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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 11, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>>. >> there are a handful of studies out there. >> it also increases cholesterol goals and being overweight. >> how owens stressful doesn't make any? >> nothing left for a couple of guys to do. >> you were "chasing" the story of "the new york post" of a homeless woman, this is like a manchin? everyday moving day care bin of 28,000 cards and in garbage bags moving a bit
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wednesday evening she had all of her worldly possessions. >> bottles or soda. >> day and cadence. >> to sell them? >> a daughter of the quarter the a cat i ask if i could walk with her down to the park. as we walk down the street either more about her. >> i moved 1982. i like the west side better. >> as we were walking down the street every personnel
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was doing. she knows the people in this community. in fact, john has grown up in hell's kitchen and sees her dearly everyday. >> i'll look in her as someone who has nowhere to go. she doesn't bother anybody she meticulously takes one card at a time. what part at a time doesn't bother or harass anybody. but there has to be something disconnected. >> parking brake yearlong this wall there was indeed it had homeless services year but she refused. and for hours they tried in untried to get her help. i asked will they take your stuff away? she said no. she was wrong.
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urquhart's one by one. but they didn't even recycle those all those bottles they did not pay her for that. >> now we are joined by a legal expert amy kardashian. some say the shadow mayor of new york the front page of of our cards are bought? does she have a case? >> absolutely fourth amendment guarantee constitutional right your old is your castle. people are homeless that is the street. >> public safety? >> double question she is a public nuisance able to make that case she was obstructing traffic than the crosswalk but it could be argued she was on the move. but about the sidewalk? there is still of rights of passage for people to get
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crack down to issue minor infractions. >> aside from all that they acted after she is on the front pages she has been on there with the caribbean for years and is far from the only one. why did they singled her out just because the post photographer put her on the cover? thanks. >> do you remember the mug shot that lead to viral in 2014 of the convict? with the teardrop tattoo. then married father is now a free man starting his modeling career according to instagram. he has a manager. after looking at those photos his kids got the
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bail do anything to avoid paying the tolls. what you see is the license plate goes through as a truck goes through procopius is a fishing line then he steals a plaited gets caught but plenty of people. >> necessity is the mother of all invention. >> it is like your kids on earth but dead because you can breathe and literally sucks the oxygen out of your house because -- now i am going to cry. >> if you want to get a look at the hard fight to fight addiction splendid day with a heroin addict tuesday's trading but ordinary whether 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m. he
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jersey to be on with those who have hit rock bottom. he is on his way to the police department to go face-to-face with the user arrested in the parking lot. he has to convince her to go into treatment. >>. >> to get the epidemic under control. we had a woman in her 50s heroin addiction and started after a hurricane sandy. so we will try to get her medicaid re-enacted in fighters and charity to get her detox. >> more than likely they are addictive.
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they have to see a recovery coach they get the help right here at the moment of their crisis. >> the perfect person to help thanks to the effort of the reagan family. they created loud and clear post rehabilitation and treatment foundation. >> we have taken the idea to expand it by providing life skills teaching people about a spiritual path providing individual counseling in doing this for free out of treatment. >> there is an 80 percent success rate that is something special coming with crisis and that number could go higher if there was
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>> the insurance companies the you have to have health and substance abuse coverage but they don't tell you it is minimal and there is a waiting list for i'll look at it ted week wait for people to have services you cannot tell an addict you have to wait 12 weeks. >> the program is fantastic but having his mother be there for him and made a difference just somebody to lung tissue and cares for you. >> to have family to step into 580 were down she doesn't want to tell her daughter she is engaged she doesn't want to ruin the wedding so it is difficult to put her through trade right now so that family is the structure to keep you on the right path. >> you are "chasing" a story about the killer commute to new yorkers have the highest commuting times in the country and it might have
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>> those of try to convince you that commuting will kill i will check it out for myself. >> i asked point-blank. >> the different things that can stress the route can shorten your life span and cause serious health problems like losing sleep. >> and a quick consultation. >>.
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typical so we continue talking that the health aspects of people being overweight. >> increases cholesterol levels. sarah not devoting any time to reverse restore and unhealthy foods and restaurants. >> ended in the waiting room is basically reserving a seat next you to point stuff on it as if somebody will sit there so they don't sit next you and cortisol levels call-up due to crowding on the train. they want space. >> back and also cause a lot of divorce is raising the divorce rate. >> talk about being overweight that seems
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>> i want to be a race car driver. all love the notes that came out of that is beautiful. they've resisted and self-described child of the '60s has been collecting amplifier's said musical gear for most of his life. when it was stolen he had a broken heart. >> it was discussing i
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it was painful. >> and teaching guitar some of the stolen items were stolen with that personal collection kept in a house next to the one that he owns. >> this is astounding. why is this look bright? i look at the window than realized it was gone. >> county? >> there were probably six amplifiers up there. guitars and a.m. december 56 years old or even older.
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valuable. i could easily get that. >> the burglary is under investigation by hamilton police but no arrest has been made but there is a is short list of suspects. then now there is nothing wrong but to sing the blues. >> i want to tell you a story. he lost his inventory cocoa so he walked into the house next door.
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bond twitter or "chasing news". i have the music box blues. >> that was astounding you wrote that while getting robbed? >> yes. >> the neck to a police sergeant after gunning down his wife and friends of the couple's children last year pleaded guilty for the crime for which she will face 30 years in prison. >> he told the judge he would agree.
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and reduce the charges from murder to aggravated manslaughter is endangering the welfare of the several to was in the car at the time. >> he appeared agitated in the anchor that he felt at his ex-wife boiled over similar issues this guy in and replaces. and is now in front of my kids with this guy. >> sentencing is an august the acting prosecutor said in a news conference afterwards after the sentencing they will present a different version to get the maximum time in prison.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. stick if you happen to be playing golf in ireland major you keep your wallet in a drawer front pocket not in the bag because this fox may rise and take your wallet and run away. and did he steals the
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runs away. >> i am here today and the international women's day to women have so much power today. the luxury broker in a pioneer from nyse -- new york city's. >> victoria came up with the teeeighteen concept when she
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is in the condo as she was renting but the ladies were left out. >> it comes from the word to soak. women in france is to have there zero river they could talking and read to be to themselves. in this is all about celebration in self expression. champagne. the walls serve as trophy cases from the most recent purchases that's righted is in doubt about glamour that is because these women
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the upper east side is so 2015 because the neighborhood for the eve eight is the west village. >> that typical man cater has cheap light beer handed tv to watch the game. >> i have an issue with this. the reason we have the man cave we're put there because the rest of the house is for the woman. >> actually it is to mail pervasive my entire apartment is a man cater i just get a tiny space. [laughter] i will have an entire room devoted to my closet like to call that mike woman cave to teach their own.
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>> that is great. welcome to "dish nation." you have gary, you have the brad. me, and porsche williams. now, here, we have keyshia cole coming up, she's been accused of egging a car.
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of celebrity support for a selfie. justin bieber has been playing it cool for a minute. he just celebrated his 22nd birthday. >> cute. >> 22nd? >> he's still young. but he wants to be settled down by the time he's 30. >> that's 8 years from now. >> that should be enough time. >> that's a little aggressive. we're talking about justin bieber. >> where are we all at 30? >> i know i was married at 30. >> i was somewhat in a relationship. i was told by a very prominent man. he said, when you're in your 30s, a 30-year-old negro needs 30-year-old things. >> a whip and a hat. >> did you have to call him master? >> no. >> so he said he wanted to settle down and have a family of his own, he doesn't say he wants the mother of his children to be. he wants a woman with a genuine heart and a great sense of humor. >> she's going to have to have more than that.


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