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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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[applause] >> oh, we all love new york, don't we?
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we love opening the doors to nutall lent. new talent. say hi to petra. you're going to do a little alicia keyes, i hear. >> yes. >> what's the song? >> unthinkable. >> okay. here's petra. -- [inaudible] i'm gonna sit right here, -- and if you have something to say, you should say it right now. you give me a feeling that i never had before, and i deserve
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it, i think i deserve it. it's becoming something that's impossible to ignore, and i canan't take it. i was wondering maybe could i make you my baby? if we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy? you ask me, i'm ready, babe, you ask me, i'm ready. why give up before we try -- [inaudible] i can't say i can't compare, i'm suspended in the air. won't you come be in the sky
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i was wondering maybe could i make you my baby? if we do the up thinkable, would it make us look crazy? or would it be so beautiful -- you ask me, i'm ready, yeah, you ask me, i'm ready. ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, ready, oh. ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, ready [applause] >> nice. nice. petra from brooklyn, new york. simone?
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>> 18. >> wow, that's incredible. your voice is so developed to be so young, and you're going to go so far. you really do have this pop star quality about you, especially with your awesome hair, your awesome look. i sensed that you did have a little bit of trouble with some of the higher notes, and i wonder next time pick a song that's in a lower range because you nailed some of these lower notes and have this beautiful, soulful quality, so i'm going to give you a 6. [applause] >> well, i love your look. >> thank you. >> i feel like i'm watching mockingjay. [laughter] you know? like we're in hunger games. [laughter] if we were out there, i would anticipate up with you. i would, like, protect me! i'm scared! petra, it's even a great hunger games name. and your singing was fantastic. i gave you a 7. >> 7 for petra. patricia? [applause] >> i agree that i don't know that it was really the right song for you, but there were moments that it was just golden.
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i mean, you just nailed it in different places and then other moments where it was a little bit more difficult. so i would really love to hear you sing something else in the future, but i gave you a 7. >> another 7 for you. [applause] and dj enough -- way. like p. said, i want to hear more from you also. i gave you a strong 7. >> 7 again. all right, petra, i hope you had a good time. >> i did, definitely. of course. >> stay here, you're coming back. [applause] nice music in the background. bernie williams is making us feel good today. oh, yeah. we're taking a break, coming back with more new york's star of the day right here on fox 5. >> you've got it all covered, right? are you getting some good reaction? >> yes, of course. i post everything on social media, hashtagging the new york star of the day.
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[applause] >> oh, yeah. more good talent here on star of the day. khan shell hampton is coming
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star, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] congratulations to you. i know you like marvin gaye. >> i do. >> yeah. you're going to do it again for us? >> i am going to do marvin gaye again. >> one more time, khan tell. chantelle. [applause] you've got to find a way to bring some loving here today. one, two, three -- father, father, everybody thinks we're wrong. but who are they to judge us simply 'cuz our hair is long?
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you know we've got to find a way to bring some understanding here today. -- and pick a side, don't punish me with brutality. oh, talk to me with honesty. what's going on?
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you've got to find a way to bring some understanding here today. -- pick a side, no, don't punish me with brutality. just talk to me if tell me what you can be. what's going on? tell me, what's going on? you know, what's going on? what's going on? [applause] >> chantelle hamilton. new jersey is really proud of you, that's for sure, right? back home they're loving it. [applause] >> i don't know what else to say. you nailed it again.
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i just want to hear an album for you. you are so ready for the airwaves, right? >> yeah, i'm ready. [applause] >> i would also love to hear you sing some lauren hill. you kind of are giving me some of those vibes. >> she's got it. >> let me give you another 10, girl. [applause] >> got a 10! phonebook. i don't think it would matter what you sing, you're just that kind of performer. and right down to the smallest detail where your eyelids match your shirt. >> he sees everything. >> that's unbelievable. i give you a 9. >> got a 9, all right. [applause] >> great job, girl. >> all right, patricia. >> oh, i loved you both other times, i just loved how you worked the stage, you made contact with the audience, you even looked towards the viewers at home to connect with them and then connected with us, and i just felt like your body language was just in sync with everything that you were doing and saying, and i gave you a 10. >> got some good numbers here, khan shell.
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>> girl, if you keep picking marvin gaye tunes, you just might get a 10 from me every time. you're in pocket, that's the most important thing. i'm ready for that record to come. i gave you a strong 9, girl. >> he's waiting for it. got some good numbers. all right, this is where we have a chance to bring everybody back out on stage, because the audience has an opportunity now to vote. we're going to measure your vote and your applause. let's hear it for skunny monk. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, petra. [applause] and chantelle hampton. [applause] the judges are tallying up the final votes. get busy over there, judges, okay? we're going to take a break, we're coming back, and we're going to name today's new york's star of the day here on fox 5. keep it right here, we're coming
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>> the camaraderie, i like that feeling, too, when i see people competing. >> yes, it's great. >> cheering for one another. >> absolutely, that's what it's about. i mean, we're all in this to win what we love to do, in what we love to do, so why not? >> good s >> good stuff. good stuff. we love it too. all right, we're coming right back.
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p we've compiled a whole list at r [applause] >> we're very happy to be back. thanks for keeping us alive and well on the dance floor. we have now come to that moment where we're going to name today's new york star of the day. you guys look terrific. you did a terrific job, you really have. our judges have made a decision, and, bernie, if we're ready,
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today's new york's star of the day -- [applause] chantelle! [cheers and applause] number three! chantelle. that's number three for you. [applause] competition. we'll be seeing her back here, maybe into the finals as well. we thank you all for being here. city. bernie williams and the all-star band. you guys, very good. thank you, audience. thank you at home. vote new york stardom. show. we'll see you next week, bye. i'm ernie anasties. here we go! star of the day, who will it be?
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-- will be star of the announcer: right now on "fox 5 news" at 6:00: >> the game goes on. >> players on the field pause for a moment of silence. a deadly crash takes place during the home compiling raid. dari: >> i am christina park. >> i am antwan lewis. a woman drove her door a crowd of people into the home coming parade turning the joyous football saturday into tragedy. reporter: happeningness turns into horror this morning went a kay careens into a crowd of people watching the homecoming parade. the main street intersection and stillwater, oak, became a triage center, filled with victims, and emergency responders. three people are now dead. 22 others injured. eight of them critically. seven more are in serious condition. >> at this point, the police department's accident reconstruction
6:20 pm
team is on the scene. we treat these like we would any homicide investigation. reporter: just hours later, a moment of silence is held at the school's center piece homecoming event. football game between nationally-ranked oak state university and university of kansas. police say the car's driver, who is not osu student be, is 25-year-old chambers. she is now under race for suspicion of drunk driving. >> of course, just devastated by this incredible tragedy. the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country, and to have it like to, and these victims, this terrible tragedy, we reach out and embrace the victims and their families. >> the incident occurred at 10:30 this morning, so it is unclear where the driver was beforehand. school officials carefully debatedded
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whether to aroy the gem's to proceed f. the school's president said while they decided to ov forward, he victim and everyone hurt in their prayer. >> tough story. >> thanks. there is a lot going in the sports world this weekend. here at home, all eyes focusing the older series. >> the mets taking to the field for the first time since the win in chicago. >> fox 5's tina is live at field where the mets are preparing for the world series if. hi. reporter: hi, an twan and christina. they had the full full squad workout in the 2015 world series. outfielder however didn't participate in any pace balak of is to what he spoke to the media, he did say his shoulder is feeling so much better. now, that as i shoulder that he hurt, that took him out of game four. he also got a cort ty sown shot on thursday. he said he will be ready to play in game one on tuesday night in kansas city. one player who did go
6:22 pm
after it hard today in practice is second baseman and home run hero, daniel murphy. now while hur if i is excited and proud to represent the new york mets in the world series ares. his mm manager are still marveling at what murphy was a able to do at the plate to get them here. >> i think, it is the right now. you know, it is, its are really awesome that, you know myself and this group of guys, this group of men have been able to bring, bring something like this to the city, with the understand tag we feel like we have some work to do. >> how real lis tech is it that he can keep up the numbers? what is it him that you believe he can? >> how anybody can keep up hitting a home run every day for x number of days, that would be hard to prehe dict. certainly, he has winter riffic. we expect him to be casual threat through the rest of the world series. >> how he kept coming up in huge spots and producing. mets, i mean, be that is
6:23 pm
every time he would hit a home run, he would look done the perch. the guys were going wow. >> now while hr if i keeps saying has been playing like somebody from another planet. today, murphy confirmed, earth. coming up later on in sports. story collins announces the world series pitching rotation. that and more live, back to you. all right, nain, thank you. >> tris earth. all right. we know who the opponent is the mets are take on the royals starting tuesday night. >> what does kansas city have that you can not find here in new york? >> dan bowens has look at the two cities how they stack up one against the other. reporter: best city in the world. new york city. >> we're loyal the mets. >> we stand by them. reporter: matched up against kansas city. midwestern kindness that existed. it was nice year. >> here the big apple has more than 8 million people. more than 39 of the 50
6:24 pm
states. the atmosphere with the people, you know, you got people from all over the world here. >> fork city has the statute of will be ty. they have the m museums. they have all the earth. have all the shows, the broadway. >> there the population totals about 2.1 million. just see you of the opp lation in queens. city. >> kansas city, here i come. report they make up for in barbecue joints. more per capita there in other city in thing that is. it is good. >> yeah. the best barbecue you can find, east coast, west coast. meas, we got everything. bagelles, giros, chinese, scrap niece, koreans where, a do you like to? >> pizza. i like pizza, too. reporter: don't forget the pizza. don't for get jerry seinfeld hong the celebrity supporters. >> ah. reporter: royals have comedians. and says kansas
6:25 pm
university instructor chris bacon is not uncommon for players to celebrate at local bars with fans. >> they would say, beers on the house. drinks are on the house. we will take care of it for the next hour for everybody. >> perhaps, nothing though can match that new york attitude. >> kansas city, a big plate of barbecue, go to sleep, wake up in a week. we are the world champions. >> the met ms and the royals do share something in common. it has been a long time since either won the world series. the royals won it in 198 a. who could are to are get the mets' team. from midtown, dan wow wents where can going to 5 news. >> you can watch it here on fox 5. game one tuesday night. pregame coverage at 7:00. the game coming on after at 8:00. the fox 5 sports post game show comes on after this. >> even though the strongest hurricane ever measured has made landfall in mexico are, there are are no reports of serious injuries. hurricane patricia hit small communities and missed the more
6:26 pm
populated showers. >> it left behind a path of destruction. let's check win with samantha. she is in in with for audrey on the storm. >> hi, sa that. meteorologist: i mean, just a monster storm. really shall where are a major storm. the good news that is at least it has weakened quickly. but still now, a major threat to texas. well, we'll look at patricia, what is left of patricia anyway. tra trisha is a post tropical cyclone. p winds are down to 30 miles per hour from 200 miles per hour. look at this poi sture being drawn in off the gulf, very, very heavy rain moving out of mexico, and into parts of southeastern texas, and i have already seen rain totals over a foot in some spots, just south of dallas, north of wacko, that is going to be moving eastward toward houston, all of that heavy rain will continue to push east for are the next couple of days. eventually, that the gulf states with sorb pack at home, we are just dealing with the cool weather, today, temperatures were in the 50's.
6:27 pm
a lot of clouds around. we're talking about a little bit of rain, as well. some sprinkle cans moving to northeastern pennsylvania. into upstate new york and those sprinkles, a couple of rain showers will reach us overnight tonight and noon tomorrow morning. we do feeded the rain. it has been dry now. 54 central park. 52 sussex. 52 in islip. it is cool the early wind. overnight, pecks a shower toward morning. but we will improve tomorrow afternoon. sunshine will be walk with temps in the 60's. crist mean to? >> all right, thank you. >> all right. actress o'hara, star of that he classic films like miracle on 349th street and the quiet man has died. the irish actress passed a bay in the sleep tonight. oh har was to hollywood in 1939 and start starred in many crass ekes in including how dren was the valley and the parent trap and the favorite leading lady making five films and received honorary academy award last year. o'hara was 95 years old.
6:28 pm
>> president obama urging reform on the controversial education issue standardized testing. the president is calling for standardizedded testing at 2% of the classroom's time he wants or factors to be empathized than accessing the student's performance. >> learning is about so much more than filling in the right bulb. so we're going to work with states, school districts, teachers and parents to make sure that we are not obsessing about testing. >> the president cannot force districts to lem mit testing but he has asked the education department to make it easier for states to satisfy the federal testing mandates. the new york governor andrew cuomo released a statement come mening the plan. >> record rainfall is caution dangerous flooding in text. >> crew members on freight train head to swim to safety. look at that video. a creek overflowed and watched the the tracks away. >> the gunman behind the colorado movie theater massacre has some minutes behind bars. what ha happens when
6:29 pm
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>> a powerful storm has flood parts of texas causing a freight train to derail. that the union pacific train slid off the rails before dawn today 50 miles south of dallas. a creek overflowed and washed away the continue's tracks. the are railroad spokesperson say twos crewmembers swam to safety. nobody, thank ply, was the area has receive mord than foot and a half of rain since yesterday morning. many parts of text are watches. numerous flights of dl lass fort worth have been canceled. >> james holmes has been assaulted in prison. the colorado department of correction says another inmate lungedded at homes while officer was escort him through hallway on october 8th. injured. the inmate who attacked him will be disciplined. he is 27-year-old man serving time for several convictions including auto theft and assault. holmes is serving life in prison without parole for the 2012 shooting in a denver movie at thor
6:33 pm
that killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. >> today, a rally held in east harlem for fallen nypd officer randolph holder who was killed earlier this week. of retch rand al sharpton laying a wreath outside of this police precinct memory of the 33-year-oldle officer who as may recallle died of a gunshot wound to the head tuesday night while pursuing armed suspect in east harlem. sharpton fights for if justice against all preventing that and including police officers who were killed in in the line of duty. the here of darner who died last year in staten island coming out offering her support for the fallen officer's family. >> randolph holder's killing was blow to all of us, and we who fight bad policing. we support good policing. >> we need to get rid of the bad people that are on the street and we need to get rid of the bad police. >> officer randolph
6:34 pm
holders the fourth ny pd officer murdered within the last 11 >> well, would we are ready for it thresh chilly fall weather has ride of. >> people were out and about today bundled up in the he coats look think was no rain with but we understand that pay on the way. let's check win fox 5 for forecast. >> hi, christina. hi, antwan. talk bag few light sprinkles overnight. main a rain shower by tomorrow morning. we actually do need the rain. we have been very, very dry lately. cool. a a hill bit of a chill evening. we have an early windp coming off the water. right now, temperatures in the low 50's. but here is the high for today. 55 central park. normal. 56 newark. then, monticello, you only got to 46 degrees today. we had some sunshine. then, the clouds were filtering in through the day and also, thickeningp up thanks to east wind. right now, tracking a cold front that is tough
6:35 pm
the east and it will be pushing through later on tonight and on into tomorrow. 54 degrees. then at central park now, that southerly wind at 9 miles per hour. then, the clouds are quite thick across the area. look at the live radar, and a you might be noticing some spotty sprinkles, the hint of drizzle here, in parts of new jersey, creeping eastward, slowly, and we'll see more and more of too overnight tonight and as we head on into morning. so not the best night. do you have plans to head out. good idea to have the rain jacket, maybe take along that umbrella with you as well as they are in wet weather around. cloudedy. showers in krupp state new york creeping to northeastern pennsylvania, also parts of new jersey, and not a whole loft poi sture around. but we will be tracking those showers. talking about moisture, here is remnants of patricia, rook at all of off the cuff, just moving to texas right now. and some spots have already had about a foot of rain, andp forecasting even more on top of too. overnight tonight, into
6:36 pm
tomorrow, and then all of that heavy rain will be creeping to the gulf states and we may have that rain here by the middle of the krupp coming week. we need it. moderate drought. for the month, the inch below normal with rainfall. then year, we are 8-inch deficit. a shower will be welcomed overnight tonight. raw throughout with the early wind. good news tomorrow, any showers will giveway to afternoon sunshine. we clear it out. it looks better. temperatures will be a touch warmer as well into the 60's. monday, tuesday, very nice weather. feels like fall. looks like fall. and then, there is the rain i was talking about wednesday too thursday. maybe some tropical downpours what is left of pav trisha. we clear it out after this. >> very nice. tanks. >> you are welcome. >> well, the force is strong in the ukraine. >> oh. >> why a statute was creeated honoring a star war's vill crin. >> and espn removed every one of the individual quos from youtube. tell you where you can
6:37 pm
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>> secretary of state john kerry race renewing the push to these violence. >> fox's john huddy has the latest from jeras rem. reporter: another round of talks. a renewed sense of hope, that there may be life at in the of what has been a dark tunnel of violence that has plagued israel and the west bank for weeks now. the main point that calm out of today's meeting
6:40 pm
between secretary of state john kerry and palestinian authority president mahmood abass that the statues quo at the temple mount will not change. >> israel will continue to enforce the long-standing policy of the religious worship. religious worship at the temple mount included the fundamental fact that it is muslims who prey pray on the temple mount and non-muslims who visit. >> and another factor that could tem per the holtility's opinion ny. the u.s. state department says it plans to cut $80 million in financial tide the palestinian authority. >> clear messaging to palestinian authority president abass to stop the political rhetoric that has been in citing violence. flu was more violence today. a 16-year-old
6:41 pm
palestinian tried to stab soldiers at roadblock in the west pank. israeli security force shot and killed him. and late friday, a fire pom was thrown at car with israeli family inside. they survived with moderate to light injuries. secretary curry says he will continue to meet with israeli palestinian and jordanian leaders to try to advance peace and stability and to work on those steps necessary to bring lasting calm. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> catholic bish havized a document endorsing the pontiff's call. divorced couples who remarry, it marks tend of a three-week senate on providing pastoral cir. the document roses to certain language referring to k as and repeats the church's teaching has the day community should be loved but still rejects same-sex marriage and also says cath lecs who
6:42 pm
diverse and remarry in simple ceremonies will able to work the priest wo will decide if they should be brought week to church. do not go to youtube if you are looking for videos that is taking them all down due to you right and legal issues surrounding next week's launch of ad freeze subscription service. creators have to participate to have the video shown and some analyst say the pre-existing kondrackes with cable and satellite companies may be preventing them from take part in the plan. meantime, fans can stillle go to espn's own web site to see the video. good know. >> halloween is going to the dogs. >> hundred of dogs and holle low wean costumes take over the square park today. we will show you the pest ones. >> and, vladimir lennon is out and darth vader taking the place. we'll tell where you a statute tef lords recently pop pooed up. here sa nan. meteorologist: hello, everyone. clowned he this in crease today. we're tracking a little bit of wet weather. you may notice a couple of sprinkles as we head
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
the most create aive canine commence today at the halloween dog parade. hundredshundreds of dogs packed the park. the popular theme this year was pizza. other costumes that wowed spectators in cluded everything from back to the future dogs. >> i get it. >> all right. you don't need the force to find darth vader. >> that meant the statute former leader had to go. the city of odessa decided to transform the popular "star wars" villain. >> that is pretty dood. >> yeah. >> replaced with garth vade ear helmet and the coattails were turned into the vade ear cape. >> now we can go over there and want thicks to calm down and check out vatedder. >> oh, with really? here go. let's take another look at the wook weather. >> hi, sa nan. >> cre in with is get excited for the star we're movie.
6:47 pm
we have good movie weight weather to evening because it is on the chilly side and forecasting a few showers around by morning. if you are heading out this evening, expect cloudy and cool weather and a couple of sprinkles maybe as early as this evening. then the shower toward morning tracking a cold front. any showers and end quickly by midmorning tomorrow. then we get sunshine that warms us up a little pitt. we're examining to be looking at nice tall watter to start off the upcoming week. then, some much needed rain midweek. along with remnants of patricia. so we'll recap today. we got up to 55. the average high is 61. then, once we say good bye to sun sheen t. we haded the clouds come in. i did feel cool. the record high today, 79 back in 2001. i don't see this warm weather come org way as we look ahead? we will are sunshine and we will have nice conditions, so clouds do ton thicken up after nice start to the day. photo from lenny taken earlier. some pret ty colors hen
6:48 pm
sky on the water by east is lich!line and the water now a little bit rough. there is a small crest advisory in effect if you have plans overnight tonight and tomorrow. right now, sentrale park, 50. 52 sussex. 52 is lip. starting to feel killly. the east wind, clouds ton thicken up. there is the east-southeast wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. andp we peck up a low tonight. that early wind just bringing in the moisture ahead of the frontal system, so right now, clouds thing up. there are showers back to the west extending ahead of a cold front. you condition see this rain am moving in. shifting in our doorrection. rain in does reach us is not going to be be too heavy, but we will see some of that wet weather. so tonight, into morning, mainly cloud cry skies. there is some of the sprinkles we track them, pushing ago ward, they, at 7:00 in the morning then a shower and then we get some sun sine and then it starts to clear out nicely and we are look pretty good. so tonight, 4 to 50. tomorrow, we make the which to the 60's with the sun sine coming in
6:49 pm
for the afternoon. in the, the nice little stretch ahead. still a bit cooler than formal. no complains we have that sunshine monday, tuesday. there is the rain wednesday into thursday. and then, we are talking about halloween by next weekend look at supshine. that is good fews. >> 65 looks good. >> it is going to feel dood tomorrow, too. >> quite cool. >> sounds good. >> enjoy. are welcome. >> the met vaas few days off for the world series again. wasting no time getting in as many workouts as they can. >> we have details live
6:50 pm
it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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>> mets' mania still going strong. the first workout since the win. hi, nain. hi, antwan, christine ma. now after last night's alcs. now know they are going to play the kansas city royals in the 2015 world series? w. that information, collins able to set the pitching retation and announce it today. matt that harvey will be starting game one tuesday night. jacob will start too. and we'll start game four on saturday here. captain david wright who was drafted by nets back in 2001 just months after the months were in the last world series was the first prick to be laid to build this world series team.
6:52 pm
and today, he was back to that laser focus knowing that theist's k at hand right nows the kansas city royals. seems like they are competitive, you know, fiery bunch, i think like our guys. and you oh, it seems like they, kind of never go away. seems look they find way to win and, no matter what the score is, no matter what the situation is. they grind it out. they just, they just, you know, they never die. i think that is tremendous compliment for team so we will have our our hands full for sure. >> after today's first full squad work out, the mets with il trav of arelele to kansas city he tomorrow morning and have the workout there in kansas city tomorrow afternoon. on to football a and after being released by the giants before the start of the nfl regular season. punter steve weather forked was signed today. weatherford actually punted during the 2009 and 2010 seasons before coming to the giants then what happened was
6:53 pm
the was place on the injury list as questionable the jets needed a punter in the big gam adance the roofals the patriots in new eng rein on sunday. they gave weatherford a call and sure enough, sooner or later. hes with able to post a picture with the new teammate saying i am back. this has been a huge week another jetteds as they prepare to take on the gened patriots. how far, heated coach tom bow lel found time to take in some postseason baseball and even as the avid yankees' fan. he says he is enjoying the success. >> i am a big matchup by. they have great places and they are great. they have good and i am enjoying it. >> good. >> i am. >> i am. >> cranky. >> yankees are out. >> mets are in. >> and later tonight on "fox 5 news" at 10:00. more on the mets' workout ho they plan on
6:54 pm
seven game series. >> see you later. >> that does it another news for now. i am christina park. >> i am antwan law with which is. thanks for watching. stay tuned to fox sportspack 12 pregame show is coming up next. oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule. welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels,
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