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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" ben: we are looking at scattered snow showers. in effect in long island, we could see a significant snowfall.
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he always has a very elaborate decorated piano. i don't know if you've ever seen any of his shows. >> that's so cool! >> they were great . everyone else was wonderful. how are we doing? >> we will get a load of snow across the tri-state area. most of that will happen across the east end of long island . that stock temperatures. upper 30s across much of the area. we are waking up at 370 in islip . 340 in poughkeepsie and 37 is the number in newark. we have a gusty wind coming out of the northeast now. we will continue to be that way through the afternoon. wednesday is high in the east end of long island will see gusto 35 miles per hour. factor in the wind with the current temperature and it
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like 290 in poughkeepsie. 29 is what it feels like in poughkeepsie and 27 in belmar. here is a system as it sits now creeping into the tri-state area.we are seeing it in the form of rain and temperatures are a bit above freezing. as a take a drop, we see a change over to snow as it makes its way into the landmass. it will no further westward into connecticut and massachusetts. the lowest sitting offshore but it's bringing everything from the atlantic. we will see snow into the area from east to west. the snow will go as far as new york city and in portions of new jersey. in western sections, it should remain pretty much in the clear. the county is shaded in pink and that's in nassau and sussex county.
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we have a winter weather advisory. we go into new york city in the jersey shore with rockland and the snowfall totals tonight we get closer to the city with later amounts in western new jersey in the hudson valley. for the next few days, we stay unsettled so we will see scattered snow showers. temperatures remain cold throughout the week with highs in the 30s. that is a check at the weather. >> christina is here with a traffic up eight. >> we are seeing a couple of instances this morning so let's get right to it. the overturned truck is on
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in overturning the ramp will be shut down here . it's definitely something to keep in mind. we will see a closure of the manhattan bound tunnel for some construction. they want to keep that in mind until further notice as i will wrap up soon. let's go outside i will bring you to the new jersey turnpike. things are looking so bad. keep in mind, the truck leaned with over night fuel spill . on the opposite side of the street, parking rules are suspended but you have money in the meters. back to you . ben: the terrible creed accident. there are new safety rules for cranes to be used in new york city with increased fines for companies that violate them.
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changes in the latest on the situation this morning. reporter: new crane safety measures take effect in the mayor hopes they will save lives. they must be secured when forecasted wins will go over 20 mph in gust will go up to 30. crawler cranes can operate at higher wind speeds before this accident. >> if there's a forecast for these kind of win levels on the next workday, will require that the crane be put into the secure mode the day before. failing to secure them will bring a $10,000 fine. the new crane rules will require operators to notify those who live and work nearby when the crane has to be secured . they are nothing more sidewalk protection to keep the pedestrian safe.
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boom going on in the city. although we value the work that's being done and what it means to the economy in the jobs that are being created, nothing is more important than the safety of the people. >> david wicks died in the crash. he immigrated to the country and has been described as a kind man . his funeral was yesterday. his widow said as she eulogized him , when i met david i felt some in there before. we had the easiest connection. i felt like the most secured person in the world. you want me to enjoy every
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>> strong opposition from the workers union. john samuelson is sending a letter to the new york state attorney. he says it's the mayor's relentless quest to kill the horse industry in new york . they wanted them restricted in the numbers cut in half. the nypd officer shot in the stairwell remains in the hospital. the 24-year-old told the new york post she feels okay. she and her partner interrupted a robbery. her partner was shot in the cheek and released on
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himself after firing at the officers. >> grooves are racing after a powerful earthquake. the woman was rescued. two other people were still trapped in the building. there is six people were killed in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the city of tainan. hundred people are still buried. >> national commercial night was interrupted . it was one by the broncos. the first touchdown came when he got the ball from newton. denver would never trail at 24/10. peyton manning will go out as a champion. have all the highlights
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>> presidential nomination continues with bernie sanders holding a rally yesterday. he promises to eliminate grotesque levels of income and equality. hillary clinton traveled to he is there to help residents affected by high levels of lead . >> we worked long hours. 58% of all income goes in the top 1%.>> what happened in flint is immoral. children of flint just as precious as the children of any other part of america . >> hillary clinton returns for one last campaign before the primary.>> donald trump is leading the competitors by double digits. we will have a raise for
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once again with marco rubio and ted cruz. trump is on the attack taking a job at jeb bush for bringing in the popular mother barbara to help in new hampshire. >> jeb bush brings out his mother because he needs help . mommy, please come walk in the snow . i like his mother but i don't like that. >> new hampshire predicts 40,000 voters to come out to vote. >> still ahead, don't put away the shovel. then, i know you are thrilled. >> the empire state building for the broncos. . we were more only come back. the homeless situation in
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volunteers will good morning. we are starting off right across the tri-state area. things will change as we go through the next several hours. temperatures in the 30s at 340 in poughkeepsie. 370 in bridgeport. in islip and new york city
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in northern new jersey, reading the 30s at 360 in pinebrook and 340. satellite and radar shows clouds in place and just offshore, there's a lot of moisture in the snow is already making the impact here in eastern section of long island. it moves inland and over spreads the region from the east to west. most of the action happens in the city on long island in connecticut . the lowest is just offshore and it remains with the bulk of the system affecting places like cape cod and boston. it looks like further inland, we get later amounts as the system sits offshore. on the back side, we will see the winter storm warning and weather advisory new york city down the jersey shore. later amounts are to the west and it looks like it
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scattered snow showers and temperatures remain in the 30s. check the weather on the weather at . do a search for fox 5 ny weather app. a couple of things are going on early this morning. dealing with the issue on the freeway . on midland avenue they overturn tractor-trailer with a fuel spill so it's about to get rock up . exit 13 with a truck blocking one lane. we did have an accent on the garden state parkway.
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they live look with emergency activity. the road closures in this area remain in effect until further notice. something is definitely to keep in mind. let's go to the washington bridge . you make your way into town and there is emergency at 70 five in the flow of traffic. as you make your way into the land again, there is no meter readings. >> the one night count of homeless people who live on the street with one year ago counting 3200 people living in the shelters. the number is higher now. 50,000 people are currently living in homeless shelters.
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after mayor deblasio launched the new homeless outreach program. liz: here to weigh in as curtis from w abc . curtis: denver rocked camdenton. it's a great morning! do i get counted in this? ben: i don't know, where you live? curtis: wherever i can lay my head . is this called operation hope the cause bill de blasio hopes to get the count rate. it's eight -1 and one instead of two.>> i'm sure the count in the summer would be much larger. >> is purposeful. they want to suppress the numbers. we see it with our eyes and
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nose! curtis: all you have to do is walk the subways streets and go into the port authority and you will count morning noon and night . there is thousands . >> 3200. that's what they say. [laughter] are you kidding? multiply that by three. multiply that by four. there is over 50,000 that are sheltered every night. there's a lot of homeless people out there! out of those, there is those that are mentally unstable psychotically and a danger to themselves and everyone else out there. he says nothing about that. he was out there for hillary raising the roof . ben: let's talk about the transport workers union . getting involved with the carriages. the mayor says he
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[laughter] curtis: he is a horses . [bleep] mac instead of lobbying , with all the stuff taking place at the flashing to be in the horse carriages in central park he was off in iowa. he wants it may doesn't. he should come in here and be like an emergency stop where you toss in the towel in stay the state will no longer allow the city to get harassed the horses in the taurus. tourist . whatever dream was to come to new york and get into the horse drawn carriage business. >> by the way , they have those in philadelphia .
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it looks like they are one step away from death . ben: did you watch super bowl? did you see lady gaga? curtis: it was a good night. the broncos crush the panthers. i was so thrilled. we watch lady gaga and i loved her when she was in edm queen. i don't know if she was lip-synching but you are like a 90? you have the big platform shoes and all the paint on your face. she lost it. thunder thighs? beyonci. that was too much. coldplay please. bruno mars ? that was so played art. even the panthers had great
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von miller bm , bam, bam . >> let us know of your accounting tonight.still to come the broncos celebrate a victory. is it peyton manning's
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>> i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple,
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it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do thattright in my ear? ben: big night for sports. duke: good game . liz: i did not watch the halftime show. various 70s , 80s, 90 football. duke: this would not be the end for peyton manning. he came strong early on. zach and cam newton stripped it down while he recovers the end zone. that's a touchdown.10/0
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after a shaky start they finally got it together. this in the score over to johnson stewart. 10/7 and the broncos offense struggled. norwood returns into the panthers red zone. that will set up a field goal at 13/7.they score at the half and the defense continues to dominate the second half with the panthers driving early in the third. tj intercepts and cam newton just wasn't right. he just did not play well. i thought he took too many hits and he did not have time to throw the ball. miller with another secondary. he forces the pond and kills another drive. this was the play that wrapped up the super bowl here. miller with another strip sack here. he recovers by the goal
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scores taking on 24/10 lead. this is the end for peyton manning. he goes out a champion. budweiser in the end. he wasn't paid to do that they said. >> is the third all-time for the broncos. it's been an emotional week. an emotional night. the night is just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i will take some time after that in enjoy the night. i'll take it one step at a time. >> they played better than us. i don't know what you want me to tell you. they made more plays than us. that's what it comes down to. >> obviously, very upset in that press conference. one word answers. most of the time was no. he had to get up and walk out at one point.
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