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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: the whole foods, you have to get dressed up to go there. rosanna: no you don't. greg: you have to get the hang of waiting in line. rosanna: it moves quickly. greg: yes. rosanna: five minutes maybe. greg: even less. the line is much longer than the wait, if that makes sense. go back to whole foods.
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rosanna: it is expensive, but they have the organic stuff. greg: they have a great salad bar. rosanna: and prepared foods as well. well. who is psyched up about theette manies? it is looking like we are going to the world series. rosanna: it could happen. greg: what is the stat? rosanna: if you win the first two games of the series, that you are 83% more likely to win the entire thing. >> all right, mets, it looks like we are going to the world series. tonight we are in chicago. we don't have a problem with chicago, it is just the cubs. rosanna: they haven't won for a long time and we are hoping to keep it that way. the temperatures are milder in chicago than they are here. so that's good. we want to make sure nothing
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gets in the way of our mets. greg: this is going to be very cool. we have to go to a citi field mets game if only going to one game throughout the year. we were blinded by the yankees, blinded by the light. rosanna: we did that with the rangers. i guess if we are invited, then take the invitation. greg: we'll see. we hope we are going to get there, well, according to the statistics we are. i am sitting next to the mother of the year. rosanna: i am a mother. >> greg: i said mother of the year. rosanna: oh, you were there. i got of from fox 5, i have to say. greg: this is top of the scene, rosanna designated by the mother of the year for the american
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never enough time for a manicure. rosanna: my sister and my mom and i were honored at the american cancer society and i want to thank everyone involved with the organization. they are doing beautiful work. it was touching, what they did, they had my daughter jenna and my niece give the award to she and i. my daughter on the right. julia there. we gave the award to my mom, which was so beautiful. you, greg kelly. greg: she's a great lady. she's a perfect host. fresco by scotto. she's always there. rosanna: she works hard. sometimes i say, mom, take a day off.
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really, you are the boss. any way, first of all, greg, kelly, gave the most beautiful speech. it was really true. you talk about how we sit next to each other five days a week and sometimes it is more than a family member. greg: i said we have a unique physical relationship and everybody was -- physical. we spend more time with each other 18 inches apart more waking hours than other people on this earth. rosanna: that is true. greg: you learn. i see what rosanna does about her time and it is all about other people, the community and her family. rosanna: thank you. that is so nice and so happy you were there.
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everybody was there. greg: i got back to table. rosanna: what happened? greg: it was okay. rosanna: in the middle of the great speech, greg made a play we should get a national show. greg: the ceo, i'm sitting between the yoe ceo and the cfo. that is a high stakes position to be in. rosanna: dennis swanson was there too. it was really lovely and that is interesting. i department -- didn't see that. other people honored there. susanna, one of the best images in new york city. mammogram. i learned yesterday for the first time she had cancer.
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greg: that probably makes her a better better physician. her father lives in port washington. a great guy. an addicted "good day new york" viewer. rosanna: it was so heart warming. well. any way, a beautiful event. thank you to everybody at the american cancer society. greg: well done, rosanna. thank you for having me. rosanna: thank you, you were amazing. greg: you know what happened in new york city history. the concord, super sonic, get to paris in like 8 minutes, something like that. london as well. 38 years ago today left jfk on the first commercial flight to europe. it was around for a long time. it was controversial, rosanna, when they brought it to new
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york, hey, it is too noisy. rosanna: right. it was flying over the homes, residences and there was a boom sound to it. greg: a boom. rosanna: i was at the beach, i remember being there with my girlfriend and a few people and it. it was so cool. greg: it was beautiful to see from the ground. it was unlike any aircraft flying then or now. 2003. there was a crash outside of paris in the summer of 2000. effective. if you want to see it today you can today at an air and space museum. there it is. airplane. that is very cool.
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it is right next to the ship. any way, i wish they had it around. it was like $10,000 a ticket like in 1976. rosanna: how fast to get to london? it is usually five to six hours, right. so find out how long. i think it was around three or four. it was like half the time. you are going to check that out. greg: concord to paris flight time 3 hours and six minutes. rosanna: wow, that is half the time. by the way, the intrepid is a cool place to go and walk around. the enterprise is there. right. the big rocket. greg: yes, the space shuttle. the star ship enterprise. rosanna: you have a one track mind.
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>> the enterprise was named after the enterprise. did you know that? rosanna: i remember you telling me that. greg: mike woods, we have work to do here. over to you. mike: all right, to the forecast, periscoping in the commercial break in the weather and traffic center. 63 degrees is the average high temperature for today. 49 is the average low. we dropped down to 48 degrees. we are back on track here again with the temperatures because it was well below normal the last couple of days, and now we are coming back up. 50 at central park. same thing in newark. 48 belmar. 54 in bridgeport. partly cloudy to mainly clear skies. to the winds, coming up from the southwest 8-16 miles per hour. cool but not as cold as yesterday. the temperature changes is looking significantly warmer
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than 24 hours ago, 10-20 degrees warmer than yesterday at the same time. there are showers in upstate new york. there the the stalled out frontal bound ri trying to drop down to south. it is about the stall out right now. it is going to do north of the tristate region and showers in that area, but for us here, we are getting the clouds out of it and on the warm side of that front. with that being the case, the highs in the upper 60s and in the next couple of days the highs in the 70s. the high pressure is moving over and nice warm temperatures out there today and tomorrow. the front can't quite make it through, that is why not much is going on with the showers. the area of low pressure is trying to drop the front through the tristate region. it is not looking impressive but bringing in a few quick light sprinkles on thursday afternoon
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or evening, or something like that. it is still a couple of days away and we are watching things as the week goes on. nothing major weather wise as stormy weather is concerned. 68 degrees. the average high 63. 80 is the record high. yeah, so the temps are going back to slightly above normal range and significantly above normal tomorrow and thursday. the high up to 68 degrees today. 73 tomorrow. same thing on thursday. a quick shower chance coming on through here at the time. friday, saturday the highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. mild for the next week as well. we are going to periscope live coming up in a few minutes. check us out on the commercial break. >> greg: thank you very much. rosanna, we were watching at the same time. 6:30 star trek. some of fondest memories as a
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my brother and i thought he was the coolest character, he was a botanist. we had a lot in common. enterprise. >> yes. something happened over the past couple of decades, rosanna, he became more famous than the show. o social media phenomenon. george takei, it is a documentary about his life. it is on netflix. watch it right now and what you will learn during world war two, there was this horrific program that targeted japanese americans, rosanna, we had essentially concentration camps
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george was inturned in world war two in a camp here in this country. well, george has taken it to the broadway stage and developing for a long time and finally it has come, it is called allegiance and we are thrilled to go george takei and the actor. welcome to you both. >> good to be here. rosanna: all of your life, the ups and downs, this is all part of the musical. a musical. >> yes, it is a musical. we are telling a story as a musical, but a measure of the resilience of the people is the ability to find joy and love and -- >> and a lot of laughter. >> i remember the music. our barracks were across from the mess hall and my mother would put us to bed and once a
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to have a camp dance in the mess hall after the dinner, and i remember the sound of the 40s lofting through the air. rosanna: really. >> allegiance has the big band 1940 sound. >> you play the young george takei? >> yes, we share with roll of sammy. it is me as young him. who is sammy? >> he's me before and i'm the after. greg: why are we calling you sammy? >> the story is inspired by george's life and so many japanese americans that went through this. you were five years old. sammy in the story is in the 20s. he's a young american japanese american kid. rosanna: george, why did you pick him? >> he was picked by a wonderful
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team of creative people and he's a star. he's terrific. rosanna: he can sing, boy oh boy. >> and your audience is hearing him shortly. rosanna: george, can you sing? >> i can sing in the shower. here i am keeping the clothes on. >> he sings beautifully as well. i have been a fans of his since star trek and as asian after and in the lgbt community i admire him. >> i sing with leay. greg: george, didn't anybody government? >> we had campaigned for that in the 70s there was a movement for an apology and redress, and in 1
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# -- 1988 president reagan apologized. my experienced it the most, the older people, they had passed by that time. my father passed in '79. he died never knowing there would be that apology. greg: ronald reagan did the right thing. hey, we are going to see you perform. folks, take a look at this. the shuttle, the space shuttle enterprise that the new yorkers can see at the intrepid. it was named after, pardon me, well, the star ship enterprise. this is the cast and crew, including e ing george takei. basically the naming ceremony of the shuttle, george, it was a fan campaign that prompted
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nassau to name that spaceship. it was supposed to be named the constitution. it was 1976, that was what president ford had decided on. but star trek fans began a campaign, and they are a powerful force. [laughter] they sent letters to the white house, no less. they said yes it will be called the enterprise. greg: and writing nbc to keep you on. captain kirk, william shatner and where are things in the relationship. you have a famous feud for a long time. >> every time bill needs publicity publicity. a book coming out, he pumps up the feud. >> rosanna: is it a phony feud?
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he claims he doesn't know me or see me. i saw him a few years ago and did a favor for him. he's got a ghost writers, and he asked me to talk to him. i talked to him. and -- greg: it is mu actually beneficial. opening. it is public information now. and we haven't heard from him yet. if he doesn't, he's going to make a big fuss about not getting the invitation. rosanna: we heard it here. >> we have a star trek on the show, halloween, that night we have all of the star trek fans. greg: wearing costumes? >> yes, that is what it is. cling ones. >> cling on warriors. greg: what is cool, you are
9:19 am
relaxed and embraced it. >> i'm proud of it. it is something to be proud of. rosanna: we are proud of you. this is your broadway debay. >> 78 years old. rosanna: so do you sing and dance in the show? >> i sing with lea. i don't dance like telly does. >> we are going to hear you sing in a little bit. sir. >> coming up, ray lewis is here. super bowl champ. greg: motivational force behind the ravens. man, that guy fires up the team
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i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. greg: okay, allegiance and coming to broadway. dopd mind the shirts, telly. rosanna: sorry. [laughter] rosanna: yeah, we are into it. >> i love it. you are ready. i want you to come to star trek night wearing the costumes. rosanna: the tickets are available?
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this is sammy's first song of the show, what happens to a man after a fight with his dad. greg: you got it. >> >> he goes be helpful, and tells me that i shouldn't try. he'll never understand me. he questions each move that i make. but i won't let him command me. that is my first and last mistake. what makes a man is not what he says, but the actions that he
9:23 am
takes, what makes a man, is not how he fails but the record that he breaks, what makes a man is what he makes of himself while he's giving it all he can. that's what makes a man. i should be out there. far past the fences and wire. but i look like the enemy. so there's no way to climb any higher. our people will need support now. we are here on our own make err break. it is no time to come up short now. there is so much more at stake. i am more than just a number on a beat up luggage tag. when the world is upside down,
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of man to make him proud, no, be the kind of man to make me proud. what makes a man is not what he takes, it is what he leaves behind, what makes a man is not what he gets but what he gives back to man kind. what makes a man is what he makes of himself while giving it all he can. do what it takes and that's what's makes a man. greg: you can sing. good stuff. rosanna: amazing. greg: allegiance on broadway. it is star trek time.
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greg: oh, man. i always dreamed of being on the bridge of the star ship enterprise. rosanna, you are scotty. george is george of course. have a seat in the normal chair. rosanna: where should i go? greg: help him steer the ship. >> oh, you are the captain. greg: we are using the ipad to run the ship. this is looking really cool. rosanna: okay, where we going? greg: warp factor nine. >> eye eye sir. rosanna: you are in the helm seat. we have to switch. greg: we need a girl for captain kirk to hit on. >> there she is.
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captain kirk was a little heavily like me. was he heavy on the show? >> we wore a corset. >> thank you for visiting the bridge of the star ship. this is very cool. rosanna: beam me up any time. greg, can you do it? greg: leonard rest in peace. >> yes, we lost you this year. rosanna: we'll be right back. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's
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rosanna: halloween is just a few days away and letting your guard down and hit the candy big time like a kid. >> greg: next week. saturday, that means it is halloween weekend. friday is the 30th. saturday is the 31st. when i was a kid i had to go to emergency room because i overdosed on candy. business. and halloween is prime time. let's bring in a professional candy man. this is kelly the candy man.
9:29 am
so is -- tell us -- wow, that store the gorgeous. is that like an old fashioned candy shop? >> candy is multigenerationel. anybody can come and get their goodies. greg: fabulous. i have been there. you have main stream, and off beat black licorice with the honey and things like that. rosanna: and mary janes? >> of course. >> sugar daddies? >> yes, of course. >> who are the typical customers. >> the parents and everyone in between. greg: people buy in bulk? >> we encourage sensible eating and we sell a lot of the handmade chocolates by the piece.
9:30 am
rosanna: so you have a brand of candy as well? >> yes. greg: sense i believe ible eat something not what we do here. we have 7, 8 candies and rosanna has to identify them one by one. rosanna: oh, boy. a lot of calories. to the first one. >> that is here. roz thank you. >> you got it. rosanna: yum. snickers? >> no, it is a twix. rosanna: darn it. i like twix. greg: move on.
9:31 am
rosanna: i don't know. milky way? >> you are correct. greg: 1-0. rosanna: aren't you in the other room? greg: i'm listening. rosanna: nestle crunch? >> kind of. a different brand. greg: that is wrong, move on. rosanna: okay. oh no. mars? >> nope. greg: give up. >> milky way dark chocolate. rosanna: that is a tricky one. >> it is a new one. rosanna: is this a new one? >> no. oldie but a goody. you don't feel like yourself.
9:32 am
greg: i want to play too. rosanna: fine. i don't know. greg: all right, listen, mix them up. i want to win fair and square. >> all right. spin you around a little bit. round and round. greg: first of all, i'm dizzy. >> there is the first one. >> three musk tiers. >> yes. greg: another one. kit kat. >> that is wrong. that is the milky way? >> no, twix.
9:33 am
>> there you go. greg this is twix. rosanna: yes. greg: thank you. another one. i don't know. it is delicious. >> she said that. not feeling the same. >> snickers. >> yes. greg: hold on. i need to clens the pallet. >> no. you consumed 3,000 calories. greg: milky way the dark version. >> yes. ding, ding. greg: don't do that. >> he's over dosing. greg: that was cool. what'd i do win? nothing. a stomach ache.
9:34 am
rosanna: thank you so much for helping us with the candy challenge. >> have a great day. rosanna: awed audrey peoples is coming up. greg: there was a cartoon back in the day. this was not a cartoon of choice, but for certain people
9:35 am
their why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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greg: it feels like it is after school. rosanna: this is one of my favorite cartoons growing up. greg: me too. we are talking about old cartoons for a reason. g-force. they flew around in a spaceship. i don't know why. it was compelling stuff. when you are a kid and how serious they are when watching cartoons. it is like watching the state of the union address. in the 80s a show called jen and the hallograms. it changed a lot of lives. rosanna: and she add a birthday cake of it.
9:37 am
greg: a lot of kids touched by the series. the cool part it is going to be a movie. it is coming outs on friday, and i believe starring is aubrey peoples, from nashville. welcome. >> thank you for having me. . rosanna: did you grow up with this cartoon? >> no, i was a 90s baby. it was under wraps in the audition. it was called something different and when i tested forrette, so, this is actually this. awesome. so what is that? rosanna: did you go home and look it up? is>> yes, yes. it is so cool. it has a huge fan base for a lot of kids. greg: we have a lot in common. i never heard about it until yesterday. rosanna: what is fun about this particular cartoon made into a movie?
9:38 am
>> the cartoon was really ahead of the time. it is led by the rock stars. that was 30 years ago. this is empowering for the young girls and young kids in general and self-expression. it is updated with a social media factor to make it relate bl. rosanna: really, how that is coming into it? >> self-expression is driven by the internet and jem is driven by that. >> well, by advance buzzes, it is good, you are getting it right. remember the flintstones. that was a disaster. this is not that. >> i hope not. >> we'll take a look.
9:39 am
leading this double life, jem was something to hide behind. now it seems to be this other version of me and more and more it seems to be the only version that people want. greg: that seems like a gut of a moment. great acting. >> thank you. greg: very good. rosanna: she's coming to terms with who she is as a person. greg: where does the rock stuff start? >> her sister posts a video on ewe tube and going viral and riding to fame and spiralling up from there. internet fame can happen like that. rosanna: can you sing or play instruments in real life? >> yes, i have been singing and playing guitar. i'm a musician in real life. rosanna: oh, look at you. we noticed you got into harvard?
9:40 am
rosanna: did you defer? >> yes, i deferred. i had to make a decision. i wanted to still pursue acting. so i wanted to take the chance and deferred and then a year later i booked national. it is on hold right now. rosanna: and your parents? >> they are supporting all of it. rosanna: you can go to har voir dire any time you like? >> well, yes. rosanna: she's got a hit show now too, nashville. greg: keep it up. rosanna: coming up, ray lewis. the super bowl champ. he's got a book out and going
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checkups and screenings. for new york is december 7th. so call empire today at 1-844-717-2652 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. greg: hi, everybody. welcome back. ray lewis, one of the most dominating influences in the history of the nfl. he lead the ravens to super bowl number 35, i think, and another
9:44 am
super bowl, an amazing football player and motivational, of course, and controversy along the way, a horrible incident in atlanta and all in a new book, ray lewis, i feel like going on. welcome. rosanna: nice to have you here. why'd you want to write this book book book? >> honestly, there was a point everything got quiet. the career was done a couple of years ago and introduced by my agents, you should open up and countriless emails come through of wrong doing, and suicides and cancers and all diplomat things and i'm sitting and saying to myself, okay, lord, i know what you mean, we need somebody to tell a different story, that it
9:45 am
apt always what you see on the field. somebody, a lot of people have seen my story, but nobody told my story. you get a lot of people expressinging what they think they know about you. rosanna: so trying to set the record straight? >> well, i think it is just me telling my own story. being in the game so long, everybody saying is this or that. now it is a way that the things that motivated me growing up, the things that i challenge young men to obey now, faith, understanding what hope is. this changes a life. this will change many lives. greg: ray, atlanta, feeling great, dressed to the nines and having a great time and then something goes down in the
9:46 am
parking lot, you are linked to a murder. your side of the story? >> yes, the thing that people will never understand is i will live with that story the rest of my life. the saddest thing about that story is to put my name at the forefront of two dead black kids is a tragedy. >> you are surrounded by a bunch of kids in the parking lot and two girls and they recognize you and athey start to hassle you and what happens then? >> i think i explained in ways, when chaos erupts, the best thing to do is what i have always done go the opposite way. that night, i tell you, it was one -- i get into it more in the book, because i think it is a
9:47 am
go through, pain, trauma, pains you go through, there's no many growing certain pains, some pains you have to go through to understand it. if i never wept through that, right, life in new york right now, travel down the road and the construction woker put up detour side, life doesn't give you the detour signs, life doesn't tell you be careful and something is coming up, and when it happens you have to be prepared to say if you are bold enough to take it you can fight for it. >> you talk about how the situation started in atlanta. he talked trash and a bottle in the hand and one of the people with me, the dude must have thought he stepped a little too close and moved in on the
9:48 am
the hand and coming down on the head, none of us saw it coming, there it was and on the head and split and people are yelling and scuffling and the next 30 seconds o r a minute were crazy on top of crazy. >> yes, crazy on top of crazy. so it is something that happened that night that i still tell every child, every young man, every person that will ever find themselves in something like, always stand to be who you are. what happens is, in the moment like that when you are who you are, don't run from who you are. and so for me, i never moved. greg: if i hear you say that, stay there? don't get in the car and drive away? take a stand?
9:49 am
>> so, the biggest things that we do, as with kids, we want to mouth back at the police, we want to get in people's faces. greg: so do that? >> no, remove yourself. don't engage in that. my mom raised me dog gone well to understand when the situations happen remove yourself instantly. greg: folks, check out the book. if you want to meet ray, you can. rosanna: today at barnes and noble. at noon. you are signing books? >> yes. rosanna: are you reading from the book? >> i live the passages. rosanna: so nice to see you.
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rosanna: thank you for saying facebook. by the way, you are looking good in a tux. greg: i can't believe i ate all of that candy. rosanna: after the show, we have been doing a thing called peri scope. greg: it is like video twitter. we are learning the ins and outs of it. hi, shelly palmer. you are homing up the phone?
9:52 am
i am periscoping you. rosanna: that is interesting. greg: shelly, for the people relatively tech salvy. if you are on twitter, how do you get on periscope and how do they come to our show? >> download the periscope app. it is an easy app. when you turn it on, it is looking like this. if you can see behind me and you log in with your twitter account, if you have one, and when i decide to periscope, which i am going to do right now. rosanna: say you don't have the app? >> then you don't periscope. rosanna: what happens if you follow me and i periscope?
9:53 am
rosanna is doing awesome stuff and follow her now. rosanna: do you have to alert the people? >> this is the beautiful thing, if you are a user and you decide you are going to periscope something, your followers are told you are periscoping. greg: meet me on periscope. >> i have hundreds of followers. rosanna: fox i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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