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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: hello. it is friday. two days until valentines day. rosanna: it is freezing outside. it is brutal outside. it is just getting started. record cold possible on sunday. mike woods has all the details for us. greg: peter liang has been charged. sentencing will be in april. rosanna: a massive fire in new jersey. all schools in the township will be closed today.
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women fighting this fire. it has to be fruitful out there. greg: hillary clinton and bernie sanders. this is relentless. greg: i am just wondering about the endurance. >> it is a lot. who won? i don't know. i think it may have been a type. rosanna: inside kanye's big show. it was a spectacle at msg. the models were on these mountains. he looked like he was in outer space. will borrow them showed up, by
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greg: he is better now? rosanna: apparently, he seemed fine. he has a new song out. people are not happy with what he says about it. greg: as important as all of that stuff is, let's try to put things into this. rosanna: all i know is over einstein -- relativity theory. greg: i think that we have a picture. rosanna: do we have the audio? this is the sound of a gravitational ripples.
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listen to this. rosanna: can i say something? it sounds like my stomach. what does this mean? i do not understand. i know that it was a big deal. what does it mean to me? quite frankly, it is complicated. what you are hearing here is gravitational waves from something 50 times greater than the output of all the stars in the universe combined. basically, registering at the washington state louisiana laboratories. rosanna: it sounds like a vacuum
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[laughter] greg: i have not gotten my answer out of this either. rosanna: too heavy for me on a friday. greg: going that far or that fast, a billion years. rosanna: i cannot grasp it. i can see it. i love it. he is always excited about the earth. >> i think that we should visit kanye right away. mike: compared to what is coming in this weekend, that is going to be wicked cold. we do have windchill warnings. windchill watches.
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the bottom line is, most all of us will have to do with windchill factors between 15- 15-20 degrees below zero. this is what you need to do to take care of yourself. cold weather safety tips. it happens quickly. ten minutes it can happen. make sure that you cover everything up. in your car just in case you break down on the road somewhere and get stranded. what jews away and look like? wes, northwest. it feels like for in central park. your windchill advisory.
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tomorrow and into sunday will bring us there. we have a mainly clear skies. we could see a few showers popping up. it should be a real quick light snow shower if we get anything out of it. the weekends, it is cold. temperatures are actually falling in the afternoon. wendy, to affect time. valentine's day, we only make it up to 17 for a high. it is called. that is the bottom line. let's bring in christina. christina: that is why i have aaa. i hit a pothole or something the
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i had a situation. okay. i know. we have some things going on. we have a prohibitive feel cold. it is affecting the ramp here. also, northbound on the van wyck. so heavy for you moving into that spot. just getting word of an issue. definitely anticipated by the flashing lights. a lot of emergency act to be. we have emergency construction here. taking out two lanes. something else you want to know about the fdr drive, emergency guardrail repairs. the southbound side has two lanes blocked.
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let's go outside to the tappan zee bridge. a little bit congested for you moving across the span. alternate side is suspended. you so have to put money into the meter. rosanna: it is so cold outside. dangerously cold outside. greg: 15 degrees redinel. time to go to penn station. >> the way we are coping out here is by being dressed properly. of course, a lot of people have to be of. they have to be to work. a lot of people going in and out of penn station. everyone here, of course, is
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rushing down the streets as quickly as they can. i see that you got your coffee, serve. trying to keep warm. unfortunately, we also have a bunch of homeless people out here. we have some homeless. new york city has issued a cold flu. they come around. the urge of the person to going that person, if that a person refuses to go into a shelter, that person will involuntarily be placed into a hospital. make sure if you are out here, you dress warmly. it is freezing out here. let me tell you. we are resilient new yorkers.
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quickly as possible. it is the windchill that really, really gets you. does that happen to you? >> thanks a lot. >> it is okay. see you later. it looks pretty normal outside of penn station. that big fire in new jersey. >> in the town of hillsboro. warehouse. this is what it looks like right officials have decided to close
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all events also canceled. >> you can see the effort still continuing to try to get this fire under control. it will still take some time to get the fire completely put out. firefighters having difficulty accessing the points. you can see in the middle of the two buildings, their archery track, freight trains. often unloaded to the complex. some of the trained cars coated into ice. that is something the firefighters also have to deal with. also, those firefighters that have been out here all morning long trying to get the fire under control. there are four buildings of similar size.
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buildings that did not turn. also want to mention route 206. the area is now reopened. rosanna: a cherry has found peter liang guilty of manslaughter for unturned to. greg: he faces 15 years in prison, potentially. the lowest tank houses in east new york. >> good morning, everyone. an incredibly tough to session. they determined that it is now
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they say, he did little to change his life. >> what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> reporter: peter liang learns his fate. the fate of now former police officer peter liang collided back in 2014 in the poorly lit stairwell. he has maintained all along. his service weapon discharge that might accidentally after she heard a large noise. there are no winners here.
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nothing to save his life. >> we plan on moving post verdict. reporter: present each day in court. they believe justice has been served. >> i just want to thank you. think, everyone, for their support. the panel of seven men and five women asked to handle the weapon. not wanting to share his name. worried about facing his own family now. >> it was a very tough decision. this bad verdict will have a chilling effect on police
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on april the fourth team. he faces the possibility of 15 years behind bars. his partner was given immunity in exchange for his testimony. he now faces an internal investigation by the nypd. greg: they have hr of together. welcome to you both. we are very sorry for your loss. >> sim sure you heard, there was no mandatory sentencing for manslaughter to. officer liang could get nothing. what sentence do you think he deserves? >> i think he has to pay for what he did.
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i think that the judge did an excellent job in this case. greg: would you be upset if he chose god probation? >> yes. greg: you would like to see him do serious jail time? >> yes. he was always happy. rosanna: described the trial. the jury was an unusual makeup. >> it was. a number of the jurors had police enforcement. they really took their time to look into that elements of the crime. they seem to really zero in on that aspect.
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they found him guilty on what we thought was the proper charge. greg: he fired that round accidentally. it was not by accident. greg: his gun does not go off accidentally. when he did first into the stairwell, he heard a sound, he turned and fired. the testimony from the numerous wind this is were you archly have to pull the trigger. >> some of these housing have vertical control on a regular basis. do you think that something needs to change? >> they just need to learn how
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we never know what could happen. it needs to be done in a safer way. >> clearly there is an issue with police training. it is really an independent auditor. he called it a tragedy. the prosecuting attorney disagrees with you. kimberly, those officers did not perform cpr. >> they should have done cpr. even if they didn't think that he was going to make it. i would have still performed cpr. rosanna: what is it like now for
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what do you say to your child? young enough to maybe not understand what is going on? >> i just tell him that he is not here. he may understand that they are not old enough. greg: we thank you very much again. we are sorry for your loss. we are back in court on that at the end of ferries unturned february. greg: thank you both again. rosanna: 7:19 a.m. mike woods is standing by with the weather. mike: we have some cold weather temperatures.
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we have a rain snow mix. we are getting a good taste of it here today. 60 degrees with a clear sky. right now, again, your temperatures are in the single digits in both teams. sometimes a little bit higher. it makes it feel colder. feels like 14 and omar. the windchill factor will be up later today. even worse tomorrow into sunday. it is windy at the same time. seventeen is your high only on sunday. the fox5 ny whether out. check it out. it is free. hello there, christina. this is an accident with two lanes blocked off. definitely very jammed up.
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moving into 79th street where we have a ton of traffic. two lanes blocked off where should you start when you're
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rosanna: frozen out.
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i think that it is 16. it feels a lot colder than that. greg: a little more than a month out from spring. let's get to up to date. the exposure in the east village. five people, including manslaughter and criminal leave negligent manslaughter. >> bogus gases that lead up to the fire. greg: including the buildings owner and contractor. they are all pleading not guilty. here is the chief detective of the nypd. >> we are not going to tolerate this garbage.
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installed a gas delivery system. it could put lives at risk and in fact, lives were lost. greg: nuclear power plant. what happened? >> there was a radioactive leak. levels of this tritium. 80% higher than reported just last week. there is no impact to public health or safety. we have heard this before. >> the nrc yesterday. it is almost an insignificant event. the amount is still 1000 times less than was permitted by
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the false hysteria that we are getting. especially from some politicians. rosanna: whenever they say that it is okay, i think back to 9/11 times. the nuclear regulatory commission told that. i think it might be a cuomo thing. >> there are some activists that disagree with all of this. we need the power plant. >> has anyone seen silkwood? there was something that at that plant. there are some movie in the theater. rosanna: good day is coming
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>> we have two and a half hours
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the last time you apologize to me. it may have been in 2009. if you apologize, it shows weakness. [laughter] >> love means never having to say you are sorry. >> that is a way out for you. that is your favorite movie. it somehow affected people. valentine's day is coming up on sunday. we did not do anything special. we put on those goofy outfits. greg: you made me wear that thing. greg: i am sorry.
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stockings that day. we are going to do things in the 9:00 o'clock hour that our valentine related. we had a grand old time. greg: that is true. rosanna: we will show that later. mike: it is cold outside. this weekend, oh, man. you will not want to do much of anything. we have our temperatures dropping. you throw the wind and on top of that. we talk about windchill warnings. wind chill advisories. windchill watches. parts of new jersey are excluded from this. windchill factors are expected
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below zero. be ready for it this weekend. you have been warned. wind is coming in from the west, generally, around five-10 miles per hour. it feels like six around newark and omar. it feels like eight below. you are going there. pretty much around the tri-state region. we have a mainly clear skies. no problems with precipitation out there right now. that is not to say that we cannot get some. we could see a few snow showers or squalls coming on by. they are kind of scattered about. that cold air rush continues. it is particular that will take over.
7:33 am
when make it into that range. hayek 19. temperatures dropping in the afternoon. we see a high temperature of only 17. the coldest record high temperature on that date. let's bring in christina. >> it is not ice. good morning, everyone. we are dealing with disclosure now. if that accident happened here. that used downside will be closed until further notice. you know, we still have this prohibited vehicle on the southern state parkway. it is affecting the ramp. definitely something to keep in
7:34 am
the fenwick has that issue northbound. it has now cleared away. we will go outside to the fdr drive. traffic moving into 79th street. apparently they are cleaning out a drain in the area. a lot of water on the roadway there. the 20s. emergency construction with guard rails. let's go to the bqe in the area of the brooklyn bridge. really not looking too badly. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. you still have to feed those meters. >> politics. still running for president.
7:35 am
rosanna: who watch that debate last night? they needed megan kelly and donald trump. rosanna: it got a little heated when they were talking about healthcare. greg: it was a period of a snooze. robert moses watched, i believe, 95% of it. >> reporter: if i'm going to be honest, we will go with 95. there is so much on the line. diverse states. hillary clinton figures to do better in those places. right now, it is pretty sanders >> you will have enough political capital to be able to do that.
7:36 am
not in the white house yet. >> it was only the second time they've met one-on-one on the debate stage. clinton took sanders to task on his idea to expand government health care saying he has not been forthright about how much it would cost. >> people that are sympathetic to the goal. the numbers do not add up. many people will be worse off than they are right now. >> is today covered a lot of ground. sanders criticize clinton for siding henry kissinger as one of her mentors. >> i have had to believe that henry kissinger was one of the most two-stroke give. >> we have yet to know who that
7:37 am
>> one of the more compelling exchanges came when sanders and clinton came over president obama. >> we heard from senator sanders about our president. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> i guess if that passes for a low flow against the democratic candidate. the daughter of eric garner has endorsed bernie sanders. i mention this only because as we saw the other day with bernie
7:38 am
vote is really crucial. we will see that down to the south. >> it is so funny. the democrats are talking about who the biggest democrat supporter is. they want to run far away. >> we do not get to pick. >> by that time, it is almost a done deal. rosanna: let's talk about the other side of the political coin. greg: there is john k 600. we are looking at a variety of candidate that are still in this race.
7:39 am
in this race. >> ted cruz had a little bit of a campaign pick up this week. he put out a political ad hitting marco rubio. one of the actresses is a porn star. let's see the woman. amy lindsay. she thought ted cruz is campaigned already knew about her past. >> how would they know. >> it was immediately pulled. what is donald trump doing? >> settling a lawsuit. we do not know what they settled for. he did sue the spanish television network after donald trump made controversial comments.
7:40 am
immigrants. they did not have the right to abandon the pageant. donald trump has been friends he is glad that this is all behind both of them. not commenting on the final agreement. greg: we have to get used to john k 6. he came in second place there in new hampshire. keeping an eye on him. you never know. the establishment could rally around one person. rosanna: you do not think that it will be jeb bush?
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greg: sesame street live. who remembers cordy? he was the cool guys. rosanna: paper. yes, he was. nobody ever believed it. >> you cannot even see that
7:45 am
greg: good call. i am glad everybody has their hats off. although, i have to say, i do not own a cat. greg: it is in the building. >> i do not need you to go get it now. tell us about the weather. >> man of his word. all right. but show you what we have going on out here. record cold temperatures. 2 degrees. that is your forecast low. it gives you an idea. that combo will be very
7:46 am
fourteen and islip. when you factor in the wind, it feels like for in central park. some very chilly wind chill numbers out there. you look up the number. it does not look so bad. even with that sunshine, you manage to get back up to the upper 20s this afternoon. the ski report, you have ski conditions there. you have powder conditions there. forty-eight trails. parisi as well. not as windy as yesterday. seventeen is the high for valentine's day. we go into the work week.
7:47 am
play store. put it to work. got a birthday shout out. sydney. it is her birthday out there. turning eight years old. >> smiles are forever. we have another one. we will do it next time. next time. it is all right. we will get to it next time. let's take a look here. let's start with the northbound side. a new accident taking out a few lanes. one landlocked.
7:48 am
it is close. there is red moving towards it. you are definitely going to want to stay away from that spot. the left lane is blocked off. an overturned car. let's go to the fdr drive. not looking good. everyone has to push over into one lane. there is a lot of flooding in this area. we have to laze back into the 20s. the fdr is real heavy here. we are also going to see a ton of traffic. here is the helix moving into the toll plaza. the gwb is only about 15 years alternate side, suspended.
7:49 am
the meters. rosanna: let's talk about the 140th westminster dog show. yesterday, there was a preview event. there is an agility championship navigating jumps. tunnels and more. there is the opd and competition. not doing very well at the opd inspire. >> top dog is named on tuesday. >> i know that you are very
7:50 am
greg: it is kind of wild. we cannot really get our hands pulling this thing. gravitational waves detect it. they are 100 william light years away from earth. somehow through a series of radar and washington state. we heard something from very, very far away. two black holes slamming into each other. >> i am rooting for the times here. fifty times greater. they vibrated. this sound resulted. greg: it sounds like a water truck.
7:51 am
listen again. rosanna: this is how my stomach sounds when i am hungry. greg: i just got a message from lou. rosanna is so unimpressed. this is a big deal. this is hard to get your hands around. >> trying to wrap my mind around this. the general theory of relativity was talked about in 1916. one hundred years later. rosanna: okay go. you know the band. they have very clever videos. it's latest is reaching new heights.
7:52 am
they film the studio inside. they make a huge climb. >> it is not special effects. astronauts in this country, they use it. they're actually filmed on a plane like this. >> it goes back to the right
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>> all right. big news. kanye. >> looks pretty tame at this point. a debut of his new wealth on. instead of walking the catwalk. this extraterrestrial now in.
7:56 am
they make no movement. the only one that was allowed to move was naomi campbell. there she is. rosanna: he has both. a very successful fashion line, by the way. the album. everyone is talking about the album. he has a little line about taylor swift. the kardashians, of course. we treated him like he was some
7:57 am
also, caitlyn jenner was there. they took out basically, a stadium. >> i know. i am sure a lot of people wanted to be there.
7:58 am
rosanna: s hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that.
7:59 am
hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above >> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> hello. "good day new york." it is friday. seem like longest week ever? february 12th, i'm rosanna
8:00 am
>> rosanna, i'm greg kelly. discovery in space. >> yes, you're right. >> this mess with your sense of time? >> totally. totally in tune with the universe. >> pretty weird actually or wild. einstein theory of relativity was confirmed essentially this week. >> all i know about the windchill right now. there is advisory in he effect. it is cold out there. it is 15 degrees but with the windchill feels a lot colder. mike woods says this weekend we'll hit record low. >> former nypd officer, peter liang, man slaughter shootings death of akai gurley. he was immediately fired by the police department. faces up to 15 years in prison. >> he could get nothing. or probation. there is no mandatory sentencing guidelines on manslaughter two. >> he is in more serious trouble. sentence something in april.
8:01 am
connection with a deadly last march. they are accused altering a gas system that led to a blast that killed two people and leveled three buildings. >> on democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders had a debate last night on cannel 13. caught a few minutes of it. quite frankly i must have caught the boring parts. didn't stay with it. >> i fell asleep. i thought it was really good no, i did. i had it on i think i maybe watched it, 20, 30 minutes. >> for a change hillary clinton is heavily favored to win south carolina. who knows anything can happen in politics. >> not a federal holiday but time spending on valentine's day. >> speaking of federally recognized holidays. i believe monday is presidents' day, which is regularly recognized holiday. we'll be working. >> we'll be here.
8:02 am
at the restaurant for you. >> i heard about that thank you so much. >> like i have a p.o. box at your restaurant. people drop by -- >> what am i? messenger for greg? do not bring anything more for him there. >> meantime have a appetizer on me, 50% off all appetizers. >> money sometimes. >> whatever. people misinterpreted what you said yesterday, just telling you >> wasn't happy with you either. i spoke to her for a minute. yeah, she wants your credit card number. >> this is cuddle weekend if there was ever a cuddle weekend, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. i do apple tv and hang out. >> really? who are you cuddling with? >> you never know. you never know. >> you are very cagey. want to know everything i do, when i ask them they're both like fbi agents. fbi agents you can't get a secret out of them. >> rosanna, you were single once
8:03 am
>> long time ago. >> leave it alone. >> fine. maybe i can find out from christina later. >> leave her alone too. >> please. >> anyhow it will be cold this weekend. it is cold right now and breezy at the same time. a little bit compared to what is coming up for tomorrow. we have dangerously cold conditions coming to us in the tri-state region. that is why we have the windchill warnings, windchill advisories. they're scattered all over the place. bottom line it will be cold and windy at the same time. windchill factors in neighborhood of 15 to 20 degrees below zero between common hours of 4:00 p.m. tomorrow to noon on sunday. so, get ready for it, folks. it will be nasty outside. here is what you want to do. here are quick cold weather tips. wear extra layers so you can adjust to wherever you are. don't ever forget your pets outside.
8:04 am
do if time to time, especially poor dogs outside. don't let that happen. frostbite occurs quickly in situations likes this. in matter of ten minutes be aware of that. cover everything up. trickle the water to prevent pipes from freezing out there. don't heat your home with the ovens heat. that is when we run into problems with fires as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. make sure you have a safety kit in your car in case after breakdown. hopefully not the situation. maybe you duck it at all. we have the0 degrees with sunny sky. this is coming in on the weekend kind of like blizzard. people will duck out and wait for it to pass by. look at windshield number. 6 degrees at central park because you have cold temps and winds. you have sunny skies. there is chance of few flury or light snow showers pass by but nothing of any consequence. high temp today 26 degrees. 19 only for you tomorrow.
8:05 am
day and windy. that is why we have the windchill warnings, advisories all that stuff popping up tomorrow the that goes through sunday. we start to warm you back up. christina. what do you have to say about that? too cold outside. you know what's weird? >> what's that? >> car fires pop up in situations like that. >> i guess because people pumping their heat overworking that whole thing i don't know. >> anyhow. >> car fires every day of my life in the world of track. we see it all. that's right. that is why i'm here to let you know. with very a lot goings-on. it will be first new jersey bound gotham bridge. you definitely see slow moving traffic on staten island expressway result of that. van wyk northbound at atlantic avenue seems to be a hot spot. we have another accident here. two lanes are blocked off. we also have some trouble on the eastbound southern state in the area of central avenue. we're still dealing with a prohibited vehicle on roadway blocking one lane.
8:06 am
very, very heavy moving for you in that spot. stalled truck on deegan. that is blocking that lane. a lot of red means slower traffic, not looking good. here is fdr try is not looking too good for you either. let's go the fdr drive. this is construction. one lane, 79th street. funneling into one lane because of emergency construction. two lanes are blocked off. from 79th to 96th street one lane open. delays back to the 20s. a lot of volume heading southbound through the area. we'll definitely see delays on new jersey turn pike right now. go to the next live shot t will be the new jersey turnpike northbound car and truck lanes on the approach into the newark bay extension. a lot of exiting volume. deft affecting the roadway. traffic is bumper-to-bumper. crossing lincoln 40 minutes, glb and holland running less than that 15 two.
8:07 am
meter rules remain in effect. >> thank you. we'll start with the weather because is really, really cold. >> it is in the teens. windchill makes it much colder. lydia is there outside penn station. people are bundledded up. lydia, where are you? >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it is brutally cold. i was dressed properly. all about the layers, guys. the hat and scarf and parka. i'm wearing ski gloves. i don't ski, i'm wearing ski gloves fingers get cold. two pairs of pants and socks and boots. it is brutal out here. it is really, really cold. i almost wonder that theory how they say thin blooded or thick blooded maybe we're not used to the cold because we had a pretty mild winter but it is really cold out here. we're out here at penn station. people are rushing to get to the work.
8:08 am
they have got the furry hoods. the sister is right here. people. we spoke to commuter, a student on her way to school how she was dealing with this. we also spoke to a bike messenger has to work outside as well as homeless. they too have, this is potentially dangerous situation. take a listen. so you're from brazil? >> yep. of our weather? >> i actually had a good winter. now it turned out to be real winter. so more -- >> reporter: you're homeless. how do i cope? >> i pray a lot, believe me. i pray a lot. just the way it is. >> reporter: have you been staying inside and coming out? >> yeah, i have. >> reporter: you can't stay out here, it's too cold. >> it's too cold, you know what i mean? very hard. >> reporter: people that have to work outside, they have no choice.
8:09 am
there is a gentleman over there, he is giving out the papers. if you notice a lot of people are just rushing as soon as they get out of penn station they are rushing to grab that cab. you see the woman right there. the got right idea. if you see she has her scarf and even sunglasses on. this is the type of weather that really makes you tear up, makes your nose run. if you have to be outside, make sure you get inside as quickly as possible. earlier, rosanna you mentioned something about brain freeze. you do get a little bit of brain freeze out here. i also sometimes experience trouble speaking when it is this cold because your mouth almost like freezes up. back to you in the studio. >> lydia you look fine. >> i can relate to that. >> reporter: i am dressed great. i'm dressed warmly. i'm fine. i'm dressed fine. i prepared myself for this. i'm wearing three sweaters. all about the layers when i go inside i take them off. >> good, lydia. be careful, thank you. let's talk about what happened
8:10 am
deliberations a jury found peter liang guilty of manslaughter. he was the police officer, not anymore. he was fired yesterday. >> here he sis reacting to the verdict. he shot akai gurley in november of 2014, accidental shooting but, the jury found he acted grossly irresponsibly. let's go to teresa priolo, outside the lewis pink houses in brooklyn where this happened back in november of 2014. theresa. >> good morning, greg, rosanna. good morning, everyone. the jurists called it a incredibly tough decision but they say officer liang took a vow to serve and protect. they believe he tragically fell short of that promise back in 2014. >> count number one. >> manslaughter in the second degree. what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> head in his hands. look of disbelief on his face, peter liang learns of his fate.
8:11 am
what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> reporter: the fate of former officers liang and akai gurley in poorly lit stairwell. gurley orthopedicking to take the stairs because the elevators were out. liang maintained all along his service weapon discharged accidentally after he heard a loud noise. >> innocent man lost his life. and a young new york city police officer now stands convicted of manslaughter. there are to winners here. but justice was done. >> reporter: but the d.a. claimed liang was being reckless and did nothing to save akai gurley's life. >> we don't believe the verdict was supported by the facts or the law. we plan on moving post-verdict in order to dismiss. if that fails we plan to appeal. >> reporter: gurley's mother and domestic partner were present each day in court. >> i want to say thank you, thank you to everyone for all your support. >> reporter: the verdict came 17 hours into deliberations.
8:12 am
women asked to handle liang's service weapon, the one that killed gurley. this juror, who didn't want to share his name, worries about facing his own family. >> i have family in police it was a tough decision. >> reporter: it was a tough decision, one pba president pat lynch disagrees with. saying this bad verdict will have effect on police officers rosshe city b i criminize al tragic accident. appearing on "good day new york" a moment ago, mother of akai gurley's two children will focus on efforts to keep his legacy alive. >> i told them he is not here. i try to explain to them, sometime they might understand, but they're not old enough to actually understand. their dad? >> yes. >> reporter: peter liang will be sentenced on april 14th. his partner sean land do you was given immunity for testifying in the case.
8:13 am
investigation by theypd. that is the latest from east new york. back to both of you in the studio. >> thanks a lot. we have to do politics now. it could be a political weekend with debates. john kasich, former, presently serving as governor of ohio. he came in second place in new hampshire. with all the attention on donald trump, mr. kasich and at least in our area, a lot of folks don't know him. a lot of folks don't know he used to have the show on fox news channel. >> i had nod idea. chris wallace, host of the "fox news sunday." do you know john kasich? >> sure. yeah. as greg just said he was a former colleague. of course i've been interviewing him several times as governor of ohio and presidential candidate. he did finish second in new hampshire but i got to say it was kind of a distant second. he was beaten more than two to one by donald trump who had a sweeping victory there as he they had now to south carolina. >> real quick about john kasich
8:14 am
they will like coalesce around one guy. maybe it is kasich, maybe not. what was he like around the office? >> well he was in new york. i was here. i mean he is a nice guy but also a cantankerous guy. a little bit after curmudgeon i think he would admit to that. very smart. he spent 18 years in congress and helped pass the balanced budget during the clinton years. and he is really good job, solid job as a two-term governor of ohio. they had, i think $8 billion deficit. he turned it into two billion dollars surplus, increased jobs. a little moderate for republicans. supports common core, expanded medicaid. a lot of republicans and moderates and independents will think that is good but a lot more hard-line conservatives think that's little soft. it will be interesting to see. he will have a tough time, particularly because he camped out in new hampshire. he held 100 town meetings. was there more than two months. he doesn't really have a ground
8:15 am
now back into the midwest in michigan and his home state of ohio. he is not going to do well in south carolina next week. >> oh, chris, rosanna and i have a clip when donald trump declared for president. rosanna and i were there. it was on national tv. we predicted it would be a big deal. it was going to be a game-changer. we said it back in june. >> we did. a lot of pundits out there kind of dismissed donald trump right from the beginning. but we felt that there was something there that people should be paying attention. >> we are bragging a little bit. we were there. we feel like we called it more than a lot of your beltway colleagues. >> some of the people who are experienced at this kind of stuff. what do you make of it, chris? >> well, i don't know if you know what you're saying or not, i was one of those people who was a big doubter. i didn't think he was going to get in. i didn't think when he got in he would be a factor.
8:16 am
and he knows it because he keeps a record of what everybody says. i thought that, you know, when he talked about john mccain being a loser, all of those things, i was wrong about and finally around october, so i was late to the trump train, i began to think, this guy could really be a factor but would i say even in october i was ahead a lot of my colleagues this guy would be factor. right now i don't think there is any question he is the frontrunner for republican nomination for president. >> we brought it up on purpose because we feel we were right way before you were. chris wallace, you're a great talent in the debates. >> watch you sunday morning 10:00 on fox 5. have a great weekend, chris. >> that is the most important keep watching. >> have a good one. >> just kidngle bit. what else? >> he got angry? >> no, he doesn't get angry. >> talk about this. fire, seventeen hours after
8:17 am
in new jersey, believe it or not still going on, still burning this morning. >> this is the veterans industrial park in the town of hillsborough. it was completely destroyed. it completely destroyed one of the warehouses. you're looking live from the ground. this is massive fire. we don't have any injuries but they have closed school in the area for the day because the smoke situation is horrendous. >> the epa is monitoring the air. we're keeping eye on things for you. 8:11 in the morning. week woods is keeping -- mike woods is keeping eye on weather for you. did it get any warmer? >> no needs to warm up for winds to die down. happened. we have another cold start to the day. it is getting colder and colder. we were talking about this earlier in the wk and it continues to happen. it will continue to happen into the week. we'll get out of not too long. 15 in bridgeport and ice slip
8:18 am
the west at generally five to 10 miles per hour. but that makes a big difference in terms of what feels like outside. the windchill factor, you're at 6. central park. 3 only in bridgeport and ice slip. same thing in allentown. single-digit windchill factors. bundle up on days like this. cover it all up. hats, scarves, gloves a glasses. breeze can hit the ice and tear it up. it is sunny. may look nice outside from inside the house but doesn't feel that way. shower chances they're out there but on very minimal side. fake maybe a few quick flurries into tonight and tomorrow morning. that is possible with the cold unstable situations with frost coming through. next one coming buy. could give us a quick little snow shower and windy conditions and arctic air in the tri-state. that means your temps are falling tomorrow and it is even colder for you on sunday.
8:19 am
that's not too bad. temps are falling in the afternoon. 17 is high on sunday. that is tying low high temperature on valentine's day. that is it with we look forward over the weekend t gets better next week. in fact high of 50. fox 5 weather app is on itunes and google play store. check it out. i want to say good morning to gabriellela. >> her and her mom linda watch the show before school. she likes you guys. >> how old is she? >> she is like eight years old. yeah, she is so cute. she all came up and shy. can i take a picture? >> i love it. gabriellela, thank you. yeah. we got to talk about the traffic out there. you know the weather is not an issue but people driving very strangely this morning is. gotham bridge was closed down
8:20 am
new jersey bound. traffic is very heavy for you moving on the new jersey bound gothals bridge. keep that in mind you're definitely hitting brakes. we have trouble on van kick. two lanes blocked off by accident. bumper-to-bumper. so much traffic on the van wyk. things are not looking. wbe eastbound -- b.q.e. eastbound in flushing. traffic is flowing red. that means average speed of 10 miles an hour. things are not looking good for you. go outside to the fdr drive. it will be the northbound side of the road moving into 79th street. we have two lanes blocked off by emergency construction. they are cleaning out a drain. there is water all over the roadway. delays back into the 20s. fdr drive not looking good in both directions actually bumper-to-bumper. new jersey turnpike, northbound side moving into 14 car and
8:21 am
issue on the exits volume. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended but meter rules remain in effect. back to you. >> what are you doing on valentine's day? >> not much. my boyfriend works seven days on th tap cebridge. >> what does he do the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers espsso, milk, d a caramefll-ed swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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8:24 am
>> all right. 8:24. let's get down to business, greg kelly. >> excuse me. lauren simonetti. what's up? >> we're talking about valentine's day, it is sunday. a lot of folks spend a lot of money on love. national retail federation is out with numbers. we'll spend $142 on erage. $8 more than last year. al valentines' day as holiday could top $20 billion for the first time. look how big the holiday is compared to christmas and back back to school spending, it is the third biggest spending holiday there is. a lot of folks are doing cool thing, experience of a gift.
8:25 am
>> wait, wait. rock climbing lessons for valentine's day? >> yes. intuitive. >> we have experience coming up by the way. with a helicopter. >> oh,. >> they take you to a restaurant afterwards. it is really lovely experience that greg and i -- yeah. >> experience gifts are popular. >> i understand that. that is experience. going for nighttime right around manhattan. >> people like rock climbing, greg, i don't know. >> that is not sweeping the nation, i'm sorry. >> what are you doing for valentine's day, lauren. >> i will probably go out to eat on saturday night. not because it is valentine's day. only because saturday night. sunday nothing. >> stop. thanks very much. >> lauren. >> i told you. >> i'm looking at the you, what are you doing for vantine's day? >> we had a nice dry run you and me, right? it wa like a faux date. >> veryfaux. >> this iss in the helicopter. it was a great ride.
8:26 am
including dinr and limo ride. >> from blade. we'll talk to them coming up at 9:00. we'll tell you about ts experience. also coming up at 9:00,alcolm jamal warner. you know him as theo from the cosby show. but have you seen him as ac could you links from the people versus o.j. simpson? >> this is ac. i have o.j. in the card. that is what he said. >> greg, you have to see this we all lived through it, right? i was on the air for hours covering this.
8:27 am
anyway, malcolm i always heard fios was a lot faster.
8:28 am
turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop, my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. only fios has the fastest internet ailable with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better.
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>> you're no tramp but you're no lady. >> i beg to differ about rosanna. >> either one? >> both sentiments! >> bundle up, native new yorkers.
8:30 am
our traditional, you know, we celebrate native to this town. >> what else? happy friday and happy valentine's day indvance. happy presidents' day. i hope y have a three-day weekend. >> if not, tune us in. we'll be here o monday. meantime its cold out there. but you're a native it. >> it is not windy. mike a ialke about that. winds. the wa >> he should be arrested. >> give aig shoutout to our mail carriers ware out there in all sorts of wther. building. you haveroy. i have kwan. kwan is okay. >> they work very, very hard. we appreciate it. anybody who has to work outside today, hats off to you. >> is tough. what else is going on? >> well it's valentine's day. >> kind of.
8:31 am
it is funny, my mom waslways good about valentine's day. she always gave us something, you know what i mean. >> what did she give you? >> candy, stuff like that. >> socks. >> no. >> you could use socks. >> i could use socks. you seon oocks. >>o u have socks on now? >> have socks on now. not always a given. mike wood what i traditio gring in your venti's y? >> usually kids giving stuff to parents and grandparents. >> huh. >> i also used to love it at school. we have little paper bags give out to valentines. >> that wasoctlly. it was a little traumic people giving each other valentine's cards in second grade. t everybody t e. >> we we to all girls. we doesn't have to worry about that. we think pretty much everybody got one. i didn't cnt. yway. anyway,appy ventine's d weekend. we'll have a good one, even thought w il be really cold outside.
8:32 am
for the lt several days. worst of it is on valentine's dayself letou go what is going on in winter and what has gone on for last several years. this is what we ha have for the last severa years. cold facts for central par coldest day this winter is h 11 degrees on january 5th. at ithpretty coldut not compared to what we'll see over the weekend. last year, made it down to gr on february 20th. looks like we might do that again this sunday. last time we hit ze in new york city, central park, it was 2 below, back on january 19th in '94. coldest ever, 15 degrees below zero 1934. those are the cold hard facts if you're feeling sorry for yourself, it has been worse. we have sunny skies.
8:33 am
that makes it a lot colder. windchill factor 6 degrees in central park. 3 in allentown. that is what it feels like. three in monticello. when you see windchill factors like this, you know you have to bundle it up hats, scarves, gloves, extra layers. layers make it easier. if you need to take sething off you can. but on day like this you will want more. a lot of sunshine coming up here. shoulde falyntfu day. maybe a few flurries. ther is reinforcing shot of aric air willnock tmps more sund. there it is. partly cudyky wh maybe a few flries. high of 26 today. 19 tomorrow. 17 is the high on valentine's day. scantily-clad. it looks likes a toga. pants. >> looks like he is wearing something crazy. it is richard simmons cupid with a toga.
8:34 am
that is one of them. let's bring in christina stoffo. >> very unique. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day to you, everyone. we're definitely seeing slow moving cars if you're traveling around town. let's get right to it here. it will be the westbound b.q.e. at hamilton avenue. stalled truck. one lane blocked off. one on eastbound side. it was accident eastbound by flushing avenue. it is cleared. the damage is done. it is absolutely jammed on gowanus and b.q.e. aa result of these things. definitely somethingo keep in mind. another stop we're seeing bumper-to-bumper delays, cross bronx expressway. westbound side of jerome avenue. one lane blocked off. absolutely jammed back to the area of westchester avenue. traffic average speed of five miles an hour. cross bronx not looking good. deegan jammed up 149th street. that has one lane blocked off.
8:35 am
we have construction going on. northbound side through 79th street where everyone is pushing off into one lane. we have emergency construction here blocking two lanes involving a drain that needs to be cleaned out there. is water everywhere. so, this is not looking good. least back to the 20s. fdr northbound, horrible. southbound side looks very, very congested for you also. here is the new jersey turnpike. it jams up northbound approaching exit 14 car and truck lanes are jammed up. we have the issue on newark bay extension on exit 14. a truck is in process of being cleared from the roadway. 30 minutes inbound lincoln tunnel around the helix. george washington bridge into the toll plaza, no delay. once you get on to the span things get very slow for you moving across the bridge. alternate side suspended for you today but you still have to put money in the meters. greg, rosanna back to you. >> thank you very much.
8:36 am
ex-lows shun march of last year. two people were killed. more than 19 injured. rosanna arrests relating to this case. >> five arrests. defendants including building owners and contractors and plumbers they're accused of rigging up illegal goose delivery system. investigators say the say hookup cause ad blast that caused explosion and killed three people. kerry drew in the east village with more details. kerry what is going on this morning? >> reporter: greg and rosanna, good morning to both of you. the deadly explosion in the east village happened almost a year ago, 11 months, march of 2015. east 7th street and second avenue. behind me you see what the area looks like now. there is empty lot. there is memorial on the fence to remember those who died and also two makeshift graves in the ground to remember those who were killed. this blast killed a restaurant worker and customer and also leveled three buildings. now almost year later five
8:37 am
on charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. officials say the five defendants rigged up a bogus gas system in one of the buildings which led to the blast and fire. the including building owner, contractor, two plumbers. one is accused illegally lending his license to falsify documents all five enter not guilty please in detroit. nypd detective said this will be a warning to people looking to cut corners. >> this is monumental case. i think this sends a message we'll not tolerate this garbage. >> knowing it was reckless they installed a gas delivery system that they had reason to believe could put lives at risk and in fact lives were lost. >> reporter: in addition to the two men killed in this explosion more than a dozen others suffered serious inries as a result. the sister of one of the men who died meanwhile said a vigil is planned here at the site of the explosion that will take place
8:38 am
that will be exactly a year to the day that this explosion happened. that is the latest live from here in the east village this morning. greg and rosanna, i will send things back to you. >> all right, kerry, thanks. >> police on stat len island are asking for help to find a suspect who use ad pipe to try to rob a bodega clerk. >> you see that there the guy with the big pipe? not sure how much money he got away with. look like he tried to trash the joint. >> this happened on january 25th inside of the deli called nothing but the best deli. it is in mariners harbor. the suspect was unsuccessful. he ran off without a single penny in his hand. he was last seen wearing a black hooded sweater, black and white winter hat and camouflage pants. i'm assuming he has changed since then. >> you're -- [laughter]. good point. because we go into great detail what they were wearing january 25th.
8:39 am
>> i would think he would have tched that. >> we hope they catch him but we deplore what he did seriously. meantime, albert einstein, very bright guy figured out something a long time ago, the theory of relativity. aspects of that they're still confirming. he is still being proven right. >> 100 years later. >> the wildest thing, rosanna and i really don't fully understand here but, two black holes he collided about >> right. >> and we are hearing the noise, the ripple effects from that today or actually -- >> that's right. >> back in september. >> more than a billion years ago. only reached earth last september. the equipment detect ad wave in audio form producing a, sounds likes a vacuum cleaner to me. listen to this. >> did you hear the two little bloo bloop? that's it.
8:40 am
the mow dem and dial-up? >> a little bit. >> little bit, right. >> i want to see your vacuum clner if it sounds like this. >> when something gets stuck in it. >> read from the "times" here. physicists say when we ard are ripples in the fabric of space time einstein predict a century ago. completes his vision of a univer where space and time are interwennd dynamic, able to stretch, shrink and jiggle. >> wait. is this soundtrack of the universe going to compete with kanye's new albu i don't know if i can deal with that, greg. >> i know where you're priorities are. who cares. you must have been a hoot to launch moon landing with. nothing to do up there. read about all of it in today's "times." hard a understand but that is what it sounded like. >> greg, i know you're looking forward to this. we'll have some swimsuit models from the "sports illustrated"
8:41 am
the big magazine is out next we. with sports. >> rosanna you have mildly resented this. list. >> two models are here. >> beauty contests, "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition and -- the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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8:43 am
8:44 am
>> someple on faceok and twitter told me that billy joel is playing this weekend. he has that series at madison square garden. >> you know what would be great? wham reunion. >> that would be awesome. >> george michael. >> i love that. >> his wife is a gold digger. >> wow. don't bring that up right now because michael pharaoh is in enough trouble, okay? he is in the doghouse. bow wow. >> set this up. michael farrah. basically he brought all of the old clotn his house, thought they were old clothes, put them in recycling bin, but his wife's fancy stuff. >> supposed to go to the dry cleaner. >> looking for this stuff. >> $1000 worth of his wife's clothing. >> here is michael.
8:45 am
neighborhood. lives in the flatiron district. i'm sorry, we got distracted by george michael. welcome, sir. >> thank you. >> here's the deal. you were recling. you wnted to recycle stuff with your son, correct? >> yes, my wife dry cleaning was in recying bg. my son took initiative dash. >> wait a second blaming it on your son? >> my fault. i told him to brit bag down. he did exactly what i said. when i got down tears he had no bag in his hand. he put it on recycling. i assumed he left it upstairs. my fault. >> how old is your son? >> he is nine. >> at what point did you realize the mistake? >> about three hours later i came home was going to take the clothes to the dry cleaners. i asked him. he told me what had happened with the bag. and then i spent, next three hours going through recycling trying to find it. we put the flyers in the neighborhood. >> roughly speaking, how much money didou lose here on these clothes? >> i would say it was probably a
8:46 am
my wife gotten back from business trip. there was vintage scarf in there she lost, irreplaceable. >> how did you break it to your wife? >> very difficult phone call. >> were you on your knees? >> it was by phone. whenever wife get as text, call me you know there's trouble. >> what did you say? >> heys, babe, i took out your clothes to the dry cleaners and they're gone now. >> she said? >> there was this silence and a little bit of disappointment. and then, i told her my son was upset about it. and i said it was my fault. and then, she was okay. >> well he still has to be punished. >> no punishment for ben. >> no punishment. >> "new york post" called him a do-gooder. did you see that. >> i did. >> kind of overzealous, recycling kid? >> no he is not overzealous recycling kid. he is great kid. he was trying to take recycling
8:47 am
i have to make it up to her. >> somebody has to go to the dump. you heard these stories before. wedding gowns. they go to the dump and sort through all of the garbage and they find it. >> have you tried that? >> i did. i checked all the garbage cans on our block. >> that is not enough. >> i have to go to the dump? >> you have to go to the dump. >> i will call sanitation. see if i get out there. >> how romantic for valentine's day. >> i don't want to come back smelling like garbage in new york city. i will do my best. >> when did this happen? >> happened three days ago. >> put flyers all around. one caught attention of new york pest. they called you? >> they did. >> you didn't seek to make it big social media campaign. >> i didn't. i hope the person took bag of clothes, walked by my street, saw the sign and called me back. >> are you in the doghouse or not. >> i'm not in the doghouse. my wife is very understanding. i'm pretty happy about that but i would still love to fine the clothes. >> will you replace the clothes
8:48 am
>> my wife will probably replace the clothes. i learned long ago not to shop for my wife to clothes. she has very unique sense of style. so that is her -- >> has anybody, something tells me you got a lost bogus, phony known calls. did you get a lot of those. >> i did. >> tell me about them. >> i talked to a guy in a senior living facility up in upstate new rk. was a little lonely. saw my phone number in the newspaper. so we talked for a little bit. >> any productive calls? >> no productive calls. >> none? >> a lot of people inquiring about the, if there any resolu >> y like to make documentaries and stuff. make a documentary abt this. >> children's book maybe. someing, a document film would be great. >> michael fair farrah. document men tearian aut chess see comes out when? >>eptember. class divide. >> ifi ve to see september. >> bless let us know how it goes. >> hope you get the stuff back. >>hank you. >> all the best to you and yur wife. >> thank you.
8:49 am
i am. coming up on "good day new york," one of the biggest social media stars ever, meagan rings is here in town for fashion week. we'll talk to her. maybe meagan can help michael find his garbage or his wife's
8:50 am
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i thinwe shod've taken a left at the river. tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, why don't you want to just ask somebody? you fight over directions. it's what you do. fifteen percent or more on car insurance, oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh!
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>> that guy was funny. of the dead husband walking. >> they should cut him some slack. i think everything is just fine at home. nice guy. >> talk about one of most popular tv series last few years now. form. >> okay, what? >> "breaking bad," the bryan cranston series, follows the story of high school chemistry teacher walter white who cooks up and sells meth. it is opened to open at north 8th street and wyeth avenue? brooklyn, greg. that is your hood. >> m brother lives there. >> your brother lives there.
8:53 am
>> it inspired by chemistry. he has won one in istanbul. first one in the united states. >> not sure if i totally get the concept. good luck with that. >> talk about "american idol." last season. talk about past idol champions came back to sing duets with this season's contestants. so, new jersey teenager gianna isabella, paired up with season 14 winner nick fradiani who has been here and sank his hit beautiful life. starr? >> she did. had a hard time matching vcal power. moved on to the next round. other past winners, icluding fantasia and ruben, they made meoeance. >> what is up with bruce springsteen? >> he is shifting talents from the world of music to the
8:54 am
>> writing a book? >> simon & schuster signed him up. will have a new memoir, will be released in september. the title, greg, give me an idea, what do you think it should be? >> the boss? >> okay. close. "born to run." >> done that already. >> i know. encompassegrowing up in new jersey. rise to stardom. >> he is in great shape. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the
8:55 am
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cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: oh yeah. love is in the air. greg: i choose this on purpose. rosanna: this is a great song, greg. greg: we were in the air as a dry run valentine's day celebration. hi, everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour of "good day." >> good morning, i hope you are some where warm: it is teens. the temperatures are in the teens. greg: it is no big deal. it is february. rosanna: it is a big deal. it is cold. greg: hang in there. it is not unprecedented.


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