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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> we can't allow ourselves to raise levels of fear and certainly raise levels of awareness that this is not a credible threat. steve: the tale of two cities l.a. shuts down an entire school system after receiving an anonymous threat that new york city was business as usual. commissioner pat bratton said his schools received a similar threat that determines a hoax. dari: why did los angeles officials take it so seriously? dan bowens talked about an expert about analyzing threats and he's a minister in. reporter: officials in los after the shooting in san bernardino a few weeks ago. faced with the threat this morning at the clock ticking and the potential threat they made a decision to close the schools and don't take chances. here new york the same threat
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>> based on the past the chance. report of the nation's second-largest school system shutdown, more than 640,000 students from santa monica to el segundo told to stay home. >> i'm not taking the chance of bringing children anyplace into any park -- part of the building until a not safe. report of the threat coming in an e-mail the author claiming to be a muslim extremist and a team of jihad is france ready to strike. >> the specific threat was attacked with assault rifles and machine pistols. reporter: officials that new york city saying they received a similar e-mail but quickly concluded it was a hoax. >> this was a very generic piece of writing sent to a number of different places simultaneously. reporter: police commissioner bill bratton said no schoolchildren were in danger knowing specific errors by the e-mailer.
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>> the example that allah was not spelled with a capital a. i would be incredible to think any jihadist would not spell out what the a.. >> bretons suggesting l.a. officials overreacted without consulting with federal authorities. >> you don't get a viable attack by somebody saying hey we are going to check your day. reporter: special agent manny gomez saying credible threats of violence or terrorism typically are never delivered to law enforcement before an attack. >> when an attack happens it happens without warning, without specific warning and then they claim credit if the attack is successful. if it's not successful than their silence. reporter: the fbi determining the l.a. incident was indeed a schools and buildings will reopen. what are the recent new york city officials felt was a hoax basis from the threats detailed in the e-mail resemble plots a recent episodes of the showtime
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>> developing news now a jet flash with a green laser but it happened around 7:30 as united airlines flight 1550 from raleigh north carolina approached the landing. take a listen. >> we just got lasered. about a half a mile ago at 10:00. jennifer: the faa was notified and investigating. >> police searching for raising gunmen who got away with a 70,000-dollar armored car heist in the bronx. picard was loading money to the back of the truck on westchester avenue trying to park in the east section when a the man just in a suit and tie walked up to unfold the gun and demanded money. a shootout began. >> he was at the carwash and he was waiting for the fellows to wipe his car, to dry it off and
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he heard the bullets in the throes. steve: forcibly no one was hurt. the gunman was last seen fleeing the area and a red honda accord. jennifer: major backups in bethpage long island after chuck was struck by an lirr train. attract trailer was backing up and in store parking not as the train was approaching the truck driver was unable to backup because of traffic are just the gates lowered for oncoming train. the tracks fund proper -- front bumper was damaged. steve: the new numbers in place a subway crime is up. so far the number of sex crimes is higher and that includes groupers and flashers and felony crime has gone up by 9% this year but the most serious offense of sexual assault is actually down by 80% through the nypd said there's a greater chance that the perpetrators of a car. jennifer: a shakeup in the department of homeless services services. commissioner stepping down and that's not all. linda schmidt is on the upper east side with more on the
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changes expected. reporter: good evening. this is a second major leadership change in the de blasio administration regarding the homeless issue. three and a half short months ago a deputy mayor steps aside and now the commissioner, and services today announced that he is stepping down. >> is a very tough problem. report of the homeless crisis in new york city is so tough it is claimed another top position in mayor de blasio's administration. gilbert taylor the commissioner of the homeless services department is resigning after two years on the job. mayor de blasio has ordered a 90-day review of homeless services agencies and programs. currently there are nearly 58,000 people living in homeless shelters. more than 22,000 of them are children. another 3000 people live on the streets and the mayor forecast the number of homeless will increase by 200 next year. so far homelessness under de blasio has increased by about 4000 people.
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>> we have tools that work but it will take time for those tools to have the full effect. reporter: the mayor has been sharply criticized for the surge in homelessness and what his critics say was a failure to deal with the issue early on. kevin mcdonald is with manhattan institute, conservative think tank. >> i think he has continued the fallacy of the advocates of a housing issue. homelessness is not a housing issue. straight homelessness and street vagrancy is a mental health issue. reporter: councilman steven levin is the chair of the general welfare committee. he says the homeless problem worsened under former mayor bloomberg when the city and state cut funding. >> when we look we look at it is how much worse with the situation have been if it went the wrong -- along the trajectory was going when administration took over in the situation would be a lot worse than it is today. reporter: the 90-day review the mayor called for the homeless
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services program and the recommendations that come out of that review, that is going to be released and all the information released and unveiled to us or the mayor says sometime in the early part of next year. that's the latest from here, life on the upper east side. steve: good news for teachers. state education officials voted to delay using test scores to grade educators for the next four years. starting next year teachers will receive to a valuation ratings during the year and will include state test results. those will not count towards teachers overall evaluation. the second will be used to make personal decisions. the state is expected to rewrite the common core learning standard and test input from teachers. jennifer: jurors will return and try to reach a verdict in the case of one of six baltimore with officers charged in the death of freddie gray. a judge ordered him back to work after they said they were deadlocked. officer william porter is the first officer being tried for gray's death. he died last april while being
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following his arrest. steve: we will now whether the fed will raise interest rates in the first hike since 2066 and in the most a quarter point was that the sound much but it could have a large effect on mortgages and credit cards. jennifer: it's the last republican debate of the year. steve: gop hopefuls facing off in vegas focusing on keeping the country safe. some of the highlights so far sharon. reporter: no surprise the one after donald trump the front-runner. he's been the front-runner all along the gop debate. they talk about hi lew they would fight the war on terror and of course they did laughter trump controversial comments about banning muslims from coming into this country. that works the first back-and-forth with the >> i do want our country to be taken away from us and us is happening. reporter: terrorism and keeping the country safe dominated the
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tonight. candidates attacked front-runner donald trump for wanting to ban all muslims from coming into this country. >> banning all muslims will make it harder for us to do exactly what we need to do which is to destroy ss. >> we are not talking about isolation. we are excited about security. we are not talking about religion, we are talking about security. our country is out of control. reporter: senator ted cruz from texas who is trump closest rival in iowa and sifting he differs from trump on his approach to stopping terrorists from coming here. >> what my legislation would do is suspend all refugees for three years from countries where isis or al qaeda control substantial territory. reporter: former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina wants to fight the war on terror like any private internet company. >> technology has moved on and the tears have moved on with it. we need to find help because government is not innovating.
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technology is running ahead by leaps and bounds. reporter: dr. ben carson called for a moment of silence to remember the victims of san bernardino california. >> the problem is we have attacks in san bernardino when we were paying attention to the most important issue is 9/11 on all the talk about this proposal which is in proposal which isn't a cabin replica jersey governor chris christie was fighting to come on strong and gain traction in the race after getting moved back up to the primetime debate. >> i thought terrorism once and when we get back to the white house we will fight terrorists and when again in america will be safe. reporter: seven weeks to go until the iowa caucuses when the first real voting takes place. the debate tonight and the race for that matter look clearly be shaped by national security in light of big concerns about recent attacks in paris in san bernardino california. it's really what's on the minds of most americans when we talk about everyday and that's clearly wide that was in the
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steve: less serious news donald trump emoji's arrive just in time for tonight's debate. emoji has released a series of images of a presidential hopeful. they can send you trump in a mohawk making kissing faces and of course even with a man done. jennifer: internet trolls can be so nasty now you can actually get insurance against them. steve: coverage that protects against cyber always. jennifer: the city's housing boom is expanded to the suburbs, the area points is expected to be the next hobbit. steve: who is stealing christmas decorations? these are hitting homes all over
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. jennifer: trolls are all over the internet and they can do a lot of damage to your reputation. >> one insurance companies
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offering protection with the policy. reporter: cyber police better watch out. now it's possible to protect yourself on line withdrawal insurance. >> plan to put a workout there coming can't take a backing it can be damaging to a people. reporter: the international insurance company chubb is offering u.k. and irish citizens to claim up to 50,000 pounds which is $76,000 to pay for expenses as a result of cyberbullying from counseling to reputation management team, discovered. >> you have to hire someone frantically and find out who posted it because they be anonymous and on top of that higher company to take down the remarks that can damage management at damage control to be thousands dollars per. reporter: social and media attorney says there could be a need for this in the u.s.. see that this would affect anybody pretty good in adult or a child. because of the speed with which
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one day you could be fined in and the next they suddenly are subject to an attack so could happen to anybody. reporter: chubs tell fox 5 trolling insurance is included in the policy plan and can be used for any family member who resides in the insurance house. >> people go on line to find out the opinions of individual companies. they put a lot of stock into reviews and comments out there. for a person or business when they see negative remarks that could damage your reputation. reporter: goes to show we live in a world where one bad comment or one bad review could change everything. personally and professionally. liz dahlem, "fox 5 news." steve: the drummer from the band poison revealing he's recovering from a case of oral cancer rate he says his cancer was caused by the hpv virus which he believes a contracted 15 to 20 years ago. other men including iron maiden drummer and michael douglas who found themselves in similar
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rocket hit with 54 is old city responded well to a grueling round of radiation treatment and will undergo a pat scannon to see if indeed his treatment was successful. jennifer: facebook is giving to critics who want to change its real. the social media psyching under fire for requiring users to go by their real names on their progress through the rule sparked protest from lj bt advocates in survivors of domestic violence who didn't want their full names to be disclosed on the site. facebook is testing new tools that would allow users to explain any unusual circumstances that could prevent them from wanting to use their real names. steve: lesson when chilled up your car could soon be paper thin like a glass and a cell phone. court teaming up with -- to use guerrilla gas -- guerrilla class. guerrilla class when chilled lawbreaker crack is easily and
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on fuel. jennifer: the safety of cover portis got me attention of congressman steve israel. he went to a firehouse in cao calling on the department of energy to do more research into lithium-ion batteries inside the hoverboards and the rest of them catching fire pit a dozen fires up and reported nationwide. this week consumer product safety commission launched an investigation and warned consumers to be aware of the virus. small -- makers are selling so much. they're running out of cans. the 69 cancer particularly hard to get. the company's craft beer business has more than tripled in the past few years according to the times. small brewers want to distance themselves from beer giants like budweiser by the building an image rent collecting cans. jennifer: the next hotbed never likely be in queens. stacy delikat shows us why jamaica is becoming so desirable.
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reporter: veronica jordan was born and raised in jamaica queens but have growing stack of new housing and accessibility to mass transit made her decide to stay. >> it's convenient. you have a choice of using subway peer. midtown manhattan is 90 minutes away on express long island rail railroad train. adam affected and get more living space comparatively low prices are some of the reasons real estate listing sites treaties he predicts jamaica will be the hottest neighborhood in 2016. justin rogers managing director at the greater jamaican development corporation says interest is rapidly growing. >> their 1900 new hotels going up in downtown and 2600 new apartments the combination of mixed income as well as luxury apartments. >> the median rental price in queens this year was 1750 and for sales it was just under 300,000 which is a big highlight
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reporter: island -- adam light felt helps compile the 2016 predictions. elected yearly changes in rent and sales prices increases in populations and listings in various neighborhoods. >> we are following how new yorkers are searching for the next home so what might be surprising as manhattan is not on our list for the topic which shows the extent to which buyers and renters are pushed out of the city. report of their prediction for number two neighbor at coney island. next poem sparked when a bronx with bedford park also making the list. they are expanding their search looking for affordable units. reporter: when it comes to housing prices throughout the city they are expected to still go up next year with a the silver lining according to street easy is that they should grow at a slower pace than last year. in jamaica queens i'm stacy delikat "fox 5 news." steve: they do everything big in texas.
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middle of a busy highway. that went over real well with the drivers. it stopped traffic in houston sega popped the question. drivers weren't happy about it. you could hear three cars back and you don't know what's going on. it's frustrating when traffic comes to a hault. the police department not thrilled by this stunt. charge was distracting a roadway and he faces a big fine and up to six months in jail but they will be a great testament to their relationship. will she stand behind him a hind bars? jennifer: just days to go before the most hyped movie premiere in years. steve: of course were attacking about star wars and what their real billing about the movie and the future of the franchise. jennifer: headed turtle of run it? the local fuzz rats have earned
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and othernselect models. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. steve: shaping up to be one of the biggest lock busters. jennifer: you can hear the music to the star wars is expected to make billions. simone boyce caught up with to franchise to the new generation of fans. reporter: for britain's breakout
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stars stacy ridley and john boyega their life so never be the same after "star wars: the force awakens" finally hits theaters this friday. would be going to be doing today the movie comes out next. >> i think i will be working but mainly sleeping and helping my mom. >> i will be taking look at numbers. i will go and see the movie and surprise fans and do that stuff them pop up anywhere. no disguises. report other characters have been shrouded in stereotyped secrecy since the news broke. although some fans have their theories about new heroin raymack. is she the daughter of han solo and leia? we don't know who raise parents are but hypothetically do you think han solo and leia would make good parents? >> yeah create the combination
10:26 pm
of the two kind of cool. who are you? reporter: we are getting to know the star wars to force awakens stacy ridley and john boyega n/a ground ops -- what should i know about you that i would never think to ask? >> i am good on the drums. i am better than. >> i love to --. >> is very flamboyant and charismatic. >> when i was cool i didn't have any. i know random facts and nobody cares about. reporter: do you have any tattoos? >> yes, the ones you can see are here. reporterporter: do you have any tattoos? >> yes, the ones you can see are here. reporter: a few lucky new yorkers got to see the screening tonight but for the rest of the
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awakens" opens in theaters december 18. simone boyce "fox 5 news." steve: star wars fans you can't get to the theater to see the movie right away use the force to prevent spoilers from popping up on their computers. crown browser extension force block scans web sites for potential plot giveaways and blocks you from clicking through. to get the add-on go to google crumbs web store and type in force block. click on crumb and there you go. you are safe from spoilers. jennifer: new yorker saying goodbye to longtime -- steve: businesses going out of business and what force them to close their doors after so many successful years. jennifer: i love it. why these two goldens were freaking out over the family chri dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. jennifer: big changes coming to block in tribeca. businesses benemann room for decades are being closed to test for solicitors. the local watering hole that's been the favorite for years. steve: zachary stopped by the raccoon lodge to see other regulars are getting ready for last call. reporter: the raccoon lodge in tribeca comments not last call
10:30 pm
but close. >> one of the reasons i love it so much we have seen or heard of the show cheers and it's really like that. when you walk in here and were now standing. report of the building's owner sold the property for 59 for a mixed-use luxury building it after 33 years the parties coming to an end. >> enjoy little separation from the city like a small town. it's a real bummer to see go. reporter: it's not just the wreck and lodge. eight establishments will close their doors when it's all said and done for development. some people call it changed. for others it's a great opportunity. >> it's the entire block between warren and murray state -- treats on west broadway and is a member of if my memory serves me for five-story apartment buildings with ground-level retail. reporter: tribeca luxury development generally still
10:31 pm
pretty healthy and there's a lot of developers who are eager to get to the ground and build new apartments. reporter: in inside the lodge is more than a place to grab a drink. you can feel it in the people you meet. it's a place people can let their guard down. this restaurant another example of a business that will have to close its doors. some people say it's a neighborhood where people are --. >> in a way is what makes the area so sought after which is very unfortunate to. reporter: reporting from tribeca zachary kiesch "fox 5 news." steve: when it comes to bus lines you may be better off walking to get where you're going. the straphangers campaign and transportation alternatives announce annual pokey and schleppie awards are the best named the best named awards in the universe for the slowest and
10:32 pm
a puppy goes to manhattan and 66 clocked in an agonizingly slow 3.1 miles per hour in about the same as walking and the schleppie least reliable buses between the f1 and the combined 101, 102 words which are in manhattan. jennifer: the post office is today was the last day for shipping packages standard post so they can ride in time for christmas. don't worry, you still have until saturday to ship first class and mondays for priority packages. fedex deadline is tomorrow for ground and home delivery shipments. deadlines begin on friday for three day select packages. steve: the countdown is on and touring in the new year's. visitors had a chance to take a photo with those iconic seven-foot tall numbers are from made up half of the 2016 that
10:33 pm
marks the new year. jennifer: it's so cute. looks like they're excited for christmas. appear at golden's known as the chief puffs on instagram went when the family christmas tree went up. lou and colby coming cute name started lurking and jumping at the center for spine pine. of course there honors captured it all in camera. steve: there are good cheese puffs. celebs not getting it done when it comes to out over the star wars. here's joseph gordon-levitt and that went to last night's premiere dressed as the other. offbrand luxury retailer prada reporting a 26% dip in profits in september. a drop land on a decline in demand in asia. fighting neither rain nor snow
10:34 pm
but if flight again turkeys. they are so persistent you can see right there he has to keep them at bay with a stick. despite or maybe because of their salty disposition the locals have come to love and protect the turkeys in a town. jennifer: they did survive thanksgiving. steve: that's a huge accomplishing. they are nasty. jennifer: holiday grinch is caught on camera. steve: whaty grinch is caught on camera. thieves stealing decorations from home christmas displays? jennifer: tennis great serena person of the year but why do so many readers say someone else deserves the award? radar tracking storms right or you are plus weather headlines and warnings of lighting nearby.
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>> those american workers expecting to be on santa's naughty list at the office because of the new report fewer than one in four employees believe they will get a holiday bonus this year and only around 10% think the pay raise is coming. a higher salary is what workers want most in 2016. meanwhile getting better health insurance had a better worklife balance are next on the list. you can have it all. stocks rallying again on tuesday under the federal reserve decision on whether to hike interest rates. we shall see and are you single and ready to mingle in the new year? a new study says salt lake city utah is the best city for singles. a percentage of people not in a relationship. that's business i'm neil cavuto. jennifer: tennis superstar serena williams this ear "sports illustrated" sports person of the year was honored at a
10:37 pm
special awards center tonight. serena became the first team last week to be honored on her own by the magazine in more than 30 years. >> i've been doing the best they can for so many years trying to break records. i never thought i would get this. it's really exciting. part of the choice didn't go without controversy. the "sports illustrated" told readers who they thought deserved the award and american pharoah who won racing's triple crown got the most votes. steve: howard stern fans assured that amar is not the king of all media's last show. howard announced he has signed a five-year deal with sirius xm and anyone who knows me knows i am a fanatic. pictures from behind-the-scenes ready to wrap up the show. amazing john lieberman is no longer with us. because part of the new deal of video app which allows sirius xm
10:38 pm
access to the three decades of howard's content for the next three years. we will get live video that will be rolled out next year. good news all around. very exciting. jennifer: who would steal their neighbors christmas decorations? >> we are not talking santa's elves period king takes a look at a growing holiday crime. jennifer: the first week and had a star-studded celebrity review and what they're saying about the new star wars movie. it's the final countdown!
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steve: there seems to be a lot of people missing the christmas spirit. jennifer: mac king looks at the rash of thefts about your holiday decorations. reporter: after thanksgiving thanksgiving john is thanksgiving john and his wife spent two days decorating the front of their island park home with garlands bozen holiday knickknacks. the centerpieces of the family displayed line the front walk. >> all they were was lollipop sticks that had a light display. reporter: john's wife posted this photo of their twinkling home to facebook. when they awoke the next morning the lollipop sticks had disappeared.
10:42 pm
>> at first i thought it was a m` >> at first i thought it was a man and after watch the actions that figure was a woman. reporter: john sob this video of the thieves home surveillance system. >> spend eight minutes at my house. to call this bikes and everything about with it. put them in their car. reporter: this apparently happened because last week into people stolen inflatable penguin from a home in massapequa and three different maybe thieves stole this display in monmouth county. quick youtube sure for stealing christmas lights yield -- yields dozens of results. anytime anyone the news does anything negative during the holidays you call that person a grinch but in the case of the story the actual grants committed this exact crime. john duffy posted this surveillance video to facebook
10:43 pm
and tv stations put it on the news. in 24-hour someone who recognized both the lollipop snatcher under car called duffy. he drove by the woman's house. >> i saw my christmas stuff on line. reporter: duffy called the police. police arrested tiffany fischer. she ransacked. >> nobody gave me a tip i was down to see them on line. reporter: just like that the duffy's got their lollipop sticks returned home. not everyone is so lucky. >> my wife says she wants to put them back up so we are going to work on that over the weekend. reporter: in highland park mac king "fox 5 news." jennifer: way to ruin the spirit of the holidays. nick: i had a -- stolen. >> is a horrible and thing to do. everybody loves -- has hd cameras. jennifer: that woman lived right down the block. steve: psychologically unstable.
10:44 pm
nick: try not to let it get to you. a little chilly this weekend then it will warm back up. look at the record highs today. everybody getting one except laguardia. laguardia stop the 64. these record highs are happening at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and we were talking earlier it was warmer at that point then it was on july fourth. a little crazy. 60 the new record high 67 record lows low 60s from jfk to islip to bridgeport to succeed further record. 64 was our low this morning and are ever tie should be 43 with an average low 32. in the next few days we will be around those numbers and next weekend warming up. still cloudy, 54. whenever the northwest. it's holding steady. we don't have any rain advisories. even though we have cloud cover
10:45 pm
there's nothing other to worry about. this guys will go clear as time goes along. highs across the area lower to middle 60s, per 60s in newark sussex new jersey and poughkeepsie and bridgeport sharing 63 and low 60s across long island. right now we are basically in the middle 50's around town. middle 50's and islip 52 poughkeepsie 41 monticello so we have 30s in the colder suburbs tonight. look at our temperature change from 24 hours. we are down eight to 13 degrees across the area and the winship thing to the northwest. i will happen overnight and tomorrow north to northeast. high temperatures 50's for the northeast. 39 pittsburgh at 43, 49 minus four. as time goes along clouds to break apart along with the clear sky overhead and sunshine tomorrow. the storm is moving out. i gave is that chilly northwesterly wind of the
10:46 pm
tomorrow sun and a few clouds. clouds early and then sunny. highs 5010 afternoon in futurecast showing we are in good shape. a lot of sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. we have the next system coming on thursday. up comes milder air and rain right to later thursday night raid on the other side of that front will be the more seasonal air arriving for the weekend. clearing breezy and chilly 42 city 30s in the colder spots northwest. tomorrow sun equal day and 52. upper 40s in the north and western sub -- suburbs. randhurst and back to 55 or 56 degrees, 50 friday sun and clouds a couple of showers. it's a chilly day mass worshiping this time of year. 41 in near freezing at night. sunday sunny and 44, mid-50's tuesday in a couple of showers and and maybe flirting with 60s christmas eve and christmas day. jennifer: christmas eve and christmas day.
10:47 pm
jennifer: you know who's going to complain about the 44-degree days. % jennifer: you know who's going to complain about the 44-degree days. just wait a couple of months. steve: pete rose freaking out. jennifer: what he sang about the commissioner's decision to keep him banned from baseball. traffic tracker brought to you by toyota. ines: i'm in ines rosales. both directions through river road to left wing closed for construction through friday. the gridlock of her day tomorrow mass transit.
10:48 pm
starting a russ: how are you doing everyone thanks yesterday we learned commissioner wu rob manfred has decided against reinstating pete rose into baseball. today the all-time hits -- responded to his lifetime ban remaining intact. >> i want to say and disappointed but i will continue to be the best baseball fan in the world. there are two things i have learned that i can do.
10:49 pm
i can learn or teach a lot of people not to make the same mistakes that i made. russ: realistically how can he teach others about the mistake he made when he himself has learned from those mistakes. betting on baseball is what got them thrown got them drunk basically at the meeting with the commissioner back in september after initially saying he no longer that sonic game he later in the same meeting did in fact admit to the contrary. >> i tried to be as honest as i could with the commissioner and i think he respected that. i made a couple of mistakes during the meeting but by the time i clarify them mistakes that i said because some of his questions i panicked to. of his questions i panicked to. reporter: . russ: that's a major league problem. why panic unless you knew you were still doing what you should not be doing, betting on baseball. >> i'm a recreational gambler
10:50 pm
if i want to watch something on tv and make a small bet on it, dump it every day. russ: again peaches doesn't seem to understand, is betting on baseball is robbed him of being a part of what he loves so dearly. >> i spent 26 years in the major leagues and 26 years out of the major leagues. i can tell you without a doubt the last 26 years were a hell of a lot worse than 26 years i spent in the big leagues as you can imagine. i put my family through a lot of things over the years and they stuck behind me. my fans but i may and i appreciate that. russ: i have been one of those fans but as i've told the commissioner i also thought he deserved to be in the hall of fame. whatever the case once i found out pizza still betting on baseball i'm sorry folks enough
10:51 pm
tivo launches where he is. now on the outside looking in. hockey tonight the rangers beat the oilers 4-2 the devils foiled the sabres to life in zu rich and the mac highlanders to have someone. jennifer: we are getting reviews on the new star wars movie. steve: mostly from tweets. derek says the force has awakened in everything we been waiting for. can't wait for the world to see it. keeping my mouth shut until then. jennifer: brain wilson from aptos tweeted this, first the star wars review was epic cast was stellar. j.j. gilda. pat oswald tweet without wars: the force awakens" with the best final shot of any star wars film. continue. shonta rhymes continued holy blank back it so good in the best old school by hashtag star wars.
10:52 pm
steve: everyone seems to think they did a great job with it. i'm not overly invested in it but i am glad. jennifer: they didn't get the details. nick: some people want is for the abutts hope --. >> the repercussions will be huge in our social media world. goodnight. jennifer: have a good night >> "fox 5 news" and over. want to connect to great stories and people that engage "fox 5's" youtube and ordered pages pages
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