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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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antwan: counting down days to
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donald trump, he faces political attacks from both parties, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, the biggest single day on the presidential calendar. >> some attacks focus on now company university. reporter: trump is still declared the frontrunner with 82 dell kates. -- delicates rhetoric against trump has been stepped up, is it too little too late. >> paying $35,000 was supposedly supervise by donald trump. it was a fake. reporter: a super pac opposed to donald trump rolls out this ad along with others on now
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>> 98% of the people that took the courses 98% they thought they were terrific. real estate training program has come under fire in ours and on campaign trail, senator rubio calls trump, a conartist. >> we'll pick up a lot of delicates, next week -- delegates and next week, on march 15 i believe the race will be narrowed more americans will know truth about donald trump. reporter: super steuz day tuesday is the biggest day in the primary season. senator cruz is counting on more republican voters to turn against the the frontrunner. >> if you are one of 65% of republicans that does not want to see donald trump as our nominee, i ask you to stand with us. reporter: drusm us.
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york lawsuit, g.o.p. frontrunner said he refused to settled he claims and would have not already won it not for the judge. >> we have a very hostile judge, now, he is hispanic i believe, he is very hostile to me, i have said it loud and clear. reporter: also being clear is new york's tapper attorney general eric shieder, tweeting to the judge's race has nothing to do with the decision. you can't say that race has not been interesting. christina: lawyer thank you. antwan: after her big win in south carolina yesterday, hillary clinton shifted her attention to super tuesday and donald trump, she campaigned in front of supporters in tennessee, calling for some of his controversial comments he has made in the past. >> they insult one group or
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in this together. antwan: democratic strategists are also preparing for a battle against donald trump, reviews court filings requesting information about his business dealings. christina: bernie sanders rallied in oklahoma city, said despite his loss to hillary clinton in south carolina, he is looking to the future, and expects to do well on super tuesday, sanders said, in politics on a given night, sometimes win, sometimes you lose. antwan: in case you did not get a chance to go out it was gorgeous today. christina: you won outside today this is the scene in hoboken, new jersey this afternoon, lucky kids soaking in the sunshine. antwan: let's get with audrey and find out how long we cany 'tic this to happen. audrey: we'll stay above average for a couple of days, today's
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day for february. this is our normal high for april. it was nice out across the island temperatures in 50s from islip and montauk, same at bridgeport, we have cooled down to 40s in bridgeport, same in monticello, very nice in 50s in new york city, temperatures are about 5 to 15 degrees above where they were this time yesterday, courtesy of the southwest wind flow that being brisk, running about 10 miles per hour on average, will continue to be breezy tonight, into tomorrow. we have clear skies at the moment but it will change into daylight hours tomorrow, tonight's lows dropping to 40s, normal high should be in low 40s. our next focus is that system that is working through the great lakes approaching us over
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tomorrow morning we'll see scattered showers roll through, a quick moving system it should be out by the evening commute, you should see sun sign before sets and really watch for our next rainmaker coming up. >> thank you. christina: tragic story out of vig vig, virginia to tell you about, a police officer was shot and killed on the job just a day after she was sworn in, officer ashlee guidon was one of the officers that responded. she was responding to a domestic violence call. appreciative of all of the support we've received from the community, and our law enforcement family in the region, the country. we continue to ask for that
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christina: suspect's wife was found dead at the scene issue hamilton has been arrested on murder and other charges. antwan: thoughts have a the nypd tonight, after an off-duty officer off-duty waskilled this morning. he exited his vehicle and was struck by a car that left the scene. >> a new york city council member calling for act, after hour hit-and-run crashes involving ped pets pedestrian overnight, a 63-year-old man was struck and killed on webster this this morning, and a 41-year-old bicyclist was struck and killed, a third man was killed by a vehicle in south richmond park queens, in every
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>> i am calling to the -- reward reward. to provide cash rewards to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the hit-and-run drivers. christina: the fourth victim is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle. antwan: nypd investigates two more slashings in the city, first victim was slashed during an argument near a club on wel she this morning -- chelsea this morning, the second victim was trying to break that fight up neither one was seriously hurt, made. >> cruise ship battered by a major storm this month turned around mid trip, anthem of the seas returned home to avoid a
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norovirus outbreak. the ship left new jersey sunday, but rail caribbean said they want be to be extra careful. antwan: when it comes to being confort able to --comfortable on a plane, size does matter. christina: a lawmaker is pushing for it, it be more enjoyable. reporter: airline passengers complain about shrinking seats and leg room, now an act of congress could change that, average leg room in most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches, and width of seat narrowed by nearly 2 inches. new york senator senator wants to change that to an add-on to a mandatory faa funding bill.
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back to the old system. 35 inches, and 18 inch, 35 inches for leg room, 18 inches for the width of the seat. reporter: schumer believes it should be done without a fair increase -- fare increase since airlines are make record high profits issue they welcome the why the idea, passengers are skeptical can it be done without raising fares. >> we think it would be great, but i don't see it happening, they are talking about bench seats. >> always nice to get more room, you wonder how much it would change the price, a a compromise. reporter: leg room is a key issue for them. >> for someone like me who is
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can't, i have to sit un uncomfortable. >> not everyone has enough cash to afford first class. this is great idea to be offered. reporter: a industry trade organization called airline for america said that government regulation should be limited to seaty safety not seat size, if all geese go as man, senator schumer said it should pass by the end of march. antwan: you may want to hit the calls tomorrow. christina: leap year deals you don't want to miss. antwan: a new way to take the ultimate selfie, is this too good to be true? christina: what? >> on "sports extra," could carmelo anthony carm carmelo anthony waive his no
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invest with confidence. christina: leap year comes around once every 4 years. antwan: this year retailers are bringing out special deals, stores, hotels, restaurants and airlines are offers promotions give away two-for-one deals and more. >> check out things like #leap
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see what you come up with. you never know you become up with coupons on your way. >> if you are a leap year baby, a leap ling. there are more discounts for you. christina: this could take your mac book to new heights, a mac book selfie stick, you attach your laptop to the end. antwan: that has to be the heaviest thing that does not look smart. christina: the mac book selfie stick is not being mass produced created for an art project 92 can you imagine -- audrey, you have a reputation with selfies, would you really get a mac book thingy. audrey: no, i don't use regular one.
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giant tablets taking pictures. >> reporter: j at concerts they are fun to stan behind. antwan: hit someone in the head. audrey: today temperatures were more string like. -- spring-like. it was 60 in central park, normal high should be 45. right now we're at nice 53 at park, winds out of the south at about 10 miles an hour, clear skies at the moment but clouds are rolling in, in the morning. all these numbers are above what should be our normal high this time of year in low 40s, most of northeast is enjoying this nice taste of spring with readings in upper firsts. it is 58 in buffalo, detroit also experiencing nice temperatures but they will see rain very shortly that rain is headed in our direction.
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across the tri-state area, that will change, by the daytime hours tomorrow, it will be courtesy of this area of low pressure that is moving through the great lakes, is headed in your direct, a cold front is associated with it showers are lining in they will weaken into the region by tomorrow morning. we have threat of scatter the showers. our next focus will this area of low pressure working its way to the pacific north west this one will be a good soaker for us by mid week, not expected to arrive until wednesday. so tomorrow we'll see early showers, we'll great a brick break before the real rain arrives, future cast. we'll have sunshine early. then clouds will move in late in morning showers developing up to about 11:00, there line breaking apart, i do not anticipate widespread rain activity but you
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for the first half of the day, but quick to move out, clearing skies by early afternoon. tuesday we'll wake up with a mix of sun and clouds, we'll day dry but for the next rainmaker that arrive by wednesday, giving us a good steady rain. a soaking rain. tonight, dry, clear, gusty winds overnight lows in 30s and mid 40, tomorrow's shower, sunshine by afternoon. then breezy it, temperatures above average, with our readings in mid 50s to low 60s we stay in upper 40s tuesday, we'll back in 50s on wednesday with the rain moving in, sun shy for thursday, we do a flipflop. then a chance of precipitation friday, models have been conflicts but we do see chance of snow mixing in as temperatures will drop to the 30s by then.
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christina: all right a audrey. antwan: from tennis world to politics look at week ahead. christina: national tennis association providing a media tour with update on the roof installations at. >> thursday first phase of world trade center transportation hubble partially open to the public it has a commuter rail station, and retail shops. christina: later this night expect fireworks when gop presidential candidates face-off for the debate in michigan. antwan: could "deadpool" kick the competition for a third straight week.
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results are antwan: for a third street week, "deadpool" nominating the box office. the movie, has grossed more han $2 keep million 85 million in u.s. making it third largest r -rated movie of all-time. christina: in session second is gods of egypt.
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dominating this year's razzy awards. it took home 5 awards, worst screen play, worst actor, worst actress, and two actor got worst on screen combo, the movie tied with "fantastic 4" for world's worst film. christina: winner at at -- raspberries. antwan: stallone in a bad film, what. russ: he had a couple, we're talks sports coming up, a big night, carmelo anthony said he is not going anywhere but
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clause this summer. >> and spring training. all right. thank you, ryan. christina: we'll be right back. >> a look at what you need to been tomorrow's commute. >> i am ines rosales. construct going on route 4 westbound, right lane will be
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christina: hope you enjoyed it. antwan: audrey has one more look. audrey: couple morning showers, we'll be dry tuesday, cooler before wet weather returns wednesday, cooler and drying thursday, we do flip flop, friday we could see mix of rain and snow. we'll see how it pans out. christina: that is it for us tonight, thank you for watching i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis with audrey puente and ryan asselta. christina: stick around sports extra with ryan is next. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer)
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ryan: welcome to "sports extra" present the by toyota, i am ryan asselta, we have a solid show lined up for you, spring
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week, with games in florida talking mets and yankee, tina has a great story on a program in new jersey giving very special athletes a chance to shine, we start with knicks at home. hosting the heat at the garden, miami led by 5 at half, second half heat on the brake here. lay up with 26 for wade, heat up 11. knicks kept it close off the break, some sweet passing, williams goes in for the jam. knicks down by 4 at that point, but miami would not let them get any closer, joe johnson picked up by heat making his debut the fall away jumper, johnson had 12 on the night. miami beats knicks 98-81. >> all right now to talk hoops


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