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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning, a cold morning out there. temperatures will only o get up to around 30 today, and that will be as warm as it guess for the next few days. mike woods has the forecast. j nypd is looking for a man accused of murdering a woman and two of her daughters on staten island. a third little girl is in the hospital in critical condition. >> deliberations in the trial of peter liang enter a third day today. yesterday judge denied a request by defense attorney for a mistrial. >> a vacation voyage to nowhere. well, just a horror film after a rough ride in the atlantic.
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home port in bayonne, new jersey we'll have reports from passengers. that couple were onboard and a live report coming up. >> good morning everybody thanks for being with us i'm kerry drew. >> and i'm ben simmoneau 6:00 february 11th. thank you very much for being with with us. colder than it was yesterday and going to get much colder as we move toward the holiday weekend for a lot of folks >>. >> tennessees below zero perhaps on sunday, mike. >> below zero for everyone here so cold weather is rolling our way. temps keep dropping down this morning now at 24 degrees out at central park. newark same number 25 in bridgeport. 26 in islip, and 27 degree in montauk. you have wind to deal with here. which make it is feel leak 14 central park feels like 11 in newark same thing in bridgeport and feels like two below in
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no windchill advisory or anything of that sort but we weekend. we have snow showers out in the east end of long island and right now they're making their move out of the area but it could cause you brief white-out conditions if that picks up to moderate or heavy. but in and out quickly and shouldn't be accumulating other than a quick coating that would be about it. thankfully things are qiementer east. we have another trough of low pressure that is going to dip through tristate region. that is another shot of that cold air that's going to keep our temps below normal for the next several day. today high temp 40 degrees, 30 degrees, 41 is average. today record high is 75. not happen had for quite a while. snow shower possibilities. high temp up to 30 degrees later on this afternoon as we go through the next seven days got a high of 27 tomorrow. 20 for you on saturday. and then subpoena 17 on sunday.
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have in that seven-day forecast it is valentine's day, and, of course, this is president's day weekend too for a lot of folks. hopefully if you have that extended you can hang out that day too. monday. let's bring out christina stoffo a lot of folks will be so motivated. >> to be outside why one degrees? >> it hurts had. it hurts to be outside. i know. >> you know information that i have is painful. accident on the roadway. we have saw mill by exit the for executive boulevard blocking one lane. a new crash on belt parkway this is in the eastbound direction by flatbush avenue. it's blocking one lane. traffic is definitely slowing down on your approach and to that spot. and then we have this jackknife tractor trailer. this is eastbound side of 80 and traffic moving towards this blocking two lanes, right by exit 37. now let's go outside because i'm going to show you delays moving
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here's 80 traffic moving away eastbound side. route 15 exit 34 and traffic is just crawling on eastbound side of 8 so definitely get out there and leave yourself a lot of extra time as you commute this way to work and van wyck expressway not too good for you either. let's go to the live shot through the q guard opinion interchange southbound. this is congestion into road work by hillside avenue that has at least one lane blocked off so heavy, heavy for you here, and you know your trains it's going to be a really good or for you metro-north. lirr transit path all on or close to schedule and alternate side is in effect today. ben and kerry back to you. >> christina thank you very much. a rocky ride that might be an understatement on the world third largest cruise ship that is finally over for these passengers. >> caribbean anthem of the seas finally docked back in new jersey last night ending kaition that most passengers would like to forget.
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new jersey with the very latest. robert. >> a spokeswoman for the cruise line tells me as many as half of the passengers opt od to stay onboard. they the -- did that told to disembark in next couple of hours. the cruise line apologized for this ordeal saying many a statement, quote, we need to do better. slowly 6,000 souls glimpsed dry ground and boy did it look good. >> i'm just glad to be home. it was really scary. >> i don't think anyone has been this happy getting off a cruise before and coming back home. rmingts passengers hopped for a relaxing trip to bahamas. memorable, you bet relaxing hardly. ship left bayonne on saturday
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off the the cape in north carolina. twhaindz the cruiseline says reached 120 miles an hour busted the 141 foot long vessel and threw it around like a sailboat. 30 foot waves took passengers on the the worst roller coaster ride ever. >> 12 hours ever hell. >> it was a who horror. >> cruise from hell. pictures and video show how violent it got but royal caribbean say severity exceeded expectations. in a statement royal caribbean said four passengers suffered minor injuries. cruiseline will give customers a full refund and certificate for 50% off a future cruise whether they want to take another cruise is another question entirely. >> i just want to emphasize
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when you see it's enormity and realize it was bouncing arranged leak a rubber ducky in a bathtub you understand how powerful this storm was. they repaired superdamage sustained in that storm. as of right now, it is scheduled to depart for next voyage this saturday. that is latest, live from cape liberty, appropriate name in bayonne this morning. ben and kerry back to you. >> saturday as in two days from now? >> right now on schedule. >> robert moses live for us in bayonne. thank you. another big story we're following this morning nypd on hunt for a man accused of triple murder. >> this man attacked his girlfriend and he also attacked children. three children, 23-year-old michael psychs stabbed a 28-year-old woman and two of her daughters. the third girl is in critical condition in the hospital.
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in the willow brook section in staten island. >> good morning en. two-year-old only one to survive the attack that took place at this ramada, 23-year-old michael psych responsible for stab his girlfriend rebecca cutler as you mention ben three of her daughters. ages two, one, and four month old apparently his own child. cutler two-year-old as we mentioned only one to survive had emergency surgery yesterday and recovering in a local hospital. this happened yesterday in willow brook. motel is being used as housing for the homeless. authorities say surveillance video shows the suspect psych going into cutler room around 9 in the morning and leaving four minutes later. it was a hotel maid who found victims and here's police commissioner bill bratton. >> we want to get hem and we want to get him very, very
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streets as fast as we can. >> now, psych apparently called his mother and confessed to the crimes had this is what authorities are saying and say he was gopg to kill himself and taking a bus to the staten island ferry and not been seen since. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call crime stoppers we understand as far as the couple goes, the domestic violence incident report was filed on tuesday from what we're learning about that, it was the cutler accused of a dispute and this ham haded yesterday nine in the morning. continue to follow the story and for now live in willow brook. back inside to you. >> from staten island antwan thank you very much. jury deliberations will continue today in the manslaughter trial of nypd officer peter pleaing a. >> accused of shooting a man inside a brooklyn stairwell.
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a request by liang attorney for a mistrial. they argued closing arguments were inflammatory and may have swayed the jury. first time of intentional crimes not charged in the indictment and we ask the mistrial be declared. >> officer liang charged with second-degree manslaughter for the shooting of gurley that took place in a dark stairwell in the fink houses. >> officials took clive into custody he was arrested last night at an airport in portland, oregon. the month long armed occupation and wildlife refuge center began over demands that two jail ranchers be freed and federal government give up 300 square miles of lantd to local control. for ranching, mining and other
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last four occupy percent will turn themselveses into authorities later today. >> a stabbing of a man in brooklyn as a possible bias attack. 25-year-old was walking along empire boulevard in crown heights before noon yesterday. he said he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder when he turned around stabber was running in the opposite direction this is surveillance video seen here. the post says victim suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to kings county hospital in stable condition. if you saw the attacker please call crime stoppers that number is 1-800-577-tips. >> all right only in the mid 20s right now in central park. we're going to get very cold this weekend. much more still to come. >> yeah, mike is here with a look at the very cold forecast. >> cold right now and windy at the same time. even a few snow flurries around town. quick showers they are coming through here and there but a partly sunny sky later on. breezy and colder than yesterday. snow showers not only possible this morning but later this afternoon as well. but if you want weather
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>> there's a possibility you might soon be able to light up a cigarette in new york park. smoking restrictions in the state parks could be overturned. state court of appeals is expected to make a final decision next month after an attorney repghting a smoker's rights group who knew such a thing existed in 2016 argued that parks officials overstep their authority by enacting back in the first place, however, state says smoking restriction balance interest of visitors most of whom consider smoking a nuisance. i agree with that. the courts's decision could impact smoking ban in some smaller new york city parks. >> time now 6:15, if you have plans for valentine's day, bring them inside because it is going to be cold. >> yeah. because layers that you have to wear outside will make you probably not so attractive.
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>> you look like ralphy on christmas story. like a big puff ball you say come inside and just -- >> chill, netflix. i don't know. that's okay to say. [laughter] it's reverse. >> people were interested in you saying that but i had to look that up. i'm not cool enough. [laughter] >> good stuff. and i met the guy too. show you what's happening out there around tristate renal so far this winter. has it been winter light? may have had a slow start out there but we picked it up and seems to have been over o the month of january. coldest day this winter was 27 degrees on the 23rd of january. coldest night was 11 degrees that was on january 5th.
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big storm that was almost biggest we've ever seen as far as know is concerned. 26.8 inches from january 22nd to 23 d and most rainfall on january 10th so we've seen significant action through the month of january. february so far, starting off a little bit slower here, but looks like we're beginning into the coldest weather we're going to see for the winter that's coming at us this weekend. right now we've got 24 degrees at central park. winds knot, northwest at 22 miles per hour. that makes it feel colder than it actually is. your windchill factor down into around 14 degrees out at central park right now. regionally across the northeast, yep we've got a lot of teens and 20s out there. you see purple and blue and pinks awflg this stuff that is the -- arctic air that is going to drop into the tristate region to the weekend. very cold air and takes a little while to get there. ahead of it we have weak disturbance passing by that
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we saw earlier this morning. there's a chance you could see more during the day but not too much happening maybe a quick light flurry or snow shower. that should be about it as disturbance swing through to kick up a lot of something. spotty later this afternoon. begin, i don't expect much many tomorrow drier with shine but that colder air coming in so your high temp comes down tomorrow. as we get into saturday clouds start to gather back but another shot of cold air that is coming through saturday into sunday. and that means your temps drop further further in that time frame. today today 17 on sunday that ties record high temp one degree that set the record low temp for that day. and then warmup over next week so we have to make it through sunday. valentine's day and ready to warm it up.
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her friend -- [laughter] >> flying in from guatemala. >> christina stoffo is here. it just got -- real chilly in here. [laughter] go ahead. >> the green. good morning everyone. so let's see the saw mill. it's the northbound side of the executive boulevard exit nine where we have a crash. one lane blocked off. also conjested for you on eastbound side of the belt parkway approaching flatbush avenue dealing with a crash one lane is blocked. you can see it gets red in that immediate area as you're approaching that spot that enmoose traffic is really slowing down into the year and here's oughts spot where we'ring loo at a ton of traffic eastbound on 80 moving into exit 37 where we're dealing with a jackknife tractor trailer two lanes are blocked off here. go to a live shot of 80, this is
6:20 am
eastbound side and this is a live shot by route 15 exit 34 so if you need to travel here, definitely allow yourself a lot of extra time or stay away from 80 because eastbound side definitely not looking good and continue to keep you you up-to-date on this. no delay on the span gets a little bit slow for you. brul not looking too bad, and here is 495 approaching lincoln tunnel inbound where things get crowded but moving looping at a steady pace. holland tunnel minor they and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> thank you christina. >> thank you very much. good deal with that. all right politics now according to new york post former new york city mayor mike bloomberg itching to run for president. >> that's how a source billionaire became a second national poll to test chances as an independent candidate. they told trump and sand percent left opening for a candidate.
6:21 am
it that bluing would meet with political pollster flank. but according to bright they denied that and journal remove that reference from its story. >> governor chris christie has to go back to doing the job he's paid by tea parties to do the. because yesterday he dropped out of the presidential race he thanked supporters in a took post last nigh and said he has no regret about running for comangder in chief. i don't know if taxpayers feel the same. he finished fifth garnering 7% of the vote up there. he's back in trenton, he has to go back to being new jersey's governor on tuesday. he will give a spoach to the legislature on the state more than $30 billion budgets and needs to make decisions on the transportation fund it's running out of money, and state pension fund that is also running out of money. >> dropping out of the race for president carly fiorina only woman, boss of hewlett-packard
6:22 am
now leading campaign trail. she said she will fight for americans refuse to settle for the way things are and had a message for women and girls saying do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or candidate because you're a woman. that is not feminism. >> referring to hillary clinton? >> may have had a little bit of a reference. speaking of hillary clinton on democratic 150eud she and bernie sanders scheduled to debate want to in milwaukee off the win in new hampshire he had a face-to-face meeting with al sharpton. in harlem that's why sharpton met with with barack obama back in 2008 when he was just a candidate. sanders is trying to win over african-american vote that shows heavily favor hillary clinton especially ahead of a primary down in south carolina. however, sanders is strong among youth vote rs and in new hampshire polling 90% found him trustworthy and honest. for clinton, less than half that number she seems to have an
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still to come in our "health watch" more proof that exercise is not just good for your body but it's also good for the mind. i believe that. 6:23 right now, and good day is coming right back.
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>> we're back more threats of a possible strike by new jersey transit rail workers a huge mess next month. more than a dozen unions authorized a march 13th walkout at a board meeting yesterday that is if the agency does not improve an offer to increase health premium but hundreds of bucks a month. head of the conductor union says
6:25 am
new jersey offer would almost totally negate a wage increase nj transit did not comment on the specific proposals last strike for new jersey transit back in 1983. >> new jersey transit declared train and buses a hoove board free zone. customer and employees will be no longer permitted to ride, charge, stoarl or carry devices on a transit system or any of its stations. nj transit says for safety reasons because injury of people falling off heifer hoverboards and can burst into flames without any warning. nmpleg today's "health watch" people who exercise mike woods listen to this have bigger brains. did this apply found that people not physically active in midlife had smaller brains than their peers 20 years later. shrinking of the brain leading to dementia.
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men and women for the study. incentive to get up an mauve around. >> bigger brains. >> your next vacation now is the perfect time to start. good day is coming right back.
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switch to better. switch to fios. >> good morning o. you'll need to bundle up over the if next few days. today highses are around 30 degrees and temperatures won't get above teens by sunday. mike woods has the extended forecast coming up. . royal caribbean anthem of the seas is back in bayonne, new jersey after aborted trip to the bahamas. ship was forced to rrn to port after it was battered by a storm on sunday. >> city council speaker hope it is toe limit nearly half of new york's 1.5 a million outstanding warrants applying to urinating in the streets and littering. >> cold temperatures making a dream of a sunny get away you're in luck. s at lowest price since 2010. fnght time to get away and get
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all right. good morning everybody thursday morning february 11 st. i'm ben simmoneau. >> and i'm kerry drew thank you so much for being with us. cruising right through february. >> could move faster especially when you seat forecast or in them weekend but let's be positive. your seven-day temperatures rebound nicely. >> bottom on sunday and pulling it right back up. that's the good news but you mention half way through february. like -- may pushing it a little bit. a short month. >> not quite there. 24 degrees. it is cold outside. 24 central park. same thing for you in newark 18 in al opinion town. 19 in sussex. 12 in monticello. and then you have to throat wind
6:30 am
the west to northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. same thing in i.c.e. lips. 19 in montauk, and zero big goose egg is what it feels like in monticello. not the coldest air we're going to see but not coldest air we're going see. up to the northwest. snow showers cam through long island and parts of connecticut. now it's about heading out to head out to sea out there in the atlantic waters. but there's more cold air dutching down this way but minimal mother like we have right now. it doesn't add u up to much. high temp today goes up to 30. with a few snow showers possible. high temp of 27 for you tomorrow. yep it's getting cold earl tomorrow, colder on saturday. high of only 20 degrees and looks leak temps fall through the day. high of 17 that would tie record high temperature of a record low high temperature for that date which is valentine's day. anyhow. we'll give you more on that
6:31 am
let's bring in christina stoffo and she's got the latest information on this chilly thursday morning commute. we have a lot of going on. >> westbound l.i.e. for northern state we have an accident here. also jericho turnpike by oak o wood road a spot you want to stay away from for right now. we have this issue travel on belt parkway eastbound side by flatbush avenue where we have a crash and inbound span we have a stalled vehicle also eastbound bqe in area of the brooklyn bridge that's a stotted out truck blocking one lane. things get very, very heavy for you around brooklyn bridge and seeing this issue. had is a bad one so eastbound side of 80 into jackknife tractor trailer blocking two lanes absolutely jammed most moving into this spot. moving into the area of thissing.
6:32 am
this is exit 34 and things are not looking good. gng to take you a while so allow yourself extra time or avoid route 80 altogether because they thinks are not looking good. holland tunnel our crossings going to see a 20 minute delay from the turnpike extension and one and nine. delay is sleer. but minor theys at the lincoln and gwb and trains are looking good today. metro-north, lirr, new jersey path all on or close to schedule at this time anyway and alternate side is in effect. ben and kerry back to you. >> thank you. thousands of passengers thankful to return to dry land after anthem of the seas returns to home port in new jersey last night. world third largest cruise ship ravage bid a powerful storm in the atlantic. damaged vessel and terrified passengers onboard. robert moses has reaction from
6:33 am
last night. half opted to stay onboard. they stayed onboard because they had no other arrangements. we're expecting them to disembark this morning, and end this heroing journey. cruise lien apologized saying, quote, we needed to better. as anthem of the seas tblieded into cape liberty yesterday night 6,000 souls glimpsed solid, dry ground and boy, did it look good. >> just glad to be home. that's all i have to say. it was really scary. >> i don't think anyone has been this happy coming back home. >> passengers hoped for a memorable relaxing trip to the bahamas. memorable, you bet. relaxing, hardly. the ship left bayonne on saturday but on sunday it steered right into a storm off of cape north carolina. winds that the cruiseline says
6:34 am
busted 1,414 foot vessel and threw it around like a sailboat. took prntionzs on the worst roller coaster ride ever. 12 hours of hell. >> cruise from hell. >> pictures on social media show how violent it got onboard. forecasters had predicted the storm but royal caribbean said it severity far exceeded expectations. in a statement royal caribbean said four passengers suffered minor injuries. cruiseline will give customers a full refund and a certificate for 50% off of future cruise. whether they want to take another cruise is another question entirely. it's hard to overstate the enormity of this cruiseship. it is nearly as long as the empire state building is tall and when you realize that it was bouncing around like a rubber ducky in a bathtub you can
6:35 am
storm was but fortunately these passengers are now back safely. in bayonne, robert moses good day knock. >> you know kerry you can book passage on cries that leave on saturday. i looked up the website still availability on that ship on saturday. >> okay move on this morning radiation specialist from the regulatory commission will visit indian power plant today. >> a r5eud owe active leak that happened over the weekend. cuomo says cancer causing leaked plant. went wrong there. new testing has shown that amount below indian power plant in buchanan is 700 times the water. officials insist there's no risk to because village gets the water from the cast skill mountains. arrested a man suspected of
6:36 am
charged with sex abuse and robbery in the first degree. police say on saturday morning he grabbed a woman on east 94th street and robbed her and then sexually assaulted her and identified through a crime stoppers tip and able to arrest him yesterday thanks to another tip from crime stoppers. cruz is back home this morning. she was applauded by fellow officers after she left lincoln hospital yesterday. you see her there. 24-year-old officer shot in the stomach by a gunman in the bronx housing development. gunman killed himself shortly after the shooting. >> fox means business. >> joining us right now from the fox business studio is lawn
6:37 am
>> i want to update you on price of oil at a 13-year low so you can imagine with this dramatic free fall in price of oil that jet fuel will continue to move lower and maybe airfare will continue to move lower as well. most recent numbers are actually for the end of last year. third quarter and average domestic round trip 37 2 it is cheapist since 2010 so looking at essentially a six-year low and maybe going even lower as the price of oil continues to fall. i know you're saying oh, 372 sounds high. it does because i'm looking for $200 flights but it is slow in average it all in. >> when you consider you can fly five, sucks hours -- six hours my wife filled it up, it was on e $16. >> i did 20 in the weekend in new jersey.
6:38 am
>> i haven't paid those prices since the 90s. all right thank you lauren. >> see you guys. >> 6:39 right now you may have noticed on twitter some of your tweets out of order. social media is rolling out a new timeline that is going to show you tweets of things it thinks you want to see the most and not ranked by relevance. confused u how facebook ranks things. prioritized will be there and once you see them they'll most move to reverse chronological order like we know with twitter. you can turn it off if you don't like it. but you can't turn this off kerry -- [laughter] from bratwurst to weaners adding grilled hot dogs to the menu this month. >> live from the dk newest menu item.
6:39 am
have a hip-hop biggest dawg, snoop dogg, 7,000 burger king restaurants in the u.s. that will make it biggest hot dog seller in the country. will be able to find classic and chili cheese dog debut february 23rd. appetizing or unappetizing. >> i have to try it. >> i'm going to pass mike what do you say? >> i went to burger king the odeay they have jalapeno chicken fries. i was like what is that? >> what had is that? layered like -- it like a jalapeno popper? >> and outside of a chicken stick fried. >> o.c. anyhow. hot dog is easy. what's beginning on with the
6:40 am
but we could see snow showers here and there today. but there's a blast eve arctic air coming in this weekend and bring us potential for record low temperatures 20 degrees below zero sudden morning so a nasty cold weekend. now let's bring in christina and quick a snapshot of the roads and rails although we've got problems. >> problems one of them eastbound 80 lots of slow moving cars into exit dealing with a jackknife tractor trailer blocking multiple lanes. now outside toe bqe running along with delays. we have a stall by brooklyn bridge but mid-span another stall that goes inbound bumper to bumper delays. alternate side is in effect today and turn it over to duke to give us an update on sports. >> coming up in sports, king new hampshire rick lundquist does something he hasn't done since
6:41 am
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>> all right good thursday morning 6:45 checking headlines for you man hunt continues for that 23-year-old michael sykes stabbed two children and woman at a hotel. he attacked children, a third child who's two years old remain in critical condition. >> jury deliberations will continue today in the manslaughter trial of peter liang kawfsdz of shooting and killing unarmed man inside brooklyn stairwell many in court denied a request by the attorneys for a mistrial. >> the anthem of the seas one of the rming laest cruise ships jersey. on sunday cruise ship sailed into is a storm much bigger than pretibted with 120 miles per hour winds, and 30 foot waves. four people were slightly hurt in that chaos. passengers getting full refunds
6:45 am
set to sail on saturday. melissa wantses to wipe away all warrants for small time crime. expected to propose a plan to make this happen in her state of the city speech today. we're talking about offense it is leeb urinating in streets or littering. mark argues that these 700,000 warrants clog up the already back logged court system. critics like the bpa say it could get in the way of doing work and pay fines. proposal would need approval from the mayor and the scam. city council. >>s i paing red hot crosby and penguins on a seven had much game goal or scoring streak until last night. they have something to say about that. gets the puck and shows patience around two defenders. the goalie gets first goal and 13, 1-0 and then thursday period.
6:46 am
going to skate in, and he absolutely has a laser here. beats mark, and 2-0 rangers. and kings, he henrik lundqvist 58th career shutout and rangers shut out in pittsburgh since jackman. the final score and rangers defense a lot of credit. crosby not have a shot on net. wow. football news not a big surprise giants released offensive lineman. and they have lost linebacker john after he announced his retirement missed a ton of times due to injury. so giants free up 12 more million dollars in cap space that means they have about 60 million dollars now to spend to improve that roster that needs improvement. basketball, netses at home to face memphis grizzlyies off that last second win over denver. here in the first going to nail
6:47 am
and they're looking good at this point. but it didn't last. grizzlies turned it on. mike conley he's good. layup on the foul. later on -- michael grain -- sees it, nails it, grizzlies up score nets 39-18 win 109-90 final score. baseball news think warm thoughts. i'll be in spring training next week with not to rub it in. >> you are a little bit -- a little bit. to the mets they start next week but some of the players are actually in st. port lucci. earlier right hand per jacob getting ready to enter the thrd season. did not cut his hair and fellow pitchers. >> if you have one outing you get out there in five days, so i
6:48 am
we're -- you know pretty good at pitching. so i think that gives us a little confidence too. day before the world series in kansas city -- i say you know, do you have any hair tips listen i'm sick of the hair. i'm going to cut it, it's getting in the way. >> you know what -- like dude. you can't cut your hair. >> taking credit. for the hair style now. >> he was going to cut it he said he's gotten three inches cut off. going home this weekend, and -- . he went to the hair salon. he said duke castiglione told me not to cut it. [laughter] i'm going to go home. no haircut. >> you do i have to say comment a lot on men's hair. >> ben, you have good hair. >> you have good hair too. >> steve lacey -- beats us all. >> you guys all have good hair. >> duke -- mic would agree with this
6:49 am
>> exes tray going on. going to get too crazy and it will be in his eyes. >> need a braid. >> kerry has the hair and eyes. [laughter] awe -- >> love you mike. >> it's true. anyhow let's show you what we seen so far this winter. 27 degrees that was your coldest high temp on january 23rd. coldest night was on january 11th with january 5th where we have 11 degree. most snow it was that big storm. the 22nd to 23rd where we saw nearly 27 inches of snow, and almost two ijs of rain came in on january 10th, and yeah, so january is actually a pretty blockbuster month in terms of weather for us here. winter weather here in the tristate this month hasn't been so bad so far. well above normal but heading into a cold snap right now. 24 degrees at central park with
6:50 am
winds are now calm at this hour. at least for central park but windchill factor down to one below and 11 in newark. same thing in bridgeport and 14 central park as well as islip that windchill number came in from earlier in the hour with decent wind in the area. a dry sky and snow flurries out to the east but those have now moved on for the most part and we're looking at a drier condition altogether. but it is certainly cold, cold enough to create show. so here's what's happening with ski resort. mountain creek machine room conditions with 30 trails open. powder in hunter mountain. 60 inches. breezy and k08d today with cloudy sky. high temp up to 30 just a few snow showers here and there. high temp of 27 for you tomorrow. 20 on saturday. temps dropping that day with a high temp of 17 on sunday around valentine's day and then we see a warmup here.
6:51 am
that's at apple and google play store.
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great things on >> good morning everyone. couple of accidents outs there, let's start with the l.i.e., westbound side in the area of the northern state parkway we're dealing with a crash and then on
6:53 am
heavy with an accident blocking one lane and word of a closure of route 70 eastbound and lakehurst in area of route 37 busy, busy area definitely a place that you're going to need to avoid until further notice. aalternate side of the street parking rules are in effect until further notice. >> entertainment news "star wars" episode eight started filming m >> according to bob iger pl that was pushed back weeks opening day pushed back by a lot. supposed to be may of next year may 17th now moved to december. maybe also because episode seven did so well. force awakens is third movie in history to earn more than $2 billion at the global box office. only o one to earn $900 million in the u.s. bothal reis rising by the way. adventure of harry potter continue.
6:54 am
published as a book on july 31st one day after the debut on stage in london after the deathly hallows and followed the son. j.k. rowling said he'll struggle with a weight of a family legacy he never wanted. >> that's it or for us on this thursday morning. bumgdz up kids too as they head
6:55 am
>> greg and i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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