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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 26, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> you guys, they just like you and me. >> there is no substitute for diamonds, and these are only 24,000. bill: touch all that stuff. >> christmas wonderland sparkling singing celebration of christmas. the one horse open sleigh. the singing santa's shed with model trains, inflatable's. it's fun. >> get mad sometimes, but it's fun. >> when hollywood wants to transform an actress into a
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this person. >> modifying techniques and concepts. >> is a person who never were heels. bill: you are chasing a story about faith-based charities, private groups and churches giving money and helping out those in need this holiday season. >> i am here at the ministry on the 11th where men and women are served every day. there is a rotation of those becoming homeless. and we know that because of that they are not all going to know. we still reach out to make sure that they are getting the information needed. >> we will be around. a wonderful meal over there. they will also have a giveaway as well. 1116 spring garden street. this morning i hit the
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on any given day 6500 people who are homeless, and that does not include people who live in shelters. >> what do you guys see in the streets every day? >> it really is not about those who are chronically homeless. that one that got into a drug situation. a lot of people have become homeless just because of the economic status. >> right now the minute woman behind me are here for bible study. afterwards they will receive a hot meal. >> it's what i needed. they have helped me do that. >> things not seen. there are many people out here. our goal is to let them know
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our way of sharing that is through the gospel. bill: where do they get there funding? people that attend services, an online presence, collection box? how do they do it and what kind of mine today raise and need? >> we are talking about thousands of dollars. they have various programs. a lot of people donate from churches. this is a faith-based memory. -- ministry. they receive money from churches and grants from the city because they are providing services that the city can't always handle. >> a lot of the charities people are happy did donate to the might not realize or faith-based charities. you know, faith-based charities are massive. >> raise your hand by keep your hand raised if you have been inside.
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and no, i did not put on my finest mink and where my finest monocle. you guys, this is for the fancy-schmancy people. >> these are only 9,500. >> okay. i met with angelina, the head. >> no substitute. and these are only 24,000. >> i got to try on something that cost more than a car. >> hoops not that popular, but every woman has about two or three pairs. >> did you say hoops? i'm already ahead of the fashion.
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handbags. the master of everything behind the glass. >> a gorgeous color. you can see how symmetrical and even. >> in these little guys. >> i got a tutorial on how to hold it. you should try that. >> check out the color. >> fun fact. one 3rd of their bags are secondhand. who knew.
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gifting or not, i recommend you guys try to pop by. it was the exact opposite. my experience was hands-on bill: there is a screening process. wash your hands 1st. >> i think there ought to be a discount. >> they don't want to be that archaic untouchable. bill: people with a greasy hands are touching the stuff. >> you always want to jack my stories. always. >> where do you get something like that, bob? you built it? you are good. martel's christmas wonderland, sparkling singing celebration of christmas talk to when
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the brainchild about martel. >> all the lights. from the top of the house down to the bottom. in my other uncle would do the scene with the red and blue lights. >> by mistake in the yuletide ball and run with it. >> this guy here. >> what just happened? i've got to try that. >> a one horse open sleigh. >> and he has added to it every year. the holiday ferris wheel is a nice touch.
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a little bit of would. >> thousands of items with the hundred thousand lights makes for a family affair. >> it's fun. it's aggravating when one ball goes out. >> the whole chain. >> bob's granddaughter is really into two new items, the castle on the ground. >> what is it? >> and then this one, it's because they are like glittering gold. >> open every night free of charge. more than welcome to drop a donation in the box. bill: does he leave a lot of it up during the year? how long does it take them? >> thinks -- since thanksgiving day.
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you can see this. >> when hollywood wants to transform an actress into a glam is on warrior they call this person. i met him in new york city in midtown. she has worked with keri russell and amanda secrete. she did not come from hollywood movie or tv. she came to light how to be able to protect yourself in the celebrity. >> i simultaneously go from here. my head is away. i follow through. >> self-defense for women. she has taught me the real self-defense is enjoying life you have created and now living in constant fear.
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the root of all of this? she was in a domestic abuse relationship herself when she was 19 years old. it was very messy and she ended up having to go to court. that whole experience left her frazzled. >> i was told, basically compromising the woman that i wanted to be. and i said i'm not going to compromise the woman that i want to be. i will find a way that will allow so defense to enhance it. >> she created the method custom-made for you.
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worth protecting. and so when i started to modify techniques and concepts myself i went to fitness and empowerment. >> you show me how to do a stiletto hammerfest. bill: do they have testimony as a people who have done it? that's what they call weapons of opportunity. >> there is a grim reality 540 women were waived. so you have to know how to handle yourself and unfortunately think still
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>> we all no the song. this year the toys on the market that's important. >> have a story we should
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>> i thought it would be fun to have them in studio and show is what he does. he does a children's education program and is an expert on call about all things in the wild world of reptiles. his come in today to show us some of our friends. that is amazing. >> i can tell that the crew loves this. this is a corn snake native of new jersey. >> they live in the cornfields. bill: that's how much i know about animals. >> would make a great bag. >> don't make me come over there.
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is wrapping around the arm? >> he is just trying to kill you. no, you are 98.6 degrees command he is enjoying that. just unwind. if you ever are in africa or asia grab them by the tail and unwind them. >> there getting bigger. bill: look at that guy. >> this is lightning. is the third-largest species. bill: he backed himself right up. >> 's feet are dangling and he will go. >> a little bit. is about 15. >> you going to hang onto him? bill: if i need to. >> the world-famous blue
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he is not that fast. so because of his lack of speed they will stick his tongue out and hopefully scare everyone away. >> if you were paying attention the more than three seconds ago. bill: i'mundistracted trying to keep them from backing himself off the short depth. >> a crowd favorite. >> while. >> this is a burmese python. completely harmless. bill: what would you do that could hurt you? >> strangle you. >> so much muscles. bill: he is warm. >> where you are touching is where the pope comes out. >> that's the boot machine. >> so we are trapped.
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in the world. >> a 15-foot anaconda. >> everybody please wash your hands. >> we all no the song. >> and we all no the toys. but this year the toys on the market here throughout new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania. >> a big tradition. important to have a way to get and give it to someone in the family. >> first introduced in 1964. he called it the be model mass tanker. he sold it for just a dollar 29. >> working lights,lights, batteries included command you could fill it up with water. >> the torah became an instant success. a new and improved toy each
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sold. >> it came to be nominated in 2014 which happen to be the same year ago station sold the chain to marathon petroleum speedway. but it is no longer going for about 29. this will cost you just over $30. >> coming up in tonight's retro chasing. >> you can see they have what it takes.
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bill: it is time to look
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of 2015 with retro chasing. don't forget to go to our facebook page and let us know what your favorite chase was. >> on mike. and this is lola. this little beast has been my constant companion. just celebrated her 7th birthday. most humans change their careers more than once or twice during the course of a lifetime. what if it is the same for dogs? going to pennsylvania which offers basic herding instinct tests so you can see if your pooch has what it takes.
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i promise. >> the owner. in the dog training business for about 30 years. for dogs got her into the business. >> a germana german shepherd dog. i wanted to understand what shepherd meant. they really enjoyed it. >> quite the following. a couple hundred to visit every year. let's get shepherding. >> right now you're going to run after them and try to get them going around in a circle. >> i will be honest, things started a little bit slow. >> you feel like you want to help out. >> ii did not know what to
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looked at me while i chased him around the pen like a moron. >> you do it. >> am doing all the work. >> decide up the stakes. >> i need you to come through here. >> a pen with a couple of dozen. that ignited the sheepdog inside of her. >> moving around. pretty good stuff. just like a border collie. >> great job. >> moment of truth. >> really well. shockingly well. i was not expecting it to go this well. >> neither was i. >> sleeping to. >> mike took one for the
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the whole idea of the friendly campbell does not exist. >> alexander the camel. he decided that is just going to eat my entire face. >> meet the wolf. >> it is going to be a
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