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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 28, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: hey, who remembers the movie the breakfast club? rosanna: yeah, sure. of course. greg: molly, judge. the others. they had so much in common they didn't even know it. take a look at that guy. totally ripped. atlas there. if you look closely, you will see he has a six pack. rosanna: he's the original guy with the six pack. greg: how about that. beautiful. beautiful. it is one of the things you don't pay attention to.
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when we pass outside there, rockefeller center. greg: it is across from the cathedral. we'll talk about the pope. he was there on thursday night. what a trip. quite frankly, i enjoyed it. but it was time to go. rosanna: exhausted. he has a lot of energy. he inspired so many people. he worked the area. he was in st. patrick's, east harlem, the u.n., central park and 9/11 memorial where he had a beautiful interfaith ceremony there. so many people inspired by, you know, people of all walks and faiths. they took a moment and said this was a reenergyizing. greg: it was intense for him and the city and beautiful and moving. now it is over.
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i hope he comes back soon, don't you? rosanna: i hope so too. it is one of those things, a once in a lifetime. we went to the mass at madison square garden. greg: we, 23,000 people. by the way, not just a mass, beforehand a concert ks essentially, and you know what, at a concert, they sell refreshments from pretzels to the hot dogs and sodas. rosanna: yes. and there was beautiful music at the concert. gloria e stefan. jennifer hudson. greg: yes. it was a ut boo buftful thing. robert moses got to touch the pope.
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rosanna: robert, i want to hear the details. robert: well, incredibly fortunate. on the left, a master silver smith and a long time friend of the pope. rosanna: he was on the show on friday. >> he made the chalice. he sent me a message and said hey do you want to go, yes, of course, i want to go. >> you the pope and two other people in the room? robert: four of us in the room, and five guards all with a very close watch on us. but the pope considers adrian a son. they have known each other about 12 years. adrian can do no wrong. rosanna: what'd you say to him? >> please pray for my loved ones. i said i will pray for you,
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struck me the whole time here, every time he would ask people to pray for him and if you don't pray or can't pray, send me good wishes. i love that. what humility. greg: what'd he say? >> he say thank you and pray for me. rosanna: in english? >> yes, and he gave adrian a blessing and they had a private moment together and he blessed a couple more people i was with. this was, this was the view from where i was. this was him walking out at the end of mass. he walked within a foot of me as he was processing out. greg: we are a half mile away from this.
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the extreme feelings of jealously. it is awesome. robert: i was so fortunate. me. this is one of my favorite pictures. this is is a picture i snapped as he was leaving. i was six feet away fwr the fiat. i love the dome light and lighting up his face. greg: see you later, robert. rosanna: it was great. we were lucky because we were at the mass too. we were a little further away from where that was. we were breathing the same air. we got a blessing at the end of mass, that is spectacular. robert: what about the standing ovation? rosanna: it was so moving. there is greg and i before the mass. greg: refreshments.
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i put them aside for the mass. rosanna: before the mass, you know, the security was rough getting in, so the people that were there, they had to give them a show to keep them occupied for hours before the pontiff showed up. this is behind the scenes. take a listen to this. martin sheen. greg: the president from the west lake. rosanna: i was part of the prepapal mass. >> you did a great job. a native new yorker there. rosanna: it was quite a weekend. are you exhausted? robert: i am.
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together. it was a shock i got to go and the fact i met the pope and the pictures of me meeting the pope. greg: okay, now you are bragging. rosanna: well done. this weekend, very, very busy weekend, friends of mine did this incredible walk for st. jude's hospital. elvis event. walked over the brooklyn bridge. they raised half a million dollars for st. jude's hospital that deals with research for children and they never turn away a child. greg: it is free for every kid there. the bird? rosanna: some young kid. elvis talked about what it means to him.
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at st. jude, not to pay attention, that would be a crime. be with them and you it is a beautiful day. rosanna: can we walk across the brooklyn bridge now. go team. there we went. it was gorgeous day on saturday. greg: i saw him a year ago. rosanna: i took that picture. how do you like that picture? greg: well done. photo, thank you. yourself. rosanna: with the iphone, amazing. greg: he's smaller than he used to be. rosanna: yes, size 29 waist. greg how'd he do that? rosanna: he has the gastric sleeve and that helped him.
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he's working out. he's looking good. he's energized. greg: i want to get that thing. mike: we had the nice weather. nice job, rosanna and everyone. first of all, a little weather change. gray skies in the tristate. cloudy skies in the majority of the region. the temperatures are going up, despite the fact not much going on. we are getting a southerly flow. 65 bridgeport. montauk 69. a lot of clouds and fog, especially long island. precip is not a problem for us, just a chance of a little light stuff popping up here and there. the high pressure is in control and we have got the dry skies,
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the cold front is actually going to slide to us here. that will pick up the showers and storms in the tristate, especially on wednesday. today if anything, mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles is about it. now as question head to tomorrow, in the morning, seeing a few spots of rain popping up here and there. the main showers and storms coming in later tuesday night and wednesday. it looks like it is hanging out for the mama superior -- majority of the day. starting to clear out on thursday. so today, we have got cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the high up to almost 80. 79 is the forecasted high. tomorrow you see a high of 78. showers are likely later in the day for you on tuesday. wednesday is sloppy with the
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the highs in the 60s for the rest of the week. saturday there is a chance of rain coming through at that time. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> there is judith light. super star. she reminds me of julia dryfus. what happens after who's the boss. something bigger and better. this show on amazon, transparent redefining culture. she's a big part of it. rosanna: everybody loves that show and about to open a play on broadway. great to have you on "good day new york." you are juggling a lot of stuff? >> i am. rosanna: did you finish shooting transparent? >> we did in the middle of
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then in the middle of rehearsals for the broadway show. >> with keeria knightly. >> yes. what is the play about? >> it is basically, it is called terez at the round about theatre. and it is about a lust and murder and what complicates. rosanna: i'm going. >> and the complications pursuing from that. it is a powerful story taken from the novel. the cast is really wonderful. it is a great group of people. super fabulous. rosanna: i know you are always working and you always do nice things for the community. this time you are talking about flu shots?
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people to know that for people like myself that are 65 and up -- rosanna: you are 65? >> yes. rosanna: you are looking fantastic. you go girl. >> i teamed up with the flu campaign and the national council on aging and really wanted to tell people that the flu is serious and there is a vaccine for people in our age range that actually is more potent and powerful and they should know about it and going to pharmacist, get that shot. rosanna: i department know about that. >> in your business, we are running into people all of the time, everybody is socializing,
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and so, within the theatre community, they ask us to please get the flu shot. absolutely, we are greeting people after wards, we are in an audience with a lot of people, it is very con contamination yous. greg: can i get the souped up one for the older people. why not? >> well, it is made particularly because as we age the immune systems weaken or if you have a chronic condition, those get xar bited with the flu. it is very serious. people haven't taken it seriously. you can get the regular flu shot. you are so young. that is good enough strain for you, because your immune system is in a good position.
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sometimes i feel skiddish. >> the fact is that it is very, very important. the cdc says if you are after six months old, get a flu shot. go to website,, it tells you all about it. rosanna: thank you. talk about who's the boss. your son on the show is making news. >> i know. i'm so proud of him. rosanna: he's saying that you were the one that encouraged him to embrace he's gay and come out and talk about it and now he's saying he's hiv positive. >> yes, he's kept me informed. >> what year was that? >> oh my goodness i don't
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rosanna: ten, 15 years. greg: hopeful le we are done with the outing. >> we are not. we still need to have a more understanding and a more responsible and responsive and kinder society. we are one humanity. that is why transparent is an important show. we are talking about things, ending bigotry and ending hatred and ending bullying. he called and the manager, who i have been with 35 years, i said, danny, you need to have a conversation with her about how to do this. they are going to out you, and you have to talk about how you want to handle it. when you said he's controlling it, he's controlling the way the press handles it. he's talking about being hiv positive and incredibly pro active.
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he as a wonderful husband. he's giving a different face of what is still a disease that is not handled. rosanna: were you worried when he called to tell you he was hiv positive? >> no, i knew he was taking responsible for it and taking care of himself. he's doing well. greg: people live with the disease now. >> we still know people dying. greg: it was different, fair enough? >> yes. we were going to funerals every weekend and now it is taking the course in a different way because so many people are doing a lot of research and seeking for a cure. rosanna: we witch him the best. >> i will tell him that. i hope he got a flu shot. [laughter] rosanna: yes, and the flu shot. see judith on broadway. the previews are starting thursday.
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>> get a flu shot. greg: yes. kiera nightly? >> i love her. greg: could she handel us in the room? >> probably not. >> coming up, the former star of the 70s shows, he's got a new show on fox.
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greg: has it started to rain? rosanna: i don't think so. it is cloudy and misty. greg: i respect judith light for rebuffing me. i want to work keeria. rosanna: well, in the meantime we have wilmer with us. awesome.
9:22 am
make fun of tom cruise but he makes great movies. minority report, the sequel to the movie. >> really exciting. brand new character for me. he's a form erma arena. rosanna: we have a real marine here. so you know, marine is never former. >> you wills always a marine. >> now he's a lieutenant. it is amazing. it is official sequel. greg: i remember the movie. tom cruise, tell us about it. the precrime division.
9:23 am
remember the film, tom cruise abolished the program, the program doesn't exist and now we are looking at, you know, we are looking at a new division, right, so preare living in the witness protection programs. greg: so the people thinking about doing something, the cops find out and arrest you before doing something. >> so a lot of political stuff going on and big conspiracies, but precrime it is not accepted. this is ten years after the film, we are going back to stone age and solving crimes in a conventional way. we are mopping up the messes. rosanna: we want so see you. take it away.
9:24 am
>> last time i checked you are not my parter in any more. >> i know, your boss. i have been cleaning up your mess. >> mess. i stopped a terrorist attack. >> you killed two suspects. the feds are asking questions. >> like? >> how you did all that. how long? >> right place right time. >> not on the radar. >> a good police work. >> i told him you had help. you are going to hook up. rosanna: do you? >> funny you mention. your radar is crazy. we may or may not have had something in the past. we used to be partners and i got a promotion and now her boss.
9:25 am
it is fun. rosanna: very interesting and very different from the 70s show. >> yes. completely different from the 70s show. yes. exciting. exciting to do something unique and fun and greatful to allow me to be part of the show. he hand picked everybody. rosanna: he comes in every day? >> yes, he maps it out from the technology to what we wear. he's super hands on. the music. everything. it is a real silver production. >> when is this? >> 2065. >> where are you from? >> i'm from minnesota. i was born in miami. my mother is columbia and my father from venezuela. i came back to states in 1994
9:26 am
and learned to speak english and decided to do something. >> how many episodes in the can? >> five in. we are five in. we are starting the sixth episode as we speak. and after this i'm flying back to vancouver to shoot more on the show. >> why so many shows shot up there? >> location is incredible. it is a really great place and the tax incentives and the dollar is going a long away there. it is makes a difference. instead of spending $3 million an episode it is 2. rosanna: what is it like being back in the tv saddle again? >> it is very nostalgic.
9:27 am
returning to the fox network is nostalgic for me. they give me the start. they gave me a break. so returning to the fox network and seeing everyone that ease been here since i started, it is amazing. i'm grateful. it is feeling good. it is good to be back.
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>> ah. >> that kid growing up in the former soviet union, destined to be a superduper model. >> supernova, i think they call her. >> well, natalia has achieved international superstardom over the past, what has it been, decade and a half or so? >> yeah. not only is she a supermodel, but she's also one of the most philanthropic models out there. >> by the way, she has four children and still looks -- >> impossible. [laughter] >> welcome, natalia. >> you, too, so nice to see you. >> should we call you natalia or supernova? [laughter] >> natalia. >> seriously, you really do have
9:31 am
four kids? >> in a couple of years' time, you can call me supernova. >> what are the age ranges of the kids? >> 13 is my eldest boy who's taller than me now, still los his -- can loves his bear hugs from mama. >> that's good. >> 9-year-old daughter, 8-year-old boy and now 16 months old. >> wow. any of them want to follow in your footsteps? >> well, yes. my eldest son is very, very supportive, and victor, who's my, the baby of the first lot, he is the one who is the biggest fan of elbe. >> this is an app that kind of encourages you to do something good every day. >> an app for your iphone? >> absolutely. it allows you to do so. because we live in the world so connected. and we have to take advantage of
9:32 am
technology out there, and it's really incredible. what i've found is that charities, mainly lagging behind when it comes to technology. so we created the tools that allow them to connect with the users around the world. >> and to do what? >> so it's very, very simple. >> okay. i think we have -- >> this is, you know are, it's a platform, but at the same time anyone can have it. >> so are the charities that are on this app ones that have been selected already, or if you have one that's close to your heart, now i'm involved with heart share or kids after school. can you connect through this app or do they have to be on this app to be a part of it? >> we are launching with 31 charities ranging from very big organizations like save the children to much smaller organizations who are doing good every day --
9:33 am
>> -- and working in the field. >> okay. so i have the app, what am i supposed to do with it? >> so you are the user, because you are not a charity represented. you are the user, have this -- >> yeah. >> you have the app. it's very simple. and then we send you a free little campaigns every day, and something you can do under three seconds. and it's not just about donating anymore because philanthropy at the moment or doing good, it's very often one-way street where you just donate, and you don't know where your money going. >> okay. >> this app is really about building a connection between donor and the beneficiary. >> can you show us how it works? >> so here how it works. here are the free campaigns you have of the day. every day you will have a different campaign. >> let's go to texas v. cyber-bullies, i like that one. >> good.
9:34 am
>> don't mess with texas, that's what they say. >> so you send a photo, and you say, okay, that that's interesting. you can find out more information, but i won't read it for you right now. >> uh-huh. >> so you say, okay, so i want to take the picture -- >> right. >> oh, boy. they want that library access. >> let's do a selfie. >> how is this going to help the online bullying stuff? >> so you will see -- >> we'll take the photo. >> nice picture. >> right. i don't know -- >> anyway, let's say -- >> while we're figuring that out. >> i don't know. >> here we go. >> it's all right. >> because there is a screen -- >> the important thing is this looks like it has a lot of capability. elbi. >> elbi. >> like that. look at the picture we're going to send their way, by the way. we did take one. >> we did? [laughter] >> but let me show you. when you do the good deed, look
9:35 am
at elbi. he gives you a massive, giant kiss. better? if they figured out how natalia gives you a big kiss. >> natalia, can you do the elbi face? >> all right. very nice. >> we need to see a close-up on that. >> i read a little bit about you growing up in the former soviet union. what was that like? where did you grow up in russia? where? >> very close to moscow. it's 500 kilometers. i don't know, it's quite central. it's a very big city, very, very beautiful. >> and -- >> but i come from not a nice part of it. >> not a nice part. growing up pre-glasnost, what was that like? >> well, for me, it's not about growing up in russia, it was growing up in a single mother family. my mother was raising me and my
9:36 am
sister who has very severe autism and cerebral palsy. she had to work four different permanent job. and life was really hard for us because there is no great family country. at the time it was really turbulent, and still today the situation is quite tough. >> recently you had a problem. were you in a restaurant with your sister when someone -- >> it wasn't me. it was my sister with her, with her daycare. >> and what happened? because the manager of the cafe said that he didn't like the way she looked. >> oh, my goodness. you've spoken -- >> things like this happen -- >> you've spoken out about that. that is outrageous. >> this happens around the world, but they're bringing much more attention even if this person is not the sister of a supermodel.
9:37 am
>> right. >> but in russia, response was incredible. people were really outraged. and even the kind of the scotland yard of russia got involved and the -- and arrested the person. so the country reacted really positively, actually. >> well, we can all take a step in the right direction, big, small. elbi, and when will you be going back to paris, your new home or your home for the past whatever? >> tomorrow after we launch elbi with clinton global initiative. >> bill clinton. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> do they have a show like this in paris? >> no. [laughter] >> maybe you should -- >> yes. that would be nice. pave the way for us, and we'll be right there, natalia. so nice to meet you, congratulations, and we'll check out elbi. and say hello to bill clinton for us. >> natalia, thank you so much.
9:38 am
>> and in the meantime, check out times square.
9:39 am
>> all right. that's going on at times square right now. we'll be there in a moment. natalia has been great enough to hang with us a little bit. we're going deep on elbi, a great app that i tried to
9:40 am
download this morning. i don't think it was live yet. it's live now. >> it's live now. >> and it's free, right? >> absolutely. >> okay. more with natalia in a moment. >> in the meantime, they're doing ground breaking research, and there's a fun event to kind of raise some money for that. it's cycle for life. ben simmoneau is there right now, cycles for survival, i believe it's called. ben simmoneau, what's going on? >> hey, rosanna. this is the third annual cycle for survival takeover of times square. a hundred bikes out here, we're on seventh avenue between 33rd and 34th, raising money, raising awareness about rare cancer research. dave lynn is the founder. dave, your wife passed away in 2011 of a sarcoma. one of these rare cancers. what is this like for you emotionally? >> i wish we didn't have to do it, it's tough emotionally, but on the other hand, it just warms my heart to see it's become this national movement. every dollar goes directly into
9:41 am
many patients, so i feel great about that. >> you must get a big boost out of seeing this. this is kind of the kickoff to the awareness so folks can go out and register for the big rides that take place in february and march all across the country. to see this has to be pretty cool. >> here in times square there's so much energy, and everybody's going to, they're signing up their teams, and we're going to raise so much money, the research benefits patients around the world. >> cycle for survival has been around for ten years. the money goes to rare cancers. we hear a lot about the big four cancers, breast, lung, prostate and colorectal, but they make up about 50 percent of cancer cases. do they often get overlooked, do you think? >> i think they do and, unfortunately, these are cancer types that so many of us have heard of and, unfortunately, had experiences with us, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, all of them are rare
9:42 am
cancers and just as you said, when you add them together, 50% of all cancer cases. they don't get great treatment options, that's what we need to improve. >> let's bring in the president of equinox. how did you guys get involved? >> we got involved because, actually, jen and dave were members, so they came to us and said, hey, can we do a little fundraiser? well, seven years later we're at $75 million. how do you not get involved with that, right many. >> and this is going to take over equinox locations in february and march all around the country. >> we have 13,000 employees who are fully engaged, ready to rock and roll. >> all right. so we encourage folks, greg and rosanna. the weather's pretty nice, it's cool -- >> yes, it's brilliant! let's go! >> perfect for cycling. there actually are a couple of spots, if you want to take part, come out and check it out. there might be a spot available if you work in the area. but the big thing, hashtag cycle for survival, and go on to the
9:43 am
web site, sign up for a ride coming up in february and march. all the money goes to memorial sloan sloan-kettering right here in new york. >> back to you. >> no, no, no, i'm very optimistic. >> ben, i have to tell you, sounds a little out of breath, but it's for a good cause. gym. >> all right, the new york city wine and food festival kicking off in october. >> that's fantastic. >> lee's here, the festival's founder and one of the chefs participating. >> meanwhile, natalia remains with us on the couch. [laughter] >> i'm still here! >> we are very excited about the app called elbi. >> thank you, greg. you will get it. >> it's free, right?
9:44 am
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which means now, everyone! just original cheerios? sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) >> we are in the good day cafe because the new york wine and food festival is just a few weeks away. people like whoopi goldberg, bobby flay -- >> celebrities, celebrities! >> all your favorite cooking chefs are going to be there, you know? it's so much fun. people buy the tickets, and then they go, and they sample chefs from all over the country, which is fantastic. >> it's awesome. let's bring in our bigtime guests. >> let's bring in lee schrager who is the founder of the new
9:46 am
york city wine and food festival, nice to have you back on good day new york. >> good to be back here. >> i know. we have one of your star chefs, josh capon. >> the star chef. >> from some of the greatest restaurants like lure -- >> oh, the fish bar. >> i do. >> he works there. >> it's very cool. it's like a boat. you go in there, and it looks like a boat. >> thank you. >> all right. so tell us about the festival this year, some of the people who are going to be there. >> people like josh, bobby flay, rachael ray, 'em april la gassy -- >> when is it? >> october 15th-18th, and as you know, 100% of net proceeds benefit the food bank of and no kid hungry. >> where is it? >> probably 94 different all over town. >> it's so much fun. if you've never done this, really unusual places. one year we were underneath the brooklyn bridge. >> literally. night.
9:47 am
the tickets, they can be a little pricey, but the money goes to charity. >> you know, if you can help us get rid of the unions, we could probably lower our ticket prices. [laughter] >> is that what it is? some of these events are sold out, right? >> a lot of them, but there are still a lot of tickets three weeks out. >> i see we're making -- what is that exotic dish? >> it is a night out, so don't worry about the money. go out and enjoy yourself. >> hamburger there, josh? >> this is the wonder burger which is actually the award-winning burg freres the burger bash. >> oh. >> this is going to be featured at wanderlust over at united terminal in newark airport. just taking airport dining to a whole new level. >> i like that. >> and really creating a destination spot, a culinary destination at newark. >> you know what would be nice? if you'd give people a break on the prices because, let's face it, those airport restaurants -- [laughter] >> josh is not in charge of that. >> you can eat on the plane.
9:48 am
airport and have a nice burger. >> when you're a passenger, you're desperate. you're captive, you know what i mean? you have no choice. >> which is why you go a little early. >> josh, tell us what event you're involved with this year. >> are well, the burger bash has been my baby, been one of the greatest rides of my entire life, and thanks to lee, it's opened up a lot of doors to me. i've been the six-time champion, i'm the people's choice champion. >> wow. [applause] >> this is a competition? >> oh, yeah, there's a competition. >> people's choice, there's a judges' choice -- >> it's a party first, but the people get to vote and then the judges get to vote. >> how about that? you work for the organizer, and you won. [laughter] >> the organizer works for him. >> all right. so what makes your burger -- >> so this burger's what we call the wanderlust burger. it's topped with a bacon and onion jam. >> oh, yeah. >> it's my version of the greatest onion bacon cheeseburger of all time. you don't have those two strips of bacon and when you bite into it -- >> it's like a blend.
9:49 am
>> is that american cheese? >> is there any other cheese to put on a burger, rosanna? >> well, actually, there are dozens. why american? >> i just think nothing melts like american. >> there you go. it does make you feel at home. >> yes, no question about it. >> and, lee, each event has a different theme, right? >> we kick off on thursday night, the 15th, with i-yacht that de laurentiis' al fresco event. saturday night emeril is hosting a city key event. -- tiki event. >> how about rosanna -- >> see rosanna on october 15th, her and her great family at our italian event. >> we're making rice balls, yes, we are. >> she better win this year. [laughter] >> don't put pressure on me like that. lee, by the way, he's behind all these great food festivals. the one in south beach, which is a blast. but i have to say, the one in new york is really special because as a new yorker, we're
9:50 am
and you kind of open our eyes to different venues and different foods. >> well, we spend all year looking for venues mainly because they change all the time. the fact that we were at one pier two years ago, we're at a different pier in this year. >> oh, we are? >> actually, the event you're at is at the same pier. >> okay. >> we change venues all the time, and we have over 400 chefs competing that weekend or participating to help fight hunger here in this city. so it's really probably 90 venues, 400 chefs, 150 winemakers. it's really a great gathering and all to support hunger. >> all right, beautiful. let's see what the big fuss is about this hamburger. >> all right, josh, you better feed him. >> look at that thing. it does look kind of perfect. look at that thing. >> oh. greg, i know -- go over there. >> it looks like it's for a commercial. >> josh, by the way, these are some of the other menus from your -- >> yeah. comfort items that you can, you know, enjoy in the airport before you get on that plane. >> this looks good.
9:51 am
>> salad, art choke and spinach dip, a lot of options -- >> josh, you know your stuff. good luck with the wanderlust. >> thank you very much. head to the airport a little early. >> listen, my friend, you make sure she wins this. [laughter] >> i couldn't agree more. she's like the susan lucci of the festival. [laughter] >> it's in your best interests. >> we love lee schrager. it's the people's choice, right? >> it is. and the people have spoken, obviously. [laughter] >> don't make me come looking for you. >> tickets still available for the new york wine and food festival. is there a web site we can go to? >> i'm sure there is. >> beautiful. >> all right. good day new york will put the information on our web site too. boy, this is delicious. where do we start, greg? >> this is a protein guy, by the way, he just ripped off the top of the bun. no carbs? >> i'm trying.
9:52 am
progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving do what we do...make it
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you say avocado zesty chicken and avocado . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> amy chavez, thank you so much for liking us on our fox 5ny facebook page. >> after much debate, it has been decided that the president's address will air on our web site. >> yeah, >> you know, it's just -- these speeches, they all sometimes blend together. >> well, you know what? wendy's up next, but you can till watch it streaming on our web site. >> wish me luck, i'm going to
9:54 am
court today. i'm fighting a bogus charge. >> do you want me to come a as your representative? >> i got nailed for allegedly speaking on a cell phone. >> and? >> well, today is my day in court, 1:00 in south hampton. >> the people have spoken, you're guilty! >> i'm so lawyered up, i'm telling you, i'm going to beat this. >> let us know. tweet us. good day, see you tomorrow. >> good day new york isn't over, if you want to connect to great stories and people, engage facebook, twitter and youtube, and go to fox 5ny for news and stories you care about brought
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