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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 11, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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now on chasing news. to develop to develop on this in-store, endangered plant. it is said that the ghost of george here. >> george? >> general george washington joined me and scout in battle. >> 32 if anything is sacred in this world it is the slammer are now. >> will actually, he ditched the bag. >> he is locked up in a environment. so lot of of poinsettias did seem to upset a few people.
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of a sudden that's how you know things have gone haywire in the office. >> my, you have been nominated by your peers, you are the most stressed-out person. >> there's a battle going on right now between the princeton battlefield society, princeton residents, and a and a nonprofit group that is trying to develop on this historic endangered land. it is said the ghost of george washington is actually somewhere around here. i could pretty much use them right now to battle some of these developers. >> george? >> that's right, the the greatest general of all time. general george washington joined me in a brand-new battle. the x mansion of the institute for events study. the princeton battlefield society honors the historic land with grand written management of the war has been fighting to keep the land
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relevance. >> we started our check tours, during our journey tell me were stories and the significance of on. >> where on the high ground. over there, general mercer was knocked off his horse, he died nine days later. >> many men died on this land to where sadly, construction is already underway. what does the lambing to you and what does this lead me to our country. >> this is sacred land. if anything is sacred in this world, it is this land that we are on out. >> i pointed through the tree to the new enemy, construction, vehicles, weapons weapons they never seen before. i asked what they need to do to defeat the new threat and the strange machinery? it's a people revolution. >> we have to convince them. we have to convince them that
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people died on for freedom. >> the battlefield society is not given up, they need all of the help they can get and the help could come from an unlikely place. jeff and her christie. >> on her christie has the power to save this battlefield from destruction, right now. by issuing a stay order. the destruction of that field is going to rest with the christie administration, norrell. >> it doesn't have to go to governor christie. bob mark could write that order today because they are ready determined there is wetlands there. the tax paradigms that we have spent of friends of friends farm, this cast cost the taxpayers nothing. >> the problem is it has massive corporate clients, your talk talk about nobel prize winners. einstein work there. it's a think tank whose information has corporations all over the world.
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they shut down that program we more geniuses. >> this is part one, they're still going to battle, i'm going the end. >> general george, and chasing ron. >> high-speed chase. >> check out the video, please are looking for the two men who allegedly stabbed a 49er old man was taken 45 minutes after the event. you the event. and chatting. if you have information about them or the crime please call the new york city crimestoppers. >> around the world after the pitcher went viral. it's the boy who was born with an incurable brain malformation. his parents say he may not even survive birth. now he's starting to walk, crawl, and celebrate his first birthday. one shows jackson on the side saying i want to send a
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world for me, my mom and my dad. thank you for supporting me, for my family to yours, mary christmas, happy holidays. if you want to support jackson you can go to gofundme page. >> laura, your back chasing the war on christmas. this time, semigloss behind bars. >> i have a brand-new bag, actually he ditched the bag and went with bart this time, the worn christmas this time is in the big apple, the irony here is that it is right in the shadow of the freedom tower. the the santa seems anything but free, he is locked up in a cell like environment. and some cellophane draped from the ceiling. this is at brookfield place downtown in the financial district by the freedom tower, the new york post was all over this, to the point were sent to
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i never seen so much the cutie. it was like i was at at the white house trying to see santa claus. i was like a normal 30-year-old wanting to take my pitch on santa's lap. here lap. here we go, this is the end result. i have some wallets for you guys, as you notice i'm pulling on his beer though. why? because this is the best santa i have seen in recent memory that i can remember. this santa is fantastic. >> there's anyone santa only one santa. >> believe it or not, i'm get a knot in necessarily agree. >> you don't agree? >> look, there's very sparse decorations but what they also mentioned is that brookfield holiday decorations. there's a skating rink outside, winter wonderland playing christmas music, this santa was phenomenal, yes it does look picture.
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did seem to upset some people. as of today, they are ramping up the holiday decorations. look feel please themselves reached out with a statement and said we understand that the new location and the look of the photos has disappointed some of our community. as we take our customer concerns through seriously, we are using the opportunity to make santa's winter wonderland more in line what has been requested in value. however, think the real war on christmas today took a turn at the end ca. the lirr and metro-north are banning alkol from the trains for the entire 24 hours on saturday because santa can't is on saturday. >> very smart. santa con is complete made on. >> it's only christmas because
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is that when they have all that christmas often santa's not part of the mall. >> to me it's about the lirr war you made your rule, now enforce it. >> i need maximum stress. we have so much stuff on his shoulders i'm writing for him to collapse. >> i feel so bad though. >> the higher the hair goes all the subnets how you know things have gone haywire in the office. >> please stand up. you have been nominated by your peers for a very prestigious award, you are the most stressed-out person here. i'll be honest with you, i
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>> you all stressed me out. >> here's the science behind stress in the workplace. a major study led by scientists at the university college london found that workaholics who work 55 plus hours per week, are more likely to have a stroke. so ice drug with a dr. in new jersey who explained a little bit about why. >> the longer the time you work the things you're looking for maybe fast foods,, maybe you rely on alcohol a little more, a sedentary lifestyle a little more. all of these factors contribute to it. >> this study focused on more than half 1,000,000 men and women across three continents. we are talking about all ages and races. doctors say this finding is a matter of life and death. >> people who have fatal strokes generally have higher risk of stress induced stress stroke based on overworked and other risk factors. >> on the flipside, we all know it is difficult to attack all
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hour work week. so is this possible. >> mayo clinic came out from disparate results and sitting down for four hours a day in front a scream in screed other issues. >> let's define work, that's what you get paid for. when i go home and have a six -month-old that's when work actually >> if i prance a fruitcake, run around the block, it doesn't matter, you're all dead, dead, maybe two weeks, two years, but you are all dead. >> that's a positive spin. >> you can never have too many trump jokes and of course with the new star wars force awakens release, someone is is bound to
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can use where they took out all the audio from darth vader and put in 100% trump soundbites. >> you might be a total genius to figure this out. >> i more militaristic than anyone in this room, i love worn a certain way. >> it is hilarious no wonder it has got over 1 million views in just a few days. >> could the murder of westchester person be linked to a double homicide, more than 900 miles away? >> we actively are seeking any
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>> because of the backgrounds? why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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christmas cards from around the world. she lost her father and three younger siblings in the 2013 case of intentional arson. she suffered severe burns and walk lost her right hand and foot. she now lives with her aunt liz and she bought her tree to hang cards on. there has been an overwhelming response, if you want to send a card you consented to the address on the screen now. >> they're both elderly victims found dead in their expensive homes. they're they're both owners of past food franchises and they're both leaving investigator stumped on who did it and why. could the murder of westchester socialite, lois, be possibly linked to a double homicide more than 900 miles away? that's a question one sheriff in georgia is asking when he heard of a november murder. >> their victims, wealthy
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she was beaten to death with a blunt instrument. very similarities in the case. >> the county sheriff's on on the hunt for the killer of russell russell and shirley. age 88 and 87 were found dead in may 2014. russell's body was found beheaded in his garage. it circumstantial evidence not too different in new york, where the elderly woman, 83 was found beaten to death and her laundry room. no word on a suspect, word on a suspect, a motive, or a weapon use. the sheriff said similarities lead new york investigators to call looking for answers.
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a son who was murdered in 2000 and he had been arrested in nassau county, new york. that is healing new york connection i can find. >> the sheriff says it's still not enough to connect the two cases but he's is going to play close attention to what happens next to see if there is a possible link. >> because of their backgrounds? why is even thinking like that? >> on the surface of it you have two elderly people killed in their home, both owners of fast food franchise restaurants. really the sun here that was in new york at the time where they were still alive in new york also. when i second people there saying they had a lot of workers that came to the property and they also mention that this 300 acres that they lived on, so there's a lot of different cottages, farmhouses, grudges. so many buildings on the property how would you know where to go? >> they said there could've been something inside because there is not a break-in, nothing smashed the door in, they were already there.
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happened in georgia? >> the couple was found dead on their property, nothing was removed or taken. >> right nothing was stolen in either case what's next? >> i restart investigators to follow up on the connection they said they don't talk to the median to have firm details. all keep following up. >> the american legion post i knew i would find veterans there. i wanted to see how they feel about a new bill going to the state house that would grant free access. >> it doesn't cost the local government anything.
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>> is what i did, it's always a good idea to drop in at the american legion post at 348 brick. i know i would buy veterans there. over a beer and a game of pool i wanted to see how they feel about a new bill going to the state house that would grant free beach access to veteran. >> what they could do is grant them free beach access to they can go out and enjoy themselves. >> it doesn't cost the government anything to let them on a beach for free.
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except new york city you have to pay to go to the beach in new york city. in most cases vets have to go to the beach town hall first. why not cut out the middleman? >> basically they could show it and show it to the beach checkers and just have quick access to the beach. >> the post commander said all politics aside why shouldn't the government want to sign it,. >> it's for democrats and republicans both. >> so this is been up since the seventh, this particular particular post, remembers pearl harbor, right over here, this pickup truck is filled with christmas stockings to be sent out to the uss hero jima, so the guys and girls on board can have a little something for christmas in case no one sent them anything. how about that so cool bed, a
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about a little advanced left for the vets. i look to the other side of the story couldn't really honestly find anyone opposed to giving vets free beach access for the summer. god forbid anyone go to the beach. >> i i have to say this is such a bad idea that i can't believe you didn't find anyone to oppose it? >> the cost in belmar alone, cost 1,000,000 dollars to run would be an egregious act to put another unfunded mandate on the >> i totally agree. our totally agree. lot of ways. sparkly little star up here. let's forget about all the other things. >> i agree with you and all the veterans will agree that we need to do more for the veterans. so why would we not do a little thing that help them in the summertime question my. >> how about we charge more for
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