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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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service, the imam welcomed local politicians and law enforcement officials who denounce gop frontrunner donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from coming to the country. >> i do not agree with what mr. trump is saying. >> the local sheriff reminding them that they can also keep their community safe. >> please be vigilant. keep your eyes open. do not be afraid to call law enforcement. we are your friends. >> reporter: the imam wants to take the teaching moment one step further, ernie, and wants to allow anyone who may want to learn about the religion or come observe, they're welcome to visit the islamic center whenever they want. back upstairs to you. ernie: thank you very much for that, liz. other news tonight to report to you. former new york senate leader dean skelos and his son have been found guilty on federal extortion charges. the 67-year-old and his 33-year-old son adam were
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extort about 300,000 in salary and benefits for no show jobs. prosecutors say the scheme unravelled when investigators them. the defense says it will appeal. >> obviously disappointed with the verdict. the next step are the post-trial motions. we intend to pursue them vigorously. >> they're facing decades in prison. sentencing is set for march. >> a last minute to save two daily fantasy sports companies wanting to take wagers in new york. an appeals court allowed an order that will allow draftkings and fanduel to operate for now. the sites were barred from operating in new york state but a judge granted a stay that will last through the end of the year. the court will take up the issue again in 2016. >> nick's got the night off. he's in florida for a couple of days. we've got florida weather up here. >> he's missing out on a good weekend.
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>> if you like spring weather, this is your weekend. if you like winter weather, you'll get a taste of that. ernie: a taste. i like what you said. >> it's going to get cold. let's enjoy this stretch while we have. 60 and 70 -- not 70. felt like 70. 50 and 60 degree readings across the tri-state area today. that's where we're sitting now, in the 50s in many locations like islip and montauk. it's 60 in central park. we're 10 degrees colder than that in sussex and monticello. looks like we'll stay above average as we go right through the weekend. our numbers are running above where they were at this time yesterday. that we can feel. and it's all courtesy of a southwest wind direction, which is relatively light at the moment. but that southwest wind is helping to bring above average readings up and down the eastern seaboard. we have the jet stream sitting off to the north. that's allowing readings to be in the 40s and 50s from albany through d.c. as the jet stream continues to
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next several days, we'll have temperatures in the 60s across the tri-state area. then we'll be in the 50s the middle of next week. still above average for this time of year. a look at our satellite and radar shows things are quiet. we're under the influence of high pressure. we have some clouds rolling through right now. we'll go mainly clear by tomorrow morning. and then our next focus will be on an area of low pressure that doesn't look like much over the rocky mountains, but this will be developing over the next few days. it will develop into a large, complex system that will affect us by the beginning of the week. we only expect rain out of the system across the region. temperatures are just too warm to support snow. until then, we'll have temperatures above average from new york city down towards atlanta. temperature will be at 81 in miami tomorrow. that will be nice. we'll be in the 70s in dallas as well as over towards san antonio. colder air in the northern plains states with highs in the 30s and 40s tomorrow. we'll take that to the pacific northwest where we'll be at 46
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a look at our futurecast shows we have clouds in place tonight. tomorrow we'll wake up with mostly sunny skies. and clouds return to the picture by the afternoon. on sunday, i think we'll wake up with a lot of clouds. the sun will struggle to break through from time to time. it may look like it may want to rain, but i don't think it will. temperatures. they'll be well above average for saturday and sunday. we could be near record levels and break a few across the region over the weekend. nice. the city will be around 50. we'll be in the 30s north and west. our normal high should be 44. not going to get to that number tonight. sun and clouds tomorrow. mild with highs in the 60s. 60s again on sunday. upper 60s in many locations. we'll start off the week wet with rain on monday. temperatures stay in the 50s next week. on friday, you can see highs will be dropping into the 40s. that's the start of a cold snap that is headed in our direction. if you like the winter weather, it's on the way.
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a little taste. it's how to dress right. that's the thing about the weather. you need to make sure you bring a jacket or sweater, whatever. >> we haven't had much in the way of coats. ernie: thank you so much. i want to tell you about this. are you feeling extra crowded on the subway? you're right. the mta says more than 6.2 million people rode the rails underground on october 29th, setting a new daily record. that's the highest ridership total since the mta began keeping records 30 years ago. speaking of time, we have much more for you tonight. lifelong new yorkers have seen a lot of changes in the city. most of them for the better. our special series on new york's history through the years wraps up with how neighborhoods have been reshaped, such as the new times square on the west side. two live guests will join me to talk about it next right after the break.
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ernie: welcome back, everyone. tonight the final part of our feature series on new york through the years. the city has grown by leaps and bounds with exciting projects, while boasting a new skyline. today new york is known for its booming population, but also, unfortunately, the struggle to find affordable place to live. arthur chi'en takes us to where we are today. >> reporter: if this window pane could speak, it will tell about a crucial time in our housing crisis. in the '70s, housing was miserable across new york. buildings in deplorable conditions were the norm, no longer the exception. 800,000 new yorkers left in search of better options. they called it the flight, some to suburbs, others farther. city life suffocated in a mire of abandonment and gloom. >> it was a moment that tested the city's mettle in the sense
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it was teetering on the brink of default. >> reporter: in the boldest of moves, mayor koch ordered the city to take over 100,000 properties across the five boroughs. some were occupied. others just dumped. the window pane becomes an icon, mass produced. it's placed on blown out windows of dilapidated buildings. some hate it saying it was masking a crisis. others saw it as the first acknowledgment something was being done. the city began working with private developers offering tax incentives. >> sometimes it's redeveloping empty lots. sometimes it's rehabilitating existing property. this happens in manhattan as well well. and they're very dramatic before and after. >> reporter: thomas curated the exhibit on housing at the museum, explaining steps taken in the '70s would shape our city by the '90s. housing policies can take
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zoning is a concept the mayor is expanding on and we see it in developments like this one in hunters point, long island city. it was in the 1990s development years that we learned how effective it could be and not just rely on rent controls, and public housing. the city boroughs went from these to this, a total success story. >> in the 1990s when many parts of the city were being rebuilt as low-rise housing for the low income tenants and for middle class, the city was really being knitted together. it was being repaired in a way that i think not everyone was aware of. but if you went to the outer boroughs, you could see that whole swaths of the city were being rebuilt effectively. >> with housing for regular new yorkers now, perhaps by no coincidence, the population grew during the '90s. property abandonment went to a history lesson.
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affordability, the lack of which threatens our middle and lower classes, reminding us of a lesson to be learned from the past and from the window pane. that if a look of affordability leads to an exodus from the city as it did in the '70s, we could face a crisis that could take decades to fix. with a look at housing in our city, arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. ernie: all right. thank you very much. joining me right now, two good guests. say hello to christine and ken. thank you both for being here. this whole series has brought us up to today. we've seen a lot of growth. >> unbelievable. not only in housing, but in obviously. everywhere. >> new york has never been busier, particularly because of the nice weather. everyone is out. ernie: we know there are problems, okay? everything. we're talking about some of the positive things. you were very active, a key role
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you were there when you saw times square on the drafting table, getting put together. >> well, the changes in times square have been probably like the same -- you can say that's the giuliani administration. it's started under koch. when you saw the theatres come back, it was a safe place. ernie: a live picture right now of times square. but it's come a long way. a lot of development. not only times square, but a lot of other things. talk about the west side. >> our west side, they're building a new city there on stilts. >> the hudson yards, brookfields, manhattan west. it's terrific. right over the rail yards, when you go to washington on amtrak, when you come back, there's a glimmer of light. now you've got the platform built over the rail yards and a whole new city is being built over there. ernie: and a lot of neighborhood restoration. we've seen that. >> and a lot of new retail and new restaurants.
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brooklyn. ernie: tremendous. big changes there. when you talk about tourism -- i know you're involved, both of you -- look at what's happened. not only just in manhattan, but all the five boroughs as well. >> right. you spoke about barclays. look what's going on in harlem. such an amazing story in harlem. and think about staten island. this is going to be the new frontier. the wheel. we'll have outlet shopping right in new york city, which is going to be terrific and that wheel is going to be -- you'll be able to see the wheel from airplanes. it will be part of our landmark -- >> our friend randy might not be happy to know the mets are going to win the world series next year. ernie: looking ahead, 2016, what do you see as far as growth and development? what's in the crystal ball? >> i think more of the same. i think you look at domino, the sugar company that's being converted, a lot of mixed use developments. growth spurs more growth.
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>> and particularly waterfront. >> we're going to see the ferry system take off where it's going to be in the fabric of commutation. that's an exciting stage we saw at the turn of the century and now it's come back. ernie: people are saying how does it affect me? i live in the city. what life-style can i expect? there are issues and problems. what can i expect in 2016? >> well, hopefully an improvement honestly. there are serious issues. there's been a lot of growth. the good problem we have is that so many people want to come to new york still. it is really the capital of the world. but you've got to take care of the problems we have. take care of the homelessness and the quality of life issues. ernie: there are a lot of good things. >> there aren't enough places to live. the gulf between the rich and poor is getting wider. no middle class. ernie: look forward to 2016. thank you so much for joining me today. have a great weekend. this has been great fun as we wrap up our week long look at
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i hope you enjoyed it. next, i've got one more question about the big apple. watch this. >> we have so much in new york city. anything you could ever imagine. do you think there's anything missing? >> can you think of anything? see what people said coming up. join me for more great shows. next week on monday, a new way to start a small business by crowd funding the seed money. how the internet is helping people avoid giving up big stakes in their projects. >> and coming up on tuesday, a look at americans visiting cuba and how the u.s. will influence a country that's essentially been frozen in time. it's all next week. keep it tuned right here. russ is next with problems with the knicks.
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ernie: time for russ right now. 96 -- knicks are struggling and anthony taking heat from the coach. russ: not as a result of last night. carmelo had 23 last night and had a chance to win the game in sacramento. it didn't go. ernie: this has been building. russ: they end up losing. what's been building is they lost their fourth game in a row last night.
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for the past four games. they've had a four game losing streak. they've lost eight out of 10. not after last night's game, but after wednesday night's game, derrick fisher said when it's not going your way, you've got to find other things. ernie: what do you do to turn it around? russ: what's being directed at from that. he's the leader, the head of the team. ernie: but it is a team. russ: yes. but what he's trying to say, when it's not going your way, you've got to find other ways to help the team, be it defense. he's the leader -- ernie: they're building, too. this is a building year for them. russ: they're coming off a disastrous season. i don't think this is some catastrophic thing. there's no mutiny. there's not anything going on. but when you're losing, that's what a coach's job is to do.
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including the best team, if you're not picking up, pick it up. he's got to pick it up. ernie: the nets won last night against the 76ers. russ: let me tell you something. at one point in the fourth quarter, they were down by six to the 76ers. i'm not going to -- thank goodness for the nets that they won. you know what? the 76ers are one and 22. other teams have had disastrous seasons before. i like commissioner adam silver a lot, but commissioner silver -- something has been done. the former owner of the phoenix suns has been hired as an executive to help guide them. but the nba is the entertainment business. ernie: you need that aspect. russ: they're one and 22. ernie: you want to see somebody win. russ: you can't go lose -- what do they say? i don't care if it's -- winning builds confidence.
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those young guys -- it's not fun coming to work if you're getting beat down every day. ernie: the giants and jets have to win this weekend, speaking of winning. russ: unbelievably the giants are 5 and 7 and are still in it to win their division. yes, they have to win. the jets, on the other hand, are 7 and 5. but they're basically in a five-team race for the wildcard. both teams need to win. ernie: we wish them well. thank you, russ. great weekend. new york has just about everything, right? right? is it missing anything? your answers are coming up next. keep it right here. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. anastos. check it out and answer my daily positive questions. go for anastos. ernie: what a place. we have a lot in new york city. is there anything missing? >> peaceful interaction. people are good. people help if you're in need, but we need to love one another more. >> i wish we had less homeless people. ernie: less homeless. >> better parking. ernie: better parking. i think a lot of people would agree with that. what would be missing? that? >> a little more holiday spirit. spirit. >> for sure. ernie: if there's one thing,
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>> i know the traffic has increased by 18 percent. ernie: less traffic? >> be wonderful if we had less traffic. london and new york are terrible. new york's gotten to the point where it's hurting us. ernie: traffic, traffic. we got everything going on. what's missing? >> a little space. that's all. >> a little more space. a little more room. >> a little elbow space. >> look at each other and say hello. everyone is looking at their feet. it's very impersonal. ernie: we need to get -- >> a little more personal. ernie: that's what's missing. stop the phones. >> absolutely. put them down for a minute. walk like you're interested. ernie: you enjoy your walk. nice seeing you. bye-bye! snrush >> i want to hear what you have to say. you can join me on facebook anytime. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos here in n in studio 5 and our control room. john, give us a wave.
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be careful. be safe. we'll see you on monday. thanks for joining us. outback is topping your holidays. for a limited time, get a four-course meal starting at only $14.99. like new bacon bourbon ribeye,
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