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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 21, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: violence overnight, new york city police officer is gunned down in a line of duty, shot and killed by a suspect he was pursuing. we have details coming coin. paul ryan says he is willing to be the next house speaker uncertain terms must be met before he will extend the job. and the mets are one win away from going to the world series, duke is here today but he will head out to chicago and hopefully he will be there to celebrate in person want they play the cubs. in the getting very excited.
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sunday, it thursday= wednesday, october 21st, wednesday. >> meteorologist: hump day. >> meteorologist: good and -- rock and roll. curtis over there, oh. not good. here is what we have. it felt nice, 60 at central park, 45 degrees in allentown. temperature changes a lot warmer than it was. especially central part, 11
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degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago, 16 degrees warmer in monticello, 70 degrees in new york and a bridgeport, under isn't that the same situation with radar and satellite, more clouds to the north, more clear skies farther to the south, partly cloudy, have and have going on here. even if you do have cloud cover rainmakers are not problem in the tristate, high temperatures to dale little warmer, 69 is your new and temperature and high tops out at 74. partly cloudy skies, a front dropping through the area, little potential for showers but it drops high temperatures into the upper 60s to low 60s by the weekend. we will bring in ines rosales and see what is going on. ines: if you are traveling and long island, nassau county, northern state, 7 state,
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problems on the fdr drive, police activity has parts of it close, 49th in both directions on fdr drive from northbound to southbound, as far as trains those of looking good, everything on or close to schedule. >> thanks very much, the nypd and the city, the death of the new york city cop. >> officer rand paul holder was shot and killed while pursuing suspect. robert moses has the latest. >> reporter: at 8:30, officer randolph holder and his responders responded your shots fired near east 100 second street and first avenue. >> advanced word danger, it was the last time he responded to that call. >> reporter: according to bill bratton, witnesses told responding officers and several men fled north on a footpath along fdr drive.
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been stolen at gunpoint so officers were on the lookout for a suspect with the bike and they've found him riding north along fdr at 120th street. >> and exchange of gunfire between the nail suspect and two officers. during this exchange officer holder was struck in the head. >> reporter: he was rushed to harlem hospital, and could not be saved. he was pronounced dead. the suspect police say suffered gunshot wounds to his leg was taken into custody. police took a the men into custody, in the fdr. this morning a police department and the city mourned for cop who gave five years of his life to protecting all of us. >> we honor the memory of officer holder, a man who in the words of abraham lincoln gave
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devotion on behalf of the city loved. >> we're learning more details about officer rand paul holder. >> he was the third generation police officer, liz dahlem has more on him. >> reporter: nypd officer, 33 years old those shot and killed in a line of duty, the immigrant moved to new york and wanted to serve the city, he joined five years ago and came from a family of police officers. his father and grandfathers served in the honorable lee jenna emotional news conference police commissioner bratton praised holder's father who complemented fellow officers to the housing bureau. >> strong enough and brave enough to address them as they tried to comfort him. extraordinary individual. >> reporter: holder is the fourth deficit killed and a line
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december of 2014, they were murdered in brooklyn. in may officer ryan moore died two days after he was shot in his patrol car. >> 11 months, as bad as it gets. >> reporter: the city morn's badge number 13440, new york city's finest. >> 45 years, it doesn't get easier. it never gets easier. should never get easier. >> reporter: liz dahlem, "good day new york". >>, searching for a prisoner who escaped custody in brooklyn with his hands cuffed behind his back. officers were attempting to transport their dan-year-old gerald brooks to the 70 third precinct in east new york yesterday morning when he shoved an officer and ran off. police commissioner bratton expressed his anger with the officers involved. >> the embarrassment, the
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in the city and they will be dealt with appropriately for that incompetence. >> reporter: this guy had quite the rap sheet, 54 prior arrests. he is at least the fifth suspect since june that his escape police custody. any information that can help find this man call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. >> it conditional yes from wisconsin congressman paul ryan, he will run for speaker of the house if he can truly unite republicans in the house, that means having support from all the factions in the house including conservatives who drove out john boehner. ryan gave them until friday to show their support, they will meet with top republican leaders once again later today. one win away, from love and and and the world series since 2000. >> i feel bad for the cubs. it would have been cool to see them go 2.
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night 5-2 at wrigley field in chicago thanks to murphy has been on fire. in the fifth straight playoff game, tying the major league record, mets take a 3-0 series lead, their skipper was adamant that they were not thinking about the world series just yet. >> that is all the talk they were talking about tomorrow. they know what they are facing and we have some experienced guys who have been in playoffs before end big situations, tomorrow we have to get ready to play and we were waiting for everyone to come off the field, everyone was in the on the field and that was a conversation in this clubhouse. >> do will have more on this coming. david right was saying we are not focusing on a world series.
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leading any series in history. as for the cubs only one team has come back from being 3 games to none. the red sox against the yankees. going to be very exciting. still ahead on "good day early call" get ready for a warm day, temperature was beautiful yesterday, walking around. temperatures in the 70s, mike has the details coming. the future is today. it was 30 years ago today that
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>> meteorologist: welcome back. let's find out what is happening with the weather, a little change out there, mild air temperatures, 60 at central park, 53 newer, 45 in allentown, bridgeport checked in at 56, 60 in montauk, temperatures not bad at all, partly cloudy sky, trying to drop in but basically stalling out, it will transform to what warm friend andy eventually a cold front swings through as we head through the latter half of tomorrow, could get soggy but doesn't look impressive at all. there is the cold front trying to drop into the area, transferring to a warm front end
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you will see this area of low pressure working through the tristate region and that will bring small chances of showers, looks very weak, there is future cast, clouds out there today, mostly to the north, more sunshine as we head into tomorrow but that cold front tries to swing through hanging onto a few showers as we head into tomorrow afternoon and evening but barely holding together, there will be cooler can temperatures behind that dropping high temperatures into the 50s and 60s for a few days. today we enjoy plenty of sunshine, gneisses day of the week, high temperatures 74, 74 your high tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, a small chance showers, 59 friday, 60 saturday, another small shower chance out there sunday. don't forget the weather apps, there for free right now, download it and away you go. let's bring in ines, early wednesday morning commute,
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hoping for construction delays and not much more. ines: we have construction going on, route 17 at least one to two for that. as far as connecticut doing pretty good domino problems or delays, the fdr drive closed for a police investigation. traffic, there are diversions' here this camera shot from 96th bell, george washington bridge driving into the city, doing fine this morning, no problems upper and lower level, for the lincoln. >> did you watch back to the future? ines: oh yes. >> i don't remember it. it was a long time ago, many years ago. break out your hover boards and self tying shoes, back to the future day. >> october 21, 2015, is the day marty mayfly and his friends
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traveled from 1985. there will be celebrations across the country because of this day. the original cast will appear at a lincoln center's greenie and there will be events at 1700 movie theaters. back to the future part 2 predicted flat screen tvs and hands free gaming and even said the cubs would win the world series. that is not going to happen. >> speaking of cubs fans look who we have, the new yorker himself, curtis sliwa. >> didn't get the memo, i am the only one who gets to wear red on this set the. of baltimore orioles fan, fair weather fan all of a sudden. >> they are not playing. >> daniel murphy, daniel murphy. i understand you are not necessarily cognizant of the game. >> who are you talking to? >> talking to you.
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i said you are not -- you know baseball. the fine aspects, daniel murphy, indeed pete, i will tell you what. the guy is doing 130 appearances during the regular season, six home runs and 30 appearances six home runs in the playoffs, do you think we should take him to the little boy's room and have him tested for steroids? this is impossible. nikki mantle, reggie jackson, mr. october, delivered in the playoffs and world series, they never had that many home runs in that many playoff games. how could this guy who is a hitter of no consequence when it comes to a home runs at six in the play? >> he is on fire, it is a hot streak. >> the last one for the houston astros, carlos beltran, mets fans, he is a power hitter.
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>> of course i played sports, johnny on the pony, stickball, these were on the streets of new york city. >> that is so -- >> when was the last time you got tested, you could go into the -- >> he could sue you for saying this. >> when was the last test? this is impossible. i remember the mets in the 69 world series, the guy who could not hit the ball in the infield, running the >> avenue been enough legal trouble? back to the future day, i you celebrating in any way? >> i was hoping, and smelling myself, i would have had odor eaters in my clothes by now. that was one of the features a you don't remember this, you ran a drug induced psychosis? everybody went to back to the future. were you 32 years old?
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>> i was 8. >> they had predicted skypeing and all that great stuff and most importantly it will be the rallying point for the chicago cubs to turn it around down three games to the new york mets because although the new york mets in the fields it was a miami team. the turnaround, the cubs will go all the way to sweeping the mets in the next four, two wrigley, two in shea stadium a you will be apologizing to me. >> the film had flying cars we still don't have today. >> the delorean car, that was cocaine, the last time the mets won, 86, you remembered, need i mention any more? >> i think we have a picture of you. that was view. >> my chicago cubs, notice how serious i am.
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mets began to lose, when the ball got caught and all of a sudden terry collins, the way he was with about umpire. >> the views curtis express's are his son, we are not responsible for his commentary. >> i hate the mets and i hate to mets fans until the day i'd died and cannot say it more clearly? >> let him know what you think about him when you see him. >> i you suggesting that? >> i am not suggesting violence. much more on the mets and the game that could send them to the world series. it could happen.
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>> let's get over to and duke, man of the hour year. duke: all packed and ready to go. >> our producers said they would --
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at 8:30. ladies and gentlemen, new york mets, one win away from the pennant and of the 3 games to none lead. daniel murphy. and at the plate. a sixth straight playoff game tied a major league playoffs. that sets a new team record, 2-1 mets. it was tied up for the cubs. the last game tied at 2. the mets come back again. this comes in from third, scored
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and one bad pitch, gave up a home run. and the 11 batters, the mets win at 5-2. >> on this show on this stage, the same thing, the question is who is this guy? >> try not to think of the too much, you feel good in there. trying not to think about it too much. you see what david did tonight and the way he swung the bat, i am in the best spot in the lineup you could be in between those two guys right now. >> i am happy for him because he is going to need troubles and
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gets frustrated, god has a plant. duke: mets can go for the pets, it will be the rookie steven matts making his first appearance in wrigley, the cubs have to win four in a row to stay alive. more about the interesting 5:00. two things i am watching, murphy, reminds the of headachy matsui, in 2004, they're showing no fear whatsoever on the stage. harvey, amelia, steven matts who will go for the pennant tonight. on the american league side of things, a kansas city and rondo, a 4 of the lc s, take the former met, two run shot, vote wells up 2-0, the mets already thankful
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for being so good, they are trading, at the plate. he scores, and kansas city would go on to rock the jays, they take a three games to one lead, masahiro tanaka had minor surgery, bone spur from his pitching elbow since the pitching days in japan, 26-year-old should be ready for spring training, they went out, 3.41 e r a. he tore a ligament, the only way to prevent that is, john surgery, islanders in public, facing the bluejacket's, he will take the past, he will one time it for the goal, second of the year, in the third period, islanders we will see some more,
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islanders when 4-0, devils at home hosting the arizona coyotes. 3 on 3 overtime. adam larsen getting it done, devils win at 3-2 the finals, the first regular regulation we in. back to the mets, one of the biggest fans, jim brewer, a special message for the cubs. >> you are playing hard, got to go, hang in there, always have hope. stop watching, stop watching. >> how about this? somebody just got that nominated and not for nothing.
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