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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 16, 2015 5:00am-5:16am EST

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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day wake-up". >> happy wednesday, forget about the 60s, snow is song of the way. way. >> there will be snow at some point. >> not before january 1st. rain is heading our way. in the republican presidential candidate trying to make an impression on voters, their last debate of the year, last opportunity they get to met
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a couple of them went on the attack. >> three helicopters ominously find upper nassau county. and l a canceled the classes. new york was in session. >> please your help to capture someone, a to capture an armored car in the light and there was quite a shoot out in the bronx. we have details. >> when is it was like the ok corral. juliet: 9 ben simmoneau. it is 5:00 on wednesday. >>
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>> how many polish are left. >> is it yellow green. it is one of my favorite ones. ines try to claim did not get territorial. but anyhow, i still have a couple more options. guess what color that might be? ben: whoever has you for secret santa might get polo shirts. this is one of them. >> we're out of season. it worked for the last few days. today, feeling more like winter, even though winter does not
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first-ever snowfall on the ninth of december, and seasonal average snowfall in new york city, central park, 28 inches from december through march but so far we have nothing. we will see it. we have a clear sky at central park, 49 degrees, definitely a cooler start to the day, 52 in philadelphia, 47 in williamsport, mainly clear sky, clouds are breaking up, close. this guy will bring in more until late tomorrow. we don't have to worry about it tomorrow morning. prius guys today, high-temperature 52, 56 your high tomorrow with showers coming by, maybe a little left over. i am not too worried about that. the weekend looking pretty cool with highs in the lower 40s. let's bring in ines rosales.
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ines: here is what is going on. here is what is going on this morning, conn. not a lot of 95 merritt parkway doing good, as you make your way towards greenwich, no problems in new jersey, 80, 287, let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving on long island, traffic bound and east bound. as for the bqe for the brooklyn bridge no delays, everything moving fine northbound all lanes are open on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge, the lincoln, holland, george washington bridge no delays at the toll, 495 inbound and the van went to the queue gardens interchange northbound southbound smooth sailing, gridlock alert day, trains on or close to schedule. juliet: the stakes were high,
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candidates in the last debate of the year. box 5's robert moses with a look at what they all had to say. >> reporter: it is amazing how quickly things can change in a matter of a few weeks since candidates last gathered, ted cruz has surged in second place and two major terror attacks unfolded first in paris and then in san bernardino. national security, not surprisingly was on the table last night early and often. with the specter of terrorism looming. >> federal prosecutor, i thought terrorists, the war we are fighting now is one of the we must win. >> reporter: the nine leading republican candidates gathered for their final debate of a year and immediately donald trump had to defend his proposal to ban on american muslims from entering the united states. >> we are not talking about security. we are not talking about religion, we are talking about
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security. >> reporter: jeb bush dismissed trump's proposal. >> we can disassociate ourselves from peace-loving muslims. donald is great at the 1-liners but he is a chaos candidate and he would be chaos president. >> reporter: game on. >> jeb doesn't believe i am unhinged. said that simply because he has failed in his campaign. it has been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: despite trump's word and bush's flagging poll numbers. refuse to back down. >> you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. >> reporter: trump versus bush was not the only cage match on stage last night. marco rubio and ted cruz who surged in the polls clashed over which candidate is tougher on illegal immigration. >> i never supported legalization. i do not intend to support legalization.
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will mount an independent run. handing hillary clinton the white house in the process. trump rule out the independent bid. >> i am committed to the republican party. >> we heard that before but see if he follows through on that promise. jeb bush showed a much greater willingness to engage with donald trump and we will play what was probably their most memorable exchange of the evening coming up at 5:30. juliet: robert moses on debate coverage again. ben: schools in los angeles will reopen this morning after they were closed yesterday. the second-largest district because of this e-mail threat that was received. juliet: identical threat was made in the new york area but classes went on as scheduled. teresa priolo joins us from one police plaza where the fbi and police commissioner will hold a
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i was looking at facebook, parents, kids in school, they were bothered by the fact the schools were not close despite the threat. why didn't we? >> reporter: the same determination that was made in los angeles and when you listen to the l.a. police chief when you will hear in amenities if this was your decision as a parent would you keep your kid home from school? that is why they should schools in los angeles but he in new york city, this was called an over reaction. they claim it was a hoax, the same determination made by the fbi, you bet this will be talked about today at 1 police plaza, you had one decision in new york, a different reaction in l.a.. >> based on past circumstances,
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>> we do not see that as a credible terrorist threat. >> we to major cities, too, is e-mails, two different reactions. >> i am not taking the chance of bringing children any place in to any part of the building until i know it is safe. >> reporter: now that the fbi has deemed both situations a hoax, the analysis. >> is very easy in hindsight to criticize the decision based on results the decider could never have known. >> reporter: things kicked into high gear when l.a. and new york city schools superintendents received nearly identical e-mails they tailing the desire to attack schools. >> the implied threat was explosive devices the specific threat was puzzled with us all rifles and machine pistols. >> reporter: e-mails point in the locations and how many so-called jihadists would be involved. they were riddled with inconsistencies. they have since been traced to a
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german ip address. >> allah was not spelled with a capital day. is incredible to think any jihadists would not spell it >> reporter: in l.a. with the senate in a massacre still fresh school was shut down, 640,000 students told to stay home. in new york, commissioner bratton said that was an overreaction. and believe this may be an example of an author trying to make hollywood. >> the instigator of the threat may be homeland, basically watching homeland episodes. it mirrors a lot of episodes of homeland. >> reporter: that meeting will occur at one police plaza, the shield team will take place at 10:00 a.m.. that is the latest from lower manhattan. >> reporter: thanks very much. pilots on the work bound jet say
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laser light last night at 7:30, united airlines flight, 1550 from raleigh, n.c.. approaching for landing, listen. >> just got a laser. about half a mile ago. safely. there have been 2700 laser incidents this year which we know can obscure pilots vision and that is not a good thing. 100 people on the plane. it is a federal crime, the faa is investigating. ben: please help clear surveillance video will help a duo suspected in the robbery of the t mobile store in manhattan. the armed suspect ordered two employees to a back room. they stole 40 apple and samsung phones worth $1,500, this happened last sunday in the
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juliet: speaking of the middle -- [end] -- excuse me. bronx, middle of the afternoon a gunman on the loose after a daring, i hate saying daring, an armored car robbery and issue out. a man dressed in a suit, with $78,000 after holding up the truck. he was loading money into the back of a truck when the suspect approached and that is when the other guards drew their weapons, the shootout began, no one was hurt. he was seen getting away in a red honda accord. if you have information on either of these stories called crime stoppers a hundred-577-tips. ben: a lot more to come on wednesday morning including a look at the slowest and least reliable bus routes in the city. plus mike checking the forecast.
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>> meteorologist: once again we have our sunshine with coolidge temperatures making a come back, felt that during the day, especially last night and this morning, 49 degrees your start of temperature at central park, mostly sunny skies coming today but it will be cooler, the high temperatures later this afternoon right around 52 degrees, looks like we will have all kinds of weather information on the weather apps, daily and hourly forecast, download that the ap introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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ben: we are enjoying mild weather. major snow and ice storm from arizona, colorado, utah, colorado got as much as 24 inches of snow, as high as four feet and phoenix had temperatures as low as the mid 50s, you know they were freaking out about that. boston went into the 60s. it was actual be warmer yesterday in new york than it was in los angeles. juliet: the weather is crazy right now.
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ben: heading for some snow soon. juliet: my friends that i woke him up with my sneezed. ben: going to go -- it is mike. ines has been that. >> meteorologist: the minimills' sneeze. juliet: thanks. >> meteorologist: it is true. >> meteorologist: let it go, let it rip, i am like a hurricane. juliet: say it, don't explain it. >> meteorologist: let's talk about high-temperatures from yesterday. we made it to 68 degrees, keep in mind most of these high temperatures came in after midnight last night. 68 was your high at central park and a scene in newark, 66 in belmar, 63 was your high in bridgeport. a lot records were set yesterday with warm temperatures that came in after midnight. this morning is cooler, 49
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newark and belmar, 43 in bridgeport, 42 in poughkeepsie with mainly clear sky. how much does it drop? a lot. 15 degrees on average, some places more so, 17 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago in poughkeepsie and sussex and 11 degrees cooler in belmar. a cooler start with winds from the north northwest at 6 to 13 miles per hour and later wind than we had yesterday but makes a difference and you want to put on an extra layer. we are not used to cooler temperatures because it has been so warm so long, 46 in williamsport, 37 in buffalo, not ridiculous the cold anywhere in the northeast, cloud cover not doing much, a mix of clouds and what will be clear skies, the next cold front looks like it is going to swing through here, not a lot of moisture with it and as it comes by not going to be all that impressive in terms of rainfall, nothing today into tomorrow, we should be pretty
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good, a few little sprinkles but the rain comes through later in the evening thursday and it is only here for a short period of time. as we clear into friday. a high temperature today, 52 in the afternoon, rain comes through late tomorrow, a little left over on friday. dry and cool over the weekend. there are a lot of problems, colleton county. there are slight delays, and
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60, northbound side, the big problem this morning, by dual avenue, all lanes closed, when you head to dallas parkway, grand central is your alternate with this accident, everything shutdown. almost a long island expressway. trains running on or close to schedule, gridlock alert day. ben: when it comes to certain bus lines the mate be better off walking where you are going. juliet: kerry drew joins us to tell us about the polkys. kerry: sometimes your feet hurt so you have to get on the bus. the straphangers campaign and transportation alternatives announce their awards for the slowest and least reliable bus routes in the city. this year the polk team that goes to manhattan's in 66 crosstown bus, agonizing 3.1 miles per hour, about the same as a person walking. passengers had their share of
5:21 am
the route on grand concourse from king's bridge to the south bronx in 4.8 m.p.h. in the survey for the >> meteorologist: 5, under 6 miles per hour, q 58 traveled 7 miles per hour from ridgewood and flushing means to read. the 48, 90 and staten island were the slowest for fastest of the slowpokes, came in a little better. the least reliable bus was untied between the am 1 and combined am 101 and 103 routes. all of those are in manhattan. ben: when i am out running to madison avenue tried to raise the bus a usually win. ben: something i can't stand about buses in this city, sometimes they're too close together.
5:22 am
block we are on, there was a stop at 67th and second and 67th and third. people could walk. kerry: if a cat at out they could a little bit. juliet: or eliminate traffic in new york city. ben: thank you. juliet: a lot more coming up.
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juliet: we will know whether the fed raise interest rates. this will be the first rate hike since 2006. at most it would be a quarter point which doesn't sound like a lot but it could be a big impact on mortgage and credit cards. one upside to our rate hike, you earned a bit more on your savings. ben: facebook giving in to critics who want changes in the real name policy. it required users to go by their real names on their facebook profile. the rules sparked protests from survivors of domestic abuse who do not want their full name disclosed on the site. facebook is testing new schools to explain any unusual circumstances that could prevent them from wanting to use their
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juliet: go to the case of judge's panel? ben: star wars fans who can't get to the theater to see the movie right away can literally use the force to prevent spoilers from popping up. ben: google's chrome browser, give aways blocked users, replaces them with various quotes, to get the ad on go to google chrome web store, force block, add to chrome and may the force be with you. ben: the new york times review of the movie, the reviews have been released, they were embargoed until midnight. sounds good. juliet: it is going to be good. you are going to cry i bet. you are younger. it will bring you back in childhood. the simple days of isis.
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ben: by the events of return of the jedi, the war didn't end. the struggle is continuing. dark skies.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: expect cooler temperatures, warm weather is over. juliet: that is not true at all. ben: wintery weather on the way in the lower 50s. mike woods has the complete forecast. >> donald is great at a 1-liners. ben: jeb bush talking tough and looks tough. looks scared to death. no one else went after donald trump. some of the other candidates going head to 5, we are bringing
5:31 am
you the highlights. >> there is the room was program in the city. >> and we will look at dewlaps top surges but there's a big surprise. i am ben simmoneau. ben: i am juliet huddy. wednesday. >> the pregnant pause. >> it is one of those things, a whole separate being over here. >> you have a little woody. the buyer and a calm thing.
5:32 am
today starts physical therapy. and don't know what to do when it comes off. high temperatures, compared to what is normal records. 52 degrees, relative to what we have seen lately. this is one of those days, we won't hit that record but got a few times. other temperatures in the region. as far as belmar, winds coming from the northwest, the skies are going to be here. sunshine going through the day. this is the next cold front.
5:33 am
when it comes through here. mainly sunny day today with a high of 52, a cloud increase. a little over friday, dry and cool over the weekend. >> if you're traveling in westchester you are fine, you're in new jersey commute, doing fine on the garden state parkway by exit 98 as you make your way to the driscoll's bridge. let's show you that commute in staten island, southern state parkway by well dari: avenue moving fine with the attendees down, keeping a problem and cleans southbound, grand central parkway as your alternate. the queue gardens interchange, they are letting a lane of traffic through, it is back to
5:34 am
the long island expressway. as for the trains everything on or close to schedule, gridlock alert day the next three days. the combatants this around, not everybody got into the fray. >> donald trump is like teflon. a just balance. they didn't hold back on the verbal punches with each other. they take on a lot topics including terror and immigration and robert moses is watching for the highlights and low lights. >> reporter: it was an entertaining final debate of the ear, nine leading republican candidates gathered one last time in 2015 seeking to make an impression before we all turn our attention away from politics holidays. much has changed since these candidates last gathered. the attacks in paris and san
5:35 am
bernardino happens the national security was a huge focus, ted cruz has surged, he was runner donald trump. on the other hand he was quite willing to do it out with marco rubio. they clashed over the bulk collection of phone records and over who is tougher on illegal immigration and there was a cage match between bush and donald trump. even though he has struggled and is way behind in the polls, bush engaged with trump and was not intimidated by his bluster. >> jeb is a very nice person, very nice person but we need tough people. jeb said when you come across the southern border they come as an act of love. and by talking or are you talking? >> i am talking right now. you interrupted me. and i allowed to finish?
5:36 am
am i allowed to finish? again. i know you are trying to build up your energy but it is not working. >> reporter: i told you it was a good exchange. trump defended his proposal to ban on american muslims from entering this country. . that is not a serious plan ended endangers national security by alienating muslims. what happens west 90's each of the candidates paired off with someone else they're battling in the polls and they clashed. we saw that between bush and trump and rubio ted cruz thing paul. they did again last night, rand paul took a shot at the bridgegate closing. juliet: seventh grade dance. >> reporter: have of the time you can't hear what they're talking about but the winners last night, marco rubio and ted cruz did fairly well, bush was more willing to engage with
5:37 am
right, he looked a little like kid. you could tell -- it is so not in his nature, so against his being. trump forced his hand. ben: interesting because when we come back from the holidays will be january and we are less than a month to the first votes and i. we will see helen appears, time is running short. >> think what has changed since the last debate and how much will change before the next one. ben: new york city operates the largest public school system, second-largest in los angeles. both of those school districts got an e-mail threat yesterday and they were handled differently. juliet: the l.a. school district was canceled, classes were canceled, it was business as usual in new york, teresa priolo
5:38 am
talked about this dichotomy, she is live at 1 police plaza where terror. >> this meeting that will occur at 10:00 today is not in response to what occurred yesterday to those threats yesterday but we do expect that fbi director to elaborate on the fbi considering this a hoax. really what happened yesterday, very interesting situation, you have two major school districts and two major cities and these ominous e-mails running an attack with assault rifles and bonds among other things. these e-mails were nearly identical camaro a few differences from the one sent to l a to new york city, but increased to a german ip address. new york officials deemed them a hoax in l.a. they shut the school down telling all 640,000 school kids to stay home. our police commissioner bill
5:39 am
bratton called that an overreaction, said a close look at the e-mail show a lot of inconsistencies, series jihadists simply wouldn't make. >> we do not see that as a credible terrorist threat. for example, allah was not spel spelled with a capital a . incredible to think that any jihadists would not do that. >> it is very easy in hindsight to criticize the decision based on results that the decider could never have known. >> reporter: the attack in new york city and l a mentioned nerve gas. commissioner bratton said he thinks the author of these e-mails were lifting that plot line from the hit tv show homeland because they came from germany, mentioned nerve gas, that centers around a plot on the show. maybe this was someone trying to make hollywood and create a little chaos. that is the latest from lower
5:40 am
back to both of you. ben: thanks very much. a big shake-up in the department of homeless services. gilbert taylor stepping down after two years in that job. currently there are nearly 58,000 people who live in homeless shelters and 3,000 more live on the streets. homelessness under bill deblasio has increased by 4,000 people. a number he has faced a lot of criticism for. >> we have tools that work but it will take time for those tools to have the full effect. >> i think he continued the fallacy of the advocates of viewing it as a housing issue. homelessness is not a housing issue, street homelessness, st. vagrancy is on mental-health ben: bill deblasio has ordered a 90 day review of homeless services, agencies and programs and says changes instructor will
5:41 am
begin almost immediately. juliet: lamar odom being found unconscious top google list, he quips the attacks in paris. his saga fascinated people are not even sports fans because of his i can't believe i am saying this, his marriage to reality tv star chloe kardashian. the top five google searches are lamar odum, charlie hebdo, mobile game, movie jurassic world and paris. lamar odom topped the most searched people of the year topping rondo arouse the and caitlin jenner followed by a dull and charlie sheen. ben: that surprises me. i knew the story was big but didn't realize it was the biggest internet search of the year. ben: time to check the forecast.
5:42 am
it is different this morning if you are heading out. my daughter wore the spring coat the last couple days but might need the winter coat. >> meteorologist: we are used to these cooler temperatures making a come back today, we have even colder stuff coming this weekend but here is what to expect today. it will be cooler with sunny sky coming to you but tomorrow it will be cloudy and mild, some rain in the afternoon and evening but this weekend it is going to be colder with high temperatures back to normal. what we have for low temperatures in parts of long island is a little more reflective of what you should see for highs, 44 right now in brentwood, same in stony brook, 49 in glen cove, same in new york city with partly cloudy sky here, we are going to see partly cloudy sky for the first part of the day but later on more sunshine, high temperature 52
5:43 am
cloudy with some drizzle and fog possible dropping from 36 to 46 and the next seven days, high of 52 today, 56 tomorrow, showers thursday but friday should be clearing the area, drier cooler weather as we head into the weekend. and download it today and put it to work for free. it works out. see what is going on with the commute situation. ines: construction slowing down, the new england thruway and the bronx, construction blocking two lanes by cedar street lacking things up to boston. the bronx parkway and henry hudson parkway, conn. no issues on 95 or the merritt parkway. if you're taking the gospels bridge construction backing things up on the new jersey turnpike staten island down here, new jersey towards staten
5:44 am
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juliet: the house of representatives added funding to add the zadroka into the tax-and-spend bill. congress will consider it. and as big as the september 11th attack. ben: it has 2 and the remnants toward an anchor at kennedy airport. 36,000 pound piece of the world trade center and canada, mangled police car and steel beam from which workers cut crosses and stars of david. and subway car. juliet: a man suspected in a string of dumpster fires has been caught. police say summer schweb set three small debris fires, one of
5:47 am
he is charged with arson, criminal mischief and reckless and dangerous and. ben: a bank robbery suspect behind bars thanks to a tv reporter doing a live shot in minnesota. have a look at this. >> tyler, just 24 hours ago, that guy right there. that is the robber. this is live tv. that is the robber, just went by according to the bank employee. i got to go and call 911, talk to you later. juliet: can i ask why they didn't pan over? ben: could have been a 1-man band situation where he was doing his own camera. the reporter, allen salad was doing a live shot when a bank employee ran out an alert him that the robber apparently just struck for the second time in two days, the suspect presented a note, escaped with money. luckily nobody was hurt.
5:48 am
juliet: what market was this? where was this? ben: in minnesota. juliet: helpful, if it was a 1-man band, on camera, turned it. ben: serves the iowa and minnesota area. juliet: hopefully they caught the guy. pretty exciting time in iowa. >> meteorologist: all the local teams in action, rangers hosting the oilers at the garden, five minute into this one. a snapshot, left his feet, 30 feet out, makes it 1-0 blue
5:49 am
barkley's. -the and lunge, presidents, i
5:50 am
and mr. and mrs. -- had a chance to speak with kerry collins and i asked him about it. >> would you like to see in come back next year? >> if we get ourselves ready to head closer to spring training we will get a couple more pieces and and they will be the right pieces. weathered the assessment is correct or not i can't answer. duke: i asked would he like to see celtics nugget reach back next year? he said we have good players, we want all our good players back. >> meteorologist: good morning, cooler start to the day with temperaturess in the 30s and 40s, 39 at central park, 48 in montauk, 37 in monticello, 42 in poughkeepsie, winds from the northwest 5 to 13 miles per hour, less than we had yesterday, makes a difference in overall comfort. uva partly cloudy skies here but
5:51 am
we are going to see sunshine going forward through the day, here is general temperature trend as we head through the day, we start with the wrong graphic, 52 your high afternoon with mainly sunny skies, rain coming through thursday, lasts into friday and we see drier conditions on friday over the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales and see what she knows is going on this morning. ines: some problems out there, what i know issues, nassau county from suffolk, finalize northern state and southern state, delays on the gobbles bridge on the turnpike towards staten island, there is emergency construction just cleared away, all lanes open, one inclosed as you pass the toll plaza off of the turnpike and the van week through the queue gardens interchange, intermittent closures closed for a little while, left lane open
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben: we have some outrage here, anna gilligan. anna: good morning. a fictional president of the united states got air time during the republican debate for presidential hopefuls. take a look. >> that man is frank underof
5:54 am
>> america, i am only getting started. i am frank underwood and i approve this message. >> he plays the present on house of cards on netflix and that was the announcement the new season will be available on netflix march 4th. the juliet: looked like a commercial. anna: it really does fully. the big scene from mission impossible, rogue nation, this one when it came out over the summer with tom cruise jumping on a plane to get inside in mid-air. everyone talks about it because he did this dent in real life. it was very high risk. there was a fun interactive experience in bryant park today marymac like your doing the stunt, i did it yesterday. i got a little nervous, it was not that high up but so much goes into a gun you get nervous and have to sign a waiver. you're watching it in these goggles and it feels like you
5:55 am
here is my reaction. >> felt like i was in it. absolutely not is the answer. >> were you scared about doing something where didn't leave the ground? >> there was a harness. the goggles and head phones. and how big a fan would be, going to push me back, drops from your feet so don't fight it, i was really thinking something major was going to happen. it was fun. juliet: you look hot. anna: a big old jumpsuits i was wearing. juliet: blond hair flowing. ben: looks like a bedroom set. anna: we do in in new york. that was my version of what you are seeing. it is free and open from 11:00 to 7:00 today.
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