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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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line into southern connecticut. not so much on the roads. mostly on the colder surfaces like grass, cars, that kind of thing. steve: thank you. dari: back to the drawing board in the mayor's effort to overhaul the carriage horse industry. steve: antwan lewis is live at the stables to explain why the city council has cancelled the votes scheduled for tomorrow. >> reporter: a key player pretty much backed away, withdrew its support from the deal. some are saying it's been 2-1/2 years. enough with this. some, but not the mayor. >> there was nobody in our industry who was for it. >> reporter: opponents trotted to city hall celebrating the decision to cancel friday's vote. >> you want a legislative process to be based on the same things a judicial process is based on. a fact based argument that supports what they're planning to do. it isn't there. not by any way, shape, manner or form. >> reporter: mayor de blasio's carriage horse bill would have restricted the carriages to
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to more than half and called for $25 million to build new stables inside the park. the teamsters who represent the carriage drivers withdrew their support, issuing this statement about the proposed bill. the teamsters first priority is our members and their livelihoods. our members are not confident it provides a viable future for their industry. the collapse of a deal a major blow to mayor de blasio. >> we'll find a way forward on this issue. obviously disappointed the vote won't happen tomorrow. we'll find a way forward. >> reporter: but it was summed up by saying nay to that idea. >> this has been talked about for a very long time. and in several iterations. i think it's wise to move on at this point. >> reporter: the plan called for no pedi cabs south of 8th street. back to you. steve: thank you.
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as he prepares to give the state of the city address. >> we're live where the mayor will give the address which is filled with new ideas. hi, sharon. >> reporter: we're at lehman college in the bronx. at 7:00, mayor de blasio will give his state of the city address. a number of new proposals. he wants to change new york city's waterfront. you're looking at artist renderings of what he hopes will be something called the box. that's a brooklyn, queens connector. it is a 16 mile long rail line above ground. the rails would be embedded in the roadway so cars would be going alongside. the whole effort of the street car would be something like they have the trolley system in san francisco would be an effort to ease congestion. you would be able to use your metro card to ride it. we talked with new yorkers to try to find out what they
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>> i think it would be beneficial. it's something that would definitely be a plus, especially since, you know, if you look around, you see transportation is an issue, i think, in the city. >> i think it could help. there's a lot of trains in new york, especially the g, which runs between queens and brooklyn, that are very congested. >> it would be great. it would be helpful for the community. it will make it easier for a lot of people, especially to have the funds for it. why not? >> reporter: one of the mayor's reasonings for this is neighborhoods like dumbo have become so populated in recent years, all this an effort to ease congestion. how much is it going to cost? the mayor estimates 2.5 billion but insists it will may for itself and it will increase real estate values there as well. that's just one of the mayor's new ideas. a number of other things are going to be proposed in his state of the city address
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one of them includes a retirement savings plan for private companies with employees of 10 people or more. the mayor says that the senior citizens have not had the proper savings that live in new york city. this is one of his proposals as an effort to help people who are living longer, have more money when they do. i'll send it back to you. dari: thank you. the nypd is looking for a man who may have attacked a woman with a needle on a midtown subway platform at 49th street, the station there, last night. the woman, who is 37, told police that a man bumped into her before boarding a train and when she got home, she noticed the injury to her arm and went to the hospital. doctors say the wound could have been caused by a needle or another small object. steve: scary. the search continues for two robbers who assaulted a man inside an elevator in queens. it happened friday night in an apartment building on beach channel drive. the suspects hit him with a
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bucks. the victim one of our custodians. he needed stitches. anybody with information, call crimestoppers: dari: what a lovely man he is. congress wanted answers from former pharmaceutical chief martin shkreli today, but he wasn't giving any. steve: dan bowens shows us what made lawmakers angry when he appeared before them on capitol hill. [inaudible] >> reporter: dubbed the bad boy of farma, the most hated man in america, martin shkreli reinforced the image at a hearing on drug pricing. >> do you think you've done anything wrong? >> the former ceo rolling his eyes and refusing to answer questions on capitol hill. >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> reporter: the 32-year-old
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year when he hiked the price of a life saving drug some 5,000 percent, from $13.50 a pill to $750. >> what do you say to that single pregnant woman who might have aids, no income, she needs it to survive. what do you say to her when she has to make that choice? what do you say to her? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my 5th amendment. >> reporter: he had plenty to say tweeting: >> cummings learned about the tweet during the testimony. >> you have a spotlight and you have a platform. you could use that attention to come clean, to right your wrongs >> reporter: lawmakers, frustrated with his silence, referring to fox 5's interview with him where he boasted to
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lawmakers about the industry. >> i'd love to explain to congress for six hours how drugs work. they don't seem like they know anything about it. >> reporter: in a separate case, he was arrested last december on fraud charges. he's accused of running his businesses and investment funds like a ponzi scheme. as you know, he's pleaded not guilty to the charges. steve: he didn't speak today. he is live streaming as we speak. thank you, dan. >> pregnant women who fear they may have been exposed to the zika virus can get tested for free in new york. the state health department offering free checkups at healthcare providers. 11 have tested positive for the virus. all of them had traveled to brazil and other countries impacted by the infection. the virus could be linked to serious birth defects. dari: the actress who arranged that controversial meeting between el chapo and sean penn is wanted for questioning. mexican authorities want to talk to her for her encounters with
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prosecutors issued the order after she didn't appear at an appointment to give a statement. she is a naturalized u.s. citizen and has lived in l.a. steve: new details about the explosion aboard a somalia airline airliner. residue was found that appears to be from explosives. it's too early to confirm that a bomb was involved. you see the hole on the side of the plane. one person remains unaccounted for. some reports say he may have been a suicide bomber who was sucked out of the plane at the time of the explosion. dari: that's wild. if you're trying to file your taxes electronically, you will want to listen. the irs has stopped accepting e-files because of a computer system problem. the agency says that a hardware failure forced it to shut down several of its systems yesterday. the web site is working, but services such as where's my
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the agency says the outage could affect refunds. if you already filed, the irs says you have nothing to worry about. steve: a life saving gift for a long island woman suffering from lupus. >> oh, my god. dari: the surprising way she was able to find a kidney donor. steve: a crazy story. how tesla's chief got the last
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dari: do not mess with tesla's ceo elon musk. steve: a love affair between coffee drinkers and their k cups may be over. alison morris is here. >> he's my favorite story of the week. i'll save that for last. keep everyone waiting. the economy, not great news today. i'm very surprised that the markets were up today. between the weak data and lower oil prices. but the way things have been, it is best not to complain. here's a quick look at the dow. it closed up 80 points. we got three batches of bad news. first, jobless claims were up, more than expected. 285,000 people filed for unemployment, up 8,000. looks like more cuts are coming. in a different report, u.s. companies plan to lay off three times as many people as they did the prior month.
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and productivity dropped 3% in the fourth quarter. that's a big deal. put those together, not very encouraging news at all. and we've got bad news for kuerig. k cups could be a thing of the past. according to a new report from the washington post, kuerig announced they are selling fewer coffee machines. that's six straight quarters of dropping pods. the k cups aren't selling as well. the economy may have something to do with it. people turn to k cups during the recession. they thought they were cheaper than starbucks. now they're going back to some of the more expensive habits. there have been issues with the waste the pods cause. most of them are not recyclable. a lot of people don't like that. steve: i think you go overboard with the k cups for a short period of time and then you don't ever use them again. >> reporter: only 5% are recyclable. steve: right. >> reporter: people don't like that. dari: the coffee isn't as good as the real brewed stuff. >> reporter: i like a big cup.
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is a habit. dari: good for your brain. >> reporter: ready for the talk of the brain? the ceo of tesla, elon musk, personally cancelled a car order because he didn't like what the customer was saying about him. he got ticked off for showing up two hours late. he wrote an open letter called dear elon musk. you should be ashamed of yourself. he didn't like the blog. he cancelled the order for the $132,000 model x saying he was denying service to a super rude customer. steve: awesome. i love that. weird to be taking the position of the billionaire. a lot of people think they can troll you and there's no repercussions. he chose to do that and paid a price. >> reporter: a lot of people giving musk a hard time saying you can't be a ceo and have that attitude. remember steve jobs? he could be petty.
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dari: how nice to be in that position. >> reporter: to be able to that. [indiscernible - talking over one another] dari: somebody already it. [indiscernible - talking over one another] steve: thank you. let's talk about the weather. dari: explain the snow. 60 degrees yesterday, last night. nick: upper 50s. we're at 50 right now. pretty amazing to think by tomorrow, we'll have a couple of inches of snow potentially. and more over eastern long island as this storm moves past us. it's likely not to accumulate a lot on the area roadways unless it comes down heavy. we're talking more of the colder grassy area. the ground has warmed up. 40 and 28 is where we should be. and, again, 7:02 is your sunrise. once the storm passes tomorrow afternoon is going to be really, really nice. should end up with lots of sunshine come up in the forecast. 50 now. humidity, 44 percent.
5:16 pm
area of rain on fox 5 sky east of us. nothing to the north and west. as you go south of the city, rain is appearing as you head towards ocean county and areas over towards about the islip area eastward. this will overspread the area as the night goes along. tonight it will turn colder. we'll watch that transition back over to snow. look at the highs earlier. upper 50s to 60 at poughkeepsie. cooler to the north and west. lower 50s there. 58 islip. 55 at montauk. we're around 50 in the city and moving across long island, bridgeport, you're at 51. 47 poughkeepsie. monticello, 39. 51 at newark and 48 down to belmar. we're down 6 to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. we'll continue to chill down as the night goes along. as wind comes to the north and the north wind at 5 to 10, up to 15 miles an hour, figure the north wind stays for tonight and becomes northwesterly tomorrow. i showed you this earlier.
5:17 pm
up for the city includes the lower hudson valley, southern connecticut, long island, most of new jersey, to the north and west where there'll be little snow, they're not covered by that winter advisory. we're seeing this area of -- where the precipitation is kind of thick around in here. this is where we'll be watching that storm form move up along the old frontal boundary that moved through yesterday. and again, the result is going to be that precipitation overspreading the area. you can see it moving up from the south. eventually with the cold front just stuck right in this position here, that storm moves up along it and slides to the south and east. the rain changes back to snow. it will come down heavily tomorrow morning. middle 30s at that point. it ends 9:00, 10:00 a.m. lots of sun in the afternoon. we'll get to 43. on the futurecast, you can see it's off to the east with the improvement coming in. nice weekend. temperatures low to middle 40s. but we'll have one to three
5:18 pm
into the central parts of new jersey, closer to the shore. maybe three or four inches along the immediate jersey shore. looks like from the nassau-suffolk county line eastward will be the higher numbers. three to six inches there. we talked about that area moving westward last night. 36 the low in the city. 30 north and west. snow gives in to lots of sun tomorrow. a breezy day at 43. here comes the seven day. low to middle 40s saturday and sunday. nice days. lots of sun. sun and clouds monday, 37. monday night and tuesday, there's the other storm i've been talking about all week. this still has a couple of solutions that can go. if all the elements come together, we get a big storm here on tuesday. big snowstorm. have to keep an eye on it. definitely the trend will be for the rest of next week colder. another threat later in the week. steve: i'm surprised it's 50. i feel this afternoon you could
5:19 pm
i thought it would be colder. that's a crazy cool-down in a short period of time. dari: strange. thank you. steve: how about this? who would have thought swiping right could save a life. dari: a long island woman may have gotten the kidney she needed by swiping on tinder. jennifer lahmers has that story. >> reporter: it took a moment for her to realize that this wasn't an ordinary gift from her girlfriend. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: at the bottom of the box were some words she'd seen before. it's a match. she met her girlfriend on tinder, but this match meant so much more. she is suffering from lupus and on dialysis. it meant someone was saving her life. she posted the video on her facebook page back in november. it's gone viral, getting over a quarter million views.
5:20 pm
someone she had only met weeks before, that she was a match to donate her kidney. >> the statistical odds against two strangers matching up because they're not members of the same family. >> reporter: her family won't a donor match. she had no choice but to get on the waiting list. that's when lorie decided to see if she could help. >> as i was going to the doctor's appointments, i kept planning because i had a month and a half where i was telling her i hadn't heard back yet. >> i asked about the test results. she said they had lost her blood and that she was having to go in in two weeks to get it done and it would take another month for results and dragging on. >> reporter: lorie was planning the perfect way to break the news. once she found out she could donate, she went to lorie's house with the gift in hand. >> i started crying. i was overwhelmed, really happy, like, oh my goodness, i can't believe this is happening.
5:21 pm
surgery, the two are still in it together, recovering at the same hospital and, yes, sporting matching scars as promised. a testament for their bond, something lorie's parents say amazes them. >> guide your children, she's inspiring us. she's setting the example for us. >> reporter: today she is free of dialysis. she's a little tired and a little sore, but not too bad. doctors say her new kidney is working just fine. >> it's something that she's my girlfriend and i love her, but it's a whole other thing she literally is going to have a piece of me. >> reporter: they hope that their story inspires other people to become organ donors. new york state has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the country. she can't help but think if it weren't for lorie, she would be on the waiting list. reporting from the newsroom, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: that's crazy.
5:22 pm
what are the odds? steve: a relationship off tinder and to go to that refusal. -- to that level. amazing. steve: what cardinal dolan is revealing about sin and second chances. >> let's do this. i've got minds to twist and values to warp. dari: that's hilarious. you don't have to wait for the big game to see the commercials. how super bowl advertisers are
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at steve: the super bowl commercials have become a whole thing unto themselves. dari: this year advertisers will be switching up the playbook. simone is here to explain. steve: i love the whole we get to see the commercial beforehand like we're getting a big treat out of this. it's funny. >> reporter: pretty crazy. somehow the advertisers are making it work to their benefit. of course. at the end of the day it comes down to the bottom line even though the advertisers shell out millions to air their message during the super bowl. many are releasing ads before sunday. a cute spot from heinz has over 2 million views on youtube.
5:26 pm
it may not be as counterproductive as it seems. >> check the walk-in closet. >> are you looking for these? >> reporter: over 100 million eyeballs are expected to tune in to the big game on sunday. the going rate for that kind of attention, $5 million for 30 seconds of air time. as lisa explains, some brands are getting a headstart. >> advertisers don't want to blow it in 30 seconds on super bowl. so many are teeing up by producing teasers or rolling out the ad completely before the game. >> i haven't seen them. >> reporter: only one new yorker we spoke to had screened a spot ahead of time. it was thanks to social media. >> i was on facebook. i saw my newsfeed that it was about the super bowl and everybody was so excited. >> there are a couple of ads standing out. heinz wiener stampede. it's a bunch of weiner dogs running to their people of
5:27 pm
it's a sweet one. it's very safe. but it's cute. >> i prefer ponies and dogs. >> got to keep it light and fun. >> reporter: this year heavier content will stay afloat in a sea of beer and automobile ads. >> every year ads attach themselves to causes. col col col colgate focused on the water shortage. budweiser has a serious tone. >> reporter: a sobering message may stand out in the short term. but runs the risk of not being memorable. >> i can't remember the serious one last year. it was too serious. it should be more about laughter. >> reporter: a lot of big star power in the ads. amy schumer has one. and audi has a tribute to david bowie.
5:28 pm
steve: more of the things you can't dvr. you've got to watch it live. thank you, simone. dari: one of football's brightest stars isn't letting critics break his stride. steve: how cam newton is redefining what it means to be a star in the nfl. dari: and the act of mercy that led cardinal dolan to the priesthood. he tells us about it coming up on finding faith. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally.
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dari: cardinal dolan is speaking out about a critical year for the catholic church. the so-called year of mercy. steve: this revealing interview the first in our series of reports finding faith. here's sharon crowley. >> reporter: under the steeples of st. patrick's cathedral opens a door of mercy, a symbol holding a serious message, one coming straight from the pope. 2016 is the year of mercy. this year of mercy comes at a time when the church is struggling to grow its
5:32 pm
catholics to return to their faith. one of the most powerful religious leaders in new york city, timothy cardinal dolan, the archbishop of new york, sat down with me at his residence to talk about sin and second chances. >> there's no sin that is unforgivable. >> reporter: what does the year the mercy mean? >> i guess pope francis is worried that a lot of people have this caricature of god of being mean, angry, vengeful, petty. that's anything but the truth. god has told us i am rich in mercy. mercy. >> reporter: pope francis grew up outside bah wence dnesday wednesday -- >> he's a man on a mission. there's a sense of urgency about pope francis. you might see him. he doesn't let up. he's 79.
5:33 pm
not major, thanks be to god,ened he said i don't think my pontificate will be long. he wants to seize the moment. >> reporter: why does the pope pick 2016 as the year of mercy? >> he knows that the church itself needs mercy. the church is hurting. the church has been scarred by scandal, by sin, by people leaving. leaving. >> reporter: does the year of mercy forgive for what you've done or forgive in this year? >> pope francis would use this year of mercy to remind us of a constant in church teaching, namely that there's no sin that's unforgivable. all god wants to hear is i'm sorry and with your grace and help, i'll try my best not to sin again. we'd be much better off if we'd lower the volume and stop with the recriminations and speak about reconciliation. i think even the world out there
5:34 pm
somebody is talking about this. >> reporter: what can non-catholics take away from pope francis' year of mercy? >> if you're not a believer, out there in the world, you need to know that the human person is at his or her best when they act with mercy and tenderness. >> reporter: what may we be forgiven for? >> we need personally mercy. we need god to say thanks, i love you, i forgive you and i'm going to help you do better. when he speaks about mercy, it's a give and take. we get it, we give it. he wants us to be merciful to others. forgiveness and mercy when we receive it, it brings out the best in us. we sure do know that the world needs mercy. we look around, and we see racial divide. we look around, we see religious divide. we look around even on our cities and see violence, people throwing rocks, people killing each other. mercy is not a bad idea for all
5:35 pm
>> once you enter those famous doors on fifth avenue, you became an official new yorker. >> reporter: new yorkers met the popular pontiff during his east coast visit in september, showing his signature spontaneity, jumping from the pope mobile, shaking a hand or kissing a baby, the pope's obvious compassion for the poor charmed admiring crowds. cardinal dolan helped host the pope during his visit. >> i think he's popular because he could care less about being popular. does that make any sense? he simply is who he is. there's a simplicity and sincerity about him. i was with him in that pope mobile, okay? he's looking out at hundreds of thousands of ecstatic people and he smiles and greets them and kind of shrugs to say i can't figure out why they love me, but i'm glad they do and i love them. >> reporter: sharon crowley, fox 5 news.
5:36 pm
lapsed catholics to give the church another chance. he says this year of mercy is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness and let it go and not wallow in guilt. it resonates for non-catholics as well. dari: cam newton has led his team to the super bowl. he's not afraid to celebrate when he or his teammates score a touchdown. steve: zachary shows us how his big personality and blunt talk are challenging the nfl's definition of a super star. >> going to run, 30, 35, coasting. >> he's a great quarterback. and a little cocky. >> reporter: what about when you think of joe namath? >> he was pretty brash. >> yeah. yeah. i guess back in the day, you know. i remember him wearing those fur coats all the time. >> the real shag furs. >> reporter: what do we expect from team leaders in the way
5:37 pm
when cam newton touched on race as a possible factor for being a lightning rod in the league, he lit a fuse. >> i said it since day one. i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they -- they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. >> reporter: they hashed it out on espn. >> it doesn't point to racism, but it has something to do with race. it does have something to do with culture. it does have something to do with the expectation of joe fans thinking that the quarterback position is supposed to behave a certain way. >> reporter: sally says cam newton has a point. country? >> of course it is. isn't this black history month? why do we need a black history month? come on. it's ridiculous. he's right to bring it up. it's a conversation piece. >> reporter: players have made noise and drawn attention to themselves. i asked some folks near columbus
5:38 pm
important as a quarterback? >> can't play that game without confidence. it's how you choose to express it in the nfl. i have no problem with it. >> reporter: it's confidence some can't stand. when the game is played sunday, there will be a story inside the story. the one that has nothing to do with jersey colors. the one that was initiated this week. the one that plays out every february. beyond all that sticky stuff, it's just football. steve: a simple way to put it. the game is here. an elder care home in the bronx proud to show its team colors. dari: how these sports collectibles are helping seniors keep their minds sharp and their memories alive. [music] flub steve: what inspired these people to get back together and how they're celebrating with a bunch of sold out concerts. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home.
5:39 pm
culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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steve: one elder care home is like a sports museum. dari: that's a very cool scene. duke castiglione shows us how the keepsakes are lifting seniors' experience. >> home is a unique experience. there's 137 independent living seniors. it's a unique environment that allows seniors to live and
5:41 pm
it's an upbeat environment. >> the hebrew home in riverdale has an impressive yankees display. what they found is not only do the residents enjoy it immensely, it helps with memory and rehabilitation. this is the chief operating officer and big sports fan. >> we realize baseball has an impact on people like music. people who have memory impairment are able to look at baseball and remember things where they might have difficulty remembering other parts of the life. baseball tends to trigger things which allows better memories. >> reporter: why do you think it works so well? >> it's an emotional thing. sports has an emotional part of many people's lives. it's tied to happy and good times. i think when you put people in those circumstances and trigger those happy times makes them feel better and think better.
5:42 pm
we got to see long time new york personality len, john sterling and the voice of the boston rockies red sox, joe, my father. >> you want to sound great all the time. doesn't mean you do. >> they have an impressive giants exhibit complete with astro turf from the giants stadium, which is something patients get their exercise on. arthur miller is not only a resident but a huge giants fan. >> what do you think of this exhibit? >> i think it's sensational. again, i'm a very big sports fan, and i know a bunch of these guys. so it's a lot of fun to be here and to see it all. >> reporter: david, the vice
5:43 pm
the hebrew home, tells us the exhibit has been open a short while. he says he's observed tremendous benefits. >> it's ps 's a motivating factor and triggers memories. our residents, some of them, providing an environment that's not an institutional like environment, helps them relax and participate in the therapy, while others who may have mild or moderate forms of dementia, it helps them relate to some of their past memories, which also increases participation. >> duke castiglione, fox 5 news. steve: a great idea. dari: how nice his dad was there. a popular latin group is making a comeback. [music] steve: jessica talks to them. i couldn't not do the accent. their long-awaited reunion.
5:44 pm
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dari: fox 5 health news. and a possible cure on the horizon for diabetes that researchers say could mean the end to insulin injections and blood sugar testing. steve: joining us, fox 5's medical contributor dr. devi. this would be great.
5:46 pm
diagnosis to begin with. then it's a hassle just the maintenance of the pricking the blood, testing the blood. >> the other issue is you might over or undershoot in terms of your treatment. this is a huge development. it's not final, but it's moving on to human trials, which is the big deal. what they're doing is using stem cells to try to create an artificial pancreas. to give you more background about diabetes, in diabetes, the body attacks the pancreas. the pancreas normally makes insulin, which controls your blood sugar. what will happen is when you lose the insulin, your blood sugars get high. what people have done is tried medications to lower that, insulin injections and pumps. what they'll be able to do is get insulin through the stem cells. rather than checking it and risk overor undershooting with your blood sugar, you can get it to be the level it should be. dari: how long do we think it will be?
5:47 pm
the other things, they're trying to think of the possible problems that might come up. in the immune system is attacking the pancreas, why wouldn't it attack the artificial pancreas. they're creating this capsule that would cover the stem cells and protect them. it is protected from the immune system. they put it under the skin. it doesn't need to be in the belly. dari: wow. technology. steve: i know. we do seem to be on the break of remarkable breakthroughs that a few years ago would have seemed unlikely. >> exactly. it's not just diabetes that might improve. if you can treat diabetes, it put you at risk for infection, heart disease, strokes. dari: thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in. i hope you're ready. things are coming, changing. nick: they are. that's february for you. 50s today. but again, the colder air to the north will be coming down with a north wind. upper 50s. mostly afternoon in the lower to middle 50s.
5:48 pm
rain off to the south and east. look at fox 5 sky guardian. there goes the wet weather with this area of moisture moving back in from the ocean with that storm sliding up the front that came through the area yesterday. this was a concern earlier in the week. it looked like it would want happen. the threat is back in there. the rain will be overspreading the area tonight. initially it's rain. as the north wind gets going, it will change over to snow. tomorrow's commute will be featuring heavier snow from new york city eastward. that's something to keep in mind as you make your plans for tomorrow morning. it will be out of here fast by 10:00 a.m. in the afternoon, there'll be lots of sun. right now 50 in town east to 49 at montauk. 51 at newark. back to the 40s to the north and west. 37 monticello. winds coming out of the north. that north wind will pick up overnight, 10, 15 miles an hour and bring down the colder air. it starts as rain. the cold frontal boundary is off the east coast.
5:49 pm
this fashion and sliding to the south and east. as it intensifies in nature, that's when we see the heavier snow band. there's a jet stream ahead of s that will amplify that tomorrow morning. 41, 42 in the afternoon. colder to chicago, in the lower 30s. 50s to the south. 60s to south florida. the cool air making it southward. denver, 34. back to the 50s for most of the west coast. let's look at our winter weather advisory for the city up through lower connecticut, all of long island and new jersey. we'll be looking at one to three inches of snow around the new york city area. a little less to the north and west. i may have to move the band further west. the computer guidance is more bullish as far as snowfall totals. i'll stick with this now. three to six from nassau-suffolk county eastward. initially not going to stick to
5:50 pm
it has to come down hard to do that. it could be happening during the morning commute. something to keep in mind. the roads will just be wet initially and then the potential for the snow to stick to the roads after that. by 5:30 in the morning, there's the darker blues. that's the heavier snow. you might have central jersey shore one to three inches. there could be isolated amounts. sun comes back fast by the afternoon. that will set us up for a nice weekend. 36 in the city tonight. 30 north and west. tomorrow, snow early. lots of sun. 43. nice weekend. low to middle 40s. clouds monday and colder. could be a snowstorm threat tuesday. even colder wednesday and thursday. steve: thank you. dari: five years after breaking up, latin boy band aventura is back together. steve: the concerts start tonight. jessica formoso spoke with the band about their return to the stage. >> reporter: the day has arrived, new york. this is the first of 20 sold out
5:51 pm
palace. they're returning to the place where they had their first concert ever. [music] tonight they once again share the same stage. we caught up with lenny and max at a movie premier this week. are you ready? >> we're ready. a little anxious. we've been ready. we've been rehearsing. the rehearsal was worse than the concert. >> reporter: what do you expect of your fans? they're waiting to see you. everyone is coming for the reunion. all of you. >> of course. it's going to get a little bit of everything. all the hits. >> reporter: aventura was last seen at sold out yankee stadium show in 2014 where they did a surprise appearance. tonight the group is expected to give fans a full concert, performing songs such as amelo.
5:52 pm
effort, invested pretty good amount of money so new york will enjoy a great show at that theatre. >> reporter: is there a connection between you guys like a couple of years ago? >> of course. we start rehearsing, it's a different world. like taking it into the past. when we start listening to romeo and henry and mikey jamming and me, it gives you goosebumps. it brings you back. it's been five years. we -- same chemistry. >> the concert starts at 7:00. in the words of lenny and max, it's going to be a spectacular. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: auditions for the mcdonald's gospel fest are held tonight on long island. the first round begins at 7 p.m. in hempstead. if you can't make it there, you'll have a chance tomorrow at
5:53 pm
avenue in east new york brooklyn. it takes place saturday may 7th. dari: we'll see you at 10:00 with more on the weather. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much. get ready for what you need to know. tonight, more on the growing trend of women choosing to give birth at home instead of at the hospital. we're going to find out why and a live guest will tell us whether it's a good choice. and the latest for you straight ahead right here on fox 5. join me next at 6:00.
5:54 pm
(vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this
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sulfonylurea or insulin p may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about
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ernie: good evening, everyone. it is thursday night. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us again. we are right on top of the news for you. we start tonight with some big proposals for new york city. they're going to be made in just about an hour as part of mayor de blasio's state of the city address. sharon crowley is in the bronx right now.
5:57 pm
the mayor is going to be proposing tonight. >> reporter: good evening, ernie. the mayor will be here in about an hour. the state of the city address takes place at 7:00. he has a number of new proposals proposals, a couple of which we'll tell you about in a minute. earlier he had a minor setback. as mayor bill de blasio prepares for his state of the city address, he faced a setback for his plan to reduce the number of horse and carriage drivers in central park. the teamsters, who represented carriage drivers, withdrew their support for the mayor's proposed bill, because the bill, they say, didn't provide a viable future for the industry. carriage drivers were thrilled. >> you want a legislative process to be based on the same thing a judicial process is based on. a fact-based argument that supports what they're planning to do. it isn't there. not by any way, shape, manner or form. >> we're going to find a way forward on this issue.
5:58 pm
vote won't happen tomorrow.
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