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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: it was cool out today but it will warm up again. it was beautiful yesterday from what i am told. i stayed inside in my house. believe it or not. believe it or not. we are warming up nicely today once again. mike is watching the forecast and will tell us if it will be a nice couple days for the pope's visit. ben: he is ready to make history in the nation's capital, he will become the first pope to address a joint session of congress. >> tighter than a drug is what you can say about security around the city as the pope plans later this afternoon.
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we will have a live report. ben: traffic, forget about it. will be a mess. ines looks at the close roads and what we can expect. isn't that bad? it was pretty bad. juliet: juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. is september 24th, thank you for being with us. forget about it, not that bad. is it pretty bad? >> like eating pizza with a fork. >> got to give it a little more. >> you are pretty good at impressions actually. >> everyone's a while. >> good morning, everyone. will be a big day out there especially later on, things are picking up energy, i can feel it already. here is what we had with a weather yesterday, temperatures definitely got into a warm range, 77 in sussex, 80 at
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newark and central park, 81 in allentown, pretty decent numbers for this time of year. if you like it sunny and warm, some folks do not. most folks enjoyed yesterday, 74 your high temperature in bridgeport, 79 in poughkeepsie so where do we start this morning approximately where we were yesterday. 62 is your current temperature, isn't for par, 56 in newark, 55 in islip, bridgeport checked in with mainly clear skies, 58 degrees, mainly clear sky, very light when did you have anything, general coming from the north northeast at 3 to 9 m.p.h. but most locations are reporting winds to be calm at this hour so it is actually not an eventful day when it comes to the wind so if you are heading to the bus stop, taking out the kids of this is what you expect, clear skies depending what time you're going out there but cool temperatures, you might grab a light jacket, morning temperature 59 degrees as you
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temperatures are jumping up, remember you live to ditch the light point later on because it will be unseasonably warm, sunny skies is what we're looking at, please guys, the sun doesn't come up for a while but we have clear sky around the tristate region. as you head to the southeast that is where the clouds are and some showers and storms around this area of low pressure which is keeping things saudi just sitting and standing in the same location, more or less for the last several days, high pressure doing a pretty decent job of keeping clouds out of here. we had a decent amount of days ago but yesterday was nice and sunny, today looks much the same and then we will see the clouds trying to make a come back as we head into the weekend but today a lot of sunshine, 65 by 9:00 a.m. 75 by midday and high of 80 degrees later on. pretty much get a repeat of what we had yesterday. tomorrow will make it to 75 for i with mainly clear skies, more clouds building saturday, high
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of 73, 72 sunday and some showers trying to push through at this point doesn't look that impressive but some showers are still out there sunday into early monday and high temperatures go back up to 80 by wednesday of next week. all right, let's bring in ines and see what is going on. it was a fairly quiet day, did they will be similar in terms of the morning commute. >> street cleaning rules i suspended for religious observances, meters remain in effect, we had an earlier problem on the major deegan northbound car flipped over by 148th street, that has been cleared away, residual delay not a big deal, still looking at an accident on route 17 north bound by century road, you have that crashed blocking a lane. let's look at the long island expressway by jericho turnpike your fine eastbound and westbound, as for the george washington bridge driving into the city from new jersey not a problem on the upper and lower level, lincoln and holland doing
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>> in just a couple of hours pope francis will arrive here in new york city for three jam packed days of the events. >> after he arrived this afternoon the pope will head to st. patrick's cathedral from the airport to manhattan by helicopter. robert moses is live from midtown with a look at the situation. how is security looking? ben: very tight, not surprisingly. we're five blocks or so north of st. patrick's cathedral and here's a site you never see, fifth avenue totally closed to vehicular traffic all the way south of 47th street, look on either side of the avenue and you will see a eight foot tall fence to protect this pope. anticipation is building because in less than 12 hours pope francis will land in this, our fair city. after another busy day in
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washington pope francis departs andrews, on landing at kennedy airport at 5:00 this afternoon a large and diverse greeting party will welcome him. the mail along with bishop nicholas of the brooklyn diocese and 200 impoverished people will be part of the welcoming party. mayor bill deblasio says the pope's visit is a reminder of the importance of serving those who need it most. >> lot of us are trying to answer his call to action on issues like income inequality, poverty, climate change using the tools we have locally to do all we can do to create a more just society. >> reporter: the holy father climbs aboard a helicopter at 5:15 and flies to the downside, for where cardinal timothy dolan will meet him. from there the pope proceeds uptown to st. patrick's cathedral in a motorcade. is expected to transfer into the popemobile a few blocks north of st.'s and slowly make the trip south down fifth avenue greeting onlookers as he goes. once he arrives at the cathedral, the mayor, the governor and the rector of the
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cathedral will degrade him. i spoke to monsignor richie about what that greeting will be like. >> i will be a little nervous. i speak spanish and intend to talk to him in spanish as he comes up the steps. >> the pope will enter st.'s and preside over prayer service machine expected to pray and deliver remarks in spanish. pope francis will see a beautiful restored st.'s, the archdiocese then $175 million to fix and beautify the cathedral. once the evening prayer service concludes the holy father retires to the papal residence on the upper east side, another busy day awaits. >> another live look south on fifth avenue, that a foot tall fence, those who are lucky enough to be on this side of the offense will have to be screened and have an up close view of pope francis himself. we mentioned tomorrow being of very busy day.
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it really is because the pope begins his day at the united nations, he will speak there and go downtown to the 9/11 memorial, come uptown to school in harlem, proceed through central park culminating in the big macs at madison square garden so i am not kidding when i say he needs to get some rest once against a new york tonight. that is the latest from midtown this morning. back to you. ben: getting around town is no easy task. today won't be so bad. evening rush to different story but i don't know. that is when you can forget about it. juliet: even at 3:00 in the morning there are police everywhere, streets are starting to get busy with securities joel lot of these streets will be blocked off for security reasons but there is a lot more going to protect look hope. teresa priolo joins us from near the papal residence on the upper
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east side. >> good morning, remember yesterday morning i joined you from almost his exact spot except our view was very different, we were really just right across the street from the papal residence, different view today, what a difference a day makes, 72 street and madison up to the park shutdown this morning as they put all the security measures in place for the pope's arrival outside the papal residence and we are told security is at an all-time high. >> very excited. >> the excitement is building on east 72 street outside the official residence of the apostolic muncio. 3 is set down, barricades are in place, local state federal law enforcement keeping a watchful eye on the area surrounding the incredibly special upper east side town house. >> i don't like feeling like i
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>> the militarized scene of of madison avenue fraction of the security measures in place citywide. thousands of police, military and counterterrorism personnel operating under the secret service are in place and ready for the pontiff's are rival tonight. is triple on coinciding with the united nations general assembly and proceeding president obama's visit is prompting the most complex security job in new york city history. a trifold operation requiring the deployment of an additional 6,000 police officers, 1700 vehicles and 40 miles of protective barriers. along fifth avenue and central park special fence erected by the secret service the barry will attempt to divide the crowd keeping the pope's well-wishers from those new yorkers on the move. the holy father's visit lasting 39 hours and 49 minutes. requires a layered security approach made of the things you are meant to see and those you won't. if that is not enough, outside
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his home away from home on the upper east side, nuns, on the highest power. to keep pope francis safe. another live look at the papal residence, pope francis will be the third pope to stay in this residence, we also want to mention a piece of trivia, this residence was donated to the archdiocese by the grant family, mr. grant was the mayor of new york and to take this one step further, grant's widow founded regis high school on the upper us had -- he sighed, a jesuit high school so that there's the added special connection for pope francis. that is the latest from the upper east side, back to those of you. >> when we talk to you next ben would like to know a little more about the superfluity. ben: can you define that at 5:30? >> reporter: i would be happy to. juliet: local elementary students are perfecting their
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for a personal visit with pope francis. >> reporter: the pontiff will stop by our lady queen of angels school in east harlem, 24 students from four catholic schools in the area will perform, they will also present the vote with gifts including a handmade book of prayers. ben: don't forget the pope spend the day in washington, had a busy data, we will have more on those events in a moment. for continuing coverage of the pope's visit head to for download the news apps on your phone or tablet, search and the apple apps store or google play. we have a lot more to come, one of the most memorable moments of the day yesterday for the pope's visit as a young girl gets has security. >> mike is watching the pope forecast. >> meteorologist: we have a lot of sunshine coming up over the next couple days just like yesterday.
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lose 60s and will be nice and warm to normal high temperatures today, 72 degrees but we will blast that and get close to 80, 51 is the forecast temperature on your phone, you get daily and hourly forecasts on the weather apps, search weather at the apple itunes store, google play store,
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>> time to check the forecast and give juliet a look. >> getting ready to take off, we have some other things here. birthday gift -- >> coming -- come here. this is completely brilliant. >> there is more, she is always asking, there's also a year's supply, 400 foods coming.
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we will take them back. >> over here. >> stuff here, well thought out. right there. good morning. you are on your way, the pope will start taking president, 62 degrees, criticize the central park, it is going to be another beautiful day outside, we need their rain, a lot of folks are happy with the extension of the sunshine and warm temperatures in the tristate, we will ask for the rain to get back on track, 60 in philly, 53 in syracuse, clear skies are here, a sunni gorgeous day out there once again with some high clouds in the area, this is where the next area of low pressure could be affecting us right now so over
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continue to send clouds and showers, until some time may be into early next week sunday into monday's so here's what is up with the drought, moderate drought in the tristate since september 1st for this month we obscene 1 nine 1 inches of rain, 1.3 billows since january 1st, we're seven inch is behind, rainfall for the year. we could use some more rain here but it is not coming, at least nothing significant for a while, sunny skies with high temperature getting up to 80 degrees, clear and comfortable, 52 to 62, the next seven days are high at 80, 75 tomorrow, more cloud over the weekend, breezy and cooler and a shower chance, late sunday into monday,
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let's get to ines, and there it is. >> talk about the commute. >> a luthor, 684, the parkway, the turnpike looks great. take a look of a fifth avenue, you mention closures of in st. patrick's cathedral from 471 you mention closures of in st. patrick's cathedral from 47 first st. 50, 56. every is set up, so trucks all lined up so if you are parked where your not supposed to be part, they're already in effect, the pope's visit comes closer to new york city. let's go to grand central parkway in front of la guardia airport, no problems in either direction, bqe looks good. >> 5:19.
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pope francis's to visit to washington d.c. news to get to. it is jam packed. >> of meeting at the white house with president obama and include in the first-ever canonization mass held in the united states, a big deal. kerry drew joins us with more. >> good morning to both of you. massive crowds took over washington to welcome pope francis to the u.s. the pope arrived at the white house and was greeted by the president and first lady, 15,000 people heard the pontiff speak about economic >>nequality and urgency to address climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be l are pt to future generations. >> the pope's busy first day in the u morni bqincluded a mass and making history with the first
5:21 am
canonization and u.s. soil, an 18th-century missionary to sainthood. one of the most memorable moments from the pope's visit included a five-year-old girl who slipped through the security barricades during the popemobile procession through washington. at first she shied away from security but when the pope motioned her over the bodyguard they're picked her up, brought her to the pope where he kissed and hugged her, she gave the mets t-shirt and letter asking him to help bqis. immigrants. pope francis will arrive in new york city later today, the plane >>s scheduled to land at rdirri p.m bqat jfk airport. back to you guys. going to be very busy 48 hours. a lot more comingirup,-colkswagen looking for a new scene e o. we knew this was coming, the scandal forces its former ceo to step down. ben: those details when we come back. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent
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of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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this was this huge, huge scandal. winteksworn says volkswagen nee past few days because of the
5:25 am
verizon spent the same amount, expecting a one million people for this papal mass on sunday. they are boosting capacity, carriers are all deploying cellphone towers called cells on wheels a especially in central visit. a $2 million telephone bill, the cost nearly cost him his new home. >> total amount due is $2,156,593.64. >> wall. >> he and his girlfriend had verizon wireless last november, the bill should have been for 125 but instead it was $700, the previous balance was 450, strangely this a test for $9, verizon promised to clear up the mistake but then he got notice that his account was going into collections ended nearly derailed the mortgage he had
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a local tv station got in touch with verizon last night. >> funny when the tv station gets called and it gets cleared up. top stories, weather and traffic when we return. juliet: yogurt eating time.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day wake-up". >> mike woods has the forecast for the pope's's visit. going? >> good luck navigating through traffic when the pope is in town. tomorrow will be essentially trying, we will tell you what we are up against.
5:29 am
we have highlights from the show. >> good morning i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy but it is not my birthday sunday or anything. not even going to go to a celebration. >> meteorologist: a month-long thing. >> i will be turning 35 which is a momentous day. >> meteorologist: the memory is going already. juliet: my colleague got me a wonderful birthday gift, a stash of pink balls and spoons, a year's supply of spoons, because i eat yogurt everyday, as they got me a big thing of your record, gold and gramms, overwhelmed. >> meteorologist: glad you enjoyed. you will.
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dubbed this weekend, celebrate for a month or two, ready to roll. here is what we have with temperatures, another mild side, 66 at newark, 54 in belmar, 58 in bridgeport, we have mainly clear sky in the tristate region, high pressure in control pretty much a repeat, rewind, push play again, that is what we have today. high pressure in control, there is the area of low pressure to the south and it will send some moisture but it will take awhile before heads into the tristate region. here is what is happening with temperatures, 80, average high 72, up 89 degrees, at least we are staying away from records but it will be warm again today, 80s today like yesterday, 75 tomorrow, more clouds over the weekend with cooler temperatures too.
5:31 am
this morning's commute will be better than tomorrow. ines: street cleaning rules are suspended for religious observances, meters are in effect, staten island doing fine, also if you are heading into brooklyn you have construction going on on the verrazzano bridge, staten island lower-level, one lane closed, not a significant delay, morris county checking in with no problems. let's look at the thruway towards the tappan zee bridge, this is the southbound side no problems on the northbound side. as refrains everything on or close to schedule. ben: pope francis wrapping up his trip to washington d.c. today but not before he makes history. juliet: the pontiff met with the president and the people and today he will address the senate and house in a joint meeting and then make his way to new york city arriving at jfk airport at
5:32 am
5:00 p.m. tonight. the big problem areas today will be around st. patrick's cathedral, the papal residence on the upper east side and the united nations, and the fed when i was coming to work today cars on third avenue being towed and i am sure it is like that throughout the city. robert moses joins us live from midtown with a look at the situation. >> reporter: good morning. i am standing next to the fence the line's fifth avenue. i am six feet tall, this fence stretches eight feet into the air and it means business. it is leaning against it not going anywhere and if you are planning to use fifth avenue today my piece of advice to you is don't because it is close to vehicular traffic south of where we are, 56 and fifth toes to 47st so all the way past st. patrick's cathedral. pope francis landed kennedy airport at 5 this afternoon as
5:33 am
we mentioned, he will take a helicopter to the downtown porche and benny rides in a motorcade up down to a few blocks north, he will transfer into the open air popemobile so he can ride south on fifth avenue to the cathedral. he will be waiving all the way to those lucky enough to have a spot inside the fence that i mentioned, he will arrive at st. pats and those bronze doors just before 7:00 and will preside over an evening prayer service. timothy cardinal dolan has a message for the holy father. >> i am so eager to show you the city then i love and the church that i cherish so to be able to do that will be one of the thrills of my life. >> reporter: the only thing on the pope's scheduled today is the prayer service at st. pat's tonight. he is expected to pray and speak in spanish and after that he
5:34 am
residence at 72 and madison on the upper east side and he should get some sleep tonight because tomorrow is quite a busy day, perhaps the busiest day of his itinerary. when he is in the u.s. he will be at the un and downtown at the 9/11 memorial and museum and he will finish the day at madison square garden. that is the latest on fifth avenue in midtown this morning, ben and juliet, back to you. juliet: we have full team coverage for the next two days, a lot of us everywhere. we are happy to do it. commuters are warned to leave your car is at home. ben: tough to navigate street closures. they say take mass transit, you might avoid buses as well at least in manhattan. the key is take the subway, they can keep moving, let's go to liz dahlem outside madison square garden with more on what you need to know.
5:35 am
>> reporter: getting around the city will be a nightmare for sure and the best way to do that is certainly going to be the subways and trains. a lot of parts of the city will be shut down while the pope is here and mass-transit agencies are uping they're getting a pretty extra trains to people trying to get to work, trying to get home or maybe try to catch the peak at his holiness. let's run through it for you, subways and trains will be running frequently, long island railroad is adding eight extra can station bound trains to accommodate people heading to the mass, metro-north is going to run a number of additional manhattan bound trains on the hudson, harlem and new haven lines and also extra service, they will keep the world trade center station open. they will see a lot of frozen zones set up around the city. and midnight, near st. patrick's cathedral streets will start shutting down. specifically 47th to 57th street
5:36 am
from madison to 6 revenue, that area will be off limits and also the spot near the people nuncia residents will be closed from to madison and on friday will see those closures extend to all the areas that the pope is going to be visiting like central park, 9/11 memorial museum and harlem on 112th street. back out here live you will see a lot of roads closing off and we are told 20,000 people are expected to be here for about masse. bill deblasio has suggested new yorkers who can pull that off stay home and work for the next couple days, probably not an option for most of us. chris christie has declared a state of emergency in new jersey which allows national guard to step in and move traffic if necessary so you will see a lot of armed police officers, people throughout the city trying to help things along, this will
5:37 am
are the best bet, back to both of you. >> thank you very much. as stated emergency in new jersey seems of excessive. that is just me. 5:39 security in the city as tight as we have seen it. >> garbage pails of being hauled away, cars are being hauled away, this is all for safety reasons, teresa priolo joins us on the upper east side. good morning once again. >> they allow me to be here. good morning to both of you. ben: you have an important job, you use to give us the definition of that word. >> reporter: let's tell you about security behind me, the papal residence, we joined you almost from this exact location but that is across the street. pre much walked down the run 72 and madison, the berries are, guards are in place, the police are on alert, a fraction of security measures deployed
5:38 am
father's visit which coincides with the u.n. general assembly and proceeds president obama's visit sunday. thousands of local, state, federal officers and countless dollars picked up protecting the pope and new york city throughout his trip and through the weekend. 6,000 police officers, 700 vehicles, 40 miles of protective barriers put into place as well as those special fence erected on fifth avenue as well as throughout central park and on the roads around it. that is all to control the crowd and allow those people who want to conduct business as usual to make their way around the city with a little bit of a headache attached to it because of what is happening. many things are going on you will see, other things you will not see and that is by design. will told you the number of times over the next few days and weeks but this is considered to be the most complex security
5:39 am
history. the mayor and police commissioner say bottom line they are ready for the pope to arrive and this will certainly be a safe visit but that is because of the security measures in place. to get to what we've talking about the definition of superof the witty, book of merriam-webster, basically in excess of what you need, but it is also used as a collective noun to refer to nuns the way somebody would say a company of nuns pay superfluity of nuns, it dates back to the 1400s so it is not used very often but looking for a great way to say that and i happened to hear that time and time again when the pope was greeted nuns so i pull it out this morning. ben: we like that. all right, teresa priolo. >> reporter: keeping you on your
5:40 am
toes making sure you're paying attention. >> we appreciate the sense of context. back with you in a little bit. superfluity. ben: i never knew. juliet: i never even heard it. >> meteorologist: i have not either. i understand what she means now. ben: we only have one man here, juliet. juliet: i actually. >> meteorologist: can't wait to see tomorrow's out fit. it will be my birthday gift. here is what we have. another cool start to the day, 62 central park, 56 in newark, clear skies, a lot of sunshine coming up today, get ready for a day like we had yesterday, 75 by midday, high temperature 80, great looking they all
5:41 am
day all together, 75 your high tomorrow, weather apps at the google play store, download and get the land hourly forecasts for free. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have as folks head out the door. ines: street cleaning rules suspended in the city, religious observances, meters in affect, the commute looking pretty good thursday morning, a look at the long island expressway by suffolk county west bound dandies found no problems, cross bronx coming with no issues this morning. let's go to the alexander hamilton bridge, both ways doing fine, so is the major deegan, you are ok as well as ho [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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>> headlines of 5:teresa, police made an arrest in the murder of a liver cabdriver in the bronx, they charged nicholas sanchez with the murder of barry manidu. >> about 500 new beds will be available around the city. in cooperation with the archdiocese, 150 of those beds will be on or in. >> let will fly half staff on all city buildings in honor of
5:45 am
yankees great yogi berra who died at his home in new york city. good morning. duke: the yankees and toronto last night, this was a huge game, yanks went into this we did games behind first-place, this was really nice at the rogers center, blue jays and yankees, a hall of famer and ten times world series. 90 years old. blue jays up by one, a shot to center, make a great catch. and struck out the pitcher before, harris a three run homer to left, blue jays blanked 4-0, 3 games in the a.l. east, yanks back at it tonight at the stadium, they will take on the chicago white sox. joe gerard new new yogi very
5:46 am
>> when i think of yogi when god created man i think he was an example. in spring training, got to cut out a little early and go to church, got to get to george, can't be wheat. he was a great husband, great family man who wanted what was best for his family, his kids, took care of them. >> a towering tribute in the empire state building was lit up with pinstripes to one of the yankee great. another yankee great derek jeter had this to say, to me was a dear friend and mentor, he will always be remembered for success was how he treated everyone with sincerity and kindness. if you were every with the yankees in spring training or the ballpark early, at to see him and derek.
5:47 am
really cool, yankees dugout, the yankee lineup card with his image on it, yanks also wearing no. rate on their sleeves the rest of the season to honor the hall of fame range yankee great. to the mets, another rough night, this was an ice as well, the mets on urge yogi before the game, he manage the 1973, he played for the mets in 1965. he was on casey's that and played the final four games. the mets up by two against the braves off of the bench launching deep to right, curtis granderson missed by and two runs for ending the ninth, the game tied at three, back in the
5:48 am
field, brave shock the mets 6-3, still have a 6.5 game lead in the national league east but not playing good ball going down the stretch, into the season, down to 5, washington can't get out of their own way. giants played tonight, victor cruz will not be on the field against washington. giants -- ben: division, not a good division for anybody. >> dallas is 2-0, dallas is bank of some of the giants win tonight, right back in it. ben: let's check the forecast. juliet: stay away. ben: she has her eye on him. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is happening as you step out the door, your bus stop forecast this morning, sunny skies coming at you, the sun doesn't rise until quarter to
5:49 am
7:00, sunny and cool, grab yourself a light jacket for the little ones as they step out the door, might be a little brisk for then, morning temperature 59 degrees or so, looks like more or less a repeat of what we had yesterday, 59 in boston, philadelphia, 60 in d.c. 58 in pittsburgh, uniform temperatures throughout the northeast, high pressure in control with clear skies, keeping an eye on that, low pressures the forecast to hang in that area and intensify little bit over the next couple days as it makes its way closer to us but it will take awhile for that to happen and it looks at this point life does give us some influence but not what. sunny skies today, i temperature 80 degrees and tomorrow 75 for a high, clouds over the weekend with cooler temperatures, light showers chances sunday to monday. let's bring in ines and see what
5:50 am
is going on, fairly quiet morning out there. ines: pretty good morning, street cleaning rules suspended for religious observances, meters remain in effect, queens looking great, slight delay on the jackie robinson parkway, construction going on westbound as you approach the turnpike. the bridge looks good, and the downside, approaching 287, the right lane slowing, west bound side is flying, through the queue guidance interchange no problems to report, the 59th street bridge. >> a lot more coming up. >> cookie and her crew are back,
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>> anna gilligan is here.
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anna: in ayer was back and empire was back and the lions where roaring. isn't opened with a freak lucius' concert and rallied the cookie, only got crazier from there, chris rock made an appearance as a fellow inmate with that bad history, she is controlled by cookie now. she is having anij ka do her dirty word, there were lots of candy ofs in the first week in minutes, we saw rev. al sharpton, john lennon, and lucius lion is running things from behind bars. next wednesday at 9:00 on fox 5. in the schumer has taken over tv
5:54 am
and movies and books are next. the book will offer personal stories, entertainment weekly reported a major bidding war, as she has written and it sold $8 million, scheduled to come out in late 2016. giselle bunch in is coming out of the book of her own retailing for $700 which will be a coffee table book which celebrates her 20 years in the fashion industry, only 1,000 copies are going to be sold, each of which will be signed by the model herself. she has been featured in 450 fashion shows and on the cover of a thousand magazines. smart move sending her legacy. selling it like artwork, her legacy. she is not going to make a lot of money but is keeping the branch strong. juliet: a legacy -- anna: is there not a legacy in the super model world?
5:55 am
juliet: they refer to --
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ben: we are in relation selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at (beep) play awesome party song. (phone ringing) hey buddy i heard you're having a party. what? if i was having a party, i'd invite you. would you? yeah. (phone ringing) adam: i'm not having a party! you heard about it's going to be crazy. i knew it! find the closest party store...
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