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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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more coastal flooding issues out there in terms of the advisories, there up around the tri-state in the
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it's in the south shores in the western line of the short and the jersey shore in the new york bay near new jersey. we have the potential for coastal flooding out there in the persistent wind that was a problem going on and on. looks like we will finally get rid of things but altogether, we see one more cycle so be ready for that . as far as the snow, yes indeed . we dropped out the winter weather advisory but we slept some light snow out there in the eastern section of long island. it's back into connecticut in. we have the overall set up to bring us some light snow out there. not ridiculous . 330 right now in central park . that's above normal.
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bridgeport. it's a cool start before this time of the year, it's not that bad. are we getting a change coming up soon? we still have a lot of scattered light snow showers rotating around the great lakes and the northeast. looks like we will still have the risk of a few more snow showers or flurries in the area. the good news with this type of situation is that we don't get a lot out of it in terms of snow production. is not producing too much in terms of slick spots. it won't be the easiest commute . it will be wet out there, at the very least. temperature started 310 in my 9:00 you are up to 33. go up to 360 by noon and 390 for a high later. more sunshine late in the day in clear skies in
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350 by 6:00. with morning snow showers out there in the high but breezy. high temperature at 320 with snow showers still not in the clear. we saw the dryer sky as we head into friday. a high of 190 on sunday. we have a snuggle alert around the tri-state region. >> a snuggle alert ? mike: why not? ben: police have identified the man that sexually assaulted a woman on the upper east side. the story made a lot of news after receiving a tip through crimestoppers they say the attacker is this man. gregory anderson and he is described as 5 foot seven and 145 pounds. police say early on saturday morning he grabbed
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he robbed and sexually assaulted her. please call crimestoppers at one 800 577 tips. peter liang trial continues on. here is charged in the shooting death of kai gurley. >> a scared and reckless rookie or an inept cop? those are the two narratives presented yesterday during closing arguments in the trial. jurors deliberated for one hour but they will be back today with the life of this new york city police officer in their hands. >> what happened is a tragedy . it was's now in the hands of a jury. the prosecution urges a panel of 12 to hold the rookie police officer accountable for the
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death of an innocent man for no good reason. >> he was on the eighth floor in the dark and stairwell. he had a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other . it was dark in the stairwell. he heard a noise and instead of pointing the flashlight at the noise, he pointed his gun. he pulled the trigger. he shot . he has heard from him in his own words . he tearfully testified wood has weapon first discharged at brooklyn's houses he never thought he hit anyone. >> he says i have an accidental discharge, i am fine. >> 's first reaction wasn't that he had a accidental discharge. >> he faces five counts of
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manslaughter. he could spend 15 years behind bars. attorneys urge the jury on tuesday to isolate his situation. >> he is not the same as the police officers that braved the streets every day. they really tried to drive that point home yesterday. jury deliberations are yesterday. a piece of salt , homicide and reckless endangerment and misconduct charges. ben: thank you, teresa. hillary clinton has hired obama's former integrity deputy campaign manager.
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at that race and donald trump spiegelman. [applause] fresh off a second place win in iowa, he best in the glow in new hampshire. his win is a firm rebuke to the republican establishment. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong in the world will respect us again! believe me!4k said, for john kasich, the strong turning out in new hampshire allows him to continue his campaign. >> the dark overcame the
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>> christie says he will return home to new jersey today to assess his campaign. his showing is all the more disappointing considering how much time and energy he poured into new hampshire. >> bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by wide margin. sanders b clinton among men, women, young voters. sanders is enjoying incredible momentum. the people of new hampshire absent a profound message to the political establishment , the economic establishment and to the media establishment. [cheering] clinton congratulated sanders but she says the campaign is far from over. >> now , we take this campaign to the entire country and we fight for every vote in every state. we fight the real solutions
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in people's lives. theresa: the anthem of the seas is expected to pull in at 9:00 tonight. the royal caribbean ship departed on saturday running into 30 foot seas. despite the damage on board, there were only a few minor injuries. royal caribbean is offering passengers a full refund and a 50% discount on a future cruise. three people with confirmed cases of the zika virus in sussex county. the total number of cases is up to 12 and all of that them got it while traveling to areas with the virus. the virus is usually spread by a type of mosquito, which does not live in the area. they say it can be spread through blood and on person got their sexual conduct
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>> twin sisters are new moms after delivering the babies apart . nicole was on the way when she learned her pregnant sister stephanie was on the way. they delivered the baby six months apart . >> we had a doctors appointment because we were due on friday. they said to go to the hospital and we had a call that nicole and rich were on the way to.>> they delivered across the hall and they name their daughters cora and luisa. the sisters were born three minutes apart in our daughters were born six minutes apart .they will be raised like twins but cousins. >> i think those names are both from doubting abby. >> were looking at some showers to start the day and it's pretty cold.
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complete forecast, coming up. why groups plan on holding
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mike: welcome back. it could be a light snow area. same thing in central sections of long island.
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it's dry but we see snowflakes in flurries in the overnight hours and there's more back to the west. yet. i don't think there will be a lot in the way of snowfall but we do get some. cloudy skies at 330 and wind at 9 miles per hour. temperatures are chilly but not ridiculously cold, especially what we will see in a few days. 29 in d.c. and most of the region is freezing. the weak disturbances coming through the tri-state region. we say so squall here in fairfield and connecticut now.
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around too long. some snow showers have an area of low pressure. another troth up to the northwest and we see things unsettled. none of this produces anything heavy in terms of snow for us here in the tri-state region. it's patches of snow here in there and it's finally clearing out tomorrow. it's 390 and 32 tomorrow. snow showers freezing and it's sunny and dry over the week on valentine's day. lows are dropping down. it's free and it's ready to rock 'n roll. >> it's 446 and people are
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halftime show because they believe it was anti-police. it will protest outside the nfl headquarters. beyonci and her dancers wore outfits that say it was a nod to the lack panthers. they raised a black power salute. organizers say it was race baiting . mayor giuliana says it was outrageous that she used the platform to attack police officers who protected her. others cited with her saying it was a way to where social awareness about social issues. beyonci said she has proud of the performance and she has not commented. joining us as curtis host of w ab cb radio. curtis: thunder thighs. all the black panthers. so , she is so cool. she knows nothing about the black panthers!
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young winter snapper. it was a very popular book and talked about how he raped like women first to practice so he could rape white women as a way of political explanation. thunder thighs what you think? the guy who wrote the manifesto of the black panther party. he is a dead crackhead. bobby seal degenerate. i was around . when you ask the hip-hop monster husband. he wasn't around. it just wasn't true. it just wasn't true. >> let's look on to politics now. donald trump has a big win. 35% to casey . the former governor of ohio came in at 15%. chris christie is way down
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he came in sixth on the democratic side. 60% with hillary clinton at 40%. >> it was a win for new york city. >> who were the two candidates? it was as new york as anybody could get. bernie sanders from brighton beach. anyone from brooklyn bernie sanders he whipped hillary clinton. that was her surrogate. donald trump from jamaica estates. everyone is born with a silver spoon. is the trade balance between japan and the united states. it's a victory for new york city values. it's new york city attitude in new york city with profane remarks. >> were you surprised in new hampshire? >> this is a union where everyone is angry . that's why they would vote for donald trump and bernie sanders.
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he got smacked around by shampoo and he finished fifth. we have to ask about a couple. jeb bush? fourth-place? he dragged his mother through the snow. what kind of is that ? go back to florida jeb . it will not be a bush 45. i laugh at chris christie. come back and do your job! knock off this nonsense. >> he is just about out because he says he is back in new jersey and he will take a breath. >> he is going to have a big mac or some kind of a sandwich. >> hillary clinton she barely , if you can call it a win, seeks out whatever it is with the same number of delegates. she
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he gets 60% of the vote. he cleaned up at 84% in people under 30. i don't think he will do really well in the south unless the african-american voters will push hillary clinton into victory. that's on super tuesday. >> you are expecting a win from clinton? >> i am hoping bernie searches because i want a
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bernie sanders is a guarantee that you will have a republican president. >> you will take trump over sanders? >> old man. now you give me heartburn. you would take cruz over sanders? >> i would have to close my eyes and vote for cruise control over the socialist /communist . bernie. even though ted cruz is not a big fan of new york values. >> maybe curtis values his own thing. curtis lee lends , monday through friday at the drive at five. from 5:00 six :00 on 770.
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time for sports >> the next at home taking on the wizards. the interim head coach is taking on for derek fisher. he has coaching experience. no question about that. he was with the lakers and minnesota. they were not sharp early on.
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he next out 14 points for the first quarter deficit at home. kurt rambis was really happy in the third quarter . kristaps porzingis at a secret from the third and that was awesome. tied at 33. they bring it within one and its last chance. galloway at the buzzard with another three . the next lose 111/108 . the final score. the rangers are on the road tonight playing well and they tried to make it to four straight wins. it's the famous number 30. his jersey went to the raptors. >> to the game now. tied in a third. on the power play he finds the back of the net with a wrist shot. they went 2/1 for the final. >> islanders are out in ohio
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they tied at two. we will see in overtime. they could not solve it so we go to the shootout. >> roy williams fell while he was walking over to address the players. he got into it with the ref and williams says he suffers from vertigo. the medical staff took care of him and he was able to walk off the court. he is doing okay after the ordeal. 68/65. >> he says when he turned his head , he says the vertigo moves. >> i had a spell of vertigo six months ago. it lasted a few days. it was rough.
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really hard. ben: cam newton in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world.
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