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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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support and the resources that they have to help solve this as well. we will work together to investigate this case once the scene is secure and work hand in hand with the city of san bernardino as we do in other high profile events. i will now have the assistant director of the fbi say a few words. thank you, sheriff. the fbi is here with our state and local partners as well as our partners from the atf. we are here to essentially treat -- assure that all the wounded are extracted and ultimately public safety is the no. 1 goal at this point. and we will work as a law enforcement community to assure that we've done everything we can in our power to find, locate and apprehend these subjects. at this point, i know one of your questions is going to be is this a terrorist incident. i will tell you we do not know if this is a terrorist incident.
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working with our local partners. we take the presumption that it may be, it may not be, but we'll work hand in hand with them from the beginning. if things change, we're here from the get-go and there's no proceeds. at this point, i'm going to turn it back over to the chief. so very quickly, after the initial response, we have several hundred people that were in the building that are not injured. they have been taken to a location and they are part of the investigation. in addition to that, we know that this is a human incident. this is a tragedy. we know we've got a lot of folks that are very concerned and very worried about their loved ones that may have been at that facility today. we've set up an area at the hernandez center at the corner of third and sierra way for family members to go for information. we will push information out to that for those family members as we can. also, the sheriff's department put out the crime tip hotline number. if anybody has any information, we'd very much like to hear from
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with that, i will take a couple of questions. [inaudible] >> i don't. i've heard everything, that it was a meeting to a potential like a lunch type gathering, maybe for the holidays. that's not confirmed. that's very preliminary. it's my understanding that most of the people that were wounded, most of the victims, were all centrally located in one area of the facility. >> reporter: were there any weapons, body armor, anything been recovered? >> terms of the employees, it's my understanding the facility has state and county employees as well as folks that work for a number of organizations. the inland regional center serves a number of organizations that treat mental illness type issues and that sort of thing. i don't have any idea. i know that state and local, county employees work there. i don't know if they're the victims or who they are. >> reporter: do we know if -- [inaudible]
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that any children were involved. >> reporter: were the weapons used and the number of people involved, given what you have in the way of evidence, witness accounts and everything else, would you characterize this as an organized event? what were they shooting at people with? >> preliminary indication indicates these were people that came prepared, that they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate they were prepared and they were armed with long guns, not handguns. i do not know what type. >> reporter: how were they dressed? >> i don't know. >> how many weapons were recovered? >> no weapons recovered at this point. [inaudible] >> reporter: for clarification, you said 14 dead? what does upwards mean? >> the preliminary number we have is there are 14 people that are deceased and our count is another 14 people that have been taken to various hospitals for significant injuries, potentially related to gunshots. we have a number of other people
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types of injuries. they fell down in the course of fleeing or something of that nature. but from roughly 14 that we believe are wounded. [inaudible] >> i would imagine there are. we're not that far in the investigation. investigation. >> would you repeat the nuts and bolts again? we're live on the air. >> the whole thing? >> is there a possibility there are more deceased or wounded? >> that could be a possibility. i don't think we're comfortable saying no at this point. >> have the bomb technicians recovered anything that looked like an ied inside the building? >> as the teams were searching for the suspects and for victims, there were some things in the building that were not immediately identifiable that caused them concern. as a result of that, we do have some bomb techs on site that are checking some of that out. i do not know if they were brought in by the suspects.
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of any sort. things that needed to be looked at. >> reporter: they haven't taken anything apart? >> i don't have any information. [indiscernible - talking over one another] >> reporter: have you had any vehicles that you believe are related nearby? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: have witnesses said the gunmen said anything? did they say anything? >> we don't have anything specific from the witnesses. we're in the early staging of talking to them. >> do you have any other active scenes? >> this is the only active scene we're working. >> what about security tapes that may have been shot? >> that is part of the investigation. i don't have that at this point. >> can you talk about the suspects, the vehicle, the darker suv? can you talk about that? >> that's all we have. very generic, upwards of three suspects, darker suv. >> reporter: were they wearing camouflage? >> i never heard camouflage. >> reporter: upwards of three? could there be more than three? >> i have been told the number is three. but keep in mind this is
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as people are talking to witnesses very quickly. as we put everything together, some of this may change. these are fluid situations. some of the information we put out now may change a little bit in the future. >> reporter: is there any description about the suspects? >> as far as people in the area, we're doing everything we can to keep this area safe. we are addressing other facilities in the area that we think may be similar or may be similar, but we don't have any information or credible threats to any other facilities at this point. obviously we're all on a heightened sense of alert. we would ask the public they be on a heightened sense of alert. if they come across information, contact us and let us investigate it. [inaudible] >> i put out what i have. >> were they wearing masks? >> one report is masks were involved. i don't know that to be definitive. [inaudible] >> yes. not going to talk about it. >> reporter: did the gunmen say
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attacks, during the shooting? >> not that i'm aware of. [inaudible] a few minutes. dari: okay. that was the san bernardino police chief speaking there. we heard from the fbi telling us what they know is at least 14 people have died and 14 people with serious injuries in the hospital. let's listen to what else they have to say. [inaudible] >> our people in the field go into the field with what they have. we have a number of officers with high caliber weapons. they carry assault weapons and handguns. the officers on scene that did the initial work to go into the building and clear it went in with what they had. [inaudible] >> we do not know where the suspects are. >> can you talk about the fbi?
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in this? and if there's a representative, maybe they want to talk in detail. >> we know historically some of these investigations can turn into a potential federal prosecution-type thing. at this point we don't know that to be the case. better to have them on scene from the beginning so they know what we know and they're an active part of the investigation. in addition to that, being from the federal government, they bring to the table tremendous resources to help us in doing our job. >> when it comes to terrorism, can you talk about that? >> we have no information at this point to indicate this is terrorist related in the traditional sense people may be thinking. at a minimum, we have a domestic terror situation that occurred here. >> reporter: any description at all? white? black? >> we don't. [inaudible] >> the only thing i'm comfortable saying is that the information we have is they came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission.
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inside shooting? >> i don't know specifically. several minutes. >> reporter: were the gunmen there when the police arrived, the responding officers? >> i don't know. our police officers have not engaged or exchanged gunfire with anybody. but we don't know if they were on scene when we arrived. >> reporter: were the vast majority of the dead and wounded in one centralized location in the facility? >> yes. in the same general area of the facility. >> are we making an assumption that they had targeted that particular room, those particular people? >> i think we're too early in the investigation to make that assumption. we don't know what the motive is. >> reporter: did they take hostages? were people tied up or held in a room or was it a shootout? >> we don't have any information they took hostages. >> what kind of weapons? could you describe what weapons they used? >> long guns is what i've been told. i think there's people that speculate what type of long guns those are. i don't want to put out a
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i'll say it was a long gun, not a handgun. >> reporter: they seemed they were on a mission? >> they came in with a purpose, with the intent to do something. >> reporter: was there any threats made prior to the incident? >> i don't have specifics on that. we're going to cut this off. we will be back every hour on the hour to provide an update. even if we don't have something, we'll come back every hour to provide an update. >> reporter: at the top of the hour? >> that's fine. [inaudible] steve: all right. that was the chief of the san bernardino, california, police department talking about the mass shooting. 14 dead, 14 injured. taking a look at live aerials. dari: 14 people have died and 14 in hospitals with serious injuries. plus a lot of other people who
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let's get to linda schmidt with the latest. >> reporter: first of all, good evening to both of you. we're watching the live news conference there. police saying they're still searching right now for up to three gunmen. now this all started about 11:00 this morning california time. that's when the 911 calls started flooding in. up to three gunmen walked into the inland regional center, which is a social services facility, and opened fire. the facility is in san bernardino. authorities confirm there were fatalities. they are now telling us up to 14 people dead and at least 14 others injured. police searched people, filing out of the building after all this happened with their hands up in the air. s.w.a.t. teams were able to respond to this quickly because coincidentally, they were training nearby. authorities say the shooters have ak-47 type guns or as the police chief said, you heard him talking about long guns. that's all he would say. long guns. they were also wearing body
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a suspicious device was found inside and it was safely detonated. people walking by the center heard the gunfire going on and family members of those inside were able to talk to their loved ones after it was all over by phone. phone. >> i was worried. i turned and pow, pow, pow. all of a sudden, boom. it was rapid. >> boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> they're on the loose. >> i was behind the building. >> alarms went off in the building. they were told to shelter in place. and then eventually they were told that they came over the p.a. system and told them to evacuate where they were hiding and go to a different area. they were supposed to come out with nothing in their hands, with their hands up. >> reporter: tonight police are still looking for up to three gunmen. the social services center provides services to people with
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it's a large complex, made up of three separate multistory buildings. the president and ceo of the center says the focus is on the building that houses a library and conference center and an outside group was actually renting it for an event today. police are looking for a black suv. back to you. dari: all right. thank you. let's get to manny gomez, a former special agent for the f.b.i. manny, glad to have you here with us on another troubling tragic day. look, there's not much we know at this point other than the fact that the sheriff says 14 people have died and perhaps three got away in a dark suv and they had long guns. what's your impression right now? >> very well planned. obviously these people knew exactly what they wanted to do. they executed it successfully. now the scary part is for the first time we have an active shooter situation that we possibly have more than one person on the loose.
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they had numerous exit strategies, whether south to mexico, east to las vegas or north to parts unknown. the scary part is these folks are out. they're armed. very dangerous. and probably are willing and wanting to do this again. steve: we heard about a device was detonated on scene. sort of visions of paris with what we saw take place here? >> correct. the first responders have to be very cautious and carefully post-paris that they are not in the line of harm as well. these people are now carrying explosive devices, improvised explosive devices when they go in. they have to make sure not only do they secure the location, have it on lockdown and try to neutralize the people as quickly as possible, but they have to be cautious there is not a direct harm that they're going to be killed by some explosive device they're walking into unknowingly. dari: manny, you're a former
5:15 pm
explain to us -- obviously this is an active search -- who's doing what. we have the local police, the fbi is involved, and the atf is involved with a lot of others. who's doing what and what is the most important thing as far as finding these suspects? >> the fbi in terms of the the lead. under the assumption that it is terrorism. the forensics in there will be a huge thing. videotapes, fingerprints, anything forensic that could detail who the people are and where their whereabouts are. that's no. 1, finding them and stopping them before they do it again. it's not if. it's when they're going to do it stopped. steve: what can we learn from the facility itself, inland regional center, helps people deal with disabilities. there was a room where the shooting took place that was rented out to maybe a government
5:16 pm
that, maybe a holiday party. does that lead you to think this was maybe an employee of the government who had some sort of issue with his co-workers? from what little we know about what was taking place in the room at that facility, what have you gleaned from it? >> the investigation is still ongoing. the fact there's more than one, that it apparently is one to three shooters, indicates to me this is not a lone wolf situation, a disgruntled employee, if you will, but a very precise, very well trained, going in with masks and camouflage, possibly bulletproof vests, this was something that it's not your run of the mill active shooter situation. the fact they got unscathed, undetected, is very scary and concerning to me. dari: before we let you go, manny, for the moment, what are cities across the country thinking right now? obviously new york city always being on the highest alert as we're in the holiday season.
5:17 pm
the next few hours. i'm sure the nypd is even stepping up their already very high alert when it comes to one of these events. and they have their ears to what's going on and trying to glean any and all intelligence information as to who the people are are, is there possibly another coordinated attack. the tree lighting would be a great act for them to be able to do one of these -- steve: what's so frightening, this seems like any town usa, an office park in san bernardino. not the tree lighting. not new york city. >> these people are cowards. they've shown that by hitting this target. it tells us they're not afraid to hit any and all targets and at any time. that's the concern. dari: we should say they're probably looking at all kinds of chatter on line, foreign chatter, to figure out -- we don't know if it's domestic or foreign terrorism. >> whether it's france, england, even russia, we're all
5:18 pm
and stop the next attack. obviously we didn't stop this one. the concern is these folks are still on the loose and that they could attack anytime anywhere. steve: absolutely. manny gomez, former special agent for the fbi, appreciate you being with us. the horror in san bernardino has taken over social media. mac king in the newsroom monitoring what people are tweeting about, what they know # #san bernardino. >> reporter: people are discussing policy and politics and gun control. the first reaction was bafflement. another shooting. dear god. another one. another mass shooting. at a loss for words. disgusting. this is unfathomable. this is a really, really scary world we live in. just heartbreaking. the cycle of violence continues with no end in sight. so sad and frustrating. this goes on and on and on. all sentiments experienced by all of us that probably don't
5:19 pm
steve: indeed. thanks, mac. dari: big concern tonight. the rock center tree lighting is this evening. they planned for extra security anyway before the shooting in southern california. steve: jen lahmers is here to tell us about the added precautions in place. >> reporter: security extra tight for the rockefeller center tree lighting. we knew this was going to be the case given the events in paris and once again now. we don't know what the circumstances are in san bernardino, california. but nypd has made it very clear and they've said over and over again, there's no credible threat to the city, despite the video from isis with a suicide bomber in times square. they say that when you have a national, international media presence here, thousands of spectators, you can never be too cautious. that is why for this ceremony, they've stepped up their police
5:20 pm
you'll see bag checks, restrictions on backpacks. there are cops with k-9s. there are heavily armed officers here, near the subways. we talked to cops who had a news conference earlier today talking about the stepped up security measures. take a listen. >> as for the thanksgiving event, of course, in light of what's happening over the world, we did increase the detail by 15 percent. most of that is the strategic response group and critical response command. >> we've reinforced we have no specific intelligence of any specific threat directed against evening. >> reporter: there are thousands of tourists along with new yorkers in the area for the tree lighting ceremony. when you see heavily armed officers, it can be disconcerting.
5:21 pm
safer with that police presence. there were a few mixed reactions. reactions. >> seeing all the cops with the uncomfortable? how does it make you feel? >> i'm going to stay here only two months. >> i like that. we're going to have to be aware of our surroundings. i really do. i enjoy seeing all the cops. >> i think it's necessary. yes. i feel more secure. >> a lot of policemen. >> reporter: as far as the traffic, cops did close down the streets at 3:00 and they urge anyone who's not going to be at the ceremony to stay away from this area until 11:00 p.m. the ceremony starts at 7. 8:55. live from rockefeller center, back to you. okay. when we come back, the latest on california.
5:22 pm
bernardino. 14 dead. 14 injured. three gunmen currently on the
5:23 pm
steve: we continue to follow the latest on the mass shooting in
5:24 pm
at least 14 people are dead. 14 others wounded. three gunmen stormed a social services building earlier. they were wearing body armor and using assault weapons. police have closed all the roads inside. lockdown. shortly. dari: we do not know who is incident today. terrorism or foreign. but on that note, a new report says that new york is a prime recruiting ground for isis. the study comes as the u.s. and allies are increasing attacks against the terror group. lidia curanaj has more on the growing military operation. >> reporter: newly declassified video by the department of defense shows u.s. forces bombing isis targets in syria. >> the tunnels don't provide the protection isil believes they do. we've destroyed multiple tunnel
5:25 pm
complexes. >> david cameron pleaded with lawmakers to endorse aerial attacks against isis targets in syria. his request launched a conscientious debate. >> the question is this. do we work with our allies to degrade and destroy this threat and do we go after these terrorists in their heartlands from where they're plotting to kill british people? >> reporter: the battle is being waged on u.s. soil. this year alone, american authorities have arrested nearly five dozen people in the u.s. for helping support or plot with isis, according to a new study conducted by researchers at george washington university. this is one of the researchers. >> there's no such thing as a typical sympathizer. >> reporter: the study found the vast majority of those arrested were american citizens or permanent residents, many of whom lived in new york. >> it is a hotbed. we're not talking about huge
5:26 pm
france or european countries. in relative terms, new york is a hub. >> reporter: one of the terror group's sharpest tools for recruitment, social media. >> it takes its course. >> reporter: the researcher told me right now approximately 1,000 people in the united states are currently under observation by the fbi for having suspected ties to isis. he said most of the people tend to work alone or associate with very few people, making law enforcement's job to root out terrorism all the more difficult. steve: indeed. dari: definitely. thank you for that report. we're going to take a break and we'll be right back with an outbreak on what's happening in san bernardino, california, as you look at live pic (dramatic music) centrum brings us the biggest news in multivitamin history.
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almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. dari: we want to take you back out to san bernardino, california, where a mass shooting has happened. 14 people we have heard have died and another 14 have been wounded. steve: that's right. linda schmidt live in the newsroom monitoring the latest >> reporter: that's right. the latest is president obama has been briefed on this mass shooting as authorities are still searching for up to three gunmen. now i want you to take a look at
5:30 pm
it started about 11:00 this morning. police say the gunmen walked into the inland regional center. that was about 11:00 this morning california time. they just started shooting. the center in san bernardino is a social services facility that helps people with developmental diseases. s.w.a.t. teams were able to respond quickly to this because they were nearby training. police searched people coming out of the building with their hands in the air. they must have been terrified. they gunmen had long guns wearing body armor. police say 14 people were killed and 14 others injured. interview with the police chief and the father of a young woman who was inside the building. she was able to text her dad about what was going on. >> the suspects have fled potentially in a dark colored suv. we do not have any identification on who the
5:31 pm
we do not know what the motive is for the shooting at this point. >> she thought it was a drill. >> reporter: now, the father there, apparently it cut off the sound. he was saying his daughter, they thought it was a drill. everybody started going outside and then came back inside and they went into their offices and locked the doors and stayed there until they got the all clear. the president and ceo of the social services center says the focus of the investigation right now is on one of their three buildings that houses a library and a conference center. an outside group, the county department of public health, had actually rented out that building today for a banquet. back upstairs to you. steve: that's what we're trying to figure out. what was going on and what could have triggered this. so hard to figure out.
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5:35 pm
weeks left in 2015, the city wanted to provide an update on the crime stat numbers. what we know in a nutshell is that crime is down overall, but murders, homicides, are up. still police commissioner bratton saying the city should finish out the year with low crime numbers. >> in terms of the year to date, i'm pleased with where we are. >> reporter: commissioner bratton praising the department's crime fighting efforts for the year. but according to the latest crime stat numbers, murders are up. >> for the month of november, 25 this year versus 24 as the commissioner said, we've been relatively flat over the last seven months. that's an increase of 20 for the year. 318 versus 298. >> reporter: i asked the commissioner why homicides are on the rise. he said it's important to put the numbers into context. >> we're a city of 8-1/2 million people with 300 homicides this year. we'll be well below the national average.
5:36 pm
percent of the murders are gang-related, which pose another set of challenges. >> we're working against great odds in the case of the gang-related homicides absent of having information. we're oftentimes working with witnesses who are not willing to cooperate with us. >> reporter: now the nypd is going to put an extra 2,000 officers out on the streets starting at the beginning of next year. and commissioner bratton is confident that will bring crime numbers down more so in 2016. live outside of police headquarters in lower manhattan. back over to you. dari: thank you. and police are investigating an attempted robbery that happened at laguardia airport. a woman says she was in the bathroom in the central terminal when another woman tried to take her purse. there was a fight and the would-be purse-snatcher ran off. the victim suffered scratch
5:37 pm
police reportedly believe that the two women know each other and want to talk to the other woman. steve: shelly silver may be able to collect a state pension despite his felony corruption conviction on monday. the law allows judges to revoke pensions for politicians convicted of crimes but only if they took office after 2011. he has served for nearly 40 years. the 71-year-old lost his seat when he was convicted and faces decades in prison. his lawyers do plan to appeal. dari: okay. we're going to take a break. we'll give you the update on what's happening in san bernardino. here's tonight's new york minute first. >> offering a helping hand through toys. the organization sold all sorts of toys on long island today. >> we're an organization that orphans. >> reporter: they filled the
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they create toys like this wire themselves. >> we're good in making the car. i was good in electronics. would love to make the car look real. dari: "star wars" mania is reaching a fever pitch. sotheby's is holding an auction featuring hundreds of rare collectibles. demand is expected to be out of this world. >> it is quite important. it's got a great selection of items and master replica items.
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for her. dari: taking you live to san bernardino, california, which is about an hour east of l.a., where authorities say that they are searching for up to three gunmen who they believe opened fire inside a social services building located in san bernardino, california, shortly after 11:00 a.m. pacific time today. here's what we know. at least 14 people are dead. 14 others seriously wounded. the suspects are believed to have been wearing body armor and using high-powered assault weapons. the police chief says they were very well prepared and are still
5:42 pm
police have closed all the roads surrounding the shooting scene and are warning people to stay inside their homes or businesses. schools are on lockdown in the area. police say that they are -- there are no known ties to any foreign terrorist group at this time. steve: a rapper found himself in sing sing, one of the most notorious prisons. dari: tonight, s1 is speaking out about the case that landed him behind bars. lisa evers is joining us with her exclusive interview on this. >> reporter: hi. well, we were granted exclusive access behind the walls of sing sing for a sit-down interview with harris, known as s 1. he was arrested on a conspiracy case that's already cost him seven years of his life. >> he just spent his 31st birthday behind bars and sat down to speak with me exclusively in sing sing prison.
5:43 pm
houses in the bronx and was accused of being part of the sex, money, murder blood set and a drug conspiracy. harris tells me when it happened he was on the verge of breaking into the mainstream with a song and video featuring 50 cent and cuban link. in an article in billboard magazine. then came the handcuffs. >> the police officer who locked me up, they was like we fans of what you doing. we like what you doing. it was crazy. some of the songs was being played on mix 97. they were investigating me. they knew what i was doing as far as in the music. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 19 years behind bars. coming up on the fox 5 news at 10:00, find out why he believes once he leaves prison, he'll never go back again. steve: thank you, lisa. we'll be right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid
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steve: we continue to follow breaking news out of san bernardino, california. authorities searching for up to three gunmen they say opened fire inside a social services building in san bernardino, california, earlier today. at least 14 people dead, 14 wounded. the suspects believed to have been wearing body armor, using high-powered assault weapons, long guns. they remain on the run.
5:47 pm
roads and are warning people to stay inside. schools on lockdown. at this point, there are no known ties to any terror group. but horrifying nonetheless. dari: an emotional reunion between a holocaust survivor and the woman who helped him hide from the nazis 70 years ago. steve: antwan lewis was at kennedy airport as they came face to face. >> reporter: this 77-year-old greets the 86-year-old, the woman whose family saved his life 68 years ago. >> he said that he's very grateful for the family for saving him, keeping him, for saving his life and for being so kind and generous with him. >> reporter: during the holocaust in '43, they hid the frightened five-year-old boy
5:48 pm
for two years, he never left the home except to go on to the balcony at night. >> she was scared. she understood what was going on and what consequences this act can have. and also because germans announced very often in public on the streets what will happen if somebody is saving a jew. >> reporter: the jewish foundation for the righteous organized wednesday's reunion. >> in eastern europe, the penalty for helping a jewish person was that. the notices were out. you knew it. she will tell you that. >> reporter: the impact of christina's sacrifice is summed up by michael's son. >> very few people from the polish people or from other people helped jews and helped people stay alive. what christina did actually made me be here today.
5:49 pm
wasn't alive today if not for christina and her family. >> reporter: monday night they will be honored at a reception put on by the jfr and spend a couple of days in new york and return to their homes. she lives in poland. he lives in israel. reporting from kennedy airport, antwan lewis, fox 5 news. steve: very nice. dari: very. especially for the holidays. we need stuff like that. we need to get rid of this this nick: we do. we have to take the good side. we need the rain for the rainfall deficit. today, it's only .13 of an inch of rain. it's been drizzly, patchy light rain. every now and then, a heavier batch moves through. we're not done yet. looks like the worst is just about over. a couple more showers in the area for the next few hours. 53, 46 today. the temperature may still rise a degree or two through the evening and start to fall off. the average, 48, 37. we'll be above that tomorrow and be close to that friday and
5:50 pm
record high 56. record low at 12. that's two days in a row in 1875. yesterday the record low was 9. a little light rain in the city. it went up a degree. may go up in the next couple of hours. the pressure kind of steady there. 29.70. let's look at fox 5 sky guardian. you can see a bit of light rain in the area. one batch of it off long island sound northward to hartford. then another batch is coming in from the west over scranton and extending southward. a couple of showers off farther to the south. we'll look at that on the big picture. we're up now a degree or two in places from an hour ago. 54 in the city. 54 at newark. 55 at belmar. and islip, 50 coming from poughkeepsie. 57 at montauk. the current temperatures are the highs now for the day. 50 at bridgeport. same at poughkeepsie. we're back to 55 at the shore.
5:51 pm
46 monticello. we've been seeing that easterly wind most of the day, 5, 10 miles an hour. as the front passes, the wind will shift to the west later tonight and get gusty and be breezy as we head into tomorrow with wind gusts approaching 30, 35 miles an hour. here is a look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can watch that batch of rain earlier. that's up in connecticut. the wide view will show you we have more showery weather into eastern pennsylvania. this area may fill in a bit, but you can see the worst is over. i think we'll be okay for a lot of the evening. if you're planning to go to the tree lighting ceremony at rockefeller center, just be advised there could be a couple of showers still around. earlier i had advised people on twitter to bring their umbrellas. i didn't realize you're not allowed to because of security reasons. dress with your rain gear accordingly. temperatures will hold in the mid 50s the next couple of
5:52 pm
hopefully it will be a cloudy sky at that point. a storm front is moving along the storm. once it moves along, we'll get into an extended stretch of nice weather. look at tomorrow's forecast. a bit of cloud cover early. lots of sun, but a gusty breeze. we'll climb to 50 at noontime and stop at 52 tomorrow afternoon. that's above average for this time of year. let's take a look at the futurecast. watch the front move along. here comes our forecast for thursday showing sun along with clouds. here comes high pressure to build in. that will bring a sunny sky for friday. that sunshine is going to take us through the weekend. no real cold air in sight. it will cool down, but upper 40s to 50 is where it should be for this time of year. some rain around early tonight, but then clearing will take place. breezy, chilly, 47 in the city. upper 30s to lower 40s in the cooler spots north and west of town. tomorrow, a breezy forecast.
5:53 pm
at times 20 to 30 +30 30 miles an hour. upper 30s at night. 50 saturday looks good. sunday, better, 55 and sunny. monday, 51. we will be watching that storm off to the south on tuesday. cloudy, gusty breeze. mainly cloudy. maybe a little rain to be introduced into tuesday afternoon. one computer model holds the rain off until wednesday. another keeps it to the south. stay tuned. we'll update that closer to the forecast. steve: thank you. the white house christmas ornament is out. it pays tribute to coolidge. it highlights stories from his life and presidency. collectible ornaments have been part of white house tradition since the '80s. the national christmas tree lighting will take place tomorrow. dari: we have a programming note for you tonight at 10:30.
5:54 pm
"empire" as we gear up for the rimes and friends hot for the holidays concert in new jersey. >> i like to do what people expect. i like to do everything in an unconventional manner and try to do things that's going to affect people in the way they haven't felted in a long time or never felt ever. >> i'm one of his friends. he's one of the nicest, most talented, super talented people. his heart. he's my friend. >> so many years of great music. he deserves a concert like this. dari: that's nice. steve: high praise. dari: join us as we team up with hot 97 and big names to give you a sneak peek at one of the hottest tickets in town. a look inside hot for the holidays featuring busta rimes and friends tonight at 10:30 on fox 5. >> and we're going to go for now. we'll see you tonight with an update with what happens happening.
5:55 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. we are following some breaking news out of california tonight. another deadly mass shooting, this time in san bernardino, 60 miles east of los angeles. up to three heavily armed gunmen opened fire at a social services facility there. fox 5's linda schmidt joins us with the latest on what's happening. hard to believe it's happened again, linda. >> reporter: once again. it's absolutely frightening. tonight president obama has been briefed on the mass shooting as authorities, as ernie said, are still searching for up to three gunmen. police say the gunmen walked into the inland regional center about 11:00 this morning california time. they started shooting. the center in san bernardino is a social services facility that
5:59 pm
thankfully the s.w.a.t. teams


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