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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: this the department issued a worldwide travel honored as we approach thanksgiving, holidays in general through february, the warning is about possible attacks carried out by isis and other terror groups. ben: in an idea happy thanksgiving for some, that busted water main will take several days to fix, could be after the holiday. juliet: you may want to blame your subway delays on fellow passengers, what is going on that is forcing trains to run late. but mta blaming passengers? is that what is happening?
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are you going to go out? ben: the mta is more -- is more the port authority. good morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, it is 4:30 on november 24th, i got in a twitter war, really 1-sided, with a certain cable internet company that didn't show up for their appointment yesterday. ben: what letter of the alphabet as it began with? juliet: v . i am very unhappy. everything worked out. do you know how that is? you wait and wait. ben: how long was the window? juliet: 11:00 to 2:00. ben: really obnoxious. juliet: my new building isn't even hooked up for this
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we all go through this, we all have more stories. what you going to do it? >> meteorologist: we have cold temperatures, yesterday was pretty cool, these are the high temperatures from yesterdays, 44 at central park, we made it to 44 to islip that bridgeport, 36, monticello gore really cold out there this morning, 32 degrees. almost all locations freezing with the exception of montauk at 37 degrees, from allentown, in monticello. in the tristate region we have a few high clouds working their way in, not worried about the cloud cover, and there is some snow with a warm front, a pretty dry one at the same thing. did aperturewise we are a little warmer today, high temperature
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48 degrees later this afternoon. week continues to warm-up as we head towards turkey day. high temperatures 61 thanksgiving. early on this chilly tuesday morning -- >> meteorologist: here is what is going on, putnam county, 84, 684, new jersey, nothing to report, and let's take a look at the lie, traffic on the east bound or west bound side, and not lie in queens, by grand central parkway, trains on or close to schedule. juliet: russia says one of its fighter jets was shot down by turkey.
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border, on a bombing mission in syria and crashed after it came under an artillery attack, the plane violated its airspace and ignored repeated warnings from moscow, insists it was in syrian airspace. fox news reporting the planes, two pilots ejected from the plane and avoid being captured. turkish government strongly opposed to the syrian regime of bashar al-assad but russia, supporting bashar al-assad. >> to travel for the holiday season there's the new warning for americans traveling overseas. ben: the alert was issued after increased threats from military groups around the world. robert moses this morning. >> as the thanksgiving the way begins terrorism is top of mind, the state department issued a worldwide travel alert warning of possible attacks carried out by isis, al qaeda, and other groups. more attacks are likely as a
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basis members continue to be radicalized in syria and iraq, the warning goes on to say there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by a major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis. the recent attacks in paris and mali and the downing of a russian airliner in egypt for which pieces claims responsibility shows that the threat is on the present, travelers we spoke to are not letting but specter of terrorism all their plans. >> is expected on thanksgiving weekend. >> it crosses our minds but no more than usual. >> the world in which we live a ubs carefully as you can be. >> reporter: for those staying close to home bill deblasio says you are in good hands and, the nypd is prepared for the macy's thanksgiving day parade and there are no specific threats aimed at the city. the mayor stressed preparation, not far analysis. >> we have to go about our
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by living our way of life, by not being cowed because this is psychological warfare. >> reporter: robert moses, "good day new york". >> a new smart phone apps to fight terrorism, see something, something allows you to capture its this is suspicious activity in a phone or written note and send that information to new york state intelligence center, users should report only potential threats from bad or backpack of the public place. the apps is available free for all iphone and android phones. juliet: belgium is on a terror lock down and the president in france is ready to meet with president obama and everyone watching what is going on around the world. juliet: that meeting comes as more radar carried out to track down terrorists, teresa priolo joins us from the newsroom with the latest on what is going on overseas. >> reporter: belgium actually remains at its highest ever level as world leaders gather to determine how to defeat the growing problem of isis.
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the president will attempt to persuade president obama of his plan to increase military action in iraq and syria. >> it actually will bring britain and france and the world together in defense of our values and recognizing we will never let these people beat us, we will come together and make sure we do that. >> reporter: hours after visiting paris meeting privately with french president francois hollande and beating flowers where 89 people died britain's prime minister is ready to join the world in taking on isis. he is hoping for the same reception today at the white house. when he meets with president obama to talk strategy. the world leaders agreed both countries need to communicate better when it comes to isis and share more intelligence. they differ on russia's involvement and what the u.s.'s role should be. defeating isis is a priority around the world. in delta a country but on pause
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level ever. officials searched for the key suspect. and suicide vest was found in a garbage can, a paris suburb, matched the location linked to salah abdelslam at cellphone the night of the tax. the suicide best the same configuration as those worn by a jihadists who died ten days ago with the tories are attempting to ascertain why that vest was abandoned. did it malfunction or did it salah abdelslam abort the mission? of course salah abdelslam is on the run, believed to be in belgium or using his old isis network in the belgian neighborhood as a resource to evade capture. there is word this morning that turkish officials say they warned france and belgium of the jihadists inculcated in the terrorist attacks more than one year ago. back to both of you. ben: thanks very much, two began in the meantime have died after
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a fire tears through a home for the disabled in new jersey, three at is taken to the hospital. the hackensack daily voice is reporting a police officer injured his knee e when he fell woman. the officers saw two other victims inside but could not reach them because of the intensity of the flames. the fire broke out and berkshire road before midnight. the homes run by the alliance against homelessness. >> reporter: deliberations are expected to begin in the public corruption trial of former new york assembly speaker sheldon silver. it was a packed court room. he is accused of taking millions of dollars in kickbacks. a federal prosecutors as the one time all the power broker took bribes in exchange for official acts, the 71y democrat quit his speaker post after the arrest, but he has pleaded not guilty. is lawyers claim prosecutors are unfairly singling him out. >> reporter: tyrone howard accused of gunning down officer rand paul holder last month will be arraigned in manhattan
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supreme court and the specific charges against him will be unveiled at the arraignment. earlier this month howard was sentenced to 12 years in prison on unrelated drug charges accused of shooting holder in the head on october 20th. the officer had been responding to reports of gunfire near fdr drive in east harlem. >> there's a boil water advisory, water service may not be back to normal until after thanksgiving following the water main break over the weekend, a groups continuing to try to work to fix the initial broken pipe near the jersey city line but then apparently another vowel, 836 binge without bail. mayor don zimmer says it will take several days to repair the additional damage. >> reporter: we will know more within the next 24 hours when they are able to make repairs to that house because we first need to make repairs to the jury the city vow of and then they will get access and see what is really happening in hoboken.
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>> reporter: i have some friends who live there and they are so mad because they say we pay so much in taxes why are our streets like this? while the repairs are made residents especially those on higher floors could affect to have lower water pressure, the colored water or just no water at all. happy thanksgiving. still ahead on "good day early call," a freeze of fact, that does not mean it will snow any time soon. ben: you need to participate. the city council is trying to figure out how to regulate drones. after what happened at last night's meeting. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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or macchiato for $1.99. >> welcome back, we have a freeze warning with clear skies, we have a freeze what effect for four of this week by burroughs, staten island not included until 7:00 this morning the winds are calm, mainly clear skies, a few clouds pushing in with a warm front. the have 32 central park and 35, the warm front does not have a lot of moisture, most of what is bringing in is like slowed but to the northwest of the tristate region.
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the cold air is the big problem, not as easy as yesterday, and high pressure hanging tight but warm front will bring in a few additional clouds by at the end, precipitation will stay to the west, primarily snow, more sunshine and anything with very cold start to the date even in the city with a temperatures to the freezing point. the only place not freeze it -- seeing freezing temperatures is the east end of long island and nothing significant coming at us, a few clouds here or there, high temperature warmer and yesterday, 43 or midday temperature, high of 48 degrees still looking good as far as travel conditions are concerned, sunny skies with a high of 52, 61 thursday, thanksgiving, 64 for black friday. a lot of folks would get out and do the shopping thing, i am thinking of maybe the day after
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a few quick showers popping into the area. don't forget the whether apps at the apple-store or google play store, download it right now and put it to work, let's bring in ines and see what is going on. a fairly busy start to the holiday week. >> meteorologist: ines: soaker things are up to a good start on the tappan zee bridge, no problems on the saw mill or cross westchester, staten island to your taking that, look at bradley avenue, no problems towards the verrazzano bridge, the 59 street bridge, and the service northbound terminating at 86th street, terminating at 149th. juliet: many subway delays being blamed on sick passengers. officials say 3,000 delays,
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3,000 delays among the caused by people suffering some kind of medical condition including painting and seizures to more serious conditions such as heart attacks, double the monthly average since 2012. emt admits there are other reasons for subway delays including overcrowding and equipment problems and bad weather. the new york times a big piece on this yesterday. i read it and they said part of the problem is when someone gets sick on a train they cannot move that person until medical officials arrives. a person can't move on their own and that can lead to huge delays. if they say you are not feeling well, get off the station and health reaches you faster. juliet: the office of emergency management one city kill to wait before coming up with regulations for drones which are extremely popular this holiday season, at a million were sold. dave: and the like a drum for christmas? juliet: no. ben: they want councilmembers to hold off until the federal aviation administration comes
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matt king shows us what happened. >> this is what you propose to regulate, in ways less than 3 pounds, at the same as the seagulls run the city. >> reporter: the top jerome lawyer, now vice president of the largest drug company objected to a series of bills proposing to regulate drug use in new york city. >> these -- new york city is no place for this technology, if you were deer but if you ave from those proposals and ask what this is about they might think it is about guns or toxic chemicals and isn't in serious like that. >> reporter: every city agency including police, fire and parks department expressed interest in flying unmanned aerial vehicles to aid in their duties. when will propose to restrict how, when, where and why the city might use the roads, another would forbid drones from conducting surveillance or carrying weapons and requires a billion from users to register their device, to buy a drone insurance policy effect identification tag to their drone. >> i am concerned with what i see. >> reporter: new york civil
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>> not be a dispute that's amuses pose significant risk to public safety. >> reporter: representatives from barry's groups did not dispute that claim and supported regulation, newark city's propose legislation not only unnecessarily strict but perhaps also overstepping the city's jurisdiction. >> operation of all aircraft in the national aerospace system is the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government, state and local governments did not have authority to regulate the air space for the aircraft that fly in it. >> one needs a license to fly and grown for commercial purposes but recreationally, the best anyone can tell anyone mayfly a drone as long as they don't fly above roads or people, stay below 400 feet and don't fly within 5 miles of the airport. matt king, fox 5 news. juliet: read this island,ver heard that before. may be closed for the weekend unfortunately. you cannot go there after the
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we will see a little bit of a warm-up, a good thing because it is freezing out there for almost everyone including the city, 32, we expect a high temperature of 48 degrees later on, not far off of the regular market of 51, that is the normal high temperature and a record high is 74 degrees, that is not happening anytime soon, 20 and newark, 19 in sussex, same in monticello, montauk is the warm spot, partly cloudy skies in the tristate, there are a few clouds popping back into the picture but they are not going to amount to much, block the sun shine on a little bit, you might see a little snow in the radar, satellite blew, but anything happening is really light near the poconos but we will get our fair share before january. ben: she wasn't paying detention. ben: lift the lid, 40 degrees today, a 52 tomorrow and high of 61 on thanksgiving, looks pretty good, a shower can still hanging
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mind, juliet and then, to you. ben: duke is off. >> i heard it, don't worry about this. let's start basketball in miami knicks taking on the heat and miami's game plan in this one was to stop, miami white cited just that with a block, his offense was not shabby either, dwyane wade knocking down ten of the team, 21 points in new third quarter, he did manage to shake off the defense. if he gets open for the three pointer in of a fourth quarter part of 20 points on the night but miami was 95-78 and snapped the knicks's four game win streak. the new york rangers keep winning bridge last night taking on nationals at madison square garden. in the second period, rick nash continues his hot streak and a
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buries it for the success of the season. hetrick lundquist was outstanding, 31 saves on the night, frustrating national for the entire 60 minutes leading the league in goals against average and save percentage. third period derek stefan takes home, makes it 2-0 rangers and they go on to blank nashville, 3-0 the final score, rangers have won and 11 of the last 12 games. of federal appeals court has set a march date for arguments in the nfl appeal over the tom brady deflategate suspension. the whole controversy started last january after a the investigation claimed there was a conspiracy to deflate footballs before new england beat indianapolis in last season's afc championship game, the league suspended brady four games but that is listed by manhattan federal judge before the season began. and the patriots began and it
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kept working out for brady and his patriots. last night against the buffalo bills a minute left in the first half brady finds brandon plays it out for a 20 yard catch, three played class leader brady finds james blight who break the tackle and a game for the 20 yard touchdown, later in the third brady finds danny over the middle who goes all the way down to the six yard line and that sets of the next play we will look at right here, he runs it to the four, petrie twin 20-13 and remain in defeated at 10-0. ben: as long as they lose in the superbowl. >> it is set up that way. as for the jets, jerome rivas is suffering from concussion symptoms. this is according to coach todd bowles, he left last sunday's game against houston in the third quarter with a head injury, he didn't return, the coach said in a conference call
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that he wasn't feeling any better from those symptoms. meanwhile the jets have released 2012 first-round pick outside linebacker, there was no -- he wasn't getting any time, this was a business decision, not personal. on to the giants, the bye week went better than expected, the giants had one game lead in the nfc east with six games left to play. in the first practice this week with the giants yesterday he rejoined the team when victor cruz was placed on injured reserve, the knicks led the giants after 2013 but eli manning is still there. >> that chemistry, looking forward to being in this position again, playing with eli again. >> reporter: giants take on the
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