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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> all right don't say we did not warn you rain is on the way this afternoon. probably moving in around lunch time and stick around for the evening drive home mostly cloudy this around and then that rain chance builds as we move on. mike has the forecast for you coming up. >> another subway slashing in the city this time along the 3 line east new york brooklyn. what police are revealing about the moments before this latest attack. >> a person in texas has become infected with the zika virus through sex. what this could mean for the spread of this virus. >> how bedbugs actually could
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a new study done on the subway on these creepy critters sorry for that video. >> it is wednesday morning february 3rd i'm ben simmoneau. >> makes your skin crawl looking at it, hearing about it yuck i'm teresa priolo in for juliet this morning. >> you would be channeling the juliet huddy with the bug video. not a fan. so do we think the grouped hog got it right? >> he said early spring and it is going to be 60 degrees today. >> that's right done with winter altogether? >> i would not mind that. >> what does that mean article spring? we have barely had a winter. >> other forecast -- four week of winter exactly what there will be because technically six more weeks of winter. >> a whole sham. >> pretty much. but we have fun with it. anyhow show you what's up out there. green shaded county that's central section of new jersey for later this afternoon into
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because of the rain that's coming oi by which could be heavy at times on top of the snow pack in that region could lead to some flooding. right now we're watching some scatrd showers to the west of us. solid ones near philly and continue to work through the west as time goes on. but we get through the commute without tealing with the rain. temps are going up even without sun out there. northerly wind bringing it in. 37 degrees in sussex with a cloudty sky, and some showers just to the west of us coming in from epa. pennsylvania but some rainfall and a warmer rain that we're dealing with here. colder component of the storm over the great lakes over midwestern states but we don't have to deals with that but windy and with the forward through the day. especially once we get beyond morning commute. that rain starts is to pick up. high temp up to 58 degrees then again it will be windy
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of thunderstorms. tomorrow high temp 54. a small snow chance out there tomorrow night into friday morning but that is mainly to the east and not a big threat but something to watch out for. sunnier and cooler and drier over the weekend. bring in ines and see what's going on. the weather is cooperating for us does that mean the commute is okay? >> for the most part yes. staten island ferry having mechanic problems running approximately 20 minutes. expressway doing fine no problems on gowanus bqe normal slowdown. rock land county watch out for a lane closure approaching throughway. there's -- a -- i have to say road kill in the roadway there so blocking a lane there. be careful not to hit it aside you travel through in that direction. tappan zee bridge you're fine. bronx river parkway you're good. commute this morning, garden
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36 no problem northbound or southbound. george washington bridge upper, lower level no issues there. lincoln and holland mechanical problems so definitely delays southbound. two separate mechanical problems and then southbound local between 96 and 42nd street as far as rest of the mass transit running on or close. streets cleaning ul reduce are in effect. how do you say -- everts road kill in the roadway. >> a dead deer. how do you -- about say that? thank you. >> it happens. it's part of what causes track sometimes. >> 6:o 4 bill bratton is down playing recent subway slashing he calls it an aberration. yeah,s police presence is being beefed up in a lot of places as a result of this fox 5's robert moses he joins us live from east new york brooklyn and that's where the latest attack occurred. so robert we're at 10 now, is
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>> 10 by one count. down slashings so far this year, ben and teresa, and economieser's words notwithstanding. a lot of people are very fearful of riding the subway even though he says these have been isolated incidents it tban on a pennsylvania avenue station that was actually started when the suspect allegedly poured coffee on the back of the victim and then escalated from there. these recent attacks is have made riding the subway a nerve wrecking endeavor. news pflt recent spade of subway slashings occupies the cover of this morning's daily news. latest attack according to court records came on monday afternoon when a man identified as steven got into an argument with another man at the platform at the pennsylvania avenue station. the men boarded a train in separate cars, but the dispute continued. he approached his victim and
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brat wait was arzted. before the attack police commissioner bill bratzen said in a radio interview that slashings are in aberration. >> this is new york that occasionally police and media get focused on a series of incidents that's happening here. last month 571-year-old woman attacked in greenwich village. next day this man attacked a woman in brooklyn. police made arrests in both of those cases. in an easts to show that subways are safe bratton himself took to rails all be it with his security detail in tow. even though slashings have jntd all of the attention there are other equally pressing concerns underground. >> in the subway system, the issue of concern that we have -- that is the more constant concern assaults plarply serious assault that's slashings, stab technician will always be a high priority.
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have in subways is pickpocketing and electronic equipment. pickpockets is as a result of people falling asleep on train which, of course, is very much discouraged. now back to this most recent slashing, bratwait faces criminal possession of a weapon. assault and minacing. back to you. >> robert moses thank you very much. cdc confirming patient in dallas, texas has contracted the zika virus through sex. not through a mosquito o bite. >> bring in liz dahlem with much more on this. did we know this was possible prior to this dismofer >> it apparently it happened in eastern asia at this point in 2007 i want to say a few years ago. we knew this was a possibility. but weren't sure just yet if it
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but learning more and more about the zika virus in the next couple of days. we don't know all that we should according to doctors that we've hazard from. cdc lab test now confirmed that first nontraveller infected in the dlation there's a yore an spread through sexual contact efforts are being doubled to develop a vaccine and educate the public. a person in texas has become infect west side zika virus through sex. a man came home to the u.s. and started showing symptoms. the virus was then found in his sexual partner who never left the country. this one day after the world global emergency. the race is on in the u.s. to develop tests and vaccines. >> it's our hope to develop a test for existing diseases like zika virus but prepared for the next disease that's on the
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>> w.h.o. officials estimate had 4 million cases could show and take time to develop a vaccine. >> if we got lucky and found a vulnerable part of this virus to get a vaccine, the procedures would take i think a minimum we're talking about years not months. at the center of the epidemic in brazil, army soldiers and health workers checked homes for stagnant water. hoping to eliminate mosquitoes. but virus is primary spread through the pin sectses and may be linked to serious birth defects causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. cdc has recommended pregnant women postpone trips to more than two dozen countries. mostly in latin american and caribbean. countries on that travel, of course, are popular destinations
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people in this area st. maarten, dominican republic and barbados. at9 confirmed cases here spreading from nassau to orange county so -- there are people in our area affected by this at least one pregnant woman as well. >> really really troubling. >> a lot to learn on it still. liz dahlem for us thank you very much. buffalo has been chosen as the site of this year's new york state republican convention. there the party will choose if candidate challenge charles shiewm or. >> ever been? >> i've been to buffalo, yeah. >> never stopped for wings, though. >> no not that eaters. >> a lot of snow. defended in new hampshire including ted cruz he pushed past front runner donald trump to win iowa caucuses. although trump did point out that he got the second highest vote total in history so he claims that's a win.
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scott. hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in the close test democrat caucus in history. awarded by a coin toss. so thrilled to come to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. [laughter] you understand that there are millions of americans who are counting on each and every of you to vet the candidate. >> what does that mean? >> treating politics like football? >> i don't understand. they love it so much because they love football in politics. >> like a religious experience. >> financial primary will be held there. we have our eyes on that. much more still to come including more on the podcast,
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last year, will have a day in court. mike has the look at the forecast. >> making its move in but right now we have a cloudy sky. cloudy, windy rain going throughout the day. chance of thunderstorms is out there as well so be prepared for wet weather gear. you want it. get umbrella you need it todays. you want this too fox 5 weather app with a live interactive radar we can show you exactly where the rain is, where it's moving to. download it at the itunes google store. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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>> butter on saltines. >> amazing as a kid my neighbor used to put butter on saltines could be intriguing. salt butter has had to be sitting out for a while. >> don't want a chunk. you have snacks over there. that's what kind of -- >> you have a pretzel cracker. >> pretzel cracker good with butter on it. >> else do you have? >> cereal. check twitter. she's hungry. a lot of snacks this morning taking some home too. here's what we have going on with the conditions teatdz. floods watch yep into effect for
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central sections of new jersey. rein will come down heavy at times. today a rain total of an inch to inch and a half on top of the snow packed ground. yep you're going to see potential flooding flooding out there. sunny and a little bit cooler to wrap up the workweek here and go into the weekend. part looks good but today is sloppy. here's what we see on sky guardian a live radar. scattered showers through pennsylvania into new jersey. we're going to get through most of the morning commute without having to teal with the rainfall but coming in by midday and we'll see some rain for the majority of the day smafts. right now 46 outs at central park. 47 in newark. 40 in bridgeport. 36 in monticello. get an eye on the winds from the east but going to shift around more to the south as time goes on. that will pull up warmer temperatures also going to be quite windy as the showers and so on pulse into the tristate
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good part of the country with even severe weather with the same line of showers and storms there's a lot of snow up around the great lakes, and they'll that will continue to come down in northern tier of the u.s. but nots here. rain chances they're picking up. see it happens towards the evening rush. we've got yeah, a chance at rain up to 90% as we head towards 7:00, and as we go through the next -- seven days high of 58 todayy and wet. little chance there could be a coastal storm offshore. that tries to swing back a little bit of a snow flake or two here and there. and then it dries out for end of the workweek into the weekend. that is your forecast let's bring you over to ines rosales and see what's going on. anyway. go to twitter and following us. staten island ferry on a
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having mechanical problems boats are running approximately every 20 minutes. not a lot going on this morning. 80, 287 parsippany area fine in new jersey. go to our cameras although heading to new jersey expect delays. here's westbound sides approaching bridge this is by forest. moving fine as you go on to the bridge there's a stall westbound. eastbound side you're fine this morning. other ka ram l. pi. e. expect delays here. grand strait parkway westbound approaching long island expressway. southbound local between 125th street. >> sam has her own lunch over there. >> we see a bag full of green juices and then eight -- cookies, golden grams? >> eats healthy so we put junk food in front of her face. >> we'll partake in those snacks they're very good.
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ousted martin has a date this court today in federal court in new york. to face security charges . >> as you may know best known for hiking price of a life saving drug by 5,000%. on thursday he heads to washington to appear at a congressional hearing on price gouging. told fox business he'll plead the fifth. >> i think it's ridiculous that they would force me to be there in person. when i've stated that i will be taking the fifth, in fact, i think it's unethical. d.c. law manual states it's unethical to bring someone and s&p them just to hear them take the fifth. nothing more than advertisement for some congressman that want to get votes and cheap publicity off of my name. >> oh -- also say, though, that he would like to appear before congress a few weeks ago saying he would like to explain how this whole thing happens. >> change his mind. ahead of thursday hearing
6:20 am
could top a billion dollars from the drug priced increases. >> a baltimore judge is giving syed a chance to have another trial. convicted of master's degreing his high school girlfriend in 1999. and he was sentenced to life behind bars. but a popular podcast called cereal raised out about the prosecution case been back in court today presenting new evidence that he hope it is will eventually sets him free. three terror attacks linked to isis planned to hit new york city last spring. according to the police comigger he told senate home lanked security, and governmental affairs committee yesterday in washington d.c. that the nypd investigated three plots which included plans to behead people, bomb public events and attack police specifically. but also assertions are being trained to respond to active shooter situations. scary stuff.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> welcome back 6:23 top army and marine corps. generals believe women should have to register for the draft now that combat jobs are open to them. committee that women should be required to register at 18, as
6:23 am
how far, the navy secretary and army acting secretary would only say that the issue should be discussed. playing lead percent so far reluctant to endorse draft requirement, the army and marine corps. jns said they would not lower standards to bring women into the more grueling jobs. in today's "health watch" grass and disgusting as bedbugs are apparently they can actually helps. a teen from music of natural history said last three years researching these insects. gosh. the scientist found that dna of the bedbugs could lead to better insectside and blood thinners to find samples they needed the teen tracked all over the city. they found that they are everywhere including etch down in the subway . dna that can get there in many ways. not necessarily running down in
6:24 am
>> scientists also discovered that bedbugses differ in different parts of the city apparently they have different genetic makeup which could mean that these are -- interesting and smart little suckers and they are trying to survive. >> if you're going to a super bowl party this sunday you might want to get a flu shot. illness is getting a late start this year. but data shows it has arrive inside force. doctors caution that parties are a prime spot for transmission especially with a heck of a lot of finger food and common sense wash your hands and skip some of the high-fives most importantly if you think you're getting sick stay home. >> you got your shot didn't you? >> no. but i'll be asleep for the super bowl so no problem. rntion or you'll be up for part of it? >> no, asleep. >> fair enough. bed earlier than i do.
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>> it might look all right outside right now. but that's going to change. things are going to deteriorate today expected to be cloudy and breezy, and then especially wet this rfternoon into this evening. mike has had the full forecast coming up. >> lack tests that a person in texas has become fin infected with the zika virus through sex what that could mean for the spread of that virus. finally be able to stop paying for parking with your cell phone. new pay by cell prime minister for meter parking in the city being announced. learned why it took so long in newark during last week eetion if blizzard. it all comes down to numbers. numbers as in cash like those
6:28 am
l >> and i'm teresa priolo sit in for juliet february the 3rd. >> my daughter's fourth birthday today. that. >> happy birthday. >> sure she's not awake yet but we have surprises in store. i -- i managed to carry i have a picture ill show in a second. three foot long number four subway yesterday. >> got it into the house without her seeings it? >> not home at the time. cause it. four is a really good age she can remember what's happening. i need to pick up cupcakes on the way home. been instructed. real cupcakes full size maybe sprinkles. >> i can go to the atm or o two little red hens. red velvet. >> baby cupcakes are adults so
6:29 am
eating too much. we know what we're doing after work today. >> for everyone. happy birthday to her. rainy birthday, though. >> i like the rape -- rain personally. 47 in newark. it is nice and milted. 40 bridgeport no one is freezing now. 36 in monticello. winds switch around more to the southeast they'll become southerly and southwest as front approaches, and it's doing so even as we speak. showers are heading through pennsylvania at this point and coming to us here in new york, new jersey we have to deal with rainfall later this morning into the afternoon. min malice but raches up as day goes on up to 90% by the 7:00 this evening. and looks like it is quite wet at that time as a matter of fact. maybe even some thunderstorms maybe localized flooding here. but yeah, looks like as we go through next seven days a high of 58 today. 48 tomorrow .
6:30 am
bring in ines see what's going on. our commute not going by this go around. prchg ben a coworker and bring us cupcakes tomorrow? >> i don't know, if there's leftovers you have a four-year-old. >> staten island ferry heads a modified schedule there's mechanical problems so bots are running approximately every 20 minutes. staten island expressway reel no delays approaching verrazano bring. nassau county fine. tick a look at the commute this morning if you're traveling this is l.i.e. to goethals bridge here so traffic moving okay. a stall on the bridge here heading westbound new jersey bonged cleared away as well as those delays. no problem on eastbound side. the cross bronx let's take a look at that camera shot traffic fine on alexander hamilton no bridge no problem on deegan. four and five local between 125th street so mechanical
6:31 am
with hudson river crossings 30 at the lincoln tunnel. you've been talking about the zika virus a lot. i'm going to have new information. >> has a lot of people concerned especially since we don't know future effects of it. >> use bugs spray. be careful. cdc confirmed that a patient in dallas texas has actually contracted zika virus through sex not a mosquito bite. >> this opens up a new avenue on how to spread this virus. been talked about but not confirmed. >> ben you asked if we knew this could be sexually transmitted it is yes. in 2008 a colorado man traveled to senegal and insectsed his wife on the ways home. here's information that we have cdc confirming a person in texas virus through sex. a man went to venezuela and
6:32 am
virus then was found in his sexual partner who never left the country. this is just one day after the global emergency was theired and race is on to develop test innings have but that could take years. >> it's our hope to develop a single test usable not only or it if existing diseases like zika virus but also that would be prepared for the next disease that's on horizon. at the ?efort epidemic in brazil army soldier and health workers checked homes for stagnant water hoping to eliminate mosquitos. virus is primarilily spread through insects and babies are born with ab innormally small heads. pregnant women postpone trips to two dozen countries in latin america and caribbean. zika voors have been found in breast milk but not confirmed if it can be passed it a baby through nursing.
6:33 am
doctors are exploring. >> certainly frightening. olympics are going to be held in rio concerned about it spreading so you. a lot to learn. >> like bug spray is great but long sleeve shirts and pants are scary stuff. >> thank you very much. you may notice more police officers in the subway system while bill bratton say it is that nypd is stepping up l process and working with the mta following increase in slashing attacks. this most recent incident happened monday avenue in east new york brooklyn. police say that this one began as a dispute according to "the daily news" there have been ten slashing attacks so far. since the new year began, the police commissioner says attacks are an carried out by people with psychological problems. all right we're one step closer
6:34 am
from our cell phone. >> stacey delikat joins us live with that story. stacey. >> days of dig through a bag for a coin or trying to find a working meter could finally be numbered. these things well soon you might not have to use them but pay with your phone all across the city by the end of the year. now, this was a proposal that was first announced by mayor bloomberg in late 2013 he rolled the pilot program in the bronx. now mayor de blasio is expected to announce tomorrow during his state of the city address that this will roll out to all five borough. meters in the city by the end of the year so you download an app on your phone paid by phone app one they've been trying in the bronx for the fast year or so. once you throughout the that app there will be new signs up around the city that has numbers for what had meter you're at. you simply enter number of the
6:35 am
other perks you can add more time remotely and get credit back on your account if you leave the spot before the time is up. so again an app to download expected that it will be able to use it in the city by the end of 2016. mayor is giving more details tomorrow but this is great news they have this in a lot of other cities. i don't know if you've tried it, but down in miami i downloaded it. once you set it up easy, you enter that parking number and you're off. nice especially if you put it in for an hour at first and decide another half hour you don't have to run to the spot just open up the app and add back money. teresa and ben. >> now u a timer if tells you it is up -- >> you can get text message alerts to remind you when it is about to expire. >> great avoiding parking tickets. stacey we appreciate it on upper west side.
6:36 am
>> joining us now is fox business studio is lauren simonetti. good morning. so generally we see these brick-and-mortar stores transitioning to online but amazon huge online website going the other way. with stores. >> what do you think would you shop at a amazon bock store could be happening. well there's not a lot of competition right now. barnes and noble not as many mom an pops anymore so starting ceo of a group and he said amazon plans to open 3 to 400 bookstores in malls throughout the u.s. we've seen this sort of most move opening physical the eyeglass store. you go into the store you try glasses on. you can order them however you want but it causes a ship from that physical store and serves as a warehouse and more online
6:37 am
and see if amazon does too. >> one i miss is the smells -- yes. but you can browse. unless you know what you're looking for on amazon it is has hard to browse. >> you can also get last minute items right the gift section. starbucks that's in there. a place to hang out. >> i like it lauren. have a great day. we u now know why are it took so long to dig out streets after the blizzard. : according to new stiff newark patched only nine vehicles for ut is aing and plowing during the storm and left so many of the streets unplowed for days. we hard this from residents in the wake of the storm but city reportsedly contracted more than 40 additional vehicles to help clear the storm when people started really speaking out about this. even, though, that, though, needed additional manpower and that was insufficient at a
6:38 am
council promised to retain more salters and plows for future storms. they needed help from nj d.o.t. andst excounties and simply unprepared. nine vehicles not enough. let's check the forecast no snow at least in the immediate future. yeah. >> a little something that wants to get by but not until tomorrow night. what we have today is rainfall. a lot of it. there's a flood watch in effect for parts of new jersey, and central new jersey with periods of rain which will be heavy at times even some thunderstorms possible brings an inch to inch and a half of rainfall. that's on top of the snow and ice that's on tts ground the weekend storm from whatever a week and a half ago. sunny and touch cooler and end up and temps are back down closer to normal. bring in ines and see backups because they are out there. good morning. >> problems in queens here this morning. start off with new jersey,
6:39 am
central parkway a stall jamming up westbound. to the long island expressway, traffic moving slow. you have at least a lane blocked on eastbound side you're fine. and then van wyck northbound heading to l. ti. e. traffic jam looks like there's an accident past joule avenue up here they're blocking two lanes at least to cause this traffic jam opinion on westbound side through the q interchange. duke is here with sports. hockey is back indeed all-star break is over. rangers and devils play a close one in newark. we have a lot of your highlight when is we come back. plus a lot of layoff comes to yahoo! what it means for that company. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches
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>> let's which can headlines for you 6:44 bill cosby back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. he is fighting charges he sexually assaulted a temple university employee 12 years ago. prosecutorring are hoping a judge allow them to use cosby testimony from a civil trial. the temple employee filed against him back in 2004. >> robert durst expected to plead guilty to federal gun dmarnlings a courtroom todays and clear the way for him being able to be taken to california an stand tool for the murder of
6:43 am
occurred 16 years ootion. without 15% of the work force in a year. 400 million cost cutting effort is to improve profitability and accelerate growth. >> duke is here with sports. >> big win last night in newark devils host to range terse from the rock. thrd period tied at one. going to send puck across to g.t. miller. back to the nets second of the night. last five game rangers up 2-1. joseph lend easy will come on the rush and light a lamp right there. scores second goal tide at two. later in the third. dells on o power play. devils win it 3-2. islanders hosting the minnesota wild.
6:44 am
nelson is 20th of the year that make it is 3-2. and in the third john, he fires -- and goes to the back of the net. go on to win 5-3. john made 40 saves gets his first nhl victory. basketball now knicks at the garden hosting boston celtics and avery bradley hit the baseline jumper. fires, and down 2 at break. third quarter knock down three. check this out after robyn lopez missed free throw gets the ball out to anthony for three. miss six points in one pes. lopez free throw and anthony three follow all of that? >> no. >> okay, good. [laughter] but boston in the fourth tyler tips it in. beats knicks. new york five games under 500 ouch. iing thought this was a playoff year, maybe not.
6:45 am
interesting 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick launch out of san francisco in a place he wants to land new york jets. this according to a "daily news" article. now kaepernick struggled and benched mid-way through the season and according to report that jets are aware he went to play for gang green but afraid of tampering right now. landing a dynamic quarterback in the nfl one of the best has to be intrigue to them. says it's not true. kaepernick does not want to go to yeast so figure it all out. super bowl just days away, and football player qhiewz life story held in the movie within the blind side headed back to the super bowl. michael found a home and welcomed to panthers with open arms particularly from cam newton and struggle with tennessee titans. playing in more than 98% of the
6:46 am
four sacks. day. i love doing it because i know where i came from. and it's not somewhere where i want to go back. >> they think warm thoughts. wheeler looking good as he continues to rehab from tommy john surgery. in port san lucy working on the srming last march aiming for return of the mets this july. starters matt harvey jacob delaware grandmother and steven had the same surgery. >> everybody feel differently. so you never try to get your hope it is up too much. you have ups and downs throughout the process. but yeah, this is reassuring to know they've done well since we've had had the tommy johns and came back. >> that are rotation better. these pitchers zach wheeler
6:47 am
a trade mid-season. dr. joab in mid-70s and how much that is revolutionized baseball. think about it. >> were you a four ?earts the world series had tommy johns surgery. you're looking the a four of the five guys in their future rotation. >> it is -- interesting thing is tommy john does not like how common the surgery has about become pushing too fast to f too young. >> a lot of specialization no question about that. he and i did a story about parents asking doctors to perform it on their children because they think they come back and throw harder crazy as that sounds. but -- from the back of your thigh and wrist and replacing it in your elbow. spring training soon here.
6:48 am
concerned about it. mike is here. >> we warm thoughts. >> terrible, no this is great. >> i couldn't fit the balloon number four in the -- >> this balloon here say number four somewhere. >> a big four. >> so what this tells me is first of all her birthday your fourth birthday so happy birthday to her. happy birthday you have a good dad. >> poem on the subway thought i was nuts. >> bad fellow subway rider. who gets on the subway. i can only imagine. he took a -- [laughter] yeah. you do this? >> it was not a busy time of the day. okay if you say so if anybody else witnessed this. how crazy did he really look? happy birthday. great job. great job, and i think he's going to have a fun surprise out there. all right let's show you what's
6:49 am
tell you what -- we have some rain coming into town but not here yet but it will be coming later on. but i like the rain. anyhow starting to push into new jersey we're keeping an eye on things light to mod rats showers in this general direction at one point it was going to be here. u now about backing down and showers develop in the morning. 39 in allentown. 40 degrees in u.s. is tex and 36 monticello yes there are showers expected here. right now, first push is coming through the central sections of new jersey and we're going to see more and more rainfall coming up for us during the day. heavier thuppedder showers as that swings by and that is the issue again especially mid to late afternoon. high temp up to 58 degrees. winds did i, warm, wet all the way through. drier for you tomorrow. smaller snow chance had tomorrow night. snot a big deal.
6:50 am
and next storm not until tuesday of next week. keep that in mind. fox 5 weather app at the google free. put it to work. teresa and ben over to you. if >> entertainment coming up next. melissa mccarthy speaking up about not being asked to be in the reboot. what she's saying about it, be right back. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month and ask about free installation.
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>> welcome back we've had some issues with the morning commute this morning on garden state parkway exit 123 in local lanes watch out o for aning. camera granted central parkway things are better. westbound heading to lment iment e. a stall jamming thingses up cleared and delays everything back to the speed limit. but keeping ab eye on van wyck by joule avenue two lanes blocked now off to shoulder but you have traffic backed up to q garden interchange on southbound is sides you're fine. teresa and ben. time for entertainment you might be a bit disappointed for the reboot.
6:54 am
you remember melissa mccarthy played her in all seven seasons she explained in a tweet that had nothing to do with it. thanks for the invite but no one asked me to come back to star as halo wish them the best. her absence will apparently be explained. all right nfl picked the pop superstar is to sing national anthem at the sunday's super bowl. lady gaga will belt out the star-spangled banner. a busy month she won a golden globe for the fx hit show american who are row story and best original song for happened to you. >> one of the best. >> very talented remember that sound of music tribute. a style but talented.
6:55 am
>> two separated in 2014 and filed for divorce in february of last year. duff will keep their beverly hills mansion but pay up to $2.5 million for his share of the property and also have joijt custody of their three-year-old son. all right that's it for us on this wednesday morning. grab that umbrella. yeah, greg and rosanna ready to go. have a great day everybody.
6:56 am
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