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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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dean lind >> this is "good day wake-up". juliet: interesting and i was driving into the city today. i did not see any snow accumulation. a few days the for january 1st. ben: is not over until the is over. ben: i think it is over but we will check with do about what is will check with do about what is happening with, with mike about what is happening with is a wise. duke has sports coming. ben: we are one in the new york's finest killed in afghanistan awake will be held to live far nypd detective and international guardsman's sergeant joseph lamb.
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white police officer accused of shooting a 12-year-old in november of 2014. officials in cleveland are urging calm. ben: the so-called affluenza big teenager and his mother were caught in mexico, he was on probation after telling four people in a drunk driving crash, his lawyers argued he should be given leniency because he was juliet: so spoiled, so rich. killed four people. that lawyer, i would hire am because i can't believe the action will be convinced the jury to believe that. good morning, juliet huddy. ben: ben simmoneau. it is tuesday, december 29th. juliet: snowless tuesday.
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of where they get decent snow. >> wintery mix, tends to not pile up as much and winter is getting a late start to the season. juliet: i bet. juliet: what is mike going to cook? >> waffles. we have one. i just thought of that. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on. let's show you what is going on, we have slippery morning commute coming up for many of us in the tristate especially to the northwest of new york city, there's a wintery mix changing over to wall rain a little later this morning into the afternoon because warmer temperatures are being brought into town south to north so here we go and partly cloudy skies returned to the area later with chilly temperatures, finally starting to feel like winter, we have a winter weather advisory, purple
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than new jersey, a pleasant valley and most of connecticut up until 11:00 this morning, that means you're going to get a minor snow and ice accumulation anywhere from one to three inches and looks like at this point probably closer to the one inch range in terms of ice accumulation but doesn't take much to make for some conditions that see how things have been fairly warm lately, hopefully won't be too big a problem, 34 degrees is your temperature at central park, cloudy sky here, some precip coming through, rain mixed with snow but changing to all rain in the city but there is more of a mix in northern new jersey around passaic county and sussex, morris county and of the lower hudson valley so northern westchester county, you got that makes for a while into rockland and putnam counties, the wintery mix and conn, u too, general trend will be fitting >> to more rain from the frozen precip but it will still be a
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here's what to expect to an inch of slush for the purple shading very and as you make your way to the north of the city and also just out of the coastal regions in connecticut and half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain in green shaded areas including the city of long island, most of new jersey, the precip continues until mid day or so, then starts to shut down in the early afternoon hours and temperatures climb to 49 by 3:00 p.m. and still does the to 15 by 6:00 p.m. and temperatures may hold steady or creep up a hair more beyond that and here's your 7 day forecast, a little drier tamara, a little rain wants to fight with us later in the day, high of 52 wednesday, 52 thursday, right now on the driver's side with partly cloudy sky, bringing in the new year's thursday into friday, temperatures on the cooler side but just a and little bit warmer than normal, and 44 with sunny
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check what is going on as we hit the roads. christina: very busy start to the morning on the road is the things i clearings so that is good news, we still have this incident on the connecticut turnpike south on an exit 6, one lane is blocked off so hopefully that gets cleared up pretty soon and also on route 80 we have a couple things going on but what downside out through exit 60, we had a crash cleared away but now incident by exit 56 by exit 52, both spots and accidents with emergency activity in the process of getting those accidents cleared away. new jersey turnpike, remains closed down, bad accident happens a truck lanes will be closed until further notice and we see an accident investigation and 35 northbound sunset avenue, right lane and shoulder closed off as a result of that, let's bring you to the george washington bridge which is looking good is a major way into town, the lincoln, holland looking good, here's grand
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no delay but you can see the roadway is very slick out there, you want to use a lot of caution as you drive this morning, alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. juliet: somber salute for an american hero who died serving our country. ben: joseph lamb's body arrived to a hero's welcome. teresa priolo has more. >> reporter: one final jersey home for police detective joseph lamb leech's body arriving monday at stewart air national guard base in newburg, his grieving widow, his young son, his comrades waiting, watching, saluting, a true hero's welcome. >> he lived his life as a hero.
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but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >> reporter: the decorated 15 year veteran of the nypd was serving as a tech sergeant with the air national guard when he and five other soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber outside back room air base in afghanistan last week. alongside was louis borokowsom. lamb was on his second tour of duty in afghanistan, also served one 4 in iraq, he has received a purple heart for valor in combat. this is video from news 12 during one of his surprise visits home. >> our grief is in the sudden tragic violence, seemingly senseless loss of the greatest husband, father, son, brother,
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the prime of his life. he really was superman. to all who knew him. >> reporter: the cries of his 4-year-old son could be heard over the bagpipes in eulogies. brian lamb or his father's police shield and carried what appeared to be his father's department handcuffs. was a somber ceremony for a man who embodied honor to the end. teresa priolo, "good day new york". juliet: moving to the midwest in cleveland, people are urging calm, police after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer for shooting 12-year-old joy near rice. this is surveillance video of the boy outside a wreck center in november of 2014.
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police arrived, apparently the person who called 911 said it might be a kid playing with the toy, that information never got to the police the arrived on scene and when they did arrive the boy took it from his waistband. officer timothy lomond opened fire, killing the 12-year-old. his death sparked days of protests, police say he was probably trying to show the officers the gun wasn't real but they had no way of knowing that. >> given this perfect storm of human error, the miscommunication by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> reporter: the family condemned the decision and say they know what address the criminal-justice system. ben: this superintendent says there will be a review of the department's crisis intervention training after officers fatally shot two people while responding
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19-year-old and his neighbor were both killed after his father called police about his son. officials admit the nature was shot after generally, suing the city for wrongful death. a fugitive teenager captured in mexico, mexican police arrested even cal jeffrey reportedly broke his probation sentence for killing four people for driving drunk. ben: will this mean he goes to jail? robert moses joins us with the latest. >> reporter: this is a brand new image that was released by prosecutor's office in mexico showing him right after his capture. notice he appears to have darkened his hair. this morning his run from justice in the u.s. is over. mexico is a place where people normally go for rest and relaxation but authorities 18-year-old ethan couch and his 40-year-old mother tanya went there to escape the law,
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authorities in mexico and the u.s. and the pair was captured yesterday after morgan two week on a run. they disappeared after ethan callous to the probation hearing in texas earlier this month, couch was on probation because when he was 16 he got behind the wheel and drove with a blood alcohol level between three time the legal limit, crashed into a stranded motorists out of fort worth and three people stopped to help her, killing all four. >> shattered the lives of four families, never showed one ounce >> reporter: cal was sentenced attorneys argued he was afflicted with condition and expert called affluenza, he was so wealthy and cold that he wasn't taught the difference between right and wrong. attorney american psychiatric association does not recognize and one that has solicited scorn. >> when we heard that line of laughable.
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service that appeared to show couch at a party where alcohol was served which would have violated his probation. >> once the video came out he felt like the other issue was getting ready to draw. >> reporter: authorities released wanted posters of couch and his mother and it's a massive manhunt and sued. that man and is not over. after inert after in mexico the underwent a medical evaluation, the harper lee in custody of immigration authorities, we expect them to be flown back here to the u.s. soon. when that happens we will let you know. the outrage factor on that is very high. ben: the man who plans to his death from san diego cliff when looking at an electronic device. >> in a face book post his mother reportedly said that he died while taking pictures and
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man looking at electronic device before he fell. located. ben: a lot more still to come this tuesday morning. remember the ashley madison cheating? if it did not hurt the web site eagles coming up. juliet: michael watching the forecast. >> meteorologist: a lot of changes out there, we have some recession next with sleet, freezing rain, things of that sort through the tristate and the city, it is rainfall, 34 degrees but wintery mix will turn to rain fall for everybody as time goes on, copies guys after that which will be breezy at times but if you want to keep track of the weather, with live interactive radar on the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store and is free to download, we will be back in a
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ben: it is tuesday and we have shot some winter weather. juliet: the shot missed the target. there was no winter weather in central park. i think it is over for us.
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coming is not promising. morning. it will be the day after new year's, lots of people will be home. like you. we have wintery mix for some in the tristate, a lot of folks don't really want it but here is what we have going on, the wintery mix the down come through for a lot of us that in the overnight hours warmer temperatures trying to edge into the picture here so what you are seeing is rain/snow line, freezing lighting to the north as well so as you head up the hudson valley, wintery mix transitioning to rates, same in northern new jersey will be happening in connecticut and takes longer for the air to arrive there but most of us have rainfall coming through a long with warm front passing by, cold front, an area of low pressure
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for a sloppy commute if you have to go to work today, it is one of those days when we have wet weather to deal with and it is transitioning from the wintery mix where you have those rates, it will make the commute each year, high temperature 50 by later this have been, a 52 your highet, small chance showers late in the day, 52 for the last day of 2015 going into 16, looks pretty dry, christina is in for ines and this is one of those busy days even if the is the commute, the weather -- christina: a lot going on, we saw things this morning and if you're traveling on the south bound connecticut turnpike to exit 6 we have a crash in the process of being cleared away so hopefully that will be gone but there for sure and 80 on the west bound side a couple accidents by exit 52, exit 56, both sides, both accident areas
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bound side of the road so real slow passing those crashes and we see disclosure and the turnpike, truck lane south exit 9 where we have those truck lanes all but closed down so you won't use the truck lane until further notice, this accident investigation and 35 north at sunset ave meaning the right lane and shoulder are closed until further notice, that accident happened there so maybe justice but you want to avoid, let's bring it to fdr drive in the area of 96th street, as you pass that spot, the lincoln tunnel, he looks around here towards the tolls, going to be going in county and you see traffic moving with no delay, holland and george washington bridge also looking pretty good, as far as trains are concerned metro-north, new jersey transit, pass trains on or close to schedule, alternate sides in affect. ben: some people on long island dealing with concerns of contamination. ben: it is due to a local dry
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state says improperly dispose of hazardous waste. juliet: despite being declared a superfund site the business has not been forced to close. jody goldberg asked the owner when he is doing to stop toxic chemicals from leaking out of a shop. dry cleaners has been a staple in the community for more than 50 years without issue but now an annual tests done by the state department of environmental conservation deemed the business a contaminated site and in new york state superfund program. >> they found elevated levels, dry cleaning solids. it started as of the criminal dry cleaning machine. he says he fix the problem of further inspection pointed to some contaminants under the machine. nuclear presents a significant
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causing cancer. >> if anybody cares about that, it is me, my customers, employees, myself everyday and we want everybody to be happy. >> reporter: he is careful, each month he paid the company professionally to disposable waste, when his father opened the dry cleaners, regulations were not monitored as closely. >> suffered spills, 30, 40, 50 years ago it doesn't evaporate like water so it just sits there. >> reporter: customers are not fazed by the news, whatever it takes to fix the issue. >> i didn't hear anything about it until now but he will do something about it. i am sure it will be taken seriously. >> reporter: other the skeptical. >> everything makes me nervous especially things like that, we drink the water, we live here, this is our town. >> reporter: neighboring businesses say their soil is
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the cleanup that needs to be done. they vowed to follow the directions once test results come back in january. in long beach, jody goldberg, fox 5 news. juliet: that is of little nerve wracking. the water -- we have a lot more coming up and i don't have frozen storage balls including blood big settlement of whole foods.
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ben: en investigation found evidence it was overcharging customers that some of its stores in the city, consumer affairs as the supermarket chain has been overcharging customers for prepackaged foods kamel food says it found no evidence of misconduct but agreed to pay $500,000, that is not a small amount of money and implement new policies and procedures including quarterly in-store audits to ensure the product is properly weighed and labeled as. juliet: of that place. in the infidelity the inside-the madison is growing despite the hacks that expose millions of cheaters on line. juliet: at the time as the madison said it had 39 million members, now they have $43 million according to a ruling count on its home page even with membership uptick. as the madison may be facing
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there are a dozen class-action lawsuits from customers who say the site failed to protect their in fall and lawsuits are asking for half a million dollars in damages. your top stories when we come back. ben: imagine seeing a great white shark underneath your boat. we will see what happened in florida and there is pretty cool
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: might turn to read this. i finally got a word in edgewise. you need to bundle up, feels like winter out there. brace yourself. juliet: snowy winter, chile. ben: delays on the road. winter weather advisory still in effect for parts of the area until 8:00 a.m.. juliet: don't worry about snow. one of the york's finest killed
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afghanistan will be remembered today, detective joseph lamb's body arrived last night, his weight will be held today. ben: lenny kilmister has died at the age of 70, he battled a very aggressive form of cancer. juliet: he was just diagnosed december 26th. he was an icon. in a totally different realm, iron and going to say it, this little punt, the so-called afflu affluezna who got off because he was rich, he and his mother went on the run, and milan, they have been caught in mexico, they could not go somewhere deep inside mexico but resort area, shocking. we will tell you about that coming got. unbelievable. ben: good morning, i am ben simmoneau.
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let's get the check of the weather. >> meteorologist: some winter weather going on, winter weather advisory in effect for parts of the tristate generally and 11:00 but depend on where you are, expires a little earlier for you, in northern new jersey, start to expire 7:00 to 8:00 and same in connecticut but basically the rain/snow line with present precip in the mix, that goal line will be creeping up as time goes on, you see that in the radar and a second. let's talk about what is happening central park, 34, cloudy sky, showers coming through but rainfall in the city, you can see rain/snow line, green and yellow creeping up to the north, the precip coming out is not so much frozen but all rain at that point, is still happening in parts of the lower hudson valley, connecticut but as time goes on it changes over to all rainfall which helps us out that there could still be minor snow and ice accumulation
5:28 am
connecticut and parts of new jersey, that only goes on for a little while longer before it changes over to rain, 47 in the city by noon and showers should shut down nearly afternoon, temperatures continue to climb, warm southerly flow, 52 today, 50 today, 52 tomorrow, same thing on thursday, last day of 2015, we end vonage rhino and mild too. let's bring in christina stoffo, she is in for ines and she is busy. amadou diallo a couple accidents are being worked on. have 80 with two accidents aren't that side, exit 52, both of them taking up at least one
5:29 am
turnpike will be southbound, truck lane exit 9 rehab closure because of an accident, an issue in the car lane, that accident is taking alanine of traffic and we still have an accident investigation 35 north at sunset avenue, right knee and shoulder closed off as a result of that so definitely avoid that spotted you can. george washington bridge, a little dark but you see traffic moving freely across the span coming off of the alexander hamilton bridge for the cross bronx, everything running along find for you, so far so good, metro-north, lirr, all running on or close to schedule, alternate side in effect. ben: joseph lamb's body arrived at stewart national air guard base, here is teresa priolo live
5:30 am
family and friends gather for the wake later today. >> good morning. if we see what we saw yesterday, 400 people attended that ceremony yesterday, hundreds will come your to the st. anthony church to say goodbye not only to decorated soldier and detective but a father, husband, real life superhero. >> reporter: one final jury in the home for joseph lamb, his body arriving monday at stewart air national guard base in newburg, his grieving widow, young son, comrades, waiting, watching, saluting a true hero's welcome.
5:31 am
he returns as a hero. that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >> reporter: the 45-year-old decorated 15 year veteran of the nypd was serving as a tech sergeant and air national guard when he and five other soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber outside back room air base in afghanistan last week. alongside lamb was louis bonocos bonocosta bonocosta, he was a member of the stuart based security movement. lie and was on his second tour of duty in afghanistan, served one 4 in iraq. he has received a purple heart for valor in combat. this is video from news 12 during one of his surprise visits home. >> our grief is in the sultan tragic, violent, seemingly senseless loss of the greatest husband, father, son, brother,
5:32 am
the prime of his life. he really was superman. to all who knew him. >> reporter: throughout the ceremony the cries of his 4-year-old son ryan could be heard over the bagpipes in eulogies. brian lamb wore his father's police shield and carried what appeared to be his father's department handcuffs. it was a somber ceremony for a man who embodied honor to the end. today's week will take place from 2:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 tomorrow. the funeral will take place at st. patrick's cathedral. in new york city cardinal dolan will preside over that service. we should mention to you detective lamb will receive the bronze star medal for valor.
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harrison, back to both of you. ben: a fugitive teenager captured in mexico. mexican police arrested ethan couch after he broke his probation for joy and four people while driving drunk. robert moses in the newsroom with these details. >> reporter: let's face it the outrage factor on this story is very high, this is a story that has gotten attention all over the country. i want to show you this new image released by prosecutor's office in mexico showing ethan calgene custody, his mother tongue and mistaken in as well, the pair had been on the run since ethan couch skipped a probation hearing earlier this month, he was on probation because in 2013 when he was 16 years old the got behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit, crashed into a stranded motorist south of fort worth, texas, killed her along with three good samaritans who stopped to help her. that trial, his defense team argued he severed from affliction called affluenza which they say it meant he was
5:34 am
distinguish between right and wrong. the term affluenza is not recognized by reputable medical organizations and has drawn scorn. media service online that appears to show couch at a party where alcohol was being served which would have violated his probation. >> i believe once the video came out he felt the other shoe was getting ready to drop. >> reporter: they underwent a medical checkup, they are expected to be flown back to the exactly when. several unanswered questions in this case, namely how they were spotted but also what now, what sentence each of them could face as a result of leaving the country. ben: they turn up their noses. juliet: unbelievable, this family is something else. thanks very much.
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of my worst nightmares, i don't like and busy life. they spotted a great white shark under their boat. watch this. >> look, look, look, that is a great white. ben: we are going to need a bigger boat. it was circling a fishing boat 11 miles from the tugboat near mayport, jacksonville. is not hurting anybody. the capt. started recording the shark, took a big bite out of a red snapper they were using as bait. this is only the second great white he has seen. last one, 12 feet long. juliet: there's a naval air station there. let's check the weather. ben: nobody was harmed. it is a fish. great movie, jaws. i haven't watched it in a long time. >> meteorologist: one of the first 4 movies my mom took me to. oh boy.
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what is happening around the tristate with the weather, some changes coming up, a little taste of winter, slippery morning out there with their being some snow or mixed with freezing rain and sleet especially to the northwest of the city, that is happening right now all but transitioning to rain so the wintery mix happening, changing to all rain for everyone later this morning into the afternoon and it should shutdown altogether later this afternoon, partly cloudy skies later tonight and we will see chilly temperatures as well. finally it is starting to feel like winter, we haven't seen much at all so far this season, purple shaded counties we have winter weather advisory and 11:00 this morning, a little earlier in northern new jersey, parts of connecticut but should be out of here by 11:00 a.m.. rain/snow line drifting north as warmer air is pulled up at the same time and the wintery mix
5:37 am
should you have more snow as you head word northern new york to the ski resorts area of vermont, new hampshire, finally getting real snow out there but it will take awhile for this to pull through and from this point for british is trying to transition to rain if you haven't seen that happen already, it will be but means you have a slick commute this morning as the area of low pressure, warm and cold front moved through. future cast says hang on for the morning, later on as we head towards midday that things improve for you and we will see clouds in the area with a cool temperatures but at least it will be trying out this afternoon into this evening. book out for a small chance of showers as another area of low pressure swings to the south and tries to age in a few showers, should be rainfall and a little bit of that makes it through the tristate region. wintery mix early on, temperatures klein, 43 by
5:38 am
off shortly after that in the city, temperatures climb to 50 by 6:00 this evening, 52 to -- tomorrow at 52 thursday, last day of 2015, no precip crew, that is confetti coming for comedy will be cool but not too cold and we will keep it sunny and dry through the first few days of 2016 so don't forget that or the of weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive radar, all set to go. let's bring in christina stoffo and see what we have with our commute which is sloppy but less traveled. >> it would be worse if it was a normal week with people not on vacation but it is pretty busy because of the weather. let's look at some other things going on, southern state parkway, exit 15, an accident popped up after taking out one lane of traffic, we have trouble on the fdr northbound side of a road by 106th street blocking
5:39 am
closure of the new jersey turnpike truck lane south by exit 9 to route 18 work for clients are closed, bad accident happened here, you won't be able to use truck lanes until further notice. crash and the process of being cleared away at this time. let's take a look at the holland tunnel approaches which are looking good from the turnpike extension, no trouble here, the lincoln and gwb looking like they are running up to speed and the van which here it is by the ku gardens interchange, everything seems to be running a long delay free, alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. juliet: coming up the blockbuster trade the yankees pool of to acquire one of baseball's best closers.
5:40 am
juliet: checking headlines at 5:46. a week will be held in westchester county for joseph lamb who was killed in afghanistan last week, his funeral will be held tomorrow at st. patrick's cathedral. ben: the so-called syed farouk in mexico, violating his
5:41 am
found responsible for killing four people while driving drunk. affluenza is the term is lawyers used in his defense, they basically said he was too rich to know the difference between right and wrong. juliet: one of our tweets was very funny, but get the message. pretty much sums up the situation. ben: his mother in new mexico. juliet: they were not in a deserty tied down on the run hiding, they were -- ben: duke is here with big news in the yankees world. duke: a lot of people don't know how to feel about this trade, yankees adding to a dominant bull pen acquiring all-star closer chapman from the cincinnati reds in exchange for four minor leaguers, jack mann became available after the reds' deal with the dodgers vote through, the domestic violence incident involving the cuban
5:42 am
chad ginn allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired eight gunshots in his garage during an argument at his home in the miami area, not charged but could still be suspended. to hockey on the ice rangers facing off against nashville in nashville, second period creditors of 1-0 and -- >> quick shot, score! duke: timing is a. shot from the point werke and we are tied at one. same score in nashville on the counterattack. rivera and needs it past lundquist, 2-1 predators and third period, 4-1 nashville, of the boards, they will find neil, beating lundquist, predators
5:43 am
nets and heat in miami last night, second quarter ten seconds to go, heat up 12, dwyane wade lou dobbs to the big finish heating up 14. in the second half, third quarter, thaddeus young gets three to the top of the yard and joe johnson three of his own on top of the yard, miami waiting, he hits three. that puts brooklyn not two, their first lead since the first quarter and net still on to win 111-one 05, monday night football bengals visiting panthers, two seconds left from each game. and tied at 17. brandon mcmanit is, go to over time, 45 yards, they get a chance because of the overtime rules, ready for the snap,
5:44 am
hoping broncos will lose their last two games just in case but remember their playoff destiny, they are in the playoffs. the magazine cover on newsstands, mosul and fitness, i am not on the cover if we had a picture. juliet: i saw that one. you are in it, several, shockingly -- i was going to say shockingly exposed pictures. ben: there is it is. ben: no airbrushing, no auto tunes. ben: six weeks ago you took his vote. duke: it would take me two weeks.
5:45 am
juliet: he built that one. duke: has a great build a. especially dieting. diet is the ecb%. ben: you ate grilled chicken and spinach. duke: it was portion control. juliet: americans have an issue with portion control. we supersize everything. duke: portion control with golden grahams, happen rally touched them this morning. ben: thank you. juliet: really touched them. ben: we are not sure about juliet. juliet: my eyes going crazy right now. we get to the bottom of this. juliet: always something. i didn't know iron might have it. ben: something going on. >> meteorologist: let's show you
5:46 am
let's have the rain coming through the tristate, rain in the city 30 degrees from the northeast at 15 miles per hour and a rain/snow line or wintery mix line is edging worth so we see that wintery mix being pushed out of the tristate region as we change it over to more rainfall, exactly what we expect that we ran into a quick spots out there mainly of the lower hudson valley, dutchess, all-star, sullivan county, orange county, a middle messy for you as we get you going. look for things to change to all rain later this afternoon and it starts to shut down and as we head into the next seven days of small chance of a quick shower popping through mostly to the south, drive from that point forward to next week. let's bring in christina and take a look at what is happening with the commute. christina: let's go to the maps and i i can tell you about incidents on the roadways.
5:47 am
on both were way we are seeing a little bit of an issue. we have an overturned vehicle northbound exit 17, seeing a lot of trouble there. three accidents all southbound by putting street, route 100, not looking good for you in the southbound direction. the southern state parkway westbound by a the area of coronet avenue we saw the crash blocking one lane and also seeing fd are running with delays, if your northbound at 106th street, new jersey turnpike is close, truck lane southbound by exit 9 are closed and that is because of gwb accident and hopefully that will get cleaned up as soon as possible. juliet: coming up, some very sad news overnight if you are a rock metal fan. you know many from overhead, he was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. we will talk a lot people
5:48 am
patients across the their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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ben: said news. anna: big icon, front man of motorhead, tashfeen malik, has passed away, one of the few who truly , has
5:51 am
truly embodied rock and roll. was diagnosed with extremely aggressive form of cancer after christmas. he was 70 years old. and l. b. the might know as kerri speights wants to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary. it appears there are no official plans in the works, campaigning for it. there have been rumors they would team up with a back street boys for a tour which would get people excited, for now the closest you can get is buying tickets to the musical based on theater. you have to take a trip. ben: that would be so great.
5:52 am
street boys was talking about -- >> meteorologist: looked down her nose at that. anna: might want to hold up, it
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