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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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on tran on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 >> the fight goes on! donald trump said hillary clinton big winners tonight! the presidential candidates score major victories in the way race for the white house. i am christina park. antoine has the night off. the republican rival from south carolina gop primary says it's easy. hillary clinton pulled out the and the democratic
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jessica is more on the big development. >> donald trump won his second primary after taking new hampshire and now south carolina. the results are coming in after the polls closed. his victory comes one week after he threatened to sue ted cruz after his eligibility to serve in the white house. he accused george bush of lying about the iraq war and had to defend what the pope said about him not being a christian. 70% percent of voters support his muslim band. despite all that, he still walked away with a big win tonight. >> let's go and have a big win in nevada and the fcc.
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make america great again. ted cruz and marco rubio 22%. the other big story is jeb bush. he is suspending his campaign and his bid for the republican nomination for president. >> tonight, i am suspending might campaign. [cheering] >> as for the democratic caucus, hillary clinton pulled out a victory here. it exceeds bernie sanders 53% to the 47%. it's most of the dead heat between the two as clinton got the vote with experience being important . she expressed her gratitude to her supporters.
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it is a campaign to break down every barrier that hold you back!we will bit ladder is a opportunities so americans can go as far as your work will take you. here in nevada , we are bringing working people and young people into the political process. it's lazy have not seen for a very long time. >> aside from today's standards, still beating clinton a national poll. it's the wind at our backs toward super tuesday. it's very exciting. officers are recovering tonight . officers are trying to
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be to blame. help. we are asking for your wisdom and protection. >> prayers for the two police officers on bedstead brooklyn. it potentially saved lives. nearby convenience store captured at 3:00 am. they responded to a report of gunshots.he tried to get away any drive his nissan into a mark squad car. they surround the vehicle and gunfire is exchange. these people are gathering to support the police.>> it to it tears apart the moral fabric of the community. >> he was struck multiple
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eric recovered the revolver from his vehicle. two officers were hit and the nypd says they are investigating the possibility that the injury happened from back fire. >> is a crucial work that the police officer does. lives on the line for us every single day . >> is the latest in the string of members shot line of duty. the beds style neighborhood has seen a reduction in crime. we went from 44 to 30 last year. that was significant. he and his son said they don't feel safe. >> having any to move.i state. it's not safe . >> the suspect at 34 years
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criminal history. from brooklyn, fox five news and bedside. >> peter liang was convicted of killing an armed man. he was found guilty of killing gurley any public housing stairwell in 2004 team. they say he's an escape goat or politics. it's a selective judge justice system. >> it's an accident. peter liang will fall for 15 years. >> it's a sendoff for the latest justice in the capital today. thousands gathered at the cup in national shrine for the immaculate conception . they bid goodwell to the justice to sit on the highest court .the masses led by the sun, paul scalia.
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but jan's clients said some words during the service. >> hope does not disappoint. the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit given to us. >> president obama did not attend the funeral. who were will be allowed to operate at the new york city airport. the move comes days before the ban will take effect. ticket rideshare drivers at penn station and other hubs in overseas but . toys "r" us has removed cover boards from the website. that's according to the razor hover board. it was removed out of an abundance of caution and it's working with the
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items tested. they should contact razor for further information. following the mets in port st. lucie, duke traveled across the sunshine state to find out what's cooking. duke: here in tampa at yankees camp. it's the first official bullpen. all three are impressed. ryan mccollum tells us there is no question when it comes to velocity that chapman is in the league of his own. >> he is a guy that you don't see on a consistent basis. our eyes are not trained to see that. he is a rare breed.>> we saw him altogether. >> there are some loud noises out there.
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will get the strike out. they are in the top three in major league baseball. it's per nine innings. happen . >> how did you feel when you found out that chapman was coming.>> there is no place on this team to complain. we will do whatever it takes and not complain about the situation. if i were to speak up and step out of line , i would look silly. >> we see cc sebastian with his bullpen action. >> he is once again making the knee brace on his landing. this is the best he has felt quite some time. >> it would be healthy to go out and contribute the same way. well. he had a knee brace on. his front knee would collapse at times and he would spin off and cause
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when i saw him today, there was none of that. >> everyone here at yankee camp without question cc sebastian and brian mccann they all said the key is staying healthy.if they can stay healthy, this can be a playoff. >> that is the story in tampa. i am here with the yankees, back to you we are talking about today's warmer than normal temperatures. we will introduce you to some of the models breaking pages of the annual swimsuit edition. talk about a big bundle of joy! you will never guess this cutie. lucky kids with advice on how to reach for the stars. >> temperatures well above average. i will let you know how long it will last. >> one-on-one with one of
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artist of all time.>> it
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>> sports illustrated swimsuit issue hits the newsstands just in time to bring some heat . thackeray talk with some of the ladies to grace the pages.>> it would be natural with some people watching them. >> it's strange because they are from small towns and big cities. >> i am from the uk.
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i am from. >> they shot in places like republic . they moved with grace and strength dreams, just like that. meet me davis . for me. the caliber of girls i'm working with. it feels surreal. >> drop dead gorgeous women at the pinnacle of their careers. at one time, they look normal and then this . >> you look great. you are doing well.>> it's a celebration of body diversity. >> it might not be your cup of tea. ashley ran the story within the story. it's the first full figured woman to make a cover. >> it's all these beautiful girls. to be one of them i am very grateful for that. >> the human body .
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>>thby in set lol e derea ction anentered the rld ighing 14 pods. her fas ry rpd by her size theyad to go out and buy neots since none thon tneon t her. anby a doing just fine. at the space muse, fresh off the international spe station. the nasa astronaut discses the t space. whh is water from there was two spacewalks. he shares some wordof wisdom. >> e gs tt e h doing in life, you have to work hard for. don't be afraid to be awesome! push it back u .
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over 100scientific experiences including human physlogy phic >> people are beginning to clear up. it's a cyclone touring through the isnd and one person died at the storm. winds from the cyclone are estimated at 177 les per hour. it's the equivalent of a category five.>> timno r weather. auey joins us now. is there more? this will be the mildest day we will see. i hope you got out and end it. here's a high of 510. we have the number at 4:00 this afternoon and it's well above avere. normally, we should be in the low 40s and reach the numbers as we go into next week .in the meantime, we are in store for nice weather at 610. last time we saw the number was december7. high should be inhelow 40s and we will
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following were . the southwest wind is coming in between five 10 miles per hour. it's a southwest wind helping to usher in the temperatures. areawide we sit nicely in the 40s across long island. going to bridgeport and that's where some of the normal hyzaar this time of year. we are in the 50s in new york city and poughkeepsie. elsewhere across the northeast, it's nice from boston temperatures in the 40s. we are at 500 for d.c. and buffalo is feeling pretty nice. detroit comes in for the 40s. >> one disturbances pushing off to the north. it's not bringing an impact with clouds towards the hudson valley. we will see more clds on thincrease as we had through e overnight. those are courtesy of the weather element down towards the south. at the area of low pressure it's passing off to the southeast tomorrow d it
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in central new jersey late in the afternoon. it will creep further evening. the second weather element is a cold front working its it's working to the northern plans tonight and it will sweep to the northeast as we go into monday. behind that , we have seasonal temperatures back into the region and the highwill be back into the 40s starting next week. tomorrow it will be above average temperatures and it's not quite as mild today. highs in the 50s around new york city tomorrow. milder temperatures in the mid atlantic to the gulf coast. you'll get a reading down towards south florida and the same thing for the southwest. high temperatures near 500. across our area, we are clear at the moment we see more clouds rolling into the overnight. if you want to get a peek of some, get it early because clouds thicken up .
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will bring rain across new jersey in the afternoon. it will slowly move its way northward and clip staten island and the south shore. areas to the north in the hudson valley and you should remain dry. you will see clouds across the area. on monday, looks like we will see sun and clouds and temperatures are back to normal staying relatively quiet to the middle part of the week. tonight, increasing clouds in its breezy with an overnight low in the 30s and 40s. early peaks of sun east of the city. amateurs remain in the 50s and it's 430 for tuesday. on wednesday, we are watching for a system with snow and rain for the region. temperatures will rise into the 50s changing everything over to rain. we will keep an eye on that for you.
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>> the next on the road tonight trying to bounce back after the beat down in brooklyn. friday night was brooke lopez doing it for the next. (singing) i just
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sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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after a disappointing start in the second half of the season, knicks were back at it tonight. new york tries to stop a losing streak taking on the timberwolves and minnesota. kurt had the first when and is taken over for derek fisher. it was robin lopez tonight. early. quarter alone. he gives the next a 10 point lead and lopez finishes 10 points and 16 rebounds. the next play strong steel here. chris stops for the gym. it six points for kp on the night. it's on the break in the second half.the pressure keeps it up. it's a big night for mellow. evening. they snap the seven-game
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>> it's baseball now where they are expected to rule on chapman's domestic violence allegations over the next few days. according to the daily news, any discipline handed down could include a spring-training band. the mets continue their pitchers and catchers work out today he is hopeful for a healthy 2016 and he is very excited when it comes to catching what many believe is the best rotation in baseball. >> it's a blessing. it's powerful stuff. my favorite stuff is that they all want to learn every day. they all push for each other . what else would you want? >> rory mcelroy played in
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year. he's two shots off the lead. bubba watson from the gallery on 18. he just misses andy rosen and with a birdie and bubba holds on with a lead right now at 12 under par in the final round. it's sunday out at riviera. the weather looks good like here. >> it's pretty good for tomorrow. >> it's not quite as mild as it was. still above average for this time of year. watch out for the lightning tomorrow night and it looks like we start out dry but cooler for this time of year. we are watching the storm system and we could see a the region. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00.
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