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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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new york, cause traffic problems and leave people scrambling now to find a plan b. >> it's going to make it tough to get to work. might have to do a lot of extra walking to get to a couple of other buses that's not owned by transit. it's going to be tough. it's going to be tough. >> it's gotten to this point. i would hope it's extreme, not like they're doing it lightly. >> talks will continue through the weekend. we're going to check in with dan bowens who continues our team coverage. >> reporter: we're at the harrison pat station in harrison, new jersey, not far from newark. this is one of the spots from commuters will be bussed so they can hop on path trains, but this is a smaller station. so clearly it will be jammed up on monday morning. it is one example of this contingency plan that will make a challenging commute that much more complicated.
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you? >> i'm going to take a week's worth of vacation. >> gary knows regular path service is crowded. so the possibility tens of thousands of commuters could join in monday morning, how do you think that's going to work? >> i don't think it is. i hope they settle. >> reporter: the harrison stop will be part of five park and ride options if there is a work stoppage. buses will be picking people up at met life, the hamilton rail station, the metro park rail station and the route 17 station and dropping them off either in the city or places people can use the path or ferry service. sounds exhausting to this commuter. >> it would be a hardship if it happens. >> reporter: the new york waterway ferry service is ready for a swell of extra riders. normally it brings 35,000 people across the hudson. the number could double if there trains. >> it's not good. i travel daily to new york and new jersey. >> reporter: the bridges and
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car services like uber suggest people use it to shuttle between transit hubs and avoid crossing the hudson and they aren't cutting surge prices. the goal is to get in and out of the city. something that's a challenge on any work day. without the trains, it's daunting. >> i don't have any option. >> reporter: the mta will offer limited peak hour shuttle service to metro north lines. we should note that city like, the bike sharing service, will be adding bicycles near the jersey city path station. back to you. dari: thank you. >> today wasn't as warm as yesterday but it was a nice end to the workweek. dari: it was lovely. i thought i would be disappointed. it was beautiful. nick: not a record-breaking day, but we're talking above average temperatures and lovely to be outside. it's a very nice evening. it will get chilly overnight as
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temperatures head down. we are finding it's 60 at poughkeepsie to 61 in midtown. low to middle 60s towards the jersey shore. 64 coming in from islip. 50 on the east end. monticello down to 48. the wind has come out of the northwest. occasionally hitting the 15, 20-mile-an-hour mark. all in all, not bad. it's dry. fox 5 sky guardian confirming there's nothing nearby as far as any rain and a few high clouds have been in the sky. today, mid to high clouds. they'll go away tonight. the sky is going clear as you see on the futurecast. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. should be bright and sunny. we'll get above the 60 degree mark. the average high should be 48. clouds will start coming in for sunday. we'll see sun. it will be an okay day. the thicker clouds later in the day. sunday night, look what's creeping up. there will be rain showers and monday will be a tale of a different story. a rainy and cool day. not out of the 40s on monday.
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about 32 as you get to the northern suburbs with the clear sky. beautiful tomorrow. sunny, about 46 by 9:00 a.m. 54 middle of the day. we stop at 60 in the afternoon. dari: thank you, nick. >> a driver is in critical condition after a tire slammed into a vehicle in queens. the wheel came off an suv heading westbound in oakland gardens. it slammed into the windshield of an suv heading east. the driver was rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest. dari: a flight school pilot and a student walked away after making an emergency landing on a long island beach today. jodi goldberg has the story from kings park. >> reporter: a pilot and student are lucky to be alive. >> i thought the police were responding to something else. >> reporter: tim tells us he was shocked to see a plane line on the shoreline of the state park. >> didn't really take too much in except that he was too low. and that, like i said, i thought perhaps they were scouting
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news activity taking place and they had a photographer on board. >> reporter: the plane is registered to long island aviators based out of farmingdale. the plane ran into engine trouble. they managed to safely lands the plane without any injuries. george with new york state park says a lot of the planes come to practice around here. this type of landing isn't uncommon. >> when planes wind up into trouble and they see a wide open space that there are no people and there will be no injuries, they tend to land at long island state park beach. >> reporter: the owners tell me it's a 1978 cessna with a fairly new engine that had been inspected. >> they were up here just getting instruction and lessons and the engine got rough and he put it down. he did a great job. >> reporter: as for the pilot, he says this is the first time he's had to make an emergency
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>> i'm good. ready for the next ride. >> reporter: once the plane is towed, the parts will be disassembled before being brought back to republic airport. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. >> a brooklyn woman is recovering after being slashed across the neck yesterday morning. joe spoke to the jim about her harrowing ordeal. >> reporter: we're on the corner of rugby and beverly where yesterday a woman was slashed across the neck. today the crime scene is gone, but wanted posters coat the neighborhood. she arrived this afternoon thankful for her life after that vicious slashing attack in brooklyn yesterday. >> i am thank. for the people who helped me right on the beverly road. it was very nice. >> reporter: the 53-year-old was walking down beverly road around 9:45 in the morning when a man, whose face was hidden by a bandana, slashed her across the neck.
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suspect and after 13 stitches okay. >> there wasn't much damage. wasn't too deep. >> reporter: the victim is warning others to pay closer attention to their surroundings. >> don't stay on the cell phone while walking. >> reporter: her husband explaining his concern over the growing number of slashings and stabbings across new york. >> it's happening more and more. it's really -- it's terrible. i mean, trouble and i don't know what to do about it. we'll have to do something. >> reporter: as of tuesday, 753 citywide. 126 more than at this time last year, an increase of 20 percent. today residents of the neighborhood are shaken and they say they'll be on alert. >> i'm terribly concerned. i will be more vigilant. i know the police are doing their jobs. it's the city. things do happen. >> reporter: somebody just
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you defend yourself? >> reporter: an attack like this is scary, but officials point out unprovoked random attacks like this are very rare. they're asking the public if you have any information to call crimestoppers. dari: skyfox hd was over the scene in brooklyn today after a man was slashed in the chest. police say that a group of men were drinking inside of an apartment on kings highway this morning early when a dispute happened. the victim was rushed to the hospital. officials say that his wound is not life-threatening and the man who cut him has not been found. a high speed chase ended this morning after the suspect driving a stolen police suv slammed into several parked cars. police say andrew howard was pulled over in freeport after police discovered he had two outstanding warrants. howard was cuffed but managed to climb into the front seat of the police suv and drive off.
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a dead end street about four miles away. dari: the justice department says iran is behind a breech of a control system at the bowman avenue dam allowed hackers to probe the system, prompting a federal criminal investigation. senator chuck schumer called the alleged cyber attack a shot across the bow of the u.s. from iran. >> he's a standup comic who's not hiding behind his jokes. >> we have to, like, look at everything head on and face it. dari: the emotional and irreverent show by neil brennan. >> and luxury tailors who are
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christina: a men's wear company is giving regular guys a chance to look like the rich and famous. dari: alison morris visits them in tonight's lap of luxury. >> reporter: welcome to the lap of luxury. i'm alison morris. we visit a luxury men's wear
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>> this focuses on the artisans and craftsmen that create the culture of italy. it brings us here to one of my personal favorites. suiting is what they're known for. they have a broad array of products more in the casual line. it's a very elegant and casual line at the same time. >> i think making a suit is an art. you have to be very creative and you have to love what you do. >> reporter: that art has been part of the brand since 1957 when john lucca's grandfather started the company in napa. the fine tailoring is an essential part today. >> in our factory, when they're working on a jacket and they go
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like they are keeping a baby in their hands. they're really, you know -- >> it feels wonderful. >> reporter: at the heart and soul of the company, the fabrics. what makes it unique, they create their own. >> we design internally our own fabrics. then we go to the mills. >> reporter: their eight fabrics are highly limited, able to produce eight suits. the fabric is removed from inventory forever. the suits start at 3295. made to measure suits can run 15,000. >> the suit i really love is the one i'm going to make tomorrow. we make jacket and suits.
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stopped in the sports wear line three or four years ago. >> reporter: the sports wear is made with the finest material. crocodile sneakers sell for $4,000 as do made to measure top coats, the best of the best in 2015. >> this is the most important for making luxury and quality. i think every person has to create his own rules to be elegant. and we help our customers to do that. >> reporter: among those customers, will smith, who wore this to the concussion premier. aaron rodgers at the oscars. in september, they opened madison avenue in new york. there's only two stores in the u.s. >> it's not just a selling place. it's just like it's home,
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can feel comfortable and relax. >> reporter: and have a little fun. >> doesn't mean you're not professional. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. i'm alison morris. i'll see you next time on the lap of luxury. dari: beautiful, beautiful stuff. christina: a well dressed man. dari: nothing like a well dressed man who doesn't have to wear a jacket on a day like today. nick: you could be challenged with your wardrobe to get a little innovative. temperatures were into the mild range. the average high should be in the upper 40s. the 60 degree high was after midnight. most of the afternoon, we had been in the lower 60s. we bottomed out at 55. we should be at 44 and -- 48 and 34. we have some mid to scattered high clouds out there. they're going to go away tonight. pressure rising. high pressure is building on down. so the sky will clear out.
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sky guardian, we don't expect any rain tonight or tomorrow. probably not until late sunday night. then it looks like it will rain monday. here's the highs for the day. a lot of these just after midnight. but nonetheless, upper 60s around the country. sussex, 52. monticello, 65. mid 60s islip. 61 as you head towards the bridgeport area. still a delightful evening. low 60s towards islip to bridgeport. 50 on the east end. 64 jersey shore. 57 sussex. 48 in monticello. we will see some temperatures drop into the 30s tonight across the suburbs. with the sky clearing out and the wind backing down, expect temperatures to head on down as well. our temperature change is noticeable from yesterday when we were in the 70s. we're done two to 15 degrees across the area. the northwest wind continues at 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's been a little higher than that. you can see where the clouds west. as time goes along, high michigan.
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produce a beautiful day tomorrow with sunshine and the high will slide slowly offshore. it it's not really cold. 60 tomorrow. pop into the lower 60s on sunday. we'll see the clouds back up at us and this storm center to the south and west will be moving our way. that's the rain monday. what a great saturday it's going to be. 40s out the door. beautiful day. 60 for the afternoon high temperature. still way above average. there goes the high. here's saturday's beautiful weather. sunday, not so bad. sort of a combination of sun and clouds. more of the clouds to be later in the day into sunday night. here comes the system from the west. with the wind coming off the ocean, you can expect it to be a cooler day. we probably won't get out of the upper 40s to 50. 44 in the city. 30s as towards the suburbs. delightful saturday.
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here comes the seven-day. sun and clouds for sunday, more clouds than sun in the afternoon. 62. rain monday. only 49. that will be a big shock compared to where we've been. still really -- that's average. showers tuesday. not a lot. 61. 64 wednesday. back to 61 on thursday. a couple more showers then. and friday should be clearing out into the upper 50s. next week above average except for monday when we get the rain. thursday. christina: very nice. nick: with scattered showers. christina: we're wearing green. dari: we're ready to party. we have breaking news to tell you about at 5:19. out. high-rise. christina: joe beerman is live above the scene in skyfox hd. what do you know? >> reporter: certainly an unusual place for a fire.
5:20 pm
street between 12th and 11th. it looks like a storage tank. whether a water tank or air conditioning device, there is heavy flames as we passed by. the fire department has one line on the roof. you can see they're trying to douse that fire every once in a it roars up again. they're going to be here for a while. one thing you need to know, 42nd street closed in both directions. if you're headed to the west side highway, you want to use one of the other avenues or streets to get over there. no injuries to report. back to you. dari: all right. thank you. we appreciate that. okay. a bronx man is helping craft a new memorial to our nation's heros. christina: we'll take you inside the workshop of master sculpture saban howard. >> if i meet ryan gosling and wearing my -- dari: a former writer goes solo. how neil brennan is making
5:21 pm
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dari: the comedian behind a new project that says he's never
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christina: simone boyce is here to tell us about his unique performance piece. >> reporter: you might not recognize him, but you know his writing and directing work and you know his famous friends like chris rock and dave chappelle. despite a successful career, he battles depression. in a one-man show called three mics, he's revealing a side of the industry few realize. >> if i meet ryan gosling and wear my blue -- >> reporter: how would you describe the show? >> 15 minutes of stand-up and a black out and then i'll be here and i'll tell a 10-minute emotional monologue anecdote. >> my father was a violent alcoholic. he didn't hit me, but he terrorized my brothers. >> i go here to do eight one liners. then we repeat the process. >> i've never seen a person in good shape use the elliptical
5:25 pm
>> you have an interesting trajectory in the industry. >> i'm all over the place. >> reporter: you almost did it backwards. >> started out as just a comedy writer writing for tv shows. wrote for all that on nickelodeon. then i wrote a couple of movies. then me and dave wrote the chappelle show. >> ask me a question. >> we met when i was in film school. we hit it off and decided let me take all this momentum and throw it away and just focus on stand-up. >> with depression, it's a weighted vest. >> reporter: how have comedians reacted? >> most are jealous, which is a good sign. they're like, damn, i wish i had thought of it. that i take as flattering. >> you get drunk, hit your kids
5:26 pm
at my best. >> reporter: three mics is running through april 9th on bleaker and lafayette. i found it to be a very honest and endearing and hilarious night of comedy. i really liked it. dari: i would love to see that. he's doing everything. he's got a series coming out. >> reporter: underground. i'm curious about that. check it out. it's great. thank you. christina: he followed his own path. >> both my parents are ph.d.'s. they expected me to go to harvard. that was not going to go down. dari: all right. but not too shabby. how a college dropout became a master sculptor. christina: and a final farewell to nancy reagan.
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christina: a final farewell to nancy reagan. hundreds of relatives, friends and dignitaries gathered in
5:30 pm
dari: lidia curanaj shows us the amazing tributes to her life. >> a who's who of entertainment and politics gathered today to say farewell to former first lady nancy reagan. the invitation only memorial service included wayne newton, tom sell ick amazing grace, how sweet the sound >> reporter: the service was held at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >> my parents were two halves of a circle, closed tight around a world in which their love for each other was the only sustenance they needed. >> one by one, those closest to them spoke of their endearing, all all-encompassing love for one another. >> when they were together, he hid love notes around the house for her to find.
5:31 pm
about her causes. the antidrug campaign and stem cell research. her consummate elegance and grace never to be outdone by her fierce devotion to her husband. >> when the secret service told her in the white house there's been a shooting, the president has been rushed to the hospital, she said i must go, they said we don't think that's a good idea. she said quickly to them, you get me a car right now or i'll walk to the hospital. >> reporter: she will be laid to rest in the hillside tomb overlooking the pacific ocean next to her beloved, reunited in death with the man who tomb she devoted her life. >> i'm not a believer in the supernatural, but i assured her wherever dad had gone, she was surely going to go there, too. [music]
5:32 pm
type of person who didn't like surprises. library officials say she planned much of her own memorial service right down to the smallest of details, such as the white peonies, her favorite flowers. hearing the incredible stories, she was truly a woman, small in stature, yet made of steel. dari: boy, was she. we could learn a lot from her. thank you. donald trump has another former rival in his camp. dr. ben carson, yes, endorsed him for president, joining new jersey governor chris christie. carson praised the republican frontrunner as a voice of the people during a gathering at trump's private club in palm beach, florida. a political expert believes this could be an important endorsement. >> they show that the establishment in the republican party is basically coming around to the reality that donald trump is going to be the nominee and they would rather get on the trump bus. dari: trump says he hasn't promised carson a role in his
5:33 pm
says he'll play a big role in the campaign. christina: the fbi has interviewed the tech specialist who set up hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. a source telling fox news that he is a devastating witness. they say he was granted immunity, told the feds who had access to the former secretary of state's e-mail system and when the electronic devices were used. clinton has said she's happy he investigation. dari: thousands of duke university students lined up for hours to take part in a bernie sanders rally today. north carolina is holding primaries of tuesday. sanders touched on free healthcare for all and attacking wall street greed. he faces an uphill battle in the tar heel state, trailing hillary clinton by 20 points in the polls. christina: dropping out of college allowed a young man to mold himself into one of the greatest artists of his generation.
5:34 pm
history inspired him to become a sculptor in tonight's modern master. [music] >> art has the ability to transform and elevate your spirit, your insides, to see what can be. i'm saban howard. i'm a classical figurative sculptor. a figure tough sculptor is one who makes sculpture that is based upon the the human form. [music] i grew up in new york in the '60s. i also grew up in northern italy, which is a mecca of visual beauty. i have memories of when i was
5:35 pm
i would stand in the piazza under the columns and phenomenal-looking architecture. it stayed in me and resonated. i didn't get into art until i was 19. i came from a very intellectual family. both my parents are ph.d.'s. they expected me to go to a place like harvard. that was not going to go down. so i ended up at university of massachusetts, and after, you know, basically not showing up for class for a year, i dropped out, which horrified my parents. i went into this job on monday. by thursday i was like, oh, my god, what have i done? this is not for me. i called my dad. i said i want to go to art school. his response was how long is that going to last? i'm returning to a different way of looking at art, which is more traditional.
5:36 pm
it's not just something that is in the art world. it's a figure that represents us. so what i'm doing is i'm subdividing the body into, like, cubes. i start with the clay. i start with a general framework framework. once i finish the sculpture, my mold maker comes to the studio and we make mold on the clay. i take the mold and we go to the foundry. doing something in bronze is a way to give it a sense of weight and importance. because it does outlive the artist, but it shows his vision, and his vision will live on past him. i get this e-mail from joe. it says i urge you to join my team and become a partner with me so we can create this world war i memorial. i'm like this is cool.
5:37 pm
in my life for sculpture. we won 8 to 1. world war i is a war that needs to be remembered because it changed the course of history. i'm working on an 81-foot long wall, and it's 11 feet high, and i have to put up 30 figures. just imagine all the clay that has to go up and how much designing and drawing and how challenging that is both on a physical and mental level. i had to come up with a way of explaining work that is uplifting. that's why i made figures that are relational. there's a sense of heroism in how they take care of each other. it's not the glorification of war. it's the glorification of the human spirit. in my mind, the artist's role is to do something that's spiritual, sacred.
5:38 pm
direction that society can go in. dari: getting young women to products. christina: the potential health benefits to giving up your [music] dari: wait until you see this. exercise. the search for an animal lover to take him for a walk in central park. but first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> head over to grand central to catch the end of japan week through saturday night. you'll get a taste of japanese food and culture from the conveyor belt sushi to the cherry blossom art. go to japan to get a schedule of events and enter to win a trip.
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dari: henry mexia will appeal his lifetime ban from baseball after a third positive test for drugs. at a press conference in queens today, his lawyer accused major league baseball of using, quote, these are the lawyer's words, dirty cop tactics. he insists he was not using any banned substance at the time of the testing. christina: the big east tournament is full swing at madison square garden. the league held the 3rd annual big east annual round table. it brings together professionals to discuss key topics related to basketball. hosted by val akerman, duke castiglione played the role of moderator.
5:43 pm
continues at the garden on fox sports 1. dari: he's a tortoise who's not [music] christina: is that real? the dream job for animal lovers who don't mind taking it a
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
christina: in your fox 5 health news, teens could be at risk from some cosmetics. a new study finds a short break from soaps, body lotions and perfumed products could drastically lower the amount of chemicals in their bodies. dari: dr. doris day is here, clinical associate professor at nyu medical center. when we read stuff like this, it's very frightening. you're a little reserved about this one. >> these studies are really tough. you have to be a scientist to read these. there's such a sensational aspect to it. you think my teenager, is she at risk? am i having problems with her using personal care products? we're not just talking about makeup. we're talking about sunscreen and other things that teenagers need to protect against cancer. so now there's basically a conclusion that some of these
5:47 pm
pair -- parabens and other things. those are based on animal studies. this is an fda approved drug that's available in over the counter sunscreens. the fda deemed it so safe, you don't need a prescription to use it. to make the claim that these are endocrine disruptors is not based on anything found in humans. these have been used over a long period of time. every year we hear the stories coming up again. christina: it is alarming. it drives our purchasing. paraben-free, preservative-free. >> reporter: they took 100 latina girls and took away the ingredients and gave them ones that didn't have this for three days. they measured the amount of the ingredients in urine. the amount dropped. i don't know what that means. there's less if they don't use it but it's only in the urine.
5:48 pm
even if it's in tissue, doesn't mean it's an endocrine disruptor. these are never been proven in humans in products used for a long time. to avoid it or to tell a teenager not to wear makeup or use sunscreen doesn't make sense. i would wait for more data and studies that make the connection that proves these ingredients truly are dangerous. look at them as individual ingredients, not as a group and category and lumping them together. understand more data needs to be done. people are doing research all the time. we want answers. nobody wants to use anything that's harmful on their skin and not to give it to their children. there's so much more to worry about in terms of toxicity and things that are not harmful. this isn't where i would put my greatest fear yet. dari: all right. christina: i'm encouraged it passes out of the body that quickly. >> a great point. dari: we always talk about the fact that how we're always tired
5:49 pm
now sunday, our clocks are going ahead, even though it's great it will be light out later, but, you know, how do you prepare for losing an hour of sleep? >> when you have a physiologic stress, it causes problem. we find people have major problems like increases in heart attack and stroke when the clocks change for a few weeks after because that time shift can be a big stress on the body. it does help to have something stable. if you go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning -- christina: who does that? >> you can aim for it. try to get close to it. if you have children, make it a ritual. just make 8:00, 8:00. up. i had that growing up. i still try to stay true to it when i can. i do feel better when i do that. the other thing is as the clocks change, try to exposures to as much daylight as possible.
5:50 pm
the next thing is don't eat or drink alcohol within two hours of bedtime. it can disrupt your sleep. exercising is amazing, great for getting better sleep and rest. it's great for your body and your circulation but not within two hours of bedtime. small changes can make a big difference. i think we change the clocks too soon. we wake up and it's dark. if we did it three weeks later, it would be better. nobody asked me. they did it without me. dari: they don't ask any of us. we're happy about the weather. christina: lots more sunshine. nick: absolutely. the clocks go ahead sunday at 2:00 a.m. if you don't do at 2:00 a.m., it doesn't count. just threw that out there. no alcohol two hours before bedtime. that's hard. let's talk about what we have as far as temperatures. nice day. wasn't record-breaking like the last two. it's been mild. some of the highs you're seeing were just after midnight.
5:51 pm
bottoming out in the mid 50s this morning. 73 washington, d.c. you can see to the north and west where it's cooler. williamsport, 63. albany, 65. tomorrow, 60. probably staying in the 50s north and west of the city and popping into the lower 60s in central new jersey. that's still above average. the average high should be around 48, 49 or so. it's going to stay dry. fox 5 sky guardian isn't showing anything nearby. the clouds have been streaking in from the west. these are mid to high level scattered clouds and as the high pressure slides down, the sky will clear out and it will be a beautiful saturday forecast with sunshine coming up and pushing the 60-degree mark. it's 60 at poughkeepsie. now down two degrees in the last hour at monticello. the chill will return for the nighttime hours. 50 on the east end. low 60s elsewhere from islip up
5:52 pm
northwest wind 5, 10, 15 miles an hour. and we'll likely see pretty decent conditions as we head into tomorrow. that's because high pressure is over here over the great lakes region. it will slide slowly to the south and east on top of us and eventually offshore. tomorrow produces a beautiful day of sunshine. as it does start to move offshore, some of the moisture starts coming in. you see it spiralling across the lower plains states. it will move in our direction and eventually the wind will come off the oceans on monday. with that happening, it's going to be a much cooler day. rain. after what we've had the last couple of days, got to pay the often. 59, 69, tomorrow afternoon. chicago, 58. 70s to near 80 in atlanta. 80s down into florida tomorrow. in the meantime, 68 at denver. back to 51 in seattle. about 60 as you get to san francisco. wet weather on the west coast, particularly san francisco northward. there's our futurecast.
5:53 pm
beautiful tomorrow, sunny. we'll keep decent weather into tomorrow night. sunday sets up a combination of sun and clouds. the thicker clouds come in later in the day. the showers hold off until late sunday night and eventually we'll see the rain come in on monday with a cooler day ahead. 44 tonight in midtown. 30s to 40s in the suburbs. the sky clear, the north wind. tomorrow, wind coming to the southeast and southwest in the afternoon. a sunny, lovely day at 60. sun and clouds on sunday. 62. 2:00 a.m. the clock goes ahead. we spring ahead one hour. rain and only 49 monday. showers. 61 tuesday. we're back in the 60s to stay because wednesday will be 64. showers thursday, 61. we'll cool it down a little on friday. the 57 is still above average this time of year. back to you. dari: thank you. dogs are not the only pets that need to be walked. there's a tortoise that loves
5:54 pm
christina: our baruch shemtov took it for a very slow stroll. [music] >> reporter: meet henry the tortoise. he's 16 and quickly gaining instagram fame with his music videos and photos. how does it feel to be a such a celebrity, henry? he's a man of few words. his presence is hard to miss. just a few minutes with henry reveal his new york attitude and charming personality. for henry's owner, amanda green, living with this handsome reptile has been life changing. >> he's adorable. everything he does is adorable. the novelty hasn't worn off. i love him more and more each day. i'm crazy for him. he's really lively and, yes, he's slow, not as fast as a dog, but he has -- >> the tortoise has been getting a lot of attention. >> i can take him out.
5:55 pm
few hours during the week so i know he's getting sun and exercise outside of the apartment. >> reporter: what's the response been to the craigslist ad? >> crazy. overwhelming. hundreds and hundreds of responses. >> reporter: the tortoise b.i.g. is making new fans. >> they enjoy seeing a tortoise which you wouldn't associate with hip-hop being bad and being cool. >> reporter: the coolest tortoise in town. >> definitely. >> reporter: as you can see, henry is known to be quite the fashionista. he'll be making a special appearance at the easter parade complete with a special tortoise hat. reporting in harlem, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: you just don't know about animals. they're so fabulous. christina: we'll see you back here at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we're right on top of the news for you. live with the very latest on
5:56 pm
tonight the city's efforts to keep schools diverse as gentrification marches on. we have a live interview coming up. next up at 6:00, why changing passwords every few months is actually a bad idea. it's what you need to know. it's all next on the news at 6:00 and i'll be right back. look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. coming up, the very latest on a possible new jersey transit strike. but first, improving diversity in new york city schools. the steady march of gentrification is changing many neighborhoods and that's impacting our kids' education. a special live guest will join me in just a moment, but first liz dahlem with what the city is trying to do with school diversity. >> reporter: if you walk the halls of brooklyn arts and science elementary in crown heights, the student body looks very different from when the school opened four years ago. >> when i first came in, the
6:00 pm
free and reduced lunch, mostly black and latino. i'd say 90 to 95 percent. and in just four years, we are now at 64 percent free and reduced lunch and just about 50 percent black and latino. >> reporter: sandra is the principal of the school. for the first time ever, she and principals of six schools across the city are allowed to set aside a certain percentage of seats for students in need. >> ours is 20 percent. for us, it's english language learners and children in the child welfare system. >> reporter: the education department is trying to encourage diversity in schools in gentrifying neighborhoods like crown heights. with upper and middle class families moving in, low income students can get shut out of schools. david tipson, the executive director of new york apple seeds which integrates city schools, explains. >> the problem with elementary


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