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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: crisp this morning joaquin al where i was. nice and cool, really nice for all day but temperatures will be in the 70s but there is rain coming. coming. mike has the complete forecast coming. ben: could new jersey transit trains cease operations? we will tell you about an impending deadline that could stop service. juliet: the u.s. airmen who stopped terror attack on a french trains that in a bar brawl, outside of of a bar in his home town.
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the questions about what exactly led up to this. ben: we will find out who is this year's nobel peace prize winner. will it be pope francis? that is my guess. juliet: not that you are a betting man. ben: was just named. juliet: elaborate on that a little bit, our producer. ben: try to get more information, that was just announced that the top of the hour. that is why i am not a betting man. juliet: october 9th. ben: juliet huddy, ben simmoneau, mike woods, we are happy to see friday, that is for sure. we worked a full week. juliet: suckered again. these are not candy. >> meteorologist: you are taking them like they are.
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anyhow, let's take it out the door this morning. 62 degrees your temperatures central park. 48 degrees in sussex, 52 in monticello, 55 in poughkeepsie. is mild around the tristate region. temperatures warmer in most locations, only one spot cooler and that is sussex, 6 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago in poughkeepsie, 5 degrees warmer in bridgeport as well as islip. at this point we have partly cloudy skies but there is a lot more cloud coverage to the northwest and quite a few showers and storms in the mix especially towards syracuse, abstain new york, looks like we will have more wet weather little while some won't but other you for the morning commute but this afternoon you will want the umbrella for a short while, depending on what you are doing, you are fine but later on that cold front is
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of showers and storms coming to you. lots of color as you head into upstate new york toward montreal, basically or if you put higher elevations near the catskills near binghamton, some colored there and elsewhere not much happening at this point but it is getting there, showers and storms are expected mainly not until 3:00 or afterwards during the evening commute and it shuts down and is in and out fairly quickly, 76 cooler tomorrow and breezy too, let's bring in christina stoffo who is in for ines. >> we have a couple things, this thing on long island, told you about long island in the second but construction on the upper way south bound from exit 12 and the tappan zee bridge, you want to watch out, that should be wrapped up pretty soon and we are seeing some delays if you're
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traveling on the jackie, the van with and things are not looking back on the grand central art ross island so some early-morning delays, early-morning construction clearing up causing some backups, let's go outside and here is a look at sunrise highway which is closed down, an accident happened with a pole fell across the roadway, west down side is not usable, it will be that way until further notice. let's go to the of van wiki expressway, the northbound side through the cute guidance and to change where you see traffic, flashing lights at the top of the screen, the construction hopefully get wrapped up soon but we will keep you up-to-date because this is causing trouble through this area of the kew gardens and change. metro-north, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close to schedule, alternate sides in effect today. juliet: here is the big question. could new jersey transit trains
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stopped running for an indefinite time period? ben: spokesperson says yes. it has to do with positive train control, the system congress wants to put in place after the terrible accident in may and philadelphia the gil eight on an amtrak train. teresa priolo is live in new jersey with details for us. >> reporter: you could call this the shutdown, they are threatening as a january 1st, 2016, to stop running all trains if they are not given an extension to the deadline by congress. issue and the center of all this is positive train control land here is the interesting thing. it is the one piece of technology everybody agrees if it is finally implemented will save lives. the three letters rail commuters will become accustomed to hearing over the next few months because the federal deadline is looming this new year's eve that would require p t c or positive
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rail networks including amtrak and n.j. transit. safety technology was mandated by congress seven years ago intended to monitor and control of rain's speed to prevent collisions and derailments like the amtrak tragedy that claimed eight lives in july in philadelphia. despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate ctc some rail networks are still not ready. they blame the fact this is an off-the-shelf technology. nj transit is sounding the alarm telling congress if an extension isn't offered passenger service come january 1st will be seriously impacted. in our air and amtrak, freight trains and in day transit sometimes run on low same line and amtrak might be ready to go with peach easy on the northeast corridor, n.j. transit isn't. they're working and four vehicles a week, they should be ready to go by the end of next year. in all, the rail companies are asking congress for three
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installment delay plus another two years to make the system fully operational. while local rail companies that threatening to shut down, the government is threatening hefty fines for those companies and employees who operate trains without ctc after dec. 31st 2015. and we haven't yet heard from congress what they wanted, that measure was introduced yesterday. the ntsb and the government has been saying we need positive train control for the last for the year's so this is not new. that is the latest from rutherford in studio. >> you would think after ten years something would happen but thanks very much. police arrest a woman after she escaped custody at a long island hospital. and on several charges, was taken to st. catherine of siena medical center for medical
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yesterday police say she slipped out of the restraints, jumped into a running amulet outside. she crossed into another car on the sunken meadow parkway. ben: she was not having a "good day". juliet: getting a little chaotic for this woman. the other driver was not hurt. she was arrested, you can imagine charges have now been uped is slightly. ben: i would think so. police have arrested a man they say groped and harassed several boys in the bronx over the summer, 37-year-old greg bullydan is charged with abuse. police say a 13-year-old boy told them boringdan sent an explicit photos of himself and then called a offering money for sex and he is accused of exposing himself to the 12-year-old boy. juliet: the u.s. airman whose thwarted a terror attack was stabbed multiple times after a
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surveillance video shows we to groups of people throwing punches at each other. he is the guy in the middle of the white shirt, this happened at a bar outside sacramento, al qaeda sacramento bar yesterday morning. police say airtran first-class spencer stone was at three times office is didn't think he was going to make a. he did survive and is recovering in the hospital after two hours of surgery in these wounds were pretty delicate. police say it is doubtful the suspects knew who stone was. >> this is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. >> are couple guys in a fight. just two months ago the 23-year-old and two of this were hailed as heroes tackling an
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for paris. they were awarded france's highest honor for their action. ben: the term love is usually associated with tennis, not that we would knows that. talking about a love triangle involving basketball. juliet: like a reality show. the nba is investigating of a love triangle between derek fisher and his former teammate matt barnes. robert moses has been following the love triangle and has a latest. >> i love hearing ben say love triangle. oh man. derek fisher and matt barnes were once teammates with the los angeles lakers but they are not and the same team now. they are heated rivals and we are not even talking about the basketball court either. >> we were good friends at one point.
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>> we were good friends at one point. >> reporter: matt barnes and derek fisher are not good friends anymore. bonds spoke publicly for the first time about what happened saturday evening in los angeles, barnes says he drove 15 minutes, not 95 miles as previously reported to the home of his estranged wife, reality tv show or gloria to check and his kids, fischer who is dating was there too. that did not sit well with bonds fisher. >> what happened saturday is a personal matter at this point. obviously being around this league long enough i know my first concern is my kids happiness and safety. >> reporter: a crush of reporters showed up and they were not there to check out a triangle offense or the shooting or passing. they wanted to hear fisher's side of the story, the coach says he had spoken to the team
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and management about what happened that wasn't interested in sharing details. >> about stretching for our team. it is unfortunate. >> january 16th is the first time the -- that would be interesting. >> they don't anticipate charges in this case, it is three weeks away and already talking problems in knicks land. doesn't bode well for what is going to happen on the court i would imagine. also derek fisher missed practice on monday, coming from los angeles beyond his control, an issue of playing that had nothing to do with business saturday night.
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>> the interesting the robert is doing a love triangle. duke: i have no experience with any love triangle. a lot more still to come this morning. including this year's nobel peace prize in his been given to a tunisian democracy group. we will have more on this story. juliet: mike tracking the forecast arraigned on the way. >> meteorologist: clouds gathering, 62 degrees as you step outside, the temperature as you step outside the door, we expect a warmer breezy day but it comes with showers and possibly storms too sobering the umbrella if you are out there in the afternoon into the evening. most of it will come true, this could help you out, the weather apps has live interactive radar, download at the apple store and google play store, it will give you
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the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with the one you deserve. juliet: the faithful move of telling this one, or twitter profile. never going to hear the end of
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what is going on? >> looks really good. >> i just county looks at himself. >> meteorologist: who loses work? taylor or do? ben: all right. >> meteorologist: what i you talking about? it is friday at around here. we have the holiday weekend, a lot of son coming up, breeze the end cooler, we have to get through the rain but back to sunny skies, sunni and nice sunday. the warmest day on monday, the parade will go off in fine fashion monday. 62 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy at central park, 12 miles per hour, through the region we have quite a variation in
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temperatures, 35 in bangor, maine, 55 in boston, 62 in central park. warm from working its way through and the colder air being displaced by warmer air. it hasn't quite reached to the extreme northeast, vt. toward maine. we have partly cloudy skies for starters, a cold front working its way toward us and that cold front will bring showers and storms, most of it in upstate new york to the northwest but we will deal with some of that action later this afternoon. the cold front dragging through, the heaviest hit will be in the evening commute and gets out of here, any time after midnight clear skies, breezy and cooler tomorrow and try skies throughout the upcoming weekend. warm and breezy with storms, high temperature in the city 76, look at that sunshine for the weekend, next shot at rain tuesday.
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friday morning. what is going on? christina: looks like we have construction taking out two lanes, we will season slow-moving cars in this area of the cross bronx the that construction will be there until further notice. if you are traveling in new jersey things are not looking back on 24, 78 or 22, the turnpike look like it is running along up to speed. i will bring you two a live look at what is going on if you're traveling on long island, sunrise highway remains closed, you can see stand on the road, accident involving of fuel spilled the utility pole was not down on a west bound side of sunrise highway close down until further notice and let's go to the vanik expressway which is looking much better for us rubik's cube guidance and to change, northbound construction cleared away and you see delays eased out into that spot. as far as trains are concerned everything on or close to schedule, alternate site in
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ben: thank you very much. juliet: you have been waiting for this, breaking news. ben: la winner of the nobel peace prize has been announced. goes to someone you never unlikely, the national dialogue quartet in tunisia. juliet: kerry drew has more on this organization. >> reporter: the announcement happened minutes ago. here is the tweet the nobel committee sent out, the norwegian nobel committee said this is for the quartet's decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in tunisia in the revelation of 2011. the newly appointed chairman of the norwegian nobel committee says the quartet had formed an alternative peaceful political process when a country was on the brink of civil war. last year's winners were pakistani teenager malala for camping for education for girls and an indian activist, angela
5:21 am
kerry were among the names fought to be under consideration for the top five. that is the latest from the news room. juliet: thank you very much. caitlin jenner getting another award. >> woman of the year in the december issue according to the dr.s. glamour has yet to confirm that report. the honor follows the award she was given. juliet: a lot coming up, netflix raising the price of its most popular plan. ainu they were going to do this, so popular, and i love them and tell you how much they will pay. ben: coming right ba everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer
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ben: netflix raising its prices, the streaming provider will raise the price of its most popular plan by $1. simultaneous streams to two devices will cost $10 a month.
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will remain the same. juliet: if you get unlimited data from verizon wireless u.s. facing a price tag, the committee plans to raise your bill by $20 a month. this is a big deal. i have someone in my life who completely renegotiated and they will be surprised and unhappy. the increase will show on bills next month, meaning data will cost those customers $50 a month. the increase is part of an industry trend increasing unlimited rates by $10 a month. ben: next time you go on twitter see more advertising, social media said introducing video ads, usa today reports the six second ads will roll in front of video clips similar to those the plan on youtube and others that, twitter will split the deal with publishers is it looks for new sources of money, twitter has been trying to shake up the business model as growth has slowed.
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pirate ship boy is creating juliet: one of the characters is the dark skinned figure and users will play what looks like neck. parents in the u.s. were outraged when they discovered the figure and complained to the german company. play mobile release the statement saying the figure was meant to represent the was a former slave and a historical context and was not meant to offend anyone. top stories when we come back. ben: plus weather and traffic. ben: someone has a special birthday in tv land. ben: coming right back. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: a pretty nice morning but take along an umbrella. mike woods tells us when the rain will move in on this friday morning. juliet: learning more about the deadly new jersey turnpike accident, the driver who had a mattress obviously not secured well on top of their cars be charged? ben: this year will be the city's safest year ever and it
5:30 am
could get even savor next year. juliet: it is the big night, mets and fans, west coast/east coast rivalry. dodgers tonight in los angeles, going to be an exciting one. ben: crazy. good morning, friday morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. we have to say happy birthday to my personal favorite of all time, samantha. ben: she watches the show every morning. >> meteorologist: she knows more about the show and we do. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday to you juliet: we love you. >> meteorologist: we have a little bit of everything to dad.
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we have 40s, 50s and 60s, 61 in newark, same and islip, 63 in montauk, temperatures pretty mild, some clouds in the area but not ridiculous just yet but you know what? get used to it because clouds will be a thickening up and eventually you will deal with showers and storms, looks pretty nasty in upstate new york but will we see that in the tristate? sort of kind of. some showers working their way through and any risks showers picks up toward the evening commute. no rain at 9:00 a.m. but it picks up toward noon and all the way to 80% by 6:00 p.m. and it backs down. showers come in and out fairly quickly but high temperatures pretty mild, 76 and breezy and out of here tomorrow, sunny skies, high of 65 and breezy, some of the aid sunday, good-looking weekend coming up. let's get you to christina stoffo.
5:32 am
we have all sorts of things going on. with the commute this morning. christina: it has been busy but not terrible. let's take a look around town and see what is going on, if you are traveling on the west side, right now things are looking good but we wanted, third avenue, it is up paving operations through the 60s, looking at other rough road, we had temporary closure around 67th street, third avenue may be an area to avoid if you drive into manhattan for work, don't when you caught up in something you don't need to be caught up in. let's go into that area of the bridge, not looking terrible on the thruway, route 9 all running along up to speed. we have this lingering issue on long live and, sunrise highway remains closed, the flashing lights, emergency activity and
5:33 am
sand on the roadway, a spill here and this accident knocked down a utility pole, was down side is close down, lot of emergency activity, avoid the west bound side, let's go did the new jersey turnpike, looking pretty good, very nice shot of the new jersey turnpike in both directions moving to the eastern and western spur, things going well on the turnpike, the entire length not bad. metro-north, lirr and pass trains on or close and the alternate site and affected a. juliet: thank you, no charges were filed against the driver of a van carrying mattresses, not secured, they flew off, that ultimately caused the fatal crash. ben: mattresses and box spring fell onto the road, the driver of a gasoline tanker swerved to all lead the slowing traffic in part because mattresses and a
5:34 am
the tanker burst into flames killing its driver. juliet: rail service could cease in three months unless the fed act soon. ben: it has to do with the deadline for the positive train control system, a safety system the feds want put in place after the terrible amtrak crash in philadelphia earlier this year. let's go to teresa priolo live in rutherford, new jersey with the story, and what n.j. transit is doing about it. >> reporter: this is huge. for those familiar with how important n.j. transit is to the people who live in northern new jersey, use it to get to the city it is a true life line for anyone here, their way to work with congesting getting to the city by car. what we are hearing is things may completely shut down january 1st. if this is an empty threat we don't know. all we know is this is centered around for positive train control, one piece of technology
5:35 am
everybody agrees will save lives and yet we can't get its implemented. p p c, the three letters rail commuters will be accustomed to hearing over the next few months. of federal deadline is looming this new year's eve that would require p t c or positive train control on all commuter rail networks including amtrak and and a transit. the safety technology was mandated by congress seven years ago. is intended to monitor and control of rain's speed to prevent collusion and derailment but the amtrak tragedy that killed we live in january in philadelphia or the metro-north derailment that occurred december 1st, 2013, in the bronx that killed four people but despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate some rail networks are not ready. they blame the fact this is an off-the-shelf technology. nj transit is sounding the alarm telling congress if an extension
5:36 am
isn't offered passenger service come january 1st will be seriously impacted. in our area amtrak freight trains and injury transiting putting the past sometimes run on the same line. amtrak might be ready to go with pt see on the northeast corridor, n.j. transit isn't. they're working on four vehicles a week, they should be ready to go by the end of next year. in all the rail companies are asking congress for three year installment be made less than in two years to make the system fully operational. while local rail companies are threatening to shut down the government is threatening hefty fines for those companies and employees who operate trains without pc after december 31st, 2015. the senate has passed a measure allowing the extension, we are waiting for the full congress to act on that. we will see what comes in the days and weeks ahead. is important to mention the government, the ntsb has been
5:37 am
saying for 40 years that this positive train control device is needed and will save lives. that is that long time. that is the latest from rutherford, back to you in studio. juliet: police in connecticut found the car and identified the suspect one taint in the murder of a 17-year-old girl. we should you this yesterday of the teen jumping out of a car, it was going down boston avenue in bridgeport monday afternoon. newhaven. they have not tracked down the driver or named the driver. the girl says she was walking to school when the girl -- when the woman who order into the car and assaulted her. ben: james lake and the officer who mistakenly adjusted them are negotiating a settlement according to build brand. if they cannot reach a deal it could move to trial. civilian complaint review board has recommended officer james frescatori should be
5:38 am
misidentified as a possible suspect in a fraud investigation. juliet: bill bratton says this year will end up being the safest for overall crime in city history. the overall crime is down 3% so far compared to 2014 but that is despite a 9% spike in murders and 5% spike in rates. bill brown made a declaration at a swearing-in ceremony for 670 police recruits. listen. >> historic low crime guaranteed by the end of this year we will have the best crime year in the history of the city. juliet: with more police officers on the streets next year will be even safer. ben: it is 5:38 and seems like that nice morning but things will change. >> meteorologist: some showers and storms on the way but the good news is it won't be run along. it is coming later this afternoon through the evening commute and is out of here in time for the weekend.
5:39 am
partly to mostly cloudy sky in the region now, 62 degrees, winds from the south southwest, when you get southwest winds general you start to bring temperatures up bandit is warmer around the region, warmer air has not made it yet, 55 degrees well above normal, 35 in maine, warm front sliding through making its way through vermont and new hampshire. big showers and storms, the weakest of that is right here, and of moisture to squeeze out the wet weather but it is not means. later today, some scattered showers, not a huge deal but it will affect mainly late afternoon, it is out of here
5:40 am
dry skies and breezy conditions saturday and sunday. it looks good through the coming weekend. clouds fenton, showers start up. 76 degrees, high temperature goes to 76, 65 tomorrow with breezy conditions, shawmut coming through tuesday. live interactive radar, and you can take to street level, download at the apple itunes store, google play store, you are set to go and it is free. some problems out there. >> some lingering issues, good morning, saw mill, and prohibitive vehicle on a roadway by exit 47, you want to watch out for that taking out one lane.
5:41 am
tiexiera and takes out two lanes and more road work, two lanes blocked off, a lot of volume as the pass these spots, sunrise highway we see westbound, the fuel spilled, and the west bound side, and let's go to the average income of a span looking nice across the upper and lower level, no delay, to go into town, note the lay. >> it is close both ways westbound. thank you very much. a lot more coming the. ben: tough night for the kansas city royals, one member of the grounds crew, take a look at this. we could not -- we're coming
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rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit juliet: checking your headlines, the 2015 nobel peace prize has been awarded to a tunisian
5:45 am
dialogue quartet. they won for contributions for the first and most successful arab spring movement. >> police officers who work at ground zero had 50% more cancer diagnoses and officers had before the attack according to an internal department study obtained by the new york post. juliet: bill deblasio begins a trip to israel today. aquino speech at the annual conference of mayors to top anti-semitism. >> the ceo of one of the city's biggest, should not be running for mayor. city council member and longtime critic of bill deblasio says she would rather focus on educating office. that is not sitting well with some. >> speculation that she feels herself about running for mayor, nothing but a stalking horse.
5:46 am
>> people and shout and blue but there's work to do on behalf of children, i will continue to do that work with all of my people. ben: she has not ruled out a run for mayor. four years after that in 2021. juliet: today is a 2 of new york comicof data. teresa priolo at a blast out there yesterday. in that javits center, check out panels on their favorite shows and reveals of new movies like batman vs. superman. they got a nice surprise, got to see the free wi-fi provided by lex luther's corp. and hundreds of tables of merchandise and original artwork by incredible artists. more of the same today. coming up in the next hour anna gilligan will have a live report. select to do that. i don't know if she will --
5:47 am
juliet: i am speaking for her. ben: she is a huge fan of the walking dead which a lot of people are really into. juliet: i wonder if you run into any game of thrones people. going to be on both show. ben: that is also unclear. juliet: the night fans are waiting for, brenda, our photographer, decked out in mascara. we have been waiting for this for nine years. the first game since 2006. >> game 1 against the los angeles dodgers east coast/west coast, new york, l.a. game 1 at dodger stadium in l.a. watch out for the traffic. jacob gets the ball, clayton turn shot for the dodgers. juliet: den 1 between the casey
5:48 am
poor guy in kansas city gets cult. hard to stop these things when they start going. ben: effort roll out one of these tarps? juliet: i was doing a publicity thing. 7 million pounds. ben: i did it once and once it gets going you cannot stop it. ben: must have been really tough. juliet: a lot of jokes and social media. later in the game as rows in the fifth inning, houston took the game 5-2. ben: the other series yesterday gained 1 between the texas rangers and toronto blue jays, rangers and 2-0, jose batista, josh donaldson slides to second base, take set me to the head. he will end up leaving the game after is that. he cut the lead to 4-3 but in the texas seventh, a missile
5:49 am
over the right-field ball, texas going to win game 15-3 of a final. football news, giants's victor cruz says he is convinced he will return this season. >> heat for attendance against philadelphia, ruined his season, hurt his calf muscle in august while overcompensating for that knee injury but the giants played philly october 19th and he will be ready for that game. he is meeting with dr.s to assess the leg. we are crossing fingers. ben: i've addressed our air first season in brooklyn at barkley center. chicago last night, nelson, lit the empire state building in islanders' blue and orange. the spent last 43 years at nassau coliseum, we will see how fans respond. a lot of seats are obstructed view for on hockey rink that is off center. it is much bigger than the
5:50 am
basketball court, they have to move some things around inside the arena. fans on the subway say they will miss the opportunity to tailgate before a game. pretty legendary. >> vegetarians have a beef with eating meat, many forget about it when drinking. this survey, pay close attention, found one in three vegetarian's admit to eating meat went wrong. ben: the me is boy alcan bland. more than 1700 brits who claim to be vegetarians were survey by discount website and found 37% of them, 37, the temptation to eat meat, 67%, no matter what. no matter what. remembers that commercial? ben: are you through? >> action paulino, i am not. i will keep speaking like this the rest of the day. >> you sound like a 4 man's
5:51 am
let's check the forecast with mike woods. >> when they do a british accent, what is on? ben: i can't do accents for anything. >> meteorologist: welcome back, juliet. let's show you what we have out there. wet weather coming into town cruising to the north, a lightning in the mix that this is a wide scope including all that area for the lightning count which only goes up to 20 or 30 or so but there are some big showers and storms in upstate new york in the tristate, not here yet but it will be here soon enough. drives, but there are clouds here and there, 62 central park, 61 in newark and belmar and cloud the gathering and will start thickening up and eventually we will deal with showers and storms to the northwest, a warm front is lighting by, cold front in our direction, the majority of the
5:52 am
like the heaviest of the rain right around 6:00 to 8:00 this evening and it is in and out quickly so some quick splashes and is out of here, we see dry skies saturday and sunday, breezy, by sunday, highs going up again, let's talk about fall color, a lot of it in new york and higher elevation near the catskills and what not, elsewhere it is coming in to us but we're seeing a little bit here and there but it won't peak for a middle while, 76 today, showers and storms in late afternoon rally evening but it is done, the why tomorrow and through the upcoming holiday weekend. let's bring in christina stoffo and see what is going on as we head out the door. christina: not many incidents to be concerned with police that 9 expressway looking for really nice for you in both directions
5:53 am
to the oneness, the bqe, things are moving well for you moving into this thought and if you are traveling on the parkway, route 3, 17, route 80, route 4, everything up to speed so we have a pretty decent morning as far as traffic is concerned and minimal incidents keeping our fingers crossed. let's go outside to sunrise highway, we see traffic is starting to flow westbound, lanes are opening, we have flashing lights and emergency activity on the scene but we are seeing an improvement, the roadways usable now and we will go to the approach to the george washington bridge looking very good, hardly any delay for the upper and lower level across the span, things moving well, lincoln and holland with minor delays as you go inbound, nothing too crazy, alternate side some of the street parking rules in effect. ben: would you like to continue the british accent? was a good? christina: if anyone has it down
5:54 am
juliet: is my thing, my character. justin bieber error running -- for an action against those publ and berries peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries i say to the bowl are you trying to temp me? the bowl says come on down to the land of plenti." yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, greek yogurt, packed full of
5:55 am
enough pressure in here for ya? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. this is mineral build up it collects leaving gross germ-ridden stains. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match for that. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly. so why choose anything other than lysol? ben: justin bieber shows off his body everywhere he goes but he says nude pictures of him and let internet crossed the line. juliet: he is planning to sue anyone who posts them saying
5:56 am
they are an invasion of his privacy, they were taken without his knowledge and they show him naked before jumping into a pool in bora bora. it happens unfortunately, new york daily news is among the organizations who publish those photos. ben: why was he swimming naked? juliet: you are allowed to do anything but you have to know if you are justin bieber there will be telephoto lenss like we everywhere. the louisiana chef who popularized cajun and creole cooking has died. ben: he became famous after opening his restaurant in 1979 and serving black and red fish the following year. it became so popular a ban had to be put in place for texas fish from going extinct. it started as juliet mentioned with several cooking shows, or he wrote a number of cookbooks and created his own line of spices. died thursday after a brief
5:57 am
illness, he was 75 years old. juliet: we are couple minutes from the top of the hour. ben: anna gilligan will go
5:58 am
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