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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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steve: a search for this man wanted for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend and her three children, a woman and two children are dead, a third child remains in critical condition. dari: the hotel where it happened was used for temporary housing for the homeless, linda schmidt with the latest. reporter: well this is a manhunt tonight for this man, 23 years old, michael sykes, after he committed these stabbings here at ramada inn he called his mother, confessed and then said he was going to kill himself. tonight, 28 other homeless
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inn were bussed out. but that changed after the hainious murders this morning. >> there is nothing more horrible than notion of a person who would attack an innocent child. reporter: 23-year-old michael sykes killed his girlfriend, their 4-month-old daughter, and her two other daughters ages 1 and 2, they were stabbed multiple times with the kitchen knife, the the 2-year-old is the only survivor. >> we want to get him off of the streets as fast as we can. reporter: they were living at the ramada inn since december, sykes did not live here, hotel has security from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., it happened at 9 p.m., it has once again raised the issue of safety and security. in homeless facilities. >> we're going to do, starting
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hotel we're working with, which is front city wide. that we will provide, security to them. they have to agree to accept it. but we'll have on site 24 hours. reporter: city councilman of staten island said that more security is need add the hotels that the city has contracts with, there are 4 in his district, he wants each burrough to handle their own homeless. homeless. reporter: we reached out to mayor's office, a spokesperson telling knauss city has been -- telling us that city had been in process before this attack of transferring all homeless out of temporary housing, and into more permanent housing, how long that will take? we don't know. back to you.
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>> the justice department is filed a civil rights lawsuit against ferguson, missouri, the feds are suing city officials because they failed to make good on the grime the agreement the way that police treat the poor and minorities there. >> all right, 32 degrees outside right now, it will be warm compared to where we're headed. dari: yeah, zero, soon. nick: this weekend. take care of those mild weather that going on, it will get colder from this point forward, a couple of cold fronts crossing the area, this one tonight into tomorrow has a couple snow showers with it. a couple snow showers,
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little bit. 30 in belmar, 25 in monticello in low 27s in the city, 30 in islip, montauk 36, we're dealing with a west wind, probably felt it if you were outside, 15 miles an hour, on occasion gusts get higher, couple of snow showers from the north and west, bigger picture with a couple disturbances move through, the real arctic cold air is up hire coming down over the week, future cast shows, after snow showers some stun in sun in the morning. colder air tumbles down, tomorrow struggling to get above freezing, we'll stay in the return. arctic front coming in friday night, cold for the weekend. we'll talk more about record lows coming this weekend in a little bit. steve: all right. thank you nick.
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christie thanking his supporters on facebook after dropping out of the presidential race, finishing 6 in last night's primary. dari: results in new hampshire claims carly fiorina. only woman on the republican side. she ended her campaign today, after finishing 7th last night. steve: on democratic side, off his win in new hampshire, bernie sanders, had a face-to-face meeting with al sharpton, they dined at silvia's in harlem. sanders trying to win over the african-american vote. >> the cruise ship that ran into seas is home. dari: that was scene a short time ago, anthem of the seas docked in new jersey, ending its long journey to no where, mac king is there now, where passengers are happy to be on land.
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here in new jersey or new york, one would like to be on a caribbean cruise, but you are not, i am not, and neither are the 6,000 people who left this port. all of the passengers and crew members returning in the last hour. after their ship traveled into a hurricane. through 30 foot waves, 120 mile an hour winds, and varying degrees of fright. >> the cruise from hell. >> how could you be angry, you are in middle of nowhere. i don't think they knew what to do. >> you see the crew praying on rosary beads and crying, that was scary. >> the captain knew about this 4 days prior, he still took us out. >> the worst came to mind, i thought we were going to die. i just, you know you hear horror stories, but you never really
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this is my 25 wedding anniversary, it turned out to be a nightmare, i am remember this. reporter: there were a lot of parents who praised cap -- passengers who traded praised the captain and crew. and anthem of seas it sustained minor damages it will resume its regular cruising schedule. steve: like nothing happened. they sense them right back out. dari: thank you. steve: jurors complete first full day of deliberation of trial of officer peter liang. >> details with from downtown brooklyn. reporter: peter liang made his way to courtroom for day one of
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wasted no time filing for a mistrial. that closing arguments from alexis may have swayed jury. >> for first time, of intentional crimes. that are not charged in the indictment. for that reason, we ask that a mistrial be declared. reporter: the judge denied that request, officer liang is charged with second degree manslaughters for november shooting of gurley that took place in a dark stair well, gurley was struck in the chest by a bullet that ricocheted by a wall that was fire by liang, the jury asked for a read back of the testimony of about approaching the stair well, and requested 911 recordings and testimony from gurley's girlfriend. since the jury did not reach a verdict, they will be back here to done clib deliberating.
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dari: cardinal dolan marking the beginning of lent, presiding over ash wednesday mass at st. patrick's cat cathedral. he was joined by fellow priests, distributing ashes, serving as a declaration of path, christians are expected to fast -- this day. since the 40 days of lent marks time that jesus fasts in the wilderness. >> the l train, the repairs could take longer than they told us. steve: a nightmare, we could look at a project, with a price tag, it gets higher. length of time is longer. dari: going up and down the stairs of public housing, lisa evers looks to one of the most
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steve: news getsds worse and worse for train riders, it could take 7 years. dari: and as our dan bowens found out that is not going well with strap hangers. hangers. dari: the l train carries about 225,000 commuters. connecting brooklyn and manhattan. >> it is easy, takes 20 minutes. reporter: for neighborhoods from williamsburg to bushwick. the l is the lifeline. >> if the l train was not there i would have to move. reporter: the problem? the tubes were damaged after hurricane sandy, with sea water rushing in eating away the metal, it needs to be fixed. >> neighborhood in brooklyn
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reporter: a meeting with officials councilman said that worse case scenario limiting service on nights and weeks for suggested. >> we heard worse case you talk about just weekends or weekend and nights, they could be you know more than 5 years. reporter: maybe 7 years he was told, another plan to shut it down could take two years or less but it does have draw backing. >> this is a long, long time. reporter: $700 million in federal funding is avail technology for repairs now, so the clock is ticking, nothing is finalized, that i will do what they can to find other plans. >> i would bounce bounce back and move to manhattan, if this happens i am going to have to move. reporter: good news it will not start until 2018.
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map, you know how confusing you can be. one new new yorker is trying to make it easier, a visual schematic of the manhattan subway system, he breaks down train routes by color letting rider know what parts of city that trains will take you where, if you find the map difficult to read, do it old fashion way, and ask someone for directions. steve: that makes sense. that is easier to understand. all right new jersey transit declared all its trains and buses hoverboard-free zones, customers and employees will no longer be permitted to ride, change, store or transport those devices, it is for safety reason, because we've seen the videos, everyone falling down and they can you know burst into flames. >> that would not be good. australia billionaire plans to go back to future, kaj palm ser
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two in a couple of years, almost like the original, but with modern safety measures, he is hoping to have better luck than the unsinkable original, which hit an iceberg, and sank during the maiden voyage in 1912. steve: is everything need to be a sequel, everything? all right, this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit will feature women of all ages and sizes, 56-year-old can be seen in this ad for all wearing a goal bikini looking fierce. featured with two plus size models. this is second year that she has appeared, she is an advocate for young women to embrace their full figures. dari: you say that, because your wife would be upset with you. a police officer on long island
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beyond the call of duty to help a senior in the snow, he used his snow plower to clear about a half of a foot of snow from his driveway when -- blows piled more ice and snow he began again. he pulled up in his squad car and took out. >> i want help you out. >> he is always welcome to shovel. reporter: the officer said he just responded ed to a call, where a man shoferling shoveling snow won't shoveling snowwent into cardiac arrest. steve: valentine's day sunday. if you are looking ar a gift, oldest chocolate maker has classic almond bar, and hazelnut truffle. and they are committed to keeping old world charm.
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1920s are, our founder is a greek immigrant, he came to new york in 1920s, and opened a shot -- christopher street, he created these recipes. steve: amazing almost 100 years. the new team has doubled in size without sacrificing the quality. dari: some young musicians from long island are getting ready for the performance of a lifetime. steve: antwan lewis checked in with them as they get ready for a big trip to cuba. reporter: many consider music one way of bringing peeping peopling. >> a big responsible for kids our age, but i think we can handle it, we got to show them, what we can do, when woe are. reporter: the high school
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members of choir, concert band are traveling to perform in cuba. one of first american public schools to do so since travel embargo was lived. >> they have french influence, and spanish influence, and brazilian to see the product of all of those cultures mixing together. this is going to be amazing. reporter: john philip sousa's washington post march will be first collection the band will play. trip also offers students a first hand history lesson, one they will remember efficient their lives. >> a highlight will beside by side -- be the side by side, our students play with their fellow
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you know that is golden. reporter: as ambassadors leave for cuba thursday. they will bring music supplies and take with them their knowledge of cuban songs they learned and leave behind a fair share of american ones, music. >> i think they will dig it. reporter: you bet they will. antwan lewis, "fox 5 news." steve: all right, are designers done with the big run a shows. dari: how some are changing things up to target regular people not just the a-lister. steve: and his most far fetched performance, johnny depp pulled off a starring role in new funny
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dari: talk what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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>> i lived it. i took credit for writing it. steve: that is johnny depp. so hard to tell. under that wig and make-up, playing donald trump, an hour lock film started streams on funny or die, poking fun the everything about trump. it will be huge. >> so hard to distinguish. steve: i know, it was released with trump's history in new hampshire. it has a ton of buzz. dari: ryan reynolds might not -- might have best week ever, been named people's sexiest dad
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and his new movie, dental, supposed to be funny hits theater friday, he opened up in a interview, about life with his wife. and daughter who turned one in december, he saed having a court was a dream come -- said having a court was a dream come true. >> new yorkfation fashion week began today a lot of big name designers are choosing not to show off their collection. steve: why they had a change of heart. reporter: all trappings of a week long celebration of fashion and invasion, that new yorkers have come to know as fashion week, rumblings of a revolution, bringing fashion week to the people. >> a big shift starting to happen.
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of fashion week with how big it has become. reporter: fern is regarded as creator of fashion week, saying social media has changed it because of blogging, snapchatting, instagram and snapchatting the consumer sees them on the runway 6 months before they are in stores. >> it is going to be clothing in season. he said he would do it in fall. reporter: other top designers are opening shows to general public, last season, offered 1200 tickets to its show in september, this week kanye west is selling tickets to his album release and fashion show at msg . >> i think that the train left the station, the move is
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lockstep and fall into place. i think this circ sighting. is exciting. >> they saw this coming, 7 weeks ago they start a study into impact of social media on fashion week, results are to be relessed next month. jener in lahmers, "fox 5 news." steve: they are called vertical patrols. dari: a look at that job. steve: everyone has a rescue animal, one man's love of pets goes beyond a stray dog or cat. fashion check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car
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dari: tomorrow night, will mark one week since two nypd officers were shot while patrolling a bronx housing project, fortunately they are both out of the hospital but this highlights the dangers police face. steve: lisa evers went on patrol with a former nypd lieutenant for an inside look.
10:27 pm
where two police officers were shot in the stair well last week, imagine what it is like for people living here, thousands of family live in melrose public housing development they have worries about crime despite nypd present. getting inside your building does not mean your home is safe, not when the front door is unlocked. >> always something going on here. they should have security. >> we want to get an idea how dangerous it is in the public housing stair wells for residentses and police officers we invited retired nypd lieutenant, and criminal justice professor to show us dangers, what is procedure. >> a off getting in takes elevator to top floor of, and starts from roof landing and walks down the building. reporter: at top then what. >> you check roof landing to see
10:28 pm
anything they should not be doing. reporter: you are going to show us. >> yes. reporter: what makes it dangerous. >> you have individuals that wait on the roof landing, as an element of surprise. reporter:s top stair case is a prime location for sexual assaults, drug use, robberies and violent vagrants, officers may need too haved guns out. >> it is officer's assessment if there is an element of danger. reporter: not unusual for a police officer to have their gun drawn. >> absolutely not. reporter: how do they carry the gun? >> traditional iy the traditionally, their finger should be on the slide of the gun not the trigger, this is the trigger, this is a toy gun. reporter: how common are lighting issues. >> as a child of public housing, i grew up and worked in public
10:29 pm
lighting being not what it should be. reporter: melrose 10 sent -- tenants said what could be done is upgrade the lighting systems, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." dari: according to nypd, crime, in city public housing was up 3.5 nurse last % last month compared to a year ago. ?eet steve: wounded nypd officer cruz applauded by her fellow officers as she left lincoln hospital today, the 24-year-old officer was shot by in the stomach by a gunman last week. her partner was wounded by a bullet that glanced his nose, the gunman killed himself after that. >> music hall where dozens died in last november's terror as
10:30 pm
-- terror attacks in paris is to reopen by the end of the year. dari: wwe boss vicinity mcmahon takes heat from wrestling fans for his decision to suspend a popular wrestler, he appeared to playfully grab mcmahon's arm, mcmahon did not find that funny and appeared to shove "the wrestler," earning neil, there is goes, he was suspended following day with reports claiming it was for 90 days, fans are claiming racism in mcmahon's treatment of o'neal who is well-known for his charity work and work with kids. steve: all right, sometimes man's best friend is a squirrel, a man in poland has been raising his squirrel since it was just a baby, he noticed it fall from a tree one day, he rescued it, and named him.
10:31 pm
but why would he? a good owner look at that adapting to inside environment. dari: you know, a woman was ticketed in our area for hers -- rescuing two baby squirrels. steve: we have stricter rules. dari: ramen has gone from college meal to high-end. steve: in hot new food trend that new yorker are slirping up. dari: a look at twitter's new timeline feature, but first, new york minute. >> elmo and cookie monster join young kids for a sesame street live themed dan class today. the kids are from children's aids society in east harlem, there was more than just fun.
10:32 pm
physically active, it helps with expression. reporter: "sesame street" live, at theater at msg through february 21. >> a dog show in manhattan, alliance for nyc's animals put on best in rescue show, highlights need and advantages to adopting dogs. >> spayed, neuter, vaccinated and micro chipped, they want to make the best match. better than a pet store. they are usually from puppy mills. here they are loved from the moment they get here until they come to your home. reporter: that is your new york minute. steve: check out fox 5 ny weather app, features daily and hourly forecast. your weather headlines and storm alerts, download the app free.
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steve: whoppers to weiners, burger king adding grilled hot dogs to its menu, even promoting with the help of snoop dogg. surprisingly they have not gone there before. all right. dari: seems sack religious. >> everything is a hyrbrid. >> right. >> if you logged into twitter, you may have noticed some of your tweets were out of order. dari: a new timeline showing tweets that they think people want to see the most, unlike facebook it is not ranked by relevance, they will abpeer after users log in. new timeline will be default setting in coming weeks, but
10:36 pm
steve: sir paul mccartney, bringing his musical talent to world of emojis, a group, called love emojis. they include sumo cupid. dari: script for play harry potter will be published as a book on july 1, one day after the debut on the stage in london, story set 19 years after deathly holos hallows, and follows harry's son elvis. >> heavy stuff. >> all right, ramen revolution. >> coming up, hot new food
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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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. steve: far from average noodles, a ramen revolution in new york. dari: crystal with why people are waiting hours in line for the food craze. reporter: the ramen craze is
10:39 pm
super polar on this side -- popular on this side of the atlantic you need fat. >> equals flavor but means that when you slirp it up, the soup sticks to the noodles. >> there are no ramen rules, but ivan had tips. >> in japan, it is okay to hold the bowl. some people, old guys, they love the -- >> just take it up. >> from the bowl. reporter: i want to slurp like a pro but i was there the there yet. >> it is difficult to be dainty and eat ram ramen successfully, i would watch these pretty women come in with their lovely
10:40 pm
with fat dripletsy always loved that. reporter: not uncommon to wait hours for a good bowl of ramen there is always a line outside of totoramen, next up mr. taco. >> i am going to love it, jordy, why do i like it? >> i like mr. taco's twist on the ramen, wide variety on his menu. >> a real artform to it, from architecture of the bowl to the depth of flavor you experience. reporter: jordy started ramentology, dedicated to the brotherhood of the broth. >> i found a lot of answers to life at the bottom of the bowl of ramen. >> you should eat it quick after 10 minutes the noodles get mushy, then west village.
10:41 pm
ramen it like a speak easy, you would not even know it is here then you slide over this door. >> new and up and coming ramen places to keep up with trend. reporter: my slurp it improved. >> that was good, i like how you aim the noodles in. i give you a 10 on that. >> thank you. reporter: crystal young, "fox 5 news." dari: that has to be perfect thing to eat this week to get warm. steve: this time of year. nick: remember after 10 minutes it gets sloppy. dari: slurp it up. nick: it is going to get cold, record lows. steve: in addition to blizzard, i peal like this week's --
10:42 pm
-- frigid cold air. this is extreme. talking zero here sunday morning, breaking old record of 2 in we get snow showers in next couple of days. we'll see ha happens with next system coming our way, 39 and 32. close to average. just a trace of snow. a couple more snow showers on tap. 41-48 where we should average, you see more of it tomorrow morning not a lot then, 32 now humidity 51. backed off for moment it will get breezy tonight and tomorrow, pressure 2973, rising you can look on fox 5 sky guardian with me, and find snow showers out there toward sussex county down to warren country area in new jersey, back to scranton, pennsylvania.
10:43 pm
showers, 39 to 40s in most areas, bridgeport 40, suss second the sussex thesame, and a come down process, temperatures in to 20s. and the currents right now 30 in islip. it is now, 30 at sussex, 23 in monticello back to 30 to belmar. west wind, picking up, 10 to 20 miles per hour, tomorrow it will be 15. windchill in the teens, that is just, sort of the tip of the iceberg. here comes snow showers from north and west, look at currents going west, buffalo to pittsburgh, 20s to albany, low 30s to coast, and our weather map with a couple of disturbancing this one to the north with an arctic cold front in here that will slide down,
10:44 pm
that will make news, that is still coming from central florida, it is cold tomorrow, 20s in morning, sun at times, no higher than 30 tomorrow, windchill making it feel colder, the front to south, and arctic front to from northwest with frigid air that could bring snow friday night, then saturday, sunday, temperatures plummet, a lot of clouds tonight, snow showers, breeze gusty, and temp dropping to 23 in city. no higher than 30 in the morning, limit sun, most in the morning, afternoon snow showers. only 27 friday, sun give aiwa clouds, a snow shower threat at night, high of 20 in morning at 10 by late day, sun and clouds a strong wind, windchill values sunday morning 15 to 25 bely zero, it will -- below zero, it
10:45 pm
afternoon, back to 33 monday, the next storm could be snow monday night, change to rain tuesday if the storm goes west. dari: okay. >> it may not go to the west, that will be next story we'll talk about closer we get to it. dari: so much. steve: on week that good news more people can sit it out than on tuesday all right. thank you nick. >> coming up super bowl in the books. dari: some nfl stars are making headlines for all wrong reasons. russ is next with starts. >> traffic tracker brought to you by toyota. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte
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10:47 pm
player, latest buffalo bills running back shawn mccoy, reports say that arrest warranties will be issued against mccoy. in wee hours of sunday morning, therure 4 suspects, ranging in age from 26 to 50, both police officers are 40 years old, and according to reports, they will not face disciplinary charges as a result. the alleged altercation, started over ownership of a bottle of champagne, with one officer getting kicked on the ground, and punch picked and stomped on by all 4 suspects before becoming a buffalo bill, mccoy spent since season with eagles. >> controversy continues over former heisman trophy winner johnny manziel.
10:48 pm
a number of incidents he is expected to cut by browns. which should be march 9, there is a report that the browns have lied about manziel's concussion symptoms prior to the season finale, to cover-up him being hedge over at a might -- hung over at a meeting, the browns deny this happening, i have no insider inform oc this at all, i do find it hard to believe that browns say that manziel of the tested by an independent neurologist, and remained in concussion in until january 12. >> for more pleasant type of news, to port st. lucy, mets right-hander degrom getting ready for next week's start of
10:49 pm
confidence in himself and his fellow met starters. >> i think everyone that trusts their stuff, knows if you have one bad outing shake it off, go back out in 5 days, we all know we're you know pretty good at pitching. so, i think that is give us us confidence. russ: grizzlies mall the nets, on ice rangers blank penguins 3-0. steve: all right. thank you russ. dari: gymnast from ucla took a typical floor routine and spiced it up with latest dance moves. steve: with her best dab, whip and in a "nae nae," her first time ever competing in a floor event, she stole the show. look at that. i can't believe that anyone can do that.
10:50 pm
place victory. pretty incredible. dari: i was going to say -- nick: my middle daughter is a gymnast. steve: have her do the "nae nae." dari: all right, manana. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago.
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