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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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2 or 3 inches of snow may accumulate before the changeover to ice. maybe freezing rain interior northern new jersey into the hudson valley and parts of southern connecticut. here's the sleet in pink here moving over to freezing rain. where it's above freezing, like parts of the jersey shore and on to long island, we're seeing temperatures at 34 at bellmont and islip. that's rain taking place. it's up two degrees in the last hour, new 29 in the city. now 29 in the city. as the lower layers of the atmosphere start warming up, that will change to sleet and freezing rain. there could be an ice accumulation. it will make roads treacherous. keep that in mind this evening. we have winter weather advisories in effect for the area. they will expire around midnight for the city and south and east. they'll continue until 6:00, 7:00 in north jersey and the interior southern connecticut. the storm is down here.
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so the rain continues. some of the rain might be heavy at times. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, watch the futurecast as we show rain overspread the area. spotty rain in the morning. here's a solid area of rain. could be some lightning and thunder tomorrow afternoon as this front moves through with heavier downpours. and then things should improve and dry out later tomorrow night in towards wednesday. tonight, snow to ice to rain. temperatures will be rising in the morning. it will be in the middle 40s in the city. ernie: this is some ride. incredible. thank you for that report. in other news to report right now, there's been a police-involved shooting in the bronx. the nypd says a witness told police there was a man with a gun nearby. officers say when they gun. the officers ended up shooting the suspect in the right arm. he is reported to be in stable condition tonight. >> well, it is pretty clear that we are right in the middle of a
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african-american candidate among those hoping to replace our first ever black president. tonight we begin our week long celebration of black history month with a look at politics. minute. started. >> i barack obama -- >> reporter: when president obama became the first black president, it was a proud moment. broken. even though a man of color holds the most powerful position in the world, it seems that america still has a long way to go when it comes to equality in politics. >> the election of barack obama sent the wrong message that african-americans had arrived. >> reporter: aaron morrison is a civil rights and diversity reporter with international business times. he says although 40 percent of the american population is non-white, only 14 percent of elected officials at the state
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>> part of the reason for that is that the political parties, both democrats and republicans, don't have enough infrastructure to go out and find qualified viable candidates who are people of color to fill vacancies or to step up and run when someone says they're not going to run for re-election. >> reporter: and when blacks are recruited to run for state offices, it is often a struggle to get the party establishment to give them their full support. >> what you find is that you have to fund-raise for those candidates. fundraising for african-american and latino candidates can be more tricky when dealing with a district that is, you know, majority white and not majority minority. >> there are success stories on the state level as well as in national politics. former u.s. secretary of state
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maxine waters since 1991. former politician michael steele who served as the first african-american chairman of the republican national committee. and reverend leah daughtry of convention. but these stories are rare. blacks and other minorities, including women, are under represented on a national level in congress. >> certainly there are more minorities in elected office than ever have been in history. but it's an underrepresentation. ernie: thank you for that report. let's continue to talk politics. joining me right now, new york deputy mayor richard burrey. we talked before we went on the air. you've got an exciting situation going on in your life. i want to hear about it. we hear a lot of success stories. there are plenty out there about african-americans involved in politics, government service like yourself. you're a success story. you're a role model.
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>> so many people. i start with my parents. i have to point out my mom in particular. i grew up in east new york brooklyn. school. we'd go around the neighborhood all the time. they'd be excited to see her. i grew up with an image of teaching and being involved in the community is something that was important and respectful. i think that gave me the spark. ernie: your mom is olivia. she's watching and proud of you. you had a lot of challenges along the way and obstacles. tell us about that. >> i grew up in east new york in eastern brooklyn and was blessed to go to one of the best public high schools in the country. it was a big challenge going from east new york every day. the mayor talks about the tale of two cities. it's something i feel personally. i feel the challenges of going to this community, a different community, meeting people from around the city. it was a challenge for me
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ernie: you're deputy mayor. you're involved in a lot of programs, including the pre-k program, which is very tell us about that. >> it's one of the things i'm most proud of. when mayor de blasio came into office, he had a promise he was going to provide full day four-year-old in new york city. that. we went from a program with 19,000 children enrolled to over 68,000 children today and full day high quality prekindergarten programs, learning and playing and making friends, getting ready for school. it's been an extraordinary achievement led by tons of people in the city. it's one of the things i'm most proud of. ernie: making a difference really important. given the political climate today, what advice do you have? what do you see as far as african-americans and their opportunities for the future? >> the opportunities are limitless, in part because there's so much work to do. what i would say is you've got to give back.
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through journalism, running for office. i spent most of my career in non-profits as a government official. there are different ways to give back. the most important thing is to give back. there are tremendous challenges we face as a country. and we need people to step up and do it. ernie: we need that now. >> i think the scope of the problems are such that there's a tremendous opportunity. but you can be a teacher in a public high school. you can be the president. and everybody can do that. we know that now. we know you can make a tremendous difference. ernie: and you need to motivate people, get people involved with a positive attitude and know there's a mission in life you can accomplish like you have. we're happy to have you with us today. come back again. i know olivia is watching. >> hey, mom and dad. ernie: thank you, richard. come back again. >> will do. thank you. ernie: we're celebrating black history month with a special week of stories. tomorrow we're focusing on the arts and giving young children an opportunity to break barriers.
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humanitarians who are giving back and helping those in need. join us for that. we have a lot of special guests all week long. >> and we still have a lot more coming up today, including an update on the day long power outage that's making a mess at grand central. stay with us. we're coming right back after
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ernie: 29 in new york city. and nick will be along with his forecast. here's what else is happening in the news. the united nations says dozens of people have been killed in missile attacks on five communities and two schools in northern syria. one group blames russia. >> a watchdog group has been confirming now that isis used chemical weapons against kurdish forces in iraq last year. reuters was told that mustard gas was used in august. it's unclear how they got the chemical weapons. >> antonin scalia has been suffering from a number of issues including heart issues and high blood pressure prior to his death this weekend. his doctor reportedly passed on this information to texas officials, who decided no
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>> parts of grand central terminal are still in the dark tonight after this morning's power outage. the mta says a major water pipe burst flooding main central's power supply. >> it's surprising and concerning when you're in new york when, you know, something happens like that. >> i've never seen it so dark. it's weird. a bit scary, too. ernie: ticket kiosks are out but you can purchase at a window or train. they're running on schedule. they hope to have the hour restored by tomorrow morning's rush. that's what's happening in the news now. nick is here. we've got some snow, some rain and it's going to get warmer. goodnight. nick: you summed it up. i have to earn my paycheck. ernie: you do it well.
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nick: we're in the snow to transition zone sleet, freezing rain and rain will be the story over the next couple of hours. still snowing now, but the temperature has been rising steadily over the last few hours. ernie: going to get up to 50 tomorrow? nick: 56, 57 even. maybe a little thunderstorm activity around here tomorrow afternoon. crazy, right, from yesterday's record low of minus 1. now we've been rising steadily during the last few hours. 29 is the high. that's our current temperature after starting out at 13. we should be around 42, 29. we'll be into the 50s tomorrow. 73 and minus 8 in the records. about a half inch of snow in new york city. we're into the transition now where it's snowing but it won't last much longer. wind out of the east. that will become south. the pressure is steady. should start falling from 30.29. here's some of the new highs. up to 36 at islip. that's the new high. 34 at montauk. mid 30s at the jersey shore. the snow is ending. it's done there.
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with. look to the north. still teens to 20. the highs for the days are the current temperatures as you'll see them on the screen. 19 poughkeepsie. 16 sussex towards -- or 50 sussex to monticello. there's the 30s across long island. 20s in southern parts of connecticut. our temperature change, 5 to 20-something degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. wind will be east-southeasterly. that will warm it up along the coast. it's going to take longer for that to happen inland. the result will be snow to sleet to freezing rain. that could leave a bit of icing troubles behind. keep that in mind. the winter weather advisory goes until 7:00 in the morning. there's the mix to sleet and rain happening along long island to the jersey shore. we'll put that into motion. you can see how that's advancing northward. there's the area of rain reaching long island with snow off to the west of that area. the wider view is going to show
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once the warm front does move northward, we'll watch the temperature continue to rise. out the door, mid and upper 40s across the city and points south and east. again, this next system will slide off to the west here, keeping us in the strong southerly flow of air tomorrow. winds could be gusting over 30, 35 miles an hour. 40s, mid and upper 40s in the morning. in the afternoon is when we'll see the heaviest of rain. it will be spotty in the morning. could be some thunderstorms later in the day as we top off at 56. we'll transition back to cooler weather on wednesday. west. notice the time stamp, 1:00 in the afternoon. heavier rain slides through. clears out tomorrow night. lots of sun for wednesday. back down to the low and middle 40s, which is seasonal. this will cool us down on thursday. upper 30s. we'll find temperatures return into the 40s and 50s friday and saturday. snow and ice to rain. that's the sequence tonight as temperatures rise into the 40s past the midnight hour and into the 50s tomorrow with rain and a gusty wind. heavy downpours in the
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and that will end in the early evening. wednesday, 44. sun and clouds. 48. we'll be back up to 41 friday. sun and clouds. a couple of showers at night. 53 saturday. back to sun. 48 for both sunday and monday. a couple of showers on monday. but doesn't look like any big weather event. ernie: looking forward to the warmer temperatures. nick: it will feel a lot better. ernie: thank you very much. disney got "star wars" fans excited again today by announcing that they have begun filming episode 8. fans had a brief video of like skywalker. episode 8 will hit theatres at the end of 2017 and has a lot to live up to. earlier episode 7 was the first movie to ever gross $900 million domestically. >> we have many choices to make every day. what if you had to make this one? listen. what could you live without for a day?
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great answers are coming up.
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ernie: russ is here. celebrating. we have a lawsuit going on. ernie: long story short, six women last week filed suit against the university of tennessee basically stating that the -- claiming that the
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university of tennessee created a hostile working environment, hostile sexual working environment. ernie: this goes back 1996, '97, in that time period? russ: there's a bunch of incidents, okay. in terms of one peyton manning, peyton manning is alleged to have an incident with a female trainer back in 1996. now, that trainer sued peyton manning. that deal, that case, that lawsuit was settled. it was settled. part of the agreement was it was settled out of court and part of the agreement was she would leave the university of tennessee. that's what happened. now i think it was in 2002, she filed another lawsuit because both peyton manning and archie manning, his dad, as well as -- they wrote a book. harper collins published it.
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her claims. she subsequently sued. there was another settlement. ernie: it started again. russ: there was another settlement out of court. his business was settled roughly 20 years ago. however, because of this six women filing this case now, filing this lawsuit, it gets brought up again. ernie: we'll see how it unfolds. what does this mean for peyton manning? all of that. times. you might be innocent until proven guilty in a regular court. in the court of public opinion, especially in this day and age with social media, you are guilty until proven innocent. i don't know what happened back then, but it's embarrassing -- at the least it's embarrassing. but he is also one of the biggest pitchmen in america. you wonder -- plus his own
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that will affect possible advertising if women complain. and there's another situation regarding peyton. the minute he says he's going to retire, all the networks who cover football will line up to sign him. would they be as willing to take him on if women are complaining? all of a sudden it becomes a very touchy situation. ernie: it does. thanks a lot. now here's a personal question for you. if you had to go all day without your phone or wallet, which would you choose? see what people said.
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos.
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answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: okay. tell me this. which could you live without for a day? the phone or your wallet? >> my wallet. ernie: you can do without your wallet. >> i won't know one person's phone number. i couldn't contact anyone. ernie: it's a must. >> a must. >> my phone. i have a starbucks app. that's all i need. ernie: that's all you need. still asking the question. what could you live without? >> without my phone probably. ernie: without the phone? >> yeah. i'd rather have the money. i can buy it if i need it. ernie: without the phone? >> absolutely. ernie: interesting. people say i can't live without my phone. >> you have a different generation coming up who's totally connected and doesn't know how to unconnect. ernie: that's smart. you can do without the phone. >> i could do without the phone. ernie: do you do that sometimes? >> yes. i shut it down. >> the phone. i need the phone. ernie: you're on the phone now.
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i love my iphone. i love everything. ernie: you have to have the phone? >> yes. i have to have my phone for everything. i have to have it for my schedule, for my e-mail, for my business, to talk to my family and friends. ernie: this is amazing. the wallet will stay away for a while. >> it's in my phone. i have apple pay. ernie: you've got it all. you've got the whole package. take care. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. ernie: bye-bye. all right. tough choice. let me know what you think. go to my facebook page. thank you for joining us. for all of us, i'm ernie anastos in studio 5. and our control room upstairs, thank you for being part of the broadcast. give us a wave, john. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. you could do without? russ: the wallet. keep the cash. that's all i need. nick: got to have my phone.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: blake shelton and luke bryan went to mastro's steak house separately but they had beef with each other. >> who do you want to sit next to at the grammys? >> luke bryan but he never gets nominated. >> like brian -- >> they're like the nickelback of country. harvey: luke's songs are legitimately good. >> they're not respects by the grammys. harvey: like "star wars" never gets nominated for best picture -- >> the first one did. harvey: it didn't win. >> john mayer was there with his >> adele did a show on friday for hard-core fans. john mayer was there with his new girlfriend. katy perry as well. >> john mayer was there with his new girlfriend and katy perry was there with orlando bloom? >> less than two months after they broke up.


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