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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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had a blatant and callous disregard for human arrive. what's next? bail is set at $1 million for all but one of the defendants. they'll be back in court march 31st. steve: thanks, joe. dari: if you think it's cold today, it's not. just wait. steve: it's cold, but we're going to get crazy cold as we head into the weekend. nick gregory here is the latest look at the forecast. yesterday we were talking about a w of 0. is that the deal? nick: i've raised it to 2 for the city. a warming trend. that will tie the record for that -- that's for sunday morning we're talking about for the real punch of the arctic air that will come in. it will be quite cold tomorrow and getting even colder saturday, sunday, and we'll have a quick recovery as we get into next week. right now, no picnic out there. 23 in the city. 19 sussex. 12 monticello. 25 at the jersey shore. mid 20s across long island and a couple of snow showers have been around. might run into a couple of those early tonight. otherwise, we'll get mainly
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a few patchy clouds overnight, but the wind has been strong and gusty. look at the west wind in play. 15, 25 miles an hour. we have seen gusts higher than that. the gusts have been approaching 35 to 40 miles an hour in parts of the area. there's a gust of 37 at islip and bridgeport. 35 montauk. gusting to 32 at poughkeepsie. here are the windchill numbers. feeling like 5 now up there in the hudson valley. 4 below monticello. that's compared to what's coming with the next blast of arctic air, mild conditions. by the weekend, we'll talk about windchill values that could be around 15 to even 25, 35 below zero. sun gives in to clouds and then we'll see snow showers tomorrow night with the arctic air tumbling in. from saturday into sunday morning, we will have to advise you there's a windchill advisory -- windchill watch from north jersey through the hudson valley and connecticut saturday through sunday morning. steve: all right. thank you. jury deliberations continue in the trial of nypd officer who
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darkened stairwell. dari: liz dahlem is live in downtown brooklyn. what was the jury focused on today? >> reporter: good evening to you. we just heard from the jury for the first time today through a note. and they asked for the firearms and tactical guide book that's issued by the nypd. basically that's a handbook that's given to officers that let them know when they should and should not have their weapon drawn. one could surmise this jury is a bit hung up on the weapon. let's talk about what happened here today. we did not see officer peter liang. he was inside of a room with his pba escort because the second day of jury deliberations was a lot of waiting around. the 28-year-old officer is charged with second-degree manslaughter for the november 2014 shooting of akai gurley in a dark stairwell in the pink houses. gurley was pierced in the chest by a bullet that ricochetted off the wall and fired from peter liang's gun.
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made up of seven men and five women, went up one by one to handle t weapon. they wanted to see how easy or hard it was to fire. agai it seems like the jury is fixating on this gun right now, having asked for that handbook a half hour ago. i was speaking with a court officer. he tells me that they have a number of officers on standb just in case this verdict comes down and things get a bit heated. the judge decided he's going to keep the jury until 6:30 tonight and if they do not come up with a decision, they're off because it's a court holiday, presidents day, tomorrow and monday. so they do not come down with a decision tonight, they'll have to come back tuesday to continue their deliberations. live in downtown brooklyn, back over to you. dari: we appreciate it. thank you, li today marks one week since two nypd officers were shot while patrolling a bronx housing complex.
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dangers police and the public face in public housing certain situations coming up at 5:30. steve: police investigating the stabbing of a man in brooklyn as a bias attack. the 25-year-old was walking in own heights just before noon yesterday. he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back and told police when he turned around, he saw a man running in the opposite direction. he suffered a collapsed lung. if you have any information of the guy on the screen, call crimestoppers, 1-800-577-tips. dari: a federal judge in south carolina delayed the trial of dylann roof again. his attorneys are waiting to see if the justice department penalty. if they don't, he has agreed to plead guilty. steve: federal nuclear officials were at the indian point power plant trying to figure out the radiation leak. there's no immediate health risk but as linda schmidt tells us,
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aren't so sure. >> reporter: the n rc has inspectors on site here at indian point every day. that's normal. it's normal protocol. as a result of the latest leak, it has brought in a specialist to help investigate. it turns out the amount of radioactive tritium that leaked is 80 percent higher than first reported on saturday. entergy that owns around operates the plant in westchester county says higher concentrations were found in groundwater monitoring wells. they say 80 percent may sound like a large number, but says there is no need for concern and no threat to the public's water supply. >> the levels that are in the ground are .1 of 1% what the federal government permits. we voluntarily notified the federal and state governments because we want toe transparent. >> reporter: governor cuomo, who has been critical of indian
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state agencies to investigate. westchester county executive rob astorino is not concerned and says he does not want politicians blowing this out of proportion for political gain. >> we had a conference call with the nrc yesterday. they said this is an insignificant event. that the amount is still 1,000 times less than what is permitted by environmental standards. i think what we don't need here is the false hysteria we're getting. >> riverkeeper, a watchdog group, has been calling for the decades. it says the leak may turn out to beinor and no risk to the however... >> the issue is it's the seventh malfunction in eight months. the plant is old and decrepit
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>> reporter: the special investigator will have 45 days after this investigation to document any findings. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: the feds are sending zika virus tests for pregnant women to health departments across the country. it is suspected of a rare and devastating birth defect. >> florida, texas, southern u.s. have the mosquito that spreads this very well. that's why we want to be able to support them to do a better job both diagnosing people who may have zika and controlling mosquitos that may spread zika. dari: mayor de blasio met with health officials to discuss the zika outbreak. sharon crowley will have more on the growing response to the virus coming up at 5:30. steve: another rough day on wall
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fourth day in a row. dari: today's close was actually an improvement from the morning. dissect. >> this is a weird day. i don't know whether there's something in the cosmos, but it's a weird vibe and it trickled down to the market. a 250 point drop was a good thing. >> reporter: it was absolutely an improvement. here we go. this is how the dow finished off the day, losing 254 points. but it was a lot worse earlier on, down more than 400. let's recap what happened. we started off in bad shape thanks to a lousy day in europe and a lot of pressure on oil prices. you know the drill. for the most part, stocks have been following oil prices. european markets weren't excited to hear janet yellen say rate hikes will continue. it was a bad day. what turned things around this afternoon? around 2:30, a report came out from dow jones that opec may be
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this glut that has been killing us. oil prices and stock prices started bouncing back. until we have a deal to cut back on oil and until oil prices make a comeback, we're going to see stocks struggling. that's why we stayed in the red. boeing had a heck of a day. its stock tanked on a report that it's under investigation by the sec. the sec is taking a look at their accounting. the issue is whether they misrepresented the profitability of its 787 dreamliner and 747 jets. boeing isn't commenting. it's been a rough week for them. yesterday they announced it has to cut jobs from the commercial airplane division to help trim costs. costs. >> a little payback for the financial crisis. 3 billion will be ponied up to settle charges. they didn't tell people how crappy the mortgage bonds were. 550 million of the settlement
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we don't know how it will be distributed. goldman sachs, hsbc and wells fargo have settled charges. bank of america and j. p. morgan made bigger payments a few years back. no matter how much you pay back -- steve: the damage is done. >> reporter: doesn't change a thing for a lot of people. dari: the big short. >> reporter: i keep thinking that movie. steve: so good. dari: it has been a long climb to the top for one victoria's secret model. >> resilience, determination. steve: she talks about the challenges models of color face in the fashion world. dari: merrill yl streep in the middle of a controversy surrounding diversity. >> new york is more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world. i want our area to reflect that.
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using a typewriter. the last repairman visits clients whose companies he's served. >> having the feel of the machine, seeing the words hit the paper. >> it's one of few working in computer science who came to the united states at the age of four. >> when my father bought me the atari >> juan has created over a thousand web sites. >> i count my blessings. >> what are you doing? i don't want to touch that. >> beekeeping. it's legal since 2010. there are a lot of rooftop hives
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dari: a model who has posed for some of the biggest designers says the fashion world still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity. steve: zachary caught up with her in soho. >> reporter: take me back to the beginning. 2010 or before that? >> before that. i think before that. it was like maybe 2008, 2007. i was 14, 15, when i got discovered >> reporter: what's it take to rise to the top? oks don't hurt.
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rejection, all things new york fashion week. >> fashion week is all about resilience, determination, and -- yesterday i was like you can't shed tears over these people and their opinions of what you or what you think they are. it's not real. next season they might like you. >> reporter: she's a regular on the runway. she's booking some of the hottest names in the game. i caught up with the british born model between castings at kiss in soho. what are you looking at? >> you know, right now -- >> she's a sneakerhead. that's why we're at the new woman's store. her personality is large, infectious infectious. >> i think it's more the confidence of being yourself. you have to be yourself. >> reporter: she's got a little substance.
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life and in the profession, but she's put in the time and it's paying off. all that hard work, going back to the young 14, 15-year-old girl in the u.k., hit a crescendo this fall when she hit the stage for victoria's secret. [music] >> it's a model's dream because -- >> it means something. >> it means something. >> reporter: what's it mean to be black in this business? >> to be black in this business, it's a challenge. i definitelsay it's already part of you. >> reporter: i'm zachary keisch, fox news. steve: very cool. meryl streep facing backlash for comments she made today, serving as president of the international jury this year and all seven members of the panel are white. when she was asked about the
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off the question saying we're all africans really. versity has been a huge issue. all 20 of the oscar acting nominees are right. dari: donald trump and uni vision settled a lawsuit from the decision not to air the miss universe and miss usa pageants. they dropped the pageants after trump made controversial comments about mexicans claiming that the remarks offended millions. trump filed a 500 million lawsuit claiming they broke the contract. there have been no details about the settlement. steve: confidential. we won't find out. let's talk about the weather. it's cold out, but this is the warmup act. nick: exactly. we will be getting colder. today we got to a high of 31. most of the day it's been in the mid and upper 20s as will be the case tomorrow. 41 and 28. that's the average now.
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a wild swing in temperatures as we go from the weekend up to tuesday. 65 for the record high. we've had snow showers around which have left a trace of snow. in new york city, we're holding at 23. humidity at 31 percent. so quite dry. the west wind had been very gusty this afternoon. the pressure 29.99 and it is on the rise. we have a fair amount of clouds across the area. let's take a look at what we have on fox 5 sky guardian. you can see a few snow showers are still out there. i think the threat will go away this evening. it will come back tomorrow, late in the day into tomorrow night as the surge of arctic air could leave a quick coating to an inch of snow behind tomorrow night. there's a couple of snow showers and partially in pennsylvania and a few just coming off the sandy hook area. that's about it. as we take a look at temperatures around the region, basically the highs weren't so high. didn't get out of the 20s north and west by sussex to newark. 29.
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33 at bridgeport. now everybody is down basically into the 20s. the windchill values have dropped into the single digits and into the teens. take a look at our current temperatures. we're in the lower 20s from the city. bridgeport, 22. 12 monticello. 19 sussex. mid 20s as we head to belmar. as we look at the temperature change from 24 hours ago, it's a whopping 15, 16 degrees in a lot of the area. there's the west wind. 15, 25 miles an hour sustained. we have seen the gusts reach 35 to near 40 in spots. current gust at bridgeport, 37. 35 on the east end. gusty to the 25, 30 degree range closer to the city. our windchill values have been down pretty much into single digits. tonight they'll drop lower than that. the wind will start to subside a bit as the night goes along. a couple of snow showers in the northeast. we take a look at the satellite photograph and we'll find that
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the arctic air not on the map yet as we look at highs. teens to lower 20s minneapolis to chicago. when the air comes down here tomorrow into saturday, you're going to feel it. no picnic out the door. single digits in the suburbs. 25 tomorrow afternoon. there's the arctic front. watch as it comes through with snow showers. we get close to a coastal storm that stays offshore. that could make things worse over the weekend. the frigid temperatures will be bad enough. windchill values saturday night into sunday morning could be 15 to 30 below zero. patchy clouds tonight. cold. 15 in town. 5 in the suburbs. windchills will be closer to 0. sun gives in to clouds tomorrow. snow showers by tomorrow night. again, no higher than 25. 19. the high will be in the morning. then the temperature tumbles during the day with sun and clouds and a windy day, gusts to
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2 sunday morning. below 0 in the suburbs. 17 in the afternoon. a big swing comes our way. clouds monday. it snows monday night. could be a significant bit of snowfall before it goes to rain on tuesday. and flooding rain possible in the afternoon as we jump into the high 40s. then we'll settle back down to the upper 30s by thursday. steve: incredible. been like flooding that's the bigger issue than snow. nick: the coastal flooding. we'll have a bit of snow monday night and it rains hard tuesday afternoon. there we go again. steve: thank you. unlikely collaboration making for the perfect valentine's day project. students joined forces on long island and created cookies, cards and flower arrangements for the holiday. some of the money will go to charity. the rest of the money will support future programs at the career center. dari: the most irreverent
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is ready for his close-up. steve: dead pool's not safe for work sense of humor. dari: and a major step forward for lamar odom in his recovery
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dari: hollywood's newest superhero uses the term hero loosely. steve: simone boyce here to tell us how dead pool differs. this is a whole different approach than what we're used to. >> reporter: yeah. more of the antihero than a hero. this is an adult superhero movie. it's raunchy and it is very r rated. i sat down with one of the actors, t.j. miller, at st. andrew's bar and restaurant here in times square. >> surprise. >> this is a different superhero story. >> robert reynolds in a red suit belonging to dead pool. >> i've been in love with it for so long. >> reporter: fans are getting what they asked for. a stand alone film with wade wilson, who transforms into the most irreverent superhero in the marvel universe. >> you are hard to look like. you look like a topographical
5:26 pm
>> t.j. miller stars as weasel. i think you have the best role in dead pool because you get to make fun of ryan reynolds to his face. >> that's one of the most fun aspects of it. he's such a handsome guy. you're doing a scene with him, you can get lost in his eyes. >> you are haunting. you look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado. >> thank you. >> reporter: the cast tells me they're shocked how many raunchy one liners made it into the final cut and you probably will be, too. >> it's a perfect valentine's day gift to the one that you love or someone that you hate and you know will like an r rated movie. >> reporter: be prepared for this not to be your typical valentine's day date movie. better make sure --
5:27 pm
you're referencing. i was like what? >> reporter: a lot of the jokes -- it takes a while to set in. when they do, they're really, really funny, but they're very adult. dari: ryan reynolds said it took 11 years to get the movie made. >> reporter: this is his passion project. he played dead pool a long time ago and he's been wanting to do a stand alone movie. >> you know it's different. it's coming from a different place. hard to make. dari: will be interesting. steve: thank you. lamar odom making big stride in his recovery from the near fatal overdose. dari: harvey levin will tell us where he made his first public appearance. steve: it's in new york. and it's called the vertical patrol, going up and down the stairs of public housing. lisa evers takes a look into one of the most dangerous parts of
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steve: still no verdict in the trial of rookie nypd officer peter liang. jurors spent the day focusing on the firearms and tactical guide book, explaining when an officer should draw his weapon. he is charged with accidentally shooting and killing akai gurley in the pink houses in brooklyn.
5:31 pm
won't return to court until tuesday. dari: it has been a week since two nypd officers were shot while patrolling a bronx housing project. steve: both officers are out of the hospital, but the incident highlights the dangers police and public face in public housing. dari: lisa evers joined a former nypd lieutenant to see how officers secure the stairwells. >> reporter: i'm here in the melrose houses where two police officers were shot in the stairwell last week. if it's that dangerous for the cops, imagine what it's like for the people living here. thousands of families live in the housing development. they tell us they have constant worries about crime, despite the nypd presence and outdoor cameras. getting inside your building doesn't mean your safe, not when the front door is unlocked. >> there's always something wrong around here. melrose, they should have security. >> reporter: we wanted to get an idea of how dangerous it is in
5:32 pm
police officers. we invited a retired nypd lieutenant and criminal justice professor to show us what the danger is for everyone. what's the procedure for doing a vertical patrol? >> an officer starts from the roof landing and walks down the building. >> reporter: once you get to the top floor, what do you do? >> first thing is you want to check the roof landing to see if there's anyone up there doing something they shouldn't be doing. i'm going to show you. >> reporter: what makes the stairwell patrols so dangerous? >> what makes it so dangerous, oftentimes you have individuals that wait on the roof landing and there's an element of surprise. >> reporter: it is for a prime location for sexual assaults and vagrants and officers may need to have a gun out. >> it's the officer's assessment as to if there's an element of danger prevalent when conducting the vertical patrol. >> reporter: it's not unusual for a police officer to have the gun drawn?
5:33 pm
absolutely not unusual. >> reporter: how are they supposed to carry the gun? >> traditionally when patrolling, the gun -- their finger should be on the slide of the gun. that's here. it should not be on the trigger. this is the trigger. this is a toy gun. >> reporter: how common are lighting issues like this? >> as a child of public housing, i grew up in public housing and worked in public housing as a police officer, it's very common instances of the lighting being not what it should be. >> reporter: tenants tell me one thing that could be done is to upgrade the lighting in the stairwells and to install the type of video surveillance system that exists in other developments. in the south bronx, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. steve: city officials trying to get out ahead of the growing health crisis involving the zika virus. sharon crowley tells us what they talked about at a meeting today. >> reporter: bitter cold temperatures we feel today make it difficult to think about spraying, but the next season is on the minds of city leaders who
5:34 pm
prepare if the mosquito-borne zika virus comes to new york city. the zika virus has been known to cause birth defects in pregnant women. >> there is virtually no risk of contracting the zika virus in new york city at this point. but we are very concerned about the onset of the mosquito season at the beginning of april. >> reporter: right now the mosquito is located in south and central america and the caribbean. five new york city residents did outside this country. the mosquito that carries the zika virus is not native to new york city, but a cousin of the mosquito is here. city officials met to discuss how to advise pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant about staying healthy. >> for pregnant women or women who are considering becoming pregnant, we continue to recommend that they postpone
5:35 pm
>> health officials say part of the problem is little is known about the zika virus except it can make some people sick with flu-like symptoms and cause abnormalities in children born with mothers infected with it. new york city will soon be offering blood tests for those concerned they may have been exposed. the city will also be launching a campaign to educate people about using mosquito repellent and getting rid of standing water, information they hope to convey before it's springtime in the city. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. dari: lamar odom is on the mend and out on the town right here at nyc. steve: tmz executive producer harvey levin joins us with the big event. we have the kanye thing and lamar odom came, which was a surprise to everybody, right? >> i've got to tell, this is really shocking. if you didn't know what he had gone through a couple of months ago, you would have no idea he
5:36 pm
he got on a jet last night with khloe, showed up in new york city. right now the kanye concert fashion show is going on. kanye walked lamar out personally into the crowd. the kardashians all showed up. but then kanye walked lamar out, got him to his seat. he walked the stairs. there was no problem. the show is going on. kanye basically plugged a laptop in and is playing his music from live for pablo, the new album, and doing a fashion show. they're all watching. i've got toell you it is unbelievable how he's bounced back. dari: we're looking at some video from tidal. it looks like a lot of fun. i was really struck by how lamar said he would be there for kanye because of what kanye's music did for him and the fact that kanye visited him so frequently when he was in the hospital. >> it wasn't just visiting him. there was a point where kanye --
5:37 pm
anybody and kanye would come to the hospital and play his music for lamar and would sit with him. one of the first things lamar started remembering were lyrics to the music that kanye played. it was almost therapy. story. dari: he talked about the fact that kanye played the rough cuts from this album for him. i mean, they really have a relationship. >> it's a bond. it's a bond that lamar clearly feels because his doctors told him not to go, that it was too taxing and he felt he had to be there. dari: authenticity. we like it. steve: we'll see the whole thing in a couple of months on keeping up with the kardashians. it's a good hook. they know what they're doing. we appreciate it. thank you. dari: rock 'n roll legend from new jersey recalls his rise to superstardom. steve: when the boss' memoirs is
5:38 pm
he's got a lot to say and is making a lot to say it. >> just so thankful and happy to be alive. dari: and passengers from a storm battered cruise ship are just happy to be on land after recalling their nightmare at
5:39 pm
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. dari: royal caribbean has
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the anthem of the seas. they returned to port in bayonne last night after being forced to endure the worst conditions possible. a massive storm in the atlantic that battered the ship with 30 foot waves and hurricane like winds. several passengers spoke about the ordeal this morning on "good day". >> everything was all over the floor. there was glass. everything in the bathroom was on the floor, toiletries and everything. and we're like, oh, my god, the first thing that comes to mind is we're going to die. >> the crew was walking around cleaning up debris, class, bringing water. dari: royal caribbean gave passengers a full refund and 50 percent off another cruise if they decide to take one. meanwhile, a florida senator is calling for a federal investigation saying that the cruise line knew days in advance how bad the storm would be and shouldn't have sailed anywhere near it. steve: uber fighting back in the war on wheels with prosecutors
5:42 pm
uber was notified starting february 22nd, drivers around penn station or newark liberty airport could be towed or ticketed because they're violating the cab ordinance. they'll compensate any driver who is cited or fined what they call unjustly. dari: the boss is writing a book book. [music] dari: simon and schuster says the new memoir will be released in september. the title, born to run, of course. just ahead of the november election. the book will recount springsteen's childhood in new jersey, his rise to super stardom and the personal struggles that inspired main of his classic songs. he's been working on the book since 2009 and there's word he may have been paid up to $10 million to do it. steve: incredible. all right. ramen is gone as a staple to high end cuisine.
5:43 pm
hot new trend new yorkers are it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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steve: the risk of dementia is declining and changes in life-style and overall improvement in health could be why. dari: joining us is dr. teo mendez from ny orthopedics. he's affiliated with lenox hill hospital.
5:46 pm
that's very encouraging. talk about what the life-style changes, what's going on. >> absolutely. in this study, they looked at over 40 years what happened to a group of people when they did things like change their life style, lower their blood pressure, lower their level of cholesterol, and what they found was their rate of vascular dementia, caused by stroke, decreased. overall, the rate of dementia decreased. for alzheimer's, the decrease wasn't as large. steve: we don't smoke, that's the encouraging thing. we have a say in whether we get these things later in life. >> absolutely. it's encouraging news for two reasons. one, because we can change our risk later in life. and, two, we know how to change that risk. another thing that came out of the study was there was a risk with your level of education. there was association with your level of education and reducing your risk of dementia. steve: an active mind wards it off. >> use it or lose it.
5:47 pm
let's talk about this on the eve of valentine's day weekend. chocolate. like red wine. overrated. badly. >> chocolate is -- not all chocolate is the same. dari: very important. >> there's milk chocolate, white chocolate, that has no chocolate in it, and dark chocolate. chocolate, the level of the cacao, the plant-based part of chocolate, determines the health benefits. there's health benefits from flavonoids. the benefits have not been proven, but there's been association with lowering your blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and improving your skin. chocolate may help ward off dementia when it comes down to it. dari: wow. improving your skin. that's so interesting. >> absolutely. especially since when you were a kid -- dari: that i where i was going.
5:48 pm
sophomore in high school. >> we don't know -- obviously the fats in chocolate from the milk and sugar are not good for you. steve: white chocolate is out. the dark chocolate does. that's what they whack you for $14. dari: the higher concentration of the cacao, the better for you? the more the benefits. >> generally the higher the concentration of cacao, we would think more benefits. steve: that's the good stuff. dari: thank you. happy valentine's day. steve: let's talk about the weather. we know what we're in store for this weekend and it's ugly. nick: and dangerously cold. the windchill will be an issue. the worst will be saturday night into sunday morning. windchill values at that time, even in new york city, may drop as low as 15, 20 below zero and may get to 30 below zero in some of the suburbs. you can get frostbite like that. keep that in mind.
5:49 pm
it's lower 20s after being 30, 31 this afternoon. boston, 31. it didn't get out of the teens to the north and west. the colder air is coming in. we'll drop to 15 in the city and single digits to the north and west. look at fox 5 sky guardian. a couple of snow showers are still in parts of the area. as we go through into the evening hours, the chance is going to be diminished. we'll have a couple of patchy clouds that will stay into the sky as we head into this evening. let's look at our current temperatures around here. again, we're finding readings into the 20s around the city. we'll look at the moving rate. i want to show you the snow showers and the trajectory they're taking and how they're trying out to the northwest. the sky will become clear tonight and allow temperatures to head down. here we go with the current temperatures. 21 poughkeepsie. 10 monticello. 19 sussex. these are a couple of degrees down from the top of the hour. 24 montauk. mid 20s as you head to the jersey shore. we find the west wind busy at
5:50 pm
again, we're finding windchill values now are down in the single digits. by saturday night and sunday morning, we have the windchill watch that goes into effect for extreme northern new jersey into the hudson valley and all of connecticut, including northeastern pennsylvania because of the windchill values that may get to 15 to 30 below zero. let's take the wide view and look around the country and we're finding that flow of air coming down from the north and from the west and the next charge of arctic air is still right up in here. that's going to be getting down in our direction. we'll be sliding southward as time goes along. tomorrow, sun and clouds. a couple of snow showers will come in with the arctic air tomorrow evening and tomorrow night and we'll find the temperatures dropping. look at the highs in minneapolis tomorrow. there's a sign where the arctic air is moving in. 9 there tomorrow. 21 chicago. mid 20s here. 50s atlanta. 70s new orleans. warming up in south florida. 80s in l.a. back to 52 at denver and 50s into the pacific northwest. the sky goes mainly clear
5:51 pm
then the clouds tomorrow afternoon. the snow showers that pop up as the arctic air tumbles in tomorrow night and a couple of snow showers may leave a coating, up to a quick burst of an inch in a few small areas. but that's something to keep in mind. then the wind will be strong and gusty on saturday. hour. that's really going to affect you with the windchill values on saturday. tonight, down to 15 in the city. 5 in the suburbs. windchills in the single digits. snow showers late. 25 will be the high tomorrow. there we go. sun and clouds on saturday. 19 for the high. that will be in the morning. by evening. sunday starting out at 2 in the city, tying the record. clouds come back monday. monday night, a burst of snow. the next storm coming in will last into tuesday morning. the commute may be an issue. then it's rain in the afternoon
5:52 pm
cooling down next week. steve: the 140th westminster kennel club dog show rolling into town. officials put up a timeline of the previous winners and brought along some who will be competing monday at the garden. on saturday, there's an agility championship. and obedience competition will be monday morning at the west side piers. top dog is named on tuesday. >> ramen revolution taking place as we speak in new york. dari: christal young shows us why people are waiting in line for hours for the dish that is hot in more ways than just one. >> reporter: the ramen craze is on. not this ramen. this ramen. the japanese comfort food is now super popular on this side of the atlantic. the noodle has an alkaline quality and is cooked for just 40 seconds. then you need a little fat. >> it equals flavor and means that when you slurp it up, the
5:53 pm
noodles, which helps you get the flavor. >> reporter: ivan created the perfect bowl. you'll be happy to know there are no ramen rules. but ivan had lots of tips. >> it's okay to hold the bowl. it's not considered impolite. old guys, they love -- >> just pick it up. >> straight from the bowl. it can be quite satisfying. >> reporter: i wanted to slurp like a pro, but i wasn't there yet. >> it's difficult to be dainty and eat ramen successfully. i would watch these pretty young women come in dressed in chanel and their faces would be shiny with fat driplets. i love that. i knew they were going to get messy. >> reporter: it's par for the course. it's not uncommon to wait hours for a good bowl of ramen. there's always a line outside on west 51st.
5:54 pm
ramen enthusiast swears i'm going to love it. why do you like this place? >> i like the twist on the ramen. there's a wide variety on his menu. there's a real art form to it, from the architecture of the bowl to the depth of flavor that you're experiencing. >> reporter: jordy loves it so much, he started ramentology dedicated to the brotherhood of the broth. >> i found a lot of answers to life at the bottom of the bowles of ramen. i prefer to eat it alone. >> reporter: you should do it quick. after 10 minutes, the noodles get mushy. we headed to the west village. we're wrapping up our ramen experience on west third street. it's like a speak easy. wouldn't know it's here. you slide open this door and fabulous. >> it's a brand new spot. i like hitting new places to keep up with the trend of it.
5:55 pm
had improved. >> that was awesome. that was really good. i like how you aim the noodles in. i'll give you a 10 on that. >> reporter: christal young, fox 5 news. dari: it's perfect for the occasion, for the weather. steve: got everything. dari: we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. steve: thank you very much. we have another busy day. coming up for you tonight, let's talk about our drinking water. you know about the problem plaguing flint, michigan. people are asking could it happen in new york? so we invited the city's environmental protection commissioner to be here live to answer that for us. next, phil more east once hosted
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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5:59 pm
ernie: it is thursday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we start the night with something that a lot of people are talking about and how it could affect us. it is the water crisis in flint, michigan. for nearly two years, tap water there has been tainted with lead making people sick, even dying. and charges as serious as manslaughter could be considered. the question now is could it happen here? the city's dep commissioner is joining us live with answers for us. but first kerry drew takes a closer look. >> in new jersey, crews from suez water worked to replace old under groundwater pipes from 19 frighten. >> we have pipes that predate the civil war. think about that for a second. when you open up your tap, the water that comes out may have traveled through pipes that are more than 150 years old. >> reporter: new jersey senators
6:00 pm
with congressman bill passcal announced a bill to protect water systems. the sustainable water infrastructure act would stimulate billions in private sector investments to fund repairs to local water systems. repairs badly needed, especially given what's happening in flint, michigan. >> flint has reminded us that in ignoring our infrastructure, it has dire circumstances. >> enough is enough for us being reactive to crisis. we have to be proactive to make sure a crisis doesn't happen. >> reporter: flint is facing a monumental water crisis. tap water in the city has been tainted with lead for nearly two years, every since the city switched water sources to save money. thousands of children have been exposed to the water and health experts say they could face lifelong health problems because


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