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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 5, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> i was shocked, you know, with what happened. >> we will be here tomorrow night. >> the yankees react to cc sa bath threial's surprise announcement she is head for rehab t. he shocked fans, his own teammates with his news he is battling alcohol addiction. c.c. made decision now. zachary here with more on how you fans did not really want to hear this especially with he tomorrow. zack zi yeah. the question everyone is asking is why now a day before the playoffs. it seems like an awfully odd time to make announcement there is more to the story? poise, emotional, winner. think of of the adjectives, up until
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cranky start c.c. sabathia vulnerable, the last hinge that came to mine. >> you need tell me it was not time to go in last week. you mean to tell me it was not time to go in a week. i have no answer for it. i am telling you what >> well, the am timing is the timing. what happened? there is more to this story? >> oh, the questions. it was hot topic on espf new york radio that michael k. show co-host. >> well, i think clarities clarity, right. if feels needed help or he is not obligated to wait. he is professional baseball player buy is a human being that needs help. mentioned what you had been through. c.c. how much more. >> the last time most of us saw c.c. there he was. fresh off of a pitching into the playoffs and top and bolts of campaign life looks so good. >> the adversity faced on the mountain this year, nothing in come parryston this. rank can i agm brian cashman.
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and the game that we have tomorrow night and in a release statement tonight. he said in part, today, am checking myself into alcohol rehab senator receive the professional cir and assistance needed to treat my dies. he ton say, it hurt mess deeply to do this tho now, but i owe it to myself and my tamly to get this right. want to take control of my disease and i want to be a better man, father and player. >> they all pitch on the way. >> he says he is impressed the way yankees have responded as organization and sends a strong messaging to other players. >> i think every single player appreciates that nothing if something happen os me. sp i know my manager and my he team are going to take care of me and not put the team ahead of myself. >> and still, a lot of unanswered questions here the yanks can open up the playoff series against the astros tomorrow of course kc will not be. steve, back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> rescue crews discovered a second body
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in the rubble of a brooklyn apartment building destroyed by explosion they weekend the victim has not been identified the but the 47-year-old has been missing since the plast happened on saturday in boro park. fig wee was moving out of the second-floor apartment at the time of the ex motion. >> and i hope that, you know, and they are up in there hef in with god. the bod 6 of another tenant was found over the weekend you a toes say the explosion apparently happened after stove was remove a gas line which may not have been prop arely disconnected. >> mystery still southern deaths of a young doctor from lopping island and found in the vestibule of a chelseaing whether early sunday after a night out partying. linda sh pit in chelsea tonight. hi, hin did a. >> hi, good evening, dari, steve. you know, police are telling us tonight f. this is a night he call in on saturday night and it was night that was filled with alcohol and cocaine. so far, they have been table to question the 51-year-old male companion they say with
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her and hat point, his say, it does not appear as if foul play played a role in her death. >> they appeared to have a picture perfect life. two doctors both dermatologist, three children and living in a beautiful home in in man that tan long island. it is a far cry were the apartment building on west 16 st. in chelsea where 38-year-old was found slumped over. police say she was still alive and in the vestibule and died after arriving at thep hospital. according to police, cerveny dime the city for a girl's night out that included alcohol and cocaine. cops say they ebbed up a bar on the lower east side where the called a 51-year-old malele companion who was tv producer. police say the two left together and went to the apartment on west 16th st. where they met another man, land that was allegedly more partying with cocaine. you a hors say, sometime
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after 4:30 in the rng, there is video showing the two men carrying cerveny done the stairs and leaving her in the vestibule. she was incapacitated. police also say that 8:30 in the morning p. her 51-year-old companion called 916 and directed the paramed mcs to cerveny's body be a then, left the scene. okay. now i want to reit are rite four. that 51 year old man who called 911. that's the 51-year-old man police have questioned. they also want to question the second man who was at the apartment here with her. so if anyone has information, please pick up the phone, do the right thing to give the police a call. meantime, i spoke to the medical exam iner's office earlier tonight and telling me they did test however they need to do some additional testing before they are able to conclude what the final cause of death is. that could be weeks before we know that. for now that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. >> terrible situation. thank you. >> investigators say rocks that foal the
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track caused amtrak train to derail are in central vermont morning. seven people were injured when the train carrying 98 passengers went off the tracks and officials sa i the locomotive and her to car went over embankment after hitting the rocks. >> the steep area as you talked to passengers will tell you that one of them said it was unbelievablele. there were, be there were senior citizens literally bounding up this cliff that are cars fell down. >> the track where derailment happened had been part of a recent $220 million upgrade. the freight train taken the same route the night before without any problems. >> a flight from phoenix to boston had to be diverted early morning after the pilot died during the flight. the first officer landed american airlines flight 550 safely in syracuse after the cop cleared af emergency in flight. 147 passengers onboard and the pilot's name had been been leased. >> long eye native pong
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the missing crew members that sank over the weekend family members say 50-year-old howard is an engineer on theship and a group in east rockawayp and lives in door into. the ship sank in padbeat weather. the ship's own mer say the captain was trying to avod the storm but ran into m can call problems. one body has been recovered and officials hold out slim hope that some of the 33-man crew somehow survived in a lifeboat that is still missing. president obama has signed a disaster decoration for parts of south carolina and still recovered from record rainfall and flood over this weekend k with and 12 people died in the caroline mass. hundreds others needed to be rescued the rising floodwaters moor that in 40,000 people still without water be a another 26,000 without power. >> new york attorney general eric schneiderman crack down on sinnette this thick par mr and designer drugs. his office has filed salutes again two companies claiming they sold products that did tot have proper labeling or warnings as required by law. the companies were
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allegedly promoting the drugs as legal highs on the packaging. >> the supreme court decide not hear a chalking on this new york's public school vaccination law that they led appeals court ruling stand which says the immunization require arements do not vie student's constitutional right. an earlier federal judge is rule aring they were exempt for religious reasons could be barred from school during outbreak of a vaccine preventible disease. well, grabbing quick cash is costing us a lot more than we even realized. atm fees have skyrocketed especially here in new york. sharon crowley explains what is bee only a the huge jump. >> we all love using atm's. in fact here in new york city, they are on every corner before you decide to use one that is not affiliated with the bank that you used, you may want to hear some new research. >> how often do you use at would you sna. >> honest willing i, lately, not that much. i try not to. >> atm user marlene to rowe tries to only use
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>> i go to one one of the once in side of the deli then it is like $4 for case inch then like another $2 for that fee. then i am $5 to withdraw money. it is silly. >> marlene is not alone in tealing way. new yorkers are paying the highest fees tin the country to use automatic teller machines according to new research by bank rate m corp operated. the average fee for using atm the big apple that is not tied to a customer's bank rose to a record number. $4.52 per transaxe. >> you go to another bank's atm, or a tm owned by another party other than your bank, you are going to pay, and increasingly we are seeing that fee go higher and higher. >> using atm inside of a deli or on the street and not only paying a fee to your bank but to the owner of the a tm machine. >> it is a hot. it is a lot to try to save. >> the rise in atm fees comes in part because banks are runner
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pressure from regulators to lower fees in other areas. plus research shows, in the last ten year, fire of us are using atp's. while we lack convenience, it does come at a cost. financial experts say using atm that is not owned by your bank is a good way to lose machine nim. >> in the east village, sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." >> all right. trying to end hunger in new york city s. how a new app helps feed the hungry when he sent owed the track. >> ared a ads are turnover for consumers. the surprise rules new research. you knee new yorker the second you hear one. distinct accident could help us outperform in
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>> well, it may seem like small change could end up helping lots of of people. >> bronx woman has come up with creative way to help feed new york's hungry the next time you get a meal. about a rum shemtov
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shows house you it works ten new app. >> 1.4 million know, rely on kitchens and food pantries to feed shelves and their family bus despite the resources, many people are still going hungry day after day. now a new app is looking to reg the meal gap one microco nation at a time. i wanted to capture a piece of the large amounts of machine nay are pass through the industry in new york on a meeting toly basis. >> le with, bar teng after receiving a mast ear degree. identified a creative of way to make difference. rather than ask, you know, puss fess owner to give a profit. i thought why done it dilute and ask regular people to round up which is a thing addition. the new app called spare enables users to downlod the app to easily round their bar and restaurant tabs up to the nearest dollar donating the marginal difference a 20% fee to a food bank. the individual doesn't have to give so much. mu know. this thing a gry dwaytt.
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the community aggregate can make a huge impact. if you are wondering with it may be a drop in the bucket, it turns out spare change can make a big change. >> it may seem like not a lot, you know? in new york actual lit takes 25 cens to feed somebody. beyond the satisfaction offers users material awards, too but t offer sensitives like free drink and free use others who round up. would you use. i love the idea. i think it is great. >> i am for it. >> you have a hill bit of spare change, add up. >> would you use something like to? >> baba ruk shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> a big recall. general mills recalling 1. 8 million exbos of regular and honey nut cher they may contain wheat even they they are labeled gluten free s. this is important for anyone who suffers for seal ache disease or has wheat allergies t. the recalled cereal bocks have used by dates of
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17th of 2016 on them. >> new york city became ready to welcome fans. matt king found out don't have to wait until thursday. can head over to the historical society. sthoat. >> the next five mons the citizens should expect increase in response time. before demanding pat ryes to power in tur boons to speed. batman must hitch a lied toker west side. >> oh. i am just, actually, and i think everyone will be thrilled to site in person. >> it has presence even more so than it did on the tv show. >> new york historical society co key rates the superheroes in gothham expedition which opens are friday and has grew up watching the 1960tv show and never thought she would see image of the bat mow bole and a exclaim holy history batman. >> no. didn't cross my mind. you know, it makes
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perfect sense now baits is so much of our cultural history. >> the original batman tv show converred three vehicles into bat mow meal. one driven on tv. two forced used for events this is one of those propromotional bat mow peels that turns 50 in january. >> very few people know that superheros were born in thork. and exhibit featuring more than caped crew aider that is labeled for galaxy. the big six of super man, batman, captain meak, wonderwoman, spider man, ironman. while it seems in loo like any other will shout shine the darking into's ride and the bad gadget and features man think sketches costume and props. >> including the drawing is where not left the library are of congress ever and people wait months to visit there and see them. >> curators elected not to include villains but a few artifacts snuck past the bt's vehicle standing century by the
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an umbrella that penguin uses. >> on the west side of matt king, "fox 5 news." >> oh, he is one of the city's biggest sports cheerleaders yes there he is. you can see him every knicks' game at the garden. but now you spike lee has been named grand marshal of the new york city marathon. long-time film mack paer is on the third, is only the third grand marshal in the race's 45-year historyp and the first native new yorker. the 26-mile run is set for november 1st. >> how cold and raw it was last year. >> all right. that is right. all right. mark's few first family is the kardashians the backlash over the newcomer. >> oh, yeah. that is the creepy crater who became a viral video starring subway. no i is a sexy rat. halloween costume. >> much more. >> how is this happens,
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>> well, cosmo mags. some tonight over the november issue. >> well, i am sure they are upset by the attention. the cover features all six kardashian women and now what they are wearing that has twitter up in arms. simone is here to see what is causing the
10:21 pm
backlash. they want to stir things up. cosmopolitan, this is the corner question but really the text that set the internet ablaze. big bold pink writing. the cover calls park's first family and that phrase that left pan ny phoned and confused as the only first family most of us know in the white house. well, posted a photo of the oh mams and wrote this is mark's first family and i canceled my subscription today at cosmopolitan another one at asia tweets the pact that cosmopolitan considers the first family is not only discussion but disrespectful. >> and then, at vincent makes a good point. "why does this surprise anyone? are look at cos lo, the kardashians epiz my every that cosmo promotes. " very unbrand there. i reapedded out to cosmo for a comment today. here is what a spokeswoman were the magazine told me billion the cover. and i quote "we're
10:22 pm
teasing, though, who knows if kanye runs for president, then we may be soothe sars, the kardashians and jerns have more digital follower more than 3 radio million kinding. they are a huge cultural if i fom fall. there nothing like a cover of a magazine row proprovehicle national conversation. "is ap not sure what that national conversation is. >> this is where it all boils down. you cans could to be as upset about foolishness as you want to. >> yep. >> you don't have to get that wiled up about it. move on. they r rying to git in a debate, reaction. >> it is backfiring. because for a lot of people this is bringing up discussion about race we're already having about bee racing black culture from the cultural discussion overall. so in a sense, it is kind of misfiring for are cosmopolitan and creating another discussion. think that is a real conversation and i think you know shall are you don't have to get that right. >> oh my goodness. >> oh my goodness. are right. >> yeah.
10:23 pm
>> i know. >> and i mean, thank you. >> cosmo magazine. >> right. >> they win. >> this is kardashians they are the first family of cosmos. >> the culture and everything else. >> the sex tapes and hose things this? yeah. >> they are the first family of reality and that stuff. >> absolutley. the first. they are family first of certain things we don't have to think about the white house and clever them. kanye threw that one out there. they sold you have equal bid by saying first family in social media and a first family of reality tv and wouldn't be doing it as story. right. >> i mean. they wanted to stir it up. yeah they wanted to stir it up. yeah. t want to. yeah. there are people over there. >> all right. good eders to. all right. well, one of prod which's hottest musicals may end up on the big screen this weekend at the new yorker festival. the playwright and star of ham pillton manuel miranda said he had been talking to movie makers
10:24 pm
production about founding father alexander hamillon with they move ton other projects and added in a tweet morning, there are no plans? all right. all right. one of those ideas that is for long. it is a cliche now new evidence of that the exact opposite may all right. talk about emotional roller coaster. why one romantic guy had to wait and extra 15 mince before popping the question. roller coaster
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just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. looter. seems like sexy ads are everywhere, right they may actually be the worst way to sale product. for years we heard that sex sells and may do the opposite. baruch shemtov on whyeded a ver nicer want to rethink the selling tragedies. >> we have been told that sex sells and those countless ad dollars. all of that passion may not be helping the bottom line.
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my 1 00% all natural. grass-fed peeve does sex feel? yeah. devlin. >> genes you are selling. >> sex sells because everyone loves it. >> that is why victoria's secret is big f. that is why calvin klein is big. they put sexy products. sexy people rise. >> according to a new ohio state university afallnal sis of 53 experiments with over 8,000 participants people were less excited about brands. according to har connects pert peter shankman t. this could be a product of the times. >> the excitement of sex doesn't sell as much as it used to. if sex doesn't sell, what does sell. >> well i think with a sells is the same thing that sells in the begin of time. the idea of something better. >> now ohio state study also noted that as intensity of the ad's sexual content increases our memory of the rod duct itself actually decrease not exactly what madison avenue would hope for. psychologist says this
10:29 pm
common human focusing issue. >> psychologically why focusing. this is something called attentional narrowing which is part of being a human being that if we're inundated with too many images, too much stimuli than we tend to not be able to look at the small picture because we are concentrating on this big picture. so what is advertiser to now, we're in a situation where we are surrounded by sexuality so we need to concentrate more on the product that was selling instead of all the sexual dressing or the undressing around it. >> how about a lot more? >> oh. >> baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> all right. speaking of sex, remember pizza wrap, the brave rodent who carried that slice of cheese zy as far as it could. well, a struggle has been turn toad a video game and players navigate pizza down a set of subway steps making sure to avoid
10:30 pm
new york's favorite rodents also what else a sexy halloween costume come bleat a tail and ears and two slice of pizza mazing the machine my they get. $90 for thing. >> this i za rat would love to sue somebody. >> yeah. it is not getting proceeds at all. a all right. >> that is right. all right. >> well, every relationship has its ups a downs but this one has got them before the proposal. >> look. >> yeah. an maryland man popped the question to his dir pren before the roller coaster ahead the big fat drop and used a fake ring tankfully. after they got off, austin got down on one knee and proposed once again. time the real thing and you know, they stuck in a 15 minute line, too. he had to think about it for the extra time and all a nervous. >> all right. yeah.
10:31 pm
riding family. something about the favorite life being a roller coaster. that is cute. >> all right time for on brand, off brand. our daily look at which people are living up or down. on prand, the remain members of the gritful dead and now giving a way 10,000 tickets to the november 7th show. lucky fans who score free ticks through raffle on the bnd's he web site are being are encouraged to hake doe nation a charity called the robinhood foundation. off brand. matthew mcconaughey playing in the new movie. take a look. that is far cry from the yet set financier we saw him play in wolf of wall street. on brand. ageless prohockey layer jagger in the process of growing back the greatest mull left all year who was drafted by the penguins in 1990 and
10:32 pm
he is growing it back because the fans wanted him to and says it individual al think and you can not see anything so time to go back. >> not bad. >> back. >> the mullet never went out, not in hockey, at rest a. >> all right. well, using that new york accent to your how it could actually give you an edge in the career. >> especially in politics and disney changing the season's passance how it cut down overcrowding by upping the cross into getting the happiest place on earth. that is tonight's new york minute. >> the cradle of aviation into seeiam in east garden city celebrated hispanic heritage month by hosting major marisol challis today the first black hawk helicopter pilot in the army national guard and gave young girls some advice. >> never take no for a answer. look into flight schools that i thought i would never get in.
10:33 pm
that meck neg of ty to push you to overcome those limitations and no matter what the back ground is or no mat how the beginning. shoot for the stars. >> we dat pursue today of the new exhibit opening next k week at thette tro poll tan museum. agent egypt transform the midlelele kingdom show days a time in egyptian history when new ideas reshape their society. >> the ideas about kingship and relig on and customs and the relationship he releasings with outside people and foreign lands all are rethought and transformed. >> and that is yore new york minute. >> fox 5ny weather app tracks storms with radar and download the app. pre. search fox 5 and google
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students!
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one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! >> doings ny considering changing the theme park
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more uber-like approach. it cost more when its about sy. they are looking into surge pricing while charge more ons sy days and offering special perks on slower days. s disney worl in orlando eliminated the seasonals a which run ares $329 ap did come with blackout periodance created an could be used any time. >> of course. >> starring to open to, you are able to order breakfast all day long at mcdonald's all the usual items will be available 24-7 system everything from egg mcmuffins to sausage burritoance hash browns and with egg orders increasing the fast-food chain plans to use cage-free eggs exclusively. but it will take about ten years to. >> 2 ball eggs a year. that has big effect. all right. back to the future for pepsi. remember watching around with a pepsi perfect bolt. >> meat. it was there. >> they are now releaseing a new limited edition bolt on
10:38 pm
october 21st make 6500 of them if you are going to comic condibs strutted booing perfect bolteds and come in conthis week in new york fans who dress like marty mcni to setget the jean and vest all ready to two. could there be another o re o flavor coming now the what was supposed to be kept a secret was leaked through picture posted on instagram that will feature the class kick chocolate cookie with chocolate frosting then hidden a circle of vanilla frosting in the middle that sound enticely similar to the hostess cupcake and this is all unconfirmed though. even if the instagram post is reliable we have to wait until january to >> oh, well. new yorks like that tell it like it is. flies evidence that having a new york accent can a huge professional advantage and especially in politics. >> all right. >> and mops away churning a long island know what a surf's
10:39 pm
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>> donald trump's huge personality may not the only reason. no way. love it. >> but not the only reason he may be leading the race or the republican presidential yeah. it turns out the new york accent could be giving him a big edge and the only one. here is matt king. >> i will show you ice cream. will show pizza. all a in one piece of property. i think that is good. >> kamel mcdone ale grandfather founded in penson hurst brooklyn out of a back of horse-drawn carriage in 1939. >> it seems the safe assumption never had to deal with a reporter asking him as he range buted success to to no he they new york accident are you times change. >> who helps bus mess. >> yeah. >> annoy meg now. >> oh. >> we cannot confirm whether or not queens college linguistic professor ever dined a
10:41 pm
may alleger amel's die licht contrack bus to the cuc ses. the reputation of new york and of new yorkers were being the type of people who are, so we say what we mean. and that has been -- never been a political asset until now. >> are you talking to see? in the story of the new york times, neuman suggested the new york ear directness and the willingness to argue may endear her to strangers or voters. >> i love what i am doing. i love my business. i built a great company. >> we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. >> camille opped not to discuss how a new york accent may sr. the campaigns of donald trum or bernie sanders but on for the thought anded a hit med may help her to charm the customers. >> i think they feel home my with it. it is comforting. >> with you postally regulars flock to the
10:42 pm
garden force the square pizza, the sausage then pork chops and the ice on which a mool's grandfather founded this sta establishment 76 years ago in whatever accent sold the most ice cream. >> fill the holes in. >> in bensonhurst, matt king, "fox 5 news." >> and i mean, look that. born ny is brooklyn. done ailed queens. >> yeah. >> and they are are both, you know. >> they are both new yorkers shake it. >> but like they do. they respond to it. you mow what i mean? it is larger than life. love. >> i and part of that studies the ability to tale story. you snow we are very believable. we can tell the stories. we're very, you know, emotional and we knew. >> we talk with your hands. that's how you do it in new york. >> yeah. >> all right. >> tell the story. i dat good story four tonight. >> all right. much better. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> that is improvement and you by is going on here. we talk bt it. the coastal flooding
10:43 pm
that happened over the weekend the strong northeast wind and with joaquin still offshore and not am coorg way. big waves, surf is up. here is long beach. surfers are loving it. of course these are surfers know what they are doing. and i am still in the beginning stage t. that is too big for me. i need a 2 to 4-foot wave. they are out there having a great time. they live this time of year to get the great surf coming in starting now. september and peeyon. the big waves start rolling in. summer can be a little flat. all right. 67-52 today. hey, average. there you go. we're back on track after the chely weekend. and it doings be get miler the next two i das. 94 and 35 in the records. 6:57 the sunrise down to 6:32 now. you will see it tomorrow. a few high thin skater clouds. dewpoint is dry. the airs dry the humidity at 62en. light northeast wind. the pressure is strong and rising. so with the few scattered high clouds there is nothing on the radar tonight. fox 5 is quiet and will
10:44 pm
be. we won't start seeing any rain threatening and here until we get to pri dy or so so. the high force the day. seasonal. umer 60's around the city. mid 60 he to poughkeepsie. 63 to the railroads sy shore and middle 60's across long line. prigport coming in with the warmer temperatures today. now 55. mid to upper 50's and as you go across the city. foc 54 in bellmawr. now we have 40's to the fort and west. chilly readings there and probably stop in the lower 50's here. wind out of the fort east light coming to the north only about 5 miles per hour. he with see that wind around here for tomorrow. are lors the northeast, boston mid 50's now. mid 50's back toward buffalo and a pittsburgh now at 58. detroit 62 and willing in the lower 70's earlier. and now some of that cloud cover pushing offshore and sop we're going to be locking at mainly crear sky today and goes along. here is joaquin and moving away from us out in that direction so no
10:45 pm
it is rain aring still in south and nobody where they just got deluged over the weekend back and over two feet of rain amazing and still getting more rain tonight. that is not coming way. we will stay dy and pop to the lower 70's tomorrow. 70 tee atlanta and chicago and 80's to to the deep south. 60's as you move to seattle. beautiful day. a little cool out the die. 50's in the city. 40's in the burbs. back to 72 tomorrow afternoon. back to above average temperatures. future cast shows it looks good. not tomorrow for wednesday. a lot of sun and to the middle 7's wednesday i think. then this front comes bay few clouds wednesday night and cool us down but bring us back to the beautiful weather on thursday into the upper 60's the rain for us i that is system and that is friday night and nice holiday weekend. patchy clouds. 53 in the city tonight. it is 40's in those chillier suburbs. tomorrow is chilly and milder day. 72 in town. werer 60's to lower 70's. there's the 7 dy and take 74 on wednesday
10:46 pm
morning low in the it up ear's. then cools down just a tad on thursday. 68. a little sun friday morning. the clouds went out. the rain starts by noid hate afternoon. should be done. about 70 then little breezy saturday. a dad day at 65 and nice saturday and columbus day looks god. >> right. great. >> 70. >> that is awesome. >> all right. it is. >> time of year. thank, nick. >> you are welcome. sports ix next. roscoe's one-on-one baseball commission the. >> could you ever ends have the mets and yankees to be playing in the same dy zigs. >> well, he tells bruce that possibility and the fate of pete rose. we'll be right back. >> aim ines rosales with the toyota traffic tracker. route 46 to east of central road and construction going on. the left lane will be closed were 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. until alternate side of the street parking suspended
10:47 pm
once again in the five burroughs.
10:48 pm
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>> all right. how are you doing everyone inthis past week i have the opportunity to sit down for exclusive interview with major league commissioner. we spoke about several top ek bus since the postseason starts this week blished the starting point. you have the mets back in the postseason. they are facing dodgers m. so it east, west to to biggest markets. how good is that for puss niece it is great for business. >> and having our larger markets in the playoffs is important to us. one of the challenges is to drive a big audience in the postseason. obviously, where large markets being in helps us. and having said that. i think we have some great stories in other markets. >> kansas city was great for us last year and you poe, it attracted fashional attention because they had not bin so long. then i think to ron tow could be that kind of a story for thus year. >> could you ever envision realignment in baseball where in
10:50 pm
particular local rivalries such as nets and this the rank cubes playing in the same division? >> well, from a long-term planning perspective, one of the things that we have on our board is the notion of more geographic realignment that helps in a variety of ways, local roof race as you point out, travel, you know, we will look it a because we feel we need to be open to all sorts of ideas and i think the idea of the yankees leaving the american league in the mets' leaving the national league is a far-fetched? not totally out of the realm of possibilities. >> like said, we are in amoted where where we try to take look at everything and try not to be dismissive because it seems unlikely at first plows look i said, he something we talked about on a long-range basis. >> all right p. what are the favorite topics? >> pete rose. you have met with pete rose and major league is
10:51 pm
aboutment about announced. i now a decision will be renned. understand that both you and the rose side have a i degreed to refrain from making for the comments. s that he true. >> with that said when decision rendered will it be yours and yours lane or going to be a group situation? will be my decision. it will be me decision. do you feel pressure one within or the other? i really don't. the only concept will guyed me with respect to this is i want to be true to the major league agreement and constitution and the major league rules and do the rig ting for the institution that i am charged with protecting. now while pete rose remains out of baseball because of the gambling the commission the has
10:52 pm
take a fresh approach to legalized gambling be a maybe contradiction there. i talk about that with him tomorrow night so make sure you come back. >> things are moving real fast and the fantasy and everything was w sports is money. >> all half stuff. yeah. >> change fast. thanks. all right. that will do it tonight. >> have a great one. see you tomorrow.
10:53 pm
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