott walker urged candidates struggling in the polls to follow suit sought an alternative to donald trump can rise. >> i encourage other presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can focus on limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative
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alternative to the current front runner. >> that front runner donald trump tweeted i got to know scott walker well, use a nice person with a great future. even with what route from his many people not been at his heels. in an interview that aired on fox news channel, one of his challengers, ben carson double down on his comments that he would not support a muslim president. >> if someone has a muslim background and they are willing to reject those tenets and to accept the way of life and we have and clear the wills where to place our constitution above their religion then of course they will be considered infidels and heretics but at least i would then be willing to support them. >> reporter: another of trump's main challengers carly fiorina shutter lighter side during an interview with steve allen. she compared from russian
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>> the two "mary poppins" lot in common actually. leave it at that. >> ted cruz made an appearance on the talk-show circuit with steven colbert who asked ted cruz if there is a question he should ask donald trump when donald trump appears on his show tonight. >> i like donald a lot and if you could ask him if he would possibly consider donating $1 million to our campaign. >> as republicans do it out hillary clinton got good news in the form of a new cnn poll shows her leading bernie sanders by 18 points, bigger than the 10 point of issue that over in a previous cnn poll earlier this month. back to republicans, donald trump held a video chat on twitter yesterday, people could ask questions using hash tag ask from. what could go wrong? are you secretly just the greatest performance artist the
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and trump did not respond. >> live from the news room, back upstairs to you. juliet: may be that question was legit on the campaign. >> robert moses, staying power is miraculous, thank you very much. at home violence erupts between teenagers at berkeley center, look at the video. [crying] juliet: at least one teenagers seem to have been beaten up pretty badly according to advocates without borders network, one student stabbed a teenager from another high school. another teen was arrested, holding a press conference at a 11:00 this morning to denounce teen violence and encourage anyone with information to come forward. heather: new jersey police officer and did not guilty plea in a state wrong way crash on
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officer pedro was in a staten island courtroom yesterday. the crash head on into a tractor-trailer on the west shore expressway after leaving a strip club in march. the crash killed two of his passengers including a fellow officer but another officer was critically injured. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. e phases thick of a manslaughter charges. >> james blake met with bill deblasio on his identity arrest. and was tackled by a police officer outside a midtown hotel this month. the mayor and the commissioner apologize for that incident. blake said he was pleased with the progress he made during the meeting. >> accountability to make sure focusing on that with police officers in general and i feel like we made a lot of progress and making tries, both sides of the table were on the same page, looking at number 4. juliet: blake wanted the officer
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fired after the meeting he understands the officer has rights and he will respect that. juliet: we have a cloudy start today, still chilly outside. weather yet? ben: definitely not yesterday after that, shorts and t-shirt. juliet: it was nice sitting in the sun but people were walking around tonight when i was going to work with leather jackets on. ben: yesterday was an overcoat and a scarf. clearly subscribe to the ines rosales wet weather. check this video, blowing up the internet yesterday. a rat's attempt to issue a slice
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'.
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stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: welcome back, up to another school started the day but look what we had yesterday in terms of high temperatures, 73 for high in central park as well as newer, allentown 70 with 73 for bridgeport and poughkeepsie. 63 degrees at central park, mostly cloudy skies and a threat of a few sprinkles and/or showers across parts of the tristate especially of to the northwest. northeast coming through at 10 miles per hour, 8 huge changeover the tristate region sunday. said it is still pretty warm out
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65 degrees in philly right now, 63 also, same in boston, 49 in syracuse, up look at radar, a little brain popped up, way to the northwest, and the pocono, nothing happening in this city, doesn't look like a over that eastern tour they poconos, and for the most part, mostly cloudy skies, the rain will not be a problem for us, a big sprinkle passes by without a huge surprise. lobar should to the south of us, mostly cloudy, but potential for showers is pretty minimal today,
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on despite forcing its way up. high pressure will win out and we get a mix of clouds and sun over the higher temperatures. mostly cloudy skies, high temperatures 75 degrees in the city, clear skies later tonight with cool temperatures, lows from 55 to 60 and the next seven days high of 74 today, 80 tomorrow, 78 thursday, a few more clouds friday, share our chances on sunday, models do not agree at this point, we have a chance of showers out there. the weather apps with live interactive radar, see if there are showers, it can come handy, download at the apple itunes store, google play store free right now. let's bring in ines rosales. going to make you a slowpoke
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this morning. juliet: ines: of problem in ocean county, as a bit of a problem, northbound all lanes closed biogen cit drive, pick up on that, doing fine on queens and the lie, no problems, go to cameras, bradley avenue no issues or delays, grand central parkway, going both directions, hudson river crossing, a tour or lower level, construction, not an issue, 495, >> the newest station, not popular with writers, 7,000 people a day, passing through the seven train station at hudson yard far below the 32,000
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turnout on delayed construction in that area. 34th street, and closure of the high line at 34th street. juliet: it will pick up. a smart phone and have time on your commute but also making a target for thieves, half of all subway crime has to do with the electronics. up 40% from 2009. thieves tend to target people standing by doors or sleeping obviously. felony crimes underground are up nearly 7.5% but police say violent crimes consist of passengers getting into arguments with each other as trains get more crowded. ben: mice will note love cheese so why would not rat want a slice of pizza. juliet: this to the internet by storm, it was trendy nationally. met king tracked down the guy who recorded it. >> going to the scene monday evening no evidence of a struggle that took place here
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individuals many are calling on the road. >> we watched him take a slice of pizza down three stairs before i started recording. >> reporter: comedian that little decent underground to the l train platform at 1 and fourteenth street. they're on the stairs leading to the platform below he went into determination and in terence that would sing captivate the nation. >> i know the what i saw was so strange that i couldn't not recorded. >> reporter: down subway station stairs, through each step is a small rat and a slice bigger than itself. >> i woke up and someone wants to different video and saw that and went i forgot i did this. this would be fun to put a. >> reporter: hours later pizza restaurant on twitter, 20,000 people tweeting their support for this test coiling to an end of the new york city summer. does >> reporter: he is the road york city deserves.
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>> reporter: something about this spoke to all of us. >> carrying too much, too much to do in too far to go to do it. >> reporter: metaphor, mascot, marauder, marauder, up oblivious to the exertion summoned on this site not even 24 hours before somewhere likely looking in these very shadows, pizza or at scary about as he always have. new be recognized and always hungry. >> reporter: >> he is an inspiration to everyone that reminds us not only to do your best but do your best with what you have. >> reporter: matt king, juliet: pizza or at signed a deal with dreamworks the we will see him in a new film somewhere. he may be a map that. still ahead the jets remain perfect this season. the giants are letting us down, the jets. ines: toga has monday night football highlights when we come
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>> meteorologist: time to get you going out the door. here is what to expect, might not be as pretty and sunny as you expect, mostly cloudy, cool, a few sprinkles really quick light showers, northwest around sullivan county, orange county toward the poconos, 74 degrees mostly cloudy today, 82 tomorrow. still drive the rest of the week, don't want the rain here. ben: welcome back, do is here. >> 40 fifth anniversary of -- impressed by the job, looks more prepared and disciplined than they did on that try.
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love going past, selector bride johnson, picked up by a cat the prior year. and that was huge because the possession, fitzpatrick, a over the middle, taking early lead 7-0. fumbles, new york led 10-0 at the break. another turnover, two recovers, one interception, taking away the ninth. the touchdown on the board, later on the fourth brandon marshall takes the pass, the final score 2-0. >> great quarterbacks have bad games but they came out to start
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and got some breaks and filleted. duke: ickes open up the 3 game sets with the toronto blue jays, and two games behind toronto picking things up bottom of the first, another pitch over the head of carlos beltran on his way home from second, making it 3-0 and after one inning to play that is all they needed. 4-2 jays win it, yankees 3.5 behind first-place toronto, metz adds to the field taking and braves prior to last night's game, minor league player of the year and in the bottom in celebration of eight home runs other major league career making the 2-0. they win and increasingly first-place lead 6 games over washington dropping their match over two-7 and that is a look at sports. juliet: thanks very much.
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