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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's a lot colder than it was. we are looking at a very windy and cool day. david bowie lost his battle with cancer . for rape suspects are in custody after a horrific attack .
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chapo . why they want him sent to the united states, coming up. juliet is today. carrie: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us. let's check the forecast. yesterday was mild.the sun came out and it was really nice. is started last night with the falling temperatures across the area. roughly around dinnertime. you can start to feel the difference is cooler air works in. we wake up with numbers in the 30s. in poughkeepsie we are at 350. 36 in bridgeport and montauk is still holding out a 400. 300 and suffix and monticello is the cold
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blustery coming in between 10 20 mph on average. factor that in with the current temperature reading and it feels more like the 20s. feels 130 and monticello and is just below the freezing mark . a few high clouds out there. snow showers are being picked up here in the northern areas around the delete great lakes. i think this is where they will stay. there is a disturbance is working towards the area and wind gust is between 25 30 miles per hour. it will feel like the teens and 20s . we have snow and rain showers developing late in the day. the temperatures will be 400 for the afternoon high.
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weather . the commute this morning is starting off with some problems. grand central park is found going into the interchange. there is a flip over car and the construction has two lanes close by westchester avenue. no problems with your new jersey commute near bridgewater. it's over by eagle avenue and you are fine on the eastbound side. driving into the city no construction going on in the george washington bridge so you are fine on the upper and lower level. lincoln and tunnel . ben: 5:03 am and we're lying about the death of
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[music ] liz: such talent!>> his family says he was battling cancer for more than a year. >> good morning. his voice has one of the most unique and recognizable anyone is ever seen. that is legacy of david bowie who died at 69 years old . he left influence and inspire generations. >> it was a career that spanned five decades. it was a number one hit . david bowie died peacefully surrounded by his family. it's a courageous 18 month
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many of you will share with this loss but we'll ask if you will receive except our privacy during this time of grief. in the 70s he had space odyssey, let's dance and hero. he wasn't saying he was act fell to earth and the 1986 movie . he kept a low profile here in new york city. he emerged only to go to the play. last friday , days before his death, he released his 26th and final album called rockstar. he is survived by his wife of more than 20 years.
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his son duncan and daughter, alexandria. the tributes are pouring in. this one is from david cameron. in this pop genius. he was a master of reinventing and he kept getting it right. it's a huge loss. kanye west said that david bowie was one of his most important inspirations. ricky said, i lost a hero rip david bowie. liz: thank you, teresa. four teenagers are in custody after they are calling it a gang rape . they are accused of sexually assaulting a 18-year-old woman at gunpoint. robert joins us live from crown heights. >> the four suspects in custody are believed to be
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charge with terrorizing a woman and her father. he tried desperately to get her help . this morning, police are looking for one suspect who participated in a brutal gang rape on thursday evening inside osborne played ground in brownsville. they were captured on video from a bodega before the attack. one 14-year-old, to 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old are in custody. they apprehended two of them but the other two surrendered. >> this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated! public advocates echo what many feel. the victim and her father were inside the playground when the five approach. one pointed a gun at the father and demanded that he leave. he ran to get help and each of the five suspects raped a young woman. her father returned with
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rapist took off. >> these streets belong to our daughters and they safely. to criticize the police department for what they said was a delay in telling the public for about the crime. the nypd said the precinct commander told community leaders about it on friday. it was the day after it happened. mayor diblasio released a statement saying the crime was horrific . every new yorker deserves to feel safe in his or her neighborhood. live in crown heights . ben: thank you, robert. interest in the death of a 12-year-old girl shot by a stray bullet inside her home. 20-year-old jacqueline faces murder and firearm charges. a bullet
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her home back in october. her family says you just walked into the living room to hand her brother a plate . scheduled to be arraigned today in first district court . one of the most wanted drug lords in the world is in custody . el chapo was arrested on friday following a violent shootout. it wounded one marine. it left five of his associates dead . he escaped a maximum-security prison in mexico. we learned that sean penn went on assignment for rolling stone to interview him last fall in the mountains of mexico. he tells the magazine why he got into drugs and into the business. >> . [speaking spanish]
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smuggling methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine and heroin into the united states. >> he should not be extradited to the united states or any other country. in mexico, there are laws based on a fair constitution. the national sovereignty needs to be respected. >> it would be harder for them to escape from prison in the united states. in the article, he says he has submarines , airplanes , trucks and planes . we still have a lot more to come. a lot of drinking at the golden globe. keeping track of the forecast. >> when children are in the
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30s but the sunshine will not help to warm us up. you can follow the weather alert with us. it's fox five weather. downloaded free in the itunes store. we will be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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it's an annual tradition. with the annual ride on the subway it's coordinated by the global flash mod . they call it a international celebration. it's grown to 60 countries. you will need your pants today! [laughter] ben: i did go to the gym and shorts yesterday.
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without pants today. these readings are 10 200 colder than they were. the current temperatures feeling like the 20s. the windchill is at 24 in islip and 20 to greece and poughkeepsie. elsewhere, cold temperature readings to the west. we are at the freezing mark in philly and 180 in buffalo. 120 in detroit. the colder direct air is getting our direction. we are watching a westerly wind flow that's helping us ignite some lake effect snow showers. for us, we are going mostly
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lining up was the capital. other than that, we stay quiet for today. mostly sunny skies expected and tonight we start to see the clouds work in towards odds and valley. tomorrow we wake up with peaks of sun but the clouds they cannot . we are coming in ahead of a system that will bring us in the chance of snow showers. it's in the chance of a higher elevation tomorrow. it's going across northwestern new jersey into the catskills. that's the greatest chance of snow in the afternoon. tomorrow evening, we see rain showers across long accumulation, just a burst of snow. the readings are towards the west and they will be moving into the region by the middle of the week. tonight, sunny skies and it's windy and cold. it will feel like the 20s
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will have partly cloudy skies and it's cold in the suburbs dropping into the teens. tomorrow, we go for a high of 400 but we are anticipating snow showers in the afternoon and evening . as we go into wednesday, temperatures will be in the 20s. it's wendy's of factor that in. we will move back into the 40s with another chance of rain. we could see some snow mixed in. we'll keep an eye on that. i know is keeping an eye on the traffic. here in the grand central pkwy. headed towards east bound blocking one lane. it's been cleared away. walk out watch out for accident on 287 southbound as you approach route 24. let's go to the cameras and
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jersey commute on 8095 . take the local lanes. there is an accident blocking lanes and it's slowing everyone down there heading towards the george washington bridge. on the lincoln tunnel and the holland. we are heading towards the bridge and traffic is looking good. >> how much did the office pull in? eight dollars. >> i bought 74 tickets. we spent hundred and $48? ? 18 dollars? >> it's something over nothing. we have to do it again. 5:18 am and chris christie trail. he heads to the garden state . tomorrow speech has a highlight and what he says
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jersey. he will propose the initiative on healthcare, drugs, prison . he has weighed in the garden state but he gains ground in the polls in new hampshire. that will make his first primary in less than a month. >> the first will be held on january 1. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. he has been beating her in new hampshire . in the multiple journal poll, he has pulled in 3-point and iowa. clinton is responding to the attack against her husband. >> he can say whatever he wants. i am not going to let any of the republicans rip away the progress. it's been too hard. we will stand up and make it clear that there is a huge difference between us. it's trump against hillary. it will be the largest voter turnout in history. those extra people it's
5:19 am's four points and iowa. even the trump and chelsea clinton maintain a friendship despite this back-and-forth. the award season is underway as the best in film and television was on in the golden globe awards. they wasted no time coming of the gate with the comedy. >> i have changed. not as much as bruce general. >> kicked off with a when . he did not expect to walk away with the best
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i am so shocked right now. honestly i am. the martians enjoyed them and they both took the role for the best actor and actress award. that's what makes rocky viable. he is so perfect. he tries to achieve something that is perfect is not possible. he never stops trying. he takes top honors for the comedy movie and drama. in the small screen, it's the best actress for american horror story hotel.
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could've ever happened. empire was a huge career risk. if the role doesn't scare me, i don't want it. it will not change me as a person. i took a risk. that's what you do. you jump in and you see where it goes. john hinted that he is already ready for the next project . ben: we have much more still to come.the
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? it says 999 million just because it's not configured to read in the billion. they in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. the nanotechnology capital let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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ben: lawmakers vote to expand gambling. they allowed two new casinos. one of the meadowland and one in hudson county. nine years of declining and announcing job losses has convinced many that it's time to
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outside new york city. speaking of big money the wednesdays powerball drawing will be one point speaking of big money the wednesdays powerball drawing will be 1.3 billion. is the biggest in the history of the world. it's a world it's so big that some had to change the price to 999 million. they are not built to show the billions. it's 806 million. the odds of winning are 201 of winning are 201 million. have you paid attention to the price of the pump? it's dropping below the two dollar mark. it could hit a dollar per gallon in some areas. according to gas buddy average prices being in one dollars and $.96. it's down $.19 from this time last year. i think i paid a dollar 84 in new jersey. they pump it for you. that
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ben: top stories up next. liz: reporter: will be back ,
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ben: what a difference a day makes. the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful. things have changed fast. bundle up . they will tell us how much will cool down. i have scars that can't be seen. >> the music world is mourning the death of david bowie. the rock ledge and lost 18 months in a battle with cancer. we will have more on that. >> its former mayor michael bloomberg looking to run for president. lady gaga has the golden globes.
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>> liz: do you remember that beefsteak dress? she came in on a bluff horse one time at like four buff men. i am ben simmons. it's 5:30 p.m. on monday, january 11. the cruise went to shore. we are under the weather only wish juliet well. she will be back. thank you for filling in this morning. it's cold out there. we can't complain for january. ben: i do complain about the weather. 330 it's still above freezing. liz: yes, that's right. we will see a few flakes. theresa: it's colder than it was yesterday.
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. temperatures are more springlike across the area. we are back to temperatures in the 30s . good morning , islip . you are checking in at 230 in central park. checking in with northern new jersey 230 and the freezing mark in montclair checking at 33 that's as well as hoboken and westfield. there are a few high clouds out there but overall, we see mostly sunny skies today. high showers sit to the north near albany and poughkeepsie. everyone else stays dry. there is a westerly wind flow picking up moisture and igniting the snow showers. they dissipate as a reach the area as well north of the city. everyone else will see mainly sunny skies. it will be wendy and
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in the 30s.we raise it up to 400. let's see how it looks for your commute . ines is here. ines: we see the construction going on southbound and this is over by westchester avenue.the bronx river parkway and on the side of the bridge on the new jersey commute watch out for accident 287 southbound. that's the exit 36. let's go to the cameras and take a look at another problem
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take the local lanes and the expressways heading towards the george washington bridge and approaching broad avenue. the accident has one lane blocked and it's slowing everyone down. it's between grant street and 36 tree and the rest of them are running on time. 534. we are learning about the death of the legendary musician , david bowie. ask whether you are not a fan or not . his voice is one of the most
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roll has ever seen. that is his legacy. he died at the age of 69. his talent inspired generations. >> it was a career that spanned five decades and numerous hits. this morning, they are morning one of rock 'n roll's biggest stars . it's one of 18 month battles. it's a courageous 18 month battle with cancer . many of you will share in this loss but we ask that you expect the family privacy during their time of grief. born david jones on january 8, 1947 he rose to international stardom in the's hits like space odyssey, let's dance
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as his androgynous look and his nature he wasn't saying that he was acting. he appeared in clips like the man who fell to her in the 1986 movie . in recent years, he kept a low profile here in new york city. he emerged in his play in november. last friday, just days before his death, bowie released his 26th and final album called black star. he is survived by his wife of more than 20 years. his son, duncan and his daughter. >> he tweeted that david was one of my most important inspirations. he gave us magic . he says, i lost a hero. rip
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josh grogan says , he never saw this earth now has left it. rip david bowie. one-of-a-kind. you will see a lot of writeups about this. this is video that ago. he is talking about going to heaven and being free is a bluebird. they say that was his parting gift. he was obviously dying of this illness. >> that voice. ben: incorporated you, teresa. liz: for teenagers are in custody after they say it was a gang rape . it's an awful story. a couple of the parents turned in their sons. we have details . good morning . >> we have we believe the four suspects that range in 14/17 are being held in the
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we are. two of them surrendered into were apprehended by police. they are still looking for one suspect this morning. the fiber captured inside of a bodega.the 18-year-old victim and her father were inside the playground on thursday evening when the five approached. one pointed a gun at the father and demanded that he leaped. he complied with the order . while he was gone, each of the five rape the young woman . her father returned with two officers and the rapists took off. community leaders are outraged by the crime. they have a message for the suspect was still on the loose. >> i am out of words. it's unheard of. turn yourself in. do yourself a favor .
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eusebius aimed of yourself. raping our young girls? turn yourself and you? it's been echoed time and time again . the mayor called the crime horrific . that is the latest, live from the brooklyn special the thames unit . ben: that is terrible. robert, thank you. a suspected leave tried to cover up a security camera. he forgot to cover his face. this man tried to steal a car dispenser from a laundry room in the hunt! neighborhood. the video was just released. you can see his face here. he tried to cover the lens. he damaged the door but he
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dispenser. it was successfully taken. if you know is, call crime stoppers . could michael bloomberg to throw his hat into the ring? he has commission polls to see looking at chance he would have. bloomberg's rep had no comment. he was a longtime democrat before switching to the republican party. he switched to a independent in 2007. >> he could switch things up, for sure. ben: the weather is trying to keep us on our toes. one day you have no jacket in the next day you need a scarf and hat and everything. we are returning back to winter.
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33 and poughkeepsie. sussex is in the mid-20s. these numbers are running at 200 colder than they were at this time yesterday. bundle up if you had out the door. it's a couple snowflakes near the capital district. plenty of sunshine and don't before that you look out the window. it will be cold. windy conditions make it feel like the 20s. tonight, we drop into the teens and it's not an west. 400 and rain and snow showers that day. works in on wednesday in
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ines: it shutting down at 287 southbound. right by exit 36 between both those exits because of the icy buildups having the cameras heading towards the gop. in 1895 before it , there is an accident doing fine in the lincoln and the holland. heading towards the brooklyn bridge traffic is moving
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as far as the look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where
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next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ben: monday morning at 5:45 am. david billy is a legendary voice and he passed away at the age of 69. he has battled cancer courageously. he rose to international stardom with things like space odyssey and hero. >> such talent . the drug lord has been arrested following months of being on the loan. he escaped in mexico last fall. in a strange twist, he said
5:43 am
wanted man. will have much more on that. the governor has expanded plans to announce the education plans. the new york state prison has all the routines when. >> they are talking about the seahawks in minnesota. temperatures are at kickoff well below zero. it's a crazy inning. he is in the short sleeves.
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down and he takes up to 35. adrian peterson kicks the ball and turns it into a field goal. seahawks at 10/9. vikings moved down the field setting up the field goals.he kicks it wide left and it's a terrible hold there. he has to get the laces out. >> seahawks when in the most unpredictable way possible. aaron rodgers will hit devante adams with the 10 yard touchdown pass. 17/11 at half.
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quarter how could he win this game? they are good over there at home.18/17 redskins. it was all green bay from there. it's a 4 yard touchdown pass and it's a great win at 35/18. ben hates washington. ben: i do . duke: they play next week in the divisional round. mike smith will interview is it just to trick the giants?
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coach that will open. think of all of the things that he said about tom coughlin . speed . liz: he said he is like a father figure. duke: is the first game at the nets will take the floor after they cleaned out . he fired the head coach and tony dahl will serve as the head coach for the rest of the season. it is a year -and-a-half and he had a record of 48/71. he guides them for the first round in the postseason last year. he was kicked out. billy king was reassigned within the organization.
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people see that they may go after him. we'll see. they play host to milwaukee. i guess we are out of time. ben: i guess we are. [laughter] duke: it's monday morning it's okay. liz: thank you, duke. ben: will check the forecast. will be bundled up this morning as we head out the door in its cold outside! it looks different than the springlike weather that we had yesterday with temperatures in the 30s. in belmont, it's 300. we had the same reading out in sussex, new jersey. factor in the winds at 10 15 mph on average. we have windchill factors in the 20s. it feels like 170 down the shore and bellmawr.
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24. dress in layers as you head out the door. the mix of sun and clouds , high clouds with out the sun just yet . we will have sunny conditions today and they will be a few snowflakes towards the poughkeepsie area and in albany. for everyone else mostly sunny as the kids had to the bus stop. have the kids dress in layers. we will go for a high of 360 in central park. factor in the will feel like the 20s for most of the day. tomorrow rises up to 40. we do have this threat of snow showers and rain showers. it turns colder on wednesday with a high of 29. it will feel pretty chilly during the middle part of the week. that is a check at the weather. let's look at the roads with ines. ines: in the palisades
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looking fine. southbound is closed at exit 36. there is an ice build up there and it caused some spin outs. had to shut down that portion of the roadway near exit 36. diversions are in place and they cause delays. that's look at the cameras towards the george washington bridge. take the local laying at 8095. an exit by 71 has one lane blocked . we have mechanical
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d going between grant wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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time to check with gilligan again. >> the golden globes were last night. i found it to be a highly entertaining show. one of the pairs are up against each of them had to be one of the actors. let's take a look . >> the golden gloves go to jennifer lawrence. they are best friends so they want me to tell you
5:53 am
lauren told david , every time i appear it's because of you. he has been the director of many movies. she jokes that she wants to be buried next to him. she gave a pretty serious heartfelt speech. she is not generally known for that. jamie fox used his time to present to take a job at steve harvey's miss universe mix by announcing a winner that wasn't nominated. the winner is, straight out of compton. [laughter] it's right here on the car i take full responsibility. >> eight does just sound like steve harvey and with the mannerisms. he was
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original score and straight out of compton was not nominated. the true winner was quentin tarantino . lady gaga won the golden globe for actress in a limited series t.v. movie for american horror story hotel. she calls it one of the most great moments of her life. she says she always wanted to be an actress. people are talking about the fact that she had a long list of thank youse to her castmate and families but she forgot her fianci . she did kiss him on the way out. it happens. >> i think you get so flustered in a huge moment that the obvious ones go out of your head because you are so worried about not remembering the executive that will give you a future job . her bumping up against ann
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a facial gesture there.
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