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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: police are searching for a man who stubbed a man at the subway station. ben: buildable audio is getting ready to march in the st. patrick's day parade. juliet: president obama's supreme court nominee was emotional in the rose garden. is there any chance he will be confirmed? some republicans are saying they would be willing to meet with him. >> a lot of republicans in swing states after election. might that have anything to do
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juliet: i am juliet huddy. >> meteorologist: not allowed to wear green. [mumbling] juliet: we are speaking a language to each other that made sense. >> meteorologist: high temperatures from yesterday, it got warm, 65 at central park, 69 in sussex, 56 in providence and montauk, temperatures in the green, 68 your high temperature in allentown, where do we stand now? back to mild temperatures this morning, well above normal by 10
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bridgeport, poughkeepsie at 47. wind direction all over the place, light and variable, winds are calm going southwest in some places and northeast in others, light variable winds, weak disturbances helped kick of those storms, a kick as they came through but they were short-lived and now things are looking quieter. but we are not in the clear. an area of low pressure over the great lakes and canada keep spitting down troughs through the tri-state region which is why we have an opportunity for scattered storms. i don't think it will be widespread but a little action is expected. 64, 65 and we will see shower chances tomorrow but cooler temperatures into town tomorrow,
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tomorrow, 43 saturday and that promising so take a serious look at it and see how that will let's bring in ines. what is going on out there? sapna: ines: there is a hotspot, take a look at 96 on fdr drive, an accident causing delays northbound so traffic moving fine. no problems in either direction. as for the trains things are on or close to schedule. juliet: scary times on the platforms in harlem. the search is on for a man who stabbed another man.
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scenario unfolded at 9:00 last night. a 50-year-old man was selling metro cards for one dollar apiece at 116th st.. when a woman tried to buy a swipe an argument ensued. a man believed to be her father stepped in and things quickly escalated culminating with that 53-year-old man being knifed in the neck and upper back. the victim leading profusely, hopped on a southbound number 2 train and took a ride one stop where he collapsed. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. the 116th st. stop is equipped with surveillance cameras. police are pulling that video to see if it has any clues. this is a disturbing string of flashings citywide. the nypd stepped up its patrols in subway stations and trains was officers are required to
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between 8:00 pm and 4:00 a.m.. juliet: new work will test students for lead poisoning at two schools and on saturday taps will be retested at all of the district's 67 school buildings. this is happening because of 30 public schools's lead levels in their water above the limit for drinking water putting 17,000 kids at risk. multiple reports that school officials knew what was happening going as far back as 2012. this letter posted on twitter is from the newark school district detailing lead levels from that year. >> we are not going to sit back and allow this to happen and take months and years before we have improvements. >> pipes need to be redone and
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the schools. juliet: a lot of people are raising questions about what is going on in newark. during spring break next week there will be one site in each of the five wards were children can be tested for free. all the schools are using bottled water. >> meteorologist: new york city is pulling armed officers off the street to be armed crossing guards, filling in for civilian employees because so many call in sick. a couple hundred of the city's crossing guards can be out on any given day, even more on days with bad weather. guards working 20 hours a week get one sick day a month along with a pension and health benefits. critics say officers should be fighting crime, not helping kids cross the street. juliet: president obama's supreme court nominee will meet with democratic senators. ben: the republican senate
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says merrick garland will not get a hearing. >> reporter: president obama yesterday described merrick garland as a man of decency, modesty, integrity and excellence but that may not matter. a supreme court nominee has not been nominated and confirmed in a presidential election year since 1940. republicans say they don't plan to end that streak now. judge merrick garland will meet with top democratic senators. president obama announced his nomination in a rose garden ceremony. >> at a time when our politics is so polarized this is precisely the time we should play it straight and treat the process of appointing a supreme court justice with the seriousness and carrot deserves. regions garland was born and raised in illinois and served the court of appeals for the dc
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emotion. >> this is the greatest honor of my life other than my wife agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> reporter: he quit private practice and took a pay cut to become a federal prosecutor. he helped prosecute timothy mcveigh and terry nichols. democrats and republicans have praised him for his evenhandedness. republican senator orrin has called him a, quote, consensus nominee but there is little consensus here. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he will not even meet with garland. >> the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. >> reporter: democratic senator harry reid hopes republicans reconsider. >> i hope you will give president obama's nominee a hearing and a vote. >> reporter: at this point that appears unlikely. the garland nomination is a
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governor john kasich fell in line with fellow republicans. >> i don't think the president should send anybody up now because it is not going to happen. more division, more fighting. >> reporter: he said that three times. you can say that three times more. a lot of fighting with this nominee is down the line. republicans say the president is saying do as i say, not as i did. in 2006, then senator obama filibustered president bush's supreme court nominee samuel alito. president obama now says he regrets that. that is the latest from the newsroom. juliet: too little too late. some republican leaders are fighting the idea donald trump could be there party's nominee for president.
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some have floated the idea of nominating paul ryan as an alternative if there is no clear nominee before the convention. initially after hedging and not really saying no, paul ryan's spokesman says the representative is thankful for the support he believes the nominee should be one of the current candidates. he also said he would not run for speaker of the house when john bader resigned last year. he was mitt romney's running mate in 2012. >> fox news canceled the republican debate in salt lake city, utah. donald trump and john kasich and ted cruz backed out which leaves nobody. donald trump said he was scheduled to make a major speech on monday and is tired of the debates. the rnc is considering holding a debate in new york city next month. juliet: hillary clinton try to get a secure government smart phone when she was secretary of state according to newly
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the emails show the request was a month later she began using private email accounts accessed through her blackberry to exchange messages. she has come under scrutiny to use a private email server in her home, some of which contain sensitive information. >> frank sinatra junior has passed away. ben: his family says he died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on tour in daytona, singing his own music and made his father famous, the senior sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 83. frank sinatra junior was 72. juliet: we are looking at a mild morning. what kind of st. patrick's day forecast will we have?
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this is dove. >> meteorologist: welcome back. we are ready to get you going on st. patrick's day to head out to the parade. we are doing just fine here in
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off at 11:00. by 2:00 in the afternoon partly cloudy skies. the parade ends:30, a few storms rumble around town. not much action at that time, 65 . we have 46 with partly cloudy to mainly clear sky at central park, 45 in bridgeport, winds light and variable. what we are seeing is weak disturbances swing through the tri-state region sent from an area of low pressure back to the northwest and every once in a while a trough kicks up showers like we saw yesterday. things are quiet with mainly clear sky but there will once again be more pieces of energy swinging through the northeast that could kick up a quick shower. let's see what future casts
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nature as they come through? the timing, 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. they could put down a fair amount of water, then it gets quieter tomorrow, a pretty distinct cold front from the north bringing a chance of showers and will cool temperatures down tomorrow and into the weekend. high temperature 65, there will be afternoon showers and storms. chances coming through later sunday into monday. keeping an eye on things because we could not get accumulations in a case like this. daily and hourly forecasts at the google play store for free.
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delays. ines: let's look at the lie in queens, westbound no issues on the east downside. expect delays past 96th st. an accident slowing everyone down but that accident, traffic backed up, on the northbound side you are fine. ben: subway service in washington dc should be running starting at 5 am. entire metro transit system so crews could conduct inspections of power cables following a series of electrical fires. there were 2 doesn't issues requiring repair. somewhat disconcerting. hundreds of thousands of riders had to find another way to get around town. a fire killed a woman last year.
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a ferry system, a lot of folks are happy about this. bill diblasio says the privately run fairies will start on six routes by 2018. there won't be any free transfers to mta trains or buses. let's not bite the hand that feeds us. staten island ferry will operate secondly. new york water taxi said it will competition which is unfortunate. we are a couple hours from the start of the st. patrick's day parade which is in its 2 55th year. does this story bore you? ben: not at all. juliet: it will follow its
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ben: fifth avenue. us senator george mitchell. juliet: negotiated the good friday peace agreement. bill diblasio will march for the first time ending his two your boycott of the parade after organizers allowed gay and lesbian groups march under their own banners. ben: do not try to bring any booze. the mta is banning all alcoholic beverages to maintain orderly train service. i don't think you can take booze out of new jersey transit. in grand central and penn station bar carts will shut down, the band stays in effect until tomorrow. juliet: i am of irish descent. ben: you claim you are descended from every nationality. juliet: one of the cars that carried pope francis through new york city during his visit last
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the director of st. patrick's cathedral will drive the fiat to reviewed by could know -- cardinal timothy dolan. it will be driven the remainder of the parade route and the charities. ben: the luck of the irish extends to new york city schoolkids. it is a school holiday in the big apple. it could happen as early as next year. the assembly has to act on it. the chinese lunar new year recently added to the holiday list. the downside, kids will go to school until 4 july. juliet: to no one's surprise the next get blown up in basketball.
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>> meteorologist: let's see what is happening, beautiful st. patrick's day, one of the nicest ones we have seen in recent years was mild, 46, 48 in newark, 45 in bridgeport, partly cloudy to mainly clear sky.
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yesterday have rolled on, nothing to get it going for a little while. there is a chance you could see some this afternoon. we will get to 65, 20 above normal. more shower chances tomorrow, cooler tenses of the weekend. >> juliet's background. ben: she claims she is from every nationality. >> look who is number 2 here. >> you are above captain eddie. ben: american television news reporter. >> i could be irish today.
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he had a good one last night, his first two goal game against the rangers and ducks. and to kevin kline, in the third period, jt miller sends it flying, take a look at it, it goes all the way off to the goal. that is your final score. you might have been sleeping in california nothing changed. the warriors, first-quarter, stefan curry finding his groove, 3-pointers in three straight possessions.
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knicks were down by 17 points, jared grant makes a 20 foot damper. warriors win their 50th game 125-55, improving 61-6. seton hall faces 11 seed west champion in denver. the pirates beat villanova and win the big east tournament, they have worked all season for this and can't wait to face him. >> this is the 17th or 18th straight time being here. it will be a tough game but we are up for the challenge. >> johnny brooks playing prime
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the east regional opener. >> we don't stick to what we have been doing all season, kentucky is a lead program but we have faith in our team. we want to do what we have been doing all year to keep the game close. >> this was the scene when their name was announced, champions are the number 13 seed in the midwest regional, playing number 4 seed. against big 10. saint bonaventure thought they should be in the big dance. they were upset by staten island's wagner. wagner up 7, anderson slams it home, seahawks up tween 9 early.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: happy st. patrick's day from all my irish friends. juliet: every holiday that has to do with the certain nationality you claim a connection. connection. juliet: not true. temperatures. man. mike has the forecast. ben: a stabbing at a harlem station, we will have a live report coming up. juliet: president obama has


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