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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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your children are? >> right now on fox 5 news at ten, we have of protester anyone? do we have a disruptor? is there a disruptor in the house? >> donald trump's road to the white house is lined with protesters and punches. now he's swearing off the people who frequently interrupt his rally. good evening, i'm christina. >> good evening i'm antoine lewis. >> he had a busy day. >> was a change from the last few days where violence seemed to follow him wherever he went. >> tension and emotion remain constant at the reality rallies. >> we had 35,000 people last week in alabama. out of that we will have some disruptors. they sometimes are put by other people. >> donald trump defending his
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the man in the white shirt appearing to be assaulted as he walked up the stairs. trump maintain no one was hurt at it event. >> nobody has been hurt at all. as big as these rallies are, nobody has ever been hurt. when i have 25000 very routinely, by far the biggest and we have some protesters, who do you know that's been hurt over the last number of months? nobody. >> a man rush the stage when he was speaking in ohio yesterday. bernie sanders quickly blasted back. >> anyone who follows his campaign knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely. he says our campaign is organizing disruption of his
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they have denounced the tone of the recent trump rallies. >> there are people out there that are unbalanced. there are people out there that listen to this stuff and we don't know how they are going to react. we've now reached a point in our country where our political discourse looks like the comment section of a blog. >> in the meantime all eyes are on the next big primary date which is on tuesday the first protest in manhattan was held today. there'd demonstrating against the hate he is feeling in america. it wasn't just about trump ear they called for economic changes.
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>> it was great this week, right >> let's check in with audrey is here with our forecast. >> we had a nice weekend where it felt a little like spring across the tri-state area. readings were above average across the region. mostly in the 60s. normally our high should be in the upper 40s. we were in the low 60s from new york city across long island. in the 50s up toward monticello. that was above average. it felt nice out there throughout your sunday. we do have a lot of clouds in place. right now the clouds are acting as an insulating blanket for a spirit we have nice readings at this hour. temperatures are on the 50s and the 43 in bridgeport. poughkeepsie is checking in at 51. we do have clouds in place. were also picking up some rain. the rain is moving in from the southwest.
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the night and through the daytime hours tomorrow. the rain could become more steady and heavy at times for monday. expect a wet start to the week. overnight low temperatures in the 40s and 30s across the region. tomorrow have your umbrella handy because we are expecting rain throughout the day. antoine: they searched the hudson for survivors of yesterday's crash. antoine: one of crewmembers is still missing. christina: here's more on the investigation. >> reporter: not a lot of good news today for families with loved ones involved in this accident. at about 11:00 o'clock this morning, search teams did find a second body. conditions have been rough out here. at about two or three o'clock, the decision was made they would abandon what they call the search mode and go into salvage mode. >> the tug is heavily damaged.
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the vessel that they could reach safely. as we've said now, that search is finished and they will go on to the salvage phase. >> they found the body of a man around 11:00 a.m. today. another person was pulled from the water on saturday. >> we move onto salvage operation to raise the ship and mitigate the pollution in the pot process. hopefully we can locate the missing crew member at that salvage operation. the third crew member has been identified as a 56 year old man. they were pushing the barge from albany and they hit a stationary barge that was part of a construction project. the tugboat began sunk sinking immediately with three people on
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there was a different outcome. unfortunately there wasn't. >> heavy damage to the ship and visibility meant much of the diving was done. >> we believe it is still estimated to have about 5000 gallons on board. >> thousands of feet are being used to limit pollution. they will go through coast guard approval.xd >> sometimes it's just a peer accident and that's what this appears to be. it was stationary and secure and there for a period of time. >> the decision to go into a salvage phase was a joint decision. the boat was only going about 10 miles per hour but the damage was so severe that search teams
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very small portion of it and that is part of what led to the problem. >> back to you. antoine: thank you so much. sad news from outside the nation's capital. a police officer was shot in washington d.c. earlier today and he has passed away. here's what we know peer the 28-year-old officer was shot in an attack that was unprovoked. it happened around it happened around 5:00 p.m. at a community center next to the police station. another person who is not an officer was also injured and we understand there in stable condition. two suspects are in custody. so far there is no word on a motive. christina: a car bombing in turkish capital has killed several and wounded others. turkish belief they carried out
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it comes three weeks after a suicide car bombing targeting buses carrying military personnel. twenty-nine people were killed in that attack. they issued a warning about an attack to attack kurdish buildings. christina: 14 civilians into special forces troops were killed along with six of the attackers. today's attack is the third targeting a tourist center in a west african city since november. the group that monitors the jihadist website says al qaeda is claiming responsibility be to the department of transportation is issuing an alert. they want us to know that serious crashes have increased by 10% in the past year. the number jumps during morning hours after daylight saving time. the dot is offering tips for drivers to expect the unexpected. antoine: tomorrow's morning commute should be a normal one
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they have come to a tentative agreement avoiding strike and fair hike. they must vote for the plan to be finalized. no word on when the vote will take place. christina: it is a battle at the center. we will get an inside look at the competition. the fight to keep a supermarket stores open. >> coming up tonight, we we are talking about selection sunday. the ncaa and we will tell you from our local area who is going. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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christina: good ready some rain may lead to an unfavorable commit tomorrow. antoine: we are also talking about the robotics competition and how that got underway. in addition, lisa evers has more >> reporter: it's a regional competition with lots of team spirit. these competitors are robots. the real winners are the students who learn to make them from scratch. >> think of it as basketball for robots. they are part of the first robotics competition. >> it's very exhilarating. there's a lot of things going on. it's fun to focus on what you're doing and not get distracted by things around you. >> 's they must wear safety
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they work on the robots with urgenpi of indy 500 style pitstop. >> there's a lot of energy at the robotics competition. they're getting their robot ready to race. what's going on here? >> were just checking to make sure no screws have come loose and getting everything ready. >> they check in doubles check for things like sprockets, whatever those are. soccer moms step aside for the robot moms. >> what you think this does for the kids? >> it's great innovation. they've met so many people internationally and competed around the world. >> they come from school clubs and from all over the world. >> we want to see that positive energy with the science and technology and getting better at something and coming up with a solution peer the winners here
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st. louis. one thing is clear, every participant will come away with a valuable life expense. on the west side, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> get ready for some rain and possibly unfavorable weather tomorrow. we are expecting rain to come into the region. it will still be here for tomorrow's commute. we had temperatures well above average. that was about 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. all winds are relatively light and the dew point humidity is pretty comfortable at the moment. right now we are in the 50s across much of the area. as they just pointed out, wins are light but they will be picking up tomorrow and we could see gusts as high as 20 miles per hour.
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seeing nice temperatures. we are are in the 40s from detroit to buffalo and you can see readings in the 50s along the coastline from new york city through philadelphia and down toward the nation's capital. rain is starting to over spread. it's entering the tri-state area now. there are some pockets of steady rainfall and there will be periods of intermittent and various intensity of rainfall as we go through your monday. the system extends further out for the great lakes. it will be passing entirely through the northeast tomorrow. organist day for monday but into tuesday as well. behind that things get much drier as we get into the middle part of the week. the rain will be here overnight and for tomorrow's morning commute.
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handy. things linger as we go into the evening. we'll start off tuesday with a lot of clouds. another wave of energy makes its approach on tuesday. we could swing in a few more showers before everything is said and done by wednesday. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. in the meantime tonight, the overnight low will be in the 30s, north and s*u we should be in the 40s. the wind will pick up in speed. tomorrow we will have periods of rain that will be have yet time. temperatures will be much cooler than we've experienced lately. they will be above average with highs mostly in the 40s. were back in the 50s on tuesday with a couple showers lingering in the middle part of the day. then we get drier by the middle part of the week. temperatures remain above average. were back in the 60s on wednesday and thursday and it looks like we will see another
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tomorrow will be the worst day out of the next seven so be prepared for a wet start. antoine: this you may have noticed numerous grocery stores closing. christina: that's making it difficult to find affordable groceries for thousands of new yorkers. people gathered to protest the closure of a store on w. 14th street. they said the supermarket there is a source of affordable groceries in the area. the landlord is demanding a massive increase. unless they return to the negotiating table, that store will close in may.t( >> i join with you in urging this company to keep this supermarket open. that is our rally and cry. >> we reach that the landlord for comment and are waiting to hear back. antoine: nearly a year after the drive-by shooting, we are taking
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. christina: it's the one year anniversary approaches in the case remains unsolved. antwan: she is vowing to keep up the fight for justice until justice is served. his life was cut short may 17 of
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and wounded the passenger. no one was ever arrested. his widow said he will fight to find the killer and keep his memory alive for his devoted fans. >> it's just incredible how many people, even the little kids who know him and are singing along to his music and doing video. >> nypd homicide detective who is also known as the hip-hop cup said the believes they can solve the case as long as you know you need the nature of hip-hop and culture. you can watch past episodes on our fox five ny channel. >> coming up tonight on sports
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take a look at the ncaa tournament. their in studio to break down everything you need to know. who's going and who got left out. christina: we we'll be right back. antwan: first a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's traffic. >> the grand central parkway eastbound this week, construction will be going on in the right lane will be closed from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. good day new york starts at 430
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your commute. even the terminology of their science lesson. so many of these students look at the potential and a whole new way. >> may be of their universe started with the big bang, who started the big bang. >> it's a question humans have been asking for millennial's. why are we here. was there something something else involved? a higher power perhaps it's truly ridiculous because there are tons of scientists who are serious people of faith. they help former military members transition. behind the numbers there are real people.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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the animated hit brought in $50 million. there's a mysterious marketing campaign that to be with about $25 million. dollars. rounding out top five we have tadpole and whiskey tango fox. >> there's one final look at whether. >> we are expecting rain to come in and it's moving into the region right now. it will be here for tomorrow morning's commute and tomorrow evening's meal. another wave of energy will bring showers across this area in the middle part of the day on tuesday and then we dry out for midweek. temperatures will be above average for much of the week. >> thank you very much. antwan: that will do it for us tonight. thanks for watching. christina: stick around for
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it's time for sports extra presented by toyota. >> welcome. as always it's great to have you with us tonight. we start with some college basketball and one selection sunday. it's always a fun day. some subscribers which will get to in just a second. first let's get to the top four seeds. the acc champion north carolina. down south is the number one overall team, kansas in the midwest peered another team from the acc. the virginia cavaliers. out west, the champs of the pac-12 oregon ducks. number of local teams from our area made the tournament including seton hall. they scored on some kind of show last night winning the championship. they found out who and where they're going to play. >> the anticipation is building


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