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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pathologist michael bodden testified in the trial and thought it likely the lapd's forensics lab had determined if the length, width, thickness and number of edges on the blade matched the knife wounds of the victims. if it did, investigators must test for fingerprints and dna. >> it holds up beautifully for hundreds of years. >> reporter: that assumes it remains relatively undisturbed. >> if it's cleaned up, that would get rid of fingerprints and most of the blood. especially in knives where the blade attached to the handle, particularly little bits of blood can get in that don't wash off. >> if it matches the wounds by that knife 22 years ago and forensics friends fingerprint, double jeopardy applies. >> we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicide that he's been charged with because he's been acquitted.
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involved with famous cases claim trophies as souvenirs. he guessed that's what the cop did believing the lapd had closed the case. he called it unethical and improper but it happens often with police, judges, medical examiners and doctors. steve: all right. thank you. tmz executive producer harvey levin covered the o.j. simpson trial in the '90s. we'll talk about the new twist at 5:30. >> a little snow slowed down the shouldn't be a problem for the ride home. steve: i don't think it's on the ground. nick: gone away quickly. the march sun tends to help out. our temperatures did come above freezing this afternoon. as we take a look at our temperatures right now, you can see the readings are in the upper 30s, from the hudson valley down to the jersey shore. mid 30s on long island. they had the snow longer. it's only 32 at montauk. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see all that is now offshore. a coating to an inch in a few places. that was it. central new jersey down to south
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that was what we were expecting to take place. close up satellite shows we have the cloud cover in place. that's going to be moving along. we'll get a clearing trend tonight that will be moving in from the west with a northerly wind setting up at 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's going to start for a cold night. 20s in the city and teens in the suburbs. there's the futurecast showing sun tomorrow morning but clouds in the afternoon. we had a weak disturbance moving in from the west tomorrow night. that could produce a couple of snow showers into sunday morning. it should not be a big deal. afternoon. 28 in the midtown area. 18 to lower 20s in the suburbs with the sky clearing out. tomorrow, beautiful start through the morning. sunshine, a few clouds start at lunchtime and the clouds increase in the afternoon. we'll climb to the 30s. >> mayor de blasio says the growing number of knife attacks work. steve: as dan bowens shows us, some experts are questioning the
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>> i'm not a criminologist. i can safely say that guns are being taken off the streets in an unprecedented way. >> mayor de blasio looking to put a positive spin on the stabbings across the city. he credits the nypd taking guns off the street. >> some people are turning to a different weapon. >> reporter: through the first six weeks, the city was averaging 10 a day, leaving many on edge. >> i feel like i want to be more >> reporter: the seemingly random nature of the attacks leaving this retired nypd mayor. >> he has to justify the increase in the slashings. so he's going to boast that, oh, it was the decrease in the guns. they have nothing to do with each other. >> reporter: he argues the return of the stop, question and frisk policy would be a >> it has to come back.
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tremendously when it was used properly. >> the mayor says ultimately catching people committing minor infractions will solve the problem. >> i get the reports every day. someone is jumping a turnstile. someone had an infraction. when they are addressed by the nypd, it turns out they have a weapon. >> reporter: that push comes as the manhattan district attorney and new york city council speaker are moving forward with plans to make low level misdemeanors non-arrestable offenses. they'd be fineable offenses. there'll need to be a balance back to you. steve: an suv driver in critical condition after being shot in the head in queens. it happened around 5:00 this morning near the intersection of 37th avenue and 35th street in astoria astoria. he dropped off passengers who were involved inside a fight. he was wounded as he tried to drive away. police still looking into it.
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schools in northern new jersey following bomb threats. among them, this school in fort lee where students were evacuated. the bergen county sheriff's department says no explosive devices were found and police are investigating who made the threats. steve: apple has a new ally in the fight with the government. the united nations backing apple's refusal to break into the iphone. the fbi has a court order mandating that apple write software to override the phone's pass code. apple is resisting. the u.n.'s top human rights official says the court order will make the security and privacy of millions of people vulnerable to oppressive governments and criminals. >> this is not just about one case and one i.t. company in one country. it will have tremendous ramifications for the future of individual security elsewhere. steve: the fbi says the san bernardino shooter's iphone may hold information about a third gunman involved in the attack that killed 14.
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gop debate. when you thought the presidential race couldn't get any lower, it did. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands, if must be small. problem. i guarantee. donald trump's reference was one of many colorful statements and all. both senators, marco rubio and ted cruz, attacked trump, each realizing their only hope to remain in the race is to take down the frontrunner. >> that's not -- >> donald, it's hard not to interrupt -- >> that's not what you said. >> breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. >> when you're done with the yoga, can i answer a question? >> a policy question for you. >> let's see if he answers. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> that type of back and forth between the candidates took place throughout the night.
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coming up at 6:00. steve: the candidates may not be talking much about the issues, but celebrities or a lot of them are. >> lidia curanaj hit the streets to see if the comments came from the campaign trail or hollywood. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee. >> reporter: we've never heard a presidential candidate refer to his manhood. then again, donald trump was simply responding to this bizarre jab by senator marco rubio. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: this rhetoric on the campaign trailer has been in the toilet from the get go. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, out of her wherever. >> at the oscars -- >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.
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poignant discussion on the issues. so i asked new yorkers if they could tell who said it, a politician or hollywood celebrity. >> climate change is real. it is the most urgent threat to our species. do you think a hollywood actor or a politician? >> a politician. >> reporter: he's taller than me, like 6-2 which is why i don't understand about his hands. >> hollywood. >> he referred to my hands. if they're small, something else is small. i guarantee you there is no problem. i can guarantee it. >> i think an actor said it. >> what a great opportunity to our generation to really prejudice. >> reporter: who do you think said what a great opportunity for our generation to liberate ourselves from all prejudice? >> their answers may be wrong, but this new yorker got it right. what do you think about the gop debate? >> i think it's disgusting.
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>> reporter: possibly no one could have predicted that these days, hollywood would take a higher road than those running for the white house. >> i beat hillary clinton in many polls. >> if you're our nominee -- >> i think i'm talking. >> reporter: perhaps the candidates could learn a thing or two about how to act like a mature adult from actor jacob tremblay. >> it must be hard because of the other great actors in the category. >> reporter: that little guy is only nine years old. can you really blame anyone for getting who said what wrong? when it came to the candidates, i couldn't include all the nasty comments throughout the campaign because the piece would have taken up the entire newscast. i'm hoping that as the campaign goes on, maybe they'll be nicer, more adult like. >> presidential perhaps. steve: not counting on it. we've been saying that for a while. >> it draws the viewers. steve: we created a beast. smart idea.
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>> both democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to court the african-american vote. each plan to deliver speeches at the civil rights conference in april in new york. sharpton has met with both candidates but has yet to make an endorsement. >> when is convenience going too far? >> the backlash over these peeled oranges on sale at whole foods. >> if you drink a whiskey -- >> meet the man who is paid to drink all day and find out how he comes up with new spirits. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c' mon let' s sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that' s why i' m reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who' s had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere
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steve: imagine if your office was a distillery. one expert doesn't have to dream. christina: alison morris has more on the man behind a very popular scotch. >> i like my job. i think this may be the gig to have. this is about as good as it gets. this is a whiskey scientist, a real scscientist. he shared his latest creation with me. >> i'm responsible for the liquid in the bottle. i always say to people if you drink a whiskey and don't like it, it's my fault. >> reporter: he may have the best job on earth. the scientist is the master creator in scotland.
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what may be a typical day? >> there isn't such a thing as a typical day. i get bored very easily. my main job is to maintain the taste of the grain and to develop new whiskeys. >> reporter: he's come up with a new whiskey. the 7th in the private edition range. tell us about the name, everything we need to know about this limited -- >> should i open it and pour us a couple of glasses? >> that would be out standing. any objections? >> the product is glenn, a scottish scottish gaelic word.
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for another 2-1/2 years in bottles that were retoasted while they were dripping with red wine inside. >> after six months, i was starting to get the vision of candy sweetness. take a small sip to get your palate used to it. if you want to join me. once that's gone down, let's take a slightly larger sip and focus on the texture and flavor of the whiskey. >> okay. a bit of cherry, zesty lemon, a bit of candied orange peel, lots of fruits in there like peach or nectarine. >> reporter: i picked up the sweetness. i couldn't describe it in his terms. that after 30 years.
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i prefer to do it in the morning because my palate is fresher. i am in the laboratory. i'm not swallowing the liquids. >> you're tasting and letting it go. >> it's a tough job. somebody has to do it. >> reporter: that's how i felt spending the day with dr. bill. this is available now. it's a limited edition. they make 5,000 cases around the world. dr. bill says he expects it to be gone by the time they release the next private edition. buy two bottles. steve: all that high end stuff, they can't keep in stuff. >> find the older private editions and they're worth several hundred. christina: good time to invest. >> the business tip of the day. invest in whiskey. a lot of times when they describe the candied flavored
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it had a sweet, nice quality to it. you'd like it. it was good. steve: nick was chiming in talking about how great those go with dark chocolate. nick: dark chocolate. the good high end dark chocolate. when you take a little of the single malt and follow it up with a small piece of dark chocolate, delicious. steve: hurry up. christina: i'll get the chocolate. you get the whiskey. nick: another -- we were talking about the le frog 18 year. it's going fast. they don't have anymore. steve: the high end stuff they can't keep in stock. nick: well, speaking of high end, how about high end weather. that's going to be happening as we get into next week. the big warming trend is coming our way. 39 and 30 today. another day below average. we did have the snow this morning. about a half inch in central park. that's what we were saying. a little more central new jersey
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or three inches there. 46, 32 is average. we'll be closer to that tomorrow. a chill in the air tomorrow. we'll go up the scale more so as we head into sunday and into the early part of next week. let's see if my clicker is going to work. we're going to go to the backup clicker and see if that helps. i've got to find it. let's see if this is it. we're looking at temperatures that have been into the -- the backup isn't working. i think the computer is frozen. i could advance it from the computer. no. let's see. i can do it from here. you won't have to look at my face for this forecast. i'll do it from here. 39 right now. again, the dew point basically is dry. the humidity at 44 percent. wind is out of the west at 12. the pressure is holding steady at 29.99. take a look at the satellite or radar picture. you can see the precipitation is offshore. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian.
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no problems coming up. highs were in the 30s to 40 at poughkeepsie. mid 30s across long island. we ended up into the upper 30s. 32 at monticello. 37 at bridgeport. 32 as you get towards montauk. the wind out of the north. that will continue tonight. breezy right now. it will back off 10 to 15 miles an hour. we'll look for the clearing sky to start coming in, especially later tonight. that will last into tomorrow. storm center is moving offshore. you can see that. notice by chicago, next system is sliding in. that could bring clouds back tomorrow afternoon. we'll climb to about 41. that could bring snow showers to the area tomorrow night. no big deal. you see on the futurecast it slides along. we'll talk about improvement by sunday afternoon. then the big warmup next week. clearing, cold tonight. tomorrow, sun in the morning. the clouds increase. a chilly day at 41.
5:20 pm
again, morning snow showers and sun. 54 monday. the launching pad. 60s come into play tuesday. 67 wednesday with sun and clouds. we'll look to see some likely rain showers for thursday. still at 62. slightly cooler friday. good spring preview is coming up. steve: good to have something to look forward to. nick: i'll reboot the computer. steve: don't give it a boot. that's what you want to do. nick: i think the shot of whiskey is a better idea. christina: whole foods pulling peeled oranges from the shelves. steve: is ready to use produce worth it? jodi goldberg looks at the pros and cons. >> reporter: many supermarkets have been encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable bags to protect the environment. now a debate over these containers being used for the wrong reasons. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. retweets. peeled oranges in plastic containers on the shelves at
5:21 pm
it's the text of the tweet. fewer than 140 characters that has people talking around the world. if only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn't need to waste so much plastic on them. >> i like to cut my own. i don't know who cuts them and where they come from and if they're washed. >> i find it to be more cost effective to buy them whole and make fruit salad or cut it up for the kids. >> reporter: whole foods has apologized, vowing to pull the oranges from the shelf and leave them in the peel. some shoppers love the convenience of cut fruit and argue not everyone has the dexterity to cut the orange. others say it's not the plastic or the peeling but the germs from the person doing the cutting. >> e. coli, noroviruses, hepatitis a and b which you contract. there was an incident one summer where there was a market on the west side that was selling cut up fruit and there was an outbreak of hepatitis a.
5:22 pm
>> it saves me time. >> bacteria, viruses. i don't trust other people. >> reporter: call it a cutting conundrum that has people going crazy. steve: i love the cut pineapple and strawberry. mango. steve: not oranges. i'm not that lazy. all right. an upcoming bio pic reignited the debate of race and duty in hollywood. christina: the casting decision that's causing all the controversy. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out
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christina: a new casting controversy in hollywood as relatives of the late nina simone criticized a biopic with zoe saldana. >> reporter: all we've been talking about is diversity. i can't say i'm surprised talking about this story. the biopick cast light skinned actress zoe saldana. a newly released trailer is
5:26 pm
>> you should not be here. go back. >> reporter: zoe saldana commands the box office with the versatility of a chameleon, bringing foreign species to life in avatar and guardians of the galaxy. but her transformation into a member of her own race is sparking visceral outrage. >> when you look at the trailer and you see how much black face she has, that's when all of a sudden people start chiming in. what did they do? >> reporter: black sounds off on the controversial nina simone biopick in which they widened her nose and added texture to her hair. >> you have to question zoe and the producers. why did you think of her? why did she say yes? >> the controversy began in 2012 when she replaced mary k. blige
5:27 pm
she is dominican. many believe the role belongs to an actress born with her african-american features. >> there are five to seven names you could have dropped. viola davis, names you could have dropped that could have played the role and the people would have embraced. >> zoe tweeted a quote the day the trailer came out unleashing the internet's wrath including this message. cool story, but please take nina's name out your mouth for the rest of your life. >> the family has been against the movie. it's been believed that they weren't sought in terms of their opinions. >> nina's daughter lisa, who does not run the estate's official account, is defending zoe saldana saying she's part of a larger picture, one that is likely motivated by hollywood's bottom line. >> it boils down to money. people look at what's going to
5:28 pm
you can always make any film of anyone. the question is some people could be in the performance. who's going to see it? >> reporter: that's what it comes down to. it's unclear who's running the account that replied to the tweet. we haven't heard from zoe yet after all this has been stirred up online. but the director of nina said zoe gave an amazingly courageous and great performance. that's all that should matter. nina hits theatres april 22nd. steve: that's what it will be based on. it's a difficult situation. >> reporter: it is. because -- steve: probably zoe didn't anticipate finding herself in it. >> reporter: exactly. she's an amazing actress. you don't want to take anything from her. at the same time, it feels like you are taking something away from actresses who might look like this. christina: you can see both sides. you really can. steve: it's like playing an overweight person. we've seen similar things. >> this is a tough one.
5:29 pm
earliest heros. steve: the battle fought in brooklyn and the effort to build a proper monument to it. christina: plus, tmz executive producer harvey levin will join us to talk about the potential new evidence in the o.j. simpson case when we come back. if you treated your car... like greasy, fast food treats your body... hey, steve. hey! you'd have to walk everywhere. so say no to greasy fast food...
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steve: female business owners love the bronx. christina: jessica shows us why it's attracting female entrepreneurs faster than any other boroughs. >> bernadette is a perfect example. 12 years ago, she opened her daycare and has expanded. >> mama came to the united states when she was eight. >> she grew up in the bronx. she wasn't surrounded by children every day. she worked for the fdny. in 2004, her position was eliminated. >> i have a disabled child. he's autistic. i wanted to spend time with him. i said what am i going to do >> reporter: she took the risk opening up be happy daycare. she started with 10 children and
5:33 pm
program and also runs this after-school program down the block. >> i started with nothing. >> reporter: she's one of many women who are intep -- entrepreneurs in the bronx. >> the bronx have a higher proportion of female residents than any other borough. 54 percent of all the people living in the bronx over the age of 18 are women. >> many of the women left their jobs and took a chance to open something. >> a lot are former entrepreneurs. they've been unemployed or underemployed and they see this as a path forward to put food on the table and to get ahead. >> after i opened my business, i have helped many, many women in the bronx open their business in the same field. >> reporter: she is proud to be a business woman here in the bronx. she's planning on opening up
5:34 pm
it's going to be right here in her borough. in the bronx, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. police department is examining a knife allegedly found years ago buried at the former home of o.j. simpson. steve: harvey levin, who covered the o.j. trial in the '90s, surprising development. this is incredible. this case never ends. it's on tv. now this. now big of a development do you think this is? >> look, we broke the story on the web site early, early this morning. and i got wind of it yesterday. and i was stunned. what i'm being told by law enforcement at lapd is that they're fascinated by it. by eyeballing this knife that was found, it looks like there might be blood on it. that said, they don't know that it's the murder weapon. but it looks like it was something that was buried there because it's got a lot of rust on it.
5:35 pm
so this construction worker who dug it up and gave it to that cop may really have dug it up from the property. they are very interested. steve: it's incredible. i never thought they didn't have the murder weapon. i assumed that was in the mountain of evidence that they overlooked during the case in the first -- i don't know. christina: that's a crazy story about the off-duty traffic cop. he takes it home and the only reason it comes to life, he wanted to frame it and called his buddy for the department of record number? >> that's what happened. they never found the murder weapon. the reason i'm interested -- o.j. simpson committed the murders. i'm convinced of it. he had to have help. he didn't have time to get rid of the clothes, the shoes the knife. somebody had to help him. what i'm interested in, under the ground at rockingham, maybe there is some dna, some hair sample that might lead to one of o.j.'s friends, say, who might
5:36 pm
prosecuted as an accessory because it's been 22 years. the statute of limitations ran. but just as a matter of curiosity, like wanting to know know. steve: digging this up, they tore down his house. i had forgotten about it. in 1998. it's fascinating. a huge scoop. we appreciate it. thanks. >> okay. christina: hunting for the remains of forgotten american heros. steve: the mystery surrounding the soldiers who gave their lives during the battle of brooklyn. christina: here's tonight's new york minute. [music] christina: talk about real life caped crusaders. these students donned capes as they raised funds during the
5:37 pm
the theme is we can be heros and s sheros. >> everybody is touched by cancer. we need to educate how we can help scientists and doctors do better research. christina: gail brewer paid a visit to several seniors, delivering copies of her resource guide that helps older new yorkers live as independently as possible. >> and tickets are now on sale for the 2016 production of new york spectacular starring the world famous rocketettes. the show sell celebrates the summertime. that's a look at your new york minute. all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that!
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we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there.
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christina: the search is on for the remains of heros in the war. >> we might not be here giving this interview if it hadn't been for the maryland 400. >> reporter: patrick o'donnell is referring to about 400 american soldiers from maryland called the maryland 400. they thought at the battle of brooklyn in the revolutionary war. it was august, 1776, a month after the adoption of the declaration of independence, that american soldiers fought british soldiers on battle hill in brooklyn.
5:41 pm
cemetery, although none of the soldiers are buried here. jeff is the cemetery's historian. >> that is the first battle after the declaration of independence, the largest battle of the entire american revolution. >> reporter: across the river, you have manhattan where george washington needed to get back to. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it was later in the battle that the maryland 400 took an epic stand against thousands of british soldiers at the old stonehouse in brooklyn. they sacrificed themselves so that the vast majority of george washington's army could make it safely back to their 40s in brooklyn heights. the old stonehouse museum in park slope was built in part with stones from the original building. the book tells the story. >> a small band of men made the difference between victory and defeat in the war, not only here, but over eight years. >> reporter: more than 250 of the maryland 400 were either killed or captured.
5:42 pm
mystery to this day. it is believed to be in this area in brooklyn and outside of the american legion hall, there are two signs here memorializing them. o'donnell is hoping an effort is going to be made to find the compacts exact location of the grave and erect a monument to honor america's first band of brothers. >> more than a sign needs to memorialize this mass grave of americans that potentially saved the united states. >> reporter: linda schmidt, fox 5 news. steve: fascinating stuff. it is one dance company's pet project. christina: kerry drew takes us inside a pet friendly rehearsal at the american ballet theatre. steve: and a rare white whale caught on camera. we'll tell you where this beauty
5:43 pm
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crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! steve: breaking news in the presidential race. dr. ben carson is officially dropping out. the retired neurosurgeon said he is leaving the campaign trail. it's a hardly a surprise. he skipped the debate after doing poorly on super tuesday. christina: in fox 5 health news, alarming information about infections picked up in hospitals. the cdc says super germs caused one out of seven infections
5:46 pm
that includes bacteria resistant to many types of antibiotics leaving hospitals with few, in any, medicines to fight infections. steve: joining us, dr. devi. this is pretty frightening. for a long time, we threw antibiotics at everything. we didn't finish the prescription, and now they don't work. >> exactly. that's a big problem. the other problem is when people go to the hospital, they get exposed to antibiotics and you have the super bugs developing. they're developing like mutations, like if you get vaccinated, you get a small dose of something and your body figures out how to fight it. same thing is happening with super bugs. if they get exposed to antibiotics and figure out how to fight it, they can fight it and pass it on. in the hospital, it's like a petri dish or breeding grounds. they can pass to other people or patients who are healthy. that's one of the biggest dangers here. christina: if you're going to visit a friend in the hospital,
5:47 pm
>> if you're going in, try to minimize your time. wash your hands. if possible, use the alcohol-based hand sanitizers. it's not so much the visitors, but the patients. they're immune system is already weak. if you're healthy, don't try to get hospitalized. it sounds funny. people think a hospital is a safer place to be. not necessarily if you're not that sick. steve: interesting point. a lot of times you feel insurance is rushing you out of the hospital. christina: maybe it's a good thing. steve: you might want to be at home. >> perhaps. it depends on your situation. you're right. people stay a long time. sometimes they think maybe i shouldn't move as much. i should rest. but that's not necessarily true. the less that you move, the more likely you are to have tubes in your body. we get i.v., urinary catheters. the bacteria that's normally on your skin can climb on those lines and get into your bloodstream or into your bladder and body. that's how a lot of the infections get spread.
5:48 pm
good to know. steve: we had a little snow earlier. overall, it's been a very easy winter. we had the blizzard one day. it melted and that was that. allergy season is going to start earlier. that's bad news for people who suffer from this, myself included. it will be a rough one. >> me too. i had watery eyes earlier. i can't complain about the weather. but with the milder weather, we have flowers in bloom earlier. the trees are starting to release pollen, too. for people with seasonal allergies, this is a bigger problem. there's not much you can do about the pollen itself. but you can check, if you see an allergist, you can find out if you have other allergies. for some people, it's the dust when they turn off the heat. they make the switches. there's dust. there can be mold. clean out the filters. change those things. then if you get tested for allergies and find out you're allergic to something, the best thing is to get rid of the allergen. if that's not possible, then
5:49 pm
different types of medications. if you can do something local first, if your eyes are watery, maybe eyedrops are better than the body. if your nose is running, there are different types of steroid drops you can use as opposed to working on your body. steve: is that over the counter or a prescription? >> over the counter ones work on your body. the drops, a lot are prescription. steve: the nose is my thing. i know when we're in the peak allergy season. >> there are different kinds. there are some that stop the congestion. that's how they work. other ones are steroid-based. those are prescription. it depends. the steroid calm down your immune system. the problem is your body thinks that the pollen or whatever is a virus or bacteria. it attacks it. because your body is a battleground, it gets damaged and you have symptoms.
5:50 pm
steve: i have one actually. christina: good for you. steve: i can't stick with them. thanks, doctor. have a good weekend. nick, the map is blue. then we have a nice warmup on the way. nick: we have the big warmup coming next week. we'll be into the 60s. some of us may hit 70. that would be impressive. a chilly weekend ahead. high, 39. that's our current temperature. again, that half inch, to an inch of snow depending on where you were, further to the north, very little snowfall. 38 albany. buffalo the same. let's look at fox 5 sky guardian. we're looking all dry now as the main part of the storm is headed offshore. we'll say goodbye to that and hello to the clearing trend coming from the west. it will take a couple of hours, but we'll see that take over and we'll set up for some sunshine
5:51 pm
39 now as you go from the hudson valley to the city to north korea. 36 at belmar. monticello, 30. freezing at montauk. bridgeport, 37. wind coming to the north with the storm offshore. it's been gusty at times. stays out of the north tonight, 10, 15 miles an hour. it backs off in intensity as we head into tomorrow. departing storm going that way. next storm right here. in between, we're okay. this system will be weak in nature and will drive off to the south as you'll see the futurecast. that will bring the threat of a couple of snow showers tomorrow night into sunday morning. after that, we should see the improvement return. 41 for the high tomorrow in the new york city area. 40 to chicago. a lot of the rest of the country as you see is quite mild. 60 kansas city. 63 atlanta. 70s to near 80 in texas. that extends into the desert southwest. denver, 65. this mild air will stop propagating in our direction.
5:52 pm
take a look at the futurecast as we go into tonight and tomorrow. there's the clearing trend tonight. the sunshine in the morning. notice the time stamp. 1:00 in the afternoon. these are high clouds, mid to high clouds streaming in ahead of the next system. tomorrow night is the risk of a couple of snow showers. still a little chilly on sunday. we'll boost the temperatures up after that. 28 in the city tonight. 18 in the colder spots north and west. the wind out of the north at 10 to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow, sunshine in the morning gives way to clouds through the afternoon. again, we'll stop at 41. all right, snow showers tomorrow night and sunday morning. sunshine, 44. monday nice, 54. tuesday, better, 63. wednesday, 67. that's the day somebody may hit 70. a bit of rain thursday. 62. drying out and cooling down. not getting cold for friday. weather.
5:53 pm
christina: biologists spotted a rare albino whale. this shows a female swimming with her calf after off the coast of baja. it got the name gallon of milk. it's a genetic disorder that's birds. christina: kerry drew was there as dancers explained why they brought their pets to work. >> reporter: at rehearsal for the dancers of the american ballet theatre, you'll see their perfect plies and graceful arm movements and their dogs. >> this is cora. she's 4-1/2. she >> this is riley. he is three years old. he. >> this is oo psi e.
5:54 pm
bring their pups to work. this husband and wife love with their little guy comes along. >> as soon as he knows we're taking him outside, he knows we're coming here and he'll see his friends and dogs. he loves the attention. >> reporter: there's an instagram #dogs of abc. >> i love to get a picture of him on stage. it's fun to have him there. he's loving and sweet. it's nice to have that unconditional love regardless of whatever happens on stage. >> reporter: according to a study, just being around an animal like ray can improve your mental and physical health. >> we put so much emotional and physical pressure on ourselves every day. so just having a piece of home, something we love of real life, it inspires you to be who you are on stage. >> when i'm dancing and i'll
5:55 pm
so excited for me and he really enjoys music and the ballet. most of the time, if he's not curled up, he's watching. >> i love the cuddles. she's a cuddler. i think after a long rehearsal day coming home to her wiggling her tail and smiling at me, it really helps get through some of the stressful periods. >> reporter: as for the dogs, they seem to love it, too. in the flatiron district, kerry drew, fox 5 news. christina: we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have a great show to tell you about at 6:00. a lot going on. we're going to break down the latest in the wild race for the white house. still a lot of buzz about last night's raucous debate. we'll talk to a live guest about the races in both parties. >> plus, she is starring in a pair of movies hitting theatres today. actress sheila van will tell us about her roles.
5:56 pm
forecast looking pretty good. see you in just a minute. keep it here on fox 5. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today.
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ernie: it is friday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. we have another interesting show for you tonight. let's begin with the high energy race for the white house. at last night's jarring debate, donald trump's rivals threw everything they had at the gop frontrunner trying to stop his surge in the polls. this while hillary clinton continues her strong drive for the democratic nomination. two special guests will join me live in a few minutes. first, joe has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it was the showdown in motown, one of the last chances so-called establishment republicans would have to derail the trump train. things escalated quickly. >> don't worry about it, little
6:00 pm
>> let's hear it, big donald. >> breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. >> reporter: in the ugliest debate of the season, little marco, big don and lying ted attacked each other with a viciousness we haven't seen before. i'd like to ask a policy question. >> reporter: trump, not afraid to go below the belt. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee. >> reporter: with only one of the four, ohio governor john kasich staying above the fray. >> i have never tried to go and get into these kind of scrums here seeing on the stage. people say you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> reporter: it's the stop trump movement. more and more establishment republicans are speaking out against what they believe are the perils of his nomination. >> if we republicans choose


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