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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 3, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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water. >> did somebody say lobster? bill: it is one set -- one study. >> well, baby. >> brighten up your day. bill: guys, yesterday, super tuesday, now in the books. hillary clinton on her way to the nomination surging ahead. and in a big headline. donald trump. crews one a couple states. marco rubio stays alive. we are joined by new york
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what is your take? >> i'm still hung over. what can i tell you. i have the opportunity to talk to the next president of the united states. it was a verya very big victory, strong performances in virginia and georgia, alabama, and then you had a much closer race in texas. bill: let's go back to the press conference. votes are in. there is governor christie introducing donald trump, some are saying that awkwardness. >> it looks more like a hostage video. he was entirely poker-faced. he looked like a trophy. >> christie looked confused.
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cards to fall. as far as being politically an animal that knows the way the wind is blowing, he has always been top notch. the game is over and the party now belongs to someone else. bill: is it a trump/christie ticket, or was the out there as a show? >> most definitely not at trump/christie ticket. it was valuable because of i would have christie outdoing surrogates on his own so that there is no overshadowing question. and i would send him to strategic places in the northeast are places he will moderate conservative republican. bill: the other thing i am sure you noticed, governor
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donald trump as he gave his victory speech/press conference. but we wanted to dig deeper. we brought in tonya, a body language expert, friend of the show. all right. i know you have seen some of the meetings that are out there. >> it is interesting. completely different than you're used to. confident and outgoing and strong. suddenly he is lacking confidence. >> a guy who has changed. he has made what he thinks is the best possible deal. the ceo of new jersey, the man in charge of his own
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now he is on the trump vote. donald trump steering. he's a different guy. >> thanks. bill: "high speed chase",. >> details on a story we brought you on tuesday. killed in a hit-and-run accident on the jersey turnpike after he got into an accident with aa vehicle himself. a 3rd car came and struck and killed him. officer harrison after the initial crash made his way over to the vehicle that was disabled occupied by a woman and her two -year-old son. got in a verbal dispute and said, do you know who i am? it in backed away being kicked by the 3rd car operated by william esplanade a, being held by
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much more tomorrow night. tweet me with comments. you can always tweet the show. bill: out of cornell university. >> you guys are hungry. >> not really. >> it looks pretty good. >> climate change turning lobsters to mush? a simple search could leave you thinking know. warming waters are charging a disease. here is a look.
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the show causing lobsters to pop up from new york to maine. >> it smells horrible, robson. >> how accurate is the study? there is only one way to find out. i got the scoop. i headed to norwalk, connecticut. >> hopefully mother nature will be kind. industry took a big hit. some say it is due to pesticides, others say it is climate change. i am eager to hear what he has to say. >> i myself have tried to ignore the facts.
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they come and go. >> nearly 200 feet deep. >> see what, i mean? >> look at this. >> and look at that. and look at that. a beautiful 2-pound lobster. i was not done yet. the main lobster industry, new england seafood and harrison new york. the owner gets all of his lobster from maine, the 1st to know. >> we get them every week anywhere from three to 600 pounds a week. i have not heard anything about any disease population that has grown significantly. more lobsters now than ever before. >> the latest study
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well, tell me? >> it is delicious. not only is it not guilty, it is awesome. although it needs crackers. bill: is that how it works? i cracked it with my hand. zero, my gosh. a great chase today, special guest. >> now host from behind the camera. bill: you have got a great story. they are all future tv men and women. want to get into the
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a nontraditional way. the back-to-school to become a teacher. i did a show after i gave up and someone saw me, running around chasing celebrities. and it's impressive. my job is to find the people i like. bill: unscheduled interviews. >> picked up a camera and film me. >> and kidnapping adam today. having amazing interactions.
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off the phone. and fox picked up the show. i am a game show host. welcome. most people think they go to rodeo drive, but they also go south. and all these businesses. clues about the celebrities. we take that to a room full of people. based on the businesses. at the end of every episode instead of having the businesses give clues we have the celebrities. it is a fun, fun game show. >> a celebrity in your own right. something embarrassing you may or may not do erie it.
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know about? help us chase it down. logging on. >> take a look at this photo the jersey city medical center. been in care since february 20. i believe his name might be thomas sheridan. >> it was a bummer when i
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>> well, look, i've got it. >> come on. >> it's over. bill: how is your shirt doing? >> no good deed goes unpunished. wild sugar and high fructose. for more than a century. >> drink it in. gets his way.
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>> $0.3 an ounce. >> that was another $0.6. >> people going to other states. where are you at? i guarantee you coke or pepsi will move out of the city. pepsi is already looking for a new city, that i know. >> i guy who is very much opposed to the tax obviously. it would bring in something like 400 million over the course of five years to be spent on universal pre- k among other things. if you want to tax things, fine. but don't stop at soda pop. >> you could have been running an ice cream company >> donated $10 million. we are all paying for that. we thought this would be over.
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the soda people? how about beer. >> don't go on beer. >> i could not find a single philadelphia area shopper who supported the tax. the issue is supposed to go before the philly city council. the mayor tried a couple of times in 2010 and 11 in the current mayor did not go for it. that is pretty much the size of it. >> the prospects of it passing are pretty slim.
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>> brighten up your day. >> philadelphia police, and hopes of catching the assailant. that's a scary the area really is. >> that is the best that i
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all over the hot dog. released two different types. 711 came out with a picture. what is news? they want to have a wiener smack down with burger king. but i think the only way to figure this out. >> philadelphia police released a disturbing video and hopes of catching assailant. huntington station in kensington saturday at 1:30 a.m. a man follows her in on the
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frozen in terror. i headed under at night. >> this area right here. >> drugs, the whole 9 yards. >> just near steps from
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the only constant is the screeching, deafening l train above your head. a young man sitting alone on the subway steps. >> where the police. after that, the semantics of cold and segregation. so without excusing anything i say it is a bunch of people. >> continue turning up kensington avenue. more of the same. dated businesses that wanted
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>> there it is. baffled me completely. i saw a lot. still on the loose. if you want to help let's start there. late 30s, medium build. >> needs to call him highflying tom brian. >> the stunt has been keeping his job.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast dish nation >> welcome to "dish nation." and before we get this party started, i want to say what's up to our people in l.a., heidi, frank, erica. >> hello. >> so much to get to today, ricky's going to chime in later on on the feud between cat williams and kevin hart. but first, heidi, what you got? >> only a few days ago that full fuller house premiered on netflix.
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but as of right now we've gotten word that fuller house has been picked up for a second season. >> really? >> wow. >> but the show got mixed reviews. they're like oh, it's a really cheesy show. well, "full house" was kind of cheesy. >> it's amazing, full house was an extremely successful show. it still airs on tv today. and for "full house" fans it was amazing. >> i guess you're one of them. >> i saw the entire thing and i loved it. >> jodi sweeten from fuller house will be dancing on "dancing with the stars." >> candice cameron already did it. but she's the dancer out of this two of them. >> what happened to her chest? did anybody notice that now she's on fuller house she's got a fuller house? >> fuller house? >> well, on full house she was 7. >> that's what happened, puberty happened.


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