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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> this is stupid. everything is by polls and stuff like that. dad, i'm telling you, i think that you -- i mean, i think it would be amazing if you ran. >> you watch what i'm going to do in the next couple of years with him, especially starting this year. >> reporter: the convictions follow last month's corruption conviction of sheldon silver. after the guilty verdict, the u.s. attorney tweeted how many prosecutions will it take before albany gives the people of new york the honest government they deserve? and governor cuomo also issued a statement this afternoon about the convictions. he said there cannot be any tolerance for those who use and seek to use public service for private gain. he also said this should be a wake-up call for the state legislature. the sentencing for dean skelos and his son, march 3rd. that's the latest from here, back to both of you in the studio. steve: very good.
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we are exactly two weeks from christmas. the only place you will see ice is in a drink or at the skating rink and kind of soupy ice at that. dari: yes. that's prospect park. they were lucky they didn't have to dodge any puddles. it could be that way later in the weekend because it's going to get warmer. steve: audrey puente is here. 59 right now at 5:00. amazing. audrey: hard to believe christmas is two weeks away. it feels like spring out there. it will continue to be that way through the weekend. high temperatures today were in the 50s and 60s across the tri-state and up to poughkeepsie with a high of 60 and somerville at 54. we're very comfortable across the region with readings in the 50s and 60s. it's 60 in central park and in belmar, we're at a comfortable 61. these numbers are higher than they were at this time yesterday by a few degrees. we'll bring it up further as we go into the next couple of days. it's courtesy of the jet stream
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we have an area of high pressure that's dominating the weather over the eastern seaboard. and a southwest wind flow is northeast. we are expecting warm temperatures and above average readings as we go through the rest of 9 -- the weekend. we're 7-1/2 degrees above normal for this time of year. days. there is a cool-down on the way. tomorrow, mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s. dari: thank you. santacon starts tomorrow and people are seetion red. steve: lidia curanaj is live where the pub crawl will begin. >> this isn't the first time santacon made it to brooklyn. it is the first time it will be starting here. everyone will be gathering here behind me. people we spoke to in brooklyn aren't feeling jolly about it. the naughty antics of santacon revellers in the past has made many bars checking their bars
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several bars in brooklyn are welcoming santacon participants this year. much to the displeasure of those who live here. >> i'm not anti, but i'm always mildly disgusted is my short response. >> reporter: what have you seen in the past that worries you? >> just a lot of craziness, especially on the trains. just loud, rowdy. not into it at all. >> reporter: as a result of drunken santas, the lirr is banning alcohol on its trains from 11:00 through noon sunday. anyone caught drinking faces a $50 fine and/or 30 days in jail. the nypd will not tolerate santas misbehaving. events. just an early warning to anyone that wants to raise hell dressed like santa claus, we're not going to tolerate.
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brooklyn and then proceeds to the east village. the party will end the 7 p.m. with their first visit ever to brooklyn, neighbors say the santas better be good or goodness' sake. >> it's out of hand and it's gotten so gross and kind of trashy. it's like no children -- no child in the neighborhood wants to see a drunken santa claus throwing up on a street. >> reporter: the parks department says it's expecting about a thousand people to gather here at mccarren park 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. instead of the usual food drive, santacon is asking participants to donate $10 to a santacon charity. that's the latest here. back to you. dari: i'll take it. thank you. a hail mary for two sports companies fighting to take wages wages -- wagers in new york. draftkings and fanduel can continue to operate for now.
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lots of twists and turns. >> this started as a major blow for draftkings and fanduel. by this afternoon, the two companies appealed and they are operating again. what's at stake? there are nearly 600,000 users in new york and in 2015, those users put up $200 million in entry fees, even bigger than those numbers, the ruling this morning, which will likely be part of the case as it moves forward, cuts at the heart of the operation for these sites, and says fantasy sports is basically gambling. a big loss for draftkings and fanduel. a lower court barring the daily fantasy sports giants from operating in new york state, citing with eric schneiderman. >> upholding our contention that draftkings and fanduel are illegal gambling enterprises under the law of the state of new york, it's my job to enforce the law. that's what we did today. >> reporter: he has argued the sites are an illegal gambling operation.
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build virtual teams with real life players with the winners receiving payouts in the thousands, even millions of dollars. steven is a senior fellow with the manhattan institute. >> the fact that the is judge shut them down in new york as the process played out is a beg negative for them. what the judge basically said is i think there is some likelihood that the attorney general could actually prove his case against you. >> reporter: draftkings responding saying, quote, daily fantasy sports contests have been played legally by new yorkers for the past seven years. and we believe this status quo should be maintained while the litigation plays out. online the reaction from users pouring in. this person writing on twitter, quote, draftkings blocked. another sharing on facebook. better get your bets in. draftkings and fanduel may have seen the last days in sports betting. this man posting bye-bye draftkings and fanduel in new york city. i think it will soon be the rest of the country.
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draftkings appealed the ruling and a court halted the judge's order that blocked them from operating in new york for now. back to you. steve: to be continued. a massive fire before midnight in the fordham heights neighborhood and pretty through nine homes. 200 fighters refighters responded. nine people were hurt, including six firefighters. luckily all their injuries are minor. >> i walked out into the hallway and saw the living room was full of smoke. i looked down at the bottom of the steps. there's a firefighter saying you need to get out. >> the flames was coming from in the house. then they moved on down. steve: the cause of the fire still under investigation. dari: the fbi is searching a lake for a second day just a few miles from where the san bernardino shootings took place. investigators believe that the husband and wife killers, syed
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there after killing 14 people. dive teams are looking for a computer hard drive that they say the couple may have dumped in the lake. the search is expected to last several days. steve: islamic community leaders -- the message islamic extremism will not be tolerated. liz dahlem will have more at 6:00. dari: the iraqi government forces are making progress in the fight against isis. that is video right there released by the ministry of defense there. it says its military is advancing on positions held by islamic militants. it claims air strikes inflict the heavy losses on the terrorists. steve: an nypd officer killed earlier this year being honored. the intersection of 222 and 92nd outside the 5th precinct has been named detective first grade brian moore way. he was shot by a suspect during
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the force who made more than 150 arrests and received two exceptional service medals. >> today we celebrate his life, his commitment, his dedication. brian moore, new york city police detective. steve: officer moore promoted to detective first grade after his death. dari: kids find themselves on santa's really nice list. steve: and get nice gifts. up next, taking go-karts to the next level. look at that thing. dari: and big names in town for the annual jingle ball concert at the garden and we've got a preview. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50
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christina: tonight we'll give you a taste of the good life on lap of luxury, the ultimate holiday gift guide. dari: alison morris shows us adults. one company is giving kids the chance to ride in style, too. >> reporter: looking for something for the little guy in your life this holiday? junior cars are just the thing. >> we sell these for the little man who wants his own collection and might want to drive beside
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it's a three seat shifter car. >> reporter: this shelby cobra has a wishbone suspension up front and in back, gas shock absorbers and a working horn. the 125 cc four stroke engine can really cruise. >> they'll go 50, 60 miles an hour. >> the pedals can be adjusted so there's room to take a ride with dad. not into the rising strips? they have a shelby without them. looking for something different? there's also a mint green aston martin. >> it's for a kid with means. >> reporter: at auto sport designs in huntington station, long island, there are toys for kids of means of all ages.
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exotic cars. >> we've been lucky enough to have some of the most rare automobiles in the world. we have a ferrari that was burned in the detroit riots. that's been rebuilt. it's one of four that were made, and there are two that exist. this is one of them. the sister car sold for 8.2 million. >> not into cars? they have limited edition motorcycles, too. >> lotus decided to come out with a motorcycle and build 100 of them. they were all presold. we were lucky enough to have sold and imported three of them. $140,000. >> reporter: if you're looking for something classic for the whole family, and you have more than a half mill to support, auto sports designs has the thing. this is a car. >> yeah. this is a 1934 aston martin. kids like to call it chitty chitty bang bang. looks the part. >> reporter: if the kids want to
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junior herrington is hard to beat. thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 10:30 for the lap of luxury ultimate gift guide. steve: kids got a better car than i do. i don't have a car. catch the special, lap of luxury, the ultimate holiday gift guide tonight on fox 5. a good day for convertible weather. >> right through the next year. dari: how do you top next year? steve: a mini ferrari. >> if you have a convertible, you want the top down. we are expecting spring-like weather across the tri-state area. that was the case today with our high of 61 in central park. afternoon. you can see that's well above average for this time of year. we started off comfortable with a temperature of 50. i don't think we'll see 30s around here probably for a week.
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monticello. 53 in sussex. 58 towards newark-liberty airport. holding on to 60 in central park. 62 in islip. montauk at a comfortable 56. nice. locations. keep in mind that our normal high temperature for today is 44 degrees. we're not even going to drop to that number for the overnight lows in a lot of places. it's very interesting to see this warm pattern across the area this mid december. satellite and radar shows clouds have worked in moving to the east here. we see some clearing over towards eastern pennsylvania and central new york. that will be heading to our area. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine before another round of clouds work into the region. no rain is associated with the clouds. there are patchy showers off to the west. tomorrow morning we'll wake up with plenty of sunshine across the region. towards the afternoon we'll see the clouds roll in. looks like tomorrow we'll go
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try to squeeze through from time to time on sunday. overall we should stay dry. the big talk will be about the temperatures as we're expecting numbers to soar to well above average readings for this time of year. tonight we'll be comfortable across the region. we'll go partly cloudy and hours. expect readings to be coolest to the north and west. we'll find readings in the 30. in the city, 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, we'll have a mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon. it will be mild again with highs in the 60s and we'll take it up a few degrees sunday. some spots will be in the upper 60s by the afternoon. we stay dry until monday. that's when we'll have an area of low pressure affect us. it could bring a good soaking rain. we're keeping an eye on that to see how close it will be to our area. that will determine how much rainfall we'll get. after that, things get relatively quiet. we stay above average, but not as mild as we're expecting this weekend. numbers will be in the middle 50s.
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to the region by next weekend. i did look farther ahead. next weekend looks to be colder. we'll see readings in the 20s and 30s at night and highs in the 40s, which is normal. steve: to be expected. dari: it was 38 last year this time. >> and we had snow. steve: we'll take this year. dari: feeling extra crowded in the subways? you're right if that's the way you feel. 6.2 million people rode the rails underground on october 29 setting a new daily record. that is the highest ridership total since the mta started keeping records 30 years ago. steve: the boss was born to sell concert tickets. [music]
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tickets went on sale this morning. they sold out in minutes. the nine-week tour starts january 16th in pittsburgh. it will be at the garden january 24th and 27th. earlier this week, we told you about how brokers were advertising tickets for 5 grand before they went on sale. new york's attorney general said that was deceptive advertising and warned secondary ticket sites to take them down. if you want to go, you have to pay a fortune. that's just how it works. dari: speaking of paying a fortune, some of the biggest names in music are getting ready for the big show at the garden. it's star-studded and it is the 100 jingle ball concert. demi lovato, and the weekend, just a few of the stars that will take the stage. z-100's durrand says there's new music to look out for including
5:20 pm
>> now you have the new sound, the new energy, dnce. it's important to have them there. dari: the show is sold out. there's a chance to win a last minute tickets online. use the #z 100 jingle ball. steve: a city schumacher who's been at it for 60 history says his secret to success is simple. >> i do such a great job, that you say this guy's all right. dari: we'll see how his customers are wishing him well as he prepares for a well deserved retirement. steve: the reason airline passengers are being told to
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dari: after 60 years of beloved business on the upper east side is closing its doors. the shoe repair has been a fixture on lexington avenue for decades. steve: at the age of 83, the owner says it's time to go. mac king on what he's meant to the neighborhood. >> thank you. >> best of everything. >> reporter: all day thursday, customers of five, 20, 40 years brought cards, candy and gifts by this shop. >> i have two more pairs. they should be heeled.
5:23 pm
has polished and reheeled pumps and loafers on this block of lexington priding himself on his craftsmanship and his relationship with customers who buy him his afternoon espresso. >> i do such a great job, that you say this guy's all right. >> reporter: the youngest of nine children, he grew up in jersey before moving to naples to care for a sick grandmother. the outbreak of the second world war kept them in italy until 1945. back in new york, at 15, james shined shoes on the street before apprenticing for a cobbler in midtown. >> i saw the whole world come through that shop. >> reporter: he came the seventh of his brothers to fight for this country. when he returned in 1957, he opened this business across the street from his current shop on lexington avenue. >> now here's another thing. >> reporter: six decades of prolonging the lives of shoes
5:24 pm
the families here. >> he had a sandwich eating. but he was dead. he couldn't believe it. he walked in and the guy has a sandwich. i said to myself i don't want to be that way like die in the shop. >> reporter: on saturday, james is retiring, selling his shop and moving to vegas to live with his sons. he leaves behind machines, manufactured in the '20s, a shop stained with shoe polish and a heap of well worn metal tools. he doesn't drink, plans to give presents of wine and whiskey to the sanitation guys and calls knows his dari: the potential danger that
5:25 pm
to ban them from all luggage. steve: turning the page on common core. the education plan one district
5:26 pm
steve: the nation's biggest airlines don't want this gift on their plane. dari: hover boards have been labeled a fire hazard and banned luggage. sharon crowley has the story from laguardia. a lot of disappointed kids. >> reporter: yeah. as you know, hoverboards are one of the most popular christmas gifts this year. recent reports of hazards involving the hoverboards have the airlines pretty concerned and they want travelers to leave those at home. >> the hoverboard is on fire. >> timothy posted this video on fire of his hoverboard on fire near his home in alabama. >> mom, get some water or something. >> reporter: this and many other
5:27 pm
and igniting on the motorized two-wheeled scooters has spooked airlines. alaska airlines, delta airlines, delta, united and jetblue are banning them in checked laguardia. >> they should be going u.p.s. ground or freight to stay away from the airlines if my e-cigarette can't be in the checked luggage, no battery should be. >> reporter: they're powered by lithium batteries which are listed as hazardous materials. alaska airlines said in a blog internal short circuits can occur with lithium batteries which can lead to them overheating and cause it to burst into flames. some airlines like southwest are allowing passengers to carry the hover boards on the plane for now. peralta has a different view. he said he thinks there should be less restrictions on
5:28 pm
city streets. right now cops are giving tickets to some hoverboard users. >> what i did is introduced legislation to exclude these hoverboards from being considered a motor vehicle because they're not. they're not cars. they're not scooters. why are we treating them like pickup trucks? >> reporter: the controversy over the hoverboards, their popularity and whether they should be regulated and, if so, how much continues, it's really just the beginning. i'll send it back to you. dari: thank you, sharon. 241. that's how many times drones and planes narrowly collided in midair from december of 2014 to september of this year. according to a new report, about 20 percent of the time drones got within 50 feet of aircraft and 28 times pilots actually had to maneuver to get out of the way. the new york-new jersey area led the way with 86 reported incidents. steve: closing arguments set for monday in the manslaughter trial
5:29 pm
william porter, the first of six officers to stand trial in the death of freddie gray who suffered a severe spinal cord injury and died after being transported in the back of a police van. the defense rested today after porter's lawyers said he checked on gray and did not see any injuries. prosecutors say he was negligent for not calling for medical help and failing to put gray in a seat belt. dari: on long island, a judge has denied bail for former suffolk county police chief there arrested earlier this week. james burk beat up a suspect who broke into his suv and stole pornography and other items and forced other officers to cover it up. burk pled not guilty. if convicted, he could face more than five years behind bars. steve: new york recommending an overhaul of common core. jodi goldberg went to a long island school district that has opted out of the controversial curriculum >> we don't feel we need to compromise when it comes to our kids and their education.
5:30 pm
test boycott movement called long island opt out. she's one of hundreds of thousands who for months criticized new york state's controversial common core standards. on thursday, they saw some hope after new york governor andrew cuomo announced a plan to overhaul the curriculum and put a four year hold on the exams to evaluate students and teachers. >> the first step is admitting there's a problem. so that's a big deal. >> reporter: the report highlights 21 recommendations, including using a more transparent process, involving parents to create new standards and reducing the number of test days. statewide, 200,000 parents chose not to have their children take the exam. on long island, 85,000 students opted out. dr. bill johnson, superintendent of the rockville center school district says in his schools, 60 percent of students opted out. in some grades it was 80 percent. >> it will give us, with this window of opportunity, probably two or three years to put our
5:31 pm
really good plans. >> reporter: governor cuomo says the common core was supposed to insure all of our children had the education they needed but it caused confusion and anxiety. she wants to see changes to the law and won't give up until that happens. >> right now we're on this precipice type of situation and all the groups are kind of vying for their position and what they want to see happen. >> the board of regents is scheduled to meet on monday in albany to discuss revisions to the current evaluation system. advocacy groups are hoping more people on the board will be in favor of change to get education back to the way they say it once was. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: the u.s. and cuban have struck a deal to reestablish direct mail service for the years. the details still have to be worked out. a pilot program will launch to test the service. the announcement is coming
5:32 pm
cuba re-established diplomatic steve: mayor de blasio undergoing surgery today to repair a hernia, an injury he developed just recently. it's an outpatient procedure. recover. city hall says he expects to have a public schedule on sunday and return to work on monday. dari: this is a special holiday season for a long island woman who got the gift of life. tiffany received a kidney from dawn in october. today they met face to face for the first time. they shared their emotional moment right there at the north center. meeting. >> i didn't know her name. life. right now it feels like she saved a part of mine, too. gift. the reunion also proved to be a learning experience. more than 20 high school students witnessed the meeting to see the importance of organ
5:33 pm
steve: it was a hands on less on on the history of video games. dari: see what happens when a new generation of gamers took on old school classic. steve: you had to go out in public and play. the bidding war happening now over old "star wars" action figures and collectibles. that stuff is worth a fortune. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> volunteers from answer the call were giving back to the community by wrapping gifts at barnes & noble in union square. they include families of fallen police officers and firefighters who say events like this help share happiness with others. happy birthday to you dari: the victory theatre celebrated its 20th birthday today in front of a packed house. performers from petal punk sang happy birthday for this
5:34 pm
>> we opened it as a theatre for the youngest audience in the city. and we renamed it the and it opened 20 years ago today and it launched the reinvention of 42nd street. dari: to find out more about the theatre and its schedule, go to new
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because i'm on their bed. i don't want to be rude. discover how much more is included. are those meatballs still circulating? get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. only from time warner cable. christina: steve: fans spent thousands bidding on rare collectibles associated with "star wars". sotheby's held the sale today. darth vader and stormtrooper helmets, toys, rarities, you get the point. "star wars" hits theatres hype. dari: a week from today. back in the day, gamers looking to save the world had to go to video arcades.
5:37 pm
the giant machines look bizarre phone. jessica shows us what happened when young gamers took a trip back in time. >> reporter: eighth grade students from long island went back in time for a few hours. the exhibit is new that is a new adventure for others. >> it's real cool. it's older than we are. it's really cool to experience older games. >> reporter: it's called the arcade age, the collection includes games from 1979 to the 90s. there are favorites like pac man, space invaders and donkey kong. >> our video games are -- >> they're layered with so many histories.
5:38 pm
you've got histories of graphic design. you've got histories of design, play, television, computer technology. all of that is brought together in this one particular artifact. >> the technology seemed a bit ancient. >> i found it funny that these kids didn't know what to do and didn't even know how to start the game. the games today are so complex. these games are so simple. it's fascinating that they really had no idea what to do. >> i think it's fun to play these games. i never experienced these. we play everything on tablets and ipads and all that. now we get to come to an arcade and play the games that were made a long time ago. >> reporter: the exhibit is open through april 3rd and in case you were wondering, you will have to pay to play. steve: so many quarters. the mild weather is offering extra protection against the flu. dari: but your risk of catching
5:39 pm
dr. doris day is here to tell us why. steve: plus the new test doctors are using to help identify concussions. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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5:42 pm
clinical associate professor at nyu medical center. good to see you. this could be very encouraging because it's something we worry about so much. >> there's an estimated 4 million concussions a year. in the past, it's been very difficult -- in the present, it's very difficult to gauge the level of concussion if it is one and what needs to be done. we've been able to measure liver, kidney and heart function from a blood test. when you go to the doctor, we measure all sorts of markers in the blood that give us a sense of how these organs are doing. now we can measure this for the brain. because there's a protein that's leaked when the brain is injured. and the level of that protein, which can be measured in the blood, can be a sign if you've had a concussion and how bad it is. you can know the results in an hour. this isn't available yet, but it's in the works and hopefully we'll have it soon. this way if someone has a concussion, we'll know what the long-term damage is, how to take care of it and if someone needs to stop playing that sport
5:43 pm
especially for the little ones. steve: it gets worse. >> absolutely. then we'll start learning more. we'll measure levels. we'll have more biomarkers and we can gauge if there's improvement as well. what works to help make it better. and whether or not that actually makes a difference. there's lots of things we'll learn from this over time. this is just the beginning. steve: sounds good. dari: hurry up. and the warm weather could be keeping you from getting the flu, but that doesn't mean that experts say that your risk for getting a cold altogether could actually increase? i don't know. >> what happens, on the one hand, the flu virus doesn't seem to survive as well in the environment when the weather is warm. and when the weather is warm, we're not in as close space all crowded in together spreading germs. we tend to be out and about more. but we also may not be as careful about getting the flu shot and hand hygiene. if you're not washing your hands
5:44 pm
idea that the flu is less common and less able to survive in the environment and we'll still spread the virus and you can have as bad a flu season as ever. you have to have good hand hygiene. be careful not to touch your face. get your flu shot. do everything right. if we do all those things, it may be a better flu season. dari: all right. dr. doris day. steve: thank you, doctor. dari: it's not going to stay warm forever. steve: we've got a great weekend. looks like we hit 60 right now >> at this hour. our high was 61 in central park. we hit that at 2:30 this afternoon. that's above average for this time of year. normally we should be at 44. i don't think we'll be at that number for at least a week in central park. this morning we started off with a comfortable 50 and normally our lows should be in the 30s. that's not going to happen for a while. 60 is where we're at in the park.
5:45 pm
very comfortable. [no audio] dari: welcome back to you. we're going to take a break -- steve: no, no. dari: mac king hit the streets to find out if the mild temperature is sapping people's holiday feelings. >> the temperature in the city feels nothing like it should this time of year. >> loving it. i can go without the cold. >> awesome. >> wonderful. >> reporter: while very comfortable, emotionally, some of us associate the holidays with colder weather. the warm spell leaves our senses confused and offended. >> i haven't gotten my big jacket out. >> reporter: on the 11th day of
5:46 pm
60s. >> i have friends going golfing. >> reporter: while jack frost is leaving our noses feeling comfortable, we still find people enjoying all the city's holiday trimmings. >> i know the season is here. i feel it. i'm enjoying the warm weather. >> reporter: the weather outside is delightful. those wearing coats do so ceremoniously and all dreaming of a white christmas may have to keep dreaming. >> it's not a white christmas if it's 60 and sunny and you're ice skating in a t-shirt. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. dari: when fans are excited about this. steve: the trailer for x men came out today. this picks up 10 years after the last x men flick. apocalypse is the world's first mutant introduced in the '80s and decides to give them an evolutionary jump-start.
5:47 pm
dari: with space at a premium, the so-called tiny house movement -- christina: >> we're going to see temperatures very comfortable. we have readings in the 50s to 60 in central park. and that is setting us up for a comfortable evening and a mild weekend is ahead of us. not just for us but for much of the northeast. we have readings in the 50s in boston as well as towards albany. it's 51 in buffalo. 58 in pittsburgh. in d.c., the temperature is at 62. we did have a batch of clouds roll through the area. there's some thin ones around. there's a bit of a slot where we see drier or clearer weather and that will be here tomorrow morning when you wake up. then there's another batch of clouds off to the west. that will come in towards the afternoon. our main focus is on an area of
5:48 pm
like much over the rocky mountain states. this will move eastward in the next couple of days. it will bring us a chance of rain as we go into the beginning of the week. ahead of it, we have a warm surge of air across the eastern seaboard. that's why we have the temperatures above average. the jet stream will continue to sit to our north through the weekend. expect warm air to encompass us right through the beginning of next week. temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 60s around the northeast. we'll be in the 70s to our south like in raleigh and atlanta. miami will be nice with a high of 81. behind the frontal system, you can see that temperatures are taking a drop in the northern plains states where they'll have readings in the 30s and 40s. we'll see cold air in our area. it's not going to happen for a week. we're going to say with above average temperatures as we go through the majority of next week. our futurecast shows we'll have mainly clear skies through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a batch of clouds work into
5:49 pm
associated with them. the sky might dim a little with cloud cover, but don't expect rain out of the system. looks like on sunday, we'll have a lot of clouds in place and the sun will struggle to break through, but the big talk will be the temperatures. they'll be soaring to well above average for saturday and sunday. it will be near record highs. we might break a record or two across the region saturday and sunday. partly cloudy with nice temperatures. we will be around 50 in the city. we'll be cooler than that north and west with readings in the 30s. tomorrow we'll start out with plenty of sunshine, sun and clouds in the afternoon and temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s. tomorrow -- sunday we'll go with clouds and sun and temperatures above average. we start off wet with rain on monday. temperatures stay above average, in the 50s. we should be in the 40s for highs. you can see we're not going to get there until the end of next week, which would be a big cold spell that will move across the region next weekend.
5:50 pm
steve: we knew it was coming. thank you. at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with a look at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we are ready for you next with what you need to know. a lot to share with you tonight. extremism. we will talk to them about this hostile climate and how it's affecting them. a live report is coming up for you. next, the new new york and the decision made in the '90s that helped shape the city of today. it's all new and just for you i'll be right back. join us.
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ernie: it is friday night. we say good evening to you, i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us this evening. a very busy day. we begin tonight with a community coming together in the face of islamaphobia, muslims denouncing violence and extremism and friends and neighbors showing solidarity. liz dahlem is in the newsroom with more on what's going on. >> congregants at one mosque in
5:55 pm
people know islam is not about or extremism. it's about peace and love. that message was clear when they opened the mosque doors to the community to pray. the islamic center was packed during friday prayer. timely. islamic extremism will not be tolerated. >> what happened in france is un-islamic. all muslims condemn that. >> reporter: one told me the religion has been hijacked by extremists, by the terrorists in paris and then by the shooters in san bernardino, california. this congregation wants to teach people what their religion is about. >> we have the social media. we have all kinds of reaching out to the people to show that these actions not are un-islamic, but inhuman.
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