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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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daughter rebecca in a 2004 silver dodge caravan. the woman is in critical condition. the little girl seen in the photo has black hair and brown eyes. police say the van has a new jersey license plate. it was last seen heading to new jersey on the george washington bridge. anybody with any information asked to call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. dari: a rush hour explosion as injured five people. turkish officials say the explosion was caused by a handmade pipe bomb that may have been targeting a bus that was filled with local police officers. there are reports that say that kurdish rebels may be responsible. turkey has been on high alert for months since 130 people were killed in two separate suicide bombings. steve: the family of syrian new jersey. dari: the arrival comes as governor christie continues his push to keep syrian immigrants
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lisa evers has the story from part paterson tonight. >> a syrian refugee family just moved in. as they get settled, the debate over the syrian refugee crisis continues to grow. this is one of the shopping areas that could become familiar to the family of seven that is being resettled here by church world service, an international interfaith organization. the syrian refugee family is being welcomed into the community says this immigration and refugee director. >> we're a community-based organization. we resettle people with the assistance of local churches. those church folk will be the first ones to tell you that they do want refugees to come here and those from syria included. >> reporter: in the aftermath of paris terror attacks carried out by syrian refugees, governor christie opposes the resettlement in new jersey. he says rather than address concerns expressed by governors of both parties and the director of the fbi, the federal
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persist with its plan to increase the number of new refugees at a previously unattainable rate. like all syrian refugees to the u.s., this family has undergone an intense screening process for nearly three years. >> this is not a random screening. this is very in-depth process that is done by professionals and intelligence and security vetting and if there's any doubt, they're out. >> reporter: here in paterson, there's a lot of talk about the syrian refugee crisis and many of the people are saying they'll do whatever they can to help. >> they're so few people. they die every day babies. i cry. >> they had a background check on them. i welcome them into the community. we're here to help them. >> reporter: the church leader says fears of plane loads of syrian refugees landing at our airports are unfounded. the spokesperson for governor christie told us he remains
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concerns about state and national security are addressed. in paterson, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. steve: the u.s. is expanding its special operations forces in iraq and syria. defense secretary ash carter telling congress today that over time the special opes forces will conduct raids, free hostages, gather intel and capture isis leaders. he said u.s. troops have made a number of advances. >> we're sending on president obama's orders and the chairman's and mine advice special operations forces personnel to syria to support the fight against isil. steve: the forces going to iraq borders. dari: meantime president obama is urging a lowering of tensions between russia and turkey after turkey shot down a russian warplane that flew into their air space. speaking in paris after the climate summit, the president defend itself.
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to persuade russia to focus air strikes in syria on isis instead of forces fighting syrian president assad. steve: a former newark police chief has been fired. garry mccarthy was removed. dan bowens brings us up to speed on the investigation. >> reporter: superintendent mccarthy knows a police officer is only as effective as when he has the trust of those he serves. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel firing the superintendent garry mccarthy saying the former top cop had become a distraction. >> the public trust in the leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded. >> reporter: the move coming after a wave of protests, demonstrators outraged over how the city responded when a white police officer shot a black
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>> we're here before this emblem of death, this casket, to bury chicago. >> officer van dyke facing first-degree murder charges was released early tuesday on bond. haul. as i told him, it's going to be a series of various steps. process. >> reporter: the outrage in chicago not unique. in the last 18 months, the black lives matter movement has taken to the streets in new york over the death of eric garner and in ferguson, missouri. and the creation of a task force on police accountability. >> i have a bigger loyalty to the city of chicago, its future and the strength of that future. >> reporter: garry mccarthy is a familiar name to many in our area. he was a deputy commander with the nypd and served as newark's police director under mayor cory booker. he was hired in chicago to take over back in 2011.
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dari: thank you. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton traveled to alabama today to mark the 60th anniversary of the montgomery bus boycott. mrs. clinton spoke at the national bar association event at the very same church where reverend martin luther king, jr., served as a pastor from 1954 until 1960 and after the event, a new historical marker was unveiled at the site where rosa parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. steve: republican presidential candidate marco rubio appeared at the college of charleston today. he spoke at the bully pulpit, which allows candidates to speak with students and community leaders on a personal level about a variety of topics, including the economy. dari: today is world aids day. it's been over 30 years since h.i.v. was discovered and a cure. steve: but advances in medicine have made it possible for patients to live normal lives. stacey delikat spoke with an
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helping others. [music] >> reporter: when seasons of love came to life on the stage of the musical rent 20 years ago, the aids epidemic was at its height and new york city was the epicenter. today the song was performed to commemorate world aids day for a city facing a different reality. >> people that are h.i.v. positive, it's like, well, i've got h.i.v., whatever. we take our medication and keep it moving. >> reporter: she has been infected for more than 20 years and has been an hiv/aids advocate for just as long. she works with people at iris house in harlem. >> when i got diagnosed, i thought it was a death sentence. i thought my life was over. >> reporter: today she works at the iris house and is on a one pill a day regimen. >> i've been diagnosed and it's come a long way.
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percent over the last 10 years reaching historic low in 2014. >> reporter: in new york state, the number of new cases has dropped by closer to 50 percent since 2001. governor cuomo wants to bring the number to 750 by 2020, low enough to make aids a minimal health threat. he announced a major milestone. >> this year is the first year that there have been no mother to newborn transmissions. isn't that amazing? >> today is like a milestone. it's an historical event that n bear children who are h.i.v. positive as long as they're on a medical regimen. >> politicians and patients agree there's more work to do. what's the hardest part for you? >> medical issu. housing. hunger. >> reporter: toelp people w h.i.v. and aids get access to things like housing and
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committing more money. governor cuomo sayinge' ask the state legislature for an additional $200 million in funds. here in the city, the mor announced an extra $23 million year for preventn and healthcare programs. steve: very good. all right. thank you. well, after a long holiday weekend of dizzying diounts, the focus turns toiving back. dari: how people used today to get in touch with their charitable side with the holiday season. steve: and how the creator of broadway's hottest show, hamilton, played a key role in
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dari: cyber monday receipts buried black friday sales numbers. steve: alison morris here with headlines. that's a huge milestone. completely out of control. if you want to look at it one way, it's like cyber monday is the new black friday. steve: without all the three a.m. and pushing and clawing and fighting. >> reporter: you don't have to leave the house. that's the way i like to shop. if i can do it from home, that's the way to go. sales jumped to 3 billion this year. that's the biggest online sales day ever recorded in the united states. thanksgiving and black friday sales took a bit of a hit. they were down a billion dollars
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the national retail federation says spending per person peaked in 2012 and has been dropping every year since. cyber monday really is the new day to shop. who were the big winners? target says it saw record web traffic on monday. so much so, it actually crashed the store's site. that's not what they were going for, but it's a good sign a l of people were trying to spend money on target is claiming that cyber monday was its busiest day ever and that it saw twice the volume that it had on thanksgiving day. amazon says it had a record sales weekend for products like fire tablets and tv's. there are reports amazon's cyber monday sales jumped more than 20 percent over last year, a couple of companies having a big day. we have a big mattress merger with a bit of a local twist. long island-based sleepy sold this week to mattress firm holding corp. they paid $780 million for sleepy.
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stores. the sleepies aren't going to disappear. mattress firm says they will operate under both names for now. that deal is expected to close sometime mid to late summer. >> remember the drug, you won't forget this, this made headlines in september when it jumped from $13 to $750 a pill? looks like there may be a much cheaper alternative. the pill is used to treat a potentially deadly parasitic disease that could affect people with weaker immune system, people with aids, pregnant women, organ transplant recipients. today express script is going to cover a $1 alternative. that's $1 versus 750. they are the biggest in the country. this means a lot of people will have access to cheaper treatment if they need it. it should be available by the end of the week. so nice to hear about a drug company making things cheaper for people. steve: you don't hear that, especially after that nightmare thank you.
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a new era for foodies. starting today, large chain restaurants are required to put a salt shaker symbol on menus for dishes with a high salt count, those that top the limit of sodium, about one teaspoon. the average american consumes around 3,400 milligrams of salt per day. restaurants that don't comply could face a $200 fine. dari: if this wasn't going to be an amazing movie, the new "star wars" film the force awakens is getting a new song written by the star of hamilton. last night. it was hysterical. miranda confirmed the news on twitter saying we did. we worked on it between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 on two show days for the past two months. j.j. is the best.
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wars" film december 18th. steve: already sold 50 million in tickets. are you looking forward to it? nick: absolutely. it's going to be great. steve: going to be hard to get in for the first couple of weeks. nick: i'll have to wait a while. dari: let's hope it's a good weather night. nick: i'm a patient guy. tonight is a good night for a movie. the rain is going to continue. some drizzle as well as temperatures hover where they're at, the upper 40s. we've had .2 of an inch of rain so far. we'll probably end up with an inch to an inch and a half by the time this is all said and done. some of the heavier downpours will get in tomorrow afternoon. 51, 44 today. a touch above average. 70 the record high 2006. it was 9 back in 1875. we've reached the earliest sunset time now. we're start shrinking the days more so on the morning timeframe. light rain now at laguardia. central park observation has
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laguardia is at 48. it's about the same in midtown. the wind is out of the east-northeast at 12 miles an hour and will continue out of the easterly direction. highs today low 50s around the city. belmar, 54. mid and upper 50s in south jersey. that's what we'll see tomorrow. to the north, lower 40s to middle 40s sussex towards poughkeepsie. 51 islip. 50 as you get towards montauk. here are the current temperatures. upper 40s most locales. back to 44 at poughkeepsie. 39 monticello. newark at 49. 52 as we get towards belmar. temperature change about 5 to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. wind out of the east-northeast. it will continue easterly tonight and tomorrow. speeds of 5 to 10 miles an hour or so. expected. more rain is coming. look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. patchy light rain and drizzle off to the southwest. that will be advancing northward. this area of rain will creep northward into tomorrow.
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the next cold front coming. the weather map is very active. snows and lots of that happening across iowa up towards minnesota and north dakota. one storm there. another storm is moving to the south. there's a cold front in this locale which will allow another storm to move up along that and drag this rain into our forecast as we head into tomorrow. that's what you'll see here in the day planner starting out close to 50 tomorrow morning. 54 middle of the day. afternoon. that's probably when we'll get the steadiest rain in the forecast. i have the symbol for every timeframe. the steadiest and stronger downpours will be tomorrow afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. you'll see that on the futurecast. there's the system rolling through. here's that more solid area of green, the more solid area of good downpours. then it's out of here tomorrow night. thirst thursday looking better, breezy and cloudy. we'll be watching temperatures in the lower 50s thursday.
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bring us great and cool seasonal weather into the weekend. 40s tonight with patchy fog and rain and drizzle across the area. showers tomorrow. most numerous in the afternoon. about 56 the high tomorrow. then breezy, lots of sun thursday at 52. beautiful days friday, saturday and sunday. days. 30s at night. get to 52 on sunday. low 50s monday. back to 49 tuesday as clouds will be gathering at that point. another 24 hours of rain and then it's nice for a while. dari: okay. steve: thank you, nick. in the spirit of giving, the mets hosted the annual warmup holiday coat drive. fans who donated a new or used coat received a voucher for two tickets to a mets home game in april. fan. the coat drive is new york cares largest of the season. the mets coat drive one of many events being held in our area and around the world.
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facebook shares to charity. steve: 34 and a half million. dari: incredible. well, it is giving tuesday. that's why. a chance to make up for the excess of thanksgiving, black friday and cyber monday. jessica formoso shows us how others are giving back. [music] >> reporter: since 2012, giving tuesday has become a global day dedicated to giving back. >> giving tuesday to me is helping those who are less fortunat >> reporter: organizations throughout the tri-state reached out to the community raising awareness about what this holiday season is all about. union settlement association, a resource for east harlem residents who bring education, wellness and community building programs to the neighborhood, decided to give out 500 free metro cards. >> in east harlem, a lot of residents, their income is a lot lower. and they struggle a little more. getting a metro card is a big
5:20 pm
>> there was one catch. people who received the free ride would need to pay it forward through three acts of kindnessrcharity. >> i helped this lady today to go to the bank, you know, to give back. >> i'm going to always say thankful and be respectful >> reporter: the salvation army was out in full swing ringing the bells and spreading joy. rocking around the christmas tree >> today is our kickoff of the red kettle campaign in new jersey. we're doing it here on giving tuesday because we rely so heavily upon the generosity of others. >> reporter: the american cancer society celebrated giving tuesday with a free public live event at the fulton center. there was music, actors, dancers. the ent brought to life the american cancer society's new public awareness campaign,
5:21 pm
>> we can't thank everybody enough for what they do during november to help us in order to raise funds for research. >> reporter: the artists are not only donating time, but they will donate their piece of work to the american cancer society. at the fulton center in lower manhattan, i'm jsica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: and google giving us a perspective only few have had bere. dari: how you can experience what it's like to be on stage. eve: and aong island firefighter is giving a red-tailed hawk its third shot
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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steve: imagine takg the stage at carnegie hall without a music lesson. dari: google rolled out new technology to transport users to famous venues. >> reporter: if you ever wanted to experience being on stage at carnegie hall, google will help. over 60 artistic venues have partnered with the google cultural partnership to provide
5:25 pm
>> we focused on 360 videos, to put people on stage. focused on ballet, theatre, on concert performances and being able to do those in 360 from different vantage points. >> this is done through a series of small cameras throughout the starea and the video recordings are posted on youtube. >> it's going to be a small teaser of what a larger performance would be and what it would be like to be on stage or toisit these institutions. >> that's something carnegie hall appreciates. it offers new perspective on carnegie hall, a chance to go behind the scenes and see parts of the building ttou'll never see just attending a concert here. >> reporter: while users get a peek inside some of the world's most famous concert halls, smaller cultural institutions will get a spotlight. like the poets cafe, with the brooklyn academy of music,
5:26 pm
center, make the list of 10 institutions from here in new york city. the videos now bring our local and world's cultural treasures to your fingertips. audrey puente, fox 5 news. steve: really incredible. dari: that's what i'm getting. well, one of new york's bravest is nursing a red-tailed hawk back to health. steve: it's not the first animal he saved. hand fed. getting the treatment there. we'll take you inside this wildlife sanctuary.
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you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. go to for a $4 coupon. steve: the amber alert that was issued in new york and new jersey has been cancelled as you see at the bottom of your screen. the three-year-old girl has been found safe after her father stabbed her mother in the bronx and took off with the child. the 51-year-old, who you see on the left of the photo is in custody. troopers found him along the garden state parkway in clifton. the woman is in critical condition. the three-year-old girl has been found safe and the amber alert is cancelled. dari: sheldon silver could spend life behind bars after being
5:30 pm
steve: the guilty verdict has other politicians wondering if this could be the beginning of a cleanup in albany. sharon crowley joins us with more on that. tall order. >> reporter: it is a tall order. governor cuomo said quid pro quo is not acceptable. he said new york has some of the strongest reforms on the books. he worked for many years with sheldon silver, who was convicted of corruption yesterday. the governor supports the guilty verdict. >> i think it's a loud, clear message that the legislature should hear. if you break the law, you will get caught and you will get convicted. >> reporter: new york governor cuomo says justice was done when a jury monday convicted former speaker of the new york state assembly sheldon silver of seven counts of federal corruption. the 71-year-old democrat from the lower east side is accused of taking bribes and pocketing
5:31 pm
political favors. silver and state senate majority leader dean skelos were known as three men in a room, a reference to three powerbrokers negotiating key bills behind closed door. skelos, a republican from long island, resigned after his arrest. he and his son are on trial for corruption. >> when you have an act of corruption like this, it really violates the public trust and it feeds into people's cynicism about government. >> reporter: silver's lawyers will appeal the conviction which carries a prison term of 130 years. on "good day new york", a defense attorney said he thinks silver does have a good chance of overturning the conviction. >> we think of murder and straight up money laundering.
5:32 pm
you to handle your money and you abused that money. that's a subjective thing. >> reporter: legal experts say it will likely be sometime before silver is sentenced. his lawyers planning on filing a number of legal motions and appeal. governor cuomo plans to call for a special election to silver's seat april 19th, the same day as the new yresidential primary. steve: vy good. thank you, sharon. lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev want a judge to grant him a new trial. he was sentenced to death for his role in the bombings which killed three and injured 250. his lawyers call into question 15 of the 30 counts against him. they likely influenced jurors when they decided he deserved the death penalty. he did not attend the hearing. it's unclear when the judge is expected to rule. dari: cleanup is set to begin at an illegal dumping ground on long island under an agreement with the state and property owner. the waste will be removed from the area in central islip and
5:33 pm
in pennsylvania. it is estimated to fill 11 olympic sized swimming pools. five tractor-trailers will be moving in and out of the neighborhood until the site is cleared. steve: an injured red-tailed hawk being nursed to health after being found near the world trade center site. dari: the city firefighter taking care of it has made it his mission to help as many animals as he can. jodi goldberg shows us his animal sanctuary on long island. >> reporter: this injured red-tailed hawk is not only getting a second chance at life but a third. this past sunday, nypd harbor cops plucked him from underneath the brooklyn bridge. a day later, new york city city firefighters rescued the same bird from a construction site in lower manhattan. they say he was found in a weakened state covered in flies. >> statistics show that more than half of the birds at his age don't survive their first year >> reporter: the nine-month-old is being nursed back to health
5:34 pm
rehabilitators. bobby is a new york city firefighter. firefighter. they run wildlife in need of rescue and rehabilitation out of their home on long island. they're caring for a fruit bat, owl, other birds and mammals and run on donations. >> we feed them, medicate them and get them stronger again to give them a chance to go back. >> reporter: it's said the hawk population is booming, especially in open areas. this little guy, who doesn't have a name, was too weak to hunt live food. he got caught between buildings. kathy, who does the rehab, says he's doing better now and has more of an appetite. >> he'll let us know when he's ready to go. he'll be crazy and jumpy and want to go and we'll find a good spot to release him. >> reporter: they hope to release the hawk in about two weeks or sooner if he feels better. but he won't be going back to manhattan. it will be a safer starting point maybe in queens. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news.
5:35 pm
i think they're grateful. they know. steve: it knows. for sure. the knicks and the make a wish foundation edward's dream come true. the 11-year-old was signed by the team for a day. pretty cool. he posed with his knicks jersey and got to participate in practice at the garden today. he hopes his presence at practice will get the knicks back on track. his parents said he had an amazing time as he did. very nice. dari: first it was the coveted 212 number. then 646. 917. 347. get ready for 332, manhattan's newest area code. it won't be operational until april of 2017 at the earliest, but phone companies must still submit a plan on how they plan to implement it next month. the addition is due to all the high demand for residential and business numbers in the borough of manhattan. steve: because of these things. cell phones. all right.
5:36 pm
dari: how many spins it took him on spotify to claim the title of the year's most streamed artist. steve: and how the old school subway newsstand has been reimagined for the digital era. on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot comr slash take control. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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steve: a major makeover for the city's subway system. dari: one newsstand ditched the food and magazines and has gone high tech. lidia curanaj has the story from union square. >> reporter: need a hoverboard? a healthy snack? a mini drone? a mini expresso machine? or maybe you need a helmet. this unique high tech space is not at your local mall or a fancy convention. it's located right here in the l line mezzanine at the 14th street union square subway station. >> beautiful. >> this is amazing. >> i think it's cool. everything is unique. it's very colorful and bright. >> reporter: it's called the newsstand. while 150 square feet is the size of your average newsstand and the site where one stood, this consultant says it's anything but traditional. >> we're trying to make the experience for the commuter different. >> reporter: it is purposely bright white to draw commuters in. a lot of commuters think this is
5:38 pm
holidays but it's hear -- here to stay. >> people walk by and give us what is this? all you see is white. then you look out there. it's a subway. >> reporter: the newsstand hopes to expand and build on its minimal footprint by allowing customers to download its app to get the latest news and deals on items. the price range is a big one, from $1 to $1,200 for this piece of art. >> it's not one of those cheap little candy spots like everyone is super friendly and the quality is really nice. >> reporter: this is the only newsstand in the subway station. based on the reaction it's getting, i'm guessing more will be opening up. reporting from union square, i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. dari: spotify users are loving drake. the rapper was the most streamed artist of the year across the globe. [music] dari: yeah.
5:39 pm
2015 according to spotify. last year's top streaming artist finished at no. 2 this year. [music] oh, yeah. lean on was the most streamed song of the year with 540 million. steve: "empire" influencing the top 100 baby names in 2015 according to baby center's baby name survey. drai was up 77%. hakeem was up 55 percent. the name lucius returned to the list for the first time in three years. to be expected. dari: still ahead, giving football players more protection on the field. steve: the device a local target has invented to help prevent brain injuries. dari: seinfeld making a new home for himself.
5:40 pm
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dari: fox 5 health news and devastating neck and head trauma have plagued football teams for decades. now a new york city chiropractor designed a special collar he says can help prevent serious brain injuries. obviously that could be huge. steve: joining us, fox's dr. manny alvarez. i'm a little skeptical. what do you think about this? >> football has to change. i love football, okay?
5:43 pm
the future of football. football has to adapt itself with new technology. new technology is vital, whether you're talking about high school students, college students. we know for sure that chronic impacts time after time after time do create permanent injury, especially in the brain. that could be devastating. kids today are bigger. they're faster than they were before. so when you look at the neck in particular, all the collars that are out there, the bulldog collar, all those things don't do the job properly. dr. kerr is a very good doctor and has been doing research for a long, long time working with virginia tech university, looking at how do we take the energy from an impact and displace it away from the head and neck. that's the whole point here. that when you hit somebody, you're able to displace the energy away from your neck.
5:44 pm
deadly injuries, if you will. remember, football is a game of inches. when you talk about neck injuries or head injuries, you're talking about millimeters. you're talking about centimeters. a small centimeter displacement in the spine of your neck could lead you to have permanent nerve damage. this is exactly why i think all of these technologies have to be incorporated at the high school level, at the college level if football is going to survive. steve: well said. >> you'll see. listen, we have t-shirts today that measure blood pressure and heart. all of these uniforms have to change. they're going to change. otherwise thefl is going to be -- steve: a lot of money at stake. the key to weight loss could be in your head. a survey finds dieters struggle because they don't understand the emotional impact food has in our lives. i agree 100 percent. >> this is true.
5:45 pm
is all about the commitment to less calories, more exercise, watching what you eat. but there's a psychological component to it. the psychological component is to understand why you're eating the things you're eating and at the same time, look at the emotions that you have. depression, anxiety. all of these things. the mind controls everything. i always say that. so for a lot of people -- new year's is coming up, your resolutions. almost 94 percent of everybody that has a resolution to lose weight, they fail after 30 days. if they do it, they gain more weight back. steve: they get demoralized. >> weather is terrible. dari: comfort food time. >> exactly. you get more depression, more anxiety. and you go back. understand your mind and perhaps you'll have a successful diet. that's the key to the message. dari: it's a tough time of year with the parties and thanksgiving. >> think about it. go see a psychiatrist or something.
5:46 pm
steve: fair enough. thank you, dr. manny. he alluded to it. you hide inside and do nothing. nick: how did i get dragged into the conversation? >> it's all your fault. steve: always the weatherman's fault. nick: except when the weather is nice. we only hear it when the weather is bad like today, rainy. we need the rain. it's been so dry. our rainfall deficit continues. we'll take whatever rain we can get. we had .2 of an inch today. more tonight and particularly tomorrow in the afternoon will be our best chance of steadiest forecast for tomorrow. city. just to the south, middle to upper 50s. philly, 56. it stayed in the 40s to the north albany to boston. 52 at buffalo. and pittsburgh at 56. here's fox 5 sky guardian. the steadiest rain in our neighborhood now is really up towards the eastern part of the hudson valley. get up towards putnam county,
5:47 pm
connecticut, they're getting it pretty hard there. lighter rain or drizzle, long island. a little has popped up in north jersey around bergen county, down to caldwell. seeing some rain there. light rain and drizzle around the country. more to come as we look at the radar into motion. you'll see what i mean. the area of rain coming from the south and west. this batch sliding along. patchy light rain off to the south and west. you'll see this area of rain moving towards western pennsylvania. as we look at a wider view, another area of rain that's off to the south and west will get here tomorrow. right now we're in the 40s to about 50 across the area. belmar, 52. sussex, 43. the central park observation, the computer must have crashed. we're not getting any data. 48 towards montauk. we are seeing some wind out of the east 5, 10 miles an hour. that will continue tonight and as we head into tomorrow. on the big picture, a couple of storms we're watching.
5:48 pm
they've had lots of it in the upper parts of the plains states and the mississippi valley. you can see the swirl around that center there. one other is moving off the eastern seaboard. now you can see there's an arcing of the clouds. that's a cold front. a storm will get going and slide northward. that will drag this area of rain into our neighborhood for tomorrow along with milder temperatures. should be mid and upper 50s in the forecast tomorrow. here are the highs. you can see looking at 56. 61 atlanta. 80s to florida. 40s to denver. 60s to 70 as you get to most of the west coast. l.a. the warm spot at 77. futurecast will show a bit of light rain and drizzle tonight into tomorrow. as the front gets closer later in the afternoon, particularly you look at the time stamp, that's when we'll see heavier downpours and areas of showery weather moving through.
5:49 pm
thursday, beautiful, sun combines with clouds. slightly cooler at that point. the real coolness will arrive for the end of the week. it's not a cold blast per se coming into our forecast anytime soon. 40s tonight. rain, drizzle and fog with a northeasterly wind. tomorrow, showers, most of them afternoon and evening, as we climb to 56. 52, breezy, lots of sun thursday. nice friday into the weekend. upper 40s. 20s in the burbs. low 50s monday. clouds gather tuesday. steve: very good. thank you, nick. all right. dari: bryant park is getting in on the christmas spirit with its annual tree lighting ceremony. the weather is tough for these things which is set to begin in just a few moments. event. this year's is expected to be weather. the tree lighting will feature figure skaters taking part in an ice show before the tree is lit.
5:50 pm
it's festiveus for the rest of us. dari: in january, jerry seinfeld will be at the beacon theatre. we have more on the new gig. >> reporter: after 17 years after the last episode of seinfeld, he announced the first residency of his career. for that, we can thank billy joel. >> i bought billy joel's house about 15 years ago. i thought well as long as i have his house, why don't i steal his whole career? >> reporter: earlier the 61-year-old seinfeld attended a billy joel concert at the garden and saw an entertainer with a gig he'd like to have. >> this is my whole life, you know, this town and this -- and these people and their attitude. >> reporter: seinfeld contacted the madison square garden company about a residency in the city which gave him the
5:51 pm
his brand of jokes for a living. >> i feel i go around the country showing people what a new york attitude is. so this is where it belongs. >> reporter: james dolan brought frazier who presented seinfeld with jerseys while john franco received front row tickets to seinfeld, the first show in 2016. >> i believe you won't get a ticket. i suspect he'll be one of the fastest sellouts we've had. >> reporter: the architecture of the room is carefully done. >> reporter: he will perform in the 2800 seat beacon theatre, a vaudeville house, and still his favorite venue. >> there's something just right about this one. that's why i wanted to be here. >> reporter: the first show will be in january of next year. live on the upper west side, i'm
5:52 pm
steve: an amazing place to see a concert. dari: it really is. it will be good to see. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we are standing by with more of what you need to know tonight. we have a live guest joining me to talk about what's next for convicted former assembly speaker sheldon silver. >> and many of you are getting away for the season. we have great tips to help you find the best deals for your travels. it's news you can use. you'll see it next at 6:00.
5:53 pm
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ernie: it's tuesday. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us tonight. we're on top of the news, of course, and we're talking about it. we start this evening with the
5:55 pm
corruption trial of former new york assemblyman speaker sheldon speaker. a live guest will join me with valuable insight. first, sharon crowley talks about what that means. >> when you have an act of corruption like this, it reality violates the public trust. >> reporter: andrew cuomo says justice was done when a jury convicted sheldon silver of seven counts of federal corruption. the 71-year-old democrat from the lower east side is accused of taking bribes and pocketing millions in exchange for political favors. silver and dean skelos as well as governor cuomo were known as three men in a room, a reference to three powerbrokers negotiating key bills behind closed doors. skelos, the republican from long island, resigned his leadership post after his arrest. he and his son are now on trial
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