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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 18, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> last tuesday the 41 -year-old went to lunch with a friend in long branch, and no one has seen her sense. >> we love you. >> kevin wesley has a lot to celebrate. especially routing walmarts in the area of offensive st. patrick's day shirts. >> i handed him my card and my -- and her eyes lit up. bill: the guys a little loopy. >> we can all admit i'm a bit weird. [laughter] >> nailed it. >> i made it out and through the flames unscathed. >> raster in ancient ritual of cleansing.
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bill: you are chasing a story thata story that has become a real mystery. a woman has gone missing. she was shot eight times. the family is in distress. >> a very tough time. at last tuesday 41 -year-old went to lunch with a friend in long branch and no one has seen her sense. >> a friend picture of the year and said they were going out to lunch. after lunch did a couple of things, dropped her off of the long branch train stations or she could come home. she never came home. >> the story is unique because she was nearly shot to death in november. a masked gunman opened up on her as she sat in the car with her daughter. she daughter. she was hit a times and her daughter was grazed. no arrest was made. still recovering from those wounds when she disappeared
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she recuperated. >> hit a times. >> a times. >> lucky to be alive. >> yes, she is. we don't know why someone would want to do something else to her. >> now, there is no real indication that the shooting and disappearance are linked, but her mother has a dreadful feeling in her gut that they are. friends and family say that she is a phenomenal mother. the kids are her life. >> we love you. we love you. keep the faith and keep praying. >> the weeklong disappearances sparked a joint investigation. the investigation is ongoing.
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bill: the family is thinking there is a link. >> with a have said is there was one last paying in the neighborhood of the long branch station and her cell phone has gone dead ever sense. police have not set a whole lot, and a consensus is that they don't have a lot to go on. she went to church, minded herpes and cues, worked and was just a good woman. not the kind of woman you would suspect to be the victim of disappearance. bill: how can our viewers help? >> we have pictures up here on the screen.screen. you can also reach out to linden or the long branch police department. the union andunion and monmouth know this search is going on. bill: thanks.
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bill: >> check out this crazy video by complex media, 27 -year-old man barreling through the streets of san diego, public and private property. he is flying out curb, down curb, destroying public and private property. san diego police caught up with him. placed on three years of probation. >> aprobation. >> a woman threatened to keep her cute, cuddly 6-foot long alligator, keep them after all. eight the 15 -year-old pet the marathon has had with her for the past ten years. suddenly someone is trying to take that apart. the florida wildlife commission. however, the little guy has grown over 6 feet comeau which is past the limit. she also says that he has
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>> this irish girl has gone back to her homeland this st. patrick's day, long island. meeting up with kevin wesley.wesley. you can see it performing at the east meadow library. >> the post office, overall military commander members of the military council. >> radio show host turned activist have a lot to celebrate, especially routing walmarts of offensive st. patrick's day shirts. >> i think the mental the most going to mention on facebook that they were selling very nice teachers this year. when i handed her my card my eyes split open and she said, i know who you are. >> quite a name for himself
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all these expensive shirts and returned in the next day march 18 for the full refund. this year he has not spotted any offensive shirts but ignorant ones are out there. >> so stupid t-shirts. four leaf clover's. >> definitely one offensive shirt out there. shows donald trump. >> to be fair he kind of looks like a giant. >> but two irishmen are not taking it lightly. a petition has begun, and, and mr. wesley believes he has a lot to do with the force behind the petition. >> there are asking people asking people to sign a petition that asks amazon not to sell the shirts. i would like to think that came from my efforts. >> mr. wesley is an
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shirts out of the area's are growing can have a common the offensive and not day. >> how are shamrocks ignorant? >> zero four leaf clover and you say happy st. patrick's day. saint patrick. he used the shamrocks, the three leaf clover. >> it was a little disappointed. this year he is giving a performance about the history of ireland which i guess i could use some brushing up on. >> it is not the shirts that create these problems. it is a bunch ofa bunch of non- irish people joining a bunch of irish people and getting totally wasted. >> happy st. patrick's day. bill: happy st. patrick's day.
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six nypd cops on high alert patrolling the subways for any evidence of anyone up to no good. attacks have surged this year with razor blades and utility knives to disfigure people. i wanted to find out more. i met a retired nypd detective. >> it doesn't matter where. we have seen in brooklyn, manhattan, queens. it happens on the streets commend the subway. >> part of a citywide increasing crime on the subway system, felony assaults in addition to other crime. critique the nypd approach by saying it's good strategy
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>> just hope for the best. helping is not a plan. a really serious thing. >> i needed to find out more. >> i was the victim of a slashing six years ago. i am a comic. i was coming over, michelle. >> on the subway when he saw a man pushing a woman and intervened. >> i said hey buddy, that's a lady. i swung on him. he steps in, it's me. i come back, take him in the stomach. he is running out of the station. i looked down in the blood pouring down my jacket. i did not realize he had a razor blade between his fingers quex's attacker was caught, arrested, prosecuted, and is prosecuted, and is serving 15 years in jail. a lot of the problem is now contribute to the homeless population.
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and regardless. >> in new york city's homeless shelters the fear of violence is very high. forty people died in the subway shelters in 2015. most of them drug overdoses. my friend told me he himself was assaulted. >> the city shelters are very dangerous. the thedangerous. the private shelters are a lot harder to get into. >> a little bit more macabre. the whole subway slashing exacerbated by media coverage. going to the combination of media coverage from actual crime going out and the odd feeling that you are somewhere else entirely. >> you can't edit around that?
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>> a little clap. bill: you already think i'm nuts. >> a chinese art stretching back. it can tell you a lot about person like if he or she is a liar, defensive, impatient , all my looking at a person's face. face. personality traits. start with donald trump. a lot of people say he has small hands. >> he does not have small hands. that is a rumor. his fingers of different sizes.
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many presidential races have the ring finger and the pointer finger the same size. donald trump that means he scrutinizes everything. he also is a very essential man. the intel by his mouth and his lips, very full. and he takes his time. >> okay. >> ted crews is a liar, all are looking at his nose. >> ted crews is very negative. features are pointed downward. the chain is pointed downward. usually very negative. this would probably be very. bill: isn't that an awkward moment?
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what about hillary? >> hillary clinton is very shifty. malthus pointed downward. when you put your lips together that means you're usually very levelheaded and even. hillary is all bumpy. bill: what about bernie? >> he has fat pockets under his eyes, and that usually signify someone very nurturing and loving. that usually people that have a lot of fun to their eyes right now don't have a lot of financial history. >> doctor paul eichman, it's more of the way the muscles of the face move, not the way the face is actually constructed. >> it all matters. bill: thanks. >> i'm a bit weird.
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bunch of weird e-mail chains so when i received an e-mail i almost overlooked it amongst the other weird things. thankfully happen to be in the neighborhood. a truly spectacular garden. the keyword. the key word is community. >> a community garden in the east village, started by the people over 20 years ago and tonight is a huge marching band playing. mostly kids. >> one of the organizers of the event explains the purpose, to basically get rid of the old. >> it's an ancient ritual of cleansing. and celebrate the coming of
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bad spirits from the body. >> new york city. >> quite a crowd. i got in there. [inaudible conversations] >> it was tough. >> that's a 1st. >> the fire twirler. bill: did you jump over? >> it was sort of a jaunt.
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kindling. >> there was an e-mail that went out. bill: is like a block party. >> it seems like they know something great is going on. >> absolutely applies to a
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>> american idol. >> nobody. >> talked about her changing image. >> i'm on fire. >> given tickets to upcoming concert. >> absolutely applies. >> a little bit hungry one day. >> not a good thing. mount laurel animal
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>> it started. a workout. and now i'm taking things to new heights. three. watch out. >> the biggest thing is the muscle definition in town. leaner, moreleaner, more muscular. increasing the flexibility. lengthening the muscles. a lot of times you can build strength, your muscles early compressed. >> i came here within three weeks, muscle tone and my
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levels, it's wonderful. it really is. >> i feeli feel like a butterfly and my own little cocoon. >> all right. ready? [inaudible conversations] >> all right. forward. >> the biggest thing is the muscle definition, muscle tone, looking leaner and more muscular. increasing flexibility, so lengthening the muscle. a lot of times if you can build strength, your muscles early compressed. >> if you think you can do what i just tried, give it your best shot. it is a lot harder than it looks.
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tropic up. let me know how i'm doing. >> ms. miss piggy, what do these all have in common? >> i was prepared.
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hey, welcome to "dish nation." before we get started, let's say hello to our l.a. squad. what's going on, happy st. patrick's day! >> happy st. patrick's day! >> are you guys drunk yet? >> a little bit, a little bit tipsy. >> lots of stories to get to. oprah is going to reveal her diet secrets and portia's booty week continues, hallelujah on that one. but first, let's talk steve-o. he's been clean and sober and he gave an interview to gq, told a story about his drug days, kicked it off with this, i've done [ bleep ] cocaine with mike tyson, dude. >> that's crazy, a bad idea. >> steve-o and tyson, i don't see them drinking a cup of coffee together.


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