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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". ben: mike woods tells us that it's going to get cold in this. if you go outside and smacked with some cold air. how long will it stick how long will it stick around? peter liang was found guilty in the death of a cog early. he is looking at time in prison. we will have the latest. >> please need your help to find the man using a pipe . what he did not know as the clerk had a weapon to fight back. >> democratic presidential candidates fight over
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they will show us bernie sanders and hillary clinton's heated exchanges. >> good morning. i am carrie drew. juliet huddy is off today. >> it's friday morning february 12. the holiday weekend is coming up. it's valentine's day and presidents' day as lincoln's birthday.that means no sweet street let's go to mike woods. there. >> this is the time of year that you will use the word bone chilling. it's supposed to be on the upswing. we are definitely on the downswing now. on average, this is the time of year that we are starting to pull it up . it starts on january 15. we will make the turn but hang with us here on this one. here is what we have scattered. it's all more or less the same thing. windchill warnings are coming up for us here as well as advisories. windchill watch is scattered around the
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4:00 saturday and sunday. we have cold air driving into the tri-state region and i think it will be a great time to hang out and duck at all. we have current temperatures and three below with air at the northwest . it's a clear sky and it's cold air. look at all of this to the north and west to us. you will see the pink shades on the area and that is the very cold stuff. it's happening and it's starting to drive into the northeast. in most of the tri-state region your windchill factor will be well below zero. right now, the windchill factor is down to 50 in central park. it's 110 with a windchill factor in poughkeepsie and
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soon we will talk about factors between 15 and 20. it's a good part of the tri-state. we also had a mainly clear sky and it will be a day with more sunshine than anything else. we will have shots of cold air working their way into the tri-state region. they come by and they could kick up a snow shower or flurry. that doesn't amount to much. it does make a difference in terms of what it feels like outside.this graphic is going up to 260 this afternoon. the snow shower is possible later today but i don't think we get much until tomorrow morning. whatever you get it won't be a big deal. it doesn't really add up to much. wendy and colder tomorrow and sunday and we catch a break monday and tuesday. you have to deal with the rain. looks like a good amount on tuesday. >> at spring in ines .
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on a diaper yesterday. mike: it's going to be really cold . good morning everyone! the roadways are not looking terrible. we just have this one issue on the fdr. it will be on the northbound side where we are dealing with this accident blocking multiple liens. the crash is pushed off in one lane is blocked off as we see guardrail damage here. once the accident is clear we will see emergency construction popping up . we'll keep you up-to-date at fdr north. southbound side had debris in the southbound lanes are reopened . things are moving well for you here towards the problems in the palisades and in northern new jersey. everything is moving well.
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on the expressway. remember, we had all those delays because of the temporary closure. it's cleared and delays are cleared out in the long island expressway not looking too bad in the area of the grand central pkwy. it's moving well with in the westbound side. things are moving well here near the kennedy airport . as far as trains are concerned they are running close to schedule. alternate sides are suspended but you have to feed the meters. >> incorporated you, 5:05 am. peter liang is out of a job after being found guilty of it the shooting death of a cog early. joining us live from outside of brooklyn where the shooting happened. good morning, teresa . theresa: good morning everyone. happened in a poorly lit stairwell in the pink
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after seven hours of deliberations, they found that this police officer is criminally responsible for the death of a cog early. >> peter liang, as to count one, what is your verdict ? >> guilty . >> a look of disbelief on his face. peter liang learns his faith. >> the fate of peter liang and gurley collide back in 2014. it's in the poorly that stairwell of the pink houses. gurley opted to take the stairs because the elevator was out . he remains all along the service weapon discharged at night accidentally after he heard a loud noise. >> innocent man lost his life in a young police officer standing convicted of manslaughter. there are no winners here. justice was done. >> to da claims he was being reckless and did
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life.we don't believe the verdict was supported with the facts of the law. we plan to move to dismiss and we plan to appeal. gurley's mother and domestic partner were present in court every day and they say justice had been served . >> thank you to everyone for all your support. >> i am glad we got a guilty verdict. >> after the panel of seven men and five women asked to handle the service weapon. the one that killed gurley. this juror who did not want to share his name worries now. >> have family who are police. decision. >> it was a tough decision. one president disagrees with. she says, this bad verdict will have a chilling effect on police across the city because it criminalizes a tragic accident. >> mayor diblasio released
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the verdict brings closure to the gurley family for their painful event . reverend al sharpton called to an end of the vertical patrols. this situation occurred while they were doing vertical patrols. as far as peter liang was concerned, he will be sentenced on the 14th and his partner now faces an internal investigation. he was giving given immunity for testifying. 11 months after the explosion in the east village. five people have been indicted on charges with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.the explosion killed a restaurant worker and leveled three buildings. the officials say the defendants rigged up a gas system. five of the building owners and the owner is accused of
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license to falsify the documents. all five entered not guilty pleas. they installed a gas delivery system that they had reason to believe could put lives at risk and lives at lost. >> police are asking for help to find a suspect for a pipe to rob a clerk. they show the man holding a pipe while approaching the counter. this all happened on january 25 inside the nothing but the best deli in the mariners harbor. the suspect was unsuccessful and he ran off empty-handed.
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black-and-white winter hat with camouflage pants. >> police are releasing new video of a stabbing in brooklyn. this is being investigated as a possible hate crime. he was walking on empire lovato crown heights. he saw a sharp pain in his back and he realized he was stabbed. he suffered a collapsed lung. they are looking for the man seen the video. he was walking away here with a black jacket. blue sweatshirt and a lack backpack. the fire and explosion tears through the park. that's the town of hillsboro. it's destroyed one warehouse there and focus the closure of 206. my central says the site used to be the defense depot and it has 2800 tons of mercury. one firefighter has been injured in the epa is monitoring the air.
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to the campaign trail. >> the democratic presidential candidate picks up some supporters after the debate. fox five roger robert moses shows us what happened when the situation got heated last night. >> the debate was lively because of what is at stake. important contests are coming in south carolina and nevada which are diverse . hillary clinton figure she will do better there in new hampshire. it's sanders right now who has the momentum. once i'm in the white house will have enough political capital to do that. secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. he clashed with hillary clinton in milwaukee. it was the second time they met one-on-one and they clashed often. evidence how drawn out this battle may become. clinton took sanders to expand health care and saying he has been
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will cost .>> people are sympathetic to the goal that numbers don't add up . many people actually be worse off than they are right now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. this debate covered ground from criminal justice to immigration and foreign-policy. sanders criticized clinton for inciting henry kissinger as one of her mentors. >> i happen to believe that henry kissinger would've what was one of the most secretaries of state and the modern history of this country. >> journalist have asks who you listen to on foreign-policy and we have yet to know . >> it is not henry kissinger! >> sanders and clinton tangled over obama trying to get a kinship. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard from sanders about the president i respect it from
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expect it from someone in a democratic nation to succeed president obama. that is a low of . i was not that candidate. eric or garner the daughter of eric garner has in this new ad. you can see it behind me. she says she likes what he said about racial imbalance in the criminal justice system. we have seen him making a big play for the african-american vote . that will clearly be important in this campaign. >> it's a long way to go. much more to come. the nypd is using a secret cell tracking device. they have used it more than 1000 times had been successful. is it a violation of privacy.
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it's in the midteens in the city. colder in the suburbs and it will get colder than this if you can believe it. >> yes it is. we will get temperatures colder and we see the wind on top of that. you will see some cold weather safety tips out there. let's just make sure you do things like this. where extra layers. don't forget to take care of your pets. i think folks forget them. these sorts of temperatures can really do some damage. is just not good. frostbite occurs quickly. it can happen and 10 minutes or less. don't heat your home with the oven. that's when you run into problems with carbon monoxide issues. have a safety kit in the car. in case you have a breakdown out there make sure you have all the supplies necessary to
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up. here's the temperatures this morning. this is the actual temperatures. it's not what it's file feels like . it's 110 in poughkeepsie and the windchill factor is significantly colder. feels like 50 in central park and 40 in newark . we are not in the windchill advisory or warning range yet we are expecting that as we head into the latter half of tomorrow. the colder air keeps dumping from canada and we are starting to get some of the arctic air . it's been fairly dry as we see some snow showers here or there with a snow squall. it's not much more than that coming through with the next shot of cold air having some potential coming in today and tomorrow morning. the bigger story will be the colder air and the wind that we have to deal with. that will keep dumping it down here and putting the temperatures into a range
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here's the high temperatures today.this is not that bad topping out at 26. temperatures are falling and they are windy at a high temperature of a tie on valentine's day. >> let's bring in christina and see what's going on. christina: we had a problem at the fdr earlier. now it's cleared. we had an accident on the fdr drive in the area of 116th st., north. it's cleared away but there was guardrail damage so we will keep an eye on the area. from the bell parkway east, we just got word of the
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one lane. we are looking much better in the area cleared away let's go to the picture of the fdr drive. it's in the staten island expressway. we will bring you to what's going on in the fdr. here is the f dr northbound to the 70s. it will be the fdr through the 70s were things are getting very congested. construction is here blocking one lane. you have to feed the meters even though they are suspended today and on monday. ben: thank you, christina. tracking cell phone someone thousand times.
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was instrumental in cases ranging from robberies to murders. here now with more on the murder. >> a lot of people had no idea this was even the information comes from a freedom of information act . it's requested by the new york civil liberties union. the device was used 1000 16 times between 2008 2015. it's called the stingray. it's a suitcase device that mimics ace cell tower. least accurate locations on the phone and even if no calls were made . they say they catch scores kidnappings, rapes , salt and even murders. it violates people's rights to privacy. >> it's very troubling because it's a very power for surveillance advice. it started being acquired and used by local police country.
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>> the police department is taking issue with the civil liberties union concern. the statement has said that the nypd ensures we have probable cause and consult with a district attorney and applies for a court order which must be approved by a judge. in rare instances, the nypd must use this technology in an emergency situation. this would be the instance of the life and safety of someone at risk. the nypd does not capture a contest of communications as they stated . the nypd does not and never has swept up information from cell phones nearby. perhaps the nyc lu should fact check the for issuing dispel any information, it will now write up the policy to talk about what has been the standard activating process all along.
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ben: reading about this, i understand some other big police departments in the country used it like the fbi and things like this. >> it solves crimes like murders. who can argue with that? >> they have located people who might be concerned for suicide. >> thank you very much. much more to come. it's not a federally recognized holiday.find out what it
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person who is in love . we are back. us markets with a big sellout.the market is plunging. it fell more than 5% after european selloff. hong kong fell about 1%. investigators were spooked by prices and concerns about bank stocks. the dow dropped 55 points yesterday and it was not too bad. it had been down as much as 400 points. valentine's day people shell out big bucks in the name of romance. americans spend $20 million this year . men will shell out as much as women with average expenses totaling hundred $96. that's compared with the $99.
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where does that fall? >> it will probably be something like chocolate. she doesn't like it when i spend a lot of money. >> chocolate cover strawberries. >> top stories, when we
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>> look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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beautiful shot on this friday morning. it will be pretty sunny out there. it's going to be rather cold. i think we are due . what you say carrie? carrie: we haven't had a cold spell like this i would say we are due. it will be the coldest of the winter. the windchill advisory is in effect. this is how cold it will get.
5:31 am
>> live extra now has epa monitors the air in new jersey. that's where a fire continues to burn. we will have the latest on the situation out there . >> it will be a historic meeting today. he heads to cuba and we will tell you who he will meet with and is not fidel castro. >> he will go on to mexico. he is in the air right now. >> good morning. it's 5:30 a.m. on this friday morning. carrie: i am in for juliet huddy. ben: juliet will be back on monday. she is doing pretty well. she was texting me yesterday. we will grill her when she returns. that's what we always do, generally speaking.mike: member like i said about the dogs. have to react with me and
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them. carrie: you are comparing yourself to a dog? ben: i'm sure the ladies will love that. mike: why not? happy valentine's day. what are you going to do? apple t.v. and hang out . we should start a # for that . let's get it will be cold. it will be even worse. for 4:00 p.m. on saturday and 12:00 p.m. on sunday we have all sorts of rings going to affect. it will shift and adjust but the bottom line is we will see windchill warnings and advisories and factors between 15 200 below zero. it's coming at us as we
5:33 am
it's bad this weekend but it will get worse. the upcoming cold temperatures record colds and it's possible that we will hit it or at least tie it's the forecast on sunday with a low at 20. the forecast high as 17 and both of those will be a tie for the record. here's what we have out there this morning. cold temperatures but also wind coming in from the northwest. it will be around five 10 and it feels colder at like 50 in central park. 16 and bellmawr and those are the windchill numbers . the actual temperature is more like 15 or 16. we have a manly clear sky and we'll see sunshine out there making it breezy. we will see more shots of the cold air coming this way. you know what that means
5:34 am
down. the winds will go up . today we had up to 260 for the high temperature. you'll see a mix of clouds and sun and some flurries here or there. you'll see partly cloudy skies with temperatures falling throughout the day saturday. 17 on sunday. those are ties for the record on valentine's day. we see warmer temperatures and a decent amount of rain on tuesday. it comes with 500. >> let's bring in christina to check out what's happening. the fdr with construction and just one second. the bell parkway on the westbound side with the lane. you can see it getting a little bit congested for you moving into the area . new england with a crash off. we will be very heavy
5:35 am
we had trouble on the southern state parkway right by central avenue. there is an accident they are blocking one lane. is on the scene so i hope it will get wrapped up soon. let's go to route 80 . it's eastbound moving away and not looking terrible. it's looking crowded but it's moving at a steady pace. the fdr drive is definitely construction. in the northbound direction through the 70s. we have the construction with a lane blocked off. it doesn't look like it's on the northbound at fpr. if you're traveling me er going north down, allow yourself some extra time. the new jersey turnpike is looking great. it's not then south to the east not too much going on. the metro-north is running on or close to schedule. alternate sides are suspended but you have to
5:36 am
>> a massive warehouse fire continues to burn this morning. carrie: it's the town of hillsboro. you can see the town going there. the explosion tears through the park. it has completely destroyed one area there and forced the closure of route 206. the site used to be the somerville national defense depot. it has stored 28 tons of mercury. one firefighter has been injured in the fire and the epa is monitoring the air and we continued to follow the story for you throughout the morning. ben: peter liang has been fired and is looking at 15 years in prison. he was convicted in the shooting death of a kai gurley. teresa is live outside the pink house. that is where the shooting happened. good morning, teresa .
5:37 am
they found it to be a very tough decision to determine what happened inside the stairwell here at the pink house. now, the rookie police officer , peter liang, is facing the possibility of up to 15 years behind bars. he held his head and in his hands as he was found guilty acting recklessly and did not do enough to save his life the night that he fired his service weapon and killed the unarmed man. it happened here in 2014. as i mentioned, it was inside the pink houses. he chose to take the stairs because the . the stairwell was not properly lit . they were on vertical patrols and he remains that he accidentally fired his weapon and argued with his partner , failing to perform cpr on a dialing
5:38 am
it came in the wake of a few high profile deaths of police officers with unarmed black men. >> this has nothing to do with ferguson or staten island or baltimore or cleveland or any other place. this has to do with who are we here in brooklyn? what we stand for? what we stand for is supporting the police officers. when innocent men and women are shot and killed through an act of recklessness, we have to hold whoever is responsible accountable. >> we don't believe the verdict was supported by the facts of the law. we plan to move to dismiss and appeal.liang will be sentenced on april 14. his partner was offered immunity for his testimony. an internal investigation with him at the center will proceed. he is unmodified duty. that is the latest
5:39 am
east new york.back to you . ben: documents kept secret for sheldon will be revealed. the judge said she will reveal them . it was barred from the trial. they kept the release secret. it could jeopardize the trial if he wins and appeal. he was convicted in november and a $5 million corruption case. carrie: let's talk politics. the candidates will campaign and get ready for tomorrow's debate in south carolina. democrats debated with hillary clinton bernie sanders going out of it . this was the sixth abatement library but only the second between clinton and sanders.
5:40 am
on each other. it was shaping up to be a fight to the finish. secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. bernie sanders is fresh off the win in new hampshire clashing with clinton in milwaukee. it was only the second time they met one-on-one on the debate stage and they clashed often.evidence of how drawn out battle might become. clinton took sanders to task on his ideas to expand health care saying he has not been forthright about how much it would cost. >> based on every analysis that i can find for people who were sympathetic to the goal, the numbers don't add up in many people will be worse off than they are right now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate! the debate covered a lot of ground from criminal
5:41 am
foreign policy. he criticized clinton for citing henry kissinger's as one of her mentors. >> i happen to believe that henry kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state and the modern history of this country . >> journalist have listened have said who you listen to and we have yet to find out who that is. >> it is not henry kissinger. >> they tangled over obama . each sought to claim a kinship. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard about the president i expect that from republicans, not from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed him. >> . [cheering] madam secretary, that is a low of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> the nevada caucus in
5:42 am
the next contests. this goes without saying that they will be very important. clinton is expected to fare much better than she did . it's hard to deny that bernie sanders has a lot of momentum. >> people might not be aware of the contest diverged. the caucuses in the primaries in south carolina are held on different days. >> who want to mention that . three days apart in south carolina and four days in nevada. >> that could get very interesting. >> donald trump says he will be toning down his foul language. he made the comment last night in louisiana. he faced backlash this week for repeating an offensive word used by an audience member to describe ted cruz. his stance will not soften. he said he is not making any changes to his campaign strategy going forward. >> let's check the forecast. 160 in the park. it's awfully cold.
5:43 am
temperatures with the wind on top of that. i wish it felt like 160 but it doesn't.150 in islip in newark. the wind is factored in and it feels like five in central park and 40 in newark . 30 in islip. it's nasty windchill but it does get worse. we will have a mainly clear sky. that helps with high pressure in control . it's another shot of cold air in the arctic air. it's here again. sunny skies with more clouds in the afternoon and high temperatures up to 260. 19 tomorrow but there is temperatures falling throughout the day making it windy on valentine's day. it's a record low and high temperature before we start to see it warm-up. the precept comes in with a snow mix and is just rain for you on tuesday.
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we have the headlinlet's check the headlines.
5:47 am
the shooting and five people were indicted in the east village happened last march. the blast left two people dead and three buildings flatten. prosecutors say there was a illegal gas system that led to the blast. all five have injured not guilty pleas. a massive warehouse fire continues to burn in central new jersey. this is a live picture happening at the veterans industrial park and the town of hillsboro. one firefighter was injured. it's route 206. the epa is now monitoring the air. carrie: pope francis is crossing the atlantic for a seven-day trip to cuba and mexico.the first stop is the airport in havana. it's a historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. it's a groundbreaking step in improving orthodox and catholic relationship.
5:48 am
meeting between leaders of both churches. >> the romance cover model has teamed up with the video service for the perfect night in. it includes a bearskin rug, champagne, candles and a late trees . it's his famous locks. he says things like you are so beautiful, you make me want to be a better man tell me about your day. 18 minute version is available on feeling .com. how old do you think savio is? >> 58 . >> good guess!
5:49 am
>> i would say 60 56. >> he was born in march. march 15 1959. >> he was so close. >> he does look pretty good. i think it's time to cut his hair. >> do you think beyonci got that hairband thing from fabiano? he has been around for a long time . i don't know if she was even born. carrie: maybe she saw some of his videos. [laughter] i think beyonci wants to be fabiano. ben: to watch apple t.v. and hang out . [laughter] that's the kind of weekend i am going to have . mike: it's not much. it will be ridiculously cold. could see records out there on sunday. record temperatures for
5:50 am
20 for the record low. the record cold high is 170. those are your forecast highs. they are your records and they are your forecasted high. looks like a cold one here so be prepared for it. here is the cold safety tips. first of all, where plenty of layers out there. don't forget to take care of your pets. it's huge. they leave their pets out there and is just too cold. frostbite can occur quickly and in some cases we are talking about only 10 degrees . keep all the skin covered up. not exposed. it happens and you have a big are making a trip to the hospital er.
5:51 am
don't heat your home with the oven. its bottom line safety.we have a kid in the car if you're making a trip to the region. especially with less traveled . make sure you have it if you run into some trouble. it is already cold but it's getting colder at 600 in central park. clear skies and this is part of the problem. the west northwest wind coming through making it feel colder than it is. feels like we are at 50. 80 temperatures in boston and 100 in syracuse. windchill's look like this at 40. 30 in monticello and sussex in allentown. that is really cold stuff. we have a mainly clear sky. it's a chance you'll see some flakes here and there. that should be it. kind of like what we saw yesterday. there was flurries and showers. 19 tomorrow and it is the following temperature throughout the's windy with more arctic air pouring in. there is record lows on sunday .
5:52 am
she has everything covered. we had problems out there early. it's a little too early. >> they are out there. let's talk about them. the parkway we did have an accident out the flatbush. it's clear and you could see traffic still little bit congested in the area. it will take a while to ease that out but the accident is gone. we are also seeing the freeway south running along the delays and we had a crash here with two lanes blocked off. on the southern state parkway it's very heavy eastward and will see the southern state moving into that spot . that way we can go to the next picture here and it will be the southern state in the area of central park. you could see it moving along in a slow pace but the congestion is definitely out there. let's go to the fdr drive with the construction on the northbound side.
5:53 am
two lanes with delays moving into 63rd st. at least those will continue to grow . it's bumper to bumper. definitely something to keep in mind if you are traveling in the lincoln tunnel or going into town with things moving well. we have a stalled bus in the area so you want to watch out for that. things seem to be running along okay.the alternate street parking rules are suspended but don't forget to put money in the meters. >> we have much more to come. >> new contest and sing with past champions. we will hear from a few of them , coming up.
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>> time now for entertainment. kanye west taking over madison gardens and his over-the-top way. glory be to god, yes. he debuted the uc fashion collection along with the new crowd of 18,000 people. the kardashian family are wearing white and pink furs. caitlin jenna made an appearance and so did lamar odom. it's his first public appearance since his nearly fatal overdose last fall. he was right there with chloe kardashian along with the preview of kanye showing the new videogame featuring his deceased mother. >> there were a lot of familiar faces on american idol.
5:57 am
back to sing the duets with the contestants. >> gianna isabella was paired up with season 14 winner who sang his season, beautiful life. it was difficult for him to match his vocal power but she did move on to the next round. >> he is my favorite! i love him. he took to the stage with a runner-up . i also love this song. it's a good song . >> it's very emotional. >> jennifer lopez seem to get a little bit teary-eyed. mckenzie moves on to the next round. >> you think you might win? >> these are two vocal power houses.
5:58 am
sing ella fitzgerald summertime. the judge raves about the performance describing it about mind blowing . those three advance with (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for
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or blackberries are buy one get one free. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. >> imorng bone chilling weather you're backing up to this morning is here to stay through the weekend. windchills could make it feel to negative 25 degrees. mike woods has the forecast. >> jury finds peter liang guilty of the top count of gurley now he's out of a job and facing up to 15 yore ares bachelor's degree -- years behind bars. >> hills burrow new jersey, this to burn this morning opinion we'll have the details, coming up. >> hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders go head-to-head last night a democratic debate out in milwaukee.


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