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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 6, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: weatherwise, let's take a peek. rosanna: what a beautiful october day. ben: it will not rain. rosanna: a lot of people talking about c.c. sabathia bombshell announcement yesterday. we wish him the best. greg: taking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. we are glad that he is getting help. rosanna: learning about what happened that night before. that woman found in chelsea. the mother of three was found dead. greg: fantasy football. are you into that? major scandal. insider information.
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employees that work there trading and making money. rosanna: you and i have talked about this. you need to rob a bank to go over the tolls. it turns out, it is not our imagination. one third of all tolls collected nationwide. greg: that is why. when i was in the military, i'd go away from new york. maybe his wife told. all right. no kidding. rosanna: not our imagination. greg: we want to think tony goldman, mr. president. he showed up yesterday. greg: we tried to convince him to dump olivia pope.
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no matter how hot she is, you have to leave her, mr. president rosanna: i just loves it. good sport. greg: good stuff. i wish you could hear that, by the way. meantime, mike woods. nice day. mike: the two of us were like, okay, come on. greg: verbally abusive out one way. rosanna: he looks good. mike: anyhow. beautiful fall day coming up for us here. this is pretty typical stuff. not a big deal.
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bridgeport, connecticut, mated up to 68 degrees. starts off much the same. maybe a hair milder. we do not have any 30s go around. 49 degrees in bridgeport. mainly clear skies. wind is really easy to honest. if you do have it, it is coming in from the north and northwest around three-6 miles per hour. we do after i skies here in the tri-state region. now exiting the southeast in the carolinas. also joaquin which is still a hurricane.
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should hear it futurecast brings us some high clouds over the next couple days. as it drops into the tri-state region, there it is. more cloud cover outside. no showers out of it. today, it is mainly sunny. temperatures up to 67 by lunchtime. as we go through the next five-seven days, a high of 74 tomorrow. that is only one that we have. let's bring in nine as. ines: lots of problems. southbound. an earlier accident by 130th street. the l.i.e., watch out for a
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crash. 1 million blogs. let's go to our cameras. this is by the palisades. bridge. this is from westchester. traffic moving again. you still have to laze rockland found. at one point, they had always temporarily close. everything else is running on or close. greg: thank you. c.c. sabathia, the star pitcher for the new york yankees announcing that he is an alcoholic and checking into rehab.
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rosanna: we are sending him our very best. last month he was leaving a night of toronto would be dotted to an altercation. greg: the management of the yankees said that they were shocked when they found out the news. rosanna: c.c. has been on our show with his wife amber several times. he was always professional and a gentleman. whenever was a tipping point, we do not know at this point. it does take a lot of courage to put yourself out there. greg: let's go to duke. he is at yankee stadium with more. duke: taking on the astros. yesterday the game was
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news that c.c. sabathia will undergo a alcohol program. he needs to do this to become a better man, father him player. this was as the yankees were about to work out yesterday. the news broke right around lunchtime. >> now it is time for him to rely on all of us to support him in his time of need. -caret this franchise on this back in the past and let us to places we wanted to go. now, he raised his hand and said i need someone to help and guide the. duke: they would need c.c.
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open tonight. another rule that he is very accustomed to. c.c. sabathia will not be with the yankees for the remainder of the postseason. the yankees have a big game tonight. tanaka will be on the ground. the biggest start of the yankees. paddling that dancing. he will take on left-handed catcher. really been tough this year. you wonder why. home field advantages seller or did in this whole thing. houston has really struggled on the road. especially after the all-star rate. houston has the second biggest road record. the yankees will face a
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stadium. we will have one of the all-time great pictures, bob gibson will join me live. we will talk about his new boat and we will talk about tonight's game as well. greg: duke, we will stay on this for a little while paired he sees sabathia reportedly will be checking in to a rehab facility in convicted. people struggling with alcoholism knows that it takes one day at a time. greg: the tipping point may have been the road trip to fall to more recently. spent a lot of time in the hotel drinking. we are wishing c.c. the very best. a frequent guest on "good day
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new york." rosanna: let's talk about another headline that is happening in our town. a dermatologist on dead in a highway. greg: her patients nowhere as doctor rick and bob. all signs needed to point to a drug overdose at this point. let's get to liz. >> reporter: this is the building behind me where she was found. the nypd still carting it this morning. the exact cause of death could take weeks to finally figure out. her last night was filled with partying, drinking and doing cocaine. a prominent dermatologist and mother of three young children
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was found sunday morning. the 38-year-old came into the city saturday for a girls night out. it started at a bar on the lower east side. it involves alcohol and cocaine. greg: working on a pilot program hbo. surveillance photo shows johnson johnson called 911 and directed arimidex, but left the scene. she was taken to grant which village and pronounced it. detectives apparently question johnson. he was released without being charged. investigators still looking for that second man seen in surveillance video. they are asking anyone with
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information to please come forward. p5 thank you very much. you remember the explosion over the weekend. another body has been recovered. two fatalities so far. she had been missing since saturday. rosanna: apparently her body was found yesterday. >> i feel upset. god. rosanna: the body of another tenant was found over the weekend. she was 64 years old. they think that it may have happened from a gas line. it may not have been temporarily
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disconnected. if you read some of the reports of the papers today, there was also talk that she was suicidal. 911. call the fire department. you would never expect someone to go in and rob one of the stores. >> a man robbed a currency store. here is a guide. appears to be in his 30s. euros. he had a semi automatic weapon. if you know anything, please call the cops.
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go over the tolls. it is crazy. anyway, it is not a surprise. one third of all the tolls collected happens right in our neighborhood. >> one third. revenue is generated right here. >> right here. the garden state parkway has a toll every 45 feet. e-zpass really made my life better. rosanna: and the metropolitan transportation authority. taking in 1.2 billion.
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>> driving off the country. rosanna: it is for maintenance. >> all right. that is the way that it is. >> it does not make sense. do not get me started. it is too early. >> a great day coming up for us here. beautiful sunshine. nice and warm. nice fall day coming up for us. we topped out at 67 degrees. today, it will be a little bit warmer. a cold front passing by. it will make it a little bit cooler and breezy for the weekend.
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warmer weather. 54 degrees in montauk. high-pressure, that is what is bringing clear skies. even over the southeastern states things are getting better. that area of low pressure is finally moving out to sea. they will need some time for that water to subside. still, let's talk about joaquin. hurricane sustained wind. heading northeast around 17 miles per hour. picking up speed. it will be colder over cooler ocean waters. it will break up as we get closer together. sunny skies today. sunshine by 11:00 a.m.
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back to 67 for the evening. as we head into tomorrow, even warmer. friday, that is when that cold front comes through. bringing a chance of showers. it does not stick around for long. mid-upper 60s. it will be breezy as well. let's get over to ines rosales. >> some issues out there. let's start out with queens. there is an unauthorized tractor-trailer on the ramp. the l.i.e., those are normal delays. earlier accident on the garden state parkway. 1 million plot. all cleared away. you can see the slowdown there. let's go to our cameras. no problems westbound or eastbound.
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there is an accident westbound by nicolls road. upper level, about a 30 minute delay. lincoln tunnel, 45 inbound. if you are taking the holland tunnel, 20-25. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: the fall foliage. i dead upstate new york. king stand. >> we have been looking. so far, we are not seeing that
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. greg: i hate to be crude. the sounds that an individual is relieving themselves.
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why do they do that? rosanna: it is art. >> sure enough, that is where that guy brought the joint. rosanna: and american airlines pilot died on a flight to phoenix to boston. >> we have an identity on the pilot. greg: he had bypass surgery a couple years ago. crews are trained to deal with this. these plants are technologically advanced. they can be landed. here is captain johnson on the left. everybody made it to their
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rosanna: a rock slide. at least seven people were injured when the train carrying 98 passengers went off the tracks yesterday. the locomotive and another car went off and him think that after hitting a rock. they are looking into this. >> coming off the tracks. >> it was your fourth avenue. caring cooking oil at the time. no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the car to go off the track. the fdny is getting involved. it is a fire helmet.
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inspired by real heroes. greg: there is captain america. superhero versions of the firefighter, emt, paramedic. table all the auctioned off for, can't. proceeds will go to the fdny foundation. >> about time. mcdonald's offering preface all day and all long. >> i would say that you spearheaded this campaign. greg: thank you. rosanna: what do you like the best? >> the sausage. there are some items that will not be available at night. pretty much the hotcakes. that kind of thing.
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now, they have to bring back the mcrib. the shamrock shake. i like that. it is a treat to look forward to. not everyone participates. terrific. this is a big deal for mcdonald's. rosanna: 7:25 a.m. we're going to take a quick rate. we will be right back. the centers for medicare recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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>> george michael. >> i love george michael. >> is this when he was with wham or post-wham? >> i'm not sure. >> we always talk about that moment in beverly hills whenever he -- >> that's the name of this. >> no, that's not what this is. >> what's this? >> this is faith. >> i like sex too. i mean, the song. >> even the song, i want your sex. we'll play that next time, okay, ms. cougar? [laughter] >> speaking of cougars, i was out with this guy last are night. [laughter] >> what did i do? >> yeah. we supported steve weatherford.
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do you have pictures or no? >> i do have. i'll bring them up -- >> well, while you guys were partying -- >> what were you doing? >> jumping the turnstile. >> i paid it back when i got to my destination. >> why were you doing that? >> well, there was such a long line, and the turnstile wasn't working, the train -- >> you jumped it? >> three times when i got there. swiped it extra, so all is good. i'm even with the mta, actually, they owe me one. >> so what are you going to do, jump another turnstile? >> no, it was an emergency. >> did you rip your pants? >> all right, back to what you guys did. >> steve weatherford, the punter for the giants, no longer with the giants. good guy. >> he's got a lot of stuff going on. >> yeah. >> his pal carlo -- anyhow, we've got to get you out the
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fall is in full effect, temps dropping down to the 40s and 50s. boy, the days are getting shorter on us. anyhow, let's show you what's going on, what the averages are for today. the average high, 68 degrees, the average low is 54, and we dropped down to 52, so that's only two degrees off on that number, and your sunset time is at 6:30. we've got 52 in central park with clear skies, winds are calm at this hour for you. temps in the region, 48 in boston, same thing in burlington, warming up quickly there. bangor, maine, you've got mainly sunny skies, and it is going to be another beautiful day in the tristate and beyond. high pressure in control, even much happening. here's what's going on with joaquin. still a hurricane, but it's now far enough offshore that it's not sending back much wave action. maybe a slight increase, but that's it.
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nothing like the last few days. high pressure is in control, clear skies today into tomorrow. there's a weak cold front approaching but kind of break up as it approaches. it'll bring in a few more clouds but no showers, but this one, the second one that comes through on friday, that one is going to bring in some rain. but it's still quite a ways out. all right. sunny skies, nice and mild, tomorrow we make it up to 74. 69 is your thursday high and then on friday that cold front coming by with a few showers out there. okay. now let's swing it over to ines rosales. >> a little better. we still have some incidents out there. suffolk county, the lie approaching nicholas road, you have an accident blocking a lane. if you're traveling on the northern state parkway, no problems. on the new jersey side of things, we're doing okay. normal delays on 80 approaching
7:31 am
this is the rockland side of the thruway heading towards the tappan zee bridge a. combination of sun flair and an earlier -- glare and an earlier accident, delays go back to at least the garden state parkway. cross bronc, that's the camera i'm looking for, alexander ham hilton bridge doing -- hamilton bridge, there was an accident by yankee stadium, so traffic looking good in the bronx. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> okay. fantasy football, a couple years ago it moved from being a very fun, albeit a waste of time, to a huge business. >> huge. you're sounding like donald trump. >> i'm telling you, greg, it's a great way to make must be. >> an employee of a major fantasy site is accused of using insider info to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. fox 5's robert moses is looking into this. what's going on? >> well, greg and rosanna, so
7:32 am
akin to insider trading really on wall street. picture this: you're betting on the long shot in a horse race, but only you know the horse is the long shot. that horse wins, you get big money, others don't. fantasy sports is some combination of luck and skill, but this man who won big had some added help on his team. >> play one week fantasy football at this sunday. >> it's impossible to watch a pro football game without seeing ads for the web sites draftkings and fanduel. fans create their own fantasy teams each week and win money. now the sites have created a scandal. an employee, ethan has kill, gained access to information not available publicly showing which nfl players were most popular for fans to draft. that same week, he won $350,000 on fan duel.
7:33 am
information is akin to insider training since he gained an advantage over his competitors. the two companies released a joint statement saying nothing is more important to us than the integrity of the games we offer to our customers. fantasy sports is a multibillion industry, and it's beginning to draw the attention of lawmakers like representative frank pallone of new jersey. he thinks it's hypocritical for major sports leagues like the nfl to oppose legalize sports betting while supporting fantasy sports. >> i'd like to have a hearing and haul the major leagues in and say, okay, why do you think, you know, involving your players in fantasy sports -- gambling -- is less of a problem than sports betting in general? >> late yesterday draft kings and fan duel announced that employees now cannot participate in fantasy games on other web sites. also draft kings said that
7:34 am
haskell got the insider information after line-ups on fan duel were already set for the week and, therefore, he couldn't change his players. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> you into that, bobby? i haven't really done it. >> i'm not a huge fan, but i do play. >> what about fantasies in general? face. [laughter] >> good to see you guys. >> see you later, bob. take a quick peek outside. >> this is our child, our stepchild here, bobby. >> not old enough. we would have been less than teenage mothers -- >> i know. but i feel like he just graduated, you know, and was bar mitzvahed two weekes ago. >> that's why he's still blushing about the fantasy remark. statue of liberty looks gorgeous today. what else?
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good day's coming good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? two sugars -- sounds good. just the way you like it. on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> george michael. >> ooh. finish scandalous. back in 1990 whatever, and it still is, quite frankly. as we look at the beautiful,
7:36 am
>> still very green there. thank you for the perp who tweeted me -- the person who betweened me a picture from hudson -- tweeted me a picture from hudson island. >> so cool that governors island is so close. we recommend everybody go there at least once. >> yeah. we had a nice time there a few months ago. >> all right, what else? >> well, the rain in south carolina, boy, oh, boy, they've had it rough for the last few days. well, the rain stopped, but the danger of flooding from the record rainfall has not let up. >> at least 12 people have died and 40,000 residents are without power. power has now been restored to all but 1,000 customers, that is. >> yeah. there was some water problems. they couldn't access the water in their homes. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for part of the state. officials say at least 18 dams have been breached, and flood waters are expected to rise. >> power outage one more time, not at 40, but at 1,000.
7:37 am
mike, that was pretty nasty down there. >> it was. some places saw more than two feet of rain in about a 4-5 day stretch. yeah, glad to see they're catching a break. we were talking about this earlier, rosanna, what we did. had a little daughter. >> oh, carlo's. >> he put together this cool dinner for elite lifestyle cuisine. >> how about that chef hat? >> mike had one on too. >> i know, we all did at one point. >> that is a classic chef hat. >> you've got to like it. and this is healthy cooking at the same time. >> it is. it's a new line i think steve weatherford is endorsing. >> exactly. i thought the other -- >> next time. >> next time. all right. takes a while to get these things set up. thank you very much, carlo, for having us. and your mom and dad were out there too. we had a great time. anyhow, let's give you an idea what starts happening in october. the days are getting shorter asking fall sets in. -- as fall
7:38 am
by october 31st, by halloween, we get 10 hours and 28 minutes of daylight. it's a huge drop in our minutes anyhow as we go from the 1st to the 31st. anyhow, that's what's happening, and you'll notice those days getting shorter. 52 in newark, 49 in bridgeport and islip with a mainly clear sky. high pressure's in control, and that'll give us lots of sunshine, but still it's going to be a gorgeous day. the stormy weather that we had for the east coast now moving on, and hurricane joaquin is also moving on. a potent storm, but it's far enough offshore that it's not a much anyone. high temps up to about 72, tomorrow we make it up to 74, then 69 for a high on thursday. chance of showers on friday, and then on saturday it's back to breezy, cool weather again. and by the way, the fox 5ny
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weather app is at the itunes store and google play store all set up for you to check out. all right? let's bring in ines rosales and take a peek at what's happening this morning. >> good morning, mike. well, let's check in on queens right now. belts parkway westbound, an accident blocks a lane. the van wyck just cleared away an unauthorized tractor-trailer, you're left with delays back to the belts parkway and the lie, kind of have a combination of normal delays. other issues, putnam county watch out for an accident route 84 westbound heading towards 684, the southbound ramp. let's go to our cameras, take a look at staten island expressway by bradley avenue, normal delays heading towards the verrazano bridge. the sun, the way it's out today, a lot of sun glare, got to be careful with that. eastbound, you're fine. as far as the trains, problems with the ronkonkoma branch,
7:40 am
of an unauthorized vehicle on the tracks, even though service has resumed, it affected the normal route. street cleaning rules suspended for religious observances, meters remain in effect. >> take the 7 line tonight, right? it goes out to yankee stadium? >> no. 7 goes to shea stadium. citi field, you want to take the 4 or the 5. >> okay. and this is a must-win wildcard playoff game tonight. >> well, and it's kind of strange because c.c. sabathia announced yesterday he has to head to rehab, he's an alcoholic. we wish him the best. shock. the manager said he had no idea. >> i know. but you never know what's going on in his personal life, and hats off for having the courage to do this right now. duke castiglione is at yankee stadium, and, duke, i know we're all disappointed, but you know what?
7:41 am
his family. >> yes, he does, without question. obviously, the news surprised many of us, rosanna, yourself, greg and i know c.c. very well. outstanding guy and we, of course, wish him the best. yankees taking on the houston astros in the wildcard, and this is a real treat. i am joined by one of the greatest pitchers of all time. hall of famer bob gibson. bob, it's a real treat for you to join us here in this morning. you have a new book out, "pitch by pitch: my view of one unforgettable game." we'll get to that in a second, but first, tonight's game is a must-win game. you've been in these big games before. you have tanaka tonight. as a pitcher, what is your mentality when you take the mound in a game like this? >> well, you know, i never did try to change the way i went about pitching. i tried my best to pitch the way i did the whole season.
7:42 am
be a little bit more hype, and your nerves are going to be on edge. i don't know there's anything you can do to make you better, you just have to learn to deal with it. >> all right, the news about c.c. sabathia, i think it caught everybody by shock. i know i was taken back by the news. and, obviously, it must have been something very, very serious and something he contemplated to do this on the eve of the playoffs. i'm sure you've had situations with teammates over the years or guys in the league, you know, what are your thoughts on c.c. entering alcohol rehab? >> well, you know, i really haven't experienced that -- >> really? >> -- with a teammate. i have. no i know it's happened with a lot of guys, but there hasn't been anybody on the teams that i played on that experienced it. so i really don't know what he's going through. i really feel for him, and i hope nothing but the best. >> let's talk about the book here, "pitch by pitch: my view
7:43 am
of one unforgettable game," bob gibson. this is game one of the 1968 world series. october 2nd. you're facing the tigers. you strike out 17, you shut out the tigers who had just a great team that year. you threw 144 pitches. i'm enjoying the book, tell us about it. >> you know, somebody asked me why would you pick that game? well, you go into the world series, and that's what every team aimed for at spring training. and to have one of your best, your career pitching games during the time that it was really crucial, i had to pick that game. and these guys were supposed to be bombers, and they were, but i think it was probably one of the best games in my career. >> and what a career you had. they actually changed the rules after the 1968 season -- >> yeah. >> -- because you were so dominant in 1968. they lowered the mound to give hitters more of an advantage.
7:44 am
game, and i laugh because i said to you before we got on the air, that would never happen today. matt harvey, some of the mets' young pitchers are on strict pitch counts. what is your view on that? >> i don't think much of it, you know? i don't think that you can save anything for next year or for the next game or for your career. i think you need to go as long as you can as hard as puck and then try to -- as you can and then try to keep those other guys out of the ball game. >> for those who don't know, bob gibson was a harlem globetrotter. i know you don't get asked about that as much as you do about the baseball, but tell us what that was like. >> you know, i was a little disappointed because i was used to playing to kill. and i started playing with them right after the baseball season, and i would expect to go out and really put it on somebody. and the first thing i found out, that they wanted me to dribble
7:45 am
the ball through my legs. i said, well, i'm not going to do that. and then the team that we played, the washington generals or somebody, they could play for 35 years and not beat us. and i wanted to play some really stiff competition, and it wasn't that way. [laughter] >> bob gibson. the book, "pitch by pitch: my view of one unforgettable game," and we appreciate you stopping by. this was a real treat. and i'm enjoying the book. i highly recommend it. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks very much, duke. we want to stay on c.c. sabathia. frequent quest on good day new york, checking into rehab we believe in connecticut. let's take a look at c.c. playing on the yankees if we can. you know, i remember we kidded him about remember when he went on the no cappen crunch diet? >> right are. he lost a lot of weight. every time he's been here, i have to say, he's been prompt, professional, a gentleman, but
7:46 am
you never know what somebody is battling, and you don't know, basically, what that does to the family. i'm sure something must have happened that he said i need to go in immediately. >> well, the post said he went on quite a bender in boston recently. he was on about a year ago. he's been on more recently than that, but great guy. let's go to dr. raj more more on what happens in alcohol rehab. >> yeah. so, basically, they need to deal with the immediate withdrawal symptoms. somebody who's been drinking regularly, even if it's not that much in terms of quantity, they may go into physical withdrawal which could involve symptoms such as shakiness or tremors, nausea, vomiting, and if it's severe, it may require medication to manage sometimes even in a hospital setting. once you've gotten over that initial withdrawal period which could last up to a week, then you're dealing with the psychological underpinnings of addiction. what happens in a rehab facility is you're being educated about
7:47 am
what alcohol or drugs is going to you not only psychologically, but physically, to your body, how it's impacting your work, europe family, and what are the triggers, the situations that may get you in trouble again. also the family should be involved, and very often in the rehab centers the family comes in for meetings, they talk to the therapist as well to see how they can help and how they can stop enabling the problem. usually it lasts for 28 days, about a month, but there needs to be after care as world. because once you're back in the real world -- >> the struggle is real. >> yeah. >> you don't realize it unless you know somebody. and, you know, like this summer i would, like, walk around streets and see people drinking rose, outdoor calf fail. walked out of rehab one day, and there right down the block is a bar with a line with young people all the way up the block, and i'm thinking it's so hard. you don't realize if you're going through rehab with
7:48 am
somebody how difficult it is for >> exactly. every day and everywhere there are temptations, there are strong. but the great thing about this story is he personally asked for help and, of course, if you go to rehab and you're not 100 % convinced you need help, that's the first step. >> i heard there's a drug that you can take that makes you sick if you drink alcohol. >> sometimes that's used. and if you have alcohol, you feel violently gnaw yous and -- nauseous and sick -- >> why wouldn't people want to do that? >> like all medications, it has side effects. that's dealing with the physical part of it. if you don't use alcohol, you might go to something else if you're still in that addictive cycle. >> you know what they say, one day at a time. >> absolutely. we wish him the best.
7:49 am
>> we're going to t >> anna's song, they're playing it. >> hi, anna gilligan. ten days to the wedding day. >> don't get her more nervous. >> he's, leak, better than
7:50 am
countdown clocks on web sites. all right, let's talk about eddie murphy. he's going to be awarded the mark twain prize for humor, and tracy morgan has just been added to the lineup of performers who will be honoring him. we just saw morgan at the emmys since his near-fatal car crash. others honoring him include chris rock, kathy griffin, arsenio hall, trevor noah and whitmy cummings just to name some of them. november 23rd on pbs, so you can see the whole thing. and he's one of the city's biggest sports cheerleaders. you see him on the sideline at nearly every knicks game, well, now spike lee has been named grand marshal of the the new york city marathon. and according to "the new york
7:51 am
times" bestseller, the top times" bestseller, the top fiction book is "the martian," the movie just came out. in second place is make me by lee childs, also movies based on that series starring tom cruise. >> we met that guy. he started writing later in life. cool dude. >> in third is the girl in the spider's web. now, that is related to the girl with the dragon tattoo franchise, this is the first book by him. steve larson, who wrote the first three, passed away ten years ago. and here is the top selling nonfiction best selling list: killing reagan by bill o'reilly and martin dugard, why not me by mindy kaling. what are you guys reading? >> we thought we'd do a mini book report. i happen to be reading purity by jonathan franzen. oh, boy, this book is at times disturbing, highly engaging, entertaining, kind of fascinating. weird.
7:52 am
i don't want to give -- how about you, rosanna? >> well, i could use the same adjectives for this book. [laughter] i'm only kidding. not the weird part. [laughter] but i'm learning a lot about your father and where you fit in in the family. >> yeah. on page 225 once. what's up with you? >> a short guide to a long life, just trying to get the cliff notice on -- howard stern's always talking about him, so i've learned don't eat between meals and stop taking vitamins. >> really? >> yeah. >> anna maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands,
7:53 am
at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
7:54 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. hi, everybody, on this tuesday, the 6th of the october, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto, it's a beautiful day out there. it's a little cool to start off with, but it's going to warm up. we're going to go from the 50s to the 70s. >> check out that a gold statue in front of the plaza hotel where yesterday there was a robbery in the middle of a day. a guy goes in with a gun and robs the currency store. >> i'll take that in euros, please. >> this guy got away with 4600 euros which is about $5,000. walked away. >> all right. we're waiting right now for foxology reports in the -- fox col reports in that dermatologist, mother of three found in a vestibule of an apartment building in chelsea. nypd investigators say kristin
7:55 am
spent the night in the city, she was out drinking with her friends, and then she say she was using cocaine. >> so c.c. sabathia is an treatment. a surprise announcement yesterday. he'll be going to rehab, and he will miss any postseason play the yankees have in store. >> some iphone 6s are two hot to handle. has this happened to you? some users are returning burning hot touch id buttons. i guess this is with the new iphone 6? >> yeah, the 6s. if you push that button, apparently it's too hot to handle. iphone, still a great product, let's face it. all right, hi, everybody. we want to thank president grant from scandal, tony goldwyn. cool dude. came by good day new york, and we implored him to dump olivia pope. >> we did. we'll show that video coming up in a little bit. >> oh, is it not ready? >> it's not ready yet.
7:56 am
but mike woods is ready. >> remember that? it was awesome. >> i did. you guys did a nice job. [laughter] >> he just came in. he was late coming from another place, and we said we're going to play president. >> he's like, okay, fine. >> let me see if i can get this. hi, what's going on? >> he's trying to get the video. >> it's ready, hit it. >> here we go. >> oh! >> how do you feel, tony? >> the story of my life. you're like olivia pope. >> that's right. i'm taking over the white house. >> you're welcome to it. it's an ugly job. people think they want it. donald, it's not as good as you think. >> i've got to ask you something because i read kerry washington said it's strange doing these love scenes with you because you you -- she knows your wife -- and and i know her husband. >> oh, got to the good part well i said i don't know your wife,
7:57 am
and you don't know my husband, so give me a hug. [laughter] >> we got out of it for your benefit. >> okay, fine. go to work, lou. [laughter] anyway -- >> boy. >> what we do for this show. >> i know. it's all in good fun. >> yes. >> exactly. >> i said, you know, maybe it's a woman president in the future. >> it could happen. it could happen in the not too distant future. >> got to keep it warm. >> i hear ya. [laughter] all right. speaking of warm, looks like it's going to be pretty warm later on today, but right now it's on the cool side. cool and calm, not much going on. sunshine back here throughout the day as opposed to just the afternoon. let's take a look at what's going on with our temps as we get out the door this morning. oh, wait, i guess we could start with that. >> pictures are randomly coming up. that was last night. >> yes. that whole, you know, the elite lifestyle cuisine little dinner we had with carlo. there's duke.
7:58 am
see, we all had the cool chef's hat. us. it's a great product. 53 out at central park, 50 degrees in bridgeport. temperature changes out there this morning, most of us are a little bit warmer, five degrees warmer than monticello. pretty much the same out at central park, but generally speaking, it's a fairly mild start to the day. clear skies right now, high pressure's in control. there is joaquin in the offshore waters, still heading part -- farther and farther out to sea. high pressure, as long as it hangs tight, we've got good stuff with fair skies. we could use a little bit more rainfall. anyhow, there's the next cold front sliding in. doesn't have a whole lot to it, so it brings in more clouds tomorrow, but no rain out of that one. but the next one looks like it has a little more promise for rainfall. that won't be until friday. today you've got sunny skies, a
7:59 am
tomorrow up to 74, then 69 on thursday. friday there's that chance of showers, it's the only one we have in the next seven days. let's brink in ines rosales, get a look at what's happening with the commute at this point. >> a lot of red. delays out there. queens right now, traffic slow here on the jackie robinson parkway heading towards the grand central parkway. you do have an accident on the belts parkway westbound by leopards boulevard. new jersey, exit 15, you do have delays back to mccar new highway. take a look at westchester, this is by playland parkway, no problems northbound and southbound this morning. with trains we do have problems with long island railroad. the ronkonkoma branch, some trains 90 minutes. there was an earlier problem where they had to suspend service because of an unthousandsed vehicle on the
8:00 am
on the tracks. >> a lot of questions this morning still, we're looking for answers with this morning in the death of that dermatologist from long island. >> 38 years old, mother of three, and it hooks like all signs are pointing to a drug overdose, possibly cocaine. she was found dead over the chelsea. more. >> the building behind you with the nypd van, that's where kirsten was found over the weekend. the medical examiner says it could be weeks before the cause of death is determined in this case, but the nypd says this mother of three spent saturday night drinking, partying and using cocaine. kirsten cer vurksveni, was found in the doorway of this chelsea apartment sunday morning. according to police, the 38-year-old came into the city saturday for a girls' night out which started at a bar on the
8:01 am
lower east side and included alcohol and cocaine. around three in the morning, he met up with mark henry johnson, a television producer who's working on a pilot for hbo, according to "the new york post." the two then went to an apartment at 223 west 16th street to meet up with another man and continued partying with more cocaine. police say surveillance video shows johnson and another man carrying her down the stairs, leaving her in the vestibule. johnson called 911 and directed paramedics, but left the scene. he was taken to lennox health greenwich village and pronounced dead. detectives did question johnson, but he was released without being charged. we're told the nypd is trying to find that second man seen in that surveillance video. they're asking anyone who may know any information to come forward. greg and rosanna, back to you. much. that's a tough story, huh? >> it really is. well, the search is on this
8:02 am
>> okay. take a look at the surveillance video. the shop, by the way, dealt in currency. tourists would go there to exchange currency. he made off with 4-u60 euros -- 4,600 euros, about $5,000. >> ben simmoneau has more information for us. >> yeah, rosanna and greg, pretty stunning robbery happening around 11:00 in the morning, middle of the day here at the plaza hotel. pretty much any time of day, let's show you those surveillance pictures once again. this rob arer went to the travel-x currency exchange. he requested 500 euros. when the teller pulled out the wad of euros, this man produced a black handgun, grabbed the wad of euros and took off. it was about 4,600 euros, the equivalent of about $5,000 u.s. you don't often hear about a robbery of euros in the united
8:03 am
states. nobody was injured in the process. the man was last seen walking down 58th street here which is just on the other side of the plaza hotel from where i'm standing. again, that happening around 11:00 in the morning. police very much need the public's help, call crimestoppers. that's the story live outside the plaza. back to you. >> plaza hotel, still a great new york institution, huh? >> yes. it's great, it's fun, great shops and beautiful hotel. >> and the oak bar. >> the oak bar, yes. >> all right. >> all right, meanwhile, in other news police say a woman armed with a semiautomatic robbed two bodegas last week, one in manhattan, the oh -- the other in marble hill. police say in one of them she made off with about $300. she's described as in her early 30s, about 5-6 -- >> you don't hear about this too often, female gunmen holding up stores.
8:04 am
>> if you know anything, pleads call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. >> and the family of a worker is outraged after he was found dead inside a hospital bathroom. apparently, he was locked in that bathroom for days, and nobody knew where he was. >> he worked at the hospital. 44 years old. went to a third floor staff bathroom on thursday and did not come out. his family kept calling his cell, he never answered. they called the hospital. they say the hospital did nothing until yesterday when they really demanded, hey, you've got to start looking for this guy, our loved one. police say it appears he died from natural causes. the hospital says it and the nypd are investigating. >> new york attorney general eric schneiderman is cracking down on synthetic marijuana. >> yeah, k2. this is very poe the tent stuff. it is now illegal, we believe, to sell this in new york city stores. >> yeah.
8:05 am
he has court orders to stop two shops to stop selling the substance. it's popular with teenagers and the homeless people. mr. schneiderman claims the stores didn't have the proper labeling or warnings on the product. the companies are also accused of promoting the drug as, quote, legal highs on the packaging. >> our office has been dealing with this problem of synthetic drugs or designer drugs for the last couple of years with tremendous success, and we need to expand those efforts because the problem is not going away. >> about two, three years ago the governor banned substances like k2, but manufacturers keep getting around the law by changing the chemical formula. >> the ag they're talking about here in new york city, the city council recently passed a law city. >> well, here's something that shouldn't surprise you if you have a car and you go over the bridges in new jersey or staten island, new york, we are now learning that we pay one-third of all the tolls collected in
8:06 am
the united states. one-third. this is a big country, 300 million people, and one-third of it coming from the tristate area, essentially. this is from a group out of washington, d.c -- >> yeah, the new jersey turnpike authority, they said, collected the most, $1.4 billion in tolls on the turnpike on the garden state parkway in 2013. port authority of new york and new jersey was second with 1.3 bill, and the mta always complain they have no money, >> billion. [laughter] i do remember being away for my military service and spending more in a weekend around thanksgiving than i did in a year driving around the country. >> i know. i say it's highway robbery. all right. mike woods, take it away. >> that's good. i give you credit. all right, good morning to you. coming up. want to compare the beginning of october to the end, show you how much daylight we are losing
8:07 am
here. in the beginning your sunrise time is at 6:53, and sunsets at 6:38. you've got 11 hours and 45 minutes of danger. by the 31st you've only got 10 hours and 28 minute, so it's a pretty significant loss in time, that's why the days seem like they're getting shorter and shorter. 68's the average high today, 54 is the average low. the record high is 90 degrees set back in 1941, and, yeah, looks like we're not going to have records high or low temp wise. it's now 55 in newark, 53 in central park. 57 in montauk and now 44 in poughkeepsie. winds back dune to almost -- down to almost zero for everyone, generally from the north and nervous at around 3-6 or 7 miles per hour, that's it. a lot of sunshine coming at you. it's time for it to go to work. looks like we'll be heating it
8:08 am
above normal range february -- range for a few days. the area of low pressure is being pushed on coming out of the carolinas, giving them a break from all that rainfall. then here's what we have with joaquin, which is still a category one storm, it's continuing to head further out to sea. only thing we're going to see is some minor wave action. moderate drought still here with us in the tristate region. we've seen about an inch. and a half of rain from the first of the month be, but since january 1st we're about 3.63 inches behind. we could still use some more water out there. reservoirs seem to be doing just fine. temps going up to 72. 74 is your high tomorrow, 69 is the high on thursday. friday a cold front passing by, does make it breezier and cooler on saturday and then into sunday and monday, you're starting the to warm it back up a little bit. we have daily and hourly
8:09 am
check out at any point if you're traveling, so take it up. again, apple itunes store, google play store, it's there for free. fox 5ny weather, you're good to go. ines rosales are has got the latest. >> you have a lot of delays, as you can see. let's focus on long island. the lie slow, normal delays here on willis avenue westbound and just occurred, an accident on my screen, westbound on southern state parkway. traffic's just slow as you approach the farmingdale area. as far as your commute in the bronx, major deegan southbound slow heading towards the cross bronx, everyone's trying to get onto the cross bronx. the bronx parkway also slow there. let's go to our cameras, harlem drive over by 155th street, no problems northbound or southbound this morning. the george washington bridge
8:10 am
upper level, 30 minutes. lower level, only a 5 minute delay. lincoln tunnel, 45 inbound, the holland tunnel about a 30 minute from both approaches. >> tony robbins, have you heard of him? the peak performance coach. guy is incredible. he's been around a long time. he's speaking out more and more about financial health. >> getting your finances together. i think we could all use a little advice on that. hey, didn't he walk -- didn't you walk on, like, hot rocks with him? >> yeah. he came near 2013. anyway, the guy is extremely impressive. you'll want to meet him at 9:00. can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it.
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how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. >> the oak room, as seen in my favorite movie, one of them, arthur. what's his name, dudley moore shows up there with a woman of
8:14 am
the evening, makes a big spect call. when -- spectacle. when's the last time you've been there? >> a while ago. such a beautiful, iconic place. >> there is the plaza, and we like our friend -- >> oh, yes, he does, i think, the party circuit this, right? >> all the entertaining. >> rob are, good guy. usually at this time we meet lauren simonetti, the the lovely business anchor over there. guess what? she delivered a healthy baby girl! >> oh, that's so nice. this is her baby, ray vivienne. >> very nice. >> born at 11:41 yesterday 15 ounces. we hear that mom and baby are doing well, and i have to say lauren was probably the prettiest pregnant woman i've ever seen. her face did not change -- >> you couldn't tell. this is her the day before she gave birth. >> i mean, this is crazy. [laughter] she looked amazing, and rae looks so cute, that baby.
8:15 am
october, anybody know? what? >> libra. >> isn't that the scale? >> good eye for finance. that's what they say. this baby's going to be rich. >> okay. business. speaking of finance. >> adam shapiro sitting in. >> and a good morning to both of you. >> what's happening? >> let's talk about the iphone 6s because there are complaints and just a few of them, but this is an old iphone, but i'm using it to demonstrate, the home button, you have to press this thing to activate siri, all that stuff. apparently on the new 6s they get so hot, you can't touch them. mashable has reached out to apple for comment, there are people who are putting statements on twitter, apparently it's just too hot, can't touch it, and there's no official comment if this is a genuine problem or something else that might be going on. >> remember a couple years ago they were all worried about the phones that were bending? >> yeah. >> never happened to my phone. >> adam, thanks a lot.
8:16 am
>> absolutely. cute baby. >> do you love cheer rose owes? >> i did growing up. a cheerio recall. what have we got? >> yeah are. recalling 1.8 million boxes of both the regular and honey nut cheerios because they may contain wheat even though they're labeled gluten-free. >> gluten-free. >> this is very important if you know anyone who suffers from wheat allergies. so the recalled cereal boxes have used by dates of july 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 of 206 on them. i kind of like the chocolate cheerios. glad they're not part of this recall. [laughter] >> you can continue to eat those? >> i still eat them. they're not just for children. >> is this the kind of breakfast you have to have weeings and broccoli to have a -- with eggs and broccoli? just part of a nutritious breakfast. >> remember when we actually used to read the cereal boxes like they were the most important thing in the world.
8:17 am
>> anyway, speaking of breakfast, i know you're happy about this. >> this is fantastic. finally mcdonald's is listening to me, breakfast will be available all day and all night long. it will not end at 10:30 anymore which was particularly horrendous on sunday morning. >> the mcmustmuffin and the sausage burritos with the hash browns, you can go to town on them -- >> all day long. mcgriddle, by the way, i don't think is available after 10:30 in the morning. >> one step at a time. then we'll work on the shamrock shake --. >> and the mcrib. >> coming up, superhero fans are going to go to comic-con this week, and they'll see some special helmets. >> that's a ndnc -- fdny helmet specially created for comic-con. let's see the captain america version. >> that's cute.
8:18 am
>> so comic-con comes -- >> thursday. and you'll be able to buy these helmets, they're going to be auctioned off, and the proceeds will go to the fdny foundation, so that's fantastic. >> i went to that last year, it was awesome. >> did you get dressed up? >> no. but i did stock up on my star trek phasers, and i actually bought a triquarter. >> i don't know what that is. >> basically, it was an iphone that spock always walked around with. and he could tell anything with this little box. all right, comic-con coming this week. also c.c. sabathia, we're staying on this. guy's checking into rehab. the star pitcher for the new york yankees has a serious problem with alcohol. so we wish him well. >> we do.
8:19 am
maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
8:20 am
old rosanna: this is freight -- frankie avalon. he is actually going to be here. we will cook with frankie avalon in the 9:00 o'clock hour. greg: frankie l on have like 95 children, i think. he has a very big family. good for him.
8:21 am
there he is. rosanna: okay. i like that. i want to see some of those recipes. greg: it is your book. chicken soup with cheese custard. interesting. i tell you in wedding soup. it had little meatballs and it. greg: how about that. mike woods, do you cook anything? anyone this? mike: i cook quite a few things. it involves a microwave. rosanna: you actually admitted to somebody that you use chef boyardee. greg: i love that stuff. sometimes i eat it right out of
8:22 am
it smelled like alcohol. chef boyardee is romanian. he is not i tell you in. would you guys like to see it? rosanna: mike. you do know what it is like to keep him out for three hours. he has a mission. how many copies did he have? all right. what's going on? mike: it actually looks pretty good. another beautiful one coming up for us here. we had enough of the raid last week. what to expect. another fall date. it will be a little warmer than what we had yesterday. next chance of rain does not
8:23 am
friday night. another cold front coming through there. no moisture for that one to work with. we will not get any rain out of that. as he headed to the weekend, it will get a little bit later. for now, we are good. 57 degrees. sunny skies. definitely on the not so bad side. fifty-three in philadelphia. same thing in ceric use. fifty in boston. clear skies as you are stepping up the doors. expanding the view out quite a bit. high pressure is in control. all sorts of sunshine. this is joaquin. still a hurricane. heading to the northeast. heading out to see. with that being the case, we do not have to worry about it in
8:24 am
the land areas. causing all those problems down into the carolinas. prior skies coming to that region as well as us here in the tri-state here it think about the next cold front. it does not bring in rainfall. it brings in clouds. friday, it will be that guy fighting in here. high temperature goes up to 72 degrees. we have a high of 74 tomorrow. sixty-nine on thursday. seventy on friday. let's get over to ines rosales. let's get to where the big slowdowns are. ines: starting off with westchester. blocking a lane. coming from rockland county.
8:25 am
in accident on a date. 280, delays both directions. and eastbound accident right after the bridge. eastbound because of rubbernecking. everyone is slowing down to take a look. let's go to our cameras. taking a look at that lie. earlier accident by nicolls road has been cleared. george washington bridge, upper level driving into the city, about a 30 minute delay. lincoln tunnel, about an hour. street cleaning rules are suspended today. meters remained in effect. ronkonkoma branch, due late. greg: before we get to the news, chef lawyer d. everybody knows it. a couple years ago, rosanna, what happened?
8:26 am
behind chef boyardee. greg: she signed mike can. rosanna: you are showing such restraint. i am so proud of you. greg: spelled it a little differently. alive and well. rights cook books. a full time look. rosanna: the yankees and their fans getting ready for one game wildcard playoff with the houston astros. greg: c.c. sabathia will not be on the mound. he admitted he needs help. he has a serious problem. rosanna: that caught us by surprise. we have done events with him. even though, you know, brian cashman said he had no idea this
8:27 am
>> reporter: good morning. i am joined with my good friend and columnist for the new york post. the astros and yankees wildcard game. the news came as a shock, at least to me. c.c. sabathia entering and alcohol treatment facility. what did you think? >> there were a couple incidents. the timing was shocking. the day before the playoffs start. going back to the situation in toronto. there was a situation last year regarding a flight to jamaica. officials were called in. their words summer were about a situation on a balcony.
8:28 am
>> there were signs. >> a couple of incidents. >> let's talk about what this means. if the yankees to win this game going forward -- a chance. >> he left in mid-august with a knee injury. he was not pitching well at all. he came back, put on a knee brace, was pitching very well last month. he probably would have been pulled out of the bullpen. it is a loss. duke: let's talk about tonight's game. tanaka. he battled that hamstring problem. sixteen shutout innings. preview this game for us tonight.
8:29 am
they really struggled since mark to share went down for the year. it is one game. anything can happen. duke: they have struggled. >> i think gardner. otherwise, so, -- leading lineup up against a lefty. duke: who do have winning this game? >> the astros. i think about tanaka. the yankees had some amazing stats there. seventy-three-two. get the lead by the seventh inning. hopefully that will pit is
8:30 am
duke: we appreciate it. rosanna: we wish the yankees a good night. costumes. greg: it may be a popular halloween costume on halloween. rosanna: people are talking about the pizza rat. now, apparently, there is a costume. greg: i look at that and i do not think of this incident. rosanna: this looks like a sexy greg: the pizza has to be bigger than you. where can you get this $90 costume? rosanna: it is like a naughty pizza wrap. greg: all right. coming up. frankie avalon.
8:31 am
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique. greg: that is your favorite building. the crown building.
8:34 am
rosanna: it just reminds me of, i don't know, years past. greg: the paris movie theater. what is playing at the paris, by the way? down a little lower. to the right. sarah jessica parker, she would go to the movies there in sex in the city. rosanna: sometimes they have artsy little films there. greg: you are not owing to be able to see army man at the paris theater. not the hangover. afterwards, you can go to that boutique. rosanna: boutiques. have you been in the back are? greg: back bar, once they let me in. it was kind of you have to be,
8:35 am
rosanna: fall foliage. we all love to look at it. have you notice noticed you can get severe headaches and allergies from it. greg: after roshini raj joins us. >> in and other ailment that you have may be seen more in the fall, migraines. they can be triggered much more in the fall months. we are not exactly sure what about the weather changes doing this. drops in changes in barometric pressure can trigger migraines for people that get migraines regularly leave. you may want to keep a headache diary. a week or two you write down when you get the headache. also what the weather is like that day. a drop in pressure could trigger it. if lightning strikes within 25 miles of the migraine
8:36 am
likely to develop a migraine. for those of you that suffer from headaches, this may be a time that you talk with your doctor about preventive medication. if you have never had a migraine, it can be extremely debilitating. for several hours, you could be out of commission. rosanna: bedridden. >> dark, quiet room. they cannot function. some people have an aura. they can send it is coming on. greg: so funny. what else? oh well, maybe we will do this now. rosanna: double take. you know her as rhonda on empire.
8:37 am
she is the killer, too, by the way. do you watch that show? greg: i am behind a couple episodes, but i will catch up. tony robbins will be joining us. if you have questions, let us
8:38 am
there's no place come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at
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greg: yankee stadium. tonight's game tonight, the wildcard game. rosanna: they have to do it tonight. greg: unlike the old system. we do not even call it the pendant anymore. rosanna: there are so many names. how do we keep up. did you have to fill in the car -- sheehan.
8:40 am
greg: what have they done now? anna: what have they not done. a lot of controversy. all six car -- sheehan gender women together for the first time in years. people have a problem with this because the title is america's first family. rosanna: oh, who looks at that. anna: and upper right-hand, easiest work out for and epic bomb. greg: a lot of the articles are about pleasing a man. anna: people are thinking it is unfair to call them the first family. greg: who are these people? anna: i have some tweets. posted a photo of the obama's
8:41 am
and said this is america's first family. the fact that cosmopolitan considers the kardashians the first family is not only disgusting, but disrespectful. this one here takes a different stance. why does this surprise anyone. the kardashians ep demise everything that car cosmo supports. tom cruise in the cool kidman's daughter reportedly got married. neither of her parents nor her brother were there. they say the 22-year-old got married on september 182 her it was reportedly a very intimate ceremony. parents.
8:42 am
greg: i hate to get involved in family's business. anna: according to reports, the parents were not invited at all to their kids wetting. there are all kinds of reports. nobody actually knows what happens here. rosanna: interesting thing. page six says that because the kids are scientologists and tom is a scientologist, no call was not even invited. jack reacher movie. a best-selling book right now. rosanna: you know how greg -- greg: anna is getting married, i
8:43 am
where you going on the honeymoon? anna: we are still working that out. planning a wedding is a lot of work. my goodness. greg: all right. anna: very lucky. rosanna: wedding reception. anyway. coming up on "good day new york." greg: a new book about los angeles. happens to be the brother of cold tony gold went.
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rosanna: pat cooper, it is all about you. not the comedian pat cooper. greg: it was -- rosanna: exactly.
8:47 am
greg: all the food he ate when he was a kid. rosanna: our hats off to our pat cooper. our facebook fan of the hour. said such nice things. greg: positive remarks on the internet. mike woods. mike: i am doing alright. rosanna: -- mike: 56 degrees is your temperature out at central park great now. went at 5 miles per hour. less than what we had yesterday. the breezy conditions have died down for us. are denying and burlington. now things are a little bit warmer for you. it will be that way for the next few days. high pressure is in control. a lot of sunshine for you today.
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a few high clouds from time to time. the one that comes in on friday, that one looks like it could give us some rain. high temperature goes up to 72. tomorrow. will. rosanna: we have a busy 9:00 o'clock hour. if you want to be informed, you
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