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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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nominated rapper pit bull getting the party started in miami, taking overbay front park. pit bull's starts here 8:00 8 p.m. on fox 5. steve: so big question, what is the weather going to be like when the ball drops? audrey puente is so working on it, she forgot to join us at the green screen. alison: move it, move it. audrey: let's talk about our weather here in new york city, we just mentioned baruch shemtov in times square. they are having very comfortable temperatures, a lot of clouds right now. i think kind of break up further into the evening, but great thing, there no rain across the tri-state area. area wide, temperature are good, occurring we're in the last day of december, we're in the 40s in central park, and over toward
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and montauk, 30s in monticello, temperatures feeling comfortable across the region, we'll see the numbers stay steady, probably drop a few degrees as we get closer to midnight. if you are going to times square or anywhere, expect temperatures to be in the low 40s around 9:00, we have clouds in place but they will break unat midnight. temperatures will not go far from mid midnight, mostly in upper 30s, remember tomorrow we'll have a chilly start to the new year, details coming up. steve: thank you. alison: thank you. >> thousands of new york's finest keeping a close eye on types times square. steve: dan bowen with how they are keeping us safe. reporter: what a party it will be, the crowds are moving in on
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off this entrance, people are moving in lines are forming, weather is perfect and security is tight. >> a million people come here every year. this is the year, like we knew we had to do it. >> the ball is going to drop, where else would you want to be. >> who wouldn't want to be here on new year's eve. reporter: to get here, front row, they passed through several layers of security checks. >> they check your bag, make sure you don't have weapons or backpacks. reporter: measures in place for celebrate. >> a loot of people, but i know there are a lot of police feel safe. >> we've seen a lot of police so far, i feel safe. reporter: police are everywhere, more than 6,000 officers from new recruits to specially teams.
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trained to prevent terror incidents, 500 plus officers full time, you see them tonight. reporter: beefed up tactics with cameras, and, can of , k-9s looking for explosionives. >> you think about airport security every entrance has that level of security. reporter: there are 14 entry points for reveler, many started arriving early. >> a safety measure they are taking we feel good to be here. >> just want to be a part of this. reporter: boston native marion's first visit on this new year's eve, a trip she thought twice about taking with the recent terrorist attacks in paris and california. >> people said, what are you doing? do you really' to go there? you can't let them scare you from living your life. reporter: a look at 52nd
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down closer to where the ball will drop, at 6:00 could we take you inside of the joint operation center of the nypd. have that for you coming up at 6:00,. steve: thank you, dan. alison: breaking news. problem on subway you should know about. >> fox 5, is live in sky fox over williamsburg, signal problems and a disabled train are causing headaches. reporter: transit authority tell us that there are signals switch failures, stalled train, expect delays on all trains all 5 bureau -- boroughs this one particular train this m train on williamsburg bridge, for at least 20 minutes. imagine being on that -- look, train is moving, that is a good sign. these folks were stuck up on the williamsburg bridge for about 20 minutes, transit authority saying expect system-wide delays because of signal and switch
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happen here on new year's eve. we'll keep you updated. steve: all right. thank you, joe. >> a rochester man has been arrested planning a new year's terror attack, emanual was taken into custody yes, charged with attempted to provide material support to terrorists issue he purchased several knives and a machete claiming to carry out a bar in the rochester area today, he is a self proes self professed convert on islam. alison: they have arrested a 10th person connected to last paris. officials say that belgian national born in 1993, and offered as iub was changed with terrorist murder, and participation in the activities of a terrorist group, this is after city officials in brussels cancelled new year's celebration
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alison: about 11 house 11,000 sold eses and police have been deployed in france. they have canceled annual fireworks display, replacing it with a 5 minute video portfolio. steve: the body of a fallen hero returned home to long island. alison: the salute to a national guardsman killed in afghanistan. reporter: a solem ceremony as dozens of airmen stood in formation as the body of staff sergeant returned to the international guard base. >> we no longer have to wonder where about heroes like staff sergeant louis come from. we know. reporter: family, friends and servicemen described the
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ultimate sacrifice. he joined the air force in 2002, serring his 4th and final military tour, he was one of 6 american airmen killed last week during a suicide bombing in afghanistan, including nypd detective joseph lemm who was buried yesterday, bonacasta lived a life of bravery. >> he recognized that danger that fateful day on december 21, and moved aggressively to defend the people that were under his charge. reporter: he leaves behind his wife, and 5-year-old beloved daughter lilly, he vowed to give his life to protect her. >> to wipe away your tears and there to protect you from all your fears.
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been named a honorary -- his funeral will be held saturday morning at new beginning's christian center in his hometown of corum. steve: all right, thank you. >> bill cosby's attorney speaking about the serious charge that the 78-year-old faces, cosby was charged with felony assault for an encounter he allege owedly had with a woman in 2004, a former employee claims that cosby drugged and secondly the assaulted her -- sexually assaulted her, this morning presley said that prosecutor has other motives for charges cosby. >> what we have is the fulfillment of a campaign prom us from a prosecutor who used this case, and used the current climate about the allegations against my client to get into office. steve: cosby has maintained his
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face up to 10 years in prison. steve: guarantees good luck in 2016. alison: the traditions that some people have. steve: great mixed drinks without the down time, no waiting, the brooklyn bar that has cocktails on tap.
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you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device
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alison: even if you are optimistic about what the new year will bring, does not hurt to take out some insurance. steve: special ways that new yorkers are trying to get the universe on their side. reporter: hours away from ringing in the new year, all of us' 2016 to be great, full of love, money luck, and time for special rituals, and traditions that will ensure them a better more prosperous new year. >> my mom makes black eyed peas it is a good luck thing. >> laundry done, house clean. reporter: many believe cleaning up tossing out old trash before the new year will get rid of any negative tie lingering from the new year.
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bronx, and we get holy water, and bless the house from back to front to clean it out. reporter: many latinos get their last minute ointments and candles. where you from? >> colombia. reporter: from tradition. >> shower, to get good luck to next year. reporter: next we stop add a mini deli, what italians do on new year's eve. >> we eat the soup, good luck and a lot of money. of. reporter: what is that. >> a kind of chorizo . reporter: greek new year's. >> we make -- for new year, we make cut one piece for each person for the family. the lucky coin.
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to under it in there. all right then we bake it. reporter: the person with the coin will have a lot of luck for the year. at a polish bakery, sweet treats are on the menu this time of year, my new year's, eating of the grape, by time clock strikes 12 i eat 12 grapes, signifying every month of the year, i wish you a happy, health new year, feliz ano nuev ohappy new year. steve: i'm going find the coin. what was chocolate one? alison: i don't know i'm glad you brought that one. steve: your temperatures are turning. >>
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about weather, a lot of people in times square, waiting for the ball, 46 degrees is about as as good as you get. audrey: in years past it has been in 20s. it should be nice. everyone is waiting, we've been waiting there a while, a bit of a chill. you continue to be out there. even though our temperatures in 40s, above average, still cold cold. 48 is what we made it to in tral park, above our average of 39, this morned we started with 44, overall with all cloud cover in place it was a nice day, as far as temperatures. we're in 50s mark at islip, and to montauk, belmar in low 50, 50 in bridgeport, monticello came in with 39. area wide, we're in the 40s, with all cloud cover in place, i
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a big drop. it will be a comfortable new year's eve. these numbers are running slightly miler in some -- milder in some spots, we have a brisk wind coming in out of the northwest, that giving you a bit of a chill. coming in between 10 to 15 miles per hour on average, it will get mustery blustery tomorrow, we could have gusts to 25. windchill factors are in 40s to 30s in sussex, and 20s in monticello, the cloud deck is sitting in place, this will break apart to the evening, tomorrow we'll break out in a full sunshine across much of the area. there is a disturbance to the south that is where rain will remain, we'll have dry conditions and cloudy ones to the evening. future cast, breaking up cloud cover by tomorrow morning as we start 2016, we'll see the sun. and we'll have high thin clouds fillers in from time to time,
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temperatures will feel cold. windchills will make it feel like it is in the 30s, bundle up if you are head out on new year's day. tonight, partly cloudy, cold, temperatures dropping to mid 20s north and west, and we'll be about 40 or upper 30s in the city. tomorrow sunny with a gusty wind, those highs will feel like the 30s tomorrow, even show though you will see sunshine, tonight in times square about 40 when the ball drops, tomorrow, breezy and windy and coil, saturday, breezy but not as cold. looks like sunshine, as we go to first week of 2016, but check out monday, and tuesday. temperatures dropping, we'll see them drop to 30s for highs. that means our morning lows will be in the teens north and west in 20s, in the city. if you have winter weather gear that we've been hiding out, you
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dust off of it. steve: a brought my brand-new winter coat, i am looking forward to it. alison: that is a big, vin event. >> thank you, audrey. alison: did you get the coin? we thought there was no coin. steve: or whatever it was. is it real? alison: i thought it was a chocolate one, stief you stief you are rich. steve: at end of year comes with a pay raise for new york state's minimum wageworkers, the raise will depend on what they do. reporter: do you know the min minimum wage. >> 9.50. >> 7.75. >> of a or 8 bucks an hour. reporter: if you are confused about the minimum wage in new york you are not alone there has been a lot of publicity
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fast-food workers, but that does not take affect until 2018, what is it now? >> raised to $9? >> she has it right. today, the state's base minimum wage rose from $8.75 to $9. and fast-food chain restaurants making 10 in the city, and base salary rate for restaurant serve everies, increased to $7.50. we asked what type of an impact does a salary increase have on businesses? >> overall, the economists feel that min minimum wage increases do not have a devastating affect on businesses, because they are modest. reporter: the salary increases are across the board in the foot service industry. -- food service industry, no one
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>> the good news for businesses it will affect their cam boat. reporter: most of the businesses will likely pass that increased cost to customers by raising prices, and said there is a big misconception about age of minimum age workers only 12% are under the age of 20, the average age is 34, that is one of the drives forces behind governor cuom' initiative to raise the min minimum wage in the fast-food industry. >> governor cuomo also vowed to get legislation past to phase in the $15 min outwage for workers across the state not just fast-food workers. state lawmakers are to debate that proposal in the new year,
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steve: move over beer. a bar going in a different direct with its taps. alison: cocktail poured one at a time. >> i am colonel scott -- in japan, we would like to say happy holidays and seasons greetings to our friends and
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steve: a brooklyn bar shaking things up this new year's eve. alison: making drinks faster than before. reporter: one place in brooklyn came up with a most efficient way of dealing with people in line at the bar, maybe the best idea i heard all year. craft cocktails on tap. sounds like a no-brainer, have you beer on tap, why not cocktails too? if you are in brooklyn, cocktail chef, and julian can tell you, not as easy as it sounds. >> idea came about 2 years ago, and evolved and honed in to what it is now. reporter: they have a down it down to science, measuring
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milligram. >> you get a scale. reporter: they come out through kegs and draft lines, they filter the ingredients, at least 5 times. >> it brings the cocktail to the same realm they mix well, once you taste it you can pinpoint each of the flavors, we can do what we want flavor wise. reporter: on tap, means on time, one of the personsing having your drink on draft, you don't have to wait as long or pay as much. >> one of my bar bartenders made 25 drinks from 5 minutes that is insane, our cocktails range from
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>> one of my favorites whiskey cherry coke. whiskey, and coca-cola syrup and almond extract. we have a date-infused old-fashioned. if you have a couple of those, you may score. reporter: 20 different cocktails in beaker classes with a airmatic spritz. it opens saturday january 2, wishing you a happy new year from bushwick, jennifer lahmers "fox 5 news." >> cheers. >> i am sold. alison: new development into the investigation of the shooting of a new new york knick. steve: if police are closer to making an arrest. alison: a look back at life and
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alison: an estimated 1 million
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times square tonight for the annual new year's eve celebration, the beefed up police present includes new recruits, and critical responses teams. >> they are heavily armed and well trained to prevent terror incidents. nypd the use k-9 units. >> dhow by rang in new year with a fireworks display on largest building in world. the. look at those images, fire has
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injured. so far no reports of fatalities. alison: good news, for the new york knicks player was who shot. >> cleanthony early is resting by family, and friends in a circle of pray expir protect, police widen their investigation into his robbery and shooting. >> investigator collected evidence today, from city scape gentling man's club, someone threw a molotav cocktail at the strip club, they are not sure if there is a connection, early's friend and teammate carmelo anthony said that players need dangers. where we're at. reporter: from his hospital bed,
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posted a picture and a long message on his instagram account saying in part, everything that i go through grows me, in a simple celebration of a friend's birthday, turned into a day that will change my life forever but for the better, the party was for his friend rapper fontaine. >> we love having him as a part of the team. reporter: early left the club about 4:15 wednesday morning with a again tan who -- about a mile away the uber they were in was boxed in by 3 cars, 6 men jumped out and robbed early of jewelry, cash, and his gold teeth caps, after giving up the goods early was shot in the right leg but sources they that the bullet went all the way through. >> we reminded them of how serious this is, there are
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being visible. and in terms of a public figure. reporter: police sources tell me that early's iphone was tracked to a location, and investigators leaning toward the theory he was set up, there are growing concerns about high profile individuals and wealthy men targeted for robberies after they leave city strip clubs. lisa evers, "fox 5 news." alison: breaking news, in germany, police in munich asking people to stay away from main strain station, and second train station in passing neighborhood because of imminent threat of a terror attack. steve: munich police say, according to information there will be an attack tonight. german news agency reports that one train station had been evacuated and trains would no longer stop there, that warning before the city celebrated start of the new year, wow, serious warning there. steve: a boxer who was king of
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howard davis jr. lost a short battle with cancer last night. alison: his last interview was with your zachary kesh. >> what i have i would not wish this on my worst enemy, right now i could barely walk. reporter: the gold medals and gloves, glen cove was always home in the heart of howard davis jr. >> wonder full types issue good people. reporter: a caught up with the champ, his last trip home, his last interview, we talked about the elephant in the room, nobody knew what the future would hold but we knew who the opponent was. >> i got doing diagnosed, i
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smoked in my life, i never drank one sip. to get cancer. reporter: he was diagnosed with lung cancer, it had spread all over. he and his wife built a promotion company, a young daughter, one of 13 kids. the projects where he grew up his legacy will live. >> to be champion of the world. >> light weight division. >> that is good. >> he has all of the skills, he is agile, anything a trainer could ask for. reporter: up until the en he was easy to root for, a man of modest means, he was battle tested and strong willed about in the end humbled. >> every day i'm fighting. reporter: as i read somewhere, life is about responding to
5:33 pm
opportunity, he did both. "fox 5 news." alison: at least 20 people are dead in illinois and missouri because of massive flooding there. this is st. louis, several rivers are threatening to over flow their banks, hundreds have been forced out of their homes, a water treatment plant underwater, and amtrak suspended service between kansas city and st. louis because of the flooding, more than 10 inches of rain fell this week. >> mother of so-called affluenza teen is back in u.s. tonyia couch held to -- tonya couch held on $1 million bail issue they fled to mexico last month after an investigation was launched into well the teen violated his probation following a fatal 2013 drunk driving accident, couch used that
5:34 pm
partner's wealth enabled him to be irresponsible. alison: the starts of a new year's eve celebration you don't want to miss. >> to diddy and the family. >> pit bull pulling out all of the stops, a preview of his new year's eve bash. alison: that is the guy you want at your new year's eve party, his attach to shatter his world record ahead. >> private, italy, a shout out to my family and friends in new york, have a happy holiday, and a as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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steve: all right why struggle to pop the cork off a champagne. >> to open a bottle of sparkling wine you use your hand to pop the cork not frank. >> i would not try this at home. reporter: he will see how many he can open in under a minute with a sabre, a third annual competition held on long island. >> i didn't know it was existing, i thought someone called me, i said, we do a contest, okay. some fun.
5:36 pm
swift skills slice off 50 corks, now matthews, he takes off 36, falling short. >> you know all of the bottles are not made the same way, some are hard to you know -- cut off. reporter: the guinness record is 66 set by a man from queens in august, the coral house catering hall holes this events. >> i am not that happy last year i got 51, this year 50. i was trying for 66. got close but not close enough. we'll try next year. reporter: best of luck to, from baldwin, long island, antwan lewis. >> nothing but energy, you can unmute new year's eve, let the tv run the whole party. steve: simon catches up with some of the stars helping pit
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alison: the drinks myth of 2015.
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the year in he'll, health, some big stories. story that still making medicals food borne illness. steve: all right let's talk about food out brings outbreaks we heard about chipotle. alison: they are still struggling to figure it out. >> they found some causes, if you have a sick worker because there have been so many they had norovirus, and salmonella. they are looking at where thaiz are growing theygrow the vegetables.
5:39 pm
veg togethers you can clean what is on outside but not inside. steve: they are putting in new guidelines for how they cook and prepare the food. alison: they would have to make major changes if it is where they are growing their food. >> they are famous for using fresh ingredients, sometimes the more fresh you are the less likely you can control it. steve: we saw female viagra. alison: huge this year. steve: but it was not, right no one doubt bought it, a misnomer pause it works different from male, and whole thing. >> i think that moniker, helped them when they went before the fda they had been rejected twice, but having that title helped them in over 20 drugs have been approved for men, this first one for the women that got
5:40 pm
i think that helped them with that, but afterwards, it does not work like viagra, not something you take right before you want it to work, you take it every day, i think for most women they don't want to take something every day, with the side affects. steve: you can't have a glass of wine or anything. >> right that is a pig big problem. >> does not match up. alison: this one upset me. red meat, could be carcinogenic? >> they said they grouped them in same category as smoking or tobacco in terms of cars confidentic risk -- carcinogenic risk. i would not necessarily put red meat in this category, they were focusing on processed meats, they also look at pork.
5:41 pm
much of it to have an impact. people don't want to give up their steak. >> they are looking at whether people had it multiple times a week, have you very low risk of developing cancer it does not matter as much if you have meat or not. if you have a high-risk of colon cancer, then maybe you want to avoid so much meat. steve: and heart disease, taking greater steps for people younger. >> in the past we thought people's risk factors were higher with a higher age, they should be on on they are looking at redefining whole guidelines, people who are as wrong as 40, to start with the staton. steve: >> thank you, we'll see you back
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audrey talk about the weather. if you are in line or standing in times square, it is about as good as you could hope for. audrey: today and yet yesterday we were talking about how it could be so much worse, in years past it has been cold, i dug up statist ibs at the time of ball drop, wart. drop, drop. at midnight. coldest 1917 it was 1 degree. and back in 2008 at 18 degrees, lowest windchill in 97, minus 21 was wind child windchill factor new year's eve in 1997. comfortable weather pattern to our midnight hour in times square, today not so bad, we had a high of 48 in stlal
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that is above average for this time of year, i don't think that temperatures will drop off too far from where they are right now, we're at 46 in the park. winds freezey at 10 miles an hour, we have gusts higher. area wide we're in 50s, monticello the cold spot at 34, and across northeast, milder temperatures, on the coast, from boston to new york city in to philadelphia, and to dc, colder weather to the west albany at 38, 39 in williamsport, lower 30s in buffalo, and pittsburgh, dote deet detroit at 34. couple lake affect snow showers across northern part of the state, a system passing south providing rain across the midatlantic, we're sandwiched in between. we'll stay dry through the rest of the evening, but it will be cold.
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from west to east tomorrow. readings in 20s and 30s from northern tier to 40s in northeast. cooler weather as far south as deep south, cold temperatures along gulf coast in 40s to 50 in new orleans, only warm spot is south florida. high temperatures will be 84. looking at future cast, clouds will break apart overnight, tomorrow we should see the sun return to the tri-state area. that will set us up for a nice to the new year, a nice weekend, dry condition, bright, but it will feel colder, temperatures in 40s, which is about average. factor in a strong gusty wind tomorrow, at about 25 miles per hour, and it will feel like the 30s, for the first day of january. tonight, partly cloudy, cold, in suburbs, lows in 20s north and west, upper 30s this city,
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making -- pleasey breezy saturday, still chilly, next week dropping to 30s for highs, good news no storms for next several day it is. with sunshine efficient the week. steve: thank you audrey. >> a lot of people will ring in new year with a drink or two or more that will result in a lot of hangovers tomorrow there are several missions -- myths how to avoid a hangover, that is taking a pain reliever before going to bed or eating a big meal before you sleep or pass out, here is some advice. >> stick to later alcohols, dark orer ones are not great, what you mix it with, carbonated mixer make you absorb alcohol more quickly, you get drunk more quickly, if you have on rocks with ice that ice melts.
5:46 pm
it gets worse and worse. alison: is that it. steve: whatever you do, do it responsibly, and no drinking and driving. alison: pitbull is ringing in the new year, you can see it here on fox 5. steve: simone boyce with who the stars that are joining in. >> dress like this. going into the new year, we take it from the big apple to will final el. reporter: pitbull ends your 2015 with a bank, live portfolios from heart of miami. >> nothing but energy, you can unmute new year's i've, let the tv run the whole party, expen joy yourself, thank andenjoy yourself, thank you to shawn mendez, and jesse, and prince royce. and diddy and the family.
5:47 pm
electricities miami famous bay front park, jesse smallest bringing the music you love from the empire. >> i love coming down to miami, chilling with pit and the whom family will be fun. >> happy to be on new year's revolution stage. >> i think this is first time, that i ever performed no doubt about it live. with pit. it will be fun. and it will be a dope time, cool thing go pitbull he is always from time i met him from studio to filming empire to now, to videos, he is just all about a good time. i keep saying he is like our generation's frank senate rah, the king of the parties -- a up
5:48 pm
do it do it >> here i am in miami, you know. the -- the celebrity capital for real. you know they come and hang and party, and do new years this is where it is. reporter: terry cruz and wendy williams sharing co-hosting. >> he lets me co-host with him. reporter: simone boyce, "fox 5 news." steve: i didn't know you could call him pit. alison: we'll see you at 10. steve: here is christina park with a look at what is coming up 6:00. >> here we're at times square for a look at big celebration, and a look back at biggest news, sports and tame statement stories in 2015, stay with us. news at 6 begins in just a few
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christina: happy new year's eve to you, i am christina park, ernie is off to night, breaking news out of germany, police in munich asking people to stay away from twotain stration -- train stations saying there is a quote imminent threat. let's go to times square with dan bowens with more. reporter: new york officials insist there are no credible
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still the security here in times
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