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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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northwestern corner or the mid hudson valley. we have the coastal flood area. coastal flood advisories for the rest of the region, long island sound, south shore long island and the rest of the jersey shore will go until tomorrow morning. a little swirl here and here and a very large general flow. that's what's causing basically these snow showers to roll through. here's our futurecast. watch as this rolls through the new york area tonight into the first part of tomorrow morning. then the sun should pop out late morning and early afternoon. depending on where the burst of snow get going will depend on how much we get. there's a shot for up to as much as 3 inches in some of the bands or bursts south of the city and along the south shore of long island. we'll have to see if that materializes. the morning commute could be messy. keep that in mind. we'll talk about the coldest air
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end of the week into the weekend. ernie: tonight is the night. the first primary of the 2016 presidential race underway in new hampshire. polls put the so-called nonestablishment candidates ahead in both parties. for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders has been in the lead for weeks. but hillary clinton is not giving up, saying she is going to keep working until the final vote is cast. on the republican side, donald trump is poised to come out on top. the billionaire is looking to make up ground after losing to governor christie has been spending a lot of time in new hampshire, hoping to pull enough votes to stay in that race. joining me right now to talk about it is our special guest, a political strategist. good to have you back. you have great energy. you love this subject. >> i love it. it's the best time of the year for people like me. we love talking about this. ernie: i was listening to a lot of people coming out of the they were having difficulty and they were making decisions on
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who to vote for, but which party. >> new hampshire is great that way. you can pick your party if you're an independent that day. the day of the primary, you don't have to be registered in either party. people are making up their mind between donald trump and bernie sanders as we speak. that's great for democracy. ernie: what do you think? the polls are talking about trump and sanders. >> i think trump is going to win. i'm dubious on the margin. i don't think by a 15, 16 point margin. he has to be careful. if it's too close to 20, 22 percent, he might not look like the big winner he wants to look like. i think bernie will win but i am not confident that it will be 30 points. i think anything less than a 10-point win for bernie will be seen as the comeback kid moment for hillary. she's been down. 40 straight polls have had bernie up substantially. 70 for donald trump. they have a lot of expectations to manage. ernie: we'll watch carefully. a lot of people are saying this
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it's emotional in new hampshire. voter turnout is big. is that going to continue through the rest of the primary? >> i hope so. i know -- i'm not a big fan of the extremes in parties, but i do like people getting out to vote. the question is when they get into the booth and it's them and god, are they going to pick the extreme guy saying the loud mouth things or pick somebody who can win? i think in new hampshire they'll pick people who can win. ernie: a lot of candidates have to decide whether they're going in stay in the race. >> there will be a lot of soul searching around 11:00 tonight. if you don't come in the top 3, top 4, is it worth it? do you have enough money to go forward? the money will dry up quick. ernie: okay. chris, thanks for joining us. we'll check it out later tonight. other news making headlines, president obama has submitted his final budget, the $4
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money to fight cancer and global warming. it contains tax hikes. republicans call it dead on arrival. >> a jury has entered the first hours of deliberations in the officer peter liang manslaughter trial. he shot and killed akai gurley in november of 2014 in a dark stairwell of a brooklyn housing project. >> the cruise ship pummelled by rough seas off the coast of florida is expected to pull into new jersey tomorrow night. passengers on the anthem of the sea said they feared the worst and one woman told us she thought of the titanic. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> that vacation didn't go well for them. maybe if you want to try getting away, coming up next, an inside look at great winter getaways that won't break the bank. >> and come back tomorrow for new york's first lady who will be here live. our discussion about the city's initiatives on mental health. it's a big undertaking and a very important one, too. that's tomorrow at 6:00.
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after almost 3 weeks, to give it a shot. you know, i' feeling it today. or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. ernie: welcome back. we were pretty lucky earlier this winter. like you've heard in nick's forecast recently, our luck has kind of run out. maybe you feel the need to
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our jessica formoso has help in tonight's feature story. watch this. >> reporter: ernie, i'm here at liberty travel trying to book my next vacation. where should i go? cancun or dominican republic? experts here say i can go to either for less than a thousand dollars all inclusive. many of you can be feeling the winter blues. that may mean you're in desperate need of a getaway. >> i don't like the rain. i don't like the cold. >> reporter: you wish you were? >> the bahamas. >> reporter: would you love to be somewhere warm? >> cancun. >> reporter: that means spending money. did you know you can get a deal? tell us about the winter travel deals. >> sure. we have quite a few going on currently. the biggest one we have currently is with atlantis. we have a booking with flights and hotel. we're able to put together a package that allows them to get affordable air. that's hard during this time because last minute travel by air is the hardest.
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looking to spend? >> atlantis, for example, you're looking at roughly starting at a thousand dollars per person on a four-night package to wlant -- it's great. >> reporter: that's about $600 season. packages. they're automatically including hotel, four night stay, sightseeing as well as your transfers and the ultimate hotel stay that is at a nightly rate discount. you're looking at approximately $575 per person starting for mexico and also dominican republic. >> reporter: if you'd rather sail your vacation away, cruising is another option. >> the least expensive i'm seeing right now can be as low as $400 per person for a cruise in the caribbean.
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want to go too far and spend too much -- >> we can find really nice bed and breakfast options upstate, beautiful scenery up there. the poconos is very popular for short safe travel. >> reporter: if you want to go away and get a deal, you have to book before the end of this month. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you, jessica. now. are we? >> that's right. ernie: i love this thing. lauren lyons cole is joining us. nice to have you here. for cold weather people or hot weather people, i'm a hot weather guy for vacations in the wintertime. >> i'm with you. when we have winter like this, i want to get away and have sun, sand. ernie: you have great ideas. let's start with the cold weather vacations. >> when it comes to cold weather, you cannot beat a trip to canada. our dollar is strong, especially against theirs. it's strong everywhere at the moment.
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you can go dog sledding, there's all kinds of great things, not just skiing. maybe it's not the best year for skiing. in canada, your dollar goes further. great dining, shopping. ernie: there are great ways to get there. >> check the air fare. you might get tickets to toronto for $200. you could potentially drive with six to eight hours, depending on where you're heading. it's a great get away. ernie: canada is nice. the people are very friendly. been several times. love it. hot weather stuff. cruises still popular. there's been a few problems with some of the cruise ships, but people love them. >> people do love them. if you do, it's a good time to check the prices. it's possible we'll see a little bit of a decline because of the issues, but typically a cruise is a pretty safe, good getaway. the boats have so many amenities, there's all kinds of crazy things to do.
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>> head to the mediterranean. ernie: or get the ukulele out. >> a great time for hawaii. under 600 round trip. it is a long trip. don't try to do that in a weekend. ernie: europe is a good buy. >> absolutely. a great buy. greece, paris, all kinds of places. the dollar is very strong. you'll get great deals. take advantage of it this year. ernie: there are a lot of getaways. taking a break is a wonderful thing. breaks up the winter and makes you feel better. dari: you come back renewed. you can survive the rest of the cold. ernie: thank you so much. let's keep thinking spring. that's what i'm thinking about when i keep talking to nick. keep that nice, warm weather coming our way. nick, let me tell you something. i know we both love our children and today i want to show you something. i visited some young students at twin parks montessori on the upper west side. look at these faces. great kids. terrific school staff. we love the smiling kids.
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i know you'd appreciate that. nick: looks like everybody had a great time. i'm sure the kids appreciated the visit. ernie: will they be making more snowballs? nick: they might be. the snow overnight will be fluffy. maybe not the best for snowballs. we'll see. certainly plan on bundling up the rest of the week. we're talking really cold air potentially this weekend, the coldest in quite some time coming our way. how about today? a mixed up day. a little sunshine north of the city. more clouds south of the city. a couple of flurries earlier in the day. no higher than 36 and 27 in the temperature split. a little below average. 63 the record high. look at the record low. minus 15. that was two days in a row for records. the little bit of snow flurry activity earlier. it's pretty dry with a dew point of 23. wind out of the northeast. the clouds increasing.
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look at the highs. lower 30s on long island. 31 on bridgeport. freezing at monticello. 34 down to the jersey shore. the temperatures have cooled off. we're in the upper 20s at islip. 33 in midtown. back to 32 as you head towards belmar. wind has been light out of the northeast. that continues tonight 5, 10 miles an hour. probably not much more than 5 miles an hour. look at fox 5 sky guardian. this is what we've been watching the last couple of hours. the snow trying to advance northward, slowly making progress, but running into the dry air that's around our part of the area. it will get here eventually. notice this darker blue patch is a good burst of snow. we'll see how much of that sets up and potentially the higher numbers of snowfall. we're still not talking a lot. two or three inches maybe across parts of central new jersey might clip the south shore of long island to the lower part of new york city. and generally just an inch or two for the rest of the area.
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you can see a swirl here. one little storm there. there's another offshore. there's the one located offshore. here's the one swirling by the great lakes region. notice this large general circulation that's an upper level storm center moving through here and little pieces of energy come along every so often. this is the next one to deal with through the overnight hours into tomorrow. take a look at your day planner. some snow showers or light snow tomorrow morning right through the morning commute. then tapering off. then the sun should pop out into the afternoon. a gusty west wind. 15, up to 30 miles an hour. even though we hit 39, it will be colder tomorrow afternoon. there's the futurecast. look at this burst of snow later tonight into the first part of tomorrow morning. then we look okay. this front will pass through just with clouds and maybe on thursday, another few snow showers. then we start the trend downhill as colder air will funnel in. the cold air is going to get here this weekend. i'm talking bitter, brutal, arctic air coming in,
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an inch or two city northward. that's about right is what i'm thinking. a shot for more, up to maybe three inches in isolated areas. these for central new jersey and the south shore of long island. we'll see how that plays out. snow overnight, 31 in the city, 20s in the suburbs. sun, a gusty west wind, 39 tomorrow. a few snow showers thursday with sun at times. a gusty breeze at 32. friday only 27. 18 in the morning. saturday, sun and clouds. a gusty breeze. 20 for the high. it will feel below 0. sunday morning, 5. the record for sunday morning is 2 in new york city. we have a chance at that. only 19 during the day with the windchills below 0. 40 by tuesday. ernie: mucho frio. thank you, nick. >> we have errands to run. i've got a question about them. listen. would you like to shop in a
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neighborhood store? what do you like? i got great reaction. which do you prefer? your answers in a minute. and thursday, a look at the flint water crisis. what's being done to prevent something similar from happening here. a top new york city commissioner will be joining me live. stay with us for that. and coming up next. more on the knicks coaching shakeup.
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cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! ernie: ryan is in for russ. we'll talk about the fallout after the shakeup with the knicks yesterday. there's a report out today. tell us about that. >> interesting report.
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is the interim head coach, but a lot of people are questioning whether phil jackson will be around to name the next full-time head coach. yahoo sports, well-respected in the nba, says that many believe phil jackson's plan is to leave this summer and possibly head back to the lakers. his fiancee is a co-owner of the lakers. she lives in los angeles. ernie: he has roots there. >> exactly. kobe bryant is retiring. they butted heads at time. phil could go over, take things over and bring his own coach into the lakers. ernie: timing could be interesting. >> could be very interesting. the timing of phil jackson's contract, there was a report in the daily news he has an opt out clause this summer. so this big mega deal he signed with the knicks, he could step away from it. knicks play tonight first game under kurt rambus and luke walton, who is a hot commodity
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to phil jackson and the lakers. a lot of dots there. connect the dots. knicks fans don't like what they see. ernie: super bowl 50 is over, but cam newton is still making noise and getting attention. >> two big story lines. peyton manning and the way cam newton handled himself. poor performance. he had the quick press answers. today he met with the media charlotte and he did not apologize. he said that's who he is. he said that he is a sore loser. he said if you show him a good loser, he'll show you a loser. ernie: how will this impact on endorsements, on public perception and all of this? >> there was interesting perception going into the super bowl. cam had a lot of inflammatory comments and takes on things. i think he's taking a hit big time. he had a chance after the game to be very humble. he lost to one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. instead he acted the way he did.
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ernie: any reaction from the panthers? >> nothing. not surprising. he's their marquis guy, the face of the franchise. i don't think they're going to come down with any discipline. ernie: thanks so much. okay. when it comes to going grocery shopping, do you prefer a big supermarket or a small neighborhood store? interesting answers are come up after the break.
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all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. ernie: thanks for watching the
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now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. and you can answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: let's fill up the fridge. what do you prefer, a large supermarket or neighborhood store? >> large store. like whole foods. ernie: you want to go to a large market. why? >> there's everything. a huge selection and it's quick. ernie: it's quick. >> a mom and pop. ernie: you like the small. >> absolutely. ernie: tell me why. >> that guy is swinging the bat, paying the real rent. and hopefully you get a good sandwich. ernie: you like to help out by going to the small stores. >> yes. >> i like the bigger supermarket. i like the choices. ernie: a large supermarket or neighborhood store? >> the neighborhood store. ernie: what do you like? >> the selection. i like they know me.
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the neighborhood store. market? >> there's more choices and options. they usually have in stock everything i'm looking for. >> i like to go to a place that has what i want. i don't care for it's large or small. and i like good food and i like european cheese, that kind of thing. so it's worth going out of my way to get it. >> you could find a lot of variety at these little stores. they tend to be cheaper and fruits and vegetables i bring from home. they usually come from a big supermarket. ernie: eat well, guys. and study hard. good luck. bye! speaking of food, this is national pizza day, right? go out there and get yourself a slice. i got the story in, john. that's it for now. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos here in studio 5. our control room, big john, get that pizza for everybody. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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